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"Miserable" is a single by Alternative Rock group Lit. The song is from their album A Place in The Sun. The song charted #3 on the US Modern Rock Tracks and is one of the band's biggest hits, along with "My Own Worst Enemy".

Although it was a major hit in its own right, the song is best remembered for its music video. It features the band (A.J. Popoff on vocals, Jeremy Popoff on lead guitar, Allen Shellenburger on drums, and Kevin Baldes on bass) performing the song for a giant woman (played by special guest star Pamela Anderson) while climbing on and exploring different parts of her body. The video helped keep the song holding onto its number three spot just as it seemed like its run was about to peter out, and for many, the video is far more well known than the song itself. It might even be the most well known thing they've ever done.


The video itself can be viewed here.

"Miserable" contains examples of:

  • As Herself: Zigzagged. The giantess is sometimes named as her actress Pamela Anderson, but other times she's credited as Vallery Irons.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: In this case, attack of the 50 ft woman in a bikini. Though it's less "attack" and more "Lounge around while a band uses her body as a performance area."
  • Anti-Love Song: As you can guess from the title, the relationship A.J. is singing about isn't a very positive one. And if that's not enough, the chorus even says "You make me completely miserable."
  • Bare Your Midriff: The giant woman is sporting this, thanks to wearing only a bikini.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: Done not once, but twice in the chorus. At first it seems like they're saying "You make me cum", then it sounds like they're saying "You make me complete", and finally, they finish the sentence as "You make me completely miserable".
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  • Last-Second Word Swap: The chorus goes You make me come/You make me complete/You make me completely miserable.
  • Literal Man Eater: At the end, after luring them into a false sense of security by letting them walk all over her body, and flirtatiously waving, giggling, and smiling at them, the giant woman eats the band members one by one.
  • Nice Shoes: As always, Jeremy Popoff, the band's lead guitarist, is rocking his custom-made white-flame sneakers (dubbed "Hot Rods") in the video. After Pamela/Vallery swallows him, she spits out one of these white-flame shoes, which gets treated to a Dead Hat Shot.
  • Ode to Intoxication: If not interpreted as an anti-love song, it could be seen as being about addiction.
  • Side Boob: Despite the slightly sports bra like nature of the bikini top, the video still features a couple shots of side boob while Pam is swaying to the band's music. Which adds to the Fanservice-y and Male Gaze-y nature of the video.
  • Spit Out a Shoe: After eating Jeremy, the giant woman spits out one of his white-flame sneakers.


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