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  • For me, The Core caused a moment of Fridge Brilliance. After thinking about the depth of the absurdity that the movie sank to, I realized that the movie was in on the joke. It was like Airplane!, but played completely straight. There's even an exchange where they list every reason why the very premise of the movie is impossible, why they can't go to the core. Which is followed by, "Yes. But what if we could?" After a second viewing, it became obvious to me that every aspect of the movie knows how ridiculous everything is: the script, the actors, the director, everyone. It's all played straight, but the movie throws you a sardonic wink every now and then to make sure you know that they know everything is BS. It even takes Refuge in Audacity every now and then (lightning bolts causing stone to explode?). ==Korval
    • The Colosseum likely still has metal in it from it's construction, or fragments leftover, also that sheer amount of lightning may have been enough to charge a non-conductor. Though still not very likely, the minor possibility is there. ==MrJack
    • If we could get Zucker, Abrams and Zucker to remake the film with new sight gags, but the same dialogue, we could have the funniest movie of all time.—Astrakhan

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  • Here is a good article that goes into detail about ridiculousness of movie plot: . And here is my favorite part of it: "The cast is rounded out by DJ Qualls who plays a stereotypical convicted computer hacker called Rat. He is brought on board for the critical task of preventing anyone on the Internet from precipitating a worldwide panic by posting theories about the impending disaster. Apparently, dead pacemaker patients, berserk window-smashing pigeons, bizarre space shuttle crash landings, monstrously powerful thunderstorms, the Golden Gate bridge collapse, unexpected nightly displays of the aurora borealis, and the total destruction of Rome, all in around three months, aren't enough to generate concern."

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