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John Wick: I need something robust. Precise.
The Sommelier: "Robust. Precise." AR-15, 11.5-inch. Compensated with an ion-bonded bolt carrier. Trijicon AccuPoint with 1-6 magnification.
John Wick: Could you recommend anything for the end of the night? Something big, bold.
The Sommelier: May I suggest the Benelli M4? Custom bolt carrier release and charging handle. Textured grips, should your hands get... wet. An Italian classic.

A sister trope of More Dakka, as the two usually go hand-in-hand, Gun Porn describes a scene or scenario with a lot of guns, enough to make a gun nut cream their pants (even women). In video games, there's also the option to see highly detailed models of said guns. Optional features include a careful attention to detail to the background, mechanism and operation, heck, there might even be Bullet Time or slow motion glory shots during the firing of a gun. Basically, someone decided that focus on the gun itself is very important.

It's basically the gun equivalent to Scenery Porn and Costume Porn. Close cousin to Technology Porn. Sometimes associated with Description Porn. See also Gun Accessories for more of the toys (optical sights, extra handgrips, etc) that go well with guns. Not related to Phallic Weapon... usually.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • City Hunter is possibly the Trope Maker, as far as manga and anime are concerned.
  • Angel Beats! has incredibly accurate guns.
  • Switzerland, of Hetalia: Axis Powers, seems to have a thing for guns as shown here.
  • BLAME!, even though none of the guns are real, the creator obviously takes great pains to put as much detail into them as possible.
  • Gunslinger Girl. The author being a bona fide gun pornographer, it's unsurprising.
    • The first anime is praised by /k/ for its Gun Porn and accuracy. Teatrino.. Not so much.
  • Bee Train's "girls-with-guns" trilogy: Noir, Madlax and, to a lesser extent, El Cazador de la Bruja. They even used direct recordings for the audio.
  • Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats, which is even about actual gunsmiths. He then went on to create the Super Robot series Cannon God Exaxxion, whose title mech is basically a 500 foot gun with limbs & a head. Some of his works feature 'literal' Gun Porn, like the heroine licking the barrel or a naked girl holding a rifle in a... strategic way.
  • Whenever Toriyama drew a gun in Doctor Slump, more often than not it was rendered in greater detail than the character holding it (though it usually still looked cartoony enough for the style of the manga).
  • Despite the Sci-Fi setting, Cowboy Bebop features mostly real and accurately drawn contemporary weaponry, with Jericho 941, Glock 30, Walther P99, HK USP, and 1911-style firearms shown impeccably drawn in prominent roles.
  • Hellsing:
    • Kouta Hirano's guns are fictional, but the way he rattles off specs in such glorious detail... Dirty Harry would be proud.
      Alucard: The silver cross of Lancaster Cathedral was melted down to create these 13mm explosive shells. Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again.

      Walter: The Jackal: A custom 13mm anti-freak combat pistol. It fires custom-made rounds, far more powerful than the .454 Casull rounds you're used to. 39cm long, 16kg in weight, 6 rounds per magazine. The Jackal has more firepower than any human could be expected to handle.
      Alucard: And the rounds?
      Walter: 13mm explosive shells.
      Alucard: Casings?
      Walter: Pure Macedonian silver.
      Alucard: And the tips? Explosive or mercury?
      Walter: Mercury tips. And they're already blessed.
    • Seras is a bit less appreciative of this when introduced to the Harkonnen.
      Walter: The Harkonnen: A 30mm anti-freak cannon. Designed to be used with both depleted uranium shells and exploding incendiary shells. This weapon will destroy all but the most heavily armored of targets.
      Seras: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!
  • Ghost in the Shell (1995) includes a scene towards the end that shows the main character disassembling her PDW and ejecting the steaming hot barrel to switch for another calibre and armor piercing bullets. The same scene also includes a tank with two massive Gatling guns and a grenade launcher shooting the place to shreds.
  • Black Lagoon is a very gun-laden series, and Rei Hiroe is very good at rendering the main characters' primary instruments of destruction.
    • Played for Laughs in one scene where, during a fight with a group of neo-Nazis, one skinhead takes time to boast about the specialized gun that he was given. All the while, Revy quietly reloads her guns, then shoots the skinhead mid-sentence and, before finishing him off, advises him that it doesn't matter what kind of gun you use, as long as you can actually hit someone with it.
  • Desert Punk, though much more in the manga, which even has a section at the end of the volume collections listing details of all of the guns used including their action and rifling. The foreword of the first chapter even has the author stating how it would suck to be a gun in the desert because of sand getting in the barrel and the oil being affected by changing temperature.
  • Trigun, as you'd expect. Look at the Expy Ak-47s, magnums with barrels about eight-inches long that can morph into a super weapon, crosses that can become light machine guns, sniper rifles with barrels ten yards long, saxophones that can become guns, amongst other colorful examples.
  • Jormungand, as expected for a manga about a team of mercenary arms dealers. It features a wide variety of well-drawn hand guns, submachine guns, assualt rifles, sniper rifles, and a Javelin missile launcher all in the first chapter.
  • Highschool of the Dead features beautifully rendered guns given gushing descriptions by the resident Gun Nut, Kouta.
  • Gungrave. Check out the opening.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo has every character (revealed till now) wielding different models of firearms, most of them described in great detail. While the usage of guns in the series sometimes lapsed into the Rule of Cool, the effort spent in describing their relative strengths and weaknesses is impressive.
  • Shaman King. The X-Law armory is filled with realistic weapons, ranging from RPG's to M16's. And to top it off, There's a giant angel Oversoul, right in the middle of the room, for Lyserg.
  • Upotte!! is an anime about personified firearms that just barely avoid being literal gun porn. Naturally, it includes very detailed depictions and trivia about the guns the characters represent.
    • The author's notes in the side story, Upotte!! Rufuira, show that the author is a genuine Gun Nut, who sadly is limited to owning deactivated guns on account of living in Japan.
  • The Walpurgisnacht/ Walpurgis Night battle at the end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica features some elements of this, most notably the sequence involving hundreds if not thousands of VERY accurately-drawn AT-4 and RPG-7 rocket launchers and due to Homura's time-stopping abilities, detailed freeze-frames of the rockets in-flight. See for yourself.
  • What about Pumpkin Scissors? Notably the .51 caliber PISTOL known as the "Door Knocker".
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has shades of this, especially early on - note the vastly oversized chain gun used by Father Cornello in the first chapter, and the automail gun used by the bandit leader in the train heist - as well as more conventional instances like Riza dismantling her pistol.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003): Basque Grand's alchemy consists in turning himself into a living ball of gun barrels pointing in all directions, a trick repeated later with Wrath, and Frank Archer gets rebuilt as an automail android half of whom is taken up by an enormous cannon.
  • Girls und Panzer is this in high-calibre tank form, with loving attention to both the vehicles, their weapons,and with gratuitous amounts of bullet time for the shells as they whizz back and forth. One of the characters, Yukari, often provides glowing descriptions of each vehicle too.

    Comic Books 
  • The Punisher:
    • The Punisher: Armory is a miniseries entirely devoted to loving descriptions of his weapons and tactics.
    • Several issues of The Punisher MAX contain interludes where a narrating Castle describes the history and uses of his favorite weapons.
    • You can count on the Punisher to take Gun Porn to a new level every opportunity he gets. A gun doesn't even have to be shown for this trope to be in effect. Frank knows guns inside and out.
    (A single shot is heard in the distance)
    Man: What was that?
    Frank: M-25 sniper rifle with a .303 Winchester round.
  • The late, lamented Doom comic. The Marine really, really loves his guns.
  • Hilariously parodied in a Slapstick issue where he tangles with the Overkiller, a fifth-rate Punisher knockoff. The Overkiller is first shown driving in his van and thinking to himself. "A man's only friend is his gun." The next panel shows the back of his van absolutely packed from floor to ceiling with guns of every shape and size. "Fortunately, I've got lots and lots of friends."
  • An instance of Gun Porn shows up in the Runaways of all places. When Victor uses his electro magnetic powers to disarm a gunmen, while doing so he also gives a lovely description of the weapon that goes as follows.
    Victor: Glock 21, right? 45 cal with a thirteen round magazine. Polymer receiver, but the slide is sweet sweet steel.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A great example of Gun Porn is none other than The Matrix, where they even include glory shots of the bullets.
    Tank: So what do you need? Besides a miracle.
    Neo: Guns. Lots of guns.
  • Equilibrium takes gun action in another direction that's pretty damn cool, making it a Gun Porn movie by default.
  • Aliens futuristic Pulse Rifle and Smart Gun were basically just modified Thompsons SMGs and MG42s.
  • Shoot 'Em Up is an obvious attempt to go as far over-the-top as possible with this trope. It goes so far over the top that it becomes an Indecisive Parody. The movie is meant to be antigun, but this intended moral falls completely flat. While omitting the obsession over guns themselves compared to actually using and discarding them, which makes it, um... hardcore gun porn?
  • Lord of War, being about an international arms dealer, is rife with Gun Porn.
  • Shooter (the Mark Wahlberg movie) is basically one long excuse to show guns
  • John Woo's action movies come complete with loving shots of all sorts of guns, especially Berettas. Of course much of his movies are devoted to the effect those guns have on the human body.
  • In Wanted, the main characters (protagonists and antagonists alike) have the ability to curve bullets fired from a gun. One can only imagine what gun porn potential this unleashes. Needless to say, there are a multitude of glory shots of bullets being fired and close ups on what kind of destruction they cause, often times amounting in little more than duels with guns, as the characters sometimes deflect bullets by firing other bullets at them.
  • Several of the scenes in Predator, particularly the famous deforestation sequence, were meant to ridicule this trope (the studio asked for more "gun shooting" scenes, so the director threw in an extended one where that's all the characters do).
  • The Terminator series is full of gun porn. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a particular offender, with lots of shots showing Sarah Connor's humongous underground gun vault, and then there was her coffin in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines that was filled primarily with loads and loads of weapons. There's also the whole scene where the T-800 destroys dozens of cop cars with a minigun.
  • District 9 contains many cases of Gun Porn, often from previously rarely seen South African small arms, most notably the Denel NTW 20mm anti-materiel rifle and PAW 20mm grenade launcher, both of which were used to finish off the mech.
  • The last half of Uwe Boll's House of the Dead is loaded with these.
  • The armory of the Swiss Guard in Angels and Demons is half Gun Porn and half Flanged Mace Porn.
  • The back of Reese's van in From Paris with Love presents a special cache of this, once you get past the keypad.
  • Played for Laughs in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day which has a scene where the Saints are choosing their weapons for a hit. The weapon provider invites them to see his best stuff, and when he opens the briefcases, actual softcore porn music starts playing.
  • Each of the Tremors films is about what happens when you drop a heavily armed, mostly heroic Crazy Survivalist into a '50s-style B-grade monster movie. The first film has a scene that sets the tone for the entire series in which Burt Gummer's compound is attacked by a subterranean beasty breaking into his basement. It starts with him and his wife unloading the guns they were cleaning into it, then running out of ammo and backing toward the far side basement wall which is absolutely covered in guns. Including the 8-gauge shotgun that ultimately finishes the job. That Graboid broke into the wrong goddamn rec room.
  • Just prior to the climatic finale in Hot Fuzz, Angel loads himself up with an enormous array of weaponry acquired earlier in the film, all presented in fast but loving detail, with loading them with ammunition, cocking and twirling galore. In one of the DVD commentaries the director faux apologizes for saying so, and remarks he must be a 14 year old boy, but he claims the sequence gets him hard. Sounds like gun porn alright.
  • Big Daddy's studio-stroke-armoury in Kick-Ass fits the bill - racks and racks of beautiful weapons, including a number of rare items. And, wonderfully, a jetpack-mounted twin-minigun rig. Mmm...
  • Iron Man 2, when Hammer shows Rhodey and a general the weapons he can offer in exchange for an Iron Man suit. When asked which of the large arsenal he wants installed in what will soon become the War Machine armor, Rhodey naturally says "all of them."
  • Zardoz, the titular god says "The gun is good!", and literally spews thousands of guns and bullets for his followers to use.
  • Unforgiven, while being essentially a deconstruction of the whole western genre, still manages to prominently feature a wide cross-section of old-west firepower. Several of the weapons (such as Ned's Spencer rifle, the Kid's Smith & Wesson Schofield, and a mentioned but unseen Walker Colt) are identified by name.
  • In The Mask the title character takes out from his pockets around fifty different guns and aims them at the mooks. After they run away however, it is revealed they are all Bang Flag Guns.
  • Most openings of James Bond films combine this with silhouettes of dancing girls (usually wearing Vapor Wear).
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has some very loving close-up shots of revolvers being disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, with some chill-inducingly satisfying foley.
  • In one of the most awesome acts of self-defense ever depicted on film, there's a scene in The Dark Knight where a hostile witness tries to kill Harvey Dent, but the gun misfires, and then he punches out the witness, grabs the gun, and lays it in front of Sal Maroni with these words, including a succinct description of the attempted murder weapon:
    Harvey Dent: Carbon fiber .28 caliber, made in China. If you want to kill a public servant, Mr. Maroni, I recommend you buy American.
    • In the novelization, it's ceramic, not carbon fiber.
  • In xXx, Xander points to a huge pile of guns (and other stuff) and then to his car saying "I want all that, in there!"
  • One of the classiest examples of Gun Porn comes from John Wick: Chapter 2, where The Sommelier not only has an entire armory for hitmen to choose from, he talks them up like they're bottles of fine wine. Prospective clients of his weapons sales services are guided through recommended weaponry for the given operation, not unlike a wine tasting for a discerning party host.
  • Although the entire run time of Last Action Hero is an example of this trope, there are a few specific examples that stand out. Both the protagonist and antagonist carry a Hand Cannon. At the Ripper's behest in the opening scene, Slater is forced to drop his Desert Eagle, and then continues to fish out and discard about six other pieces hidden on his person. When Danny is transported into the movie and ends up in Slater's car, he opens the glove box - which is overflowing with handguns. Later in the film when Slater returns to his apartment, a glimpse of the closet reveals his "wardrobe," which consists of the same outfit: snakeskin cowboy boots, suede jacket, jeans, red t-shirt, and his signature Desert Eagle. The closet holds about ten of these identical outfits, including a fresh Eagle for each change of clothes.
  • The scene in Taxi Driver with Easy Andy selling handguns to the protagonist from a couple of suitcases, including lingering closeups and Andy Waxing Lyrical on their attributes. The scene gets homaged in God Bless America and Death Sentence.
  • Virus features Richie gearing up with a truckload of guns for an excursion into the bowels of the ship. When criticized for his overzealousness, he says "There's too things a man can never have too much of: Sex, and guns."
  • The Highwaymen (2019). Frank Hamer is a former Texas Ranger out to hunt down Bonnie and Clyde. He walks into a gunstore and, consulting a catalogue, gets the owner to lay out a Thompson submachine gun (ahh, those were the days), a Colt Monitor machine rifle and various other shotguns and pistols plus a lever-action Winchester (because he wants one weapon that he knows won't jam). When the gunstore owner asks which one he wants, Frank replies All of Them, which he then has them load into his car along with a crate of ammunition.
  • Subverted in Harry Brown where we have the requisite reeling off of gun stats as several handguns are laid out in front of the protagonist, but the vibe is not played for fanservice.
  • Subverted in The Quick and the Dead. In the Kid's gun shop, he proudly shows off custom models of the Colt Single Action Army, the Remington 1875, and the Smith & Wesson Model 3. Even Cort (who has forsaken his past as a killer) can't help staring at them in interest, but as he's broke he ends up with a $5 revolver, bought for him by the Big Bad. It's all he needs.

  • The Death Lands series usually has elaborately detailed descriptions of guns. If the Armorer is featured in any way, expect elaborately detailed descriptions of all the parts of those guns.
  • The Executioner series and its various spinoffs usually have trading-card stats of relevant weapons. Plus every Cool Gun in the planet must have been used by the protagonists at one time or another, with the action often stopping to describe each weapon in loving detail.
  • The Guardians series often has plenty of loving descriptions of military weapons, vehicles and explosives, how they work, and how soldiers using them rate them. Almost all present-day weapons, despite the setting being 20 Minutes into the Future — or it was, when the series started. Now it's Alternate History.
  • David Drake in Hammer's Slammers often describes particular weapon systems (and their effects on targets) in detail, from handguns to tank main cannons, as well as dedicated essays on technology, to include weapon systems.
  • Neal Stephenson takes this trope, in written form, to his heart. In Cryptonomicon, he spends over two pages lovingly describing the Vickers Machine Gun; The gun has its own little story arc, complete with an entire page of building action, climax and denouement. This is merely a callback to Reason in Snow Crash, a portable gatling cannon that's described in loving detail several times throughout the book.
    The Vickers was water-cooled. It actually had a fucking radiator on it. It had infrastructure... and a whole crew of technicians to fuss over it. But once the damn thing was up and running, it could fire continuously for days as long as people kept scurrying up to it with more belts of ammunition... Mikulski hosed down all of the German vehicles for a while, yawing the Vickers back and forth like a man playing a fire extinguisher against the base of a fire. Then he picked out a few bits of the roadblock that he suspected people might be standing behind and concentrated on them for a while, boring tunnels through the wreckage of the vehicles until he could see what was on the other side, sawing through their frames and breaking them in half. He cut down half a dozen or so roadside trees behind which he suspected Germans were hiding, and then mowed about half an acre of grass.
  • William Gibson goes the other way in Neuromancer by writing quite detailed descriptions of cheap-ass guns or guns that were probably pretty good but are very old and not always well-maintained (damaged grips held together with tape, etc.).
  • Matthew Reilly usually introduces his bad guys with this, so that the audience knows how awesomely the protagonists are outmatched.
  • The 1980's action-adventure series The Survivalist, written by gun writer Jerry Ahern.
  • Larry Correia, as a competitive shooter and former gun store owner, loads his books with guns of every kind and describes their operation in true-to-life detail. Monster Hunter International is centered on a private contracting company that kills mythological creatures through ludicrous firepower, while The Grimnoir Chronicles feature John Moses Browning as a major character.
  • Fate/Zero's author Gen Urobuchi gave a whole lot of detail to the weapons that Kiritsugu Emiya uses. To wit, Kiritsugu's weapons are a Calico M950 sub-machine gun, a Walter WA2000 sniper rifle (with night scope and heat vision sensors), and his Mystic Code the Thompson Contender, customized with his Origin Bullets. The anime also shows other weapons in a couple of lock and load montages.
  • J.T. Edson always describes the weapons of his protagonists in loving detail. No character ever carries a generic gun, and the advantages and disadvantages of a particular weapon choice will always be spelled out.
  • The Zombie Survival Guide is full of this. Even the guns that wouldn't be the best for killing zombies are described in detail. But quite often that detail is hilariously wrong, from describing the M249 as a heavy machine gun to saying survivors should avoid the AR-15 family because ammo for it would be nearly impossible to America.
  • Name practically any Baen book that involves the citizens of Grantville, Thuringia.
  • The Postmodern Adventures Of Kill Team One sometimes even breaks into advertisements for the guns being described. Also taken literally when two of the characters have sex on a pile of guns.
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld:
    • At the start of Pyramids, Pteppic loads up for his Assassins Guild final examination with so much weaponry that he falls over.
    • In Jingo, the incompetent shooter who took the fall for Prince Khufurah's injury is shown to be a weapons nut with a whole apartment full of magazines like "Bows and Ammo." He also thought that a Bling-Bling-BANG! would make his shots more accurate. It didn't.
  • Tom Clancy, which basically is Gun Porn Without Plot.
    • It usually has a plot. Just that the descriptions don't do much to move the storyline.
  • In The Gordian Event by Lee Deadkeys, the long dead and not so crazy grandpa left his descendants a massive stockpile of guns. Also, each new firearm gets a short characterization when it first appears. There is great gun diversity and some minor discrimation by an old gunstore owner, calling Glocks "gun Tupperware".
  • The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge. The Stainless Steel Rat has to infiltrate a military dictatorship, so goes in as an Arms Dealer. Nearly getting shot on the spot after admitting he has weapons in his briefcase, he opens the case and gives a sales spiel of the products inside to the State Sec men, who find everything afterward something of an anti-climax.
  • The Gatling series main hook is that the title character uses period automatic weaponry. The guns, their operation and their effects are always described in loving detail.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Future Weapons. Sometimes the host of the TV show sounds a little too excited.
  • This YouTube user uploaded a Japanese show that demonstrates a variety of guns with classical/jazzy music in the background.
  • Lock 'n Load on the History Channel, which covers anything that shoots something. The show's host is none other than R. Lee Ermey.
  • The opening title for Sledge Hammer! is a loving tribute to Inspector Hammer's custom .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 629 revolver.
  • Sons of Guns. A Reality Show / Docudrama dedicated to Gun Porn. Finally.
  • American Guns, Dueling Shows counterpart to Sons of Guns above.
  • The Body of the Week on one episode of CSI was an avid gun collector stored on all the basement walls, organized chronologically and by theatre. One of the extras, a ballistics tech, was practically drooling.
  • Baltimore in The Wire is a shooting gallery, so a great deal of weaponry is inherent to the narrative. One prominent example occurs when the Barksdales are readying their arsenal to wage war on Marlo, including some military-grade stuff such as grenades and assault rifles.
  • Altered Carbon. In contrast to the original novel, where Takeshi Kovacs buys his weapons from a perfectly legal and high class gunstore recommended by his employer, in the episode "In A Lonely Place" he buys them from Vernon's Friend in the Black Market, with the obligatory reeling off of their capabilities. The trope is subverted when Kovacs proceeds to carry his purchases in a pink child's backpack.
  • Better Call Saul has the "buying from an illegal arms dealer" version when Mike Ehrmantraut considers a selection of sniper rifles from Lawson (who also sells weapons to Walter White in Breaking Bad). Rather than a Large Ham Easy Andy, Lawson is portrayed as a quiet-spoken yet competent professional.

  • Parodied in Sage Francis' "Gunz Yo": I hold my crotch like a nine millimeter!
  • Ice-T "Body Count"
    You try to ban the AK
    I got ten of 'em stashed
    With a case of hand grenades
  • Brazilian song "Rap das Armas" ("The Weapons Rap"), mostly known for its usage in the movie The Elite Squad lists many, many firearms during it - the video linked there even illustrates them.
  • Blokkmonsta's "Das ist meine AK" (This is my AK), a German rap song, is basically this in the first verse, listing a lot of factoids like weight, magazine capacity, maximum range of the projectile etc. The second verse is sung by somebody else who just raps about how he will kill you very hard with it.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The GURPS: High-Tech source book has almost a third of its width dedicated to explanations, rules, tables, and descriptions of various modern guns. The Adventure Guns and Pulp Guns supplements add even more options.
    • The Ultra-Tech sourcebook also dedicates a significant amount of pagecount to a variety of futuristic guns and weapons.
  • World of Darkness: Armory is pretty much gun porn, breaking down the standard firearms listed in the core book (light pistol, heavy pistol., shotgun, SMG, rifle, assault rifle, etc.) into make, model, and special properties. And then it gets into Melee Weapon Porn, Explosives Porn, Vehicles Porn... basically, it's the book to bust out when you want to go beyond the generics.
  • The Inquisitor's Handbook for Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy has over a dozen pages devoted to additional firearms, ranging from cobbled together 'zip guns', to crude muskets, to barely-comprehended archaeotech weapons, and, of course, BFGs.
  • In the Mongoose editions of Traveller the Central Supply Catalouges are this. Everything from muzzle loading primitive hand cannons to Man Portable Fusion Guns and psionic weapons are available, along with a variety of non-combat equipment. Most of the players are concerned about the guns, though.

    Video Games 
  • Basically any modern combat First-Person Shooter would fall into this trope.
    • Perhaps the most obsessive and complete is Czech developer Bohemia Interactive's ARMA series. Thanks to immense community support, at least one example of nearly every family of small-arm that uses a self-contained cartridge. There are World War One-era bolt-action rifles, which are absurdly powerful, accurate, and long-ranged; a Colt 1860 Army .44 cap-and-ball revolver; dozens of different models of AR-15 and AK-pattern rifles in civilian and military versions; 1950s battle rifles like the H&K G3, the FN FAL, and the M14; firearms from nations often overlooked by most games, like Swiss, Finnish, and Swedish rifles; bullpups, like the British L85/L86, the French FAMAS, the Austrian AUG, and the Israeli Tavor; every variant of the MG42; a dozen FN MinimiM249s; shotguns and submachine guns of dozens of varieties; and most of the world's service pistols. note  Each of these is rendered in loving detail, often with several different types of ammunition, modeled as closely to real-life as possible.Commentary 
    • One of the earliest videogame examples would be Counter-Strike.
    • Black is a game described to be basically Gun Porn. Even That Other Wiki redirects "Gun Porn" to it. In fact, that was the unofficial tagline for a while (not to mention copiously used by the developers in interviews). The menu background for the game consists of slow-motion shots rotating around highly detailed gun models in all possible directions, often throwing in the guns firing in order to really seal the deal.
    • Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon can be thought of as a basic gun encyclopedia in the load out screen.
      • Ghost Recon takes it to the next level with the "Gunsmith" in Future Soldier - literally anything can be modified on a gun, from the trigger, to the gas system, to the barrel length, to the ammo, and more. There's even an online version of Gunsmith to put weapons together how you'd like.
    • Operation Flashpoint features a ton of modern military small arms and ammo variants, but due to the game engine not supporting modular attachments, a lot of the weapons are just variants of the same basic weapon with different accessory configurations. For example, M4A1 with iron sights, M4A1 SD (suppressed + iron sights), M4A1 CCO SD (suppressed + red dot sight, M4A1 M203 (underbarrel grenade launcher)...
    • And what the last example lacks in modularity, Brink! makes up for it. Customization screens allow for an intimate rendering of the dozens of weapons you can modify. Weapons which you can attach on up to 4 or 5 different areas. Sights, silencers, extended or drum mags, bayonets...the list goes on.
  • Girls' Frontline takes Gun Porn into almost a literal sense (as far as being SFW though): by having cute girls as guns to fight a Robot War. You also happen to be able to romance and marry them.
    • In a more traditional sense, every firearm featured in Girls' Frontline are accurately detailed and modeled, whether in character artworks or chibi sprites.
  • Call of Duty, but of course, prides itself with the depiction of beautifully-modelled real-life guns. When the game goes future it still renders fictional future weapons beautifully, boxy or otherwise, but then in 2019 it returned to the present despite having to stick to fictional names and remodelled design for some of the weapons.
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has the Museum as an end-game bonus. Here you can pick up every single gun available in the campaign mode and mess around with against the oddly-fleshy dioramas set up around the level (you can even use Price's exclusive 1911 from the original Modern Warfare which isn't normally available in the campaign). If you want to use all your various toys against some actual targets, there's a big red button that you can press and have all the diaoramas come to life and accost you.
  • The Metal Gear series, while in-game doesn't feature a lot of gun action, in-game cutscenes (especially in the Nintendo GameCube remake of MGS) make it one. And throw in the detailed descriptions of guns (to varying accuracy) as well.
    • Naked Snake is a bit of a gun pornographer himself. The way he describes the M1911A1 he gets from EVA early on his mission sounds exactly the way car enthusiasts talk about their rides. Seriously, he sounds more excited about the gun than he is about the hot, cleavage-baring woman who's trying to seduce him. Played for Laughs in the special features, where it's a lighter that EVA uses when he pulls the trigger. Snake's face is PRICELESS.
    • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots features 70 weapons, nearly all of them customizable with scopes, grenade launchers, suppressors, and the like, depending on which gun. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker outdid that with 99 weapons, a number of them similarly customizable.
  • Max Payne has a bit of this as well. The games even do "bullet cams" for the sniper rifle. Some of the mods really make the game into a gun porn game.
  • The raison d'etre of the VR game Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades. Not only does it feature a wealth of firearms to be played with, but you can also mod applicable firearms to your hearts content, from the realistically "tacti-cool", to the Awesome, but Impractical. There is no limit but what attachments are in the game, and your imagination.
  • All of the weapons in the Resident Evil remake for GameCube have a gun porn section in it, complete with firing action for some of them.
    • Resident Evil 5 has a bit of firearm fetish going for it. The game uses a lot of correct names for weapons (averting A.K.A.-47) and you're offered new guns for making your current firearm as powerful as possible. In general the game has a lot more variety to its weapon selection than previous RE games as well. To put it into perspective, even IMFDB seems to respect RE5's portrayal of its weapons.
  • The Nerf N-Strike game is basically this... with Nerf guns. Its sequel included actual customization options, some new guns, and the removal of the duplicate guns that the first one was plagued with.
  • The Hitman games let you collect a large variety of weapons, and then usually hand you a nice firing range to test them out on.
  • This trope seems to be why Unreal Tournament III contains guns that look like exploded-view models of the actual weapons they're supposed to represent. Lots of totally hawt levers exposed in those babies.
  • Surprisingly, the Roblox game Phantom Forces has over 120 weapons from WW1 all the way to modern times, not including melee weapons, those which were removed or those in testing. Each weapon penetrates materials differently depending on their caliber, and change the way they are while crouched, so you can see the other side of your weapon while firing in a crouched stance. Very satisfying seeing all the chambers opening and closing, the bolts rattling, and the casings ejecting out as your weapon works as a finely tuned machine. The models also do a great job at looking as realistic and detailed as possible while still staying true to Roblox’s art style. From popular Kalashnikov and AR-15 variants, to practical MP and AUG series guns, to rare weapons like the Serbu BFG 50 (yes, the breach action one) and the Zip 22, effectively Phantom Forces’ version of Battlefield 1‘s Kolibri. New weapons are still being added as a constant stream of updates.
  • Borderlands. The game's debug menu lists over 3 million guns, and the devs stopped counting after they reached 17 million guns.
    • There's a glitch in the Mad Moxxi expansion that can result in what one poster described as "some kind of homicidal Scrooge McDuck wet dream". If you haven't played the game, just know that each one of those thin points of light is sticking out of its own gun.
    • In Borderlands 2, every manufacturer now have their own distinctive style not only limited to color scheme and different grips. To increase the count, it is possible to generate guns with components from different companies: for example, a Torgue shotgun with a side-by-side Jakobs double-barrel, a design familiar to anyone who's seen a picture of a regular shotgun, is a "Pounder", one with a Bandit tri-barrel fitting is called a "Hulk", and one with Torgue's own quad-barrel is called a "Ravager". (Bandit guns in particular tend to consist of bits from anywhere, welded together rather badly and painted red.) The magazine, stock, barrel, body and sight all have effects on how the gun functions.
      • You can also zoom in on any gun model in your inventory or shop screen. Even better is how much the devs have Shown Their Work; a number of weapons have authentic looking methods of firing or operating. For example, the character fans the hammer of the revolver he or she is holding when firing it quickly. Another example is the various break action weapons like shotguns opening up realistically. Other details include realistic function actions of the hammers, bolts on some automatic weapons moving like real life weapons, and certain magazines like drums or pans moving like the weapon would believably fire. Other times, however, they just went nuts and came up with guns that fly through the air shooting at people when thrown away, guns that fire swords, guns with infinite ammunition, bullets that wobble through the air, and guns with bullets that drop grenades.
      • Even the loading screens get in on this by presenting a rotating image of a randomly selected gun superimposed over a landscape from the area you're going to. Some of them are even legendaries, such as the Infinity.
  • There's only one gun in the Team Fortress 2's "Meet the Heavy" video, but the Heavy's rhapsodic description of it certainly qualifies.
    "I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and this is my weapon. She weighs 150 kilograms and fires 200-dollar custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. It costs 400,000 dollars to fire this weapon, for 12 seconds."
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. already has a fairly large and varied collection of guns in the basic configuration, but the Arsenal Mod for Shadow of Chernobyl really seals the deal, with more than 60 new guns to play with. Search deeper in the net and many (usally Russian) compilation mods, for example, "StalkerSoup", go into triple digits. Not only are they functional, but each gun tends to have paragraphs worth of info and history in the inventory. The Arsenal Mod also has its own versions for Clear Sky and especially Call of Pripyat available to download. The MISERY mod for Call of Pripyat, if you can get around the infamously brutal difficulty that permeates it, also has a plethora of entirely new guns as well as alternate separate model re-skins of the vanilla guns, making it around 90+ guns. It also is notable in that, in addition to Gun Porn, there is a huge amount of Item Porn that comes with it too; with many miscellaneous stuff such as toolkits, disassembly kits, a greater variety of healing items and food, and many other stuff that weren't prevalent in the vanilla game or even other STALKER mods.
  • Jagged Alliance 2. With the v1.13 mod, they have every gun in the Cool Guns section except for seven (AR-18, BAR, M1887, MP40, MG42, TEC-9, and Mauser C96, to be exact). There are many variants on individual guns, as well, leading to around 300 guns.
    • As if that weren't enough, there's multiple variants of ammunition for the same caliber, and a multitude of parts to use to customize individual guns with. There's so much gun porn it's quite easy to get distracted from actually fighting in favor of pimping out your mercenaries with the coolest guns possible.
      • As a spiritual successor, Brigade 7.62mm fits this trope too. In 3D! Moreso with the fanmade mods.
    • There's also this mod that takes it to an impossibly higher level.
  • Fallout: New Vegas has a faction called the Boomers, who practically have a Cargo Cult-esque religion based around guns and explosives. Naturally, the main character can earn some serious Messiah points by salvaging a pre-War B-29 from the bottom of Lake Mead for them.
    • The Gun Runners are at comparable levels of Gun Porn, though their outlook is secular and their plot relevance is much smaller.
    • Then there's the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC, which adds a plethora of new weapons in the mix for all your killing needs. Prepare the large boner of dakka.
    • The biggest example of gun porn in the game would be the sheer amount of things you can do with firearms: along with modifying them, you can also reload your own ammunition. A big part of getting the most out of your weapon for the lowest cost is breaking down ammo you don't want or need for the lead, gunpowder, and primers and using them to craft ammo types like hollow points (more damage, less armor penetration) and armor piercing ammo (vice versa). Even energy weapons get in on this, letting you recycle energy cells and make overcharged ammo that wears the guns out faster in exchange for better performance. You can even find weak ammunition (like .38 Special for .357 Magnum weapons or .223 for 5.56x45mm guns) that puts less wear on the gun and is often cheaper. A major part of the modding scene is adding even more craftable ammo types and even letting you recycle the brass casings to reform them into new calibers.
  • In the game Conker's Bad Fur Day, play this trope parodying Matrix when Conker blackmail the programmer to help him in killing Heinrich.
  • Battlefield 3 has an absolutely huge wealth of guns for you to use in the multiplayer, as well as many scopes and attachments for your pleasure.
    • Battlefield 4 kicks things up a notch by having over 100 guns from all over the world. While admittedly many of them are recycled from 3 (others from Medal of Honor: Warfighter), it's still an impressive feat in terms of pure numbers.
    • Battlefield 1 is like gun porn for history class, with its large number of famous and obscure guns in World War I all being researched and portrayed with detail.
  • Receiver doesn't have a lot of guns (three as of the RC6 update), but the gun mechanics are insanely detailed. We're talking "check the safety, cock the hammer, and reload individual bullets into the magazine"-level detailed.
    • The sequel Receiver 2 continues this. Not engaging a gun's safety and quickdrawing/holstering can make you shoot yourself, weapons jam in various manners, and even the speed that you insert bullets into a magazine slows down as more are loaded. Some tapes also go into detail about how guns work, and how they came to be produced.
  • Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light have lovingly detailed, improvised weapons built in the Metro after the end of the world. The Uboinik/Shambler, for example, is a shotgun with an exposed revolver magazine which users a Luger-esque loading/extraction mechanism. The structural rails on the top and bottom of the gun that block the magazine mean that's often necessary to manually cock the gun to spin the mag in order to load more shells.
  • World of Guns: Gun Disassembly is a free-to-play Steam game that is practically rife with gun porn. Features include incredibly detailed weapon models that can be viewed, test fired in a simulated environment, basic field stripped and its most advertised feature, disassembly - assembly of the entire firearm right down to every single screw, pin and spring of the weapon. Even adjustable sights and individual parts of a bolt carrier group can be taken apart in loving detail.
  • Despite playing A.K.A.-47 straight to a tee, PAYDAY 2 has a plethora of weapons with all manner of Gun Accessories to go with it. Pretty good for a game that isn't about the modern military. The Downloadable Content expansions have added tons more too.
  • One of the main selling points of the Escape from Tarkov is the extensive arsenal of real-life firearms; each one is modeled with significant detail and attention paid to its real operation. Due to the devs actually acquiring the rights to the real-life weapon manufacturers and various third party groups, the modding possibilities for the various weapons are pretty extensive and realistic, thoroughly averting A.K.A.-47.
  • Killing Floor had acceptable presentation of its guns. Its sequel, Killing Floor 2, shows that Tripwire Interactive went out of their way to give the guns lots of detail even by the genre's expectations. One Bullet Clips is noticeably averted, as reloading on a partially spent magazine has your character remove and visibly put it away before inserting a new one, instead of just tossing it away like it were empty. Hitting the reload button when your magazine's full makes your character perform a variety of animations, which range from looking at the side of the weapon, checking to see if there's a round in the chamber by pulling the slide or charging handle back, pulling the mag out to see if there's ammo left... the list goes on. The detail really shines during Zed Time, as firing your guns while time is slowed down lets you see the individual parts shake and rattle from the force of your gunshots. All of this was achieved by animating the weapons at 200 frames per second. So when you're not bathing in the gore of killing countless Zeds, you're admiring how good your killing implements look.
  • Ubisoft Tom Clancy series prides itself on this trope, with pretty much any games with the "Tom Clancy" label will feature beautifully designed and rendered guns.
    • Then there's also Far Cry and Watch_Dogs, which didn't bear Tom Clancy label yet still feature a lot of guns.
  • The indie FPS AMC Squad is absolutely decked out with all sorts of firearms, many of which are confined to different arsenals for each agent. In particular, James and Highwire use a lot of real-life guns, with James using NATO firearms while Highwire mostly uses Soviet-era firearms. If that isn't enough for players, the game also has a host of temporary weapons to fill out a specific slot, many of which are real-life firearms from the classic Tommy Gun to the right arm of the free world, the FN FAL. Oh, and to sweeten the deal further, many of the guns in the game can be upgraded to allow for More Dakka and increased firepower.
    • Just to put this in perspective, James Stanfield himself has no more than seven pistols for himself, each with their own functions and capabilities. And that's just for Slot 2 in the game. Compared to his fellow agents, James has the biggest arsenal of weapons to choose from, and his list of options ensures that he always has something to rely on when fighting enemy forces. And Highwire? He's only second in terms of large arsenals, and he prefers Soviet-made weaponry with some exceptionsnote .

    Web Original 
  • For those wanting to create a Frankenstein's monster equivalent of a gun, you're in luck! Pimp My Gun and Pimp My Airsoft let you mix and match gun parts of popular firearms to create the dream weapon you want. So I'll take the AK's receiver, add the HK416's handguard, maybe throw in an M203...
  • The Internet Movie Firearms Database.
  • The gun pornographer's ultimate website: World Guns. It basically catalogs every firearm made from very late 1800's to today.
  • Freddie Wong's "Huge Guns."
    • "More Guns. Even More Guns. Raining Guns. It's a GUN STORM!" and "Lesbian Make out scene in the sky..... MORE GUNS."
  • The Salvation War dedicates a lot of writing to describing the military hardware used. If it were cut out, the story would probably be 25% shorter.
  • discussions on firearms and their uses in both fiction and real life almost inevitably degenerate into gun porn of the scariest sort.
  • FPSRussia And as always, have nice day.
  • Hickock45 Life is good.
  • Though the voice is in japanese channel's particular choice of music and camera work seem to take gun porn to it's most literal level.
  • Of course, any of the YouTube channels dedicated to firearms that talk about a particular piece and even field strip it for you in all its glory. Kind of makes you feel dirty in another way.
  • A British gentleman named Stuart Brown, broadcasting under the handle Ahoy, made detailed videos for the many, many guns in various Call of Duty games, specifically those available in its multiplayer modes. Along the way, he carefully cites the history, function, and specifications of each gun, as well as providing in-game footage of it in action. He also produced several similar videos based on the real life history of several commonly appearing guns in media. The focus on spoken details, plus his even, documentary-like tone of voice (which people have compared to David Attenborough), makes this a bit like Gun Phone Sex.
  • Iraqveteran8888. Regular videos on the subject of "5 guns for various situations"; "gun Gripes" in which they discuss annoying things about gun culture, safety, laws, the industry, and design; how-tos regarding various gun-related work such as gun maintenance and home ammo reloading; and going out to the range to fire weapons, with the sub-category "We Shoot Your Stuff", in which people send in their stuff because they want to see the boys shoot it. Also, because the presenters work at a gun shop, they try out and show off new products.

  • Better Days:
    • Guns tend to be drawn in loving, accurate detail. About ten times the accuracy and detail given to backgrounds or cars in the comic.
    • There is a Jewish character who basically hoards guns in his basement, including a M1919 .30cal machinegun, partly hidden behind an Israeli flag. He also talks to the main character in a very endearing way about them.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court has a short Sword Porn segment.
  • Axe Cop: Avocado Soldier wishes for every weapon.

    Web Animation 
  • Most of the weapons in RWBY are also guns. If a character is swinging something around in a fight, 9/10 times it will also fire bullets. You don't even want to try counting.

    Western Animation 
  • Archer is fill to the brim with gun porn, with very detailed and accurately modeled guns and weaponry throughout the show.
  • The Transformers' god, Primus. He's the size of a planet, (because he IS one), and he is slagging MADE OF DAKKA. ENORMOUS shoulder cannons. Huge twin wrist guns. Banks of guns and missile launchers in his shins and lots of other places. (And when that's not enough, he can use his moons as Epic Flails.

    Real Life 
  • Three magic words for Heckler & Koch fans: The Grey Room. Currently housed in HK’s Virginia facility, The Grey Room is a unique collection of HK weapons, particularly appealing to the gun porn aficionados thanks to the large number of rare and prototype weapons such as the G11 and XM8.
  • Dragon*Con 2010 (a Sci Fi/media convention) had an entire room, appropriately called The Armory, set up with loads of weapons on display, from pistols to heavy machine guns... and beyond.
  • January in Las Vegas sees the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Technology trade show known as SHOT Show. Every firearms, ammunition, accessory manufacturer or manufacturer of anything relating to any of the above will send at least one representative and a selection of samples of their products.
  • On almost any given weekend in the United States, there are hundreds of gun shows of all sizes all over the country. Vendors can be found selling everything from jerky to ammo to the usual assortment of Gun Accessories. As well as every conceivable variety of firearm that is still available to the public in whatever location the visitor happens to be seeing the show.


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