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Ron the Death Eater

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"Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is a well-loved movie based on the wonderful book Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Parents love it, children love it, heck, we even love it. That does not mean it is perfect. Our goal is to expose the dark underbelly of the story. To reveal once and for all the truth about the only real villain in the movie (and no, it is not Slugworth). It is Grandpa Joe."
— The mission statement for the website, Say NO to Grandpa Joe: Exposing the truth

The fandom's tendency to shoehorn a good canon character into being a villain or make a villain significantly more evil than in canon is Ron the Death Eater, the inverse of Draco in Leather Pants. (The term usually used for this in fanfiction is "character bashing").

This demonization of a character can be seen as a kind of deliberate Flanderization — often, in creating Ron the Death Eater, the fandom spins his canonical non-evil actions into evil acts, uses canonical evil actions as a justification as to why they are irredeemably evil even if the canon says otherwise, and has every possible negative trait of the character exaggerated. A measure of ruthlessness becomes complete and utter sociopathy, a tendency towards holding grudges becomes an obsessive hatred of anything they dislike, slight denseness becomes raging stupidity, etc.


This is often the result of also having a Draco in Leather Pants, but it doesn't have to be — some characters inspire this sort of portrayal on their own, either through their canonical blunders, having some flaw that makes them Unintentionally Unsympathetic, or being an obstacle to the author's One True Pairing, especially if said character is a member of the Official Couple set. In any case, Ron the Death Eater is likely to be a Card-Carrying Villain who does things For the Evulz than to have any plausible reason for switching sides.

This trend may lead to the production of Fan Works that have other characters who are canonically friends of the victim act as though he or she has always been an object of justified loathing, rather than going the "shocked at betrayal" approach. Or, even if these characters end up siding with the Draco in Leather Pants, they are subject to some character defamation themselves by way of "I was stupid to love him and not you".


Unlike Draco in Leather Pants, this can also be intentionally done for comedy, usually of the black variety. In works relying on this much rarer reasoning, the character in question is turned into a Jerkass (or worse), but the other characters' relationships with them aren't changed much. That way the main characters are exposed to, and thus constantly made to suffer by, a villain, and good times are had by the audience.

Named for the tendency in Harry Potter fanfics where Draco Malfoy turns good and hooks up with Hermione (or Harry) to have Ron — in canon a decent, upstanding sort of fellow with a few faults but firmly on the side of good who happens to have a long-standing enmity with Draco — lose his mind (or have it lost for him) and often join Lord Voldemort just for a chance to kill the sainted Malfoy.

Compare Die for Our Ship or Derailing Love Interests (fans' or the creators' dissatisfaction with who the main character gets to be with romantically is the major cause of this trope), Designated Hero (the hero of a work coming off as not-so-heroic is the other major cause), The Scapegoat (when a character is blamed for an event they're not responsible for), Historical Villain Upgrade (when a work depicts a historical figure as worse than they were in real life), Dark Fic (a fan work that's deliberately Darker and Edgier than the original work and may involve characters being subjected to this trope), Rooting for the Empire (when the audience actually wants the bad guy(s) to win), Adaptational Jerkass (when an adaptation makes a character more of an asshole than they were in the original work), Adaptational Villainy (when an adaptation makes a character more evil than they were in the original work) and Face–Heel Turn (when the original source material itself turns a once good character evil). See also Accentuate the Negative, which this trope essentially does to fictional characters.

Contrast Draco in Leather Pants, where an evil or mean character is interpreted by fans as being a better person than they are in canon. Darker and often more serious counterpart to the Memetic Psychopath, who is always Played for Laughs.

And last but not least, head to Paint the Hero Black if you wish to join in the madness.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Beastars: Ironically, Tem's Killer, the Arc Villain for the Murder Incident Solution Arc. Despite being a major villain, in canon, he receives a lot of Character Development meant to show that he wasn't a monster, and there was a good person underneath his actions and circumstances that led to the killing of someone he considered a dear friend. In fanfics, though, he's more often portrayed as a mindless monster that killed Tem sometimes out of jealousy, sometimes in a spur of the moment decision, but always much more monstrously than in canon and is often more willing to kill innocents than in canon. He is also rarely on the receiving end of the Alas, Poor Villain treatment Legoshi and Louis give him. One example of it is The delicate light of his howling, in which all of this happens.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura:
  • The Cyborg 009 fic I SHALL BE RELEASED (yes, the all-caps title is intentional) recycles the plot of Joe's True Companions from the orphanage being revived by Black Ghost. Only unlike in canon, the fic has Mary (called "Merry" here) as The Vamp out to brainwash an insecure Joe into leaving his teammates and seduce him away from his girlfriend Francoise.
  • Digimon Adventure:
    • Tai(chi)/Sora shippers have a recurring habit of demonising Yamato/Matt by either portraying him as an unfaithful man to Sora, an abuser who attempts to beat up Sora just because she hung out with Tai a bit more often, or someone who prioritises other activities over his girlfriend to the point that Sora feels more closure in hanging out with Tai than Matt. Some even go as far as demonizing Matt to the point that he is willing to beat up Sora and even murder Tai himself. These fanfics are largely frowned upon by many Digimon fans, complaining that even Matt wouldn't be this out-of-character.
    • Whenever the author either invests in Daikari (Davis/Kari) or Takari (TK/Kari) shipping fics, you can expect the rival (TK and Davis respectively) to be demonized as callous jerks who are not above sexually assaulting Kari just to have the male love interest rescue her and became an Official Couple, with the rival ending up either being humiliated or even dying, completely ignoring their experiences as a Digidestined.
    • Even Ken and Wormmon of all characters got this treatment on occasion in the show's heyday, with some fanfics portraying them as homicidal. Sure, Ken was pretty cruel as the Kaiser, but Wormmon never was!
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In canon, Yamcha and Bulma are depicted as being on good terms after their breakup and he's fine with her hooking up with Vegeta. But because the circumstances of their breakup are never elaborated on, it's not uncommon for fanfic authors to apply this trope to Yamcha. At best, he'll be portrayed as an irresponsible boyfriend who drives Bulma away with his unfaithfulness. At worst, he'll be portrayed as an unrepentant Jerkass who abuses Bulma and tries to kill Vegeta and/or Bulma when she breaks it off with him.
    • Chi-Chi. In canon, she can be an overbearing person whose Education Mama tendencies can reach annoying and illogical levels, which the anime plays up. She is also a dedicated mom and wife who dearly loves her family and most of her actions are done out of fear of them being hurt or killed. This last part is thrown out the window in many examples like this one which turn up her negative attributes to the point that she hates her husband and doesn't care if he gets killed and abuses Gohan. This may be intentional, as even the Funi dub and Super tend to play up her worst traits while ignoring her good ones.
    • There are also a number of stories like this one where Chi-Chi becomes an outright villain. She seems to play the bad guy in slashfic featuring Gohan or Goten quite a bit, mostly to act as the homophobic mother.
    • The Legacy of Kaiser: In addition to bashing Yamcha, this fic inadvertently does this to Goku by having him laugh over the memory of his friends dying.
  • Elfen Lied: In Heirs of the Generation, an Elfen Lied and Death Note crossover, it RetCons it so Yuka was the one that alerted the facility to Lucy's location in an attempt to have her killed, and when Lucy survives getting shot up, Yuka doesn't tell anyone in the hopes she will just bleed to death or starve to death, and when that fails, Yuka becomes a fervent Kira worshipper and prays that Kira will take care of her problem for her.
  • Fairy Tail: All over the fandom.
    • Both sides of the Natsu/Lucy and Natsu/Lisanna divide pull this on the other. Lisanna gets derailed into a jealous harpy out to ruin Lucy and Natsu's relationship while poor Lucy is Slut-shamed and is treated as a Replacement Goldfish for Lisanna.
    • Natsu's canon Jerk with a Heart of Gold characterization is pushed to straight up Jerkass in alternate Lucy pairings, and he's often made to be abusive on top of that.
    • Jellal gets this from most alternate Erza pairings espcially Natsu/Erza, for being her canon Love Interest, even though he'd willingly step aside if Erza did get with someone else. They keep harping on the stuff he's did in canon while brainwashed, while whitewashing Ultear's crimes gainst him to boot.
    • Some rabid Erza/Jellal fans even go after poor Simon, whose only crimes were getting killed by Jellal and carrying an unrequited torch for Erza.
    • Juvia often gets this for liking/being in love with Gray. Canonically, while she is a Clingy Jealous Girl around him and people (read: women and oddly, Lyon) close to him, all in all, she's a sweet and caring person. Also, most, if not all of her antics concerning him, are pure comic relief, and later on in the manga, she does tone down her obsessive behavior. But that doesn't matter to some non-Gray/Juvia shippers (mostly Gray/Lucy fans) along with the facts Juvia is actually friends with other women (including the ones she thinks are her "love rivals", such as Lucy) and does care for the guild and all its members. They just zero in on her obsessive part of her personality, and slam her for being a total creepy bitch who won't ask Gray out like a normal person (completely ignoring how she attempted to hang out him with a couple of times after she joined Fairy Tail and asked him out to lunch) and needs to die. Or get together with Lyon Bastia since Sherry is (conveniently and blessedly) out of the picture. One fic has Juvia drug Gray into loving her and eventually driving him to suicide out of dispair and the author actually claims it's something she would do in canon!
    • While Lucy's dad, Jude Heartfilia was a very flawed parent, he did love his daughter and tried to reconcile with her after losing his fortune and Taking A Level In Kindness. Fics will often turn him into a Corrupt Corporate Executive criminal and flat-out Abusive Parent. It's just disturbing how many fics have him raping his own daughter!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: The doujinshi Blue Flame turns Roy into a rapist who abuses his power by forcing himself on Ed in exchange for intel. Edward puts up with it because he'd do anything to get Al's body back.
  • Girls und Panzer:
    • Boys Do Tankary, found here, has one with Ami who, unlike many examples, doesn't have much of a fandom or hatedom. Initially set up as a Butt-Monkey when the male main characters force their way into her class and rub her defeat and being passed over for a promotion in her face, she decides to get revenge against them by getting them transferred for having relationships with the girls, but ends up getting demoted to Sergeant Major. Blaming the girls, she holds them hostage and beats them up, until the boys arrive, rescue the girls and arrest her. At this point, she reveals she is working for the apparent Big Bad, "The Orchestrator," who wants to start another war, after which she is knocked out and has not been seen since.
    • From the same fic, and a few others, Maho is depicted as an Aloof Big Sister who pushed Miho away for not living up to the Nishizumi family's standards for tankery. This is not always done out of deliberate malice, as many writers don't know that in the Little Army prequel manga it's revealed that Maho actually loves Miho dearly, and serves as a Nishizumi heiress so that Miho will be free to choose her own path in life.
    • In Girls und Panzer The Eagles of Oarai, Shiho not only disowns Miho for not doing tankery the Nishizumi way, but also Does Not Like Men to an absurd extreme, hating their getting involved in tankery through fighter planes, and wanting to see them as "nothing more than slaves to female kind." After her school loses, and one of her pilots almost dies because her plane didn't have an ejection seat, she pulls a gun on the male lead, blaming him for besmirching her honor, and gets arrested.
    • Girls und Panzer: Hope Dies begins with Miho being strangled to death. Since no one in canon is the type to do such a thing for any reason, the culprit is obviously a case of this, especially when it turns out to be Yukari, canonically a Nice Girl who's Miho's biggest fan. In the fic, she kills Miho after the latter rejects her advances.
  • High School D×D fics have a notable and visible sub-genre of fics that do this to Rias Gremory. These fics insist that Rias allowed Issei to die from (often Draco in Leather Pants troped at the same time) Raynare and mistreating her peerage in general. This trend is generally believed to have originated from the anime where the main characters were all shown off in episode 1 and thus makes it seem like she was watching Issei, and it not only ignores such things as her canonical closeness and kindness to her peerage (with many foils to demonstrate what more neutral or negative treatment looks like), but also the fact that if Rias really wanted Issei in her peerage so badly to set up his own death she'd have many other ways of getting him in her peerage (up to and including just asking him).
  • In many, many Kikyou/Inuyasha fanfics from Inuyasha, such as this which is now unavailable, Kagome is turned into a shrill Alpha Bitch who bullies the eponymous half-demon every chance she gets, by making him "Sit" at even minor things (like simply looking at Kikyou instead of her). Inuyasha eventually dumps her in favor of the revived Kikyou, or sends her back to her own time and covers up the well. It's gotten so bad there are actual groups where Kagome haters join to write bad fanfiction about Kagome being a Type A Tsundere at best and a Alpha Bitch at worst. Likewise, in many Kagome/Sesshomaru fics, for example, this, Inuyasha will be turned into a selfish Jerkass Bastard Boyfriend to Kagome, who bullies the sweet angelic Sesshomaru by using the Wind Scar on him, or slashing him with his claws until he bleeds to death. There are actual groups on that are dedicated to not demonizing either Inuyasha or Kagome.
  • Love Hina: An Alternate Keitaro Urashima isn't kind to Granny Hina or the Hinata Girls. Shinobu is the only tenant who doesn't have a crippling case of It's All About Me. No matter how severe the consequences of their actions, as well as constantly being informed that they're responsible for their own actions and have to deal with the fallout, they continue to blame everyone but themselves, recasting themselves as the victim.
  • Love Live!: Downplayed in Flowers Drenched in Vodka. Eli is an abusive alcoholic who physically and emotionally abuses her girlfriend Hanayo. However, Eli's alcoholism is treated as an illness and she's on the road to being sober by the end of the fic.
  • Lucky Star:
  • While Samantha from Medabots was never a particularly nice character to begin with, in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi she's downright evil. Maybe the cybernetics have something to do with it?
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • The infamous doujinshi series Melancholy Princess turns the amicable and energetic Taniguchi into the sociopathic leader of a group of rapists (including Koizumi who betrays the SOS Brigade), who hypnotizes Haruhi into becoming a nymphomaniac sex slave and proceeds to also enslave and drug Mikuru, Yuki, Ryoko and one other girl as well. After Kyon fails his challenge for their release, Taniguchi makes wipes his memories of everything involving the SOS Brigade. In the end, he makes hardcore underground pornography of them over the course of a year and with Haruhi's loss of sanity, potentially dooms the world.
    • The fancomic Gulliver depicts Haruhi as a bikini-clad giantess who stumbled upon an island containing a foot-tall city and decides to go on a stomping spree.
  • My Hero Academia:
  • Naruto:
    • In Chunin Exam Day, the other members of Team Seven aside from Naruto get hit with this extremely hard, to the point where Kakashi kills Naruto for embarrassing Sasuke, indicative of a common trend of fanfic authors accusing him of favoring training Sasuke to Naruto and Sakura's detriment. It's a "Groundhog Day" Loop situation, so he gets better, but still.
    • Naruto One Man Team has this with multiple characters, especially Sasuke and Sakura, with Sasuke attempting and threatening rape, attempting to rob/murder Naruto, and more while Sakura agrees with everything Sasuke does.
    • In Team 8, Hiashi gets this quite a bit. In canon, he looked down on Hinata and saw her as weak, but gradually came to respect how far she had come; in this fic, he not only tells her that she is weak to her face, but he also physically abuses her. Another stark contrast point is how he treats Neji; in canon, after Neji loses to Naruto, Hiashi goes up to tell Neji the truth about his father, ending by prostrating himself before Neji and begging his forgiveness, but in the scene's equivalent here, he plans on punishing Neji for his defeat. It has also recently been revealed that Hiashi was most likely behind the deaths of Kurenai's old team, because one member developed the Byakugan and refused to join the branch family — which would mean becoming a slave with his life in the main family's hands.
    • The ComicsNix "fan"fic Training in the Village for a Massive Man has Naruto and Sasuke as an evil Camp Gay couple that is constantly trying to make Sakura's life a living hell. Even though she constantly tries to sexually harass Sasuke and tried to kill them. And the fact that they offered to help Bruce Banner and have been nothing but kind to him.
    • Kokuten has this with Sasuke, in a way. In this fanfic he is depicted as utterly cruel & heartless, with killing someone, without any remorse or hesitation, being his first response to any inconvenience. While this would be more in character for him from how he's been acting for a while in the manga after learning the truth about Itachi, this fanfic is an A.U. with Sasuke going into the past and killing Itachi, meaning he doesn't learn the truth. At that point in canon, Sasuke was sane and moral enough that he didn't like killing people who weren't involved in his revenge, and he was hesitant.
    • Kakashi is one of the most (if not the most) bashed character in fanfiction for reasons not related to shipping. Most of the fanbase's hatred towards him was due to the belief that because he taught Sasuke his signature move, Chidori, as well as giving him intensive taijutsu training, while only teaching Naruto and Sakura the tree-climbing exercise (which improves chakra control, a vitally useful skill), he favors Sasuke over them (not, you know, the fact that Sasuke needs all the advanced training he can get to face off against Gaara without getting killed). Some examples:
      • In Escape From The Hokage's Hat, when confronted by Sakura on why he didn't teach her or Naruto anything while he taught so much to Sasuke, his reply was that he wasn't sure that Naruto or Sakura would make responsible use of more advanced techniques. The irony that he taught Sasuke, the most mentally unbalanced of his Genin, an extremely lethal technique, goes completely over his head. There's also the fact that he seemed more worried about Sasuke being imprisoned for life over the fact that Naruto nearly died while attempting to bring him back, while absolutely paying no concern over what's going to become of Sakura now that Team 7 is dissolved.
      • In Parents Returned, Kakashi only cares about training Sasuke, and only requested for Naruto to be on his team because he thought that Sasuke having a rival would be good for his development. He only regrets not training Naruto when he finds out that Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage.
      • The trend is so popular it gets lampshaded in Time Braid, as Sakura spends most of the story thinking Kakashi is a useless teacher who plays favorites because he won't train her properly while waiting for the Chunin exams. Unlike most examples, Sakura eventually comes to avert it by realizing that Kakashi was just trying to keep Sasuke alive in his upcoming fight with Gaara. As far as he knew, Naruto and Sakuranote  could go into the final stage of the exams half-prepared and still survive, but Sasuke couldn't.
    • Ever since the manga's Distant Finale confirmed multiple Official Couples, numerous Die for Our Ship fics have appeared to demonize one part of the couple so that their husband or wife can either sympathetically cheat on them or divorce them. For example, Unite Heaven and Earth is a Peggy Sue fic where Boruto turns Ax-Crazy for nondescript reasons and destroys Konoha, resulting in his sister Himawari going back in time to stop him (and herself) being born. It also happens to be a Naruto/Sakura fic, so it's obvious how she's going to stop Boruto's birth.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Schools United presents an older female Ranma ("Okaasan") as a motherly Ki Adept who is loyal to her husband, which seems extremely out of keeping with the canon character. Some of this is intended as a mystery for the reader to solve by figuring out how things got that bad — but a partial answer is that Akane is written as an Evil All Along supervillain helping the disasters along.
    • The Bitter End is one of the best-known "Akane-bashing" fics, in which her jealousy and anger problems progressively escalate, while Ranma becomes increasingly more cowed and damaged. As the title suggests, it ends badly.
    • Secrets is another story in which Akane slides from tsundere to jerkass, and Ranma abandons his old life and identity to live as a woman.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • I'm Here to Help: If Emerald's words are taken at face value, then Neo-Queen Serenity committed planet-wide brainwashing and the senshi were ruthless soldiers. If one takes him as an Unreliable Narrator though, this trope is averted. In the latter case, there's also Pluto, who in canon takes her duties as guardian of time incredibly seriously and in the fic allows a known criminal to travel through time and change the past and alter the Crystal Tokyo in the future.
    • Conflicting Convictions, a Dark Kingdom fic that portrays Nephrite in love with Kunzite to the point of being a Crazy Jealous Guy who constantly bullies poor little Zoisite. Now, Nephrite isn't a saint in canon but he's shown to be the most redeemable of the four in the first anime and to care for his fellow Shitennou in the manga. Plus, in the first anime where the antagonism originated, Zoisite was the one bullying him. (In general, Zoisite-sympathetic fics turn Nephrite into a bully and a rapist while Nephrite-sympathetic fics turn Zoisite into a giggling sadist.)
    • Mama's Hand turns Endymion/future-Mamoru into an abuser, while making Prince Diamond out to be a loving good guy. Unusually, though, the author makes some attempt to preserve the reputation of present-Mamoru and has him 'saved' by the events of the story, so that he will no longer turn into the evil future self.
  • Saki: In canon, Teru is an Aloof Big Sister who has grown cold to her younger sister Saki around the time the series starts, to the point at which she refuses to speak with her or admit that she has a sister, although she does have more sympathetic, moments, such as when she appears completely shocked after one of her opponents collapses after their match. In Saki: After Story, found here, she goes into an Unstoppable Rage and viciously attacks Saki for trying to talk to her after defeating her team in the tournament, and also attacks Nodoka when she intervenes, putting both in the hospital.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman:
    • There's Something About Birdstyle warps Jun the Swan, canonically a caring Team Mom with a crush on Ken who shows a fiery temper sometimes, into a crazed shrieking harpy who would gladly see Joe the Condor dead for various reasons, the two biggest being his comments about the length of her skirt (which were completely out of line and out of character for him) and for flirting with Ken, whom she wants to keep all for herself.
    • The Ties That Bind Part I and its sequels give us Red Impulse as an agent of Galactor, passed over for leadership by Leader X. Yet it does so without stretching what's on screen out of recognition.
  • Taki-sensei is a stern teacher in Sound! Euphonium who Reina happens to have a crush on. Given that the Fan-Preferred Couple is Reina and her friend Kumiko, fans really dislike Taki. The fanfic Ambitious Love takes this to a logical extreme. It takes place several years post-series. Reina is stuck in an abusive relationship with Taki and is Driven to Suicide. She ends up saved by a doctor, who happens to be Kumiko, and they rekindle their relationship. Taki does not take kindly to his wife leaving him and tries to kill her and make it look like a suicide.
  • Voltron: Devoted Obsession twists Keith into a psychotic Yandere who tries to murder Allura for falling in love with Lotor. By the same author, Infinite Jest portrays him as a thoughtless lout and ends with Allura desiring to kill him for being lousy in bed, and another fic has Keith abusing Allura so she can run into Lotor's arms.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: In Crashed, Pharaoh Atem is the victim of this, being portrayed as full of wrath and needlessly cruel to his servants, disregarding his canon personality. This example is notable for being a milder example of portraying him as a despot, and the copious amounts of these fics tend to go hand-in-hand with turning Yugi into a pure-hearted slave. Interestingly, Yami/Atem gets both Ron the Death Eater and Draco in Leather Pants treatment, presumably because of the sheer amount of different versions of his character and early series retooling into a straight shonen series.

    Comic Books 
  • Bad Touch, Bat Touch reinterprets Batman as a wealthy predator who has sexually abused not only his his adopted sons and biological son, but also several other preteen and teenage superheroes. He got away with it until Billy Batson told Nightwing about it, which led to everything coming out.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • Sally suffered this royally from the fandom for many issues after her Jerkass attitude and Armor-Piercing Slap to Sonic. The reason? Sonic prioritized putting an end to Robotnik's reign of terror over settling down with Sally, and Sally saw this as "selfish".
    • Severe Misery (a college AU story) turns Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Nicole Lynx, and Fiona Fox into cruel Alpha Bitches who run a shady sorority that engages in Draconian natured hazing rituals for the heck of it. During and after another ritual, a demonic black dog terrorizes the four girls causing them to get into a fatal car crash. It is revealed afterwards that the latest hazing victim was actually the author's Self-Insert character in disguise and had been the one who sent the demon dog after the four as revenge for the last hazing ritual in which she was the victim. The story ends with the college faculty never finding out who killed them, the self insert proceeds to violate their memorial, and gets away with it scotfree. As bad as the author tried to make the four characters, the self insert evidently ended up looking 10 times worse.
  • The Smurfs: In Empath: The Luckiest Smurf, Hefty the Lovable Jock from the comic and cartoon series has Took a Level in Jerkass and is portrayed as a bully and a Sore Loser who can't stand that Empath got Smurfette while he did not. He got over it at Empath's wedding when he made his peace with both Empath and Smurfette and became friends, and eventually found happiness with a Smurfette from another village.
  • Richie Rich: Played for Laughs in the case of Occupy Richie Rich, which depicts the Rich family as jerkasses who have utterly ruined the world's economy and regularly flaunt their wealth over the non-rich.
  • Spider-Man:
  • Parodied In-Universe in The Unwritten, about a son of a writer who got famous after creating a series of novels very similar to Harry Potter. The first two start with fragments of those books, and the third with a fragment of Frankenstein. The first page of the fourth issue shows Harry's counterpart slaughtering Ron and Hermione's counterparts in a really terrible way, only to have it turn out on the next page that it's a Dark Fic.
  • An academic essay by Lenise Prater argues that it was sexist for Xavier to have sealed away Jean's Superpowered Evil Side. The fact that Jean was using these powers to throw cars around and intimidate innocent people (even before the murdering started) is conveniently glossed over.

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Animation 
  • In the Alpha and Omega fic Armarok Spirit, Eve is turned into a controlling abuser who lets someone rape her daughter. In canon, she threatens to strangle Humphrey at the mere suggestion he might have done something inappropriate with Kate.
  • Encanto: While Alma Madrigal isn't exactly the epitome of a good grandparent, she has a pretty damn good Freudian Excuse and is shown to genuinely love her family in spite of her perfectionist tendencies. You would not know this if your only experience with the movie was fanfiction, which tends to turn her into an outright Abusive Parent and grandparent.
  • Frozen (2013): Elsa and Anna's parents have it bad, despite dying within the first ten minutes of the film. Keeping Elsa and Anna separate was misguided but in canon they're not depicted as outright Abusive Parents. They're treated as Well Intentioned Extremists who are still Good Parents who love their daughters. The Ice Behind Bars presents Elsa's father as abusive towards Elsa even before the accident. He hates her for her powers and doubts that she is even his. After Elsa accidentally injures Anna, his treatment of her only gets worse. When Anna and her mother disappear, Elsa's father uses the chance to claim that Elsa was killed along with her sister. He locks her up and regularly tortures her until Anna rescues her years later.
  • Merida and Astrid: The Absesses Of The Heart and Hiccup: The Hasteful Hatred Of The Pericardium both depict Hiccup as a demented misogynistic pervert who tries to rape the protagonist/s of the story, and failing horribly. He's also a Mad Scientist for some reason, and a cry-baby who whines to "daddy" about the protagonist/s hurting him.
  • This fan theory for The Incredibles suggests that Edna Mode is a villain who worked for the Big Bad Syndrome.
  • In The Land Before Time, Mr. Threehorn the Triceratops didn't like other dinosaur species, but the sequels show him working together with other dinosaurs (even if he complains about it). Secret Love depicts Mr. Threehorn as an intolerant anti-interspecies jerk who's willing to exile children for this relationship and those who support this, cowed into submission only by Chomper's speech about him being intolerant.
  • The Lion King:
    • In Scar The Unsung Hero, Scar was abused by his brother, Mufasa, who told him that he was worthless, would gladly kill him, and gave him the scar, was bullied by most of the lionesses, Rafiki attempts to kill him to get revenge on Mufasa, and Zazu gladly took part in bullying Scar with Mufasa and didn't bother telling the lionesses how Mufasa had treated him.
    • The Lion King Adventures story Hakuna Matata demonises Timon and Pumbaa into evil wizards with the power to drain life from living beings for themselves. And they've been doing this for two hundred years. Simba and Nala manage to defeat them by tricking them into draining each other's life at the exact same time, causing both to die.
  • In the Non/Disney fanvid fandom, and to a lesser extent the fanfic fandom, this is commonplace with characters like Jasmine from Aladdin, Elsa from Frozen, and Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. However, this is more-so because their designs and scenes make it easy to manipulate them into villains (with Word of God being that Esmeralda's design is outright based on prior Disney villains) than an actual dislike for the characters. For example, Jim from Treasure Planet is the designated "bad boy" in the Disney crossover fandom. He's a common 'Veronica' to most other male leads' 'Betty'. This fan-vid portrays Jim as Cinderella's crappy boyfriend who flirts with other girls and doesn't take her seriously. She ultimately ends up leaving him for Eric.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a fan sequel to the film, turns Gwen Stacy into a bitter mess who blames Peter for her father's death which results in, after they got back together, her insulting and berating him until they break up — to make way for the author's version of Mary Jane.
  • The Better Watch Out fanfic Better Watch Out: Aftermath portrays Ashley, who in the original movie was at worst a slight jerk, as a serial child rapist. This is also used to make the Draco in Leather Pantsed Luke Lerner look better.
  • The Devil Wears Prada: Nate is far from the perfect boyfriend in the film, but even with that, the fanbase portrays him as far worse than he actually is. Most fans make him out to be an abusive jerk, when the most he does is get angry at Andy for putting her job first. They also like to ignore his more positive traits, like trying to comfort Andy when she is forced to take Emily's place in Paris. This also comes from a healthy dose of Die for Our Ship, as a lot of Miranda/Andy shippers like to play him as far more aggressive in trying to get her to quit, when in reality he is right about the job changing her, mainly because Miranda admits to trying to do just that.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe's very active shipping fandom has given us these:
    • Motivations, despite not even being a canon character in the MCU at that point, gives this involving Mockingbird. Depicted as Clint's ex-girlfriend who was reportedly very horrible to him, she gets seduced by Black Widow who tricks her into a filmed BDSM session where she's the submissive, after which she breaks up with her and uploads the video on the internet, which the Avengers, save for Clint, all find hilarious.
    • You Belong With Me, a High School AU themed after the Taylor Swift song, depicts her as an Alpha Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, who cheats on Clint behind his back, so as to give Natasha someone to be a love rival for, along with other horrible acts of cruelty.
    • In Train, Mockingbird, having broken up with him twice before, gets back together with Clint but tries to force him to break off his connection to Widow, resulting in them breaking up again, and later revealing her to be a villain.
    • The Value of Strength is a Dark Fic which reinterprets the character of Steve Rogers (whom you may know better as Captain America) as a total sociopath.
    • La Vie en Rose, similar to the above examples of Mockingbird, does this with Sharon Carter/Agent 13, depicted as an unhinged stalker and a transphobe.
    • Bloody Minded reimagines Steve Rogers as a sociopathic mutant whose power is to make others believe in anything he does, brainwashing them into always agreeing with whatever Steve wants, though he's not consciously aware of it.
      Charles Xavier: Rogers has no sense of 'other'. The entire world revolves around his beliefs. God is what he imagines. Right is what he believes. Evil is what he defines. A bully is someone who can resist Rogers.
    • Following Captain America: Civil War, fanfics cropped up by the hundreds that portray either Team Cap or Team Iron Man as either perfect saints who have never done anything wrong, or horrible excuses for human beings who were out to get the other team from the start. The "Not Team Cap Friendly", "Not Steve Friendly", and "Not [other person on Team Cap] Friendly" tags are somewhat popular when searching MCU fic on Archive of Our Own, while the equivalent pro-Team Cap/anti-Team Iron Man tags are almost nonexistent in favor of fics where Ultron doesn't happen or where the whole team bands against the Accords, suggesting that the readers and writers who aren't staunchly anti-Team Cap tend to prefer the whole team together rather than outright disliking Tony or anyone who sided with him.
      • Many of these fics shows Steve willing to disregard the will of 117 countries and thinks he knows best, while disregarding that he said that he didn’t believe that oversight was impossible but that they would need safeguards and was willing to negotiate to make sure that they can get amended. They also portray Steve as irresponsible and reckless during the first chase with the Winter Soldier and he shouldn’t have gotten involved, while ignoring that Bucky who was brainwashed into his crimes had a squad after him with orders to kill on sight and that they were sent after a dangerous cyborg assassin. He was trying to protect the soldiers from Bucky as well as vice versa, he even stated that even if Bucky had been behind the bombing and was too far gone then he was the best one to bring him down and not die trying.
      • Uncompromising Principles, along with many other post-Civil War fics, portrays Iron Man as a saint who can do no wrong, and Cap as a bully and a hypocrite who has no real reason.
      • Sieze Yesterday is a slightly atypical post-Civil War "Team Iron Man" fic- in the backstory, when the team was just beginning to hash out the Accords, Bucky was there, apparently deprogrammed and with his triggers removed, until Natasha argued with Steve a little too harshly, which tripped some protective instinct and resulted in Bucky killing her (!) and rightfully getting convicted of murder and going to prison for it. But Steve doesn't seem to harbor much grief over Nat's death, and seemingly disagrees with Bucky's prison sentence. There were some comments when this was first revealed expressing that this seems out-of-character for Steve, to which the author replied that Steve has his reasons, but those reasons beyond the implied "Bucky's not with me" were never explored.
      • To Trope or Not to Trope purposefully paints Tony Stark as barely shy of being an outright supervillain and pretty much always in the wrong unless he admits to his mistakes, particularly Ultron and his actions during the Civil War. this is used to counter Steve’s status as this in the fandom, while ignoring Tony’s own less than honest and moral actions.
  • Sky High (2005)
  • A number of backstory fics for Star Trek (2009) play out the existing villain version of this trope with Kodos from the original series. Canonically, Kodos was a particularly extreme Well-Intentioned Extremist who was trying, in his own twisted way, to save lives, and who carried incredible amounts of guilt over his actions for the rest of his life. In reboot fanfics he appears in, however, readers can expect to see him depicted as a Complete Monster who was eager for a chance to put his eugenic theories into practice (in some cases to the point of engineering the famine for this purpose), who cares only about the elimination of the unworthy and just uses the excuse of saving lives as a cover, and who actively participates in the rape and torture of children.
    • In You Don't Have To (Say Yes), Kodos rapes Kirk repeatedly, painting Kirk's submission as the price for Kodos looking the other way on the children Kirk is trying to protect, and then killing Kirk's brother when he finds out and tries to put a stop to it.
    • In Fruit of the Tree of Life, Kodos keeps an estate with a massive surplus of food, but keeps it all for his chosen few and lets everyone else go hungry, even letting excess fruit lie and rot in his orchard rather than share it. He also forbids the grounds workers to take any of that extra food, even though they're all starving. Then it's revealed that he caused the famine deliberately to kill off the people he deemed unworthy.
    • In The World Well Lost, it's Kodos himself who's killing witnesses (an act that in canon was done without his knowledge, and he was horrified when he learned of it). He also gleefully recounts how he left a woman to burn to death because she wasn't "valuable enough to be worth saving" — a far cry from the canonical Kodos who viewed his actions as a necessary evil and certainly never indicates he took any pleasure from it.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • The Wizard of Oz:
  • The Agony Booth's review of It's a Wonderful Life frames Mary as the villain of the film, causing George's poverty, his father's death, and his perpetual isolation in Bedford Falls due to having wished once that they could be married and giving away their honeymoon money. Interpreting her spur-of-the-moment wish as such ignores that 1.) even if Mary's wish caused Mr. Bailey's death, she had no idea it would go that way, 2.) Mary giving away the honeymoon money was done with George's full and no-reluctance consent.
  • Star Wars:
    • The "Darth Jar Jar" meme is an odd example of using Ron the Death Eater in order to invoke Draco in Leather Pants at the same time as an attempt to see the character in question Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. In canon, Jar Jar Binks is a well-meaning but Lethal Klutz who is banished on pain of death for being obnoxious. Despite getting into trouble, his bumbling inadvertently causes every positive story turn in The Phantom Menace, proving that even the seemingly useless have value. Unfortunately, said obnoxiousness created a venomous Hatedom and he became a punchline in mainstream media. Then some people started to recognize some of his influences and backstory, but came to the opposite and erroneous conclusion that Jar Jar was an evil Sith Lord manipulating even Palpatine... and therefore somehow a more worthwhile character than his canon arguably inspirational self.
    • Played for Laughs by this meme, which portrays Yoda as a racist, sociopathic sexual deviant who is addicted to ketamine and kills people (his preferred method being running them over in a 2001 Honda Civic) for any number of reasons.

  • The Dresden Files: This fic makes Marcone an obsessive Yandere who keeps a shrine to the object of his affections. Marcone may have been unrepentantly Pragmatic Evil in canon, but it's still greatly OOC for him to make a museum exhibit out of someone's hair.
  • The Girl Next Door is a Les Misérables fic that features, among other... interesting things, Cosette torturing love-rival Eponine with a Sweeney Todd–esque straight razor. This from the girl who's canonically a sweet Proper Lady who had no idea Eponine was in love with the same guy, or indeed any real interaction with her at all.
  • The Origami Yoda fic The Rise of Jango Fortune turns Harvey, a Jerk with a Heart of Gold in the original series, into a Jerkass who laughs when Mike gets thrown into a wall.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
    • Moon Daughter (which you can find here), gives Annabeth this treatment. She is described as a "blonde slut" who moves to the Aphrodite cabin, has "herpees from smoking Pot", and dumps Percy so he can "abbandon the prep lifestyle."
    • The similarly titled but unrelated fic Daughter of the moon portrays Annabeth as a "bitchy" traitor who cackles evilly upon killing Percy. The fic's 'heroine' eagerly tortures her with a machete, and everybody just accepts this.
  • Sam Siciliano's Sherlock Holmes pastiches are effectively this in published form for Watson. He is derided as being unimaginative, of distorting Holmes' character, of greatly exaggerating his friendship with Holmes, of outright inventing material (most notably Moriarty and Holmes' disappearance) and on top of that being incompetent as a doctor.
  • Tolkien's The Silmarillion has Of Stars and Spirits of Fire, which transforms Indis into a classic Wicked Stepmother who treats Fëanor with contempt and cruelty.
  • The Temeraire fanfic Black Wings, Black Sails turns William Laurence from an excessively honorable, patriotic, and incorruptibly good officer in His Majesty's Navy/Aviator Corps into a ruthless and terrifying pirate driven by despair from the loss of his dragon and all the good that duty to king and country has done for him.
  • Trixie Belden fanfic You Have Got To Be Kidding Me (Trixie Belden) (found here) combines this trope with a healthy dose of Die for Our Ship, Slut-Shaming, and the Madonna–Whore Complex. Dot Murray, a character who appeared in only a minimal role in a single book in the series and had no dialogue at all, is derailed into an unrecognizable ditz who is "fake", antagonistic, shallow, and interested in Anything That Moves. Never mind that Dot was canonically portrayed as likable and talented, Trixie herself admitted Dot was amiable and her jealousy of Dot was her own personal fault, and Jim and Dot expressed a mutual romantic interest in each other. Here, none of the Bob-Whites like Dot at all, Dot is jealous of Trixie and rude to her, fixated on scoring Jim as a boyfriend, and continuously portrayed as "easy" and "loose" (ie, wearing a bikini to swim while the other girls wear one-pieces) in an attempt to villanize her.
  • The Twilight fic "Through Your Eyes" — which features a Bella whose shield has made her blind, among other talents — depicts Jacob's fixation on Bella as becoming particularly intense, to the point that he physically threatens Bella to try and make her be with him in the belief that she is his imprint, ignoring all Pack-presented evidence to the contrary. In the end, Bella is forced to use her powers to completely cut off Jake's senses, leaving him biologically alive but totally unaware of anything around him.
  • This trope is Older Than Feudalism:
    • Greek heroes from The Iliad and The Odyssey often become outright villainous in Roman works (the Romans imagined themselves to be of Trojan origin).
    • Virgil and Ovid both portray the Greek heroes at Troy mostly in terms of their post-victory atrocities.
    • Medieval European writers usually knew Latin but not Greek; as a result, they tended to inherit the Romans' bias. Dante places Odysseus in the eighth circle of Hell, and both Chaucer and Shakespeare are merciless to the Greeks in their versions of Troilus and Cressida.
    • In The Bible, Esau was a rival to his brother Jacob, but nowhere near an outright villain (and remember, Jacob tricked him out of his birthright). He even forgives Jacob when they meet again as adults.note  However, since he was considered to be the ancestor of the Edomites, enemies of the Israelites,note  he was given a Historical Villain Upgrade. According to The Talmud, he was a rapist, murderer, and he denied God. He also tried to prevent Jacob being buried with Abraham and Isaac in the Cave of the Patriarchs, claiming that as firstborn he had the right to be buried there.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Back when he was first introduced to the show as Lucy's future husband, fics doing this with Kevin Kinkirk of 7th Heaven were a dime a dozen. Here's an example. The trend died down a bit after season 8, thankfully.
  • The Addams Family:
    • In Morticia, Please, Gomez Addams is given this treatment. His Crazy Jealous Guy traits are greatly exaggerated and his normally affable attitude towards visitors is gone, he hits a visitor after jumping to the conclusion that Morticia and he were attracted to one another; then when they do end up together, he beats up the OC.
    • Morticia Is Pregnant doesn't do this with any Addams Family character, but there is a character named Lily Munster. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Lily Munster from The Munsters in that she has a son named Eddie and a husband named Herman, but she's not like the real Lily Munster at all: she's a murderer, a kidnapper and tortures Morticia and her family. Herman is also implied to have raped Morticia.
  • Shenny authors in the The Big Bang Theory tend to ignore Sheldon's canonical aversion to romance, his unique brand of love for canonical girlfriend Amy, his close, almost father/son like relationship with his roommate Leonard, and the fact that, while he does count her as one of his closest friends, his relationship with Penny defaults to Vitriolic Best Buds. Instead, Sheldon becomes a poor soul who has been in love with Penny for years, but that "asshole Leonard" (canonically an incredibly nice, often stepped over, guy) saw her first (ignoring the fact they are canonically a loving couple). Eventually Penny (canonically an independent weapons expert/sharp shooter/Girly Bruiser) will escape from under his abusive, whiny thumb, and will somehow find her way to Sheldon. One of the more egregious examples can be found here. While it does play with the typical amount of time it takes for Penny and Sheldon to find each other, it makes up for it by being written specifically to piss off fans of the canonical characterizations and also giving the Draco in Leather Pants treatment to Leonard's mother, Beverly, who in canon was an Abusive Parent that basically thought mind raping her kids was okay if she could use the experience to write parenting books and push them to the tops of their fields as adults.
  • Blake's 7: One recurring theme in B7 fanfiction is that the ace pilot Jenna is a jealous conniving bitch, an obstacle in the way of the most popular pairing B/A, or Blake/Avon. In contrast, although canon Jenna is interested in Blake, she is a good sort and level-headed. Another recurring theme is that fanon Blake is much more hypocritical, manipulative, devious, and stupid than the lone idealist he is in canon.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The author of the fic Penny For Your... is especially blatant when it comes to clearing away Buffy's other boyfriends in order to leave room for her "one twoo wub", Spike. Angel is depicted as an arrogant idiot child with a god-complex, while Riley is turned into a sadistic monster whose attitude actually improves once he's turned into a vampire. And of course, Buffy's friends are all okay with her getting with Spike, even the vampire-hating Xander.
    • Spuffy authors really don't give Angel or Riley a break. The fanfic Five Words or Less is another, albeit much milder example. Riley is portrayed as a bastard boyfriend who likes to gleefully beat up Spike for no reason other than he's proving to be a better match for Buffy, and while Angel isn't bashed nearly as much as Riley, there is one instance where he comes off as a little too childish and petty.
    • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Superman crossover The Child of Rao, Willow is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who stole Jenny Calendar's magic books immediately after learning she died, frequently uses black magic, hates Cordelia and Faith with a passion for being more attractive and confident than her, and has tried to break up Xander and Cordelia multiple times with magic. The author uses the justification that Willow became addicted to black magic much sooner than canon in this story.
  • In-Universe example: the gang at Cheers have an elevated Deconstruction about the Road Runner / Wile E. Coyote shorts to the point where an Orphaned Punchline has Norm exclaiming, "Oh, I suppose that proves that the coyote is the Antichrist?"
  • One particularly bad and extremely unsettling NSFW Degrassi fic called The Junkie Journals turns Riley Stavros into a Mind Rapist, gay basher, drug addict, Jerk Jock, Villain Sue, and Karma Houdini. People walk away from the story feeling like they've come across the seedy underbelly of the world. All of this without warning or explanation. The main character of the story is also rescued by Peter, but it's a mystery why the so-called "author" couldn't just make up an OC who's evil instead of having to defile Riley's character.
  • Allecto's controversial critiques of Firefly are an extreme example of this; the actions of several of the characters (especially the Caucasian males) are twisted in order to fit an extreme radical feminist reading or her preconceived notions about gender relationships, thus inaccurately painting them as evil. One such example is Allecto's citing of Zoe calling Mal "sir" (presented by the show as an ingrained habit developed from their days together in the military, simply for the reason that he was her superior officer and you call your superior officers "sir" in the military) as an example of Mal being evil and sexist. It's also fair to suggest that Allecto tends to let her preconceptions affect her views of the characters, such as her assumption that Wash must be abusive toward Zoe (despite the fact that she could "kill me [Wash] with her pinkie") because allegedly every relationship between a white man and a woman of color that Allecto has seen has been abusive.
  • The Friends fic Somebody Save Me (found here) has portrayed Richard—a perfectly decent guy whose relationship with Monica only broke up because of Age-Gap Romance problems—as a drunken, selfish, physically and emotionally abusive asshole who doesn't care for Monica at all, so that Chandler can have an even better reason to be there for her. Why an OC abusive boyfriend cannot be made up, seeing as Monica dates dozens of men throughout the run of Friends, is a mystery. It's not the only one of its kind either. And it's not even like he ever got in the way of the Chandler and Monica pairing either.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • In Hadrian Lannister, Lion of the Rock, Catelyn becomes a hateful shrieking bitch when Ned tells her he cannot bring Sansa from the South because it would lead to his bannermen demanding that she be condemned to death for treason. All of this turns out to be so Catelyn can Die for Our Ship, allowing a somehow-still-alive Ashara Dayne to step in Catelyn's place almost immediately.
    • In many Season 8 Jonerys Fix Fics, Sansa is seen as an irredeemable, racist, power-hungry, cruel, idiotic character whose 'bad traits' are often emphasized while Daenerys's bad traits are forgotten or seen as badass. And vice versa in Jonsa fics.
  • This Laverne & Shirley fanfiction has Shirley forgetting about a man lying injured on the ground and Laverne remembering him but not caring.
  • Happy Daze has an alien known as "Mork from Ork". If he's the same Mork from Ork as in Mork & Mindy, then he's definitely an example of this trope: he forces a man to become a woman against his will for sexist reasons (believes human women "belong" to their boyfriends and are less tough than human men).
  • Don Draper from Mad Men arguably receives this on a broader cultural level, thanks to his being one of the iconic figures of the "Peak TV" trend towards Anti-Hero protagonists. To illustrate, as can be seen in the opening paragraph of this article he tends to be mentioned in the same breath as characters like Tony Soprano, Dexter Morgan, Walter White, Frank Underwood and Nicholas Brody, among others. However, a moral gulf can make itself apparent if you think about it; while the other names on this list tend to be varying combinations of criminals, murderers, drug dealers, terrorists and all-round corrupt individuals with a personal direct body count of victims to their names, Draper's sins generally extend little further than being a poor husband and father, a man working in an ethically questionable industry, a skirt-chasing sleaze, and a person whose character flaws generally embody many of the racial and gender privileges of the era he lives in. A flawed man, certainly, but not exactly one of the borderline monsters he tends to be discussed alongside. Even his most sketchy act — stealing a dead man's identity and building his life from it — is still lesser than the others, since he wasn't directly responsible for the man's death, makes a point of treating the man's widow well, and comes from circumstances that would make taking advantage of such an opportunity entirely understandable, if not exactly admirable.
  • With Grogu going off to train with Luke to be a Jedi at the end of The Mandalorian's second season. Fans thought he might have been present at the Jedi school when Kylo Ren rebelled, either being killed by them or joining the Knights Of Ren.
  • Done fairly often to Amita of NUMB3RS, usually by authors of Charlie Eppes slashfic to take her out of "contention" so Charlie can be free to end up with whoever the writer happens to have in mind. Generally, this end up taking the form of run-of-the-mill bad behavior (i.e. calling Charlie homophobic names) more than outright evil.
  • Zack from Saved by the Bell does act like a jackass on occasion, but usually just so he can learn better to serve the episode's Aesop. Zack Morris is Trash, on the other hand, deliberately invokes this trope for laughs and interprets every one of his actions in the worst possible light. Zack pours an ant farm down someone's shirt? Ant genocide and attempted murder. Zack locks a foreign exchange student in a closet? He's a violent anarchist who nearly reignited the Cold War. A character never appears again? They were Driven to Suicide by Zack's actions.
  • Star Trek:
    • The otherwise fairly well-written Star Trek: Voyager Janeway/Seven fic Just Between Series has a tendency to do this with any male in Janeway's history, turning Cheb Packer into a raving drug addict, smuggler, and murderer who's terrible in the sack and even bringing Justin Tighe Back from the Dead in order to demonstrate that he would have made a much worse spouse than Seven.
    • The SF Debris's reviews of the various Star Trek series jokingly portray Picard of The Next Generation is generally portrayed as a fanatical child-hater who would happily order Worf to saw up a teddy bear in order to interrogate a child, and may or may not have ordered Jack Crusher to his death solely to increase his chances of getting with Beverly; Voyager reviews, meanwhile, react to the uneven characterization of Janeway by portraying her as a demented supervillain who views her crew as entertainment dispensers—even inventing a holiday, "Condescending Bitch Day", which happens every day and involves selecting someone to torment—and is planning to take over the entire Alpha Quadrant when she gets back. Chuck Sonnenberg has even joked that Janeway is his favourite villain.
    • This fic portrays Picard and the majority of his crew as insensitive and being rude when Troi is extremely sad, eventually abandoning her.
    • The online games A Cadet's Adventure and The Wrath of Riker do this to the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew: Picard gives the cadet a promotion even after s/he assaults Riker (and claims he doesn't mind), Riker is a Crazy Jealous Guy towards Troi and eventually gets into a fistfight with the cadet, Geordi has ended his friendship with Data and acts like he dislikes Data, and Data may or may not be a bit sleazy.
    • The Song Fic Counsellor Troi's Yuletide Lament, Riker has creepy fantasies about dressing Troi in a reindeer costume and whipping her and Geordi and Picard are rude to her behind her back.
  • Meg Masters of Supernatural is a frequent victim of this, usually in fics which pair Castiel with Dean Winchester. Meg fans frequently refer to these as "proxy" fics due to their tendency to use Cas's relationship with Meg as a jumping off point to getting together with Dean. These frequently include other ship names in their tags and descriptions despite being very anti that ship. On Archive of Our Own, the vast majority of fics tagged "Megstiel" are actually Destiel fics, many of which fall into this trope.
    • Sam gets this pretty hard from the Dean/Cas contingent in terms of fic and meta spinning him as an evil, abusive narcissist who is too selfish (or homophobic) to allow Dean to pursue his love with Cas. While Sam is canonically jealous and possessive towards his brother, these fics ignore that through much of the series, it was Dean trying to stop Sam from leaving, not Sam trying to force Dean to stay with him.
    • Additionally, many fics and metas involving Sam/any other character tend to portray Dean as possessive and controlling to an abusive degree, with the Love Interest in question giving Sam respite from the abuse or otherwise "saving" Sam from Dean. Apart from the fact that Sam contributes as much to his and Dean's weirdness as Dean does, certainly has his own say between them, and has all the same friends as Dean, it's particularly odd when blended with the Draco in Leather Pants pairings of Sam/Gabriel and Sam/Lucifer.
    • Finally, Played With with certain subsets of Sam/Dean shippers who ship them together because of their canonical closeness, but who simultaneously dislike one brother while stanning the other. This can lead to a weird brand of Wincest fic where one brother is a long-suffering Love Martyr, while the other is portrayed as absolutely toxic.
  • Torchwood:
    • There's an entire website dedicated to doing this to Gwen Cooper. In them, she's reduced to a shrill harpy who wants nothing more than to get into Jack's pants and hurt Ianto in the process, no matter how little sense it makes at the time. There's even one story where the rest of the team can't stand her and murder her with no remorse. It makes one wonder why they didn't just fire her. For clarity's sake: the team has shown no sign of despising her in Canon, and she gets along well with Ianto despite the fact that she has two-sided UST with Jack (with whom Ianto is eventually an Official Couple).
    • Similarly to the Death Eater-ifying of Gwen, a subset of the Torchwood fanbase that ships Gwen with Jack also does this to Rhys Williams, Gwen's husband, or Ianto, despite the fact that in Canon, all of them get along fairly well with each other after a period of tension.
  • Victorious:
    • New Beginnings portrays Beck as an abuser in order to break him and Jade up, and make way for Jade to get together with Tori. What makes this particularly egregious is that in canon it can be argued that Jade is the abusive partner in this relationship.
    • Lost and Found depicts Tori as being a Little Sister Bully who bashes Trina so much that Trina's Driven to Suicide. Tori and Trina's parents are also looked down on Trina, while favoring Tori.
  • The X-Files:
    • Halloween X portrays Mulder and, to a lesser extent, Scully, as creepy "age play" fetishists and, in Scully's case, a spanking fetishist.
    • Coveralls, which was written by an AI, has Scully attack random people, possess a "knife office", and enthuse about poison.

  • The Massive Multiplayer Crossover Avengers and Oliver & Co.: Ragnarok Madness manages to single handedly demonise Tony Stark, Daisy Duck, Heimdall, Jarvis, Nick Fury, nearly all of the Gargoyles (sans Lexington) plus Elisa, Sunna, and even the freaking fossils at the Museum of Natural History.
  • Code Prime ramps up Suzaku's stupidity and denial to notably higher levels than in canon. In addition to his canon problems with accepting the problems of Britannia, he ends up blindly following Megatron for most of the story and denies the Autobots and Black Knights are good guys until it becomes screaming obvious who the bad guys are. This is a more transparent case than most since the author admits to a blatant hatred of Suzaku from his actions in R2 of Code Geass. That said, once Suzaku joins the good guys, the hatred more or less died off shortly into the R2 segement of the fic.
  • Fantasia Times:
    • The most notable instance of this is the "Royals" group of characters. While most of them in canon could be a little rude to their friends (those in the "Rebels" group of characters), most of the time it was just harmless snarking and/or them being Innocently Insensitive. Here, however, they're presented as being a stuck-up group who originally bullied their friends for daring to breach the status quo, only to ultimately see the error of their ways, perform a Heel–Face Turn, and get promoted to love interests (we say "presented as" because they come off more as designated villains who basically painted a target on their backs by daring to question the Original Character).
    • There are a few straighter examples within the fic: King Beast goes from a reasonable authority figure to someone who's willing to drown a child when she steps out of line, and Ren Kunanzuki goes from an Innocently Insensitive teenager to a baby-snatcher and wannabe murderess.
  • Super Sentai vs Nickelodeon has Katara, Mr. Krabs and Pearl as part of the villains.


    Puppet Shows 
  • Many, many images, videos, and audio recordings depict Barney the Dinosaur as a child murderer courtesy of the show's Periphery Hatedom.
    • Perhaps the most notable example is the Day of the Barney Trilogy, wherein Barney is depicted as an Eldritch Abomination responsible for numerous atrocities throughout history and orders his juvenile followers to murder their parents en masse.
    • In addition, comedian Stephen Lynch recorded audio segments depicting Barney as a bus driver and a babysitter, which were often featured on Opie & Anthony when they were radio hosts in Boston. In the first track, Barney is a school bus driver who abuses children and encourages smoking. The second segment involves Barney babysitting two children. He invites over a prostitute and makes the children watch porn while doing so.
  • The Muppet Show: Various internet communities have done this to Kermit the Frog for whatever reason that’s always Played for Laughs:
    • In the Game Grumps playthrough of Pokémon Art Academy, Kermit, voiced by Barry, declares his love for killing and murder.
      Barry (as Kermit): I LOVE MURDER!! I LOVE KILLING, I LOVE MURDER!!
    • SMG4, covered below, also has done this to Kermit. In one video based on Assassin's Creed Origins Kermit wished to destroy Egypt and reshape it in his image.
    • He is regularly depicted in the Vinesauce community as Joel's abusive father.
    • Jacksfilms made a duo of animations involving Kermit singing and telling rather disturbing songs and stories to children.
      Kermit: When I'm through with you, they'll never find your body. And even if they did...all they'd find would be teeth!
  • Sesame Street:
    • Elmo, who suffers a similar Periphery Hatedom as Barney, gets this treatment as well. This is especially evident in the Aerosmith parody "Elmo's Got a Gun" by Tommy & Rumble, though it should be noted that it was miscredited to "Weird Al" Yankovic, who denied writing the song.
    • In addition, this website from 1997 depicts Bert as an evil man siding with Adolf Hitler and being present at events such as the Kennedy assassination.
    • The "Grover Goes to School" machinima series by Toadmushroom95 depicts Grover as a disobedient arsonist delinquent.
    • Not only that, "Bertstrips" depict almost every resident of the Street as some sort of sociopath or do-badder in situations that are usually based around racism, sex, murder, or hate crimes. Though this is Played for Laughs as these strips play the trope for Black Comedy.
  • Super Mario 64 and Garry's Mod machinimist SMG4 depicts Teletubbies as insane, xenophobic, crowbar-wielding, Ax-Crazy maniacs feared and despised by the main cast.

    Tabletop Games 



    Video Games 
  • Borderlands 2 has an In-Universe example in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep (a abridged retelling of the main story in the form of a Dungeons & Dragons-esque game). Tiny Tina makes you fight an Expy of Angel, who turns into a giant maniacal spider-woman. That's because she's pinning Roland's death on her, when in reality, Handsome Jack shot Roland from behind after Angel died in the battle, due to having her Eridium supply destroyed at her own request. Lilith and the others waste no time in calling her on this.
  • Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals is a Dark Parody of Cooking Mama by PETA that turns Mama into a messy animal-hater just because she isn't vegan. Halfway through, she turns good after becoming vegan and pledging not to cook non-vegan recipes anymore.
  • Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns gives this good to Bhelen, complete with a ridiculously long rant.
  • Diablo: In the Diablo III shrine of the Video Game Shrines, the Big Good Anu from canon is actually the Big Bad. He's an all-around terrible person, which means when his "good half" birthed angels, most of the angels were weak and ineffective, explaining why in the games, the forces of Heaven never give the player any meaningful help. Also, his real name is Anus.
  • A small faction of Disco Elysium fandom, largely people who ship Titus/Glen, loathe Kim Kitsuragi because he is a cop, drawing attention to his willingness to let the Player Character abuse people and his willingness to pawn confiscated items to protect your character. Some fans even suggest that you can't be a fan of the character if you are against repressive state violence and racist abuse of power in real life. The irony is that this reading isn't entirely wrong - while Kim is presented by the game as a likable person who does his job with the aim of protecting people, and most players come away holding him in positive regard, the game also does not obscure the fact that the RCM is a bigoted and useless organisation that represents an unwanted, corrupt Capitalist foreign governance and is better at brutalising and killing civilians than doing anything to make people safer, and that Kim is the perfect representative of this. Most people who are fans of Kim like him because of the complexity of his good personality and the Kill the Poor politics he represents, rather than because they don't know or care that it's there.
  • Fire Emblem:
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:
    • While he's already a bad guy (or at least as much as the animatronics in general are), Balloon Boy's dickery gets bolstered quite a bit, most infamously in Five Nights at Fuckboy's.
    • A number of people, such as MatPat of Game Theory, believe the murderer William Afton and the Phone Guy to be one and the same, citing how both were security guards and how one of the former's sprites has him holding an object interpreted to be an old-fashioned phone, among other things. This has largely died down following the release of the third game, as it shows Afton met his end after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was closed and left to rot, whereas Phone Guy died months or even years when it was still in operation, thus disproving the theory, but a number of people believed in it regardless. The theory was debunked by Scott himself.
    • Luis Cabrera, a secondary character from the Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery unintended emails, tends to receive a variant of this. He's a co-worker of "Ness" (aka Vanny/Vanessa) who repeatedly messages her about her bizarre online behavior and Sanity Slippage, with the implication that he's also romantically interested in her, judging by his frequently complimenting her and trying to ask her out for coffee. He later ends up manipulated by her, in large part because of his feelings. Many fans understandably see his actions as "creepy" because he oversteps boundaries and keeps sending messages even when Vanessa isn't going to respond. However, a few fans exaggerate his actions as being an Abhorrent Admirer who feels entitled to Vanessa's love and attention. Reading between the lines throughout his emails shows that, while his actions do have some stalkerish implications that would make someone feel uncomfortable, it's less out of maliciousness and/or entitlement and more out of being anxiety-prone and having poor social skills. Luis is legitimately trying to reach out to a co-worker undergoing Sanity Slippage he has feelings for, it's just not the best way of going about it. He also later admits he's "probably overstepping" in later emails. It's also easy to forget that Luis is checking her search history at least partly because of his job as someone on the IT team who gets notified of "red flag" search terms.
    • Being a protagonist both known for having an implied Dark and Troubled Past and prone to morally grey actions in an IP that where almost every situation is an Ambiguous Situation has made it almost inevitable that Gregory, the Kid Hero player character of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, is sometimes interpreted in a harsher or more cynical light by some members of the fandom. While some of these are legitimate Epileptic Trees about Gregory's characterization or role in the story, there are others who exaggerate his more questionable moments as pure villainy rather than, at worst, pragmatic ruthlessness to survive. For example, while Vanny getting 'disassembled' in one ending is obviously a horrible way to go out, Gregory not only does it in self-defense but is urged by Freddy to do so. Other than his Troubling Unchildlike Behavior, Gregory is portrayed in-story as a Mouthy Kid whose darker personality traits most likely come from seemingly living on the streets and having to 'grow up' faster as a result, with no major indication as to otherwise.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising 2: Hades Revenge gives this treatment to Dark Pit, or as he is called in the story, Pittoo. In the source material, he is neutral at worst, while the fanfic has him as part of the Big Bad Ensemble. His track record in the story includes attacking a university and submitting various tortures upon the children within, stealing a nuke, then building his own when it's stolen off him, sacrificing Pit to create a 'zomboy' army, stealing The 3 Scarred Treaures, unleashing The Smooze on the world, teaming up with Hitler, Stalin, Frollo, and David Cameron, tricking Cloud Angle into destroying the world, framing Pit for terrorism, brainwashing Mao Zedong into attacking Japan, and building a laser cannon to bring the world to his mercy.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • In Zelda's Honor, even though it is zigzagged and justified within the context of the story, it is still shocking to see Ruto, the Zoran princess turn evil for the majority of the fanfic; often times swapping sides based on either mood or circumstance.
      • Played straight with Kafei who is first introduced as chivalrous and good but turns full-on villain by the end of his story arc.
    • In "The Fate of House Tula", Ganondorf makes some comments expressing male chauvinist tendencies. Not only has he never even been hinted to have sexist views, it would make no sense for him to do so given his background and upbringing.
  • Mega Man:
  • Miitopia plays with this. In the game you can cast Miis as various characters in the story, including the main villain the Dark Lord. Sometimes this leads to this trope such as Dark Lord Morshu or Dark Lord SpongeBob.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The fanfic Bloody Domination took Anti-Hero Shadow the Hedgehog and turned him into an insane, remorseless paedophile by the second chapter, rapidly moving on to a complete psychopathic serial killer and rapist, driven insane because... well... why the hell not? The author was apparently bent on discovering just how gruesome a story she was capable of writing, and most reviewers seemed to find it successful (while others didn't seem to get that this was the point). Many demanded a sequel.
  • In any OMORI fanfic where The aftermath of Sunny's confession that he accidentally killed Mari is explored, you can bet that it will portray Hero as losing it the most due to how he and Mari were in a (presumably) committed relationship at the time of her death. This makes this somewhat justified, but not to the extent that Hero would kill Sunny over it, especially since he's the Martial Pacifist of the friend group.
  • Spyro the Dragon: Ember was included in The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn mainly to defy this trope because the author was sick and tired of her getting this treatment by the fandom. Quite a few readers agreed and she ended up being the Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • Story of Seasons:
    • Sugarapplesweet likes depicting the sweet, chaste pastor Carter as villainously lustful towards Popuri in particular. The one-shot Condemned Passion turns Carter into a rapist and a murderer. He's lusted after the childishly innocent Popuri for a long time. One day he spiked her wine and tried to have his way with her, but Popuri resisted, which resulted in him hitting her and accidentally killing her. Satan's Ballroom outright turns Carter into a Pedophile Priest drooling over a child Popuri.
    • Best F(r)iends does this to all of Forget-me-not Valley and Mineral Town. All the villagers are too ignorant and/or homophobic to realize the protagonist and her female companion are a couple, not "best friends".
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Mario gets this treatment in Super Tanooki Skin 2D for wearing fur... despite said fur not coming from an animal at all.
    • Mario is seen like this by a great part of the fanbase (particularly when those two Game Theory videos came out), mostly because of Luigi (Luigi doesn't get as much screen time as him, but many people make it look like Mario mistreats and abuses his brother, when even the most cynical observer can see it's standard sibling stuff), the endless enemies he stomps (other playable characters aren't blamed), and his relationships with Daisy and Pauline (both relationships are long since dead, Odyssey even confirming Mario and Pauline as Just Friends) besides Peach. Some of these fans use a mildly OOC moment of Mario stepping on Luigi's foot in a Mario Tennis game as an example of Mario abusing his brother, but the Mario & Luigi series where he is shown to love his brother and come to his rescue various times (to name an example) is usually ignored.
    • In Brutal Mario Mario is apparently trying to take back the Mushroom Kingdom he ran as a dictatorship beforehand.
    • Nintendo themselves poked fun at the concept during the Bowser Takeover event to promote Mario Party 10. One of the facts Bowser presents about himself is a description of how Super Mario Bros. "tells the tale of a WONDERFUL HERO named Bowser who hangs out with a princess and is MERCILESSLY ATTACKED by a guy in a red hat."
    • The Axe does this to Luigi, albeit justified. After Bowser killed Mario, Luigi slowly grows more dangerous in his grief. It culminates when Bowser sends a letter to Luigi apologizing, and in return, Luigi stormed Bowser's castle, killed the Koopalings and fought Bowser, ending it by using the axe to brutally murder Bowser rather than simply dropping him into the lava.
    • The aforementioned SMG4 has made it his mission to utterly wreck the image of Mario, portraying him as an overweight, violent, Chaotic Neutral moron who will destroy entire cities just to have sexual intercourse with literal spaghetti and kills people without any remorse. The reason was stated in the 2015 QnA:
      i didn't really want a ""normal" or heroic main charachter cause that would be boring. so i thought i'd just focus on the laugh factor of my videos and uhhh...i did stupid jokes using mario. and thats why he's the weirdo you know today.
      • He also regularly does this with Toad. Toad is apathetic, likes using his giant Toad-Headed Gundam to kill people, he likes to get high on sugar, he played Darth Vader in a three-part Star Wars parody, and would be a complete Hate Sink if not for his equally psychotic girlfriend (Toadette) torturing him.
      • He did this once again with Francis from Super Paper Mario; he went from an extremely awkward and inept otaku who ended up being sympathetic because he just wanted to have friends to the head of the Mushroom Kingdom's version of The Mafia as well as an unrepentant mass kidnapper. And indirect child murderer.
    • Endlessly done to Luigi in Super Mario World ROM hacks. Some examples:
    • In the Super Mario World creepypasta I HATE YOU, the level that the storyteller discovers ends with Luigi, who is now a Green-Eyed Monster, facing off against Mario, apparently sick of always being in his brother's shadow and wanting him dead. He also seems to have been working with Bowser the entire time. What follows afterwards is a cutscene where the two fight, ending with Mario punching Luigi into a pit of lava in the arena.
    • Flash-Gitz Animation's Racist Mario just has Mario bigoted against non-Nintendo characters and goes on a killing spree. He also puts glass in Yoshi's face and sends a Bullet Bill to kill Luigi.
    • Married to the Koopa King features a more bitter Mario than in canon. He is angry at Peach being unable to annul her marriage to Bowser simply because it means that he can't go on adventures, and be worshiped as a hero anymore, without Peach constantly being kidnapped.
    • Bowser and Bowser Jr., whilst normally antagonistic, may sometimes have their more sympathetic and affable elements downplayed or even eliminated. This is most obvious in Koopaling-centric fanfics such as More Than You Know where Bowser is upgraded to a full-blown Abusive Dad and rapist despite never being portrayed as such in official material. The Koopalings themselves also get this in certain fics such as Without Bowser where they're portrayed as Spoiled Brats while Junior is the only one to show remorse over his father's death.
    • A Mushroom Kingdom Wedding has Pauline — normally a benevolent character who has an Amicable Exes relationship with Mario — team up with Bowser so they can ruin Mario and Peach's wedding so she can have Mario for herself. May also count as Die for Our Ship.
    • The 3 Little Princesses:
      • In the first run of the comic, Peach was exaggerated into a ditzy, self-centered Manchild who at least could understand when she went too far and make amends. Over the course of the second run, she devolves into thinking she has Protagonist-Centered Morality and beats up Rosalina just to undo Daisy's wish and retain being the popular one. She gets better later on, but it's still something far out of canon Peach's regular thought process.
      • A version of Daisy from the past takes over as the Big Bad and tries to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. She had the right to be mad after her own neglect and abuse, but jumping into being a conqueror is pretty hard to swallow for Daisy.
  • Touhou Project:
    • The Chinese Touhou doujin Yuyuko's Yukkuri Farm goes to the extreme and has Yuyuko raising yukkuris in order to eat their babies. The author is extremely fond of depicting Yuyuko as a sadist and has a major dislike of her.
    • A Dark Fic author by the name of Stripe Pattern believes Byakuren, a kind, selfless Buddhist magician who believes in equality between humans and youkais, is a psychotic monster. In Stripe Pattern's doujin Love and Peace, Byakuren is shown helping youkais slaughter humans for food before she was sealed, saying that since humans and youkais are equal, youkais eating humans is exactly the same as humans eating rice and fruit. The author actually quotes Byakuren's background to support the "fact" that she's evil. The same author also depicts Sanae, a happy-go-lucky ditz with racist tendencies and an overt fondness for youkai exterminationnote , as a very serious, sadistic Blood Knight who hates her own goddesses (people she loves in canon) who goes insane frequently.
    • One author, Zounose, has Byakuren come up with a way to keep the youkai she takes care of from eating people: use the corpses of recently dead babies to fertilize the fruit trees she grows, so that the resulting fruit technically counts as human fleshnote . Just so we're clear that the author doesn't consider this to be a good thing, everything is done in sinister tones and Byakuren chews on the flesh of one of the fruits, saying it's the secret to her youthnote , which is, for obvious reasons, a major no-no in Japan. Or anywhere else. The same artist also considers Sakuya to be willing to murder her own mistress, someone she's undyingly loyal to in canon.
    • There's a mildly popular series among a certain subset of fans revolving around Koishi, who can manipulate the subconscious, being a cannibalistic, sadistic psychopath who drives all of Gensokyo into mass murder and torture. Note that, in canon, Koishi is considered to be brain-dead, with absolutely no thoughts or personality of her own.note  That said, it should be noted that Koishi isn't the one causing the insanity, but was simply set up like this by the true antagonists so they could put Yukari in a position to be killed.
    • This is subverted in the doujin The Silence of the Rabbits, which depicts Eirin as a sadistic monster who does cruel experiments and is also a cannibal. The subversion is that this isn't the real Eirin, but a clone that Eirin created to manage the other clones that she created, but who went evil, incapacitated and imprisoned her. The clone wanted to come up with a poison that could kill a Hourai immortal, but despite her advances, she feared the original, and it turns out during the climactic battle between the Eirins that Eirin created her using the template for the Reisen clones rather than her own.
    • With some characters, it gets up to a Memetic Mutation, as shown on Memes.Touhou Project. The opposite is rarer, due to White-and-Grey Morality in canon.
  • Post-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, a notable streak formed in the fandom depicting Penelope's actions in the previous game in as negative a light as possible, and as having been Evil All Along. At least, from those fans who didn't take "the Penelope twist" as reason to disown the game entirely.
  • Undertale:
    • Chara/The Fallen Child's portrayals in fanon may or may not be this. The game isn't shy about being ambiguous in their personality, and leaves hints for both Chara being rotten to the core or the game's narrator on all routes, who has a sense of humor and compassion.
    • Asgore sometimes suffers from this in some fanworks, being depicted as a Crazy Jealous Guy or a Stalker with a Crush towards Toriel and a far worse person than he is in general. While Asgore is not exactly morally pure (it's hard to excuse killing six children and trying to commit genocide), the game goes out of its way to depict him as a fundamentally Nice Guy who felt he had no choice. And while he does wish to get back with them, he respects their choice and is shown in the ending working for them, which implies the two of them were able to mend their relationship somewhat.
    • This of course works the other way around: [[spoiler :Toriel]] is often made a bad person so Asgore can be seen as better than he actually is. A perfect example of this is the fic Broken Relationships, where sh
  • Final Fantasy X: In Crimson And Clover, Auron, the grumpy old samurai mentor, tries to rape someone.
  • Callisto Hime wrote some The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem that had this unfortunate effect with the characters in the latter franchise, mostly owing to her scarce knowledge of it at the time. The most notable example is Marth, who is portrayed in the story as being so desperate to save his nation from the incoming war, that he would break off his friendship with Link and take advantage of Zelda while she's emotionally vulnerable to sway her to his side, things that canon Marth, while suffering losses that take a heavy toll on him, would never resort to.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Klavier Gavin is one of the few rivals who isn't an Amoral Attorney, and is The Charmer. In these fics (hide your kids first), both by the same author, well... this comment left on one of the fics will explain:
      Okay, I know that Klavier can be mean(in a funny way) but THIS mean? That's sick. That's just sick! Maybe he likes Ema but not that much. Why would he rape her? I know its fanfiction but GAWD.
    • The fanfic Dirty Sympathy turns Butt-Monkey attorney who never seems to get respect from anyone Apollo Justice and Klavier into Amoral Attorneys who frame Kristoph Gavin and Daryan Crescend for the murders of Shadi Smith and Romein LeTouse just so they can get a Dirty Cop and another Amoral Attorney in jail/executed. However this is downplayed, as Klavier and Apollo are portrayed more sympathetically than Kristoph or Daryan.
    • Iris is sometimes changed from misguided but kind and well-intentioned person to Extreme Doormat who will do whatever her sister asks her to including murder. Case in point: This fic has her actively help murder Phoenix even though her canonical motivation for participating in Dahlia's necklace plot in the first place was to prevent her from doing just that.
  • Danganronpa's first playable character Makoto Naegi is shown to be one of the nicest characters in the series. However, played for Black Comedy in the YTP Dirty Danganronpa, (spoilers abound) he is transformed into the True Ultimate Despair who was responsible for every single bad thing in the series. If that wasn't enough, he's raped and murdered in order: Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Toko Fukawa, Byakuya Togami, Monokuma (though he was shoved up his butt), and even his little sister Komaru. Also he worships Satan and has apparently killed everyone else too.
    • In a more general example, Sayaka Maizono tends to be referred to as a "snake" and portrayed as a huge Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, who never once cared about Makoto because she tried to frame Makoto for murder, but was killed by her would-be victim instead. This is done in spite of Kyoko speculating that she left her Dying Clue out of remorse for what she tried to do rather than to get back at her killer (which is confirmed in the manga) and her Japanese voice actress confirming that she has genuine feelings for Makoto.
    • Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is perceived as a man-hater by a huge chunk of the fanbase. This is not true as Mahiru doesn't hate men, she just has high expectations of them as a result of having to take care of her lazy bum of a father, who she still loves regardless, while her mother was away back when she was younger.
    • Tenko Chabashira, Mahiru's Expy in the third game, is also made from someone who Does Not Like Men but eventually grows to respect Shuichi, into a full on domestic abuser Fetishized Abuser to our main characters or Himiko Yumeno constantly beating them up or aggressively demeaning them. A few fics even have Tenko as an Asshole Victim who was killed by Korekiyo Shinguchi to save her victim.
    • While Nagito Komaeda isn't exactly a nice, let alone sane guy, he's far from the Hajime raping psychopath who uses Cock and Ball Torture and BDSM on Hajime the fandom portrays him as. Various fanworks have Hajime or Nagito torturing each other for sexual pleasure when A. Hajime just wants to be friends with Nagito, and B. The feeling is mostly one sided on Nagito's part and he has no intention of hurting Hajime beyond what he does in canon.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY
    • In the fic Trials Of A Workaholic, Weiss is depicted as sexually abusive. This was apparently based off her Squeeing over Pyrrha's battle skills for all of two scenes. Why the author even thought that it was sexually motivated, we don't know.
    • In Pinned, Pyrrha—of all characters—is depicted as a rapist. This is the girl whose greatest canonical flaw is that she's so compassionate she can't speak up for herself.
    • Pyrrha is not the only example. Taiyang Xiao Long has been depicted a few times as being a poor parent to Yang or Ruby or, in the case of Fixing A Broken Mother, a terrible husband to Summer. Mind you, Taiyang's defining character trait is that of being the best father he can be to his children, exemplified by the fact that his Establishing Character Moment is of him sleeping in a chair at his comatose daughter's bedside, and had a Heroic BSoD upon Summer's death. Fans who prefer the theory that Qrow is Ruby's father often downplay Taiyang's relationship with Ruby, such as A Simple Request where Ruby wants her uncle to give her away on her wedding day because she's closer to him than she is with her father.
    • In The Plus One Of RWBY, Weiss is portrayed as greedy, short sighted and selfish, with all her canon acts being reinterpreted as one sided and all Rule of Funny thrown out. Her line "I'm not perfect, not yet" is considered a heinous act of arrogance, and causes the "hero" to go into a psychotic rage and considers killing her for it justified (he doesn't do it, but acts like not killing her is showing restraint and mercy)
    • The Betrayal Fic Queen of Grimm has Weiss and Pyrrha team up with CRDL to kill Ruby simply because they find her to be deadweight.
    • Learning To Bloom downplays Neptune's good elements and turns him into a womanizing Gold Digger towards Weiss, while Jaune is a suffocating boyfriend (bordering on Abhorrent Admirer) towards Pyrrha.
    • Second Summer has Taiyang manipulating Ruby into acting as a mini version of her mother Summer. This includes answering to Summer's name and having sex with him. Eventually Qrow finds out, kills Taiyang, and rescues his nieces.
    • The Volume 7 AU fic Ironside has this done to Team RWBY, Blake and Yang, specifically, as well as the Happy Huntresses. So far, their actions have proven to be harshly detrimental and the fic goes to show how said actions have repercussions which none suffered from in canon.
    • Coeur Al'Aran has a thing for this.
      • Many works where Team RWBY isn't part of the primary focus has them cast in a much more disparaging light, seeing them punished for civilian casualties that didn't exist in canon or giving them In-Universe Protagonist-Centered Morality. Null takes this to its logical extreme, with the team uncaring about said civilian casualties and coming off almost worse than the actual villains of the ficnote , but A Rabbit Among Wolves and Professor Arc hits them with Adaptational Dumbass and have them the subject of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for their canon actions.
      • Ozpin is subjected to this more often than not. His personality is often heavily changed to make him less benevolent and well-intentioned, though how it's done depends on the genre. In more comedic works like the aforementioned Professor Arc, Ozpin is often made an Adaptational Jerkass and Adaptational Dumbass, being made out as the butt of numerous jokes while his canon plans are mocked relentlessly. In more drama-focused works, Ozpin is given Adaptational Villainy, being made very duplicitous and monstrous in his own right, with a willingness to sacrifice anything if it means stopping Salem.

    Web Comic 
  • The Petri Dish: While Thaddeus Euphemism isn't perfect, he ultimately means well. In The Peutrid Dish, however, he's outright evil. Justified as it's implied he lives in a parallel universe from the canon Thaddeus.
  • Sleepless Domain: A major turn of events in the comic occurs when Cassidy accuses main character Undine of somehow being responsible for the fate of her former teammates — three of whom were killed in action, while the fourth gave up her powers to save Undine's life. An over-the-top Dark Parody fan comic takes Cassidy's tactless accusation and runs with it, as Cassidy awakens chained up in Undine's Torture Cellar where she extracts girls' powers before killing them.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: Be My Escape does this to Princess Bubblegum, as she goes from a sweet, smart girl who occasionally acts somewhat Cute and Psycho to an Ax-Crazy, sociopathic, (implied) pedophile.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius surreal parody animation "Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour" depicts Hugh Neutron as a maniac who murders his wife apropos of nothing and demands that his son "bond with him" by watching TV at gunpoint. In the series proper, he is a kind Bumbling Dad.
  • Amphibia: does this with two sets of characters who, as of Season 3A, have never appeared on screen, but whose scarce details have been used to explain the issues of two characters to assist in their flaw reduction or offer freudian excuses to.
    • Marcy's parents have the most between them having actual offscreen lines and a holiday letter sent to them. This one scene was them arguing with Marcy over a genuinely stressful topic that they were moving, a revelation that Marcy takes very badly. Marcy's father has two lines, neither of which are particularly harsh with the harshest being telling her to 'get back here young lady' as Marcy runs out of the house, possibly after breaking something but definitely because their thirteen year old daughter ran out of the house in tears. From this fans, occasionally bolstered by a few of Marcy's other quirks like liking escapist fantasy, have decided that they, or more specifically Mr. Wu, is various forms of emotionally and verbally abusive, and is near always the homophobic parent if Marcy is paired with Anne and/or Sasha. Mrs. Wu, who gets one line, is this to a lesser extent, just as likely to be as bad as fans dub her husband as to be the good parent of the two.
    • Sasha's parents have only said holiday letter sent to them as any context of who they are, as their daughter has pretty much never referenced them. However, partially because Sasha doesn't mention them at all and partially becuase of Sasha's more obvious and extensive list of problems the two are made out to be every sort of bad parenting trope in the book. They are negilent, controlling, verbally abusive, constantly fighting, and everything else that could cause a girl to develop a litany of issues that range from control freak tendencies to a disregard for rules and consequences. All that is known about them in canon meanwhile, is that they get two letters, implying separation. From this and nothing else the fandom has more or less decided they are terrible parents who are to blame for Sasha's issues.
  • Arthur:
    • Proper Discipline:
      • Proper Discipline turns the spoiled 4-year-old D.W. into an outright Enfante Terrible with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She set her house on fire for petty reasons and is almost completely unrepentant (her only qualm being that her Grandma Thora was accidentally killed in the fire). She also causes Tommy Tibble to go deaf by blaring loud music in his ears during a Kindergarten classroom tantrum, again showing no remorse for it.
      • Mr. Ratburn, it turns out, is jailed for stealing Mrs. Tibble's identity and confesses to the police that he had an affair with Millicent Crosswire, spilling dirt on the Crosswire's less-than-honest business dealings, getting them arrested as well.
      • And to round out the trifecta, Arthur's aunt and uncle (Cousin Mo's parents) are apparently mobsters as well.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • The character most commonly and most extremely demonized is Azula. She is flanderized from being a Magnificent Bastard brought down by a Villainous Breakdown due to emotional and psychological turmoil to an Ax-Crazy Psycho Lesbian who rapes and tortures enemy and ally alike, abuses animals, and lacks all redeeming qualities from the show. This perception is so prevalent that it is taken as canon by much of the fanbase and is not merely limited to fanfiction. Karmic Rape against Azula is a disturbingly common trope in fanfics due to this.
    • Mai in the fan comic How I Became Yours. Because how dare the woman be angry that her husband cheated on her and had a kid with another woman? Clearly she deserves to be killed. Admittedly, she poisons Katara, causing her to miscarry, and later tries to kill her personally, almost killing the Out of Character but Heel Face Turned Azula in the process, but she comes off as more reasonable and sympathetic than the author intended her to be, which is surprising considering how much the author tried to derail and demonize her.
    • Aang in this Toph/Katara fic, Do You Hate Me?, is twisted into a swearing, angry jackass who throws rocks and hurts Toph on purpose. Granted, this does take place during "The Desert" and he was angry at Toph for not saving Appa, but he'd never go out of his way to hurt her. He, in fact, became upset after intentionally hurting buzzard-wasp hybrid creatures. It's also incredibly out of character for Toph since the canon Toph wouldn't put up with that sort of treatment from him for anymore than a second. She's someone who invented an entirely new form of bending to kick someone's ass in a manner more humiliating than the normal Curb-Stomp Battle she'd deliver, after all.
    • Embers. Katara's season three rage over Zuko getting Aang mostly-killed after she'd started to trust him is transposed into a season one homicidal fury that Zuko is of the Fire Nation and has the nerve to be a better healer than she is. Since then, Katara has been publicly humiliated by the amazing Zuko in three or four different ways and has been reclaimed as an acceptable being. Of course, the fic then goes on to use both Zuko and Katara to give this treatment to Aang, who is now a horrible, selfish boy who's deeply intolerant of everything that doesn't fit into his childhood culture (which by the way is secretly evil).
    • Aang gets hit with this again in Stormbenders, where he's painted as a whiny, unsympathetic child who only cares about his love for Katara and isn't worthy of being The Hero the way Zuko is. Doubles as Accusation Fic in which Sokka brutally calls him out for "not keeping up his end of the Avatar bargain" and blaming him for the invasion's failure when in canon, he blamed himself.
    • Mended is a Zuko/Katara fic that revolves around Katara and her infant daughter being kicked out by an emotionally and physically abusive Aang. This leads Katara to run to Zuko for sanctuary.
  • Batman Beyond: Where's Max shifts Dana from her canon Nice Girl characterization into an outright villain who orchestrates Max's kidnapping out of jealousy over Terry.
  • Sarah from The Boondocks gets this a lot. She is a bit domineering, is a little flirty towards men, and can get bored with Tom but is still presented as in love with him. In fanworks Sarah will frequently cheat on Tom and is sometimes even abusive towards Tom or Jazmine. For example, Chasing Pavements has her cheating on Tom multiple times and turning to drug-dealing and prostitution after he divorces her. She's portrayed as abusive towards Jazmine, to the point where Jazmine disowns the person she has become.
  • Code Lyoko fans who love to ship Odd/Aelita tend to do this to Jeremie in their fanfics, often twisting him into a possessive Jerkass that abuses and insults Aelita. An example can be found here .
  • In Daria, this has happened to just about every character at some point, due to the fandom's penchant for Darker and Edgier or Dark Fics:
    • An odd but notable case is Skylar Feldman. A one-off character who basically served as a Spear Counterpart for Quinn, there have been multiple fics that depict him as an insane rapist or murderer, such as "Sins of the Past." It's become a bit of a fandom joke at this point, with No Fourth Wall fics having him wonder why everybody thinks he's a psychopath.
    • Naturally, Die for Our Ship has had quite an effect on Tom, but given his Scrappy status he gets it outside of shipping too. Again, somewhat of a fandom joke at this point, with the Fan Nickname "T(h)om" for (often over-the-top) evil depictions.
    • The Fate Summer Lane Deserved does this to Summer Lane, turning her into an abusive drug addict who has sex for money and possibly drugs and used sex to pay off a CPS agent who came to investigate her. She's apparently so terrible her kids are perfectly fine leaving her to die of a overdose and nobody in her family thinks to pay for a burial or funeral, leaving her to be forgotten in an unmarked grave.
    • Young Love does this to Brian Taylor. While he is already a perfect example of Kids Are Cruel in canon, the fanfic throws all pretense to the wind by having him rape Tricia Gupty. Though, it also turns him into a Woobie, as it's revealed he was molested by his mother, which his father blamed him for and which is implied to have turned him into the person he became.
  • The Fairly OddParents: It's Not Your Fault takes place six years post-series. It's never mentioned what happened to Trixie, but it's implied that Tad and Chad, two boys she hangs out with, raped her at her 16th birthday party.
  • Invader Zim: Born Again Christian does this to poor Dib, who's an anti-heroic Well-Intentioned Extremist in canon, but in the fic is literally The Antichrist.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Jade Chan is a unique case, since she's made more evil in a specific way, and not by haters. Many fans enjoyed Jade's portrayal as the evil Queen of the Shadowkhan and so have dedicated entire stories to turning her back into the Queen. Project Darkjade is dedicated to works based on this premis.
  • Jem:
    • Clash is usually just an annoying Misfits Loony Fan and an Attention Whore. The GI Joe crossover oneshot When the Venom Stings has her joining Cobra and becoming a terrorist.
    • Flash Forward Fic Starlight Is For Always has some pretty grim futures for several of the minor villainous characters. Most obviously, the oddball-but-mostly-benevolent Evil Genius Techrat is in prison for child molestation charges, while the more-annoying-than-anything Small Name, Big Ego fangirl Clash was killed in a drug deal gone wrong.
    • Riot in Ultimate Misfits is more of a sleeze than in canon. He flirts with women who don't want his attention and he tries to continue flirting with Kimber even after Roxy tells him that she's seventeen and too young for him.
  • The Jetsons:
    • In the NSFW fanfic George Jetson: the Competition:
      • George rapes Jane and Judy for "acting like whores". He's also attracted to Judy and has erotic dreams about her.
      • Elroy is a Dirty Kid who's sexually attracted to his teacher, mother, and sister. He even tries to have sex with all of them.
      • Judy is also a pervert, who's attracted to Jane, and Astro (who's a dog). She also goes along with it when Elroy tries to have sex with her.
      • Jane cheats on George with Mr. Spacely (to be fair, that was because of drugs but then she doesn't care), and she goes along with both of her kids' Oedipus complexes on her.
    • Zigzagged for the Robot Chicken parody where George is killed, but it's unknown who did it. Astro and Rosie are suspects, though.
  • Kim Possible: Paragon (Kim Possible) turns Josh Mankey into a murderous monster who emotionally manipulates Kim. He's only dating her because he wants to revive his deceased mother by using Kim's body as a vessel.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Not only does Abuse Cycle (found here) take the Mako/Korra relationship down the road of Domestic Abuse and murder, but the author's notes make it clear that they think the signs of it on Mako's part are self evident in the show itself.
    • Voices (found here) does a bizarre inversion. The narrator (Korra's noncanon adopted sister) quickly falls for and latches onto Mako, while Korra is portrayed as being an irresponsible ditz who has no sense of manners or responsibility and needs her sister to be her "manager", because she can't take her Avatar training seriously (ignoring how, in canon, Korra loved being the Avatar more than anything). Given that the author proclaimed a rather loud hatred of Asami, in the notes of another fic, it's no surprise that she turns out to be an Equalist Sympathizer with little to no sympathy once she's found out.
    • A fic called High School Romance (which can be found here, if one were really that curious) turns the sheltered but sweet and painfully honorable Asami into a shallow, spiteful Alpha Bitch. As per the previous example, this is the result of the author unabashedly hating the character for getting in the way of Makorra.
  • The Loud House:
    • The Troll Fic Itty Bitty Bobby does this to Lori. While she isn't exactly a saint in canon, one of her endearing qualities is her love for Bobby; this fic completely turns that on its head by having Lori cruelly break up with Bobby after discovering he has a Teeny Weenie and then humiliating him by taking a picture of it and sending it around to the entire school, ensuring his reputation would be ruined and he'd never get another date. It also does this to Lincoln, as it's implied he apparently tricked Leni into giving him handjobs, claiming it was "exercise".
    • In Lincoln is Done, Lincoln disowns his sisters, punches Lola in the face twice (hard enough to draw blood), and calls them gendered slurs, up to and including harlot. Also, nobody shows remorse for Lola being punched in the face. Exaggerated in its parody, Lincoln is Dumb, which has Lincoln outright try to kill Lola.
    • Violated turns Lori's friend Whitney into a Manipulative Bitch who rapes Bobby.
    • In Diary of Luan Loud, Luan is a psychopath who rapes Lincoln, wants to kill her siblings and cat, tells antisemitic jokes, berates Luna for being bi, is turned on by her six-year-old twin sisters being injured, and her pranks are way more mean-spirited than in canon.
    • In A Town Hates a Boy, Lisa calls Lincoln dispensable.
  • In the Martha Speaks fanfiction Martha Reeks, Mariella regrets ever giving birth to Helen and calls her "Hellspawn".
  • Then there's the biggest victim of this, or about as close to a victim that a cartoon can be anyway, Mickey Mouse. Anytime people want to take shots at Disney, Mickey's the one who gets the short-straw, portrayed as a Corrupt Corporate Executive with no shreds of the Nice Guy All-Loving Hero he is in canon. It gets especially jarring when you consider how no other big mascot of a widely mocked company gets the same treatment (Bugs or Daffy whenever Warner Bros(Or Michigan J. Frog, who has been depicted as a corrupt boss of Warner Bros. before, making him a good candidate). is mocked for example), it's just Mickey who gets treated as a company sock-puppet. Whether it's South Park making repeated jokes about it, internet shows making a rather Shallow Parody, or people saying Mickey blackmailed Nintendo into adding Sora into Smash lest they be bought out by them (Something that would more likely horrify Sora), Mickey never seems to get a break from this.
    • While not on as big a scale as Mickey, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit winds up joining his "little brother" in this trope, many depicting him as still resenting Mickey or even turning evil over it. We'll ignore that Oswald, while certainly resenting Mickey at first, never really went through with trying to replace him (The worst he did being siccing some Spatters on him.), and eventually grew to care about him.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Subverted in The Awful Truth About The Powerpuff Girls. The fanfic reveals that Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane are evil siblings working together to use the Powerpuff Girls to control the world; however, it turns out everything is a film that the characters are in.
  • Recess: Time and Time Again turns Principal Prickly into a child molester who abuses TJ.
  • Rugrats: Drew Pickles is often portrayed as a misogynistic, sadistic homosexual rapist courtesy of the Barney Bunch videos who would stop at nothing to get the satisfaction he needs.
  • The Secret Show: Sneaky Agent and other fanfics written by agentmatt portray Alphonse, normally a gentle Italian artist and Anita Knight's canon boyfriend, as a sadistic asshole bent on killing Victor Volt because he stole his girl.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
    • Both Glimmer and Catra are flawed characters, who have similar personality traits but different value systems: they both have a jealous and possessive streak, they both crave validation, they're both prone to assuming they're in the right even when they're not, they're both reckless and aggressive, and they both make some really big mistakes that they're going to have their hands full making up for. Because certain fringes of the fanbase have a problem with nuance, however (and their status as Adora's two most plausible romantic partners does not help with this), you get some really wild attempts to whitewash one of them by dragging the other through the mud: either Catra's moments of guilt and compassion are erased to portray her as an irredeemable, abusive monster, or Glimmer's occasional insensitivity and her ruthless streak are exaggerated into her being a completely unempathetic borderline sadist, overlooking that she can also be very kind and loyal (the latter may be slightly more common due to the sheer popularity of Catradora). And so you get things like attempts to portray Glimmer giving Catra a very brief electric shock during their battle in "Pulse" as some sort of display of horrible cruelty, but Catra's clearly extremely painful attempt to electrocute Adora in "Flutterina" is brushed under the rug (and this is just an example, similar nonsense occurs in reverse).
    • An interesting variation. Hordak most certainly is a villain, but you will find people who would rather gloss over his more sympathetic aspects, portray him as an irredeemable monster, and argue against the sympathy the show gives him. Many of them were not overjoyed when Hordak made a Heel–Face Turn in Season 5.
  • The Sidekick fic Lost and Found does this to Vana, who, while already an Alpha Bitch and a selfish jerkass, at least had the occasional flash of kindness towards Eric, Trevor and Kitty. This fic takes it so far, she may as well be Satan. She's turned into an abusive girlfriend to Eric after he uses the Ga-Ga Goggles on her, in which after a brief period of kindness, she goes mad and forces him to build a statue of her, throws her own mother out of her own mansion, makes him give up the Sidekick Academy to get a job, refuses to pay the power bills in her mansion and forces Eric to do it instead, stabs him with needles, forces him to watch her kissing several other boys, and near the end of the fic it's revealed she never was affected by the Ga-Ga Goggles, and everything she did was of her own volition. It also turns out she was the one who caused Maxum Man to go missing by kidnapping him, jealous that he chose Eric over her, and she then goes on to attempt to kill Kitty and actually kills Trevor when he tries to stop her, before finally being killed herself by Eric.
  • The Simpsons:
  • South Park: The fanfic Strike is written by an author who hates the depicted pairing, and it shows. In this fic, set many years after canon, Stan (nicknamed "Darth Stan" by the reviewers) is turned into a possessive Control Freak that commits Domestic Abuse, who beats Wendy regularly, so much so that he caused her to have five miscarriages before the story even starts. He constantly belittles her intelligence and prevents her from getting a job (even though he spends all of their money on alcohol) and continually uses their son as emotional blackmail, constantly threatening to take him away from her because of her alleged bad parenting, blaming her for the kid's slow language development. He is convinced that she is cheating on him, and even goes so far as to shoot and kill her out of irrational jealousy. Though this turns out to just be part of a story-within-a-story, the rest of the abuse is not, as the story was written by another character in order to deter Wendy from going back to him. It is quite difficult to imagine the canonical Stan doing anything like this, let alone the canonical Wendy allowing the relationship to deteriorate to this point to begin with. The other characters aren't any more in-character: Kyle is Stupid Neutral about the whole thing, Cartman is the one to take initiative in getting Wendy out, and Heidi and Bebe somehow get convinced, using the same flimsy logic as Stan, that Wendy is trying to steal Cartman from Heidi, though they see reason at the end.
  • Sure, the eponymous character of SpongeBob SquarePants can be annoying and troublesome, but he is still well intended. Despite this, many people who believe that the cartoon suffered Seasonal Rot, will paint him as a Villain Protagonist, who annoys or causes trouble on purpose. The fanfic, Squidward Wins! is a notable example.
  • Steven Universe:
    • The violent Troll Fic Steven And Amethyst 2: The Choice Between Good And Evil, from the same author as the above stories that do this to Hiccup, portrays Connie as a psychotic, unclean, partial Asian stereotypenote  who's trying to break up Amethyst and Steven to have Steven for herself. This might have been a Stealth Parody of guessing that she would be subjected to Die for Our Ship, since this was published around Connie's debut and beforehand pairings like Steven/Amethyst and Steven/Pearl were popular.
    • The Jasper/Greg-themed humanized Alternate Universe Fic No One Said Life Was Gonna Be Fair features a largely unsympathetic cast. Jasper's wife Lapis abuses her and cheats on her with her friend Peridot, all while constantly accusing Jasper of infidelity (Peridot herself is also cheating on her own long-time girlfriend Amethyst). Pearl is Steven's main mother and is a shrill harpy who loathes Greg and wants him out of Steven's life, while her Posthumous Character lover Rose essentially just used Greg as a sperm donor without telling him.
    • Mellow Frames, a screenshot-based Abridged Series, does this to Rose Quartz, showcasing her as a heartless sociopath. Later, the events of the canonical Steven Universe: The Movie ended up popularizing this view of the character in various other fan works.
    • Fangame Flawed Crystals is an interesting example. Steven's canonical actions are framed as a selfish desire to ignore everybody else's problems, avoid hard questions, and only get what he wants, but the good ending relies on the idea that Steven is capable of genuine growth and being a good person, and his worst traits are framed as the result of The Corruption. Word of God confirms that this is their attempt to resolve Steven's early portrayal (which they genuinely liked) with his later actions.
    • Sex, Lies, And Diamonds portrays the Crystal Gems and Blue and Yellow Diamond as groomers and sexually abuse Steven.
  • Teen Titans:
    • It's hard to tell in The End of Ends, but the author was aiming for this portrayal of the Titans, even though Beast Boy's Wangst, stalking, descent into outright villainy, and eventual death are behavior commonly associated with characters who get this treatment. The strangest thing about this is that he's the Creator's Pet.
    • Return of a Titan by RainthelingeringSentiment shows Robin to be a Manipulative Bastard who threw Beast Boy out of the team because he feared him as a romantic rival for Starfire, believing Starfire was attracted to him. At the end of the fic, Robin becomes Slade's apprentice and Star ends up with Red X.
  • Total Drama:
    • Geoff in Total Drama Luxury Tour. About a third of the way into the story, he goes from being one of the nicer competitors (as he is in canon) to being insane and overly violent, with one of his actions even giving Trent a serious injury that forces him to be removed from the game. After his elimination, he is shown to become so crazy that all he can say is "Bridgette," the name of his ex-girlfriend.
    • Total Drama: Some Stars gives us Mike, The Generic Nice Guy in canon, and the Establishing Character Moment of imitating Manitoba Smith to make his wife cry. This is explained in-universe as expanding upon the implied Split-Personality Merge after the much-reviled Reset Button in the finale of All Stars. By Word of God, this was used as an excuse to remove Mike first, considering his canonical character boring and offensive (ironically, the writers of the fic like this Mike better than his canon self, since they feel he's an actually rounded character like this), since they felt they just had to feature him in a season where an entire team is a recognized Spotlight-Stealing Squad. He does, however, retain his canonical concern for Zoey, and even has a few moments where he's regretfully aware that he's becoming crueler.
    • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite gives us Cody, who is the least favourite character of both of the fic's authors. In canon, he was indeed a perverted dweeb with hopeless delusions of being a cool ladies man, but despite that, he was also a nice and friendly person who was very much capable of being respectful and gentlemanly when he wanted his beloved to be happy (as was the case when Gwen hooked up with Trent, which he actually helped with making happen). In this story, he has none of his redeeming qualities and is instead depicted as a dirty liar and a selfish jerkass whose aforementioned I Want My Beloved to Be Happy moment was secretly a shallow attempt by him to make Gwen like him even more.
  • Transformers fan Raksha has a whole series of essays detailing how the Decepticons are the truly oppressed minority and actually noble creatures (yes, even Starscream and Megatron) and that the Autobots are the bad guys.
  • Winx Club: Prince Sky of Eraklyon is a tame example of this trope not because he's bashed less but because, viewed through a more objective lent, his canonical flaws are pretty nasty and he frequently comes off as Unintentionally Unsympathetic. The narrative presents him as the perfect, brave prince charming. In-Universe, he has been unfaithful to his fiancée Diaspro and his Love Interest Bloom by two-timing them, accused Bloom of cheating him (with an older man nonetheless), stalked her to prove his claims, and treated his cousin Thoren because the latter ran off to get help while Sky stubbornly tried to fend off assassins (they were kids at the time). As fans grew up and society became less sexist, fans had a bad case of Broken Pedestal with him and portrayed him if not as an outright villain, at least as a Dogged Nice Guy in fanfics.
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Not Just A Sleepover (found here) states right at the beginning that it's for non-Jean and Cyclops fans, and just gets worse from there.
    • Tsunami (found here) depicts Jean Grey as a cliche Alpha Bitch, with everyone vocally denouncing her as a two-faced bitch, all while her powers are degraded to Pre-Claramont Comics Jean level in order to "fix" how "perfect" she is.
    • In Diamonds Are A Fuzzy Dudes Best Friend (here) Cyclops and Jean get this treatment. Jean gets pretty much nothing but abuse from Emma Frost with everyone stating how she 'deserves' it, while Cyclops is depicted as a moron who just follows either Jean or Xavier's every word.
    • Logan Vs Lance (here) has Avalanche portrayed as a cheating, abusive, Bastard Boyfriend to motivate the X-Men to beat him up so Kitty would have a reason to break up with him.
    • Web Of Shadows turns Rogue into a mean spirited Satanist. (here). Although it's worth noting that the whole thing is a Troll Fic and a Stealth Parody of Spider-Man's resident Canon Sue Carlie Cooper and of this type of Character Derailment. In the former ending before it was continued, it turned Carlie Cooper and all poorly written characters into evil entities that try to take over fictional universes.

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