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Hedonism is about making pleasure and happiness a high priority. Everyone wants to be happy, right?

Tropes about this hedonism can be divided into two categories. First, we have Ethical Hedonism, which is about caring about everyone's happiness (including one's own) in a responsible manner. On this good side, we have all reasonable versions of the philosophy of Ethical Hedonism. We also have a general desire for general happiness, based on empathy rather than philosophy.

On the other hand, we have non-ethical hedonism, which fails by being too shortsighted, misguided, uncontrolled, egocentric, selfish or similar. On this bad side, we have everything from a juvenile quest for instant gratification to the joy of harassing innocent people. Here is also room for misguided utilitarian extremists as well as strawmen and Straw Hypocrites who conveniently "forget" that other people have feelings too.

There is also another division, this time in scale. The hedonism can be either on a macro level, affecting everyone or at least a lot of people. Or it can be on a micro level, affecting only Bob and Alice and the people closest to them. On the Micro side, we have people simply living their lives. On the Macro side we have those who try to bring happiness to everyone, or at least a wider circle of people than themselves and their personal circle of friends.

Because of the natural tendency to simplify things, Ethical Hedonism is sometimes known as Utilitarianism or Teleology. This is practically true, since Ethical Hedonism is the most widespread form of Utilitarianism and Utilitarianism is the most widespread form of Teleology. However, it is slightly inaccurate to call Teleology the same thing as Ethical Hedonism, since:

  • Teleological morality is the theory that actions should be judged by their results rather than by what principles they follow. The contrast is Deontology, the theory that actions should be judged by what principles they are based on rather than what results the actions have.
  • Utilitarianism is the theory that the desirable results to aim for is to maximize the good and minimize the bad.
  • Ethical Hedonism is the theory that the Good is happiness, pleasure, et cetera, while the bad is sorrow, suffering, et cetera.

See the useful notes page. Also, the other Wiki, for more on Hedonism, Utilitarianism, Teleology, and various relevant philosophers.

Together, the two divisions forms four boxes. Several tropes fit into one of these boxes:

* Ethical Non-ethical
Macro For Happiness * Chaotic Good * Neutral Good * Lawful Good * Free-Love Future Totalitarian Utilitarian * Well-Intentioned Extremist * Utopia Justifies the Means
Micro Safe, Sane, and Consensual * Ethical Slut * Good Bad Girl * Chivalrous Pervert The Hedonist * Chaotic Evil * Chaotic Neutral * For the Evulz * Lovable Sex Maniac * Sadist * Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny

Please note that hedonism tropes are tropes about how to value happiness etc rather than about specific kinds of happiness, love or pleasure. Also, when adding a trope that fits this index, please add it both above (in a box or the list of related tropes) and in the index below. However, do not add counterexamples (such as the deontology tropes For Great Justice and Principles Zealot) to the index.

Tropes related to hedonistic morality include: