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4chan is an Image Board in the US. Created by a bunch of regulars from Something Awful's anime subforum and launched in 2003, it serves as an English-language version of Futaba Channel.

4chan hosts boards dedicated to just about every generalized subject you can think of (and a few specialized subjects, as well), which are named /[a letter or letter string indicating what the board is about]/. 4chan is the starting point for about half the memes in the various subpages of the Memetic Mutation article.

4chan is responsible for, among other things, the creation of the Rules of the Internet, and is the Trope Maker for Rickroll and supposedly for Rule 34.


Boards on 4chan

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     /3/ through /fit/ 
  • /3/ (3dcg) is for 3d modeling, sculpting, and so on. By far the slowest board on the site, there are often threads that have been active for nearly a year. Doesn't like porn or people who ask how to make porn.
  • /a/ (Anime & Manga) is basically the same as /v/ (see below), but with anime, and "live action" television shows that are distinctly rooted in, or based off of an anime or manga series. Mostly discusses the more popular series, and upcoming shows they think will become popular. New anime gets released at a much faster rate than American cartoons, so there's usually plenty to discuss.
  • /adv/ (advice) is for advice, mostly relationship.
  • /an/ (animals and nature) is mainly full of topics about animals, both wild and domesticated. Topics like "What's your favorite dinosaur" or "How do I take care of my pet" are common.
  • /asp/ (alternative sports) is for discussion of sports that aren't major, professional ones. Mainly become the home for Wrestling after it was kicked off of /sp/.
  • /bant/ (international/random) is a board originally created as a home for the off-topic threads of /pol/. Like /int/, it uses flags to indicate country.
  • /biz/ (business & finance) was created to offload the cryptocurrency threads that were clogging /g/ for some time. Here, /biz/raelis talk about stocks, the state of various businesses, wages, and other money making ventures.
  • /c/ (cute animeinvoked), and /cm/ (cute men) are work safe boards for cute animated things. /cm/ is for cute men (animated only), and /c/ is for everything else that's both animated and cute including girls, couples, and animals. It has quite a few chibis because of that.
  • /cgl/ (cosplay and egl) (one board, egl is part of the title) where people show off the cosplay they work on, talk about conventions they went to and what they cosplayed as, and general cosplay tips. They're the place to go if you need help on a cosplay of your own.
  • /ck/ (food and cooking) is usually filled with a mix of delicious recipes, people asking for delicious recipes, and general cooking tips. Speaking of tips, never, under any circumstances, browse /ck/ on an empty stomach.
  • /co/ (cartoons and comics) is the Western version of /a/, for all non-Asian comics and cartoons.
  • /con/ is a board that opens whenever a large 4chan-related convention takes place, which happens every six years or so.
  • /diy/ (Do-It-Yourself) is for do-it-yourself projects, whether it's fixing something broken or creating something from scratch.
  • /f/ (Flash) is a board for sharing .swf files, ostensibly only anime-related ones, though that rule is rarely enforced.
  • /fa/ (Fashion) is a board where posters talk about clothes, accessories, outfits, and other fashion trends. Has a nice, if hipster-oriented, thread detailing how to tidy yourself up and look presentable and at the same time comfortable.
  • /fit/ (Fitness) is a board dedicated to healthy living and exercise routines, although the main focus seems to be on strength training.

    /g/ through /k/ 
  • /g/ (Technolo/g/y) is dedicated to mainstream tech discussion.
  • /gd/ (graphic design) is for discussion of graphic design software and computer-aided graphic design techniques (i.e, 'photoshopping').
  • /his/ (History & Humanities) is where people can gather to discuss nearly anything that can fall under the umbrellas of history, philosophy, and religion (and all the opinionated posts, spirited arguments, and informative discourse those topics entail). Its user base largely hails from boards such as /k/, /int/, /lit/, /pol/, /tg/, and /vg/ (from the "/gsg/ - Grand Strategy General" threads), who petitioned for the board's creation on /qa/ in order to discuss topics of their choosing without their respective boards' climates and cultures getting in the way.
  • /i/ (oekaki) is the drawing board. It's one of the slower boards, and is also known for having some of the oldest active threads on the site.
  • /ic/ (artwork & critique) is board for art, more focused on criticism, draughtsmanship and skill (and also more active) than its sister board /i/.
  • /int/ (international) is where people from around the world are allowed to post in various languages. A person's country is indicated by a flag in the top right of the posts.
  • /jp/ (otaku culture). Its conception was an ill-defined split in the user base and topic control of the original "/a/ - Anime and Manga" stemming from the bulk output of Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime and the Touhou series upsetting other /a/ content. Outsiders might comment that /jp/ doesn't have any real direction and patrons might comment back "Actually, we're not very fond of Japan."
  • /k/ (weapons) is about weapons. While firearms tend to be the most talked about, swords and other melee weapons, armor, and all kinds of military hardware and equipment are also covered here. Topics about hunting and wilderness survival pop up occasionally as well, along with the more inflammatory gun control debate threads and hypothetical "survival" situations.

    /lgbt/ through /qst/ 
  • /lgbt/ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender) is for the respectful, work safe discussion of LGBT lifestyles and the LGBT community. Aside from /pol/ shitposts, it's usually quiet and usually drama-free.
  • /lit/ (literature) is for discussing professional stories. That means fanfics are not allowed, though they do get posted somewhat often (mostly to piss off /lit/). Other than that, the board talks mainly about their favorite books, and is a great place to go if you want a recommendation for something to read.
  • /m/ (mecha) is a specialized board just for mecha anime, videogames, and TV shows, including Toku discussion, thanks to their reliance on Humongous Mechas.
  • /mlp/ (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and other pony-related media) was added by Moot to give the pony fans on 4chan a place to post without angering some of /co/'s residents.
  • /mu/ (Music) is for discussing all genres of music, especially the ones you haven't heard of. Occasionally, there are "share threads", in which people would post download links to various albums.
  • /n/ (transportation), a very slow (for 4chan) board that's generally 95% bikes, 2% trains, 2% planes, and 1% people lost on the way to /o/.
  • /news/ (current events): Distinct from the news board that previously existed and turned into what is now /pol/, this is a board intended more for news than for the political discussion typical of /pol/.
  • /o/ (aut/o/mobiles), which is about Cool Cars.
  • /out/ (outdoors) is for discussions about hiking, camping, geocaching, orienteering, gardening, etc, and other traditional ways of enjoying te great outdoors.
  • /p/ (Photography): Photography and the like.
  • /po/ (papercraft and origami) isn't very populated, but they're generally pretty helpful to anyone who shares their interests. Full of people showing off their awesome works of paper and stencils, and often containing simple papercraft guides.
  • /qa/ (Question & Answer) is the successor to the defunct /q/, providing a sounding board for users to voice their questions and complaints to 4chan staff and to engage in meta-board discussion that was previously scattered around the site and liable to be deleted quickly for being off-topic.
  • /qst/ (Quests) created for collaborative, reader-driven Gamebook "quests" a la Ruby Quest.

    /r/ through /tv/ 
  • /sci/ (science and math) is for people interested in science and the latest scientific advances, or needing help understanding a math problem they don't get or a science project they just can't make work.
  • /sp/ (sports). The big draws are game threads following and commenting on the action live (good games for the major sports can require multiple threads that hit the limit, and major playoff games are guaranteed to go something like 7-10 threads long). Thanks to the large number of users all over the world, /sp/ is one of the few boards to have distinct variations. There is the Soccer and Lad banter filled "yuro /sp/" and the Football/Baseball/Basketball and various other sports filled "murikan /sp/".
  • /tg/ (traditional games) is very... creative. The fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls can bring out some amazing stuff on some days, an occurrence they refer to as "Getting Shit Done". Examples include creating ENTIRE FRICKIN' GAMES DOWN TO THE CRUNCH, a computer made out of zombies or at least truly epic paladin vs. lich rap battles. Known for having an unusual quantity of Knights In Shining Armor, with a weird Chivalrous Pervert atmosphere. /tg/ is also home to a surprising amount of "writefags", or writers. Works range from Pulp Fiction rewritten with Orks to slice of life stories about /tg/'s original characters to completely fluffed-out campaign settings. The usual assortment of 40k fanfic makes its way around, though in somewhat higher quality, and /tg/ can even take the universe's most depressing manga, fuse it with something completely different, and come up with... well... just read it. Two more chapters are posted here. Oddly, and to much of the board's chagrin, there are multiple CYOAs based off animes on /tg/ as well. Notable works that originated in or were popularized by /tg/: Adeptus Evangelion, a homebrew Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG, Dungeons: The Dragoning, Ruby Quest, and various other stuff listed on /tg/'s own wiki, 1d4chan.
  • /toy (Toys) It's a discussion board over toys.
  • /trash/ (Off-Topic) is an unlisted board that was originally intended simply as a place for deleted threads to continue on without interfering in regular discussion. However, with the ability to create new threads remaining in place, the board quickly became a second (albeit porn-heavy) /b/; welcoming porn threads from /mlp/, exiled "general" threads from /co/ and /tv/, and most distinctly being the only other board apart from /b/ where furries can post openly without running afoul of Global Rule 3.
  • /trv/ (travel) is a board for discussing and sharing experiences of travel.
  • /tv/ (Television & Film) It's /mu/, but with movies, with all the same critic worship, hipsterism, and plebian flame wars. And celebrities. Lots of them.

    /u/ through /x/ 
  • /v/ (Video Games) is about Videogames... we think.
  • /vg/ (Video Game Generals) is a "spinoff" board of /v/. It's meant to offload the "general" threads clogging /v/: long-term oriented, recurring threads focusing on a specific video game that get recreated as soon as the old thread dies (750 posts, after which posts stop bumping the thread and it will soon 404). Threads receive their own, board-style abbreviation (such as /mhg/ for Monster Hunter General, or /sgg/ for Skullgirls General).
  • /vip/ (very important posts), a no-topic board in which only 4chan Pass subscribers can post.
  • /vp/ (Pokémon). Also borne of /v/ overload, as Pokémon discussion clogged up the /v/ board badly.
  • /vr/ (retro games) is yet another spin-off of /v/ from March 2013, for the discussion of classic, or 'retro' gamesnote , but sixth generation is not considered retro.
  • /w/ (anime wallpapers) is for very large pictures related to animes, to be used as wallpapers on computers.
  • /wsg/ (Worksafe GIF) is for... well, worksafe .gifs. Great for reaction images.
  • /wsr/ (worksafe requests) is a worksafe variant of /r/, though less used for photoshops and more often used for media recommendations.
  • /x/, (Paranormal; as in The X-Files) is the creepy, scary, paranormal, and general "weird shit" board. /x/ is the origin of a great deal of the "creepypasta" floating around the Internet and memes like "AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT" and "THEN WHO WAS PHONE?", which eventually led to the creation of SCP Foundation.

    NSFW Boards 
Peruse at your own risk!

  • /aco/ (Adult Cartoons) is a board for Western Animation-based pornography.
  • /b/ (random) is for random topics. There are no real rules in /b/, so people are free to post whatever non-criminal material they want. In practice, that means a lot of porn, pictures, and discussions that can only be defined as, well, random. Notably, it can have, and undoubtedly has had, every single one of the other boards' topics discussed on it, with the main difference being more chanspeak. /b/ is also the source of what might be called chanspeak, which is a dialect of net slang that is best described as a mixture of Acronym and Abbreviation Overload and Cluster F-Bomb.
  • /d/ (hentai alternative) is for hentai that's a little bit... different.
  • /e/ (Ecchi). is the softcore porn board, separating it from /h/, which is for hardcore images. Ecchi material is suggestive and often times cute, but it is still an adult board with adult material that does allow anatomically-correct nudity.
  • /gif/, a board for posting looping animated images, or GIFs. Since the creation of /wsg/ above, however, it's only really ever used for porn.
  • /h/ (Hentai), a board that accepts anime pornography.
  • /hc/ (Hardcore) is dedicated to hardcore pornography.
  • /hm/ (Handsome Men) is for real-life pictures of men, be it safe or pornographic (all of which is of a homosexual nature).
  • /hr/ (high-resolution) is for very large images in general. Often a good place to look for wallpapers, though this board can and often does veer on the NSFW side of things.
  • /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) is the board for politics, current events, and general debate. Much broader in scope than the board it supposedly revived, /n/ (News), which was dedicated to news only.
  • /r/ (requests) is where any non-worksafe request should go. Often used to request image sources and photoshops.
  • /r9k/ (Robot 9001) is a board based off Randall Munroe's ROBOT9000 idea.
  • /s/ (sexy beautiful women) is for real-life pictures of women, whether safe or nude.
  • /s4s/ (Shit 4chan Says) was originally an April Fool's prank meant to mimic the subreddit "Shit Reddit Says"note . /s4s/'s main call is dubs (when a post number ends in repeating digits), dedicated ironic shitposting and forcing various memes (such as Kek or Blimp) and stealing other board's gets (Major posts like a board's 100,000,000 post or post 34567890). The board has an interesting subculture, as gets are central to the board, and they have a large list of colourful characters, as well as, even it's own board newspaper! It's also property of Gippo Dudee, kindly fuck off.
  • /soc/ (cams & meetups) was started as the board for anything not nerdy (it was originally named Social for this reason), but quickly devolved into a bizarro combination of /r/ for specific types of porn and meet-ups for one-night stands and phone sex.
  • /t/ (torrents) is the board for torrents.
  • /u/ and /y/, the Yuri and Yaoi boards. This means they talk a lot about shows like "K-On!" or Kim Possible, which have no explicit (or really even implicit) homosexuality, but a fan base that really likes to pretend they do, as well as more explicit cases of homosexuality. Neither one moves very fast, so it's not uncommon to see a thread linking to 4 or 5 previous ones with the same topic that no longer allow images.
  • /wg/ (wallpaper general) is for very large pictures not related to animes, to be used as wallpapers on computers.

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