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"There is just something sexy about a woman with a blaster, too bad my wife doesn't agree to that."

Girls With Guns describes a sub-genre of action media that focuses on strong female leads being awesome with firearms. May or may not involve Heroic Bloodshed. It was developed somewhere in the Hong Kong film industry and has since made itself a genre that is often used in anime. Usually involves gun fights, stunts and martial arts.

Small Girl, Big Gun is a Sub-Trope—Girls With Guns aren't necessarily small, and their guns aren't necessarily big. Yeah-heh.

Compare Superhero Packing Heat and Military Moe. See also The Other Wiki's page on the subject.

Note that this page describes a genre, not a character trope. Individual examples of Girls With Guns go on The Gunslinger.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dirty Pair is the Trope Codifier for anime. The Lovely Angels set the standard for girls being awesome with (laser) pistols.
  • Bee Train and Koichi Mashimo in particular deserve a special recognition for popularizing the genre with their trilogy:note .
  • Gunslinger Girl (though you should have known that from the title)
    • The title of the intro theme to the image album is "Ragazza Col Fucile" (the trope name (singular), in Italian).
      • More precisely, "girl with a rifle".
    • The series could almost count as a Deconstruction of the genre, with the girls becoming badass Child Soldiers though extreme mental conditioning and Cyborgization, drastically shortening their lifespan to the point that none of them will live to see 18.note  There's a good amount of good old-fashioned ass-kicking, but the series is mostly about playing the premise for all the tragedy it's worth.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo features a concept named Butei ("armed detective") where highschool students are trained as a middle step between cops and mercenaries. Its main heroines, like Aria and Reki, are firearms experts.
  • Kite (and Kite Liberator, too), featuring a pint-sized little girl as an assassin and expert with guns.

    Comic Books 

  • Æon Flux based on the MTV series of the same name, with the titular protagonist being an assassin and killing machine armed with dual guns.
  • Angel Of Destruction starring Maria Ford as a budding rock star-turned-soldier and killing machine.
  • The exploitation film Angels With Golden Guns deals with supermodels abducted by a human traffickiing ring and battling their way out in one gunfight after another.
  • Bad Girls, about four Wild West prostitutes who are wanted by the law.
  • Bandidas. One of the girls is afraid, and quite rubbish, with guns, and so uses knives; but still uses one at the climax of the movie. The other is definitely a gun kind of girl.
  • D.E.B.S.. The four girls in the D.E.B.S. squad carry automatic pistols when on duty and get in occasional gunfights with the opposition.
  • Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana as a girl who witnessed her parents' assassination and grows up to become a killer.
  • Sucker Punch, among being many other things. It's worth noting the many shootouts, action sequences and fighting scenes occurs in the minds of its lead characters.
  • Angel Enforcers, staring Sharon Yeung as a policewoman who kicks ass and stops crime. Sharon will later team up with fellow action-girl actress Moon Lee a few more times in her career.
  • Anna: The titular character is an assassin, killing machine and expert with a gun.
  • Annie Get Your Gun: A biopic about Annie Oakly, a real-life 19th century entertainer and sharpshooter.
  • A Better Tomorrow - The third movie, A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death In Saigon (Prequel to the first movie) features Anita Mui's character, a gunslinger and lethal killing machine who inspires Chow Yun-Fat's Mark Gor to become a triad hitman.
  • Black Butterfly, the protagonist being a hitwoman and professional killer sent to Taiwan in a covert mission.
  • Black Cat, starring Jade Leung as the eponymous character, a young woman who ends up having a microchip implanted in her brain as a top-secret government project, turning her into an elite assassin and Professional Killer.
  • Iron Angels and its sequels, starring Moon Lee and Elaine Lui. The entire trilogy are now Cult Classic among fans of the genre.
  • Angel Terminators, a duology of Hong Kong action films which is a spin-off from the Iron Angels trilogy, with some of the actors returning (although playing different roles).
  • Dreaming the Reality starring Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima from the Angels series, where this time they are a pair of female assassins raised from birth to be shooters and killing machines.
  • Killer Angels and its sequel, Devil Hunters, starring Moon Lee again, where she is a tough-as-nails killer angel.
    • Devil Hunters is especially infamous for a stunt gone wrong, where Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu jumps off from a tall balcony with an explosion goes off behind them. But the explosion is rather ill-timed, and since Moon and Hu did most of their own stunts, both women ends up getting badly burnt in their backs, especially Hu. Seen here.
  • Beauty Investigator, one of the last collaborations between Yukari Oshima and Moon Lee, where the actresses respectively plays an assassin and a cop who ends up taking on the triads.
  • Bury Me High, one of the higher-budget films starring Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu, which ends with a full-scale battle involving tanks, helicopters, and exploding bunkers and munition piles.
  • The Dragon Fighter starring Sibelle Hu as a hitwoman and triad killer.
  • Fire Phoenix starring Sibelle Hu as a soldier finding herself on the battlefields in the big city against mobsters.
  • Golden Queens Commando, a Taiwanese Genre Mashup film involving a legion of female commandoes battling an army.
  • Mission Of Condor, a.k.a Angel Force, Moon Lee stars in this action flick with an Ensemble Cast where everyone (Lee herself included) gets to fire machine guns at everything they see throughout the film.
  • City Cops starring Cynthia Rothrock as a Los Angeles detective taking on Hong Kong triads.
  • Deadly Target starring Yukari Oshima and Sharon Yeung as female cops taking on Philippine mobsters.
  • Naked Killer, a fanservice-laden Hong Kong movie in this genre.
  • Enter the Eagles, starring Shannon (daughter of Bruce) Lee, a bounty hunter who gets to team up with her mentor (played by Michael Wong) to take on an entire crime syndicate. Shootouts, fight scenes, exploding vehicles comes a plenty throughout the movie.
  • Hannie Caulder, starring Raquel Welch. Most girl-with-guns films with a Western setting is likely a homage to this film.
  • Leopard Hunting, starring Yukari Oshima and Jade Leung, one of the last films of this genre from late 90s Hong Kong. The film notably climaxes with Oshima and Leung leading an entire team of gun-totting Action Girl detectives to shoot up a triad gang.
  • Princess Madam, starring Hong Kong action queens Moon Lee and Sharon Yeung, a buddy cop film with Heroic Bloodshed elements, which culminates with both actresses killing mooks by the dozens with dual pistols.
  • TEN: The Secret Mission, an Indonesian action film about a band of female commandos (ten of them, like what the title says) going on a rescue mission.
  • Silk, starriing Cec Verell as a Hawaiian cop taking on the mob. Has a sequel 3 years later.
  • Shaw Brothers have a few films in their heyday which is under this genre.
  • Wonder Seven, starring Michelle Yeoh as a mobster's girlfriend who had a change of heart and ends up joining a vigilante team to take on the entire mob. Yeoh gets to fire pistols while riding on a motorcycle.
  • The Quick and the Dead has the Lady, who is commonly remarked upon as she's the only woman in the gunfighting tournament.

  • Referenced in Jackie Brown: we don't see the two female leads packing much heat, but in the scene where Ordell is introduced he's watching a video of a woman in a bikini shooting an automatic weapon.
  • Lethal Panther and its sequel, Lethal Panther 2, starring Japan's leading lethal ladies in Hong Kong taking on mobsters. Shootout after shootout ensues.
  • Mercenaries is essentially a distaff counterpart to The Expendables and features copious amounts of guns and girls.
  • Nowhere Girl (2015), a Japanese film starring Nana Seino as a schoolgirl who takes on entire platoons of commandoes with machine guns, culminating with Nana wielding a freaking rocket launcher!

  • Ultraviolet Violet counts with her twin uzis.
  • The North Star, a 1943 war movie, plays this utterly straight with peasant girls Marina and Sophia, who end up as snipers trying to stall the Wehrmacht advance in Ukraine.
  • Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman: The Machine Gun Woman is called that for a very good reason. She effortlessly outshoots every other character in the film.
  • The Kick-Ass film series, featuring Chloë Grace Moretz in the role of Hit-girl.
  • Angel on Fire, an attempt to cash-in on the Iron Angels films, starring Taiwanese action star Cynthia Khan (budget Michelle Yeoh) as the titular angel.
  • Queens High, starring Cynthia Khan as the daughter of a Hong Kong mob boss who seeks revenge on the rival triad who killed him.
  • Ultimate Revenge, schlocky B-movie, also starring Cynthia Khan and Kim Maree Penn, where Khan plays a supercop who takes on an entire smuggling ring, One-Woman-Army style.
  • She Shoots Straight by Corey Yuen is a more realistic approach on this genre.
  • So Close: The movie was an attempt to revive the girls this genre that once attracted fans to Hong Kong cinema from all over the world.
  • Special Female Force, a series of movies starring Hong Kong's elite police squad battling terrorists and gunrunners. Jade Leung from Black Cat (listed above) stars as the police lieutenant of both movies.
    • There is a sequel, Special Female Force: The Fatal Raid (uses same page).
  • Razor Blade Smile features a vampire assassin lady battling the Illuminati, lead by her sire.
  • The Villainess, a Korean film starring Kim Ok-vin as a lethal hitwoman.
  • Miss Meadows: While Miss Meadows is almost comedically feminine, she's a confident, strong young woman most of the time. She also carries a gun in her purse at all times, which she uses unhesitatingly against the criminals that cross her path.
  • Zero Woman, a series of 10 films made in 1970s - 80s Japan, revolving around the eponymous female fatale assassin.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones: Margaery plays upon this trope by feigning interest in Joffrey's crossbow to appeal to his fetish for violence.
  • Revolution: Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson started out as an archer with a bow and arrow. By episode 10, she has dropped that weapon in favour of guns.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The title character is a girl who's harder than nuclear nails. A female cyborg often acts as her partner.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. She's often shown on the cover and title screens of the DVDs posing with her gold-plated revolver. Miss Fisher carries this in her handbag in her first adventure, much to the consternation of Aunt Prudence. Usually knows where it is, but is still leaving it in unsecured places.
  • Wynonna Earp focuses on the adventures of its gun-slinging titular character.
  • Mirri of X Company is one of these, although she also becomes adept with blades and unarmed combat.
  • On NCIS, a therapist pegs this as Tony's type. To which he responds: "Who doesn't like girls with guns?"
  • Girl Gun Lady, produced by Bandai Spirits (makers of 30 Minutes Missions), goes for a deconstruction inspired by Battle Royale, where only the girls that pick up and build the Attack Girl Gun model kits are secretly chosen, and then armed, to kill each other.


    Tabletop Games 


    Video Games 
  • Tomb Raider with Lara Croft often carrying her dual pistols.
  • Girls Frontline is about you commanding an army of girls who ARE guns.
  • Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter starring a female agent named Joanna Dark who fights aliens.
  • Wet counts with its hot female mercenary Rubi Malone.
  • Mirror's Edge has Faith, a runner who knows how to use guns when she comes across them.
  • No One Lives Forever has Cate Archer a sexy female British Spy.
  • Jurassic Park: Trespasser has Anne who fights dinosaurs with various firearms.
  • Metroid has Samus Aran with her Power Suit and Arm Cannon.
  • Oni has Konoko who is a cyberpunk cop.
  • Bayonetta has the witch protagonist of the same name who dual wields pistols on her hands and even her feet!
  • Bullet Witch has Alicia with her big, transforming long gun.
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has tough, foul mouthed and snarky Chloe finally getting her own game! Step aside, Nathan Drake, it's Chloe's time to shine for once!
  • Parasite Eve has Aya Brea an NYPD officer who is good with her guns.
  • Tabula Rasa has Sarah Morrison in this short-lived RPG shooter.
  • Fear Effect has Hana, a gun-toting assassin.
  • Devil May Cry has Trish and Lady, Dante's female partners in Demon Slaying. The Devil May Cry 2 prequel novel featured a demon hunter named Beryl who fought with an anti-tank rifle.
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 adds a machine gun to Rachel's arsenal.
  • Resident Evil has numerous examples with Jill Valentine and Ada Wong being the most notable ones.
  • Neptunia has Uni the CPU Candidate of Lastation, who utilizes guns in combat.
  • BlazBlue gives us Noel Vermillion, who fights with Guns Akimbo and Gun Kata.
  • Honkai Impact 3rd has Kiana Kaslana, who fights with Gun Kata. Ditto her ancestor Kallen.
  • Mortal Kombat X introduces Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs. Cassie uses regular handguns while Jacqui prefers to go with arm-mounted guns.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY features this strongly, focusing on four young girls who use hybrid weapons to hunt monsters.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 


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