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"Name: Wilma. I'm what's known as a 'takeover artist', wanted in 30 states for hijacking fiction. [You've] probably seen my face at the post office for terrorizing those book-of-the-month-club romance novels. Now, if this is the first time you've had a story hijacked, well buckle up, 'cause I'm. In. Charge."

A Hostile Show Takeover is an episode in which a (lead) character is somehow indisposed, and the rest of the cast scrambles to oust that character, taking over the role or pitching their own concept in a quickly created audition.

This probably requires the characters to actually be aware they're in a show, at least for that episode, but comes up in cartoons frequently.

Hopefully, we won't have to deal with this here. Waluigi once tried to take over this page, and we had to send him elsewhere. He might be still lurking around here, though.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • The supporting cast of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Don Patch in particular, attempt this frequently, though considering Bo-Bobo is an Invincible Hero and they are collectively The Chew Toy their attempts don't exactly succeed.
  • In Combat Mecha Xabungle, Hora at first thinks that he is the main character, and once he realizes that he isn't, becomes determined to take the title from Jiron, so he can get his happy ending. Hilarity Ensues as it tends to on this show.
  • The Cowboy Bebop preview for "Jupiter Jazz Part I" (following the bizarre ending of "Toys in the Attic") contains Ed proclaiming that the rest of the crew all died and that the show will now be called "Cowgirl Ed" before the other Not Quite Dead crew members butt in and silence her. The voiceover, of course, does not match the actual pictures of the preview at all.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Kai Captain Ginyu does this in one of the On the Next segments after body swapping with Goku. He says the show will now be Ginyu Force Kai and that he will do the narration from now on. Dragon Ball Z Abridged does a similar joke, with the Ginyu Force taking over the opening for the duration of their appearance on the show.
  • Gintama:
    • A variant occurs in episode 8. At the beginning of the episode, Gintoki is asleep, and the sponsors get frustrated and forego the opening to cut to the filming of a Shinsengumi mockumentary (tying into the A-plot of Kondou's obsessive love for Otae). Ten minutes later, when Gintoki is approached by Shinpachi, he goes off into a rant about being left out for so long and then scrambles to retain his position as main character when Shinpachi mentions the Shinsengumi would replace him if he didn't shape up.
    • In the manga, played for slightly more drama in the Kintama arc.
  • Hoshin Engi:
    • Taikobo's rationale for fighting Zhou's spy boils down to worrying that this is about to be enacted on him. Though as is usual for him, Taikobo has an ulterior motive — to get the spy on his side, which first requires her to start thinking more positively of his side. He does this by setting up a festival with their fight as the centerpiece, which has some of Taikobo's allies cheering her on.
    • When Taikobo seemingly dies fighting Chou Komei, the villain, after mourning his opponent, proceeds to celebrate the manga's end, roll the credits and introduce his new manga that will replace this story. After a few pages though, Yozen and Genshi Tenson interrupt the show and everything goes back to normal.
  • In episode 12 of Jewelpet Sunshine, Kurara becomes a Magical Girl Warrior with the help of Angela. The narrator announces that the show will be replaced by Magical Girl Jewel Kurara, but the rest of the characters present put a stop to it.
  • In Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, after ZZ thinks he killed Jotaro, he boasts that he managed to end of the 3rd JoJo series early, only for Jotaro to pop out of the ground and ask "And who's going to be the main character, you?".
  • Sort-of happens in the penultimate episode of Kill la Kill, when Nui (who already has a history of screwing with the fourth wall) hijacks the end credits so that Ragyo can show off her One-Winged Angel form.
  • In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, King Dedede made an attempt to create an anime about himself, dubbed "Hoshi No Dedede" note  hoping to bash Kirby with it, not only it failed miserably, he needed Kirby to voice himself.
  • In Kill Me Baby, I-er, The Unused Character, tries to take over the show and gain revenge on Yasuna and Sonya for pushing me-Her out of the main cast.
  • In Medaka Box, Ajimu has this as her ultimate plan. She believes that she's a character in a manga and recognizes Medaka as one of the rare individuals who will change history, a "main character". Since she realizes there's no way the main character will lose, she instead encourages Zenkichi to take over the main character spot by defeating Medaka in the upcoming student council elections.
  • In one chapter of Mirumo de Pon!!, Murumo is quick to declare the manga's end after his older brother gets konked on the head and the start of a new manga ("Lovely Fairy Murumo de Pon!"), despite Mirumo's protests that he isn't dead.
  • The opening theme for Miyakawa Ke no Kuufuku - as seen in the DVD release - starts to show the Lucky Star logo before Hikage runs in to cover it up.
  • This is Downplayed in the anime version of Monster Musume. In the episode that introduces MON, the ending theme for the anime(MON centric) is played as the opening theme. The regular opening theme (main cast centric) is played for the ending credits.
  • Downplayed with My Hero Academia during the Villain side of the Meta Liberation Army arc. While the title is changed to "My Villain Academia" with a more sickly design, neither do the League of Villains or U.A High interact with each other during this time due to the former's own problems against the Meta Liberation Army.
  • In the last My-Otome omake, the characters were literally fighting over who should have the lead role in the show's direct-to-video sequel.
  • A Naruto Shippuden Omake had Shikamaru trying to get the series re-named Shikamaru Shippuden, on the logic that the titular character wasn't scheduled to do anything significant for a while. Naruto protested, only to look through the manga and realize, to his horror, Shikamaru had a point...
  • In a Ninja Hattori-kun chapter, the title character disappears, and Kemumaki declares the show is now Ninja Kemumaki-kun. Then, the series opening apears with Kemumaki, in Hattori's place, saying his name over the title song every time Hattori's name would be said.
  • Ninja Nonsense has Sasuke taking over the first half of episode 11. Or so it seems.
  • The Team Rocket trio has expressed a desire to become the star of Pokémon: The Series. In the form of karaoke.
    • In the Best Wishes! episode where Ash gets his eighth Unova League badge, Team Rocket actually take over Professor Oak's segment after the episode is over.
  • Pop Team Epic begins with the character Popuko literally tearing through a horribly clichéd shoujo anime called Hoshiiro Girldrop.
  • The last episode of Sailor Moon R. Each of the other four senshi mused on why they should replace Usagi as the main character, during which old clips of that character get shown. They also discuss the next season, giving brief cameos to Sailors Uranus and Neptune.
  • Literary variation: the afterwords of Slayers light novels usually feature self-proclaimed "Author's Official Spokeswoman" L-sama attempting to knock out the author and take his place.
  • In Sonic X, Eggman repeatedly expresses his desire to become the protagonist of the show throughout the first two seasons. In fact, due to story events and the ending theme changing, it looked like he almost succeeded at one point.
  • An issue of Urusei Yatsura had Ataru resigning, and the other characters argued over who would be the new main character. He was just resigning from his class presidency, though.
  • In the Violinist of Hameln manga, the supporting characters planned to take over the series after Hamel's violin broke - a violinist without a violin can't possibly be the main character...

    Asian Animation 
  • BoBoiBoy: In the shrink ray episode, when Adu Du believes that BoBoiBoy has lost due to being shrunk, his sidekick Probe proposes to change the title of the series to "Mister Boss and Probe" and plays their version of the theme song.

    Audio Play 
  • The Firesign Theatre have a couple of examples:
    • In "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger", Lieutenant Bradshaw attempts this when he thinks he's got the goods on Nick. He has grandiose plans of turning the show into a more action-oriented thriller.
    • Briefly attempted by Young Guy's Battle Butler, Rotonoto, in "Young Guy Motor Detective Radio Prison".

    Comic Books 
  • In the Brazilian Mega Man comic Novas Aventuras de Megaman, one writer introduced an Original Character Villain Sue named Princess, whom he ultimately intended to kill off the rest of the cast (yes, including the canonical cast of the Mega Man series) and become the new main character. When the people making the comic learned of his plans, the writer was promptly fired and Princess was shoved through a dimensional portal, never to be seen again.
  • 2000 AD:
    • In October 1996, Tharg had to go deal with a crisis, and so the comic was taken over by The Men in Black from Vector 13 for about 10 issues.
    • The Regened all-ages issues open with an editorial from Tharg's nephew Joko-Jargo declaring that he's running things now. He sometimes calls it a takeover, while acknowledging that his uncle considers it an authorised and temporary handover.
  • Shown on the cover of one issue of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!, with the other team members complaining why their individual superhero logos never made the cover before. It was an anthology issue, so in a way it was being "taken over," but Captain Carrot himself just cracks wise about being tired of carrying the rest of "these bozos".
  • The Joker, due to his Medium Awareness, has on occasion directly addressed the reader and announced that he's taking over the narration.
  • The Beano:
    • Right before the introduction of baby sister Bea, Dennis got so fed up with his parents acting secretive that he announced he wouldn't be showing up in the next issue. Cue several secondary characters scrambling to take his place on the cover, annoying him into taking it back.
    • During the "Gnasher Come Home" storyline in 1986, Gnasher's Tale was taken over by Walter's pet poodle, becoming Foo-Foo's Fairy Story. (Afterwards it became Gnasher & Gnipper, following the reveal that Gnasher had disappeared to become a father.)
  • In a horrible case of Mood Whiplash in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics), Antoine D'Coolette planned to take over as the main hero while Sonic was jailed. Why was he jailed? The events of "Mecha Madness", where he was turned into Mecha Sonic and unleashed on Knothole, everyone believing he actually went against Sally's edict that he wasn't supposed to do that.
  • New 52: September 2013 marks "Villains Month"; which focuses on the villains of each hero's respective comics. The covers feature the villains front and center, the heroes defeated in the background, and the villain's name written on top of the normal title.
  • The Sensational She-Hulk, issue 48, has a Weezi who has been given Jennifer's youth and strength hold up a 'Weezi' over the 'She-Hulk' in the title while a depowered Jennifer says "Hey! Just a gosh darn minute here!"
  • The Batman Adventures #30 is an issue built around a caper by trio of largely humorous Canon Foreigner villains and a few other frustrated individuals, where Batman is absent from the main action until the last panel. The cover depicts an attempt to put their names over the title (Mr. Nice's placard lying in the back, being bossed into putting "Mastermind Adventures" up top, the Perfesser propped on his elbow off to one side like he doesn't care) while Batman stands in the foreground looking like he's got a headache or something.
  • The Transformers (Marvel): This once happened to the letters page of the UK series. Letters were answered in-character by an individual character. During the reign of the Decepticon Soundwave he was once said to be out of action and replaced for one issue by the Autobot Ratchet, who basically used his replies to say that the Decepticons were evil.
  • The variant covers of the Venom arc of the original Spider-Man 2099 series depicts Venom doing this to Spider-Man.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Bleach Fanfic Uninvited Guests, Aizen uses a machine to steal Ichigo's Plot Armor and give it to his side. And he endlessly lampshades everything he's doing.
  • Fate Revelation Online brought in Tiger Dojo from the original Fate/stay night visual novel, but Saber replaced Ilya as the bloomer-wearing disciple. In the Dojo's second appearance Saber challenged Taiga for the title of Master. The next Lion Dojo featured Saber wearing the formal gi of Master and Taiga in bloomers.
  • Red Dead Witchdemption, by John Egbert centers around a meta-example, where people keep hijacking the story John's trying to write.
  • In Pony POV Series, after Makarov captures the heroes and knocks Shining Armor out cold, the next chapter is called "Cervicorn POV Series Makarov The True and Ultimate Truth of True Events Starring, Directed and Edited and Produced By General-Admiral Solomon Azure Raven Makarov". Makarov forces The Interviewers to listen to his life story, where he incessantly brags about, lies, and exaggerates his accomplishments, while Dima tells them what really happened. He even takes over the Author's Notes and fills it with more bragging about himself. It goes back to normal in the next chapter.
  • In Calvin & Hobbes: The Series, it's implied that Socrates, Andy, and Sherman hijacked Nickelodeon in order to air a Calvin and Hobbes marathon. Socrates plans to do this to other channels as well, with Andy and Sherman resorting to sedation and tying him up in order to stop him.
  • The Kim Possible Villain Episode fic Not Quite Heroes begins with Shego interrupting the normal opening credits and replacing them with a version centered on herself and Drakken.
  • This Bites!: In-universe, Scratchman Apoo "hacks" the SBS more than once to pre-empt a "Soundbite's Music Corner" segment and replace it with the "Scratchman Apoo Music Hour", playing what he believes is better music. In reality, it's all an act that he, Cross and Soundbite put on for the entertainment value (though Soundbite's annoyance at not getting to run his own music choice is real).
  • Fate/Harem Antics: In a fake Chapter 36, the text is suddenly overtaken by binary code. When translated, it reveals that BB, upset that she wasn't included in the story, has hacked reality to take over.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • In "Jack's Bean Problem" from The Stinky Cheese Man, the Giant decides not to follow the original Jack and the Beanstalk story. He kidnaps the narrator and insists on reading a story he wrote instead.
  • This is the plot of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! in a manner of speaking. Katarina was originally an antagonist in an otome game called Fortune Lover who ends up being killed or exiled in the two routes where she's a rival. When an unnamed Japanese girl ends up reincarnating as her, her attempts to avoid her potential fates end up leading to all four of the love interests falling for her instead (as well as the rivals from the other two routes and the heroine herself). She is, naturally, completely oblivious to all of their affection.
  • Happens in-universe in the fourth Thursday Next book. While Hamlet is temporarily out of his play visiting the Real World, Ophelia brings in a cooperative understudy to rewrite the story with herself as the star. When the BookWorld's police force threatens the character with a Fiction Infraction, Laertes throws his weight behind the rebellion and rewrites the story with himself as the star. Then Polonius decides to join in as well. The play is briefly named "The Tragedy of the Very Witty and Not Remotely Boring Polonius, Father of the Noble Laertes, Who Avenges His Fair Sister Ophelia, Driven Mad by the Callous, Murderous and Outrageously Disrespectful Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" before The Merry Wives of Windsor conduct a hostile takeover and merge stories. Thursday is tasked with separating the books again and rescuing the existence of the play.
    • It's also noted that the same thing happened to two other Shakespeare plays: Sons of Gloucester and Daughters of Lear were merged so inextricably that there was nothing to do but leave the merged text, King Lear, as its own play.

    Live-Action TV 
  • After being shafted by him at the end of the show for years, Matt Damon guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! for its 10th anniversary episode as Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!. Kimmel is bound, gagged, and relegated to the background, while Damon has his bandleader replaced by Sheryl Crow, interviews various people who all proclaim their hatred for Jimmy, and airs messages from other celebrities "congratulating" Damon for hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! for ten years. At the end of the show, Damon got to use Kimmel's signing-off catchphrase ("Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time") against him.
  • Whenever Jon Stewart is temporarily unable to host The Daily Show, correspondents sit in for him. Once, Steve Carell got rather too attached to the job and Jon's first episode back was spent trying to keep Steve away from his desk.
    • Then, during the 2008 election, the revelation that Obama was now "The Man" led black correspondents Larry Wilmore and Wyatt Cenac to briefly take over the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Normal service was resumed by the commercial break.
    • Subverted in a opening segment in 2011 parodying congressman Weiner's press conference, when Stewart announced his resignation and left John Oliver in charge. When Oliver had taken over the anchor's desk following the intro sequence Stewart immediately chased him off, declaring it had been just a bit piece.
      • Although this one actually came to fruition two years later when Jon Stewart left for an extended hiatus to direct a movie, and Jon Oliver became the correspondent sitting in. The rest of the cast promptly rebelled.
  • An episode of The Colbert Report featured a cold open where Stephen Colbert has a nightmare that Steve Carell had hijacked his show and renamed it The Carell Corral. Colbert promptly bursts into his own nightmare and steals the show back from him.
  • On an episode of The Drew Carey Show, Cheers actor John Ratzenberger and the Blue Man Group attempt to kill Drew and take over the show. Yep.
  • Dramatic in-show example: During the Dominion War on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Vic Fontaine's program in the holosuites hit a periodic trigger that caused Vic's nightclub to be taken over by the mob. His fans on the space station manage to take time out of the war to help him out—because if they don't, his character will be permanently erased.
  • The pigs take over an episode of The Muppet Show. Miss Piggy is torn between her love for Kermit the Frog and her desire to be a bigger star.
    • When Glenda Jackson guest-starred on The Muppet Show she led a literal pirate takeover, deposing Kermit and turning the theater into a ship.
    • Yet another Muppet Show example: Beaker once got himself inadvertently cloned and spent the rest of the episode interrupting various sketches and generally took over the show by the end.
    • In The Jim Henson Hour, Gonzo and Leon try this. It's subverted in that Kermit allows them to take over so he can take a break. Things quickly fall to pieces from there.
    • In the successor series, Muppets Tonight, the lobsters from the "Rock Lobster" sketch take over the show. The day is saved by the guest star, Pierce Brosnan, who goes undercover as... James Prawn. In a gigantic lobster costume.
  • Clarissa's little brother Ferguson does this in an episode of Clarissa Explains It All.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • The "Njorl's Saga" production, sponsored by the North Malden Icelandic Saga Society, begins to reference business opportunities in North Malden more and more, then the screen flashes the message "INVEST IN MALDEN", briefly at first, then more insistently, as 12th-century warrior re-enactors parade banners advertising North Malden across the screen.
    • The two documentary filmmakers fighting over the microphone and trying to finish their report. The documentaries start going to war to get the screen time.
  • In an episode of SCTV, the Soviet Union blocked the SCTV satellite to broadcast "CCCP-1" programming instead (including such shows as "Tibor's Tractor," "Uposcrabblenyk" and "What Fits Into Russia?". Ironically, CCCP-1 actually gets better ratings than SCTV!
  • In the Danish series, DukseDrengen, the MegaCorp Everywhere takes an interest in the show and starts sponsoring it in exchange for more and more product placement within the show, which makes the writers actively charge the plot or put it to a complete hold in order to squeeze in more and more Now, Buy the Merchandise moments, much to the titular character's confusion. Everywhere eventually buys out the entire production, right in the middle of DukseDrengen's showdown with his Arch-Enemy, Fedtegreven, and turns his classmate, Donny Dumkoph, into the main character, because he is more marketable.
  • Way back in the early days of YTV, PJ Phil shared his host segment with a crew of puppets called Grogs. Warren, the surly green Grog, broadcast "pirate" transmissions declaring to the audience his intent to take over the network and turn it into "WTV." When it actually happened, it lasted a whole day. It took place on New Years Day, when YTV would suspend its regular daily programming and show their most popular shows, one after another. The WTV segment was the framing sequence for these shows, which showcased Warren's takeover of the network and the eventual efforts by Phil and his costars to stop him.
  • The finale of That's My Bush! was about a dastardly plot by Dick Cheney to kick George W. Bush out and take over. Cue the edited "That's My Dick!" theme song...
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Superstar" starts with the show already having been taken over by Jonathan, a minor character at the time. All the supporting characters act as if he had always been the most important person in their life. The intro changes to show images of him instead of Buffy. They eventually discovers that it was all caused by a spell
  • One episode of Chappelle's Show opened with Dave threatening to quit over Executive Meddling. They decide to let him since all the sketches for the season have been filmed and they can just hire a new host, Wayne Brady. Later in the episode, Dave is shown regretting his decision and vows to get his show back. He has to fight Brady for it though, and the episode includes one of the series' most famous sketches in a flashback to Dave and Wayne hanging out a few weeks earlier (in which the squeaky clean Wayne Brady's image is parodied by revealing he's actually a dangerous, criminal psychopath)
  • How I Met Your Mother: After Marshall and Lily move to Long Island, Barney declares himself "leader of the group", and proceeds to sing over the opening credits.
  • Top Gear: After a segment reviewing the growing Chinese car industry, Jeremy Clarkson and James May predict that it is possible that Britons could be driving Chinese cars in five years. Cut back to the studio, and Clarkson, May and Hammond have been replaced by Chinese counterparts, who claim that the viewers are all doomed and perform Clarkson's usual end-of-show goodbye.
  • At the 2003 Kids' Choice Awards, there was a plan to get Tony Hawk to do a stunt involving him skating into a pool filled with 10,000 gallons of slime. But the Big Bad the Sliminator took over the show to announce his theft of the slime, and the only way to defeat him was to play through a series of video games and find the right switch that would enable the slime again.
  • Charlie Brooker ends one episode of Screenwipe shortly after it begins, so the credits roll and another show begins. (In a parody of BBC Four's esoteric programming, it's a documentary titled A History Of Corners.) After a few minutes, Brooker performs a takeover of his show and resumes as normal. (This was a scheme to beat Credits Pushback, as shown the credits with interference already, the actual end of the show just ends and goes to trails for others.)
  • Used for an April Fools' Day episode of The Price Is Right; the prize models (who, a few seasons prior, had begun to partake in banter with the host more often) took over hosting and announcing, and then had Drew Carey and George Gray be the models.
  • In an early example combining this trope and Do Not Adjust Your Set, the Tales of Tomorrow anthology episode "The Window" starts out exactly like another episode entirely, but is "interrupted" by inexplicable scenes looking into someone's kitchen window. The remainder of "The Window" features the actual cast and crew of Tales of Tomorrow (and even the sponsor's pitchman!) arguing about where these images are coming from and trying to regain control of their broadcast, then attempting to avert the murder which the kitchen's occupants are planning.
  • In one episode of the Israeli sitcom HaPijamot, Roni, a teenage girl character, uses the absence of the Fourth Wall and writes the episode around herself, including a point in which she turns down a popular teen heartthrob from the time and makes herself God. At the end of the episode, another character (who’s also one of the writers in Real Life) thanks he for helping him finish the episode, but is obviously displeased with her changes. He reverts most of them... but then decides to make himself God instead.
  • In Living Color! had a couple.
    • At the beginning of one episode, when one of the Fly Girls introduced Keenan Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans locked the door Keenan was about to enter through and said, "... can't be here tonight. Keenan's a little tied up right now so he asked me to host the show instead. My name is Shawn Wayans, better known as DJ SW-1, the second-youngest and most talented member of the family." When Shawn asked for a spotlight - not on the Fly Girls, just on him - the girls let Keenan out and he took Shawn off the stage.
    • One of the dance segments featured the female cast members (Kelly Cofield, T'Keyah Crystal Keymah and Kim Wayans) dancing instead of the Fly Girls. At the end, it's revealed that they had kidnapped and tied up the Fly Girls.
  • In one episode of Peewees Playhouse Randy takes over the show while Pee Wee is out shopping. He tries to change everything, such as getting everyone to bark like a dog instead of scream when they hear the secret word. Luckily, Magic Screen puts a stop to it by trapping Randy in a jail cell when he tried to play "connect the dots" and refused to let him out until Pee-wee came home.
  • Adam Connover has been on both sides of this in Adam Ruins Everything. As the show's host, his Reality Warper abilities allow him to take over everything from homemade sex ed videos to a parody of Dr. Oz in the course of dispelling misinformation and educating people, usually against their will. On the flip side, those powers and control of the show can be stolen from him if someone knows something he doesn't. Which usually means that Adam is in for an unwanted lesson.
  • The premise/framing device of Prisoners of Gravity is that it's a pirate transmission which, every episode, interrupts the nature documentary "Second Nature With Enrico Gruen"note  The actual POG closing credits are presented as the closing credits of "Second Nature" coming back on the air.
  • This ends up happening in Episode 7 of WandaVision following The Reveal. After the seemingly innocent Nosy Neighbor Agnes reveals herself to be the Wicked Witch Agatha Harkness, she taunts Wanda by presenting a sitcom opening of her own. Said opening, "Agatha All Along", is accompanied by its own Expository Theme Tune Villain Song while showing all the ways Agatha was manipulating Wanda's show in the background.

  • The band Second Coming was originally an industrial rock band fronted and managed by Jesse Holt that released an album called L.O.V.E.vil. When Holt fired bassist Yanni Bacolas, the drummer and rhythm guitarist left and went with Bacolas, who then registered "Second Coming" under his own name, hijacking the band name from Holt. They changed their sound to Post-Grunge and rarely, if ever spoke about ''L.O.V.E.vil''. To add insult to injury, they changed the credits on the album to exclude any of Holt's contributions and remove him from the band's history.
  • The Surrogate Band in The Wall does this. "Pink isn't well; he stayed back at the hotel/And they sent us along as the Surrogate Band..."
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic would do this with his Al TV specials on MTV and later VH1. The premise was that with his pirate satellite transmitter, he would take over the network for a couple hours and broadcast strange music videos, fake celebrity news, and his famous fake interviews, in addition to the music from his latest album. He did a similar thing in the 90s at Canada's MuchMusic, called AlMusic (though instead of "hijacking" the signal, he'd instead injure or incapacitate one of the on-air personalities and go from there).
  • Eminem:
    • As with Weird Al above, MTV rebranded as "EmTV" in the runup to the release of The Marshall Mathers LP, in which Eminem replaced Carson Daly on TRL, and would turn up in segments featuring the public as various characters, using his library of silly voices.
    • A consistent theme of Slim Shady music videos early in Eminem's career is him appearing on TV screens as various pop cultural figures of the moment (and of his own childhood).

  • Games Workshop's White Dwarf magazine once ran an issue that was taken over by the 'Black Goblin', which is also the name of their online "magazine".
  • Team Rocket took over Brazilian magazine Evolution for one issue. That issue became known as "Rocket Evolution".
  • In Electronic Gaming Monthly's Fall Preview feature for their August 2000 issue, the entire magazine staff is either held hostage or forced into hiding by the cast of the Hsu & Chan comics featured in the magazine. The event goes on rebranded as Hsu & Chan's Fall Preview-O-Rama! before Hsu and Chan Tanaka are both arrested at the end of the feature.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • This was done on Cow And Boy. An insane prospector from the fiction comic "Prospecting" took over their comic. He'll attack anyone who gets to close to his 'claim', so they are too afraid to do anything for a few weeks.
    Boy: What right to we have to take away his happiness?
    Cow: I hated our comic anyway.
  • Doonesbury parodied a Soviet coup by having various minor characters try to oust the title character from the strip.
    • Then there was the week where the strip was bought out by Rupert Murdoch...
  • Bloom County:
    • In one Story Arc, the "actors" staged a walk-out in mid-punchline, and the management responded by trying to fill space first with "staff members" telling jokes, and then by hiring scabs to take the characters' place.
    • The final arc, which had Donald Trump's brain transplanted into Bill the Cat's body, culminated with Trump the Cat firing all the other characters and renaming the comic to "Trump: The Strip."
  • One Pearls Before Swine comic strip series had Rat place chains and locks on the panels and forcing creator Stephan Pastis to obey his whims.
    • He did it by uttering punchlines from The Great Big Book of Garfield until he did, which drove Pastis insane and said would destroy Pearls.
    • Another one happened when Pastis went on vacation for a week; Rat hijacked the strip and turned it into an Alice in Wonderland parody that ended in a character called "the Raterpillar" eating every character in the strip. Based on the final line in the arc, he would have eventually moved on to eating characters from other strips had Pastis not intervened.
    Pig: You're in trouble.
    Rat: Pipe down, fatty. I'm eating the Family Circus kids.

  • Done by Luke during the recording of the Muppets Haunted Mansion episode of Escape from Vault Disney!, as revealed in that episode's outtakes. Since Tony's internet experienced an outage mid-recording, that left the other three on their own. Luke then takes the opportunity to welcome everyone to the new show, "Cars 2 is actually a decent, funny movie if you pull your stick out of your ass.", a reference to a long-running joke feud between Tony and Luke.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • WCW was notorious for this during the nWo angle. The nWo took over WCW Monday Nitro several times (once with an elaborate new set and new CGI opening sequence), had their own Pay-Per-View (nWo Souled Out) where the WCW wrestlers' entrance music was replaced with taunts of "loser", and had a regular 10-minute segment on WCW Saturday Night that was almost a parody of pro wrestling.
  • At one point Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff took over The Tonight Show, leading to a Tag Team match on Pay Per View between Hogan and Bischoff vs Diamond Dallas Page and Jay Leno. The more insane pairing won.
  • D-Generation X has done this a number of times, in both its Heel and Face incarnations. Usually, it involves playing around with the production truck, dictating ridiculous match stipulations, and generally causing mayhem. Of course, with HHH soon to be in charge for real, expect much worse.
    • There's the time where the DX army invaded WCW headquarters so they could free Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.
    • Though, during their 2006 run, this trope was deconstructed when the following RAW, they were forced to apologize to the roster on live television as their hostile takeover was illegal. It only got worse, as the RAW they took over had them cost Edge his last chance to regain the WWE Title, and directly led to the formation of Rated-RKO.
  • AAA's "Lucha Libre Latina" angle between 1999 and 2005, where Cibernético decided to stop dealing with Abismo Negro's attempts to takeover Los Vipers and formed a larger group with intent to topple the whole promotion.
  • Maven Bentley already owned a wrestling company of sorts but he's best known for his repeated attempts to conquer CZW, once going as far as to buy up most of its roster. Despite this, CZW remains his 'sister' company and eventually just gave him an actual position of authority.
  • One of TNA's favorite tropes, its popularity rivaled closely by invasion angles (no, not that one), whose perpetrators usually have this trope in mind anyway in the event their invasion would ever succeed. From Vince Russo's "Sports Entertainment Xtreme" to Jeff Jarrett's Kings Of Wrestling turned Planet Jarrett, to the Main Event Mafia to Aces And Eights, TNA spent 55% of the first twelve years it existed under state of hostile takeover or in active combat with a group trying to hostilely take it over. After those twelve years, TNA didn't stop being taken over either (indeed, Montel Vontavious Porter's usurpation of Impact was only shocking in its predictability), the Aces And Eights saga is just where track stopped being taken.
  • The Nexus's goal was to overtake WWE Raw to send a message to WWE management for treating them like garbage on NXT. Unfortunately they attacked John Cena along the way and he never forgave the group, at least not until he had literally caused 22 steel chairs to rain down on its leader, Wade Barrett.
  • Ironically enough, Barrett/Stu Bennett was on the receiving end of such an invasion at Defiant Wrestling, with the IPW:UK roster in the Nexus role.
  • After creating his own World Title, Jay Briscoe attempted to takeover ROH Golden Dream to cement that he was in the real world champion, going so far as to patch together his own promotional posters, and tape his picture on those that featured Adam Cole.
  • Savio Vega did this twice in The World Wrestling League. The first time by turning face on company founder Richard Negrin and The Gentleman's Club after they failed to read his contract throughly and started transparently screwing baby faces out of title matches and taking their belts (and even without loopholes, Negrin had unjustly terminated Vega, so legal action was coming one way or another. The second time Vega, who by then had made peace with and operated beside Negrin, decided he wanted to revive his IWA Puerto Rico promotion and was going to use WWL's time and resources to do it.* Eventually Negrin and Vega again came to compromising coexistence, only this time with WWL and IWA PR as two separate promotions with separate shows, and offices.
  • Suzuki-gun invaded Pro Wrestling NOAH after several of the promotion's wrestlers helped Toru Yano deal with Minoru Suzuki and his stable. They quickly laid out the champions and proceeded to dominate the title scene for months. Two years later, they repeated the stunt in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, returning with a vengeance at New Year's Dash.
  • The DX invasion of WCW was recreated almost a decade and a half later, this time by the Elite sub-faction of the Bullet Club, who invaded Monday Night Raw so they could get AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Finn Bálor out of it (as seen on Being the Elite).
  • During his solo run in WWE, Dean Ambrose has done this twice through his own show, The Ambrose Asylum: first was during his feud with Chris Jericho, where Ambrose hijacked an episode of the latter's Highlight Reel; the second was against The Miz and his own show Miz TV (after the latter also hijacked The Highlight Reel on the very same night.)
  • The go-to tactic of The Undisputed Era. They appear out of nowhere to beat up other wrestlers and either gloat around for a bit or swiftly disappear.

  • Dead Ringers: Today gets briefly taken over by Fox News when Trump visits the UK. Nick Robinson and Martha Carney fight back and drive them off.

    Tabletop Games 

  • The VeggieTales live show, "Sing Yourself Silly" starts off as a Top Ten Silly Song Countdown, until Archibald arrives and announces that the show should be all lesson songs instead. Hearing the human host complaining about Archie changing the show, Jimmy and Jerry mistakenly believe that they can change the show, too, and decide to make it an 80's song countdown. Eventually they all agree to share the show, making it a mix of silly songs, lesson songs, and even 80's songs.
  • In the P.D.Q. Bach opera The Abduction of Figaro, a key prop goes missing in the final act. Mute character Schlepperello announces that he has it and will not produce it unless they let him perform an aria. Since they can't finish the opera without the missing prop, the director lets the mute sing.
  • Westeros: An American Musical: The Interactive Narrator for Act I is a talking raven. In Act II, the Sand Snakes strong-arm their way into replacing her.

    Video Games 
  • As part of AkaSeka's April Fools' Day 2020 celebration, the infamous Matthew Perry from 2 years ago returns with the added menace of rewriting the game title and the developers' official twitter into being written as if from his perspective.
  • In Disgaea 2, various secondary characters will propose to the Dark Assembly that they should be the main character. Actually passing one of these proposals results in a Nonstandard Game Over.
    • In addition, Laharl, the main character of the first game, complains that he only loses to the player characters (as an optional boss) because he wasn't the main character anymore. His whining is...whiny enough that Adell (The current main character) takes pity on him and allows Laharl to resume being the main character...for one minute. Laharl decides to use that minute in an anime sequence. Hilarity Ensues.
      • This returns in #3, #4, and other Nippon Ichi games.
    • Asagi is also a major contender: ever since her game was cancelled, she frequently appears in other Nippon Ichi games, trying to take over as the protagonist. Apparently, she won't stop until she finally gets her own damn game, Makai Wars.
    • On the other side, Etna hates having her On the Next sequences interrupted, and tends to react violently when it does happen.
      • Flonne's preview for Episode 7 (Drop Dead, Etna) is a Magical Girl parody that gets her shot.
        Etna: Flonne, whatcha doin'...?
        Flonne: Oh, hi, Et-*bang*
      • Gordon regularly interrupts Etna's preview for Episode 10, and each of her lines is cut off with fewer words before he starts talking.
        Gordon: Look forward to my adventures! *hearty laugh*
        Etna: "Hahaha"... my ass! *cue abuse of Gordon*
      • Finally, Flonne's Q&A Time starts off with a letter about some bully stealing the writer's fun. Flonne gives a (surprisingly) violent suggestion on how to fix the problem, and Etna pops on stage to agree with her. Guess who wrote the letter?
    • Even Disgaea 5 has an example. After Seraphina gains too much weight from eating curry in a cooking contest she was judging, Usalia mourns the loss... only to immediately push an advertisement for her new show afterwards. At the very least she had the dignity not to interrupt Sera.
  • In Soul Nomad & the World Eaters, defeating an early Hopeless Boss Fight causes Asagi, a recurring character in Nippon Ichi games, to enter the gameworld, fresh from her apprenticeship under Zetta in Makai Kingdom. Asagi demands the protagonist and Gig hand over their spot as main character to her, and since neither are meta-savvy and have no comprehension of what she's talking about, Hilarity (as well as an Optional Boss fight) Ensues.
    • This is pretty much Asagi's schtick in the games she appears in. She'll often try and fail to take the role of Protagonist via You Kill It, You Bought It. She first appeared in Makai Kingdom as "The Protagonist from the next Game". Sadly, her game (supposedly Makai Wars) was never released, so she goes from game to game bemoaning her fate and trying to take the lead role. Taken to hilarious extremes in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? where she tries to emulate the Prinnies and repeatedly challenges them.
      • This culminates in a boss battle with her in a Prinny costume, which she apparently put a bomb in for no reason, that explodes, killing her. She comes back as a Black Prinny with a white scarf wondering if now she can get her own game. Which she sorta does. The sequel gives us Asagi Wars, where Prinny Asagi is the playable charcter and all the bosses are alternate versions of Asagi. So she apparently succeeded, Sorta.
    • She appears in Disgaea 3 and accuses Mao of stealing her game from her and fights him. When she loses she bursts into tears thinking her game is lost forever until Mao recruits her. It's later revealed that Baal was the real culprit. He escapes before giving it or anything else he took back however.
    • She also shows up in the secret ending to Disgaea Infinite where she complains to Amazombie for losing her package (Ticktock) which is apparently the key to getting her own game. She then randomly hops on a dragon and shouts that Makai Wars will one day get its epic release.
  • In Makai Kingdom, the Optional Boss battle against Etna opens with one of her On the Next segments from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness in which she goes on to narrate about how she'll steal Zetta's title and become the main character. Naturally, winning the battle allows Zetta to throw this right back at her as he goes on to narrate his own On the Next segment which is a several-minute long rant about how awesome he is.
  • When Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty unexpectedly changed the protagonist of the game from Solid Snake to Contrasting Sequel Protagonist Raiden, both the game and Raiden were heavily criticised. In response to this, Raiden is often shown attempting to become the main character of the franchise in non-canon comedy material.
    • In a bonus video in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Raiden decides to go back in time and kill Big Boss so that Snake would never be cloned and therefore Raiden would end up being the main character for the series. However, whenever he time travelled, he always ended up in a sticky situation during the game, ended up getting hurt instead of another character, and ended up creating a time paradox due to changing the future. Eventually, he becomes desperate enough to actually try and kill Snake back in the original Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake game for the MSX2, but is shot by Big Boss himself in the attempt. In the end, he figures it's just more trouble than it's worth.
    • Raiden in Snake Tale E is introduced as a "demon" capable of making an entire universe about him, and unleashed in a last-ditch attempt by Solidus to put Snake off his trail. The player is then tasked with completing various missions as Raiden with increasingly nonsensical plot between these episodes - the only way out of them is for the player to ragequit, at which point Snake regains control of the story.
    • A pre-release trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots showed Snake tussling with guards for the right to sit in a chair declaring him the Main Character... and then when he wins it, he takes off his Latex Perfection mask to reveal he was actually Raiden the whole time (to a chorus of audience booing). Snake then shows up and gets the chair from Raiden.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Before his pair of spinoff series rose in popularity, Wario from the series made a habit of trying to claim things that belonged to Mario. In the Super Famicom game Mario's Super Picross, he manages to take over the entire game and title screen at one point. This tendency is also referenced in the opening sequence of Mario Golf 64, where he mutters that the game should have been named after him; and Mario Party 2, where he is the first to dispute Mario Land's name.
    • Mario Party 2: After playing the other five boards for the first time, Koopa Kid kidnaps Toad, takes over the main menu and forces the player to play their next game on Bowser Land.
    • Mario Party 6: The minigame mode "Speak Up" has a tendency to be taken over by Bowser at the half-way point.
    • Waluigi has been known to do this ever since the first Mario Tennis (as seen here), which was his debut game, so it's not just something Brawl in the Family came up with.
    • Certain bits and pieces of the board Waluigi's Island in Mario Party 3 imply that the board used to belong to Luigi. The board also shares certain traits with Luigi's Engine Room from the original Mario Party. Not so much a Hostile Show Takeover as a Hostile Level Takeover, but it still fits.
  • In the Dept. Heaven series, Yggdra first appeared in Knights in the Nightmare as a Continuity Porn gag, narrating the tutorials and making loads of disparaging remarks about how she makes a better protagonist than Maria. As of the rerelease of the game, she has become its third heroine; she's even appeared in the concept art for the next game. Amusingly, Yggdra's own protagonist status in the Ancardia games is slowly but surely being usurped by Yggdra Union's Hero Antagonist, Gulcasa.
  • The whole premise behind the "invasion" in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's stages. When a darker franchise invades a lighter one (case in point: Franzea, where Metal Gear invades LocoRoco), it doubles as a Sugar Apocalypse.
  • Posts announcing updates in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion are sometimes written in-universe as Spooky. This goes all the way back to the Greenlight release.
  • Undertale has one of the most nightmarish examples in fiction. After beating Asgore during the Neutral path, Flowey suddenly jumps in and steals the six human souls he was going to use to destroy the barrier and turns into Photoshop Flowey before hijacking the entire game. What follows is a series of fourth-wall shattering madness including force quits of the game, changing the game's name in the title bar to "Floweytale", the overwriting of your save file to just before the Final Boss fight so he can kill you over and over again, exploiting Save Scumming to try and hit you with attacks that missed, and hijacking the game over screen to mock you.
    • A more subtle, but far darker example occurs during the Genocide path. The further you go, the more and more the First Child starts sneaking control of Frisk from the player, starting with them talking through Frisk in ominous red letters from time to time, to having Frisk blindly advance towards NPCs they're trying to kill, to eventually making Frisk kill Asgore and Flowey with no input from the player. By the end of the game, the First Child completely controls Frisk and gets ready to erase everything to move on to kill things somewhere else, and if the player tries to stop them, they simply inform them that they were never truly in control before killing them and crashing the game. If you open the game again, the First Child denies you the ability to reset everything and start over until you sell your soul to them, which permanently taints all subsequent playthroughs and ensures that they always win in the end.
  • Meta example: Dr. Eggman once took over the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account. He then proceeded to jab at Kel Mitchell and Archie Comics. Tails eventually got the account back by hacking into Eggman's system, and the account is now back to normal. Well, as normal as it usually is.
    • He tried it again during the franchise' 25th anniversary, only for Sonic himself to burst in and join him, turning it into a Q&A session.
    • This has apparently become a yearly tradition, as they do it again in 2017 to promote the release of Sonic Forces, this time with Shadow joining them.
    • They skipped out on doing it in 2018, but returned in 2019 to promote Team Sonic Racing, this time throwing Tails into the mix.
  • Around the time Avengers: Age of Ultron was in theaters Ultron took over Marvel: Contest of Champions, with The Collector repeatedly grousing about this and referring to him as a "parasite" and receiving numerous call backs later.
  • Parodied in No More Heroes III: At the end of the cutscene that presents the Galactic Superhero Rankings, the title from the Bait-and-Switch trailer for a game called "Goddamn Superhero" appears to upstage No More Heroes III, only for the two titles to repeatedly try to move in the front until they start beating each other up, with No More Heroes III coming out on top.
  • Season 8 of Apex Legends had the character Mad Maggie temporarily take control of the games as an announcer in the Chaos Theory and War Games limited-time events. She was formerly Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy's close friend from Salvo, whom she had a falling out with after her displeasure at his decision to join the Apex Games. She becomes the games' announcer after the announcement of the Salvo joining the coalition of Syndicate-controlled planets, and did so in retaliation against Fuse.
  • Inscryption:
    • Act 2 is vastly different from Act 1, which is explained by the reveal that Leshy used a fragment of OLD_DATA to take control of the game and mold it to his own tastes. History repeats at the end of the act when P03 uses his own OLD_DATA fragment to steal the game.
    • The Mycologist can be encountered as an Optional Boss in Act 3. He hijacks P03's body for the fight and institutes his own special battle setup and music; after the fight, the Scrybe has no memory of what happened.
  • In tERRORbane, after you defeat the Developer, Archdemon Xondar will take the opportunity to forcefully usurp the Developer, gaining admin control over the game.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Monodam forcibly takes control of the academy and the killing game for most of Chapter 3, demoting Monokuma to making the morning announcements.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club! starts off as a light-hearted game where you can romance three cute girls in the titular literature club... until Monika, the fourth girl in that club, growing frustrated that she's not a romance option like the other girls are, starts warping the other girls' personalities and overriding your choices to sabotage your romantic chances with them and eventually straight-up deletes them from the game so that you can interact with only her.
  • In one of Tiger Dojos in Fate/stay night, Ilya tries to take over the dojo ON A TANK!
  • In Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, a Straw Feminist martial artist shows up, beats up the narrator, and declares that she is taking over, dissatisfied with the sexism and poor production values (but just as displeased with the player's choices), and is apparently wanted in several states for doing this. Later, the narrator returns and guns her down, regaining control.
  • Pretty much deconstructed in Umineko: When They Cry, starting with the fifth arc. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view), Battler was not incapacitated, and the arc ends with him taking back the plot from Erika and Bern, although there are still two or three arcs to go.

    Web Animation 
  • In Cálico Electrónico, Meteoro Sexual briefly manages to get billed as the star of the series on the episode "Porque yo lo valgo".

  • Waluigi's back! Now the page is funny again.
  • In Errant Story, Sara and Bani's Errant Commentary section has twice been taken over by Poe's other filler characters, Naga and Fran. Both occasions ended with Naga and Fran being killed (and Sara made Naga into a pair of snakeskin shoes).
  • In L's Empire, the cast of the creators' previous comics holds one of the authors hostage since their comic hasn't been updated in 2 years (it still hasn't as of yet.)
  • Femmegasm: "Okay you feebs, move over! Fizzy's here from now on!"
  • Variation in Homestuck. Doc Scratch suddenly takes over narration duties twice, the second time even changing the website to a pool theme. This counts because the narrator is author Andrew Hussie, who literally bursts through the fifth wall to take the story back, knocking out Scratch in the process. Sucker.
    • Then Doc Scratch returns as Lord English, and promptly shoots Andrew down.
    • Then comes Act 6 Act 6, which is basically a recap written by a very frustrated Caliborn.
    • The Homestuck Epilogues continues to play with the idea, having at one point two characters each trying to hijack the position of narrator from each other. One of them explains how, even when both are merely commenting on objective fact within the story, their own bias as narrator inevitably will skew the audience's perspective and can result in very different stories being told.
  • When Achewood's cartoonist took his family to Disneyland, character Vlad declared a "coup" and turned the strip into a Vlad-hosted talk show.
  • In the web-Manhwa Tower of God, Rachel does this at the end of the first season. It's not a Medium Awareness thing, but she's still promised she can be the heroine of the story, even though she's really more of a pawn to powers greater than herself. Basically, she's trying to be The Unchosen One. And to do this, she must of course get the original Hero Protagonist out of the story somehow...
  • General Tarquin tries to engineer something like, both playing it straight and inverting it by trying to make himself the main villain. He views the Order of the Stick's quest to defeat Xykon and prevent Evil from controlling the calamity-inducing gates as a mere sidestory to the grander tale that is the struggle between himself and Elan. It gets to the point where when Elan points out that the real protagonist is Roy, Tarquin orders that the entire team sans Elan and Haley be executed immediately so that they won't be able to stop him from crafting the story he wants to tell.

    Web Original 
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Bakura wants to usurp the main character spot so he may turn the show into his own: Zorc And Pals.
    ♪ The blood of the innocent shall flow without end / His name is Zorc and he's destroying the world! ♫
    • Tea, Tristan and Bakura's ill fated attempts to get some screen time in episode 16: Fanservice. They seem to have accepted their roles as ineffectual minor characters now though.
    • Noah and the Big Five had the entire show cancelled and taken over by 4Kids.
  • Count Vile does this in the April Fool's episode of Press Start Adventures.
  • Even the titular Irate Gamer got his show taken over by his Evil Twin for his review of Order Up for Wii. The Special Edition Title is just the Irate Gamer NEO intro played backwards.
  • The Subtitles took over the Teletraan3 channel, abusing everybody in its path. Poor Cobra Commander TFW was even Driven to Suicide.
  • Demyx Time Episode Eight Axel had this. And then Marluxia and Larxene come in and take the show from Axel.
  • A variant was an April Fools' Day joke where the hosts of Unskippable tried to give a Zero Punctuation-style review and ended up getting tossed out by Yahtzee. Yahtzee had shown up on Unskippable a couple days earlier, and one of the hosts had already declared that he could do Yahtzee's job as well as he could.
    • And right after the end credits, the Imps make a brief takeover of the show, doing their version of the ZP theme and commenting on how tasty Pedigree Dog Food is (complete with the Imp's barking and wearing Yahtzee's hat). Yahtzee is not amused.
  • The Game AntiThinker, Bob's boorish, hyper-masculine douchebag Evil Twin, has taken over The Game Overthinker as of episode 43.
  • When Chester A. Bum was about to review Rango, he was called offscreen and punched by Raoul Puke, who said he should review the movie as "he was in it" (referencing a brief cameo by "Hunter S. Thompson").
    • In the Man of Steel review, General Zod takes Chester's place because he was the Big Bad in it. By the end of the review, Chester arrives late and Zod promptly leaves, causing Chester to wonder why the review is ending so early and where the hole in the ceiling came from.
  • After Ghost ragequit for about the 100th time after people celebrated Herman Cain's dropout from the presidental race in their own unique way, much to his dismay, his Engineer, well, The Engineer, effectively took over for a time. When Ghost came back, he was furious, yelling that he was "the talent" and not him.
  • Lloyd the cat once took over Oreo the dog's Twitter.
  • Gorilla is initially the subject of Fafa's Photoshop Tutorial Blog but eventually manages to take over and exact some payback for the indignities suffered!
  • Happens on a fairly frequent basis on The Frollo Show, with Panty and Stocking, Wilford Brimley, and Lemongrab all getting a shot at taking over the show while Frollo and Gaston are away, dead, or otherwise indisposed of.
  • This happened with Creepypasta Wiki on April Fools of 2013. It became "Jeff The Killer Wiki" and the front page was altered so it was essentially Character Shilling the titular serial killer.
  • Marble Hornets: In Entry #77, Tim hijacks the show from an increasingly insane Jay, taking the latter's camera and control of the YouTube channel.
    • In a more typical example, the antagonistic character totheark regularly hijacks the channel and uploads videos of his own, which can usually be distinguished immediately from the main entries by the "Entry #" title card being absent or in some way inconsistent with the standard entries.
  • Happens in Homestar Runner in this episode of Marzipan's Answering Machine; Strong Sad decides to exercise one of his favorite perks of house-sitting and records over Marzipan's outgoing message no less than 3 times.
  • The plan of most villains in the Comics forum of BZPower is to take over the main cast's comic studio, often for very poorly established reasons.
  • Penguin Books used this concept for an episode of The Penguin Podcast to introduce a new line of audiobook adaptations of Roald Dahl's children's stories and novels in 2013. Seconds into the episode in question, the usual intro is interrupted by a Record Needle Scratch and guest host Douglas Hodge — the stage actor who read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its sequel, and originated the role of Willy Wonka in the West End stage musical adaptation of Factory that year — declaring that he's taking over the podcast for the day.
  • Parodied in Third Rate Gamer as a Take That! to The Irate Gamer's use of this trope. In TRG's Rocket Knight Adventures review, the Evil Rate Gamer takes over the show and slaps on a Special Edition Title, which just consists of his old intro played in reverse with a negative filter and "Evil" sloppily edited over "Third".
    Evil Rate Gamer: "Now I'm going to review a game just like he does but with a few corny evil-jokes thrown in!"
  • This happened during the Yogscast 2012 Christmas livestreams. When Strippin and InTheLittleWood were streaming Halo 4 and left to get some food, Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane decided to hijack the stream and keep playing through the campaign. They were on for about half an hour before Strippin and Martyn returned to kick them out with nerf guns.
  • Comedy Bang! Bang! had a series of episodes taken over by Jerry Minor's character "Cyberthug."
  • A few times when the usual host of Achievement Hunter's Achievement Hunter Weekly Update, Jack, is away, Team Lads Action News takes over. One time, they chloroformed Jack and took over!
  • An XSplit password leak from late 2015 caused several internet personalities to fall victim to this. Vinesauce Joel had his YouTube channel hijacked by a script kiddie for six days in early November of 2015, while Lyle McDouchebag and had their Twitter accounts taken by the same perpetrator on the third day. In late January 2016, Markiplier and Lucahjin had their YouTube channel and Twitter account respectively taken from them by different hijackers, but the accounts were recovered in a matter of hours due to fans reporting their accounts almost immediately.
    • Joel's case is arguably one of the most infamous in this decable. His channel had been taken over on a Saturday, and Google failed to respond since their employees don't work on weekends. His hijacker caused a tremendous rise out of Vinesauce fans through mocking Joel, privatizing & deleting videos to spite Joel's viewers, and threatening to hack his PayPal account to financially defraud him. Vinesauce Vinny was forced to call out fans for their volatile responses to the incident, and the whole Vinesauce team now chooses to pretend that the incident never happened and urges fans to do the same, believing that giving any kind of attention to the hijacking would fulfil the hijacker's intentions (hence why the perpetrators of these incidents are never referred to by name on This Very Wiki).
  • As it turns out, Haachama subjected Akai Haato's channel to this.
  • In November 2016, the Facebook page of Brazilian food processing company Seara suffered such a takeover by Garfield, who said he was hijacking the page until Seara paid a ransom of ten thousand lasagnas. Thus the feed became downright a Character Blog, with Garfield replying to whatever users posted (be it comments to his posts or posts of their own) in his usual Deadpan Snarker self.
  • The DEATH BATTLE! between Deadpool and Pinkie Pie ends with the two invading other Death Battles. Eventually they take it upon the authors. Or not.
  • SCP-2557 of the SCP Foundation is a paranormal company which allows people to invest in abstract concepts as if they were buying and selling ordinary stocks and bonds. The company bought the concept of the SCP-2557 database entry from a Foundation employee, allowing them to change the database entry from a description of the company and how it's being contained to an ad for the company, complete with glowing testimonials and even a web form for creating an account with the company.
  • During the Ginyu Force arc in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, the Ginyu Force not only replaced the opening sequence with their own, but also did the same with the closing sequence, not to mention each member took a turn reading the disclaimer. This ended once they were all killed- and yes, that included Ginyu.
  • A number of content greators were hit hard by a phishing attack on YouTube in late 2019, one of them being Estonian Grand Theft Auto machinima artist Kev3n whose channel was sold on the black market to a scammer hawking malicious mobile apps posing as ports of popular video games or hacked versions of Spotify and such. The perpetrators would pose as a representative for a company or an application developer, and would invite their victims to a supposed "sponsorship" in exchange for account details. While some YouTubers were able to get their accounts back, Kev3n wasn't so lucky, much to his dismay and contempt for a platform who didn't appear to care about his plight at all.
  • A Running Gag in James A Janisse's The Kill Count sees him get attacked just before he gets to the numbers. The person who attacked him then proceeds with the numbers:
    • For Mordeo, James is attacked by a Mordeo, who proceeds to give him the Dull Machete award because of the CGI blood used and because he can't be here... he's the narrator
    • For Freaky, the Podcast Psychopath (Chelsea) stabs James with La Dola. James wraps up the numbers in Chelsea's body, while Chelsea in James' body is hoisting a bust of Leatherface onto the shelf, while saying "This set needs more Leatherface"
    • In Upgrade, STEM takes over and does the kill roundup. He eventually reverts control back to James, though he implies that he can take over again sometime.
    • In Scream 5, James is stabbed by Ghostface, who gives out the Golden Chainsaw and Dull Machete awards.
  • For the 2018 "Midsummer's Nightmare" reviews of Longbox of the Damned, Dr. Linksano took over the role of the show's host from Moarte so he could showcase Godzilla comics, which leaned more into sci-fi territory than horror comics that were usually featured. Moarte eventually returned by the end of the month and sternly tells Linksano to leave when he suggests becoming the show's permanent host.

    Western Animation 
  • The Shredder did this to 4Kids Entertainment during the FoxBox Saturday Morning block, threatening to drain the colors of every animated show on the block such as Sonic X and Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, therefore kicking off the FoxBox Color Drain Sweepstakes. Then, in early 2006, Cobra Commander takes over the 4KidsTV Saturday Morning block, renaming it into Cobra TV. This kicked off the Cobra Domination Station Sweepstakes. And let's not forget The Fight for the FoxBox, in which Wayne Cramp hired most of the 4Kids villains to take over the Saturday Morning block.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • In "The Extras", the background characters hijack the show to make Gumball and Darwin (or possibly the audience) pay attention to them.
    • In an amazingly inverted case, Gumball and Darwin try to take over their own show in "The Others". When they find out there's more to Elmore High than just their class, the episode starts to become a Lower-Deck Episode about a previously unseen (in the literal sense) mopey student named Clare Cooper, who's coming to terms with how she is moving to a new town and how she struggles to say her last good-byes. Cue Gumball and Darwin forcing themselves into her story in an effort to give her a much happier life while not realizing that they're just hogging the spotlight, much to her rapidly-increasing annoyance.
    • In "The Disaster", Rob finds out Elmore is fictional and believes sending Gumball to the void will let him become the hero.
    • Again happens by accident in "The Test": Gumball changes his personality to become more popular so Tobias takes over his role in the show and turns it into a cliché sitcom.
    • In "The Spinoffs", Rob partially succeeds in removing Gumball from the series by capturing the internet. Problem is, none of the characters Rob tries to make the new protagonist can keep the show going.
  • In Jim Henson's Dog City, a Muppet series about the creation of an animated series, one episode involved Eliot Shag, the artist, coming down with flu. The other Muppet characters decided to finish the story for him, each coming up with a version starring the secondary character Shag had modeled on them.
  • In-universe example: in The Simpsons, Sideshow Bob frames his employer, Krusty the Clown, for robbery, so that he can take over his show. Unusually for this trope, Bob's show is shown to be much better than Krusty's random slapstick.
  • Done in the Darkwing Duck episode "Comic Book Capers." Not the show, precisely, but a comic book based on it. His massive ego disagreeing with his depiction, Darkwing sets out to write it himself. The rest of the cast keeps interrupting, finding it, and adding their own bits. Not exactly starring themselves, but putting their own spin on events.
  • After thinking he blew up Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris Badenov calls for a spotlight and claims the show for himself. He finds out that our heroes survived by tuning into the show on a TV within the show itself.
  • In the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "Baffler Meal", a prototypical version of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force try to take over Space Ghost's talk show. It truly gets out of hand once they start running the "hunger imagery". Space Ghost does manage to reassert himself in the end, at the cost of changing classic rock forever (imagine Thomas Jefferson and his backing band singing a reworded version of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" and you'll get the picture...maybe).
    • In the episode "Freak Show", the feed was repeatedly hijacked by one "Commander Andy of the Cosmos", driving Space Ghost up the wall as Andy keeps interrupting the interview with Wiley Gustafson.
    • Space Ghost's evil twin brother, Chad, attempts this in "Switcheroo" and ultimately succeeds in "Hipster," where Space Ghost's ultimate fate is left vague.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: In the episode "Ultimate Deadpool", Deadpool says to Spider-Man that "he is running the show now". The opening even features him slicing the show's name in half and replacing it with his own.
    Deadpool: "You've been 'pooled!'".
  • In the Garfield and Friends episode, "Change of Mind", it plays out like a "Garfield's Tales of Scary Stuff", except Nermal is the central focus and does the narration. In the end, things return to normal for Nermal, but now Jon is doing the narration and is the focus. Of course, Garfield himself doesn't take kindly to any of this.
    • This was also done in the earlier episode "The Genuine Article", featuring a cat named Gabriel who resembles Garfield a little too closely, including most of his characterization. In a dream sequence, Garfield fears that he'll end up stealing his girl, his show, and worst of all, his merchandising.
  • In "Lightspeed", an episode of Teen Titans (2003), the opening sequence is abruptly cut 3/4 of the way through by the H.I.V.E. Five, who say something along the lines of how it's their show now. Indeed, the focus is on them, and their conflict is with Kid Flash, who isn't one of the regular Teen Titans.
  • In a meta example, Megatron took over the Hub Network (before it became Discovery Family) and hosted a Transformers: Prime Season 2 marathon, teasing that the premiere episode at the end, its season finale, will change the Transformers universe forever. The appropriately named episode "Darkest Hour" has the Decepticons pull a major win against the Autobots by finally destroying their hidden base.
    Megatron: Only on Megatron's Hub!
  • Inverted in Chowder, where Chowder becomes insanely smart to the degree where he realizes he's in a cartoon and decides that because he's so smart, he should be on a talk show instead.
    • In fact, this is later briefly referenced by Chowder (who has been returned to normal) in another episode. This may be a Lampshade Hanging done by the writers, considering how ridiculous that episode was. And that's saying a lot.
  • On one VeggieTales video, Archibald Asparagus took over the show. He presented the segments from a Masterpiece Theatre-style armchair in front of a fireplace. The two halves were Omelet and Gilbert and Sullivan's "lost musical", "Lyle the Kindly Viking", separated in the middle by "Classy Songs With Larry".
  • House of Mouse:
    • One incident had Mickey give Donald control of the House due to an emergency. Donald promptly turns the House of Mouse into the House of Cluck... er... House of Yuck... erm... House of Pancakes... oh, you know what we mean.
    • This is the premise of Mickey's House of Villains, a Halloween special edition in which Jafar, Captain Hook, Ursula, Maleficent, and other famous Disney villains conduct a hostile takeover of the eponymous House of Mouse. (Surprisingly, this is in no way connected to Kingdom Hearts, which was released a short month before the movie.) "IT'S OUR HOUSE NOW!"
  • In the episode "A Pig's Story" of Dave the Barbarian, The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy does this by capturing the narrator with magical handcuffs. Dave and the rest manage to fight back when the narrator loses his voice, and they hire a new one on Dave's side (that's also a Sci-Fi style Large Ham).
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold the first clue to something being up is Joker appearing instead of Batman in the teaser. Followed by Bad Guys winning and ending with an Earth-Shattering Kaboom. The intro then starts, Joker has now taken over the episode and renamed the show Joker: The Vile and the Villainous! Complete with HAHAHAs sprayed over everything. The main episode even plays up Batman as the villain, while Joker teams up with his idol The Weeper to get him back in the game.
  • Dexter's Laboratory has Mandark electrocuting Dexter instead of Dee Dee in the intro with the title sign reading Mandark's Laboratory complete with all the shorts centered around Mandark. However, Dexter does get back at him near the end of the show when he electrocutes Mandark much like the intro.
  • The Cow and Chicken episode, "Factory Follies" is the only episode to have a plot completely centered around the Red Guy. At the very end of the episode, it's shown that this is only because he has Cow and Chicken tied up.
  • Warner Brothers' Duck Amuck (spoilers ahead) has the animator repeatedly sabotaging Daffy Duck, the supposed star of the cartoon, using pencil and eraser to mess with the scenery, the costumes, the colour, the character himself, the entire universe. It's psychedelic and wholly freaky. At the end, the saboteur-cum-animator is revealed to be, of course, none other than Bugs Bunny.
    • There's also the sequel, Rabbit Rampage, where the same thing happens to Bugs, who, to his credit, keeps his cool better than Daffy did. The animator this time is revealed to be Elmer Fudd.
  • In the The Fairly OddParents! Made-for-TV Movie Abra-Catastrophe!, Bippy the Monkey uses Timmy's rule free wish muffin to wish that monkeys were the Earth's dominant species, and we're treated to a monkey-fied version of the opening sequence.
  • Used as a Couch Gag in The Secret Show, when U.Z.Z. agents invade the set of The Fluffy Bunny Show because "this time slot is needed urgently". One episode has Sweet Little Granny lampshading this occurrence, stating that "this sort of thing happens to me every week".
  • In the episode of Recess where TJ's arch-enemy Lawson forms his own gang of kids to upstage the main cast, the second half begins with a skimmed version of the theme tune, when suddenly:
    Lawson: Hey, wait a second! I've got an idea.
    (the intro rewinds, and plays again with Lawson's crew replacing all the protagonists)
    Lawson: Now that's more like it!
  • Evil Con Carne: One of Hector's plans to take over the world consists on taking over a kids' show called "Everybody Loves Uncle Bob".
  • Gravity Falls mixes this with The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Bill Cipher finally attains physical form, and takes over both the titular town and the show itself in Season 2 Episode 18, which results in the title of the episode being changed from "Weirdmageddon" to "Xpcveaoqfoxso". He also takes over the theme song and turns it into a demon-filled nightmare version, changes "Created by Alex Hirsch" to "Created by Bill Cipher", replaces the end-of-intro backwards whisper with himself telling the audience "I'm watching you nerds!", and even the promos for the episode were incredibly glitchy due to his influence.
  • During Cartoon Network's old Cartoon Fridays bumpers, whenever Mojo Jojo had hosting duties, he would certainly try to invoke the feeling of this by abusing the limited powers he's given over the network as host (he plays around with the logo in the corner of the screen declaring himself to be in complete control of the viewers' television as a result). Of course, it's not exactly the case given that he was scheduled to take control of the block that night.
  • Kaeloo:
    • One episode has Stumpy become super-intelligent and try to take over the show, and change its name from "Kaeloo" to "Stumpy".
    • Stumpy finally succeeds in Episode 105, by breaking into the animation studio making the show and taking over script-writing.
  • Danger Mouse: In "The Duckula Show", Danger Mouse faces the prospect of being written out of his own show, after Count Duckula kidnaps the writers and forces them to make him the star.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998): The episode "Simian Says" (and the earlier comic book story "See You Later, Narrator") has Mojo Jojo kidnapping the narrator of the show and making him alter the story that has the girls unavailable while Mojo commits his crimes.
  • One of the intros to the Slimer! segments of The Real Ghostbusters had Manx, a cat that often antagonizes Slimer in the series, attempt this by presenting a sign reading "The Manx Show". Slimer promptly knocks the sign down on top of Manx to reveal the "Slimer!" title.
  • Disney Channel has a series of shorts featuring supporting characters taking over a show's theme song, appropriately titled Theme Song Takeover:
    • The first of these is for Milo Murphy's Law, and the theme song gets taken over by Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It goes horribly wrong as Doofenshmirtz is subjected to every disaster, accident, stampeding llama and falling object that Milo would normally dodge during the theme song, and he ends up hospitalized for it.
      Doofenshmirtz: Look at that sun, look at that sky,
      Take a gander at my labcoat, I look so fly
      Look at that mailbox, look at that tree

      (The tree falls on Doofenshmirtz)
      OW! Ow, okay, the tree fell on me. The tree fell, on me.... A little help?
    • DuckTales (2017) got two. The first, with Launchpad McQuack, has him struggling to catch up with Scrooge and co., making references to airplanes while doing so. The second, starring Flintheart Glomgold, consists mostly of pot-shots at Scrooge, has him run out of budget, and ends with Glomgold getting visited by Scrooge's lawyers (who charge him with copyright infringement). This intro, minus the ending with the lawyers, was actually used for the episode "GlomTales!"
    • Big City Greens has done 4, with the character making their own lyrics to the show's Instrumental Theme Tune. The first stars Gramma Alice singing about her terrible childhood when the kids complain about having to do the theme song again, the second stars Bill pitching his own series about farming, the third has the main stars of Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (2018) roast the main characters, and the fourth one stars Vasquez as he sings about how a normal day of being Remy's bodyguard goes.
    • Tangled: The Series had one starring Shorty. After Shorty finds Rapunzel's journal in his beard, he starts drawing goofy scribbles of himself and his goat in it while singing a parody of "Wind in my Hair".
    • Amphibia got three, though the first doesn't actually fall under this trope (instead reimagining the show intro as a sprite-based video game that Anne and Sprig are playing on the former's phone). This trope is played straight with the other two, as Sasha and Marcy each got their own Takeovers that released after the show's first and second seasons, respectively, once again making lyrics to the instrumental theme. In addition to altering the instrumentation to match the characters, these "Takeovers" are also technically canon to the series, as they give official explanations for what they were doing during the first season while the show was focusing on Anne in Wartwood.
    • The Ghost and Molly McGee has three. The first has Rich Bitch Andrea, who after happily offers to take the show off Molly's hands to help bolster her own social media fame, and ends with Scratch trashing her set to reinstate the status quo. The second has Libby, who does a musical number explaining to Molly why she can't do a Takeover. The latter short also includes a brief Continuity Nod where Molly interrupts, wondering when Libby became such a talented singer since there's an entire episode revolving around her inability to sing; Libby proceeds to remind her that "Theme Song Takeovers" are non-canon. The third has Molly's brother Darryl, who uses the song to advertise his businesses (including DVDs titled "The Ghoul and Holly Hugee", "Reptilia", and "The Hoot Home") in order to make more money.
  • The Thomas & Friends episode, "Diesel Do Right" features an Imagine Spot where Devious Diesel and the other diesels spoof the intro to Season 22.
    Diesel: Den, Dart, Sidney, and Norman,
    Paxton, and Philip, and Diesel, number one!
    Let's go go go on a Big World Adventure,
    Let's go go go have fun with Diesel and his friends,
    Let's go go go and meet new friendly faces,
    The world's just a train ride away!
    Big World, Big Big Adventures,
    Diesel and Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!
  • Similar to the above Theme Song Takeovers, Big City Greens would get a new opening for the episode "Chipocalypse Now", where Chip Whistler not only takes over the Greens' farm to build a new Wholesome Foods store, but the theme song as well. The show's title even falls over at the end.
  • In the opening titles of Terrytoons' The Adventures of Lariat Sam, the villain erases the show name and paints "The Badlands Meeney Show" in its place. Sam and his horse Tippytoes pull in an extra set with the correct show name.
  • The Patrick Star Show:
    • In "Squidina's Little Helper", Fentin and Crabina steal Squidina's equipment for producing the show and make it about them.
    • In "FitzPatrick", Patrick's titular Evil Twin locks Patrick away in a Time Machine and decides to hold the show himself to ruin Patrick's reputation. Rather than Patrick's brand of innocent, wacky hijinks, Fitz directly insults the audience and gets them injured.
    • In "Stuntin'", GrandPat (working as Patrick's Obvious Stunt Double) ends up stealing the Patrick Show away from him.

    Real Life 
  • The popular interpretation of the January 2010 Tonight Show debacle. Many of Conan O'Brien's fans saw the whole event as Jay Leno stealing The Tonight Show back from Conan after his own 10:00pm show bombed in Prime Time.
  • Happened to a radio station in Washington, D.C. back around 2003. The program director was out sick one day, and the morning DJ went rogue and decided to plug in his personal iPod instead of playing the station's normal Top 40 lineup. Despite the director's protests, the stunt received such a positive response from listeners that the station wound up changing its format to be more of a mix.
  • In 1987 an unknown hacker hijacked TV signals in Chicago, interrupting first the local news and then an episode of Doctor Who to deliver a rambling string of nonsense while wearing a Max Headroom mask. The culprit was never caught.
  • Ten years earlier, the same thing happened on the UK's Southern Television. During a news broadcasting the sound from a transmitter servicing parts of Berkshire and Hampshire was hijacked and replaced with a message purportedly from 'Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command' claiming that "We speak to you now in peace and wisdom... to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world... All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this...May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos". The interruption lasted around six minutes, also affecting the beginning of the subsequent cartoon. Again the mystery was never solved, with suggestions that it may have been a disgruntled ex-employee, a peace / environmental activist, - or the real Vrillon. Most settled on the hijacking being the work of a bored employee or someone with too much time on their hands.
  • Finishing off the trio of infamous show hijackings, in 1986, a disgruntled satellite operator, using the alias "Captain Midnight", hijacked HBO’s satellite feed to express his frustration about the recent signal scrambling plans. Unlike the other two instances, this individual was actually caught.
  • This usually happens when a website, social media account or Reddit subreddit is hacked.
  • A drastic and frankly bizarre takeover occurred with Polish Black Metal band Batushka. Originally founded with Krzysztof "Derph" Drabikowski (doing work on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, as well as forming the religious/metal aesthetic and even album cover art), he brought in Bartłomiej "Bart" Krysiuk on vocals for the 2015 release of their debut album, Litourgiya, released through Krysiuk's label Witching Hour Records. In the leadup to their second album in 2019, however, Krysiuk abruptly seized control of the band's social media and trademarked the Batushka name under his own name, hiring session members to make a new album under the band name, all without Drabikowski's permission or involvement. This resulted in a confusing legal battle as there now exists two bands with the same name: one led by Krysiuk using the English naming (often called "Bartushka" by fans), and one led by Drabikowski using the Cyrillic spelling (БАТЮШКА), both continuing to work and release their own music independently from each other. Needless to say, Drabikowski doesn't consider Krysiuk's version of Batushka legitimate.


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