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Tercera caída!
You can't believe all the things I've done wrong in my life.
Without even trying, I've lived on the edge of a knife.
When I play with fire,
I don't want to get myself burned.
To thine own self be true,
So I think that it's time for a turn....
— "Burn In Hell" by Twisted Sister

Tropes about characters shifting on the morality axis, redemption and corruption.

See Sorting Algorithm Of Face Heel Turning for a sheet of factors figuring into the probability of a turn.

This is a sub-index of Betrayal Tropes. Spoilers abound.


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    Good to Evil 

    Neutral to Aligned 
  • Adopt the Dog
    A character with no real stake in the fight takes an interest in Team Good.
  • Neutral No Longer
    The general trope for any morality switch from neutral to good or neutral to evil.
    • Awakening the Sleeping Giant
      The heroes or villains do something to arouse the enmity of a powerful but neutral faction.
    • Heroic Neutral
      A hero who would just as soon be left alone becomes involved in the plot.
    • Default to Good
      If the plot comes down to whether an unaligned loner will choose Team Good or Team Evil, they will almost always choose Team Good.
  • Loner-Turned-Friend
    A solitary character becomes a member of a group of friends/allies.

    Evil to Good 


The alignment change of an individual character may be caused by (or have repercussions on) their relationship with others.

    Specific Aversions/Subversions 
... where an alignment shift should occur but does not.


Alternative Title(s): Face Heel Index