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"In that direction," the Cat said, waving its right paw round, "lives Anonymous: and in that direction," waving the other paw, "lives tripfags. Visit either you like: they're both weeaboos."
"But I don't want to go among weeaboos," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all weeaboo here. I'm weeaboo. You're weeaboo."
"How do you know I'm weeaboo?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

Online forums that exist expressly for the purpose of posting images and/or discussions. They usually have a variety of sub-boards, each with its own focus. Unlike most forums, threads are never archived by the site, so if nobody posts in one for a while, it will eventually be deleted.

The imageboard as it's usually thought of today began in Japan. Futaba Channel, a spin-off of the popular text-based discussion board 2channelnote  (2ch) made when the latter was in danger of being shut down, is probably the best-known. Sometimes the blanket term 'wakaba style' board is used (wakaba referring to the board software that runs the board), traditionally allowing anonymous posting with a self-enforcing theme and standard that hopefully keeps it from becoming too mediocre.


The best-known in the US is probably 4chan, created in 2003 to serve as an English-language version of Futaba Channel. Especially among American otakunote , it's quite popular for the generation of memes and, due to anonymous users and loose moderation, extremely variable quality; for these reasons, one could see imageboards to be the antithesis of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Most American wakaba boards trace their heritage to 4chan, as alternate boards proliferated when 4chan went offline in its formative years. The successful ones tend to cover more specific niches, like Meganekko or sad girls in snow. Or guro hentai. Or Lolicon and Shotacon. Or guro hentai with underage meganekkos in snow. Or guro hentai with underage meganekkos in snow weeping profusely over image boards. Or... you know what, let's just stop talking about it.


The only real standing rules of just about every imageboard site in existence (besides specific topic rules for subforums) is that its users can't post anything considered illegal in a site's area of hosting (many admins turn a blind eye to things like unauthorized filesharing, however). Dodgy to outright highly illegal material is occasionally posted anyway just for the pleasure of subverting this rule; mods unsurprisingly counter this with anything from warnings to reports to the FBI.

What many imageboard sites have in common is using the same simple yet distinctive layout and interface from 2ch: there is a sidebar either on the left, bottom, or top (but never the right) that lists each board on the site in a simple URL theme (usually a contraction of their topic name), and to the right of this is the actual site content. Most boards are also set up fairly similarly to 4chan (/v/, /m/, /tg/, etc.), so you can usually count on wholly different sites to have the same general setup.

Not to be confused with our own Image Links Wiki, or Image Booru.

Notable Imageboards (every link below should be considered NSFW unless specifically mentioned otherwise):

  • While not an imageboard itself, The Overchan V.2 used to maintain an (as up-to-date as humanly possible) list of every English-language imageboard in existence (including furry imageboards and text-based 2ch-esque boards). It was also the closest thing to a worksafe link from this point forward. Two replacements fortunately have popped up: AllChans and Overchan v3
  • The aforementioned Futaba Channel, a spinoff of the text-only, and far more infamous, 2ch. Take note that unless you live in Japan, you can't post at either board, though you're free to lurk. This is to prevent crapflooding and DDoSing from foreigners outside of Japan. And even if you could, it is much more chaotic, vitriolic, somehow more organized than 4chan and far less tolerant of newbies than 4chan is - for a board already disdainful of newbies. Most of the imageboards frequently have discussions and images (or ASCII art) that are unrelated to its intended purpose and spam is basically omnipresent. It has a lot more boards than 4chan and churns out memes, trolling, racism (to the point where there is an entire subboard on 2ch/an dedicated to bashing Koreans), and .gifs at an even faster rate. Unlike its western counterpart, it still maintains its guro boards to this day. 4chan surpassed them in activity around half a decade ago.
  • The also-aforementioned 4chan, which hosts boards dedicated to just about every generalized subject you can think of (and a few specialized subjects, as well), is home to the self-proclaimed "final boss of the Internet" (the Random [Bullshit] board, aka /b/), and is the starting point for about half the memes in the various subpages of the Memetic Mutation article. Humorously enough, 4chan was created by a bunch of regulars from Something Awful's anime subforum, a fact that is best left unmentioned on both sites. Has its infamous, luckless spin-off, 7chan, Which has its own spin-off, 99chan (see below). The users consider them 'better' than 7chan - and sometimes even 4chan.
  • Infinitechan or 8chan, made by Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan (so nicknamed because he uses a wheelchair due to brittle-bone disease), is the Internet's second most popular English-language imageboard after 4chan. The imageboard allows anyone to make their own board and host it on the site, similar to Reddit's subreddits. The site has no global rules other than prohibiting content that would get the site shut down (and even that is laxly enforced), and all moderators are restricted to one board (except for a small group that enforces the global rule). The rules for porn on the main boards (/v/, /a/, /pol/, etc.) are nearly nonexistent, and while most of it is spoilered, there's a lot of it that's not, so NSFW warning. Not to be confused with 888chan.
  • Nuclear-IB (more commonly known as NIB) is an imageboard made by Asylum, and is a slow moving but steady imageboard. The site has fairly straight forward rules which mostly consist of people not posting any cp or anything that could potentially get the site in trouble. Most of the boards are NSFW, however their banners in the header of the rotator can sometimes have some adult content in them rendering even the SFW boards NSFW. One unique feature about this board is that instead of using the common country flags, or country balls they have their own set of "Country Nukes" which has your countries flag laid over a nuclear bomb image.
  • Mewch (Also known as chanpink) is an English speaking realtime imageboard. Originally created for students on college campuses, this site is used by many and is aimed to be a mature medium of discussion compared to other imageboards and forums that tend to be less mature. Mewch was made on August 9th 2017. They offer a Radio server, Public File Server and a great amount of support and user interaction for our userbase. Not associated with any other website and standing independent with their our culture and values. The site was created to create a stable hub for imageboard users to post and have fun! Mewch is aimed to be as loose as possible with restrictions.
  • 420chan, created as a result of one of 4chan's longer downtimes, is a site specifically geared towards drug users (with several boards dedicated to different types of controlled substances; the site refuses to allow people to directly buy or sell drugs through the site itself, though). It also has several non-drug-related boards, including the site's most second-most-visited board, /wooo/. /wooo/ is one of the most well-known Professional Wrestling imageboards on the 'Net, to the point where WrestleCrap considers the board their Arch-Enemy and forbids their Message Board users to mention it. (420chan's most visited board is, as you might expect, /weed/.)
  • fchan, which is the most well-known furry (primarily erotic furry) imageboard out there; although assumed to be created as a response to 4chan's infamous "April Fur's Day" pranknote , it was actually in existence for a while prior to it (and was created as a result of 5chan — which hosted a couple of furry-based boards — dying). The site set something of a standard for future furry imageboards by segregating content into different boards (one for female-only art, one for male-only art, and so on); it also marked the beginning of the term "DNP" ("Do Not Post") in the Furry Fandom, due to the list of artists who asked that their work not be posted on the site. fchan's heavyhanded moderation and large DNP list led to several furry imageboards coming into existence to counteract fchan's perceived stupidity, the most notable of which are:
    •, which is sometimes referred to just as /furi/ after the site's main board; it is always EXTREMELY NSFW, and not always because of furry porn — and not always because of porn. Many of the board's threads are about gore pictures, grossout images, trolling, and extremely vitriolic politics. There's also more furry-hate on the site than /b/ and Something Awful combined. Even the board's regulars will often admit that the site is basically "/b/, but with less furry porn". If you go in without Adblock prepared beforehand, it's also a great stress test for your antivirus application of choice.
    • The Goddamned Furry Board, run by former fchan admin Sage "Goddammit" Freehaven. Notable for having really strict and opinionated moderators (being a private imageboard), and being the butt of Lulz' jokes.
  • 55chan, a Brazilian imageboard. Before the site died, it used to attract a good number of functionally illiterate users, commonly assumed coming from the social networking site Orkut. Those users would usually flood the boards with bland topics and requesting the other users to raid their enemies' pages on Orkut. The moderation eventually put a stop to this by enabling a filter that asked the user to copy a simple sentence using capitals and punctuation without using the copy-paste command; only once this had happened would a user be allowed to use the boards. That filter was enough to fend off the vast majority of the problem users. Its replacement is now BRchan.
  • 7chan, an imitator of 4chan and purportedly luckless when it comes to actually being recognised. Usually spread by annoyed ex-/b/-tards fed up with the decline of 4chan. Boasts most of the content 4chan does as far as subboards are concerned. Due to lower visitor numbers tends to be less chaotic. Really doesn't like Something Awful or the notion it's a 4chan snowclone. Maintains a lolicon board (among other things) but will ban anything that even smells funny of CP.
  • 888chan was the imageboard chiefly used by Project Chanology, an Internet-based movement based on the Anonymous "culture" borne from 4chan's /b/ (the group has no defined leaders, and most of the members of the various Chanology subgroups do their best to remain anonymous) which was (and still is) dedicated to "fighting" the Church of Scientology. (Project Chanology itself has been going for more than two years as of this writing; it has used several different imageboards as their base, with 4chan's /b/ being the original starting point of the movement.) As of 2013, 888chan now has a board for lolcow discussion and harbors the remnants of 789chan's users. Was shut down on March 31, 2014.
  • Pooshlmer was for many years the definitive (mostly) worksafe Imageboard for Touhou, but eventually declined in activity and died in 2016. Warning: do not attempt discussing Western fanart here. It will end in tears.
  • The other main Touhou imageboard is, which is given over to Choose Your Own Adventure-style collaborative fanfic. It tries to maintain a fairly high standard of quality. Spun off from /jp/ after enough complaints about a Choose Your Own Adventure (which became extremely large) got Touhou CYOAs shut down on /jp/. Mostly ranges from fluffy, cute adventures, to grimdark stories about Touhous abusing each other.
  • Desuchan, the result of a certain meme becoming too big and obnoxious for the other imageboards to stand. ~desu (worksafe) It also has its fair share of spinoffs, mostly as backups during downtimes.
  •, the main British imageboard. They're generally remarkably decent by imageboard standards, or by internet standards at that. Just be careful about your spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Krautchan, THE German imageboard. Became famous in the wake of the Winneden school shooting, when the media fell for an extremely obvious fake post announcing it (a real but completely unrelated post photoshopped). Has an /int/ board. Its humour consists mostly of intentionally bad and literal translations of english memes and imageboard slang. (Beweis mich falsch, fappieren)
  • Nearly every European country (and a few non-European ones) has their own imageboard. Such as Diochan for Italy, Ylilauta for Finland, Dejimachan for the Netherlands, SectaChan for Spain, several Russian imageboards, and a bunch of othersnote .
  • Uboachan, devoted to Yume Nikki.
  • GUROchan: note  The mecca for guro, guro-manga and all forms of porn you could ever want. Except for real stuff. Worst of all, it's not super active. Not safe for work, school, or anywhere else on Earth. Somewhat notably, a good bit of its userbase is surprisingly friendly.
  • TF2chan, devoted to Team Fortress 2 fans. Mostly noted for the massive amounts of shipping and porn.
  • Another British Image Board is B3TA, which in addition to message boards, also has weekly or so Image Challenges, quizzes, movies and games. While the vast majority of the userbase are okay folks and the image challenges bring out funny images.
  • +4chan, originally started as an offshoot of 4chan prime's /co/ (Comics and Cartoons) board, has since grown into its own standalone site with a very tight-knit userbase. Much of the content is still /co/ related, but there are also boards about anime, video games, music and television, and drawing, among others. Currently serves as a temporary safe haven for when things go too hectic on 4chan proper (mostly used as a porn depository though).
  • Ponychan (here), an imageboard devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; Entirely worksafe, and known for being (comparatively) something of a "hugbox". Has a strangely tight-knit community, for an imageboard.
  • MLPchan (here), an imageboard devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as well; NOT entirely worksafe. Was created as an alternative to the relatively "hugbox" nature of Ponychan and the comparative chaos of 4chan's /mlp/.
    • As of April 24, 2015, MLPchan has merged with Ponychan. In order to accommodate MLPchan's different policies on worksafe content, NSFW content is now allowed on Ponychan's /anon/ as long as it is properly tagged with a mature content tag.
  • ifunny is devoted to image macros. And… funny image macros. Has two sites here and here.
  • 99chan. Elitist as hell, and damn proud of it. 99chan is even slower than 420chan, but has a huge variety of boards. Expect to be banned if you post demotivators, memes, or if the many mods are feeling bored. Most of the humor on the site revolves around inside jokes and self-deprecation. Practically everything is decided on the IRC (better known as the "circlejerk"), which is self-admittedly populated entirely with pseudo-intellectual gay Canadian alcoholics. Tends to have a "sekrit club" mentality, so if your post smells even faintly of 4chan, expect to be banned.
  • MikuChan is an image board dedicated to Hatsune Miku and other VOCALOID characters/voice banks
  • "bbw-chan, home to the big and beautiful." Also, they've got other kinks as well... thankfully, on separate subforums.
  • BECAUSE TRAINS! Many railfans, especially of the foamer variety. SFW.
  • 789chan, an imageboard with a focus on technology. It is, however, most well-known for its /cwc/ section, which, of course, focuses on Christian Chandler of Sonichu fame. Despite the title, very few threads are about Chris, and generally discusses several other people on the internet that users don't like. Was shut down on November 2012.
  • Bienvenido a Internet (lit. Welcome to the Internet) is both an imageboard and a textboard for all Spanish-speaking people that, in their own words, tries to stay away from the disaster that are *chan culture and social media, and adopts a closer focus on 2ch/Futaba Channel. It was born in early 2010 from most staff members leaving the Chilean imageboard known as 6-chan to start their own project, not before defacing the site they were quitting first. More than a year later, 6-chan went through some legal issues and Nido, a strictly Chilean imageboard, was born. With a permanent hatred of all the people that commit spelling errors (they have an explicit rule against it, and if you post with any spelling errors you will get banned), it is the most active imageboard from that country to date. All boards except for /int/ (International) only allow Chileans to post.
  • Shrekchan a strange and somewhat active board with a focus on all things Shrek. Mostly full of shrek-themed images and NSFW greentext stories with a... unique version of chanspeak. Yes, it's ironic... Probably.
  • zerochan labels itself as an HQ Anime image board focusing itself mainly on Japanese animated media. The site itself is mainly used by fan-artists to make fan art and fan comics of the above described media to avert the hatred animesque drawings get on other sites. This is one of the few image boards that is undisputably SFW and is probably one of the most light-hearted image boards ever made.
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