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"Here's the thing about Disney: Disney has a vast library that contains at least a hundred or so amazing movies, just absolute classics of cinema (...) and thousands and thousands of titles of just garbage. And Disney+ contains all of it."

Welcome one and all to the TV Tropes page for Escape From Vault Disney! The podcast where Tony Goldmark and a bunch of guests review movies, TV shows, and short films available on Disney+ chosen note  completely at random.

Originally most known for his Theme Park web series Some Jerk with a Camera, Tony Goldmark released the first episode of his podcast on November 27, 2019. The idea came to him a few months before Disney+'s launch. In fact, the first three episodes were recorded on November 12, 2019, the day Disney+ launched in North America.

As you can probably parse through the intro, this podcast covers content that is streaming on Disney+ note , chosen by a randomizer Tony created. Usually the outro of the previous episode has a guest on next week's show make the randomizer pick from its master list. After this, the next episode is dedicated to that subject, hosted by Tony Goldmark and three guests. Each episode starts with a discussion on preconceptions followed by a post-viewing discussion. As you would expect, shenanigans, expressed bafflement, laughing fits, tangents, and the occasional cases of actual analysis ensue. Each episode ends with the segment "What's the Attraction?" note , where all the guests pitch absurd ride and attraction ideas based on their topic for the Disney Theme Parks now that their topic will become the most watched title on Disney+ and beginning in late 2023, a segment called "What Hulu Title show up on Disney+ when you search for this week's Topic" where Tony reads off a few titles that have similar names that are on Hulu. Everyone then rates what they've watched either a Disney Plus or a Disney Minus.

And that's about it. The entertainment of this show just comes from listening to all these personalities bounce off each other. Frequent guests include David Ganssle of Doggans, Charlie Callahan, The Great Luke Ski, Morgan Funder, and Mighty Magiswords creator Kyle Carrozza, along with a whole slew of other guests. Even the likes of Kevin Perjurer of Defunctland and Jenny Nicholson have shown up.

There are various special episodes as well. Around Halloween and Christmas, special lists with holiday-specific content are used for usually two and three episodes in a row, respectively. Every August note  is Patreon Request Month, where the list of titles is chosen from a list of requests sent by Tony's Patreon subscribers. Every March is a theme month, where Twitter followers of the podcast vote on a specific theme the shortlist will be based on, with the first theme month being Muppet Month. And finally, there are the Guest's Choice episodes, where, after a guest appears in ten episodes, they have an option to bypass the randomizer entirely and make the topic of the next episode about the thing they want to watch.

Other mainstays of the show include the State of the Parksnote  segment sometimes after the pre-conceptions, where Tony gives his thoughts about whatever's going on in the theme park world, and the mini-sodes, created in weeks where there is no new episode. Sometimes they are standalone State of the Parks segments, other times they are segments cut from previous episodes, blooper reels or general updates concerning the podcast, such as describing the content possible in a theme month before it starts.

The show uploads usually every Wednesday, and you can find an archive of the entire show here. The show also has its own Twitter blog here, where there are occasional live tweets of Disney+ content.

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This podcast provides examples of:

  • Accidental Aesopinvoked: In their episode on Life with Mikey, they point out that both Mikey and Angie shoplift and are forgiven once people realize they are celebrities from television. They say the movie then implies that wealthy celebrities are above the law.
  • Alternative Character Interpretationinvoked: In the Fancy Nancy: Fancy It Yourself episode, Zach says that, because of Nancy's tendency to talk to the audience in a pronounced way, combined with her being far more wise and knowledgeable than her implied age would suggest, Nancy is destined to grow up to become a high-fem Jigsaw.
    Zach: Hello. Would you like to have a tea party?
  • Ascended Meme: Perhaps the most famous joke among fans occurs in the episode discussing the episode of The Little Mermaid (1992) called "Island of Fear". It is a drastic tonal shift compared to the expectations of the show, being a quasi-horror parody where a mad scientist named Dr. Vile wished to make crabs bigger and tastier. In it, he gleefully describes his "CRAB EXPERIMENTS", which became the most repeated meme to come from this podcast. A year later, the episode on Unidentified Flying Oddball has Dr. Agatha Vile, proclaimed great-granddaughter of the scientist, hijack the show as a guest.
  • Author Appeal: If anyone knows anything about Tony Goldmark, it's that he's one of the biggest "Weird Al" Yankovic fans in existence. Naturally, this leads to his songs and other appearances being reference at least once every few episodes. There was even a Weird Al-themed 27th episode note  where all the entries in the master list were media Weird Al has appeared in. It even ends with a discussion of the appearances Al has made in Disney-owned media that was not on Disney+ at the time, presumably as an excuse to talk more about Al. He has tried to curb this on occasion, though. There was a discussion in the episode about Spider-Man (1981) where there were a few jokes at the expense of a character named Mr. Frump, all related to the Weird Al deep cut "Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung". Tony said he cut it because it would be too confusing for those listening who didn't have any context.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Discussed in the Bluey episode when the group watched "Daddy Dropoff". They initially believed that it was going to be stereotypical Bumbling Dad humor about Bandit trying to get Bluey and Bingo to school. In reality, it’s a funny but sweet episode about Bandit bonding with his daughters during the drop off and it results in Bingo making a lifelong friend in Lila. Tony and the group were pleasantly surprised.
    • This happened during the Arendelle Castle Yule Log: Cut Paper Edition. Tony had Kyle Carrozza read off the pick at the end of the 'Disney Holiday Magic Quest'' (2020) episode. This appeared to be the sequel episode of the original Arendelle Castle Yule Log from 2022 but then the episode starts up pretty normal with Kyle Carrozza, Morgan Funder and David Ganssle giving their thoughts about people who made the episode and history of Yule Logs. About 15 minutes in, Kyle, Morgan and David reveal they are Carl Featherbottom, The Ghost of Gilbert Gottfried & Agatha Vile and the episode plays out like the previous year.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Or, in this case, movie paradox. In the A New Hope episode that takes place in a universe where the movie flopped, both Tony and Morgan reference Terminator, and both Tony and Charlie reference Avatar. James Cameron, creator of the both franchises and the director of the first two Terminator films and all the Avatar films, famously only got into movies because he saw Star Wars and quit his day job the same day. With the film being barely seen in this universe, any of Cameron's works being known or existing is next to zero.
  • Chewing the Scenery: In The Adventures of Huck Finn episode, Morgan says Ron Perlman, who played Huck's father, was on "an all-scenery diet. Even his corpse chews the scenery somehow."
  • Christmas Episode: A couple pop around every December, with one every year having a Bad Santa as a guest who has a constantly changing age.
  • Colon Cancer: David poked fun at this when referring to the title of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series in the episode about its holiday special. Tony then warned his audience not to google "double colon".
  • Crossover: Tony and one of his regular guests, David Ganssle appeared on their fellow network podcast, Mystery Shack Lookback to discuss the Gravity Falls episode "Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons".
  • Cuteness Proximity: Tony’s favorite part of the "Betty and the Beast" episode of The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom is the adorable baby zebra spotlighted.
  • Damned by Faint Praise: One of Tony's patrons who requested The Cat from Outer Space for Patron Request Month only said in his explanation "It's definitely a movie."
  • Designated Heroinvoked: The group sees Wayne from Prep & Landing as one, as he’s a creep, feels entitled to a promotion and immediately becomes an apathetic Lazy Bum after not getting it.
  • Determinator: Tony firmly believes that there is at least one great DCOM out there and he will find it. He did end up liking Scream Team and Luck of the Irish, the former more than the latter.
  • Dramatic Irony: In the episode on A New Hope where it takes place in a world where it is the only piece of Star Wars media that exists, Tony says that Luke and Leia make a cute couple.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Early episodes definitely had more dead air than later ones. The episodes did not open with audio of an advertisement of the work they're covering and instead went straight to the theme song, which was a public-domain honkey-tonk theme that didn't gel well with the show's tone. The music for the transition sections and the outro did not fare better, having some twangy banjo music. Special sections such as State of the Parks were completely absent, the discussion section did not go into as much depth about the work, and the introductions for new guests were far less elaborate. Most of these changes started after the podcast went on hiatus because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, with the music in particular being original compositions that evoke (and, in the outro's case, lift from) Disney VHS tapes from the 80's.
  • Enforced Plug: While it is the rare podcast that has no traditional sponsors note , Tony will occasionally halt the show midway to plug something one of his friends is involved with, usually either a charity event or the yearly FuMPFest, a comedy music festival partially ran by frequent guest The Great Luke Ski.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • A subtle example occurs in the episode discussing A New Hope. The episode opens with the typical opening line saying they're covering movies, tv shows and short films on Disney+ chosen completely at random. When there is a special shortlist, such as this Star Wars one done for the episode coming out on May the 4th, Tony will say mostly completely at random instead. This clues in that this episode takes place in an universe where Star Wars, as a massive franchise, does not exist.
    • A completely unintentional one happened during "Killer Whale Kingdom" episode. During the episode, David Ganssle was reading off a selection of recommend shows that took place in the water, one being Davy Crockett and the River Pirates." The randomizer then picks "Davy Crockett and the River Pirates" as the next episode. David said it was complete accident.
    • Another unintentional one occurs in the "Fancy Nancy" episode. While discussing Fancy Nancy's young girl demographic, Tony describes the executives as "eyeing their audience like Hawkeye." Very NEXT episode? An episode of the "Hawkeye" series.
  • Formula-Breaking Episode: The episode covering the Arendelle Castle Yule Log is actually a joke episode that's an hour of improv with the yule log as ambient noise starring a bunch of characters from the show's lore.
  • "Friends" Rent Control: Discussed concerning Peter's apartment in While You Were Sleeping, which they say looks more like a conference room in a corporate office than an actual home.
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: A common occurrence, usually punctuated by Tony saying he used to play bass for the “bands”:
    • While discussing the "Dory Finding" short from Pixar Popcorn, Kevin imagines Pixar has a computer file called "Ellen DeGeneres' Wondrous Grunts". Haley responds by saying that's the name of her Five Finger Death Punch cover band.
    • This becomes a Running Gag on the One Day At Disney episode.
    • Lampshaded in The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom episode when, after Tony makes three of these in a row, he says that he doesn't even know how to play bass.
  • Hallucinations: According to Tony, this entire podcast is this. Since he has been trapped in Vault Disney for months and months, all of his guests are warped visions as he slowly loses sanity.
  • Have a Gay Old Time: Everyone has a ton of fun poking fun of the euphemisms present in The Cat from Outer Space because of its many uses of the term "pussy", including the phrase "Playing with your pussycat."
  • Hostile Show Takeover: Done by Luke during the recording of the Muppets Haunted Mansion episode, as revealed in that episode's outtakes. Since Tony's internet experienced an outage mid-recording, that left the other three on their own. Luke then takes the opportunity to welcome everyone to the new show, "Cars 2 is actually a decent, funny movie if you pull your stick out of your ass.", a reference to a long-running joke feud between Tony and Luke.
  • Hype Backlashinvoked: Discussed in depth during the introduction of the Encanto episode concerning how Lin-Manuel Miranda has heavily suffered from this. As Luke says, once someone becomes successful enough to have some lasting appeal, people will turn on them and their work no matter how beloved they once were. This is especially true if their mainstream prominence starts with mounds of praise, causing people not only to think there's nowhere to go but down for future projects, but also to start questioning if such instant and overwhelming praise is warranted. Tony points out that even The Beatles went through this, mentioning how there are clips from 1966 of Dick Clark interviewing teenage girls who were fans who said they were tired of them.
  • In the Original Klingon: In the Christopher Reeve The Muppet Show episode, Sam the Eagle claims that William Shakespeare is American, while Tony debates him and insists he's Canadian.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": In the episode for Frank and Ollie, they note how Ollie Johnston still had an original pencil belonging to his old mentor Fred Moore.
  • Lame Pun Reaction:
    • In the discussion of Disney's Doug, Charlie segues into watching the episode saying "Without further a-Doug."
    Haley: Sit in the corner.
    Charlie: I am in the corner.
    • In the same episode, while discussing COPPA, Haley boos Charlie after he says he has the "COPPA Feels".
    • For the "What's the Attraction?" segment for Jack (1996), Tony proposes an attraction where the Genie selects a bunch of kids and has a contest over who can act the most like a grown-up Robin Williams. It will be called the Jack-Off. The other three people let out a collective groan.
    • In the Prep & Landing episode, Tony wonders if the character of Wayne was based on John Lasseter, who got "MeToo'd.", theorizing this:
    Tony: He got Me Yuled.
    Others: Boooo!
    Tony: I accept your boos and I'm proud of them.
  • The Ludovico Technique: Tony says he's only caught bits of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas while visiting relatives with small children, saying he's never "intentionally" watched it. One of the guests envisions someone walking up to Tony on the street and shoving an iPhone with the movie into his face.
  • Mary Sueinvoked: Everyone on the episode of A New Hope set in a universe where it flopped and faded into obscurity, as part of the elaborate joke, accuse George Lucas of writing Luke Skywalker as this. Tony realizes that his name is literally Luke S., while Morgan lambasts the character for becoming a sudden expert pilot, despite having no prior flight training.
  • Old School Introductory Rap: When Madeline tries to explain her disdain for Hamilton in the Encanto episode, she clarifies that the songs are better than this stereotype. She then raps "My name's Hamilton and I'm here to say, I'm gonna educate you in a radical way!"
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: The description of the episode about Unidentified Flying Oddball says, "I think we can all agree that out of all the Mark Twain adaptations in which the director of Beverly Hills Ninja plays both a horny robot and a time-traveling incel, this is probably one of the top ten."
  • Periphery Hatedominvoked:
    • Acknowledged and ultimately downplayed with their episode on High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special, with Tony saying that the special is immune to any of their criticism because it is tailor-made for people who enjoy the series it's based on.
    • Discussed in their episode about Fancy Nancy: Fancy It Yourself: Their general opinion is while they personally dislike it, it’s not bad and the target demographics of femme girls and little boys would enjoy it.
  • Portmanteau: The episode on Miles from Tomorrowland made fun of the show's characters using these constantly to force catchphrases, such as "blast-tastic".
    Ron: I'm a big fan of bad nomenclature. That's why I love Universal Studios.
  • Production Throwback: Occasionally done in reference to Some Jerk with a Camera episodes and other videos on Tony's YouTube channel:
    • When they are disgusted at Sandra Bullock's character dipping an Oreo in milk her cat just drank in While You Were Sleeping, Kit speculates this is where the cat flu from Escape from Tomorrow started, something that was frequently mocked in Tony's review of the latter film.
    • In the podcast discussing the Lesley Ann Warren episode of The Muppet Show, Tony says that since the episode contains a segment with a ballet based on Beauty and the Beast, he'll probably have to co-review it with Kyle Kallgren someday.
    • In the High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special episode, Chris wonders why this disposable special is on Disney Plus instead of the many better things that could be, leading to a reference to a recurring bit in Tony's "Top 15 Attractions That Closed in 2017 (And the First Couple Months of 2018)" State of the Parks video.
    Tony: Well, what's the point in removing it?
    Chris: Well, in theme park terms, they had nothing to replace it with.
    • Tony describes the escape scene on the Death Star in A New Hope as when "Luke lassos that thing, and the princess kisses him and they swing off together", a reference to this 70's commercial that was used in a couple of Tony's Star Wars-related vlogs to show how much discourse around the franchise has changed since the original movie's debut.
  • Questionable Castinginvoked: Tony felt this way about the Caretaker in Muppets Haunted Mansion, played by Darren Criss. He said Criss was too young to play the frail groundskeeper, and it would have made more sense for Weird Al to play him instead. That way the age would be less distracting, plus Al could nail the singing and more spooky charisma needed for the character. Tony also, of course, acknowledges how amazing a three way-crossover of some of his favorite things would have been too.
  • Running Gag:
    • Every time the "What's the Attraction?" is introduced, Tony says that it's the question that has baffled mankind and (insert relevant to subject thing here)kind through the ages.
    • Also in the "What's the Attraction?" segment, Tony claims that Disney will need to build something now that the title they watched has become the most watched title on Disney Plus, no matter how baffling the title's success would be.
    • After The Little Mermaid (1992) discussion made it a running gag in its own episode, "CRAB EXPERIMENTS" is brought up anytime anything vaguely experiment-like or crustacean-like appears in something they talk about.
    • Tony's apprehension to centrist fence-sitters when deciding on rating something a Disney Plus or Disney Minus. If anyone attempts it, Tony will scold them without fail. (He has mocked himself too, and sometimes admits that if he's on the fence he'll vote in such a way as to tie up the votes, which is spiritually similar.)
    • Whenever a novelty character appears on the show, Tony claims that the special guest for next week's episode is an A-list celebrity, such as Tom Holland. Suddenly, a phone call from the novelty character interrupts Tony, and they take so long to get to their point that they "scare" the A-list celebrity away, meaning that the guest slot is now the novelty character's.
    • The Randomizer’s complete inability to pick anything from Star Wars is snarked upon a few times. It escalates to Tony editing the Randomizer to only Star Wars content so they can do something for May The Fourth. It chooses A New Hope.
  • Self-Deprecation: In their episode on Bug Juice, they talk about how every little kid wants to be an older kid, every older kid wants to be an adult, and every adult wants to be a kid. They then mock adults who are desperate to return to their hopeful, innocent youth by creating silly webshows that give them an excuse to watch old Disney shows and go to theme parks.
  • Shout-Out: Too many to count.
  • Stillborn Franchiseinvoked: In the universe of the episode that covers it, Star Wars was a commercial flop, grossing under $100,000 on a $11 million dollar budget, erasing the chances of any more films being made after the self-proclaimed Episode IV. In fact, it has faded so much into obscurity that even George Lucas doesn't have a Wikipedia page and, to do additional research, Tony has to go to the dark web to retrieve it.
  • Take That!: In the "What's the Attraction" segment for A New Hope, Luke pitches a hotel based off the movie that immerses you into the world of the film. However, because of the high cost to build such an elaborate experience and the low demand to base the hotel on a flop film, it would cost $5,000 to stay there. The rest of the guests lambast Luke for suggesting such a ridiculous idea.
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
  • Title Drop: Tony makes fun of the one present in The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall, in which the title is dramatically exclaimed followed by another character they see as an Italian stereotype exclaiming "Mamma Mia!", immediately cutting to commercial break. Tony then says every title drop in film should be structured the same way, playing a clip where Doc Brown says the title of Back to the Future followed up with another "Mamma Mia!".
  • Values Resonanceinvoked: Discussed in the review of Life with Mikey, where the scene where Angie’s father is revealed to be a recovering alcoholic in rehab is treated with a surprising amount of compassion and sensitivity for the 90’s, when addiction was more criminalized.
  • What Are Records?: In The Rocketeer episode, Ryan has an aside where he explains to younger viewers what a cassette tape is.
    Ryan: It's like Spotify, except it sucks. And now, back to the AARP podcast!
  • What Does She See in Him?: Alessandra doesn’t get why Jenny likes Cliff in The Rocketeer when he doesn’t seem to care about her career or interests.