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Film / Life with Mikey

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A 1993 comedy film directed by James Lapine, starring Michael J. Fox as a talent agent who tries to land a young pickpocket (Christina Vidal) a series of commercials and make it big.

The movie also stars Cyndi Lauper, Nathan Lane, David Krumholtz, and David Huddleston.

Tropes for this movie:

  • Catchphrase: Little Mikey's famous, "Do I get some time off for good behavior?" which adult Michael loves to use in real life.
  • The Danzainvoked: In-universe. Michael Chapman played the title role in the series "Life With Mikey."note 
  • I Am Not Pretty: Angie thinks she can't get her crush to notice her because she's "ugly."
  • Little Miss Con Artist: Angie is a pickpocket before Mikey discovers her.
  • Missing Mom: Angie's mother is dead and her death is what led her father to hit rock bottom with his alcoholism and leave the family.
  • Straw Vegetarian: Angie is vehement about animal rights, to the point of calling avid hunter Mr. Corcoran a murderer while auditioning for him.