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The Predator is a goddamned professional top-rate intergalactic asskicker who flies around the galaxy in an invisible spaceship killing tough-ass alien warriors and turning their skulls into beer mugs just for shits and giggles. That alone should make them worthy of a spot on this list, but there's much more to the Predator than just spending the last several centuries playing out a really high-tech remake of The Most Dangerous Game and leaving a trail of dismembered mutilated alien carcasses littered throughout the galaxy.

Pay to kill, die to lose
Hunted, hunter, which are you?
Diablo, come again
To make trophies out of men
Lose your skin, lose your skull
One by one the sack is full
In the heat dehydrate
Know which breath will be your last
'Iron Maiden'', "The Mercenary"