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The English lyrics even say "Look at YouTube vids do it."

"Originally, I simply referred to the gentleman as Future Guy. Now that the series is over and all of the secrets have been revealed, we now know that this is... Future Guy. How sad is it that the master villain's name is derived from sarcasm?"
SF Debris on "Future Guy" from Star Trek: Enterprise

Sometimes a meme about a work, that wasn't in the work before, catches the eye of the people responsible for that work, and they decide to actually put it in the work. Note that this is not about references to unrelated memes, which would just be a Shout-Out.

Can be an in-joke for an Ascended Fanboy character, or a Promoted Fanboy who makes sure it'll be in the show. Can also be a result of Approval of God, where the creator would approve of fanworks and memes derived from the source material.

Now just to tell if an example fits:

  • Not an example: M. Bison (Vega in Japan) saying "Of course!" in any Street Fighter material. It could reference the Running Gag in The Nostalgia Critic, but Bison still actually said it in the 1994 film.
  • Proper example: Bison saying the line in the context of Take Over the World. That's because this was not the context of the original line.

A Sister Trope of Ascended Fanon, Meme Acknowledgement, Continuity Nod, Mythology Gag (the latter two are references to things that were in the work).

Compare Watch It for the Meme, Appropriated Appellation, Pandering to the Base, Official Fan-Submitted Content.

Not to be confused for a work making a Forced Meme itself.


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  • If you watch TV late at night, you can see the ordinary Vince Offer Slap Chop commercial has been replaced by this wonderful gem, though, presumably due to rights issues, the bits from Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo are sadly replaced with some new footage of break-dancers.
  • The Snickers commercial wherein a football player gets a concussion and thinks he's Batman was referenced by Tampa Bay Rays player Will Rhymes after he got nailed with a pitch.
  • For a long time, the M&M/Mars company ignored the urban legend that green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac. In 1997, they embraced it, introducing the sexy "Ms. Green" character, with the slogan "what is it about the green ones?" In 2008, they began selling bags of all-green M&Ms for Valentine's Day.
  • Netflix began using the tagline "Watch Responsibly" following the running joke about users Archive Bingeing on seasons of certain shows at a time.
  • The HeadOn headache medicine. The original commercial's repitition of the slogan ("HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead!") in the commercials annoyed enough people that complaining about it/making fun of became a thing. Cue a year or so later, they had incorporated making fun of the original commercial's reputation for being irritating into the new version.
  • For the release of Internet Explorer 9 in 2012, Windows actually started an ad campaign that acknowledged the rampant jokes about Internet Explorer's uselessness, calling it "The Browser You Loved to Hate" and featuring tongue-in-cheek testimonials from people who couldn't believe that IE9 was actually fast and reliable.
  • Ever since TV Land acquired the right to reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger, all the commercials they use are basically Chuck Norris Facts, to the extent of "When does Chuck Norris watch Walker, Texas Ranger? Whenever he feels like it. However, you can catch it now on TV Land!"
  • After Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" became a huge hit, Teen Spirit deodorant used the title as a catchphrase in a commercial.
  • At the 2010 Super Bowl, Volkswagen ran an ad riffing on the long-standing "Punch Buggy" game (where you punch someone every time a VW Beetle goes by and shout out the color.) The ad finishes with Stevie Wonder of all fucking people pulling this on Tracey Morgan. However, they messed it up by having the people in the commercial do it for any Volkswagon, and not just the Beetle.

    Anime and Manga 
  • The Flavor Text of Alligator's Sword in Yu-Gi-Oh! "'ey, dis mighty lissard man can swing his sword so fast, dat it's more dan da speed a sound!"
    • Later, Legendary Collection 4 would print more classic Normal Monsters that had never before been released in English with flavor text written in Joey's Brooklyn accent.
    • In another reference to the anime, specifically the notorious incident where Yugi ordered his Giant Soldier of Stone to "attack the moon!", the TCG released the Attack the Moon! card.
    • For a slightly more tenuous connection, it's possible that the entire Pendulum Summoning mechanic- which allows a player to summon more than one high-level from their hand in a single turn- is at least in part a reference to the original Signature Scene of Yugioh The Abridged Series, which has the Pharaoh calling out Kaiba for doing...exactly that.
  • Leekspin showed up in the Bleach card game.
    • In the preview of episode 245, Ichigo wonders why Kenpachi's Zanpakuto hasn't materialized yet. Renji gets to answer his question by actually saying... this. See the Memetic Badass page for more info- it's not exactly like the original meme, but it gets close.
  • The School Days OVA featured a "Nice Boat" labeled as such. Series creator Overflow have also labelled their booths at conventions as "Nice Boat" as well.
  • The Gundam fandom has a famous meme about something red being three times faster, coming from original series ace Char 'The Red Comet' Aznable having an Ace Custom said to be three times fast than usual with no visible difference but being red. Gundam 00 seemingly made this reality when Setsuna's Gundam turned red on acquiring its Super Mode, with the technician staff stating "It goes about three times faster now!"
    • This has been an Ascended Meme for quite a while, as ever since the original series they quickly put out a truckload of tongue-in-cheek meme-beholden merchandise, like Char's Custom Laptop, or Char's Custom Sneakers. Guaranteed to go three times faster. There was even a Char custom credit card in Japan which actually earned three times the reward points for every thousand yen spent.
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Gyunei tells Quess that everyone thinks Char is into young girls.
    • Ribbons, the villain of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 got a Fan Nickname of the Evil Amuro, because the two characters share a voice actor. In the movie, the man who is seen talking to Aeolia Schenberg at the end and who likely contributed the genetic data for the Ribbons line of Innovades...also has the same voice actor and bears the name "E.A. Ray." In fact, Ribbons and Amuro get to fight each other in Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-Hen. This has ascended again with Gundam Build Fighter Battlogue ep 1, which has Char fight Ribbons, and has Char immediately hate him just because he recognizes his voice, only to later swap Ribbons for Amuro and explain the identical voices away with Amuro calling it coincidence.''
    • A further Gundam 00 one. Graham Aker's masked samurai persona was nicknamed "Bushido Bob" and similar names well before Graham identified himself as Mr. Bushido, even adding "That's just what they decided to call me."
    • Another infamous meme from the first series has Dozle Zabi's declaration about how when "the Big Zams are mass-produced, the Federation will be beaten in no time". Cue the G-Generation games, where a Mass-Produced Big Zam is actually a unit you can use.
    • The franchise's crossover game Dynasty Warriors: Gundam have some of these as well:
      • G Gundam's "With the help of Kyoji" meme has ascended as well, in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam players can have Kyoji and the Devil Gundam as assit units, making it possible to overtake a field or beat an enemy with, well.. THE HELP OF KYOJIIII!
      • Also, one from Gundam Wing: Duo Maxwell (through his English VA) reacts to the destruction of his Gundam with a really epic Big "NO!" that the fans have loved ever since. It became his death cry in the third game, in both the Japanese and English versions! When he respawns, he says he could have handled that more gracefully.
      • In the second game, Emma Sheen participates in a training simulation based on the Battle of A Baoa Qu. No fewer than three Big Zams show up in the fight. Emma comments that with Mass-Produced Big Zams, Zeon might have actually won.
      • In the fourth game, there is, naturally, a story scenario about Dozle mass-producing Big Zams. He still loses the war though.
    • When Gundam Build Fighters featured dozens of background cameos by other Gundam characters, including many who suffered tragic deaths, fans joked that it was the Gundam-verse's version of Valhalla. Late in the show's run, Minami Fuji (who plays Mao Yasaka) said on Twitter that according to the show's director, all Gundam characters exist and lead peaceful lives in the world of Build Fighters.
    • The term "Space Rat" has led to fans depicting Tekkadan members from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans as literal rats, it ends up officially adapted by Megahouse and spawns the Orphanchu spin-off series.
    • A long-running Black Comedy meme in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is "Kamille is a vegetable's name!", playing off of his fate at the end of the series. In Shokugeki no Soma, Soma uses his food carving skills to make a miniature Zeta Gundam out of... carrots.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • The fandom started using the number 503 to represent the Ed/Winry pairing, based on a brand of jeans of the same number produced by a company called Edwin. In a later chapter of the manga, the creator gives a nod to this, as Ed is shown to be staying in hotel room 503.
    • People started calling the second Greed "Greedling" to tell him apart from the original Greed in conversation, and because the human used to create him was called "Ling". When Ed meets him again, he decides he's going to call him this.
  • In Noir, the first of Bee Train's Girls with Guns trilogy, Kirika's combat skills led to fans describing her as a "witch". In the third series, El Cazador de la Bruja, Ellis is a literal witch.
  • Lucky Star: Because of Miyuki's tendency to know everything and recite it with little provocation, the online community nicknamed her Miwiki. In the Lucky Star OVA, Konata herself referred to Miyuki at one point as Miwiki-san.
  • Strike Witches:
    • The series is often mocked for its protagonists' lack of pants. The Funimation advertisement for the series has the tagline "Winning the War on Pants" and refers to it as a "brief" series. Rightstuf touted its "high-flying, no-pants-wearing action."
    • Another meme strikes in season two. Minna somehow got quite the reputation for clenching her butt, and a meme formed that she could break anything with it. In season 2, episode 7, this is exactly how she ends up destroying a Neuroi bug that had been plaguing the base.note 
  • An Axis Powers Hetalia fandom joke was that Spain was known for having a nice ass in comparison to the other characters. The author focused on that aspect of Spain the most as seen here.
  • With Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage The Movie Side F, the popular meme known as "Befriending" amongst English-speakers has been given a nod, as Arf jokingly explains to an increasingly worried Erio and Caro that the only way to make life-long friends is to blow them up first.
    Caro: Is there some secret to maintain such a long-lasting friendship?
    Fate: Hm...I wonder what it is...We’re all just doing what we usually do.
    Arf: Maybe it’s that? You first met by blowing each other up, and everything after that was pretty simple.
    Fate: Huh?
    Arf: They say it was that way with Nanoha and Arisa. It was the same with Fate and Nanoha too!
    Fate: Ah... The same with Signum too.
    Caro: So, the most important part is that you went all out on each other? Huh, oh no, Erio, what should we do! If it's that the case, we haven't hit each other that much at all!
    Erio: Um, yes, we did. At the escalators, when Caro fell and we slammed into each other.
    Caro: Oh...So that's fine then?
    Arf: I think for you two, that's good enough.
  • A Certain Magical Index and Squid Girl's title characters have often been noted to be very similar. Index-tan episode 3 played on this idea by giving the Fun Size Index many of Ika's characteristics. Which works on more than one level, because a fun-size Ika also has a precedent.
  • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, Hibari's bird was nicknamed "Hibird" by the fans and subsequently later used officially by the author.
  • Episode 7 of The iDOLM@STER introduces a "Nonowa" toy, based on fanmade parodies of Haruka's habit of looking up and to the right when in thought.
  • In the third season of Kyo Kara Maoh!, Greta names her pet bearbee Yuuram, after her adoptive daddies. It's the fandom's Portmanteau Couple Name for Yuuri and Wolfram.
  • Umineko: When They Cry used Eva-Beatrice's Fan Nickname "Evatrice" in one of the episode previews in the anime.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion fanon pegged Shinji as a Supreme Chef, contrasting with Misato's Lethal Chef quirks. In Rebuild of Evangelion, we see Shinji cooking as well as the product of his work... and according to everyone in the movies, his food is really good.
  • During the Fourth Shinobi War arc of Naruto several readers started calling Kabuto's resurrected army as "Zombie" Ninjas (technically they are not, although the fact that they come out from a summoned coffin certainly helps); later in the anime's Recap Episode 296, they are called "Zombies" by the main characters.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • The "Over 9000!" meme has been referenced many times, which would just be a Fandom Nod to the popularity of the scene, but one DVD box set features a picture of a screaming Vegeta next to the caption "OVER 900 MINUTES OF UNCUT ACTION!", fitting the meme of putting the line against anything. Dragon Ball Z Kai used a more angry and subdued "over 8,000" for the scene in the uncut version, but for the TV broadcast version Chris Sabat decided he wasn't happy, so he went back and retook the scene with the original line and all of its hamminess intact.
    • The Dragon Ball SD manga (a cut-down and self-referential retelling of the original Dragon Ball) references Yamcha's death in DBZ in a scene where Oolong reflexively transforms into a Saibaman ("I was trying to think of what form could beat that guy, and I turned into this..."), which causes Yamcha to faint in fear, taking his iconic death pose.
    • Yamcha's death pose has become a limited-release figure. It's also how Yamcha wins the baseball game Beerus and Champa set up between Universe 6 and 7, he survived collateral damage from a fight between two Gods of Destruction to get a home run. Promptly lampshaded by Krillin and Piccolo:
      Krillin: Hey, the way he's lying in that crater kinda rings a bell.
      Piccolo: Yeah, a very painful bell.
      Yamcha: Don't remind me...
    • The English dub of Kai featured a cameo performance by Team Four Star as the actors in the Bad "Bad Acting" re-enactment of the Cell Games. Numerous memes are referenced, including "My power is maximum!", "Push-ups, sit-ups, and plenty of juice!", and, of course, "Over 9000!"
    • As the Tournament of Power in Super progressed, fans began to notice just how much Android 17 contributed to Universe 7's efforts and were quick to dub them U7's MVP. Not only did 17 go on to win the whole thing, even surviving a Heroic Sacrifice in the process and continuing the fight against Jiren during U7's Darkest Hour, the official Dragon Ball website became the "Android 17 Official Site" for April Fools' Day 2018 "in recognition of Android 17's great efforts in the Tournament of Power."
      • The American YouTube channel for Bandai Namco Entertainment takes this further when they refer to Android 17 as "Universe 7's MVP" for his Dragon Ball Fighter Z DLC reveal trailer description.
    • Another cross-media example comes from the English dub of Super Episode 71. When Hit arrives to fulfill his contract and assassinate Goku, he says it's "Time to make the donuts", a line easily recognizable by Xenoverse 2 players.
  • Code Geass:
    • Pretty much the whole Nunnally in Wonderland can qualify as this, for the numerous fan theories and memetic mutations that exist in the fanbase.
    • Somebody made a gag comic in which the Emperor delivers a speech about breasts note , and then Norio Wakamoto, the Emperor's voice actor, made a Gag Dub of said comic and released it to the public.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • One of the most common Crack Pairings in the fandom was that of Mami and Charlotte; unusual, given that they shared about thirty seconds of screentime and that Charlotte is a giant monster who devours Mami. Come Rebellion, and the two have become roommates in a Lotus-Eater Machine situation, and Charlotte even gets a human form by the end of the film for more personal interaction.
    • "I don't understand this at all!" ("Wake ga wakaranai yo!") is a line attributed to Kyubey, spoken in a deadpan tone a few times when he fails to understand why humans would consider certain experiences or revelations traumatic. It was picked up by Fanon as a response to all the Non Sequitur Madoka online Parodies. Come Rebellion, and a mass of Incubators scream it in unison as the Magical Girls destroy their isolation field, ruining their plan to bring the Witch System back.
    • "Nakazawa-kun," the male student who exists only for the "teacher angrily asks how eggs should be cooked" gag, was apparently popular enough to reappear for a similar joke in Rebellion. And if you pay close attention, you'll notice he is one of the few real people in the labyrinth, along with the magical girls, Madoka's family, and a few other people who have much bigger roles than Nakazawa ever did. A brief shot at the end—edited in after the movie was out of theaters—shows him getting airlifted out by Madoka's familiars, along with Hitomi and Kyousuke.
    • The Headless Mami meme was created after the conclusion of the third episode. Come the release of the Compilation Movie, the developers made special tickets that were perforated right along Mami's neck.
  • A Funny Background Event in Fairy Tail had a minor character named Max with his pants down and a broom sticking out his rear in the wake of a party. Fans latched onto the image and Max/Broom became one of the more unanimously agreed on pairings in the manga. About 100 chapters later, a similar incident was spotted after an explosion, and it has since been common to see Max running around in the background with a broom in hand.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Many people liked to make fun of how Armin and Christa looked very similar. Come Chapter 53, he has to dress up as Christa while Jean is dressed as Eren again in order to lure out a group of kidnappers.
    • Funimation decided to keep in Levi's "Big-ass trees" line from the subs that reached memetic levels in episode 18.
  • During the Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F OVA, Nyaruko mentions the incredibly viral line from the first season's intro (and slightly less viral line from the second season's intro) during her delusions of marrying Mahiro.
    Nyaruko: "Oo" will be "Nya"! "San" will be "Pinch"!
  • When Chespin's first evolution was revealed, many fans complained it wasn't cute enough. When Bonnie from the Pokémon anime meets a Quilladin for the first time, she sounds very disappointed about its appearance.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering has an infamous Game-Breakernote  in called Morphling, which was dubbed by fans as "Superman". When the card designers later decided to create an Enchant Creature that granted all of Morphling's abilities, they gave it the name "Pemmin's Aura". How is this an example? Pemmin's Aura is a Significant Anagram for "I am Superman".
    • Morphling's fellow infamously-broken creatures, Masticore and Psychatog, got similar shout-outs: Deep Analysis shows a dissected Masticore with the flavor text "the subject appears to be broken," while a later version of Shock fulfills fan dreams everywhere by having a bolt of lightning zap the Psychatog.
    • Back in the old days, when the Internet was still not widely used and card lists were rare, some people talked about an ultra-rare "Throat Wolf" with, among other abilities, "firstest strike". In Visions the designers, inspired by Throat Wolf, included "Talruum Champion" which has first strike that beats other creatures' first strike.
      • Throat Wolf is also mentioned in the novels.
      • There's a card in Homelands called Heart Wolf. And a cut card in Unglued was going to be called Butt Wolf.
    • Unhinged had a card called "Mise," a reference to M:tG slang meaning "to get a lucky draw." There was also a "real" card called "Savage Beatings", at which point M:tG parody site Misetings accused WotC of trying too hard.
    • Storm Crow is famous for being treated as a Memetic Badass by the MTG community despite it really being just a mediocre creature. Wizards of the Coast first acknowledged this meme by giving the 6th edition of Storm Crow a custom rating of 6 out of 5 on its Gatherer website, then released Crow Storm as an Unstable card that does nothing but make copies of Storm Crow.
    • An Urban Legend says that a player in a championship game was so desperate to win they played a card called "Chaos Orb" with the ability to destroy other cards by being dropped onto the opponents field and destroying any card it touches. If you're lucky you might destroy 3 or 4 cards, but instead of simply dropping the card they shredded it and sprinkled the pieces over the opponents field, wiping it out and the judge ruled it a legal move (incarnations of the story from there vary, some say the player won and other say the opposing player called for a count of cards in the players deck). Regardless of the truth to the story, the Unglued set introduced a card called "Chaos Confetti" with the exact same abilities of "Chaos Orb", except it specifies to tear the card apart and sprinkle the pieces over the field. The Flavor Text even says "And you thought it was an urban legend."
    • Fake CCG cards themselves. They date to 1994, albeit in text-only format, and were the basis of the "Un" sets.
    • At this point, the creators lampshade infinite combos.
    • Back in 2013, they printed a card called Totally Lost that depicted a lost homunculus named Fblthp. Since then, he's become a fan favorite, appearing in the artwork of multiple cards, as well as having fans clamoring for him to have his own card. Six years later, they finally gave him his own card. Appropriately, it shuffles itself back into your library, so you have to go find it again.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic collectible card game references a few memes, such as Doctor Whooves. The Canterlot Nights set introduced a card based on the "Twilicane" seen in "Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2".

    Comic Books 
  • Lugnut's ultimate attack, the Punch Of Kill Everything in Transformers Animated, had its Fan Nickname immortalized in the official Animated comic series "The Arrival - Part 4."
    • The same nickname is referenced in Transformers: War for Cybertron. Among other things, one skill Soldiers can select to enhance their Whirlwind ability is called "P.o.K.E Alpha".
    • The new Lugnut toy was designed to execute a double dose of P.O.K.E. with both hands being spring-loaded, no doubt inspired by the nickname's popularity.
    • Shortpacked! introduced featured Mirror Universe Ravage, who as the opposite of a silent master of stealth, constantly updated his Twitter feed with exactly where he was. When Ravage appeared in an official Transformers: Shattered Glass story a few months later, they followed this portrayal.
  • Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" has the line "Don't tug on Superman's cape." Now, in the comics, Supes gets really grumpy when people screw with the cape.
    • The song gets invoked in Thunderbolts when the team takes on treacherous member Hyperion... who happens to be a Captain Ersatz of Superman.
  • Squirrel Girl's one-shot appearance becoming a meme in Internet forums led to her becoming a permanent recurring character in Great Lakes Avengers.
    • Then she was (briefly) Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' nanny.
    • Then she got her own series, written by the Dinosaur Comics guy.
    • Then she joined Roberto DaCosta's New Avengers, and would go from that to the U.S.Avengers.
    • And then thanks to her the Great Lakes Avengers got their first ongoing in Marvel NOW! (2016) and we completed the meme ascension circle. Will it become a spiral? Only time will tell.
  • The main Marvel Universe is called "Earth-616". There's a fan rumor that it was named for the date the Fantastic Four first appeared (supposedly June 1961). This is not true (for one thing, the issue was released in August), but this numbering scheme then became used for real for several Marvel alternate Earths.
  • During Fear Itself, the Thunderbolts tie-in arc features a literal Giant-Size Man-Thing, and Songbird refers to him as just that.
  • When Mega Man 2's Air Man appears in the Mega Man comic, his line is "You can't beat me."
  • 1980s Legion of Super-Heroes fandom came up with "Arm-Fall-Off Boy" as an extreme example of the sort of ludicrous characters who showed up for Legion Try-Outs. Gerard Jones then included him as the very first wannabe-Legionnaire in an issue of Secret Origins. (Legend has it Jones didn't realise Arm-Fall-Off Boy was a fan joke and didn't already exist.)
  • Issue #1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW)'s synopsis uses the fan-coined term "Mane Six" (already more than a Fan Nickname due to being used on a couple of licensed shirts, but this further elevates the term).
    • Upon being confronted by Chrysalis, Applejack and Rarity are quick to insult her, and reference the meme of Chrysalis having Swiss cheese legs.
    • And of course Derpy's in the comic (though not named), including being lured into a trap by a trail of muffins. Furthermore, when one of the Changelings changes into Derpy, its companion is forced to bonk it on its head to get the derped eyes just right.
      • In issue 2, one of the spiders is gray, has a bit of blond hair, one set of its two pairs of eyes in a wall-eyes fashion, and has a pattern of bubbles on its rear section.
    • Sweetie Belle as a dictionary (propagated from "The Return of Harmony") pops up in issue #3.
    • Hot Topic's #3 varient offers up Epic Wife Throwing, which had become a fandom meme after "The Crystal Empire".
    • In My Little Pony Micro Series Issue #2, the 20% cooler meme is referenced in the beginning when Rainbow goes 20% faster after doing a Sonic Rainboom.
      • Rainbow gives Tank a "brohoof".
      • Rainbow pulls off a Sonic Double Rainboom. There has been a fan-made full length episode entitled "Double Rainboom" that's been in the works for a while and teased. Whether this inspired the comic's term is unclear, though it's most likely a reference to the old Double Rainbow meme from YouTube (which many bronies naturally associate Rainbow Dash with).
    • The Giant Enemy Crab that shows up at the end of issue #13 is no doubt a nod to the "Rarity fighting a giant crab" meme.
  • In 1994, the Street Fighter comic, Ryu and Ken's master is named Sheng Long, following the English SNES Street Fighter II instruction manuals. This all started because of an April Fools joke.
  • The Super Dictionary legendarily illustrated "forty" with Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes. "And That's Terrible". Eventually a canon comic (Superman #709) revealed that, as revenge for not being allowed to enter an early invention in his high school's science fair, Lex Luthor stole forty cakes from the bake sale.
  • Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #15: the bootleg Bart Simpson in "Boo-tleg" is African-American and even talks about his plans to sell shirts of himself at the flea market. This is a reference to the phenomenon of bootleg Bart Simpson shirts being sold in the African-American community in the early 1990s, a substantial amount of which can be seen at
  • A common meme among Smurf haters is to present Papa Smurf as a fascist or communist dictator. In The Smurfs story "The Reporter Smurf", Reporter accuses Papa Smurf of being a dictator through his newspaper when Papa Smurf warns him to stop going after Smurfette with his "exclusives".
  • New 52:
  • Later issues of All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder also use the phrase "Goddamn Batman" repeatedly after the "I'm the Goddamn Batman!" from an early issue became a meme.
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • In Issue 205, an insane Dr. Eggman catches Snively sneaking around and declares that he is "Snoo-ping as usual!", a call back to the infamous PINGAS meme from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The same issue depicts Eggman saying "It's from the show!", a Shout-Out to a YouTube Poop Music Video.
    • The Tails Doll, a playable doppelganger of Sonic's best friend Tails, was introduced in Sonic R, but other than that he was a rather unremarkable Living Prop. Due to the creepy nature of the design, he became rather popular to imagine as an otherwordly monster in Creepypasta, with the parodic Sonic Shorts taking a hand in popularizing the concept. When Ian Flynn introduced him, he ran with this concept for Tails Doll, who was a demonic-looking Mechanical Abomination inside the innocent-looking doll.
  • The collected edition of Avengers Assemble #9-13 (2013), which focuses on Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk, is called Science Bros, in reference to the 2012 meme about their movie counterparts being Heterosexual Life-Partners. Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man #1 brings the meme in-universe when Tony mentions they picked up the name soon after they first met.
  • In My Little Pony: Fiendship Is Magic #1, some of the crystal pony fillies tease Sombra as "Sombrero", which has been a fandom meme since the Season 3 opener.
  • Two Tumblr memes regarding America Chavez from Young Avengers ("She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face!" and "America, no!" "America, yes!") were used in the first issue of A-Force.
  • Many comic book fansites, especially the LiveJournal/Dreamwidth community "scans_daily" had a running gag of Nightwing having comics' most recognizable ass. An Annual issue of Batgirl (2011) had Babs recognize the ass in question and realise that Dick was alive, since at the time he was pretending to be dead in Grayson.
    • Then there's the part of the run where Midnighter gets around the Spyral technology that masks agents' faces by saying he'd "recognize that ass anywhere."
  • A particularly infamous quote by British Prime Minister David Cameron note  was picked up by the internet as sounding more like a supervillain speech, and kicked off a meme of photoshopping Cameron's words onto Doctor Doom and other comic book villains, such as here. In an issue of Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders, one of Doom's minions virtually quotes the line word for word.
  • One of the infamous memes associated with Spider-Man (1967) is the "Masturbating Spider-Man" macro. The first issue of Web Warriors has Spider-Gwen discovering Spidey in that pose and referencing the entire meme.
  • There is a popular scene in Jem where Rio kicks over a plant. It's so hilarious that it made its way into the Jem and the Holograms reboot. Rio kicks over a plant in agitation. People glare at him so he apologizes, and puts it upright again.
  • Batman #666 featured a possible future wherein Damian Wayne (Bryce Wayne's biological son and later Robin V) is Batman, and has a cat he calls Alfred. Fandom took this and ran with it, and Damian became a Crazy Cat Kid in the fandom. Grant Morrison, writer of the issue, took this and expanded it to have Damian be an animal lover in general, with Damian later adopting a Bat-Cow and becoming a vegetarian. Peter J. Tomasi furthered this, with Damian getting Titus, an updated interpretation of Ace the Bat-Hound. Tomasi's frequent collaborator Patrick Gleason also gave him a colossal mutant bat called Goliath. Tomasi's Superman (Rebirth) run also had Damian lose his shit at Jonathan Kent's accidental murder of a cat, and when they talk later, Damian is basically covered in his pets.
  • While there's no confirmation as of yet if it was intentional, All Star Batman includes a piece of dialogue where Batman proudly proclaims that "rock and roll will never die". Hmm...

    Comic Strips 
  • Garfield Minus Garfield, the webcomic that made new comedy out of old Garfield strips by removing the title character so it seemed that Jon was a lonely delusional weirdo, was made into a book. One actually endorsed by writer Jim Davis, too, and complete with several Garfield Minus Garfields actually made by Davis himself. Turns out he's quite good at it. And shortly after, he seemed to realize that Jon did seem depressed and hopeless, so Jon/Liz was finally made canon and he was able to interact with more other human characters regularly, while the animals had their own strips — making new strips harder to convert for the webcomic, but responding well to the issues it brought up.
  • After Josh Fruhlinger of The Comics Curmudgeon began making jokes about the Archie newspaper comic strip being written by an antiquated mainframe computer called the "Archie Joke-Generating Laugh Unit 3000" (AJGLU-3000 for short), AJGLU-3000 references began cropping up in the strip.
  • One series of early Dilbert strips featured a nameless cat who showed up at Dilbert's house, harassing that character and trying to eat Ratbert. Scott Adams soon started receiving emails demanding "more Catbert," and ultimately made him a regular character.
  • One comic of The Far Side had a caveman teacher explaining to a class that the spikes on a stegosaurus's tail are "called the 'thagomizer'... after the late Thag Simmons". Years later, the scientific community realized they didn't have a name for the spikes on a stegosaurus's tail, and adopted "thagomizer".

    Fan Works 
  • Age of Strife: The players often joked that whenever the dice rolled a 99, the resulting critical success was the result of Tzeentch intervening as part of a plot.(The sacred number of tzeentch being 9). This impression picked up speed when a number of 99 rolls ended up giving the protagonists forbidden knowledge and mutations. In the final battle of the pilgrimage arc, which takes place in an expanding warp rift, Tzeentch blatantly assists Mirande by amplifying her Burning Blood mutation to cover the battlefield in mutagenic flames whenever her biomancy construct is cut.
  • Newer versions of the Pokémon romhack Moémon have switched the Charmander line's shiny palette from black (like the canon shinies) to white in reference to the starter from Twitch Plays Moémon.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!" in X-Men: The Last Stand. The line even got a TV-friendly shout-out in the Black Panther animated series: "I'm the Juggernaut, punk!" note 
  • Snakes on a Plane:
    • The Internet and Samuel L. Jackson insisted that the working title be kept because it had become a meme.
    • The line "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" was added as service to the memetic mutation that had developed around the film before its release.
  • There was a promo for a TV airing of The Wizard of Oz that used the song "The Great Gig In The Sky" by Pink Floyd, referencing the fan-synchronization of Oz with the album the song comes from, The Dark Side of the Moon. Sometime in the mid-'90s, one of the Turner networks aired Oz with Dark Side as an alternate audio track (such tracks are usually reserved for Spanish dubbing if available).
  • "Not a lot of people know that" was a Beam Me Up, Scotty! line for Michael Caine, as it was from Peter Sellers' impression of him rather than anything he actually said in a movienote ... until the film Educating Rita where Michael Caine's character was given the line to say.
  • Figwit the elf from The Lord of the Rings film series. A background extra played by Bret McKenzie (of Flight of the Conchords) who appears in a shot following Frodo's acceptance of the ring (the name standing for Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?), the nickname was eventually used in the series of Topps trading cards featuring the character. Peter Jackson specifically brought him back for Return of the King because of the popularity of the meme, even giving him a couple lines this time around. He's back for The Hobbit, now officially named Lindirnote  and portrayed as Elrond's right hand man. The meme was also referenced in the flavor text of his Decipher card as a "nickname".
  • Grumpy Cat now has a TV Christmas special, "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever."
  • "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" were Fan Nicknames for factions of Twilight fans that have since ended up ubiquitous enough to get on official merchandise, if you want a Team Edward t-shirt or a Team Jacob bag. Or a Team Tyler's Van shirt.
  • In the first Hellraiser, Doug Bradley's character was known simply as "Lead Cenobite". The name "Pinhead" was a nickname given to him by fans of the movie. It wasn't until the second movie that Pinhead became his official name.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Barbossa was never given a first name, But Johnny Depp jokingly referred to him as "Hector" in the commentary, which caught on with some of the fans. Cut to the third movie, and Hector is his official name.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Agent Phil Coulson of the 2012 The Avengers movie gained more than a little popularity after his death, sparking the Coulson Lives Project, operating under the hashtag #CoulsonLives. So Coulson was brought back from the dead (with suggestions at suspicious circumstances) for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series... with the aforementioned hashtag being integral to the marketing.
    • A common complaint in the fanbase for post-Avengers movies like Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier was "why doesn't the hero call in the Avengers to deal with that big problem?" In Ant-Man, when the big problem is explained and Hank Pym and Scott Lang discuss how to solve it, Lang asks that same question.
    • Speaking of Winter Soldier, one scene early on featured list of things Cap wanted to view. Later on, Natasha makes a WarGames reference, and Cap responds that he understood that reference.
    • Avengers: Infinity War features a few of these:
      • Red Skull turns out to be the guardian of the Soul Stone, confirming a long running fan theory that he didn't actually die at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger and was simply teleported to another plane of existence by the Tesseract.
      • During the final battle in Wakanda, Rocket eyeballs Bucky's metal arm and attempts to buy it off him.
      • When confronting Thanos Star-Lord calls Thanos "Grimace" and threatens to blow his "nutsack of a chin" off his face if he doesn't let go of Gamora.
    • Ant-Man and the Wasp references and lampshades the “I’m Just a Civilian” meme” when Hank, Hope, and Scott all don this type of disguise. In the words of Scott Lang: “We just look like ourselves at a baseball game!”
  • In The Expendables 2, several Chuck Norris jokes — and the general meme of Norris as the toughest man in the world — are repurposed to refer to the character played by Norris. He shows up to save the Badass Crew by destroying an enemy platoon and tank single-handed. After some brief words he walks off, like he's got more dangerous shit to deal with. He even gets to recite his personal favorite Chuck Norris Fact during his first appearance:
    Ross: "I heard you once got bit by a king cobra."
    Booker: "That's right, and after five days of agonizing pain... the cobra died."
  • In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Gordon Gekko says, "Someone reminded me I once said 'Greed is good.'" This line is pretty much the only thing many people remember from the original movie, including some people who actually became stockbrokers because of Gordon Gekko, when in fact it's a bit of a simplification. Gordon himself has to clarify that his actual words were "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good". He wasn't advocating unrestricted greed, but to use people's innate drive to increase their resources as a tool to advance humanity. Furthermore, his whole speech was part of a PR effort to take over another company so he could cannibalize it.
  • After Star Wars fans finally got to see the ending of The Force Awakens—with Rey finding Luke Skywalker living in seclusion on a backwater planet and preparing to train under him as Luke trained under Yoda—it became a running joke in the fandom that Luke would force her to give him piggyback rides, reasoning that "It's how I learned!" Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley eventually got in on the joke when Hamill posted this photo to his official Facebook page for Daisy's birthday.
  • Ocean's 8: A picture of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o at a 2014 fashion show went viral on Tumblr when a user commented that the pair looked like they were characters in a heist movie. Someone else reposted the meme on Twitter in April 2017, where it went even more viral. Lupita retweeted it with her approval, asking if Rihanna was game—and she accepted. Twitter went into a frenzy trying to select the hypothetical movie's creative crew, and Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae answered the call. The next month, it was announced that Netflix would be producing the project with all four women attached.
  • Ready Player One: When the book was first released, numerous reviews compared it to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. To acknowledge this the teaser trailer for the film adaptation features a score snippet similar to "Pure Imagination". (Furthermore, Gene Wilder was also considered for the role of James Halliday before the former's passing.)
  • Deadpool was frequently depicted in fan works with Pinkie Pie. In Deadpool 2 he mentions her at one point and even winks at the camera after doing so.
  • When the Columbia torch lady was redesigned, many people thought she looked like Annette Bening. For What Planet Are You From?, a film she made with the company, they decided to actually replace the lady's face with Bening's as a Logo Joke.
  • A longtime rebuttal to Aquaman's perceived lameness is that he could command Cthulhu if the two were in the same setting. In Aquaman (2018), Aquaman discovers a Kaiju with tentacles dwelling in a lost underwater city, who ends up helping Arthur in great part because he's the only one that is able to converse with it.
  • Pokémon fans regularly use phrases like 'Oh, for Arceus' sake', since Arceus is effectively the Pokémon Messiah. In Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the titular character's response to Lucy scratching his chin is "Oh, sweet mother of Arceus."
  • Joker (2019):
    • On a Medical level. The "Pseudobulbar Effect" causes a patient to experience fits of uncontrollable laughter. It has often been referred to as "Joker Syndrome", since it mimics both the clown and the effects of his poison gas. In the film, Arthur has it. Or at least, his mother convinced him that he does. He writes in his journal that the worst part of having a mental illness is being expected to act like you don't have one. Then after digging up his and his mother's hospital records, he says that he never had any condition, that the laughter at inappropriate which his mother told him was a condition is actually just part of him. He then goes on to explain to Murray Franklin the subjectivity of comedy and that he's sick of pretending something isn't funny when he does actually find it funny. All of this seems to explicitly point to him not actually having this condition but simply having a strange sense of humor that his mother convinced him was an illness.
    • During his Motive Rant at the end of the film, Arthur blames "a society" for his downfall, echoing the "we live in a society" memes associated with the Joker. The line was slightly ad-libbed by Joaquin Phoenix, so it's not clear if he was doing this deliberately.

  • Harry Potter:
    • The fan abbreviation DADA for Defence Against the Dark Arts was used in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the fan nickname Voldie for Voldemort was used by Peeves at the end of Deathly Hallows.
    • Prior to the seventh book, Draco Malfoy's family home had never appeared or been named, though it was implied to be some kind of castle or mansion. Fans assigned it the name "Malfoy Manor", which became ubiquitous in fanfiction before eventually being made canon in Deathly Hallows.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • Several books, including Scoundrels, make a point of how Han either Shot First or failed to so, in different circumstances.
    • Similarly, Admiral Ackbar is semi-regularly given longer lines containing the phrase "It's a trap!"
    • The infamous difficulty of the Redemption mission (Tour 1, Mission 4) in X-Wing led to its appearance in the very first chapter of Michael Stackpole's X-Wing novels—as an infamously difficult training scenario for Rebel pilots (so it also doubles as a Shout-Out to the Kobayashi Maru Scenario).
  • The Wheel of Time: In The Gathering Storm, Elaida's Aes Sedai faction is called loyalists, which was previously a fan nickname.
  • In the Honor Harrington series, the abbreviations "SD(P)" and "podnaught" for missile pod-laying superdreadnoughts started out as fan nicknames on David Weber's messageboard.
  • In-Universe example from Diane Duane's Star Trek novel The Romulan Way. The Romulan spirituality of the Elements (something resembling animism with a heavy dose of the concept of karma) actually began as a Internet messageboard joke as the proto-Romulans prepared to leave Vulcan. It started to get discussed seriously and then gradually had its original meaning forgotten over the subsequent 1,600-plus years.
  • Carl Sagan never said the phrase "Billions and billions"... until he made it the title of what was to be his last book. In the foreword, he even lampshades the situation.
  • One of Citadel's chapters, Origins includes a question and answer session with William Power, the Citadel's most prominent operative. A number of the questions came from the readers.
  • The Queen's Thief books by Megan Whalen Turner were called that by its fans, since there wasn't an official title for all of them. With the 20-year reprinting and announcement of the fifth book, Turner and her publishers have officially dubbed the books the Queen's Thief series.
  • The Stormlight Archive: After fans had discussed for a while the potential existence of other forms of weapons similar to Shardblades (such as Shardspears or Shardarrows), one fan posted this list of tongue-in-cheek "predictions" for the third book of the series, which culminates in Lift getting a Shardfork. This became somewhat of a meme on the official forums. Then, in the novella Edgedancer, she does, but finds its Absurd Cutting Power tendencies make it very impractical to eat with.
  • A Running Gag in the comments section of Worm has a character saying, "Meh, I could take her" in reference to the protagonist, due to how she is frequently underestimated. Jack Slash says a paraphrase of the line in the story.
  • In the Whateley Universe story Five Elements Dancing: Book Of The Fire, Dr. Diabolik's suggestion of a response to the Tong of the Black Madonna's breaking the neutrality policy originated from this piece of Fan-Art:
    I think a measured response is in order, wouldn’t you say? Say, something on the order of Orbital Bombardment?

    Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones:
    • An in-universe example is the Lannisters' catchphrase, "A Lannister always pays his debts," which is used so frequently that Bran mistakes it for their official motto (which is actually "Hear Me Roar").
    • "Balon Greyjoy won the War of Five Kings" became a popular statement by fans, given that the character was the only one of the original five combatants left at that point despite being the most unlikely. He actually takes note of this in the beginning of Season 6. And then he dies.
    • Gendry's eventual return in season 7 earns the remark "Thought you'd still be rowing" from Davos. Gendry perpetually rowing became a meme after he was smuggled out of Dragonstone on a rowboat in season 3 and was never heard from until this point.
    • Fans often jokingly say that Westeros has "only two songs" (in reference to the show's emphasis on/multiple versions played of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" and "The Rains of Castamere", including the fact that both songs supply episode titles. In "The Mountain and the Viper", those are the only two songs mentioned in the brothel's belching contest. In Season 7, Arya comes across a group of Lannister soldiers singing a song. She quips she's never heard it before, and they reply it's a new one.
  • House:
    • The fandom's name for the Thirteen-Foreman pairing, Foreteen (or Fourteen), was actually used by House himself.
    • Another one picked up and spoken by House himself was the fan term "ducklings" to refer to whichever 3+ doctors are working on his team.
  • Originally, The X-Files character was named "Cigarette-Smoking Man" in the scripts. But no one ever called him by name. So the fans started calling him "Cancer Man". By Season 3, so did Mulder.
  • In Lost, fans gave the smoke monster the nickname 'Smokey'. In season 6, Sawyer referred to him by this name (justified by the fact that Sawyer gives everyone creative nicknames).
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: There was a recurring mysterious time traveller pulling the strings of several plots points in the show, and was never identified and given a name. Fans often referred to him with the name Future Guy. Then the creators of the show also used it. (Although the term never actually appeared in the show.)
  • Glee's pairing names Finchel, Puckelberry, and Furt showed up all in Episode 2X08. It was titled Furt. The pairing names continued to show up throughout the series, including the names for the more obscure fanon couples (i.e. Faberry). At the big double wedding of season 6, the characters hand out OTP hats.
  • iCarly:
    • The series used the pairing names for the two major ships on the show, Creddie (Carly/Freddie) and Seddie (Sam/Freddie).
    • Similarly, Dan Schneider became annoyed by the Forced Meme of "SEDDIE" on his blog, so it became the Running Gag of Gilbert in "iStart A Fan War" and "iOMG".
  • For a Discovery Channel contest, Awkward Zombie creator Katie Tiedrich created a MythBusters fan-short about firing a pig from a cannon made entirely out of duct tape. The pig thing isn't too implausible, as the 'Busters do use pig carcasses as human analogues, but the "duct tape cannon" seemed like pure ridiculousness. The short didn't win the contest...but was so popular elsewhere that the Mythbusters themselves saw it and loved it. Come the Duct Tape Special, guess what Kari, Tori, and Grant actually made?note 
  • Fringe The fandom names for the alternate Walter and Olivia, "Walternate" (prior to his reveal) and "Fauxlivia" (following her introduction), have both been canonized by the show.
  • Sesame Street:
    • The show was the focus of an uproar whereby Cookie Monster was purported to have drastically reduced his cookie intake, or even given them up altogether and been renamed the Veggie Monster. note  The show has referenced this firestorm on a few occasions. In one sketch, Cookie Monster is about to eat some fruit when interviewer Matt Lauer confronts him about why he "doesn't like cookies", to which the monster replies "You members of media blow story waaaay out of proportion!" In another scene, after eating some vegetables, he said "But remember, me not Veggie Monster. Me still Cookie Monster. Just for record. Me got reputation to think of."
    • Many people seem to think that Ernie and Bert got their names from the cab driver and the police officer in It's a Wonderful Life. Jim Henson, the creator of said characters, had said this was just a coincidence. But then in an Elmo Saves Christmas special, Ernie and Bert walk past a TV set showing It's a Wonderful Life, right at the scene where George calls out "Bert! Ernie! What's the matter with you two guys?" The two Muppets then look at each other, confused.
  • Spitting Image would often feature film critic Barry Norman (voiced by Rory Bremner), giving him the Catchphrase "...and why not?" He didn't say it in real life, but it fit with his style and became the first thing anyone thought of regarding him. Years later, Norman said in a review "...and, as Rory Bremner would say, why not?" and also made it the title of his autobiography.
  • Originally in the Bonus Round on Wheel of Fortune, a contestant would have to pick five consonants and a vowel to assist in solving the bonus puzzle within a time limit. By the late 1980s, almost every contestant was picking R, S, T, L, N and E in that order, because those letters are the most common. The rules were finally changed in October 1988 to give those letters automatically — in that order — and then ask for three more consonants and a vowel (but also making the puzzles harder and slashing the time limit).
  • YouTuber swedemason made a Stupid Statement Dance Mix about MasterChef, particularly judge Gregg Wallace and his line, "I like the buttery biscuit base". The song duly went viral and even made the UK Top 40 charts. Later, when he appeared on TV magic show The Magicians, Wallace took the opportunity during his illusion to enthusiastically quote the song, much to the joy of the audience.
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Comedy clip show The Soup would often describe The Hills star Spencer Pratt as having a "creepy flesh-colored beard". The phrase would eventually make it into an episode.
  • It's been a running joke among Gossip Girl fans that Chuck and Nate are practically lovers. In season five, Jack Bass makes a comment on how it's about time Nate professed his true feelings for Chuck.
    • Also with regards to Nate, fans have been joking about how many of his love interests are cougars. In an early season five episode, Chuck Bass, of all people, turns to Nate for advice on seduction since the woman he has his eyes on is... a cougar. Chuck claims Nate "speaks old lady".
  • On a page advertising a cardboard standup of Jess from New Girl on their website, FOX officially called her "everyone's favorite manic pixie dream girl." Jess is played by that Trope's codifier Zooey Deschanel.
    • Also, in one episode Jess gets mistaken for an attractive doctor's date, whom he knows only through her dating profile picture... and her name is Katy.
  • "Jesus Christ, Marie. They're minerals" became associated with Breaking Bad despite Hank not actually saying the line itself during his mineral collecting phase. He does however say the first sentence in the Season 5 episode "Confessions"
    • The "I am the one who knocks!" meme got a shout out in the comedic "alternate" ending.
  • Top Gear: The presenters' use of the term "Flappy Paddle Gearbox" to describe Semi-Automatic Transmission has led to many car manufacturers and reviewers adopting the term themselves.
  • Cheers: In the episode "What is... Cliff Clavin?", Cliff goes on Jeopardy!, but despite a runaway lead of $22,000, he loses by wagering everything in Final Jeopardy and answering "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?" Cliff's answer has frequently been used as a stock answer to questions that stump contestants, the earliest example occurring in the 1990 College Tournament by eventual winner Michael Thayer, and Alex Trebek frequently warns players not to "pull a Clavin"note  in FJ. The categories from "Cliff's Dream Board" were also featured in a 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions game.
  • Carl Sagan is famous for the way he described the universe's multitude of stars in Cosmos (although he didn't, until he said it as a joke in a book foreword). In the 2014 reboot, Neil deGrasse Tyson mentions that the invention of zero is useful for writing "billions and billions".
  • Wynonna Earp: In the season 2 finale, Jeremy refers to Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught by their popular shipname, WayHaught, much to Doc's confusion.
  • HGTV spoofed the House Hunters meme of where people seemingly have much too large a budget for what their jobs are in a Christmas ad (Santa and Mrs. Claus with their unlimited budgets).

  • When the Speedy Techno Remake of Caramelldansen was turned into the Caramelldansen Vid, the band Caramell saw it and decided to base the official music video on it (but use the remix of course, not the slower original song). They also made the Japanese mondegreens into the official Japanese version.
    • Also, the English lyrics:
      From Sweden to UK we will bring our song
      Australia, USA, and people of Hong Kong
      They have heard this meme all around the world
      So come and move your hips, sing ua a a
      Look at YouTube clips, do it la la la
      You and me can sing this melody
    • And the saga continues with their new video, "Boogie Bam Dance".
  • When Haddaway performed "What Is Love?" during his appearance on the short-lived show Hit Me Baby One More Time, the backup choreography included the Roxbury headbop.
  • In Brazil, a video involving fans of Restart complaining after a cancelled autograph session became popular - especially one of said angry fans, a girl named Georgia Massa, saying it was a "puta falta de sacanagem", a contradictory phrase that could be translated as "fucking lack of unfairness" or This Is Unforgivable!note . Then the band and a comedian created a song based on that phrase, and Massa got to meet the band (much to the jealousy of other rabid fangirls). The boys, in turn, wrote the song "Pra Você Lembrar" in order to apologize for the cancelled autograph session.
  • After Camron's infamous U MAD appearance on The O' Reilly Factor, started up as an official Camron merch store.
  • Gary Brolsma's Numa Numa dance video inspired former O-Zone singer Dan Balan to recreate the song as "Sugartunes (Numa Numa}".
  • In response to the "Paul Is Dead" conspiracy theory, Paul McCartney released a live album in 1993 called Paul Is Live. The cover depicts the Abbey Road Crossing, but the only figures are Paul and a dog. There are a few differences and subtle references to the conspiracy theory, which can be read about here at The Other Wiki.
    • Also, once Paul returned to Brazil in The New '10s, four girls from Belo Horizonte (seventh biggest city, and capital of the second most populous state) begun a campaign for a concert of his there, "Paul, Vem Falar Uai" - "Paul, Come Say Uai". Eventually he begun his 2013 Out There Tour in BH. And the gig had him saying local slang, including "uai", and bringing the girls on stage.
    There was a campaign on Facebook, "Paul Vem Falar Uai". Well, here I am saying "Uai"!
  • Jimi Hendrix's famous song "Purple Haze" contains the line " 'scuse me while I kiss the sky", but is frequently misheard as " 'scuse me while I kiss this guy". At a handful of later live performances, Jimi would actually use the misheard line for this song - and afterwards (probably) pretend to kiss one of his band members while playing the riff. note 
  • Similarly, Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" misheard "There's a bad moon on the rise" as "there's a bathroom on the right" led to the band singing the mondegreen live several times.
    • And again on the ascended mondegreen meme (although unintentional), Clutch's The Regulator has a its opening line "I see a lantern burning" oft-misheard by fans as "I see Atlanta burning." To the point that one of the reasons The Walking Dead producers (the show it based in Atlanta) used it as a credits closing song in an episode was THEY heard it wrong, too.
  • The Spinto Band stumbled upon a mash-up that combined their "Oh Mandy" with Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's". They liked it enough that in live performances of the song, they'd sometimes replace the lyrics to the bridge with a few lines from "Throw Some D's".
  • After the success of "Weird Al" Yankovic's parody "Gump", The Presidents of the United States of America started ending their live performances of "Lump" with the same line: "And that's all I have to say about that".
    • Don McLean also uses lines from Yankovic's "The Saga Begins" when performing "American Pie".
  • In the 70s, when The Angels sang "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?", crowds answered, "No way, get fucked, fuck off" - which The Angels incorporated into their performances.
  • Mexican party anthem "El Final" (the end) has the line "te veo besándote con otro" ("I see you kissing/making out with someone else") which is always answered with a "Que poca madre!" when played in a bar ("What little mother" literally, but it it's an expression used when someone wronged someone else, like saying "you bastard!"). Nowadays, most DJs will turn down the volume when playing it at a bar, party, whatever. Albums compilations add the a silent second for people to scream it, karaoke machines show the line on the screen, and both original band Rostros Ocultos or anyone covering it will either stop playing for a second and raise the mike for people to say it, or just have the band scream it while the singer stops. Shortly, the line became part of the song.
  • There was a bootleg remix of Madonna's "Holiday" that mashed it up with Stardust's "Music Sounds Better with You". When Mad'House (a Madonna tribute band) covered the former, they interpolated the bassline and instrumentation of the latter.
  • Besides being essentially nothing but this trope, Vocaloid has a recursive-meme example. Someone made a popular Miku cover of "Ievan Polkka," better known as "that leekspin song," complete with her own spinning (waving?) leek. It wasn't long before leeks started showing up in Miku's official artworks and figurines, and they soon became her Trademark Favorite Food. The Uncanny Valley restyled "Hachune Miku" in the video has also generated a lot of merchandise.
  • During live performances of "Living Next Door to Alice" by New World, after the titular line the audience would often reply "Alice? Who the fuck is Alice!?" When British band Smokie covered the song, they also made a parody version featuring comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown shouting the aforementioned line at the appropriate times in the song.
  • The title lyric of *NSYNC's song "It's Gonna Be Me" sounds like "It's gonna be May", and so memes surrounding the song became popular at the end of every April. On May 1st 2017, Justin Timberlake himself posted on social media: "Hey guys... it's May."
    • *NSYNC got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it was presented on... April 30th.
  • Shortly after the episode of South Park where Randy is revealed to be the real Lorde premiered, a video was posted to Twitter of Lorde herself singing the "I am Lorde, ya ya ya" song that Randy sang in the episode.
  • When Trans-Siberian Orchestra released their song "Wizards in Winter" (off The Lost Christmas Eve) as a single, the artwork consisted solely of a shot of the house of Carson Williams, the electrical engineer who used the song in a Christmas light display that became a YouTube sensation in Christmas 2005.
  • SunStroke Project had one epic sax riff in the song Run Away, written for the 2010 Eurovision contest, that brought them fame from Memetic Mutation (specifically, the Epic Sax Guy meme). The band embraced the fame the meme brought them, and released a song centered around the riff and called it (what else) Epic Sax as an acknowledgement in 2011.
  • One of Prince's later singles, "Breakfast Can Wait", featured not Prince on the cover, but rather Dave Chappelle impersonating him from the famous "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" sketch.
  • After the Mannequin Challenge, where people stay still in one position as Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" plays in the background, took off, Rae Sremmurd themselves filmed one during their concert, and later an actual Beatle (Paul McCartney) took part.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • During a WCW segment, Chris Jericho, to prove a point that no one in any authority actually cared about what he was doing, began reading from a list of "1004 Holds" one of which was the "Moss-Covered, Three-Handled Family Gradenza," a phrase he saw in the 1971 TV adaption of The Cat in the Hat. Paul Heyman liked the name so much he gave it to Perry Saturn's swinging fisherman's suplex finisher.
  • During the (first Smackdown) feud between John Cena and Brock Lesnar, Cena once referred to Lesnar as a "vanilla gorilla," a common internet nickname for Lesnar.
  • John Cena has openly referred to his finishing sequence as the Five Moves of Doom, a term Scott Keith coined for Bret Hart's own finishing sequence.
    • Funnier when you consider that Scott actually has a similar term for Cena's finishing sequence, but I imagine Cena didn't think "Five Moves of Mediocrity" was as catchy to swipe on TV.
  • A running gag on the Wrestlecrap message boards was that the thing WWE truly needed was a wrestler with a primadonna gimmick in the vein of Terrell Owens. Then came the debut of Montel Vontavious Porter.
  • After Glory By Honor VII: The Final Countdown(the subtitle itself was an ascended meme), the ROH fans began chanting "Twinkies" at Austin Aries during his matches. At Supercard Of Honor V, Aries offered his long time rival Delirious a peace offering in the form of...golden snack cakes.
  • Gorilla Monsoon's complaints that tag team matches should have two referees eventually mutated into a meme. Then Dragon Gate introduced the "Gate To Heaven" match, one of the details being that it was a tag team match with two referees.
    • Another Monsoon example. He was the first to say that Bret Hart had "excellence of execution," which, once a "the" was added, became one of Bret's Red Barons.
  • Besides Ring of Honor, Courtney Rush scatted The Final Countdown in response to coming into the same room as Sara Del Rey in SHIMMER.
  • During a WWE sketch showing WWE personalities at a party, commentator Michael Cole went the Ham and Cheese route and referenced the fandom meme of his calling moves as "VINTAGE ______" by yelling that he is eating VINTAGE SHRIMP!
    • Cole and other announcers, notably the AWESOME Matt Striker, have openly referenced and mocked the memetic nature of "VINTAGE".
  • Darren Young, at one point, referenced WWE internet fans' penchant for calling him "Black John Cena." Cena also paid it back during one of his promos as well.
  • On WWE NXT, the term "Future Endeavored" has been used at least twice (by The Miz in the first season and Cody Rhodes in the second).
    • Matt Striker also referenced it at WrestleMania, telling Natalya "Good luck in your future endeavors" after she slapped Mr. McMahon in the face.
    • Also used in TNA, where Jeremy Borash frequently wishes the person losing their job in the "Feast Or Fired" match "the best of luck in their future endeavours".
    • John Laurinaitis has also used this phrase on WWE TV (and possibly Triple H as well, if memory serves).
    • It was also on a shirt, briefly, though it and the rest of the "Kayfabe" line of shirts didn't sell well and were quickly removed.
  • The Cornette Face, made popular by Botchamania, became an Ascended Meme when Jim Cornette himself asked to talk to a fan who brought a sign of said face to a pro wrestling show. And after TNA Victory Road 2011 (a notoriously horrible Pay Per View that was "highlighted" by one of its main event competitors coming to the ring so under the influence, the match was canceled in the ring and the show was cut short,) Cornette tweeted, "Just watched TNA... I have to come up with a new face."
  • The "Miz Girl", a little girl whose reaction to The Miz becoming WWE Champion became a meme within hours, then an Ascended Meme a week later when the Miz pointed it out in his celebration, giving her the official name of the Miz Girl. A few weeks later, she won a Slammy.
    • Same thing with the "Shocked Undertaker Fan." He was interviewed on shortly after his appearance, and also appeared in a series of short cartoons produced by WWE later than year. One day, he got the Undertaker himself to make his famous face.
  • In the "Lakers vs. Nuggets" episode of Raw, Batista made his entrance with a basketball in his hands. This is a reference to his "Basketballs...don't hold grudges!" quote on Smackdown.
  • WWE has pretty much stolen the spotlight out of this lately, such as "The Genesis of the McGillicutty" speech and "He spilled my diet soda!"
  • During NXT Season 4, fans have compared Rookie Byron Saxton to Carlton Banks. In most recent episodes, this has been lampshaded by the other rookies, Matt Striker, and even his (new) pro, Dolph Ziggler.
  • On the 900 episode of Raw, Edge mocked Sheamus and called him Beaker. The fans took it and ran with it. Fast forward to the October 31st 2011 show, where the Muppets are guest hosts, and Sheamus and Beaker meet.
  • WWE wrestler Zack Ryder was somehow able to turn himself into a meme thanks to his home-made YouTube show "Z! True Long Island Story". His show frequently bemoaned the fact that he was being ignored by WWE, often using double entendres aimed at Smart Marks. Eventually WWE took notice of his show's popularity, and Zack became a kind of Running Joke on TV about... how WWE wouldn't push Zack Ryder on television. (And ironically, in this role he received one hell of a good push.)
  • When The Rock returned to WWE, he mocked John Cena on, among other things, his wardrobe, calling him "a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles". Not long after, Cena helped promote Fruity Pebbles by having his likeness posted on the cereal's boxes. But that's not all...
  • CM Punk, during his feud with Vince McMahon in 2011, grabbed a headset during a brawl with Vince and screamed "WHAT A MANEUVER!" before driving Vince's face into the announce table in reference to Vince's infamous style of commentary from the 90s.
  • In 2013, Fandango openly addressed the fact his fans were "Fandangoing". The week after it took off, Jerry Lawler hosted an entire segment dedicated to it.
  • The naming of the tag team of Daniel Bryan and Kane was put up to a fan vote... in which all of the choices were pre-existing fan nicknames for the two, including "Team Friendship" and the winning "Hell No".
    • Speaking of Daniel Bryan, his "YES! YES! YES!" chants were subject to this when fans caught on to it and started using it for just about every in-ring event. This would lead to WWE creating a shirt featuring the phrase, along with a whole slew of "YES! YES! YES!" merchandise.
  • In 2012, Taeler Hendrix shed her jackets for more elaborate ring gear, started dying her hair a more vibrant shade of red and took on a much more manipulative, seductive demeanor leading fans to compare her to Tiara from Shamanic Princess or Poison Ivy from Batman. "Poison Princess" eventually became her official Red Baron in The House Of Truth and Ring of Honor.
  • In 2013, a fan used a bubble gun during one of Emma's entrances. Following that, WWE made a bubble gun a regular part of her entrances and added bubbles to her video packages.
  • The "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!" meme became completely canon when Cena collabotated with telecom company Cricket Wireless for one of their promotional materials.
  • The joke that Sheamus looked like Beaker from the muppets came full circle when the Muppets were on the October 31, 2011 WWE Raw Super Show, Sheamus would defend Beaker from Christian, and then tell Beaker he couldn't make the family reunion.
  • Triple H endorses Triple H.
  • At the second ECW One Night Stand PPV in 2006, ECW fans famously hung a sign saying "If Cena wins we riot" from the balcony of the Hammerstein Ballroom. In 2017, when Ruby Riot debuted on NXT, her theme music was titled "We Riot".
  • At the start of the Colt Cabana-Grado match at AIW Bloodsport, September 9, 2016, Colt tried for a German Suplex and the commentator said, "You can't German Suplex Grado. It's like trying to powerbomb Billy Kidman."
  • Josiah Williams, who gained popularity on Youtube for his "Wrestle and Flow" videos where he raps to wrestlers' entrance themes, performed in Adam Cole's entrance at NXT Takeover XXV.

    Tabletop RPG 
  • Fantasy Flight Games seems to love ascending memes in its line of Warhammer 40,000 spin-off Role Playing Games. Dark Heresy acknowledged the "Love Can Bloom" fanfic by featuring a quote from one of its main characters and a picture of a Vindicare Assassin watching a Farseer, Adept Grendel (a scholar character who killed several Daemons and an Ork Warboss through luck of the dice) was referenced in one of the same game's supplements by an Inquisitor's document discussing his exploits. Then they acknowledged a fan story about a psyker who escaped being fuel for the Golden Throne by becoming a commissar's assistant, and to cap it off, they featured a quote from a Commissar Daniel Sterne ordering the crew of a Basilisk Artillery Tank to ram the enemy in Only War, a reference to fan character Commissar Dan whose quirk is the same thing (the quote even ends with a Curse Cut Short of Dan's Catchphrase).
  • "The Regimental Standard", a tie-in website for Warhammer 40,000 written in the style of an Imperial propaganda piece, references the meme of referring to Lasguns being flashlights, and thus being "twin-linked" if given a flashlight attachment, in one article. According to it, referring to a Lasgun as such in-universe is punishable by flogging.
  • Orks wearing purple camouflage "becoz you've neva seen a purpul Ork" was a common meme among Ork players. On the release of the 2018 Codex, the official Warhammer Youtube channel did a painting tutorial for purple Ork camouflage.
  • In the February 2017 issue of White Dwarf, the conclusion of a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar battle report where the Tzeench player won was titled "Just As Planned!", referencing the Death Note meme which was adopted into Warhammer, especially in reference to Tzeench.
  • Mage: The Ascension has the infamous "Vampire Lawn Chair" combination from first edition; since Vampires were not considered "living material" it was possible to use low level magic to turn them into any substance, though the meme was lawn furniture. Come the release of the 20th anniversary edition, and the combination is now clearly outlined for players to use - but with clear advice on, if you're powerful enough to be able to do this, you should be wise enough not to.

    Video Games 
  • While the developers were answering questions regarding the new gameplay features of the then-upcoming Max Payne 2 on the 3DRealms forum, one user asked, "What about moving?" No one knows what he meant, but it became a meme fast enough for a bit recorded for the game involving two mobsters.
    "But what about moving?"
    "What about moving? You put one foot infronta the other."
    • Further expanding on Remedy instances: a running fan joke was that in the first Max Payne, character model and writer Sam Lake had what was labelled a "constipated scowl" for the character's face. The first game after the Max Payne series, horror thriller Alan Wake, has Lake appear in a cameo on a in-game TV segment where he "does the scowl" when the host requests it. This was then compounded in a cross-series reference in Quantum Break, which gives Lake yet another cameo wherein he does the same face again.
  • One of the one liners in Duke Nukem Forever is "I'm gonna kill you old style", referencing the infamous Ventrilo Harassment video where the admin threatens the Troll that she will do just that, to the confusion of everyone listening.
    • The Single Player DLC references the spamming of BALLSBALLSBALLSBALLS in the meme, when a Terminator-esque robot makes you repeat it in order for you to pass off as a Duke clone.
  • Blizzard Entertainment loves this trope.
    • The Leeroy Jenkins video was honored in a card of the man in the World of Warcraft TCG, a figure in the collectible miniatures game, an achievement in Wrath of the Lich King with a title to go with it, a legendary card in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and finally appeared as an NPC in Warlords of Draenor, still going after the same piece of gear.
    • When Onyxia got revamped for 80, the new achievements included "More DOTs!" and "Many whelps! Handle it!", which are orders shouted to the heavens in the popular Onyxia Wipe Video. Onyxia also has a card in Hearthstone, one that spawns enough whelps to reach the minion limit. The Raid Leader card also has dialogue referencing the video.
      • This even got referenced in rival MMORPG EverQuest II. Some dinosaur mobs in that game have an ability called Tail Swipe, and if you examine the effect after getting hit by it, the description is "That's a 50 DKP minus!"
    • There's also Alamo, of "Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID!" fame, who also got a card named after him in the TCG.
    • Similarly, Kralnor made several appearances, including his own card.
    • Thorim's introduction speech became memetic, specifically his way of saying "in the mountains". A later boss has a line to mock this when he kills a player.
      Tyrannus: "Perhaps you should've the mountains!"
    • Kael'Thas' "Tempest Keep was merely a setback" greeting quickly became a meme for any recurring boss. When you encounter a whole trio of those in Icecrown Citadel (former blood elves, no less), Valanar, the boss of a Borean tundra quest, declares that "Naxxanar was merely a setback". In Cataclysm, the Hogger boss in the Stormwind Stockades also makes reference to this meme, yelling "Forest just setback!" on aggro. Maar in Starcraft II also says "Merely a temporary setback" after being defeated.
    • To lesser extent, Illidan's "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!". If you talk to him in the past while wielding his signature legendary weapons, he will comment "You seem prepared". The battlemaster at Valhallas will also yell "YOU WERE NOT PREPARED!" if you wiped in one of the encounters.
      • Drahga Shadowburner yells "You should have come better prepared!" when killing players and "By fire be... burned!" when summoning adds.
    • Since Death Knights like to use a macro for Death Grip with a yell of GET OVER HERE!, they added that line for Nefarian's call for Death Knights where he copied that ability.
    • Hogger, a level 11 mob infamous for being hard to kill (because he was for many players the first elite mob they fought), was upgraded to a dungeon boss in Cataclysm. The quest that has you kill him apparently includes the line "No one can destroy him". He also makes appearances in Hearthstone as a tutorial boss and Legendary minion.
    • Ragnaros' infamous "Too soon! You have awakened me too soon!" line is used by Zepik the Gorloc Hunter, one of your Wolvar liaisons in Scholazar Basin. Zepik says other adventurers have told him stories of their exploits, which is how he heard the line (and some other well-known boss quotes).
      • The Ragnar-Os meme (a joke cover for a cereal themed after the raid boss Ragnaros) has been acknowledged by Blizzard with a raid achievement called "Ragnar-Os".
    • Gamon was sort of a reverse Hogger; famous for getting killed all the time for no reason (he was the only NPC in Orgrimmar to be attackable, and had to be weak to not cause trouble). Like Hogger, he got beefed up in Cataclysm... becoming a level 85 Elite that required a large group to kill. Gamon Took a Level in Badass after taking all those beatings...
      • And as of the final patch of Mists, Gamon is now a level 90 elite with as much health as some raid bosses, has a voice actor and character, and was trained by and canonically lands the killing blow on General Nazgrim. Fans have managed to make a one-off NPC go from a joke to a major lore character.
    • A level 80 orc hunter, Tednug, and his pet Scratchfever, wander the road between Orgrimmar and Razor Hill. They are characters in the player-written forum game You Awaken In Razor Hill. Tednug is a contraction of the character's actual name, Tednugent, presumably for copyright reasons.
    • Chuck Norris' Memetic Badass status was immortalized in a "What's your game?" television ad which states that World of Warcraft has over ten million players...because Chuck Norris allows them to live! He is seen giving roundhouse kicks to dozens of players, punching the Whale Sharknote  and fighting in the Barrensnote .
    • A running joke about paladins in vanilla was that their PvP strategy consisted solely of the "bubble-hearth" - popping Divine Shield (often called a "bubble" among the fandom) making them immune to damage and using their Hearthstone to teleport to safety. Blizzard later added the Glyph of Righteous Retreat, which lets them hearth in half the time when bubbled. (This was done specifically to allow bubble-hearthing, as the duration of Divine Shield had been reduced to be shorter than the cast time for the Hearthstone normally is.)
    • The August 2015 patch for Hearthstone modified the "Finding Opponent" wheel to include an entry named 'Roach Boy'. The developers added this in reference to a player who was subjected to especially extreme and unusual verbal abuse after a lucky win, who posted his experience in a massively popular Reddit thread.
    • The Confession glyph causes players to "confess" pre-set lines, mostly things players should not do but often do such as annoying others with Leap of Faith.
    • In the first few years when levelling was a slow, difficult process it was common practice for players to celebrate by saying "Ding!" in the zone or guild chat. Bloodlord Mandokir gains a level when he kills players and has a chance of yelling "Ding!" For added amusement, another boss yells back congratulations.
    • Rhonin's "Citizens of Dalaran..." speech has been a source of frequent mockery by players for how often he says it (during Wrath it was quite rare, but later the quest could be done solo and it happened all the time). The Legion expansion, which brought Dalaran back as the main hub, gave this a nod: in an early cutscene, Khadgar shouts out a speech in Dalaran, opening with "Citizens of Azeroth!". Fortunately his speech is shorter than Rhonin's, and contained in the cutscene, so the only person who hears it is the one doing the quest. When the expac was in Beta, there were also plans for a new Dalaran-based reputation called the Citizens of Dalaran, though unfortunately it ended up being scrapped.
    • The "Chuck Norris facts" inspired memes about High Overlord Saurfang's legendary badassery have endured for years. In Legion prelaunch, Saurfang became the racial leader of the orcs, and as such is now the objective a PvP achievement for Alliance players. However, where other racial leader achievements call for the leader's death at the player's hands, Saurfang's achievement requires the player to "damage [him] until he humors you by pretending to die".
    • The Pandaren Nomi became infamous in Legion due to his work orders. He would take cooking ingredients and attempt to discover higher rank recipes for the player but usually returned nothing but burned food that was worthless. Blizzard eventually had him start producing Slightly Burnt Food (Rank 2). In a stress test event Nomi was renamed Firelord Nomi, buffed to raid boss levels, and given an array of fire attacks.
      • Nomi appears in Hearthstone where his card art depicts him holding a tray of burned food while a massive plume of fire erupts from a stove behind him. His special ability is summoning Greasefire Elementals.
    • In the Eye of Azshara instance seagulls were generally agreed to be the most dangerous enemy due to their disorient ability causing tanks to lose aggro, allowing bosses to kill other players. The event banner for the Legion Dungeon events was eventually modified to show a player being attacked seagulls while other players were fighting one of the bosses. The Brawler's Guild also saw the addition of "a Seagull", a large and very angry seagull boss with the "Fury of Gull'dan" buff.
    • The Overwatch fan community created "Gremlin D.Va", a Super-Deformed version of D.Va obsessed with Doritos and Mountain Dew, to poke fun at her career as a professional gamer. Blizzard eventually added a new taunt for D.Va in which she plays video games in her mech while eating and drinking Brand X Doritos and Mountain Dew, though without being Super-Deformed. So far it is the game's only emote of Legendary value/rarity. Additionally, Doritos can be seen around her grave on her Halloween victory pose.
    • Similarly, the "Dad: 76" meme, which portrays Soldier: 76 as a grumpy, overbearing Team Dad, has all but ascended. A Weekly Brawl which restricted character choice to only Soldier: 76 took place during the same week as Father's Day, his favorite sport was revealed to be golf during the Summer 2016 Olypmics event, and he has vocal taunts like "Young Punks! Get off my lawn!" and "I'm not your father!" He gets an extra interaction reprimanding Tracer to not be too hasty, with her replying with "Okay, dad." The 2017 Summer Games event gives him the Grillmaster: 76 skin, which turns him into a walking dad joke, right down to wearing socks with sandals. At this point, the ascended meme has became part of his character development.
    • The Halloween 2016 update gave Ana an emote where she gives out candy, referring to the "FRICK YES! Grandma candy" fan-comic which had been retweeted by the official Overwatch Twitter account, and of course nods to Ana's role as grandmother in the overarching "Overfamily" meme.
    • During the Sombra ARG, when players were still searching for clues, Jeff Kaplan said "All of the Sombra stuff goes over my head," which they took a little too literally and assumed it was a clue. After some investigating, a strange graphical artifact was discovered from the Dorado map's sky, and fans were scrambling to decode it, including one fan who made a suggestion to make music from it. Sadly, it turns out the "skycode" wasn't part of the ARG at all (it was most likely simply a graphical compression artifact). This digression seems to have caught on with the devs, who not only included it in Sombra's debut (during a Blip Vert meant to communicate her hacking the keynote presentation), but have given her a spray (imgur link) and an emote (Reddit link). The latter of which appears to double as her "laughter" emote.
    • The High Noon meme have two ascended memes:
      • The first one is when McCree announces that his ultimate is available. One of the lines that he says is "You know what time it is."
      • The second one is from a datamined file, in which Mei asks him what time it is. McCree gets the hang of it pretty quick.
    Mei: Hey, McCree, do you know what time it is?.
    McCree: Well, I'd say it's about— nah, I see what you're doin' there.
    • The Anniversary Event has ascended a bunch of fandom memes, including "Reinhardt, Reinhardt, REINHARDT!" (now available as a voiceline for Reinhardt), the Symmetra 'car wash' (referenced in one of her new voicelines) and the Reaper shrug (available as a spray, emote and victory pose).
    • The promotional animation for Starcraft II Legacy Of The Void featured a probe (Protoss Worker Unit) warping in a pylon that allowed the reinforcements to arrive and change the tide of the battle. Fans quickly noticed this and started joking that the probe was the real hero of the battle. Fast forward to 2017, and said probe - now known as Probius - became a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.
    • After World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, fans started speculating that Jaina Proudmoore has been replaced by a Dreadlord due to abruptly pulling a 180 personality from a compassionate peace lover into a Horde-hating warmonger, while justified, she sometimes go too far and becomes unrecognizable to her iconic personality, which was preserved in Heroes of the Storm. And eventually, that game gave Jaina a Dreadlord skin.
  • In City of Heroes, the Kill Skuls meme, originating from a pair of message board posts, has spawned a badge, in-game graffiti, and a Loading Screen tip.
    • "Ascendant who? Sorry, you have the wrong number."
    • Nemesis, the eternal mastermind and Xanatos Speed Chess player, is pegged by the playerbase as the source for many things, including substituting "It's a Nemesis plot" for A Wizard Did It. The game developers ascended the meme with two loading screen tips: "It's all a Nemesis plot." and "Not everything is a Nemesis plot."
    • After a particularly popular 2008 April Fools' Day new post, "Freem!" caught on, often with the image attached. A loading screen tip in the game now reads simply, "Freem!" The nickname for the development team after the team was cut by ~75% in 2006 also became "Freem Fifteen".
  • Heroes of Newerth: TOO BAD ITS ME BLACKSMITH was so popular that the developers used it for their pre-purchase advertisements on their website.
  • In Makai Toshi SaGa, a glitch made the Saw weapon work on enemies much stronger than the player, resulting in you being able to cut the final boss in half with a chainsaw, which became a meme. In Final Fantasy XIII, the Final Boss has no Contractual Boss Immunity to Vanille's "Death" ability, and Word of God states that this was done on purpose specifically to homage this.
  • In Final Fantasy IV, the original Super NES translation gave the meme "You Spoony Bard!" The line was so beloved that Squaresoft/Square-Enix kept it in all re-releases when the rest of the script was re-translated, and an Author Avatar of the developers in the DS version jokes about the line being kept when other terms were changed. The line has also appeared in a few other Final Fantasy games as a running joke.
  • After Dissidia Final Fantasy came out, many jokes ensued about Exdeath's obsession with the VOID. Cue the prequel Dissidia 012, and numerous characters mocking Exdeath's obsession and working the word "void" into their pre-battle quotes to him.
    • A popular machinima for the first game called "Real Men" became popular not long after its release. Dissidia 012 brought us Kain Highwind, a famous Ensemble Dark Horse and Memetic Badass, as a playable character. He brought along this gem—"I'm about to show you pathetic mockeries the difference between you, and a real man!"
  • "Sheng Long" originated in a mistranslation of Ryu's Victory Quote in the Street Fighter II arcade game.note  The legend was elaborated on by an April Fools' joke created by Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1992, which alleged that he was the unlockable True Final Boss of the game. The manual of the SNES version actually named Sheng Long as Ryu and Ken's master, and though that ended up in Canon Discontinuity like most manuals of the time, the legend of Sheng Long would be confirmed in all but name. In 1994, Akuma, brother to Ryu and Ken's master, was introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as the True Final Boss, with an unlocking procedure and red fireball attack recalling EGM's idea of Sheng Long. Finally, in 2008, Gouken, Ryu and Ken's master himself, was confirmed for Street Fighter IV, and fans were astonished to find that Gouken had every single move that Sheng Long was stated to have. "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance", indeed!
    • You even get a special title for beating the first challenge with Gouken that says "Also Known as Sheng Long"
    • And one of his Super win quotes is, obviously, "You must defeat me to stand a chance!"
    • And in Super Street Fighter IV, Ken makes a peculiar reference to the Ken Flowchart in his new win quote.
      • British-based gaming magazine Ngamer also had an article on the 3DS version of SSFIV with the strapline "Now witness flowchart Ken in 3D!"
    • On the Street Fighter V Character Encyclopedia website, there was a Shadaloo Combat Research Institute profile for Shen Long as an April Fools' Day joke.
    • Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition has Evo Moment #37 as a challenge.
      • The very end of the Heroes and Heralds trailer for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 also uses it.
      • The move that capped off Evo Moment #37 was Ken's Shippu Jinraikyaku. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's Ken's Final Smash if he's right up in his opponent's face... and he strikes his parry pose just before unleashing it.
    • A certain DLC costume for Ryu in the fifth game instantly gained traction amongst fans due to his attractive looks. He gained the Fan Nickname "Hot Ryu" however Capcom didn't seem to have intentionally made him a Mr. Fanservice character and was confused on the reaction. A few weeks later and it seems they've grown to accept the idea. There is a special edition of the game exclusive to Japan that comes with both Ryu and Chun-Li's alternate costumes, as well as a new box cover that features both of these "hot" costumes prominently. What's it called? "The Hot Package."
    • Another one for the fifth game: How does Bison respond with the sight of his minions fighting each other to death? "This is delicious entertainment!"
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • Probably the most famous of these is Ermac. A counter in MK1's option menu, right under "Reptile Battles," listed the number of "Ermacs" — short for "error macros" — that have appeared, leading players to speculate about the existence of a hidden fighter named "Ermac." Mortal Kombat II deliberately fueled similar speculation by showing a counter for "Kano Transformations," which never happened in that game. When Ultimate MK3 was released, Ermac was made into an unlockable character. He's made frequent appearances since then.
    • In Mortal Kombat 3, Nightwolf's Friendship has him transforming into Raiden and saying "I've never seen a Kano transformation," which was a memetic response to rumors that Shang Tsung could do that in Mortal Kombat 2 (again, blame the arcade audit counters).
    • Mortal Kombat 9 is said to be dedicated partially to bringing as many of these Epileptic Trees to life, including but not limited to: Skarlet, "feeding the trees" in the Living Forest (an Urban Legend of Zelda until it first became possible in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks) and "nudealities" (in the form of Mileena's secret third outfit).
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse has an Ascended Fountain of Memes in the form of "Abridged Nappa" as a voice option for male created characters (with the original voice actor, to boot). The sequel added in Lanipator (Voice 15) doing his best Mr. Satan impression (complete with an overly loud "HI!!" greeting, mirroring Trunks' "Hey!" from the last game), and KaiserNeko (Voice 13) putting on a hilariously Camp Gay voice similar to Abridged Zarbon.
  • A PlayDota forum user, CrimsonQueso, wrote a concise and hilarious guide to Leoric, the Skeleton King - in all caps. In DotA 2, Ostarion the Wraith King (Leoric reskinned and renamed) has several voice lines referencing the original guide, including this one (and caps-locked in in-game captions to boot):
    • (upon buying Divine Rapier, the highest damage item in the game) Oh, Rapier. NOW YOUR KING IS BALLING OUT OF CONTROL!
    • (on buying Armlet of Mordiggian) I NOW HAVE ALL THE SEXY.
    • (at the start of a match) I'LL HELP MY WEAK AND PUNY ALLIES WHERE I CAN.
  • Team Fortress 2 is a gold mine of ascended memes:
    • Ever since the commercial for Shamwow! become popular on the internet, people have been comparing Vince Offer to the Scout. As of one update to the game, The Scout's in-game dialogue includes no less than 3 quotes from the commercial. "No other class gonna do that!" Even the website made to chronicle the update makes a Shamwow! reference or two.
    • The "FYI I Am A Medic" Medic achievement is named after the "FYI I Am A Spy" spray and associated YouTube video.
      • The Spy update also gave us the "FYI I Am A Spy" achievement which is unlocked by killing an enemy Medic that has just healed you.
    • The Spy update announcement, in the form of a mail-order catalog, featured an item called the "Crab walking kit". This is a reference to an in-game bug which causes the spy to walk very strangely when certain conditions are met, and is a common pastime amongst spies not about their backstabbing business.
    • Also with the Spy update comes as a new taunt for the spy's cigarette case that pops up randomly and has him pose like a crab and snap his hands like claws.
    • Then, of course, there's the disembodied voice of the announcer. Disembodied, that is until a fan drew her. And then it became official. (They even hired that specific fan to draw her!)
    • The Fan Nickname "crocket" (a rocket that rolls a Critical Hit, infamous for being especially devastating) is referenced by a Soldier achievement ("Crockets are such BS" for randomly firing two in a row) and a Heavy achievement ("Crock Block", for surviving a a direct hit from one, which is only possible when at full normal health or overhealed).
    • The term "Demoknight" (a Demoman that uses unlockable weapons to focus on melee attacks) is referenced by an item set called "One Thousand and One Demoknights".
      • One of the Special Robots in Mann vs Machine Mode is known as the "Demoknight", and like the Demoknight, wields both an Eyelander and a shield.
    • Several bot names are this, such as Mentlegen and CRITRAWKETS.
  • Speaking of Valve, it looks like this VG Cats strip about Portal just got real.
  • In Diablo there was a fan spoof of a hidden cow level that did not exist. It shows up in Diablo II. That prompted a number of fan spoofs, including a secret bunny level in the hopes that they would show up in Diablo III.
    • This was later referenced in Starcraft, made by the same company (Blizzard), in which the cheat to skip a level instantly in campaign mode was "there is no cow level".
      • And in Starcraft II, "Terrible terrible damage" (a Verbal Tic-like line from the "Battle Reports") is not only a cheat code in game, but is also said by General Horace Warfield.
  • Punch-Out!!: "Hey Mac baby, I'm going to go for a ride on your bike!" For those not in the know, it's referring to the YTMND fad "Nigga Stole My Bike", where Doc Louis riding along on a bicycle while Little Mac trains is reinterpreted as Little Mac chasing after Doc.
  • S-I-S-I-G-A-M-I , SHISHIGAMI BANG BANG! Yes, a fan made lyrical declaration of Bang's manliness to the tune of his theme "Reppu" was so awesome, it made its way into BlazBlue Continuum Shift with the seiyuu for Bang singing it!
    • On the subject of Bang, he references the "Ice Car" meme in Calamity Trigger Reconstruction when dissuading his colleagues from fighting Jin.
    • You can choose from numerous NPC icons for your online profile in Chronophantasma. Hype Dog is one of them.
    • Chronophantasma also allows you to set the (◇)人(∵) emoticon on your D-Card.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Blasto, the first hanar Spectre. Started as a joke made by one of the devs in response to questions regarding new companions in Mass Effect 2. Ended up having a movie made about him, complete with the line:
      • Leads to a hilarious scene in the third game's Citadel DLC, where Shepard and Javik are shanghaied into acting in a Blasto movie, which goes rapidly south after Shepard gets into an argument about the accuracy of the film with the director and Javik attacks their vorcha actor.
    • The term "quad" as slang for krogan testicles (they have four). Used where humans would say "pair", as in, "You've got a quad, Shepard." Originated on the forums, appeared everywhere in Mass Effect 2.
    • Many, many memes originating in Mass Effect 2 are lampooned in Mass Effect 3, most notably Garrus' love of calibrations and Shepard's horribly bad dancing.
    "I'm Garrus Vakarian, and this is now my FAVORITE spot on the Citadel!"
    • In the third game, there is a mission where the jellyfish-like Hanar ambassador is revealed to be a spy for the Reapers. At the denouement, Shepard will chew out the ambassador, using a popular line from Mass Effect:
    • "Your Joker-pilot insists I call myself 'Prothy the Prothean'. I insisted he allow me to throw him out the airlock."
    • Niftu Cal, the drugged Volus "Biotic God" from the second game, is heavily referenced in the description of the Volus Adept character in the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3. The gold-level biotic challenge is also called "Biotic God" and uses a biotic Volus as its icon.
    • The phrase "assuming direct control", memorably used by Harbinger in 2 and a popular line with the fanbase, made it into a Codex entry in 3.
    • The Citadel DLC pretty much exists for referencing as many fandom memes as possible.
    Javik: Where is the airlock, so that I may throw you out of it?
    Shepard: Do I really sound like that? (a bit later) Maybe it's I should go. I should go. I should go.
    Garrus: I don't suppose you need anything around here... calibrated? Yeah, okay, maybe I should stop saying that word, but only if Liara stops saying "By the goddess."
    "Shepard." "Grunt." "Shepard!" "Wrex." "Commander Shepard." "Shepard, Shepard, Shepard." "Wrex, Grunt..."
    • A couple of varren in the Citadel DLC are named "Kroger" and "Nice Beans", references to the Bioware According To Mom tumblr's names for krogan and Garrus (the latter started with Saren being mutilated into "sour beans" and kind of went weird from there).
    • In the second game Udina asks if the words, "political shitstorm" mean anything. About a year later Kevin Rudd described being caught at a strip club as such.
  • Many Touhou doujin artists portrayed Utsuho Reiuji's encased arm as an Arm Cannon after her first appearance, but it was never actually used that way. However, come Hisoutensoku, Utsuho is shown using it in that exact way.
    • In the fangame Riverbed Soul Saver, one boss (Ruri) is depicted upside-down and completely covered with power-weakening seals, yet she's the Wake-Up Call Boss anyway. Fans joked that she could be the Phantasm boss if her seals were removed and she was fighting seriously. Come a later update, the game actually added a Phantasm stage, with a right-side-up sealless Ruri. Though she's only the midboss, albeit a very challenging midboss.
  • According to legend, DDRMAX2 originally had the correct title for Little Boy (Boy Oh Boy Mix) at the beta location test, but after a fansite's embarrassing typo of "Boy On Boy Mix" turned into a meme, Konami staff thought it was funny enough to insert the error into the game itself. In reality, this typo was actually made by the dance music label that DDR games used at the time.
  • An Argentinian "news" network took a sarcastic suggestion on mixed drink recommendations of Grog (followed by an XD, which any internet user would realize means it is a joke) using The Long List from of its possible ingredients out of The Secret of Monkey Island as how to make it, as something teenagers were actually drinking. Tales of Monkey Island's fifth part includes the "Grog XD" drink features in a Grog Machine.
    Guybrush: "Grog XD". Heh, it must be that new high energy Grog that all the kids drink these days!
  • There was a comedy thread on a Civilization forum calling for giant death robots in Civ V. The Giant Death Robot is now an actual endgame unit in the latter.
    • In Civ IV, the practice of jacking up a city's culture output (usually via Great Artist) to quickly acquire territory (especially territory belonging to other civilizations) was dubbed "Culture Bombing" in the fandom. In Civ V, the Great Artist has a special ability named "Culture Bomb" which also expands the Civilization's territory.
    • In the first game, all civilizations had the same odds of deciding to use nukes. Gandhi making such threats became a meme, and in V, he is explicitly set to use them more than any other leader. He always could use nukes, but now he always does as the meme suggests.
      • The specific meme refers to a glitch in the first civ, where Gandhi's chance to use nukes was actually set to 0, but taking a specific bonus reduces the chance all Civs would use nukes, which would roll back Gandhi's chance to use nukes to the highest value of the variable, rather than a negative number.
  • With Rock Band having such a massive backlog of available music to play, some gamers are noticing a trend in Rock Band's tracklist, namely that Harmonix seems insistent on adding as much music from bands that Dave Grohl has been involved with (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures, Tenacious D et al.) as possible, giving the game the nickname Dave Grohl Band. Rock Band 3 acknowledged this by having the achievement "Dave Grohl Band", for playing any five songs from bands featuring Dave Grohl.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, when Deadpool defeats Magneto, he yells out "I JUST BEAT MAG-FREAKIN'-NETO! WHERE YO' CURLEH MUSTACHE AT?" Additionally, both Magneto and Sentinel have their MAHVEL BAYBEE schemes as alternate costumes. In the press releases, Magneto was referred to as "still Pringles", by Seth Killian himself. All of this started with this commentary of Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.
    • IFC Yipes, the man responsible for the aforementioned MAHVEL, BAYBEE!, seems to have gotten in on the act, hosting his own tournament for MvC3 named after his memetic Curleh Mustache line. For added measure, he's sometimes seen wearing a curly mustache while commentating matches.
    • Quite a few lines in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 reference the community from the vanilla version, such as Deadpool's victory quote against Spider-Man talking about Wesker (who was originally revealed alongside Spider-Man) cribbing off of Spidey's Maximum Spider with his "Maximum Wesker" (the Fan Nickname for his Phantom Dance hyper).
    • Trish also lampshades her resemblance to Dante's mother Eva, and even mocks Dante's infamous memetic line, "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!"
  • The description for the Yusei pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 asks if you're into crustaceans, referencing his Fan Nickname of "crabhead".
  • Photoshopping Kamina's Triangle Shades onto someone automatically makes them more badass. In Super Robot Wars Z2, you can get Kamina's shades as an item, which gives you +20 starting morale.
  • Since Warhammer 40,000 values Rule of Cool above all else (besides grim darkness), you get pictures like this one, which became a meme when it was captioned "Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!" Dawn of War II: Retribution references several WH40K memes, and if you send a Commissar into a Chimera APC, that's exactly what he says.
    • It gets even better. One piece of wargear you can get for the Commissar is apparently the very sword that appears in the picture.
    • When the Dynamic Entry meme was adapted to 40k, they used a Tau Crisis Suit for it. When the devs added the Tau Commander (in a crisis suit) DLC, an achievement was added for killing enemies by jumping on them with the Jet Pack. Guess what it was called.
  • At the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas, part of the character creation process involves a Rorschach inkblot test. One of the images looked, to a lot of players, like two bears with their paws raised as if high-fiving. Since that wasn't one of the options given, a fan mod added that as a potential answer. As a response to that, in the Honest Hearts DLC, taking the Wild Wasteland trait will add a tribal character to the Dead Horses' camp who is named "Two-Bears-High-Fiving".
    • Fallout and Fallout 2 had Deckard's gun from Blade Runner as a Shout-Out. The gun returns in New Vegas, but there it's simply called "That Gun", Word of God confirming that it was done because players would simply call it "that gun from Fallout and Fallout 2".
  • Madden NFL 12's "Put da team on my back" acheivement, which requires catching a 99-yard touchdown pass as then-Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings, references an infamous YouTube clip of Madden 11 in which Jennings makes that play with a broken leg.
  • Two of the characters in Gears of War 3's multiplayer mode might occasionally belt out the line "Your mom is a classy lady!" upon scoring a kill.
  • In Dynasty Warriors 3, Yuan Shao gives you characters a stern warning in the battle against Dong Zhuo's forces: "Don't pursue Lu Bu". In Dynasty Warriors 7, you can earn an achievement for defeating Lu Bu in any game mode, entitled "OK, You CAN Pursue Lu Bu".
  • There was an Urban Legend of Zelda surrounding a fifth age in Myst. The realtime-3D remake added the Rime Age.
  • Back when Tekken 3 hit arcades, there were rumors of a Devil version of Jin. Jin transforms into this form in his PSX ending, and Devil Jin became a fully-realized character in Tekken 5.
    • Because many people had a hard time pronouncing his name, a popular fan nickname for Hwoarang was "Bob" (short for "Boy on Bike"). Come Tekken 6, and a character actually named Bob made his franchise debut.
    • Before the release of Tekken 7, one of the new characters announced for the game's roster was Lucky Chloe, a cutesy cat-themed pop idol. The American fanbase of the series, for the most part, utterly loathed Chloe and were extremely vocal in their dislike of her. The pushback from American fans over this character reached such levels that the writers implemented it into her story; in-universe, Lucky Chloe is a popular popstar all over the world... except for the U.S., which hates her.
  • League of Legends:
    • A number of official champion skins started off as player ideas on the community forum. Examples include 'Surprise Party Fiddlesticks' and 'Brolaf'.
    • A long-running joke was that the curved yellow projectiles Soraka the Starchild launches from her staff are actually bananas. An update to the game eventually gave Soraka a new /joke line "Yes, that was a banana. No-one expects the banana." Taken further with the "Order of the Banana" skin released for April Fools' Day 2015.
    • A tongue-in-cheek strategy guide for the game, Pro as Heck Guide to Master Yi, prominently features the phrase "Get dunked!" When Vi, a later-introduced champion, uses her ultimate, which knocks the opponent into the air and slams them into the ground, one of the things she might say is... you guessed it, "Get dunked!" This is further taken with a Basketball-themed 'Dunkmaster' skin for Darius, whose ultimate is jumping high and slamming his axe to the enemy like a basket dunk for massive damage.
    • Pro-League of Legends player Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana is known for the phrase "Raise your dongers", which quickly became linked with Santana's favorite champion Heimerdinger. When Riot Games gave Heimerdinger a visual update, they also gave him a new attack quote: "Raise your what?".
    • YouTube LOL player CholeraNinja has a series called 'I'm bad at LOL', and in one of the episodes, he hilariously 'roleplays' Xin Zhao to the tune of Mulan's song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You". From that point on, fans linked the song to Xin Zhao and kept believing that he'll make a man out of the players. Riot didn't catch on gameplay-wise, but somewhere on Season 5, whenever Xin Zhao received an update by Riot, the explanation will contain lines from "I'll Make A Man Out Of You".
    • In one of the pre-video YouTube adverts for League, mid-way through the explanations of how there's a playable character for whatever role you like to play Teemo pops up with a speech bubble saying "Everyone loves me!"
    • A common and aggravating sight at one stage of League's lifespan was Brazilian players chosing Mordekaiser, declaring "Mordekaiser es numero uno HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE" and proceeding to troll the entire map. Although those days are mostly behind us, Riot still remembers them as Mordekaiser's Pentakill skin shows him as a heavy metal guitarist, with a guitar named "Numero Uno".
    • One of Pantheon's jokes is a Shout-Out to 300 spoofing the "WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION" scene: "My profession!? You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted to be a baker." Fans went wild in this, creating a Fanon and meme that Pantheon is an off-time baker if he's not kicking ass in the name of the art of war. Eventually at 2016, Riot released a set of food-themed skins, and one of them being Baker Pantheon. Dream achieved.
    • The Champion Teemo is considered so irritating that people likes to nickname him Satan. For Harrowing 2016, he gets the Little Devil Teemo Skin, turning him into a devil figure like Satan himself.
      • Taken a step further in the 2016 version of Doom Bots sub-mode: in this version, the Doom Bots are Little Devil Teemo's servants and their dark, unnatural abilities are all due to his curses and evil gifts. Fear The Teemoing - it is upon us.
    • At certain times during a game, some events are programmed to play in Summoner's Rift. Notably, at one point, a frog hops off a cliff. Fanon claims that the frog is trying to kill himself, and nicknamed him George the Suicidal Frog. During champion Neeko's trailer, she sees the frog and grabs it before it can hop off. It still does the minute she leaves.
  • In Fortune Street, when a computer-controlled Donkey Kong lands on a particularly expensive space, one of his possible response lines is "It's on like Donkey Kong!"
  • Street Fighter X Tekken is rife with these. One of Balrog's win screen quotes has him clear up that his line back in SFIV was "MY FIGHT MONEY!", not "MY BIKE MONEY!"
    • Also in the same game, if the voice is set in English, M. Bison's taunts literally becomes him saying the famous line from the movie: "But for Me, It Was Tuesday". And also, one of his win screen quotes is similar to the one from the cartoon, which he also delivers to Chun-li: "I killed my father too, and you don't hear me complaining about it!"
  • My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic: Bionic Farm became a minor meme since Applejack's VA for the game said it at the end of her audition piece. That said, it's now one of the things she says in-game when using Summer Rambo.
  • Skullgirls is loaded with these. If it was a meme within the fighting game community, then chances are that it's referenced somewhere in the game.
    • The most blatant example, on the other hand, is definitely the meme referenced by both the announcer of the game and by one of the achievements: "REAL SOVIET DAMAGE!" note 
      • "Republican Double for DLC!" started as an in-joke from the game's voice actors, and quickly began circling the internet. Now, thanks to the Indiegogo fundraiser reaching $250,000, Republican Double will now actually be DLC.
      • Robo-Fortune as well: she started off as a gag by Ms. Fortune's VA Kimlihn Tran, then became an option for a voice-pack like Republican Double before being upgraded to a full-blown character, with her own story mode, stage, and theme music!
    • Fukua is an April Fools Day version of protagonist Filia, who recieved so much positive support and feedback that she's now a permanent fixture in the game.
  • The Pure Pwnage episode that introduced the character of FPS Doug had him repeatedly shouting "Boom, headshot!" while playing Counter-Strike. This quickly became a meme, and was used for pictures of headshots (and not the ones where you take pictures of people). And, in Call of Duty games from Modern Warfare 2 onwards, your reward for killing someone with a headshot in multiplayer is a medal named "Boom, headshot".
    • In the Meet the Sniper promo video for Team Fortress 2 (made by the same company that made Counter-Strike), we open with a closeup of the sniper poking a bobblehead and muttering, "Boom, headshot." Cue title card.
  • During Nintendo's Nintendo 3DS conference at E3, they acknowledged the surprising popularity of the Non-Specific Action Figure (including his Facebook page created by a fan) who appeared in the Miiverse video shown at Nintendo Direct the day before E3 started.
  • The song Second Heaven from beatmania IIDX has the line "Somebody screeeeeeam!", which the Japanese fandom Mondegreen'ed into "San-bai ice cream!" ("3-scoop ice cream!") A remix of the song appears in the Spin-Off game Sound Voltex Booth, and said remix's cover art depicts a character holding a 3-scoop ice cream cone.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 made a nod to Coach's love for cheeseburgers in The Passing DLC. In the first safe room, Rochelle may start to brainstorm on how to motivate the rest of the survivors and one of the ideas she comes up with is telling Coach that there is a cheeseburger museum in New Orleans.
  • Near the beginning of [PROTOTYPE 2], Alex Mercer karate kicks a helicopter in a cutscene.
  • One of the most infamous bosses in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne was Mot, who could potentially spam Beast Eye, Makakaja, and Megidolaon — and infamously, unlike every other enemy with Beast Eye, Mot was on a pure A.I. Roulette and could use it any number of times a turn. In Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, DLC adds an expansion to the Brutal Bonus Level where you can fight Mots with a variation of the same three skills.
  • The PlayStation Vita remake of Persona 4, The Golden, has the character Marie commenting on how beefsteak should be shortened to "Fsteak."
    • Adachi's memetic line "Bitches and whores" (which originated from a fan-edit of a Rise hentai doujinshi) was actually used by him in The Anime of the Game, in a plot-centric piece of dialogue no less.
    • Also, "Cabbage Adachi" has become an Ascended Meme (the nickname arose in the Japanese fandom after a throwaway line in the game where Adachi mentions he only has enough money to buy cabbage). In one episode of the anime, he's seen shopping at Junes pushing a trolley full of nothing but cabbage.
    • The Anime of the Game also tweaks the earlier dialogue in Kanji's arc. Originally, Chie just referred Kanji as 'strange', but in the dub, Chie instead slipped out 'gay'. Kanji's surprise at this line ("Did you say 'gay'?") ends up very close to the oft-quoted Hiimdaisy line: "You sayin' I like dudes!?"
  • There is a cheat code in Street Fighter X Mega Man that allows Guile's theme to override whatever stage song you're in, since "it goes with everything."
  • Reggie's "My body is ready" meme from E3 conferences ended up ascending in a Fire Emblem game, of all things.
    • It even became his "phrase" when his home was available via SpotPass download in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He also has a rec-room in the back of his house full of exercise equipment and (of course) a Wii Fit pad.
    • The reveal trailer for Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U shows us that Reggie's body really was ready, as he squares off against Satoru Iwata.
    • A late-game trainer in Pokémon X and Y also says, "My body is ready."
    • Very early on in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Professor Kukui says Reggie's phrase when ordering his Rockruff to use its moves on him.
  • Fire Emblem:
    "You're a hard person to talk to."
    • One of Prince Ryoma's Fan Nickname is "Lobster Lord/Bro", due to his extremely Wild Hair and his red samurai armor. In the localized version of his supports with Orochi, she calls him "a lobster in a bad hair day".
    • Fire Emblem Heroes includes many different well-known characters in later patches. Many new characters are added for placing well in a popularity poll. Most characters are usually popular units from their games, but Dorcas is a character that made the poll list due to an infamous commercial for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, that did a very poor job advertising the game. Likely at random, Dorcas was the name used for the unfortunate man who had his mutton poisoned (for laughs), which caused who is usually seen as a below-average unit to become a popular meme. In Heroes, two of his sayings reference said commercial. The first is the misleading "Trust no one" tagline, while the second mentions that he had some bad mutton recently, but is feeling better.
  • The Starcraft II Heart Of The Swarm launch ads have the tagline "The rush begins."
  • Dragon Nest has an interesting example. The Paladin has an ability that causes him to shout 'Goddess protect me!' when he uses it. The accent and speed with which the VA says it had many players hear it as 'GLADUS TEK MA!', which rapidly took on meme status in the community. When the game released achievements, the one given for specializing in the Paladin Job was called 'Gladus Tek What?'
  • Creepy Watson: The Return, made as a promo for a sequel to the game the original Creepy Watson video was made in, as a way of announcing the return of the "feature" of teleporting Watson as an option.
  • A glitch in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood involves a goat that hovers its way up a ladder, which spawned a viral video. "Ladder Goat" made an appearance as an Easter Egg in Call of Juarez: The Cartel (it's the title of a DVD you can find in one level, the finding of which nets you an achievement).
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 has a number of nods to popular Let's Plays in the Steam Edition's achievements. Amongst them are "Shh I Doctor Now.", which is based off a picture of the doctor putting a finger where the patient's mouth is, "Like A Wild Animal", based off the popular "Rage Quit" segment with Rooster Teeth where Gavin slaps all the items off and Michael calls him that, and "Like A Wet Paper Towel", another RT nod, where Gavin, in his excitement, flings the replacement heart away and Michael snaps at him in disbelief.
    • The achievement "It's in! It's in I Tell You!" comes from a Let's Play by Pew Die Pie. The achievement requires you to play the Heart Transplant level, remove all the organs from the patient, put the heart in upside down and let the patient die, referencing PewDiePie accidentally putting the heart in upside down and not having time to fix it, while exclaiming "It's in! It's fucking in! It's in I tell you!". The Pewdsball organ and achievement is also named after PewDiePie.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • The Tails Doll fandom seems to be shaping into this. Originally a one-shot playable villain in Sonic R, the fans turned him into the subject of countless Creepypastas. The devs then released a rather... dark remix of Tails Doll's theme song.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog was known for its Narmy lines, and perhaps the biggest one was "Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?!" In a nod to this, Sonic Generations has him holding that damn fourth Chaos Emerald.
    • Ever since Aaron Webber took over Sonic's social media accounts in 2014, he's been dedicated to ascending as many memes as possible, including Sanic, Sonichu, appending "& Knuckles" to the end of things, and various memetic phrases such as "Get a load of this!" When fans started coming up with new memes - such as a humorous-looking smear frame in the Sonic Mania intro - Webber started turning those into Ascended Memes as well.
    • Sonic Mania
      • The game has an unlockable "& Knuckles" mode, which makes Knuckles the character that's following the playable character, like Tails. The best part is, this works even when that playable character is Knuckles!
      • The message you get when you unlock this mode also references another of Knuckles's memes: "Knock Knock! & Knuckles mode is now unlocked!"
      • Edit Mode being referred to by its Fan Nickname, Debug Mode.
      • The special stage in which you get that damn fourth Chaos Emerald is That One Level.
    • Sonic Forces now features a Sanic shirt.
  • The Nancy Drew games have Nancy say "It's locked" in such a deadpan tone a lot of players thought it was hilarious. So naturally, Her Interactive has made sure to include the voice clip in every game, and even has some in-game advertisements making fun of locked doors.
  • A NeoGAF user named Feep attended E3 and wrote a post praising Scribblenauts for its extensive word list, ending with "I FUCKING TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AND JUMPED ON A DINOSAUR AND USED IT TO KILL MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES." The developers included both Feep and Post 217 (the number of said post) in the game (as a robot zombie and a picture of the described event that acts as a nuke, respectively). There is also an official wallpaper detailing the event.
  • In Planescape: Torment, if you have Morte and Fall-From-Grace in your party, it's possible to hear a random banter where Morte sheepishly admits he's "the Head of Vecna" and then changes the subject to a highly amused Grace. This is referencing a memetic story from the tabletop game about a particular stupid party of players who nearly wiped themselves out over a fictitious "Head of Vecna" artefact their Dungeon Master faked them out with. See, Greyhawk has the Hand and Eye of Vecna as real artefacts, but both items only work for a user willing to cut their hand off/gouge their eye out and install the undead appendage in its place...
  • The Hawkeye Initiative is a Tumblr page devoted to putting the hero Hawkeye in various, unlikely, feminine poses (thus highlighting their absurdity, or anatomical impossibility). One of the updates for the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance had an update called "Hawkeye's Initiative", which, while didn't give him the ability to pose like a female superhero, gave him some better stats and abilities.
  • Portal 2:
    • The "The cake is a lie" meme and the numerous references to cake in Portal meant that Valve Software, reluctant as they were, just couldn't get away without including at least one reference to cake in Portal 2, which came in the form of a sign on the fake door leading to the battle with GLaDOS: "GLaDOS Emergency Shutdown and Cake Dispenser. Keep Unlocked."
    • The incident when GLaDOS gets attached to a potato battery got dubbed "PotatOS" by the fans. The official soundtrack album Portal 2: Songs to Test By ended up with a track titled "PotatOS Lament". The developer commentary also refers to potato GLaDOS by this name.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Sometimes, when switching over to Trevor, he'll be chasing random people on scooters with a scooter of his own while shouting: "We're scooter brothers! Scooter brothers, yeah!", which is a reference to Brad Simons' (4PP) most infamous video; literally almost every line in the video is repeated by Trevor.
  • The advertising campaign for Call of Duty: Ghosts features one man working in an office while his co-worker repeatedly trash-talks him about the previous night's game, while suggestively dipping a teabag.
  • Pokémon:
    • In Pokémon Black and White 2 the developers referenced the "Youngster who likes shorts" meme with a girl who likes her dress because it is comfy and easy to wear.
    • Also referenced in Pokémon X and Y: with a youngster also into shorts
    • A subtle one in Pokémon X and Y: Inspect the back rooms of your character's house and you will see that Game Freak has finally included a bed for your mother, in response to years of fan comments about how she presumably sleeps on the table since your house only has one bed (yours).
    • The last trainer you face before entering the courtyard outside the Elite 4's compound in X and Y will inform you that "my body is ready."
    • Implied Trope in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: the French translation of Brawly's pre-battle dialogue has him say he trained his mind by "staring at a Helix Fossil for days and days".
    • Another example has an NPC ask the player if they like Pokemon. After answering yes a couple of times, she will give you a Poke Doll, in reference to the "so i herd u liek mudkipz" meme.
    • An American Valentine's Day card references the meme revolving around posting a Slowpoke when someone is late to notice something. The card has a Slowpoke on it and says "Happy New Year!" They've made a shirt like this.
    • Many jokes exist about the move "Fly" and "Surf" and how the protagonist can apparently ride very small Pokemon. For the 20th anniversary of the series a ton of official art of the protagonists was made. A few feature them riding tiny Pokemon.
    • Since 2014, fans have been drawing fanart of what Pokemon would look like if there were different subspecies or breeds. Two years later, a similar concept was officially introduced for Pokémon Sun and Moon.
    • A long-standing joke among fans is how Snorlax's sprites/models, when ordered by generation, make it appear like it's trying to stand up. It finally accomplished this feat in Gen 6... and, come Gen 7, it gains (via an exclusive Z-Move) the ability to jump to an extreme height, then slam on the opposing Pokémon. Looks like standing up gave it a little too much power. This is actually referenced in an official trailer for the game.
    • In Pokémon Sun and Moon, one of the possible comments for Poké Finder photos is "7.8/10, too much water", referencing the infamous line from the IGN review of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
    • Hiker David became (in)famous among players of Pokémon Sun and Moon for unexpectedly crashing Kiawe's trial (though Kiawe later tells you it was intentional). Not only does he get a larger role in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (including Kiawe nominating David as his successor), but you get a mask of a Hiker (suggested to be of David specifically, as it has his dumb grin from when he crashes the trial) for the Alola Photo Club.
    • An interesting example that crosses over with Nerf. When the Moody ability (randomly sharply raises one stat and lowers another every turn) was first introduced in Gen 5, it was quickly banned by Smogon for being able to raise Accuracy or Evasion. Starting with Pokémon Sword and Shield, Moody can no longer raise Accuracy or Evasion.
    • Pokémon GO:
      • In their update notes, Niantic (developer) put "Minor Text Fixes" as one of the things they changed. Players who felt Niantic should be spending time fixing other problems with the game made this a meme to mock them. In the v1.3.1 patch, Niantic made sure to mention "No Text Fixes" in their notes.
      • After one too many hatted-Pikachu events, the community decided that what the game really needed was Party Hat Weedle. Presumably because its horn looks kind of like a party hat. For the 2020 New Year's event, they finally got their wish... sort of. (It's Wurmple instead of Weedle, but they're both caterpillars with similar names.)
  • In The Sims, people found the Video Game Cruelty Potential amusing, and the fact that Sims could be killed off in improbable ways (like drowning because they couldn't climb out of a pool with no ladder) became something the game was known for. In The Sims 2, pre-made character Brandi Broke lost her husband in "a suspicious pool-ladder accident."
    • Another Cruelty Potential reference appears in The Sims 3, where one of the charities Good sims can donate to is "The Walled-Off Sims Society".
  • LEGO Adaptation Games:
  • In Tales of Destiny 2, Barbatos Goetia had a specific counter to every trick the player tried, most notably items. He'd immediately throw a spell at you whilst the usual arte tag at the top (which normally displayed an arte's name) would simply display Barbatos shouting "Don't use items against me!" Since items would be commonly used against hard bosses, Barbatos would drain player's stock fast leading to the joke that he REALLY hated item users. Then when he appears as a Bonus Boss in the remake of the first Tales of Destiny and from that point onward, he ends up getting that reaction as a special Mystic Arte with its own animation (at the expense of his spells and specific reacting to everything else.)
  • One very popular GIF made by the community of Ragnarok Online features an Alchemist ordering her Cart reveal a massive cannon and firing a powerful shot. Fast forward many years later, the Geneticist class (the final evolution of Alchemist) gets a skill called Cart Cannon, which is particularly baffling because almost every Geneticist skill is either about making potions or using plants to attack, while the skill would make far more sense for the Mechanic class.
  • One Robot Arena 2 tournament held on popular fansite Gametechmods included an entry named "Spinner from the west" (SFTW), that quickly became infamous as one of the worst robots the site had ever seen and was turned into a running joke by the community. When Robot Arena 3 was released, it included a Joke Character named The Lone Saw that was an exact replica of SFTW, albeit with a different paintjob.
  • After the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, a video of Mr. X chasing the player to the tune of "X Gon Give It To Ya" rapidly went memetic. So how did the developers announce the release of DLC costumes resembling the characters' looks in the original? "Knock knock open up the door, it's real!"
  • Super Smash Bros.:
    • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U features two online battle options, named "For Fun" and "For Glory". When playing For Glory, all matches are No Items, Final Destination. (All characters remain available, so no Fox Only.)
    • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Snake's codec conversation regarding Captain Falcon is basically HAL Laboratory lampshading the popularity of the "Falcon... PUNCH!" by having even Snake and Otacon say that they've been dying for an excuse to say it themselves.
      • This tradition is continued in the next Smash Bros. game with some of the Palutena's Guidance conversations; for instance, when discussing Samus, the conversation covers her I Am Not Shazam status, as well as Link's and Pit's.
    • After "We like Ike!" went memetic from Brawl, Nintendo's official UK Twitter feed (them again) posted a screenshot of Ike being apparently eaten by a stage hazard monster in the fourth game with the phrase "Somebody likes Ike".
    • Ryu's reveal trailer references the Sheng Long meme mentioned above by having him say that actual, properly translated version of the line. Apart from replacing "Sheng Long" with "my Shoryuken", the rest of the wording is identical to the memetic version.
    • When Villager from Animal Crossing was announced, they spawned a meme where they became a violent, Memetic Badass axe murderer. When Bayonetta was revealed as a newcomer, official art made to coincide with that showed Villager on the 'evil' side of the screen (though strangely Lil Mac and Charizard were also on it).
    • After well over a decade of memes about him being too big for Smash, the heavily-demanded Ridley was finally confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2018 with the tagline "Ridley hits the big time!" His Palutena's Guidance segment also starts with Pit shouting "RIDLEY CONFIRMED!"
    • The overused "No Items. Fox Only. Final Destination" meme goes full circle with Ultimate actually bothering to show a clip of Fox all alone in Final Destination.
    • Thanks to the dubious reception of Metroid: Other M, jokes about Samus and the baby the baby the baby the baby are common. Then, in Joker's Classic Mode, you get to fight Samus and Dark Samus. The Persona music they chose for this particular fight? Mass Destruction.Explanation 
    • Ladies and gentlemen, behold! For the entire Smash roster is now in for a bad time.
    • In the reveal Trailer for Byleth, he returns to Sothis apparently complaining about there being too many sword fighters in the game.
  • Ascending from the misspelling of Billy's name in the intro of Double Dragon 3, Double Dragon Neon features the Mistranslated Mutants Bimmy and Jammy, who are Evil Knockoffs of the Lee brothers.
    • There's also an achievement called "You Did What!?" whose flavor text says, "You got 50000 on Double Dragon!?", which is a reference to an infamous scene in the movie The Wizard where Fred Savage says both quotes after having left his character's brother alone at a Nintendo Playchoice-10 arcade machine for a while.
  • Star Trek Online: During the two-year anniversary event, you could ask Q Junior where Captain Sulu was.explanation  He would complain about your use of an ancient meme.
    • The phrase "KURLAND HERE", said by Captain James Kurland during the mission "Boldly They Rode" has reached this level as, during the fifth anniversary event, Q Junior will pop in if you visit Deep Space 9 and ask "Is Kurland there?"
    • A bug once made Deep Space K-7 disappear from the game map and it was jokingly said that Klingons hid it with a cloak. When it came back, you can find a gathering of Starfleet officers interrogating a Klingon on how he did it.
  • During raocow's playthrough of an early build of Copy Kitty, he said "destroy the world" a lot, so much that the phrase became associated with the playthrough. Come the update for ver. 1.0, and "destroy the world" is an achievement in the game. In the final version, Raocow's given a special thanks in the credits with his catchphrase printed below his name.
  • In PlanetSide 2, Terran Republic players would often exclaim "PRAISE MALORN, BUFF THE CARV!" after winning control of a facility. On Malorn's last day working for Sony Online Enterainment, he buffed the CARV.
    Loyal weapons engineers have corrected this [unacceptable levels of inaccuracy] with a minor improvement to the horizontal control of the venerable T9 CARV unification platform
    • The New Conglomerates' Gauss SAW weapon was often referred to as the 'God SAW' by the fandom due to its' ability to eliminate a large number of players before reloading. When Auraxium weapons were introduced (rewarded for getting large numbers of kills with different weapons of the same type), the New Conglomerates' Auraxium LMG was called the NC6A GODSAW. It didn't live up to the name, at first.
  • The Dwarf Fortress Help screen concludes its short explanation of Fortress Mode with "Losing is Fun!", a catchphrase originally coined by the forums regarding the game's difficulty and the tendency of forts to spontaneously go to hell (metaphorically or literally) for any number of reasons.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Players came up with a Fan Nickname for the "Murder Knife" used in the games for cutscene stabbings. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Inquisitor is required to forge a knife called the Murder Knife in order to be trained in the Assassin specialization.
    • If you pursue his romance, Iron Bull will refer to "riding the bull", referencing a hashtag used to express desire for Iron Bull as a romance option.
    • Morrigan is infamous for disapproving of everything, to the point that "Morrigan Disapproves" was an official t-shirt. When the final DLC for Inquisition added trials, optional features to make the game more challenging, one of them was "Fair Weather Friends", which doubles all approval losses. Its description is laid out in front of Morrigan's picture.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, someone made a bogus Purple Freddy that they claimed appeared randomly in the office. Coincidentally, a real Purple Freddy showed up in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 within the mini-games between nights.
    • Five Nights at Freddy's 2 also referenced the "Are you ready for Freddy?" meme with a poster in the game depicting Freddy and co. with the caption "PARTY TIME! U READY?"
    • In Five Nights at Freddy's World, during the loading screen, all of the playable characters pop up with their own tagline. Phantom Chica's tagline says "Stop calling me a watermelon." Scott added this because of the textures of her burned head, it made her look like a watermelon.
  • Club Penguin:
    • There was once a rumor that standing in the Dojo for 30 minutes would turn your penguin into a ninja. Later, the introduction of the Card-Jitsu minigame (hosted in the Dojo, of course) let players actually become ninjas, and the DS game Elite Penguin Force has an NPC that asks about the rumor.
    • Another popular subject for rumors was tipping the Iceberg. One secret agent mission has Herbert mention that his attempt to escape from his home island on an iceberg went south when it tipped; you have the option of asking how it was possible.
      • And then, 12 years into the game's lifespan (not too long before it was shut down), this happened.
  • Elite: Dangerous:
    • At one point when the developer was about to make an announcement a Reddit user remarked that if the announcement was for planetary landings, he would eat a sock. Naturally the announcement was for planetary landings, and the community leapt on him demanding that a sock be eaten. Frontier Developments themselves stepped in and asked everyone to calm down, and for the user in question to not, in fact, eat a sock. This of course just generated more attention. A Reddit bot was created to notify the user every time a sock was mentioned, and it became a sustained running gag. This finally reached full ascension when Frontier announced that Elite: Dangerous Socks were available for sale on their storefront with the tagline "these socks are good enough to eat!", and featuring a picture of David Braben, founder of the company and creator of the original Elite, wearing a pair.
  • Super Mario Maker:
    • One very popular level style was to give Mario a Fire Flower and a Koopa Clown Car and have him fly through a screen full of enemies, creating a level not unlike a scrolling shooter. The devs noticed and loved the idea, so they created the SMM-exclusive Fire Koopa Clown Car, which is a Koopa Clown Car with the build-in ability to shoot fireballs, specifically to support this level archetype.
    • One of the most infamous complaints about the original game was the significant lack of slopes. One of the first new features shown in Super Mario Maker 2's announcement trailer was a series of slopes, with Mario sliding down and running up them.
    • One of the most popular levels in the first game was Kiavik's "Super Mario vs Mecha Bowzilla", where Mario haves to run away from a mecha made of cannons and other items piloted by Bowser Jr. and eventually destroying it. Remakes of that level have been showcased in commercials for the 3DS version of the first game and in the trailers for the sequel.
  • Soon after the release of Rainbow Six Siege, the Spetsnaz operator Fuze become infamous on the Hostage game mode, due to his explosive cluster charges easily killing the hostage when used by unskilled or unobservant players. Two years later this reputation was acknowledged in the bio for the operator Ying:
    In her official report of 2004, Siu mentions a disagreement between herself and Kessikbayev,note  who she stated "had a complete disregard for civilian lives," which made him a "questionable asset."
  • "It's On Like Donkey Kong" is a phrase that's been popular since the 1980s, due to the original Donkey Kong. Nintendo has used the term multiple times in advertisements and merchandise. They even went and trademarked it.
  • Dark Souls: Fans have long joked that it would be an utter nightmare, even by the standards of this game series, to have to fight Iron Knight Tarkus. Come Dark Souls III and there's Knight Slayer Tsorig, a hostile character wearing all of Tarkus's armor and his shield, and wielding one of the most powerful weapons in the game. At least it's an optional encounter.
  • Doom contains a cheat code of IDSPISPOPD — a reference to a joke on Usenet before the game's release, that the next game should have a ridiculous title to avoid the capability for people to get hyped up over it. A suggestion was made for Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles of Putrid Debris.
    • The achievement lists for Doom II on Xbox Live is ripe with references to the comic. One of the achievement is You Have Huge Guts, which requires you to kill a Cyberdemon with your fists, just like in the comic (except succeed this time).
  • DOOM (2016) contains an achievement named "Shoot It Until It Dies" for killing the Cyberdemon, a reference to the protip meme created by an administrator of the Doomworld Forums.
    • The first level is called "Rip And Tear" and the same words actually appear in the opening monologue.
    • Just like John Stalvern in DOOM: Repercussions of Evil, the Doom Marine has become demonically terrifying to the demons themselves, and has been exposed to so much demonic power that he has indeed "become the demons".
    • DOOM Eternal has a preorder bonus that gives the Revenant a skin that replaces its shoulder guns with trumpets, a reference to the DOOT meme.
  • Hitman fans know "Allan" as the guy who simply doesn't add details. Originally an oversight in Hitman: Blood Moneynote , but the joke returned as an easter egg in Hitman: Absolution and Hitman (2016), and even was referenced in the HD remaster.note 
    • "Jack Please" was originally an in-forum joke after the release of Hitman (2016) Sapienza trailer, which ends with 47 saying "Check Please". The waiter he was talking to was given the name "Jack Please"
  • In Path of Exile, a minor unique enemy named Kuduku, the False God has been an in-joke to the community as a literal Random Number God. Earning Kuduku's favor includes "sacrificing" a (crappy) unique item in front him and pray that he will bless you on your efforts to six-link an item. In the Prophecy league, one of the prophecies requires you to kill Kuduku who is assisted by Kadaka, the Goddess of Luck, which rewards you with Orbs of Fusing that are used for linking items.
  • Splatoon: Due to the thoroughly Narmtastic TV commercial, "You're a kid! You're a squid!" ended up being something of a Memetic Mutation catchphrase for the game's English-speaking fans. It wasn't long before an update added a reference to it in Callie and Marie's stage announcement banter:
    Callie: Being here makes me feel like a kid!
    Marie: Really? I feel more like a squid.
  • Splatoon 2:
    • In the first game, "squidbagging" (rapidly changing back and forth between squid and humanoid form) was a common taunt. In the sequel's single-player campaign, enemy Octolings will occasionally do it (However, one could argue it's more like "octobagging" in their case).
    • "Always Booyah Back!" note  became one of these upon the revelation of a new special weapon called the Booyah Bomb, which charges up faster via the player and their teammates spamming the "Booyah" command.
    • "I wish humans were real" is an unsubtle reference to the infamous "i wish squids were real" Miiverse post.
  • Throughout the Uncharted series, one of the main criticisms of the story has been the rather large gap between Nathan Drake's characterization as a fairly-lighthearted, snarky and rogueish Adventure Archaeologist, and the sheer amount of people he guns down, sometimes in cold blood. The most-often used five-dollar word for this gap in critical articles and forum posts is "ludonarrative dissonance". In Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog has apparently taken this criticism to heart, as the gameplay encourages more stealth and avoidance, and enemies are much more clear-cut bad guys. However, if you manage to kill 1000 enemies (which takes either several playthroughs or active grinding), you unlock a trophy. Its name? Ludonarrative Dissonance.
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen says "I never asked for this" maybe once or twice, but according to the fanbase, it's all he ever says. In Mankind Divided, the Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels name the Harder Than Hard one-life mode "I Never Asked For This".
  • In World of Tanks, the TOG II* premium heavy tank is widely called the HMS TOG II* (or just HMS TOG), with a TOG platoon called the "Royal Navy". Jokes are made that the 800ton behemoth would be better suited for the sister game World of Warships. So for April Fools' Day 2016, the console version of World of Tanks added a temporary event where TOGs mounted on tugboat hulls fought on an ocean map. And the HMS TOG II* nickname is used in official announcements.
  • In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, one of Miriam's attacks is called Winestained. It involves throwing a wine glass at the enemy.
  • "Arrow in the Knee" is a playing card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is the example of an ascended meme manifesting itself as an entire sub-franchise. Before the series was even considered to be a thing, the internet was flooded with thousands of Super Mario Bros/Sonic The Hedgehog crossover fan works. Either with the two universes teaming up or duking it out, that is not even mentioning the famous Console Wars of The '90s, helmed by both franchises, which shaped the gaming industry as we know it.
  • NBA 2k and NBA Live Mobile have released player cards of Brian "the White Mamba" Scalabrine, with high stats (90 and 93, respectively). The latter is part of the "Fan Favorites" suite of players.
  • The Sound Voltex song "BRAIN POWER" had become a meme, especially on Twitch, thanks to a frequently-seen transcription of its quote unquote "chorus" of chopped up vocal samples. The song was removed from the game in 2017 when its exclusivity with Konami lapsed by request of the artist, but that just made it a free agent ready to appear on a different game. That game? Neon FM, which gave the song a special background (featuring the fan-made "lyric video" for it) and note design that directly references the meme.
  • The Nasuverse mobile game Fate/Grand Order canonized the "Sasaki Kojirou, SAVIOR OF FRANCE!" meme caused by the combination of the extreme ease with which he can be acquired and his absurd effectiveness against the dragons plaguing 100-Years-War-era France in the first section of the game past the tutorial (a quirk of the Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors in the game), by having him hanging out with legendary dragonslayers like Saint George during one of the holiday events.
    • Mash's Fan Nickname "Mashmallow" is canonized in the English-language translation for Okeanos.
    • As long as there have been English-speaking fans of Fate/stay night, there have been jokes about whether the Rider class or Riding skill involve "riding" a man. In Grand Order, Medb says that this is exactly her qualification for the class.
    • In general, official translations of Nasuverse material seem to like to insert variations on the phrase "People die if they are killed" into the dialogue. While this is a Japanese idiom, there are probably less literal and more natural ways to translate it, but everyone's already so familiar with the original memetic Fan Sub that nobody can resist.
      Jaguar Warrior: Hey, watch it! Servants die when they are killed, you know!
  • Capcom Fighting Evolution canonizes an alternate version of Zangief named Zangyura, a name that first appeared in an infamous typo-ridden preview of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting in the Japanese magazine Gamest.
  • Neptunia's Top Nep hat: what started as Adam's Top Gun hat - a black baseball cap with "Top Gun" in white letters - on Workaholics was first adopted by 4chan as the Top Lel hat and eventually spread to the Neptunia fanbase, where it became the Top Nep hat. The hat has since been featured in official 4komas drawn by Tsunako (character designer for the Neptunia series) herself and has even been Defictionalized as official merchandise.
  • Crusader Kings II:
    • The Sunset Invasion DLC's ahistorical Aztec invasionnote  led to wisecracks that the next DLC should include undead Vikings. Come The Old Gods and the Flavor Text for the "Viking" trait (gained by raiding as a Germanic pagan) includes a comment that tales are told of Player Character and his undead warriors.
    • The "secret bears" meme originated as a joke by Paradox's Darkrenown. Jade Dragon added an actual event where a female courtier turns out to have been a bear all along, somehow.
  • The Binding of Isaac:
    • The Bloat is something of a Memetic Scrappy among the fandom due to his sheer difficulty, to the point where "FUCK BLOAT" is a Running Gag among the game's Reddit community, resulting in an entire subreddit devoted to hating him. Much later, the DLC Afterbirth+ added a challenge called "April's Fool," which replaces every single boss with the Bloat among other things.
    • Certain items picked up infamy among the fandom, such as Bob's Brainnote , Cursed Eyenote , and Curse of the Towernote . Edmund McMillen later Tweeted to a new player saying to grab these items, as they would "combo" and win the run. Two of the curated daily runs for the Afterbirth DLC, April 15th ("National That Sucks Day") and November 19th ("National 'Have a Bad Day' Day"), force-gives the player these exact items, among other things.
  • Deviljho from Monster Hunter is often called or compared to a pickle in fandom, due to how it looks. When the monster debuted in Monster Hunter: World, it was accompanied by a number of pickle puns. For example, an event involving a particularly strong Deviljho, which was available for a limited amount of time, was called "Relish the Moment".
    • The Melynx are a race of mischievous, sentient cats which will attempt to steal a player's items in the middle of a hunt. They also LOVE Felvine. Melynx will prioritize stealing the herb first if a player has any in their inventory, and they will be drawn towards Felvine smoke bombs. This lead to the fan theory that Felvine is used as a recreational drug by Melynx (and their Felyne cousins), akin to catnip or marijuana. In Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the localization team snuck a reference to this theory into one of the Courier Felyne's quotes.
      Courier: Lazy days like today make me want to hit the Felvine...
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle has an example that crosses with Self-Deprecation: While fans were excited when the debut trailer revealed the American-made web series RWBY would be in the game, they were much less pleased when Arc System Works revealed that out of the show's four protagonists, only Ruby and Weiss would be in the base game while their teammates Blake and Yang would be DLC. This lead to a lot of snark about "Team RW" note . ArcSys made up for it by apologizing to the fans and making Blake and Yang available as free downloads (since it was too late in the process to put them into the base game), but they also acknowledged the backlash with a special post-battle victory quote where Ruby cheers "Don't mess with Team RWBY!" and Weiss adds "...Or at least Team RW" in an embarrassed tone of voice.
    • A meme developed where people would add the game's pre-fight scene ("You Can't Escape From Crossing Fate") and music to scenes of Crossovers between other media (like the Homer vs. Peter fight from the Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover episode). The official ArkSys Twitter account got in on this, combining it with the "Captain America PSA" meme from Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • Everybody Edits:
    • Users jokingly called original design of the Astronaut Smiley the "Fishbowl Astronaut" on the official forums when they petitioned for its return. The Staff brought it back as the Fishbowl Smiley.
    • The user "Cow" made a nonsensical forum post filled with mooing, which was quickly closed and got lots of user attention. Six days later, the Moodonna NPC block was added to the game's shop with a description imitating the style of the forum thread:
      moo moo moo moo moomoo
  • In Dragon Ball Super, Android 17's actions in the Tournament of Power earned him the reputation of being the tournament's MVP among the western fandom. He then gets straight-up called "MVP" in the description of the English version of his trailer for Dragon Ball Fighter Z.
  • Red Dead Redemption had a well-publicized glitch where the game would occasionally spawn animals with human bodies, which resulted in moments like cowboys flying through the sky like birds or the infamous "Donkey Lady. Red Dead Redemption II'' features an Easter Egg where you can find the skeletal remains of the Donkey Lady hooked up to a millstone in a certain location in the game.
  • Spyro the Dragon: Toys for Bob has acknowledged the infamous "trouble with the trolley, eh?" line in regard to the infamous trolley sidequest in the Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! level, Breeze Harbor. Upon beating the sidequest in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, you'll get the "Trouble No More" achievement/trophy.
  • Nintendo:
    • This tweet from Nintendo's official Twitter account (which is dedicated to competitive play for games like Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon) references the infamous "Yoshi Committed Tax Fraud" meme.
    • After Doug Bowser joined Nintendo of America, he was shown in a tweet thanking the community for their support. Just behind him, slightly out of focus, are Mario and Luigi plush toys, tied up with the cord of a Nintendo GameCube controller.
    • When Doug Bowser was appointed president of Nintendo of America following Reggie Fils-Amie's retirement, many people cracked wise about the obvious. Come E3 2019's Nintendo Direct, this happened.
      Yoshiaki Koizumi: Are you... related?
      Doug Bowser: No, but we get that a lot.
    • This tweet from Reggie Fils-Amie references the "I've gotta get back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS" meme that was spawned by the man himself.
  • The The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch remake demonstrates the new Chamber Dungeon Level Editor with a sample area that is heart-shaped and titled "Fill Up Your Hearts", directly referencing an infamous remix of Zelda's main theme by The Rabbit Joint.
  • Total War: Warhammer: In the early versions of the game, the Norscan Tribes were limited to a highly neutered version of the Warriors of Chaos army roster, having access only to a small number of basic units. Consequently, the AI tended to Zerg Rush the player with horde after horde of only one or two types of cheap Mooks well into the late game. Further, only two Norscan factions — the Skaeling and the Varg — were present before the large Chaos invasion in the late game, and because faction leaders cannot be killed permanently their leaders would be the faces of Norsca until the invasion. This resulted in the leader of the Varg, Surtha Ek, becoming infamous in the fandom for leading endless chariot armies against player factions, becoming known to the fanbase as Surtha Ek, the Lord of Chariots. Once Norsca was implemented as a full and independent faction, the developers kept Surtha Ek and canonized his love of chariots, giving him a unique trait to boost the effectiveness of chariots in his army and the chance to boost this by defeating the Tomb King faction leader Settra (who in turn gets a boost to his own chariots by defeating Surtha Ek). This was expanded on when the leader of the High Elf faction of Tiranoc was renamed to Surthara Bel-Kec and was given her own version of Surtha's previously-unique rule when players noticed her own penchant for chariot-heavy armies.
  • One of the possible name for multiplayer bots in Perfect Dark Zero is "Wallguy", referencing a meme spawned from an infamous pre-release screenshot of the game and the arguing it caused on several video game forums.
  • In Mario Kart 8, characters would give a Death Glare as they passed opponents. In particular, a short clip of Luigi, driving the Mach 8 kart and giving one as he passed Waluigi after taking the latter out with a green shell, became the Luigi Death Stare meme. Nintendo has wholeheartedly embraced it, referencing it multiple times in promoting various Mario Kart titles. Reaches a new level in Mario Kart Tour - not only was Luigi's addition to the game made with a splash panel of him giving the Death Stare while driving the Mach 8, but his in-race driver icon (used when he's hit, he hits someone else, or he's approaching behind the player) is of him giving the Death Stare, notable when nearly every other racer is depicted happy and/or excited in theirs.
  • For over 20 years, fans of Resident Evil 2 made jokes on how the police station have no bathrooms. When Resident Evil 2 (Remake) was shown, one of the first things shown was a pair of bathrooms as one of the new locations added in the police station. Just to make it funnier, the bathroom you can access has an overflowing toilet and on top of it is a First-Aid Spray.
  • Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames is so well-known for frequently blocking users on Twitter that The Wonderful 101: Remastered's Kickstarter campaign included getting blocked by him on Twitter as an optional reward to its backers.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has a very catchy music piece for the Rak'tika Greatwood area where a "LA HEE!" is shouted at the start of the song. Naturally, "LA HEE!" became everyone's catchphrase. In patch 5.2 one of the daily quests is named "La Hee" and the objective is to go to a specified spot and actually say "la hee" in the chat box.

    Visual Novels 
  • In the localized version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, which definitely doesn't take place in Japan, Maya begins talking about how her favorite food is burgers, only for her to then debate with herself over whether it's actually burgers or ramen. When she can't decide when she wants to eat when she eventually gets released, she decides to just go for "a burger topped with ramen".
    • A bit of subtle one occurs in the fifth episode of Spirit of Justice. Armie Buff, via her "Sergeant Buff" drone, presents Apollo and Dhurke with a meal in commemoration of their newly founded bonds. The meal in question is a tray of what could be taken as either burgers or dorayoki. It's designed in a way where it could realistically be seen as either despite leaning slightly towards the thinner dorayoki, complete with a side that's supposed to be a side for a dorayoki but is also designed in a way that makes it resembles the kind of designed drink cartons typically gotten with kid burger meals.Note  Although it's not exactly confirmed, it's a safe bet to say this was done on purpose by the developers, either as a way to aid the localization, poke fun at it, or probably both.
    • Another similar reference, as well as a subversion of sorts, actually occurs in the same case as well. The meal that Dhurke has prepared for Apollo is a plate of sushi, which the localization keeps as is, and it's also revealed that Apollo used to quite regularly eat sushi during his childhood. This is mainly due to him having actually lived for most of his childhood since birth with his Asian adopted family, in the Asian country, The Kingdom of Khura'in which means that he isn't your entirely 100% American-home-and-breed attorney, and actually has an Eastern background of sorts. Moreover, at the end of Spirit of Justice, Apollo actually begins living in Khura'in, to run his own law office.Note 
    • At the time of the release of the game, the official Ace Attorney Twitter tweeted... their celebration with ramen.
    • In the original game, the case "Rise From the Ashes" contains a sequence where, if Phoenix fails to provide the correct evidence to the judge, he penalizes him and threatens to throw a shoe at Phoenix. For the 3DS rerelease, the line was changed to include "boot to the head", referencing a fan video of Ace Attorney characters reenacting a famous Frantics routine.
  • Katawa Shoujo:
    • The entire game is based on an image by the artist Raita (proposing many of the female main characters) that became memetic on the /a/ board of 4chan before 4 Leaf Studios decided to make it a reality.
    • Rin (a girl who has no arms) "hugs" Hisao by moving right next to him and declaring "I'm hugging you, Hisao". This had previously been a meme originating in a fan-sketch. Towards the end of her route, in her bad ending, it becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
    • However in her good ending this meme takes another meaning as she randomly stretches her arms which Hisao interprets it as her hugging the world.
    • Toward the end of Lilly's route, the meme in which she asks "Who's there? No answer, it must be that deaf bitch"note  gets referenced when she asks Misha, Shizune's interpreter, to get something for her. Shizune does so instead, but there's a twist; the two have put aside their differences.
    Lilly: (as Shizune hands her the folder) Thank you, Misha.
    Hisao narrating: No reply. No reply, that is, save for an odd grin... no... smile... on Shizune's face. A couple of seconds pass before Lilly clicks that it isn't Misha behind her, but Shizune. Her momentary look of surprise is replaced by a slightly bashful smile.
  • Super Star Wars: One of the achievements in the 2016 Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita versions is, of course, "Han Shot First" which requires Han Solo to kill one of the many Greedo enemies in the Cantina level. Somehow. Bear in mind, you need to beat the Cantina to unlock Han in the first place so the only way this can be done is via cheating.
  • Mystic Messenger: The memetic phrase "Does Jumin Han Is Gay?" ascended in the Christmas DLC, where it appears at the bottom of a fake news report Seven whipped up to troll Yoosung.
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: One bonus mode allows for characters across the three main games to interact with one another. The second game's Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu acquired the name Boss Baby before the third game's release for his youthful appearance and fiery temper. In this mode's English localization, Kokichi Oma (who, incidentally, is voiced by the same actor as Fuyuhiko) calls Fuyuhiko exactly that, much to the latter's anger.

  • When a particular bit of Insane Troll Logic took off like a rocket in the 8-Bit Theater forums, the author decided to honor it in-comic with the only character suited for the job.
  • Homestuck embraces this trope. Like its predecessor Problem Sleuth, the author listens to his fans and goes out of his way to support and/or mock the most popular fan theories.
    • One of the more popular AUs is Trollcops, depicting Sollux and Terezi as, well, troll cops. When the AlterniaBound album came out, there were two tracks themed around the AU, both called Trollcops.
    • In one panel, a faraway Karkat is drawn with less detail and no visible arms, making him look like he's wearing pants up to his neck. Fans referred to him as Pantskat and began drawing fanart of him in his long pants. This made its way back into the comic: when fedorafreak combines a shirt and pair of pants in the Alchemiter, he gets a pair of absurdly long pants. And at another point, Karkat self-deprecates spectacularly about wearing pants hiked up to his armpits as punishment. And then, when Karkat's ancestor is finally shown, he is indeed wearing pants hiked up to his armpits as punishment. Said pants become holy relics of his followers.
      • And the original Pantskat pixel of him has been inserted into at least two later flash animations.
      • And the Beforan version of Kankri wears a red sweater because Porrim got tired of looking at his "stupid hiked-up pants".
      • Which is itself a reference to the fan depiction of Karkat wearing a sweater or turtleneck in a lot of fan art.
    • A fan animation on YouTube that lip-synced Gamzee up to the Double Rainbow song became enormously popular in the fandom and cemented Gamzee as the Ensemble Dark Horse amongst the trolls. So, later on, Gamzee mentions a 'double metaphor all the way, across Skaia :o)'.
    • Early in the comic, there's a short scene of Gamzee and Tavros chatting to each other like close friends, using each others's emoticons and rapping together (although we don't actually see the rap). This acted as enough Ho Yay to make Gamzee/Tavros a popular ship in the fandom, and it picked up the Idiosyncratic Ship Name "Peanut Butter and Jelly-shipping" or just "PBJ" (since Tavros is associated with the colour brown and Gamzee with purple). Later on, we see the second half of their conversation, in which Gamzee is flirting obviously with Tavros, and he affectionately calls Tavros the 'emotional peanut butter to [Gamzee's] royal jelly'.
      • This also served as Andrew's constant Running Gag of referencing gay pornography in most of his works.
      • The second Easter Egg joke flash called [S] Ride has a Shout-Out to "Cotton Candy," the fan nickname for Roxy/Jane which is based on their pink and light blue chat colors.
    • Also, pretty much everything concerning fedorafreak's role in anything since his first brief mention.
    • Several of the walkaround flash games had an Easter Egg called "Trickster Mode" that did assorted weird things. From this, fans came up with the idea of Trickster versions of the characters, usually depicted in pastels and bright colors, covered in candy, and generally Sickeningly Sweet. Then along came "[S] Jane: Engage," and now it's a rather terrifying Super Mode.
    • A popular fan voice-actor popularized the word "nyeh" in association with Eridan, to the point where some fans think it's something he actually says in canon. When the dancestors, who partly exist to lampoon fandom's stereotypes/misconceptions of the characters, rolled along, of course Eridan's dancestor Cronus used the word.
    • The silly nicknames "Homosuck" and "Hamsteak" were used by Caliborn and Karkat respectively.
    • This Mind Screw of a fandom secret got a reference in the form of a recurring alternate Vriska referred to for clarity as (Vriska), in parentheses.
    • A common joke line spread by fans was "Homestuck is my favorite anime." The final animation is a fully-animated anime-style short film.
  • At the floor meeting in QUILTBAG, Lisa makes a joke about her disembodied head walking on her pigtails, which had been seen in several Penny and Aggie fanarts.
  • A typo in a discussion about Blade Bunny and her phobia of tentacles ultimately led, via the normal Memetic Mutation, to an official illustration of when Bunny meets the Octobus.
  • College Roomies from Hell!!!: Hazel Green's Maximum Fun Chamber (and hence the trope of the same name) was initially named as a Shout-Out to a comment made by Darren Bleuel to Maritza Campos in the fan forums.

    Web Original 
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • The first alien character, revealed crouching and sneaking up on a character at the very end of season 3, was unnamed for a long time. On the season 3 DVD commentary, the Rooster Teeth staffed shared a story about a young fan e-mailing them after the finale's release inquiring about the "Crouchasaurus", a nickname which caught on amongst fans. In a season 4 scene where the characters attempt to name the creature, "Crouchasaurus" gets an inevitable mention.
    • Early in the series, many fans asked the staff why the Red team had one member, Grif, wearing yellow armor. Though Rooster Teeth had actually given him orange armor, fans often claimed they couldn't tell it was orange at all. Rooster Teeth eventually included a Yellow Grif in a scene showing how the stupidest character in the series viewed the other characters, and later introduced Grif's sister, actually in yellow armor, and assigned her to the opposing Blue team.
    • Similarly, many fans asked why Tucker, usually in teal armor, seemed to be wearing green armor in one scene. The staff responded that the scene was shot in the shadows, which made teal look green within the game engine. In that season's blooper reel on the DVD, the scene is restaged with one character asking Tucker why his armor is green.
  • In RWBY, another Rooster Teeth production:
    • The Idiosyncratic Ship Names of the main characters are recycled into signals for combination attacks during the girls' clash with Roman's Humongous Mecha. For reference.
    • Some weird Internet silliness on Reddit made it a meme for Epileptic Trees being called "potatoes". When the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse video game was released, the lowest graphical setting was labelled "potato".
    • After the end of Volume 3, many fans had began trying to figure out what to name the new team of Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren. Many team names included "RNJR" ("Ranger"), "RRNJ" ("Orange"), and "JNRR" ("Junior"). The first episode of Volume 4 has Ren and Nora arguing over what they should call themselves with Nora supporting "JNRR"note  and Ren supporting "RNJR"note 
  • "Jennie is a plantcake" was a common lonelygirl15 fan meme ("plantcake" meaning plant; it's a long story), which resulted in Jennie attempting to prove that she isn't a plantcake in "Casting Couch".
  • KateModern: The Last Work featured the suggestion that Meryl should have her own show, which was already a fan in-joke. Similarly, "Orivwa" featured the use of the fan nickname for the main characters, "the K-Team".
  • Episode 21 of "Retarded Animal Babies" threw a WHARRGARBL in the captions in a...rather appropriate spot.
  • Everyman HYBRID spawned a meme involving one of the characters, Jeff, being Batman after he tackled a security guard in "Damsel". Jeff later jokingly admitted to being Batman on Twitter and in "One step forward, two steps back", he wore a Batman shirt.
  • The Futaba Channel in Japan started the OS-tan meme, where each version of Windows received a Moe Anthropomorphism whose characteristics where what the particular operating system was best known for. When Windows 7 hit the market, Microsoft decided to create one, Nanami Madobe, for their Japanese marketing campaign.
  • One of Gaia Online's members made a fan-character called GCD McSourface, parodying the GCD forum's attitude towards nearly everything about the website, with the Catchphrase "GCD McSourface does not like that feature". The Fremere's Guard evolving item finished with a pose called "Fremere's Copyright Infringement", which is McSourface's head replacing the avatar's.
    • Fremere's Guard also contains a pose homaging the Air Shark, which began as a fan elaboration on an April Fool's event in zOMG!. A differently-designed Air Shark now appears in-game, making this a meme that ascended twice.
    • A Gaia fan on DeviantArt pointed out that Gino Gambino's Big Ol' Eyebrows looked like Twinkies, spawning the "Twinkie Brows" meme. One of the collectible SD Plus dolls of Gino has equippable "Twinkie Brows" as a bonus pose.
    • One fan in the GCD made an anniversary thread dedicated to the Case of Pietro evolving item, and even baked a red velvet cake to show her appreciation. The night of its anniversary, a "Cake of Pietro" pose appeared in the item itself — a red velvet cake, with a chibi Thief stealing the first slice.
  • In the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, the idea that Stone's mom was a supervillain originated as a joke between the players (including Stone's player). The jokes continued for more than two years. When the story of Stone's parents was finally explored, it turned out that Stone's mom really was a supervillain.
  • Being a site with multiple writers, it's not surprising that there are in-joke references in Survival of the Fittest at times. One has to do with the "Inactivity Bear", which handlers often joke kills and eats inactive characters. When Megan Nelson went inactive, her death is that she woke up a bear in a cave, which...well, killed and ate her, much to the amusement of the handlers.
  • On the adoptable pet website/game Chicken Smoothie, the baby stage of one of the pony adoptables was nicknamed "roadkill pony" by forum members as it looked as though it had been hit by a car. Come Halloween a special variation of the pony was released by the artist that had the pony covered in tire tracks. It came in three forms; one that stayed in that pose, and two that grew up into zombies.
  • Among the TVTropes merch is a shirt with Vigilante Taxonomist, a meme from the forum.
  • The Minecraft meme "That's a very nice everything you have there...shame if something were to happen..." associated with Creepers got some references in the descriptions of official Minecraft merchandise, and even nearly directly quoted on one shirt!
    • Minecraft has its own Urban Legend of Zelda in the form of Herobrine, a mysterious and elusive entity responsible for obviously-man-made block placements and deformities appearing in single-player worlds, notable for its glowing eyes and its increasingly hostile responses to being seen. In addition to Notch occasionally writing "Removed Herobrine" in patch notes, the 1.8 Adventure Update introduces Endermen, glow-eyed monsters that randomly move blocks around the landscape (creating unnatural formations) and, on being seen, will stop and stare at the player, running (and teleporting) in to attack once eye contact is broken.
    • The tutorial level of the Xbox 360 Edition has a Tower of Pimps in it.
  • JohnnyUtah's Tankmen short resonated with the early Newgrounds community so much that they're now the site's mascots.
  • MSF High Forum: Firewood was originally an insult, used by Kirso to refer to the ironically non-flammable Legion. Mitchell, amused by it, had it incorporated as an official racial slur. (And, like all racial slurs, mostly inaccurate).
  • Among the users of quiz website Sporcle, the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan became a meme for being obscenely difficult to spell. The website embraced it, to the point that there is a Kyrgyzstan category, and you win a badge for playing 25 games! (not to mention a contest to win Kyrgyzstan's flag... and a moderator studying there - "Only a Sporcler could be this excited")
  • The board for the GameFAQs Character Contests referred to the nine strongest characters (in the first edition, anyway; a few suffered upsets ever since) as Noble Nine. For the 9th edition, the bracket had nine divisions, with those 9 as the one seeds.
    • A further manipulation of the seedings had all of the 8-seeds in the ninth edition being characters that had been heavily rallied on the contest board, which is officially called "GameFAQs Contests" but generally identifies itself as "Board 8" after its index number.
  • BillyMC played McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure after a joke from Retsupurae associated him with McDonald's.note 
    • Another RP joke, BayouBillyMC, led him to play The Adventures of Bayou Billy.
  • X-Ray & Vav is essentially "Achievement Hunter memes: The Animated Series". The main heroes are named after gaffes Gavin made in one video and the main villains are based off characters created during various Let's Play videos.
  • Sips has a meme where Stop Having Fun, Guys claim that him, Hat Films and Turpster messing around causes them to "rip [their] dick off", which naturally ended up with people using it to mock those taking it seriously. Guess how Ross and Trott of Hat Films chose to disrupt a livestream that In The Little Wood, Strippin and Sparkles* were doing? No, they didn't rip their actual penises off. They had fake penises attached to Velcro and ripped them off.
  • A minor meme in The Runaway Guys is people posting one line from the video out of context, usually the ones with sexual implications. Episode 22 of TRG's Super Mario 3D World LP has one of these in the description, to save viewers the trouble of doing it.note 
  • Due to Kidnapper-kun from Neko Sugar Girls having no known name for most of the series fans began calling him "Jeff". In the finale it's revealed that his name is Bokutachi. Koneko then states she thought his name was "Jeff". After a beat she gets mocked for thinking so.
  • Extra Credits has a few in one of its offshoot series, Extra History. The most famous one, however, stems from their series on the South Sea Bubble in 1700s England. In it, a member of the Whigs, Sir Robert Walpole, was manipulating virtually every event of the aftermath of the bubble bursting—mainly involving a ledger of bribes made by the South Sea Company, which would have led to the Whig Party's leaders almost certainly being imprisoned, to ensure he could become the leader of the government. His manipulation happened so much that Daniel eventually wonders aloud, "Who knows where (Robert Knight's ledger) was Walpole." In most series since, Walpole has either made a cameo appearance, or James note  will link Walpole to whatever topic they are discussing, like the First Crusade, the tales of Admiral Yi, or the reign of Justinian. It's now to the point where, during their Early Christian Schisms series, they end the second video by asking the viewer to "Take a wild guess how it (the Council of Nicea) ends." Cue a person at a computer saying "It was Walpole..."
  • DeviantArt is infamous as a breeding ground for Sonic the Hedgehog OCs of... variable quality. When it was announced that the upcoming game Sonic Forces allowed the player to design their own character, DA acknowledged it on their Twitter feed in the most self-aware way possible.
  • Episode 14 of The Most Popular Girls in School had its name, in August 2017, changed from "Pregnant" to "Pregnant Meme" to reflect on said meme boom.
  • Viner Meghan McCarthy is well-known for her Timmy Turner impressions. In one Vine, she encounters Tara Strong, his actual voice actress, who proclaims that she is Timmy Turner. (McCarthy is a writer on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic which Strong also stars on).
  • In one of Door Monster's videos, Ian requests that Kyle says "What?" a little bit purpler. Fans caught on, and whenever someone says "What?" in their videos, someone will inevitably comment that it was the exact right amount of purple. The meme ascended with Door Monster offering t-shirts with the word "What?" written in purple.
  • Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons has the fan nickname "Gun Jesus" because of his long hair and beard. In May 2019, the multinational firearms company Heckler & Koch posted an image of Ian as Gun Jesus, with an HK rifle in one hand and his book on French rifles in the other. Ian's publishing partners insisted that posters be made.

    Western Animation 
  • While Transformers Animated has been using a lot of Mythology Gags, the portrayal of the medic Ratchet as old, cranky, and not inclined to put up with other people's slag is not from the earlier series. It is, however, the most common portrayal of Ratchet in fanon. (It's also worth mentioning that Animated Ratchet bears great resemblance to Kup from The Transformers: The Movie).
    • Rhinox's signature weapon from Beast Wars, a pair of machine guns, gained the nickname "Chain Guns of Doom", a name that was later mentioned in the Ultimate Guide.
    • It also showed up on the back of the box for the 10th Anniversary reissue of his toy.
    • This has also happened for a fan edit of a Transformers Armada promotional comic that portrayed Hot Shot as a mentally challenged lunatic obsessed with "JaAm". Mention of it creeped into Hot Shot's 2009 universe bio, and he also has it on his license plate.
    • The Transformers Animated Almanac includes the infamous line "You lived like a warrior ans died to an hero." from the cult fanfiction Dinobots Old Technology.
    • Lugnut's P.O.K.E (Punch Of Kill Everything). The name originated with fans and was later made canon.
  • From the Cadmus arc episodes of Justice League Unlimited, when most of the big seven turn themselves in:
    Guard: Where's Batman?
    The Flash: Running late. The Batmobile lost a wheel. The Joker got away.
    • The song had appeared in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series before that, complete with the Joker (who was singing the full song) "getting away"...on a rocket shaped like a Christmas Tree. Joker even adds his own lyrics:
      Joker: Crashing through the roof, in a one horse open tree, busting out I go, laughing all the WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Clash of the Superheroes!" has Superman, affected by red Kryptonite, turn into a Jerkass and recreate some of the most famous moments of Superdickery history. Jimmy actually says that Superman is "turning into a real di-" only for Lois to interrupt "-fferent person".
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty! actually did appear in Star Trek: The Animated Series, years after it had become a meme despite never actually appearing in the original Star Trek.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has a good amount of these.
    • The grey pegasus with the blonde mane and walleyes had her fan-given name, Derpy, confirmed as canon on Jan 21st 2012, and her fan-created love of muffins confirmed in the ending credits of the movie.
      • In 2013, the video game changed the pony "Time Turner" to Dr. Hooves, which is as close to his fan name, Doctor Whooves, as you can get without getting sued. Of course, he exists as a character in the first place due to Memetic Mutation. He was a background pony with no characterization and a totally different voice portrayal every time he got to say a word or two, and would have wings or a horn depending on where they were, but fans latched onto him because he had David Tennant's hair cut/color and an hourglass as his personal symbol. Now, he has merchandise, an official name and description, and there are other background ponies with identical hourglass marks looking like other Doctor actors. No word on if they're the same guy. In "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies", he appears alongside Rose(luck) wearing 3D glasses; Rose being the name of 10th Doctor's first companion. Come the 100th Episode Special "Slice of Life", he's very clearly a full Expy of the Doctor, even to the point where Tennant was even in consideration to voice him.
    • The toys have a good amount of these as well; a good example is Heartstrings, who very closely resembled the popular background pony nicknamed Lyra, resulting in the fans deciding that "Heartstrings" was Lyra's surname. Sure enough, every subsequent wave of toys names the pony as "Lyra Heartstrings". Similarly, Lulamoon resembled minor antagonist Trixie, so Lulamoon was believed to be a stage name or a surname. Later toys named her Trixie Lulamoon. Another example is DJ-Pon3, who despite appearing for only a few seconds in one episode, proved so popular that the name ended up being canonized in The Hub's "Equestria Girls" TV commercial, and like Lyra she ended up getting her own toy. In this case, the other name (Vinyl Scratch) became her real name with DJ-Pon3 being a stage name.
    • In addition to the comic, even television listings descriptions refer to the main characters as the Mane Six by now.
    • Background pony Bon Bon was named after the My Little Pony Tales pony with a similar cutie mark, but renamed "Sweetie Drops" when the trademark was lost. She has been given a line or two in several episodes over the years, and like Dr. Whooves, her portrayal was very different from one time to the next. Fans decided she must be one heck of a voice actress. Now at least one of her toys mentions her talent for changing her voice.
    • Minuette, another recurring extra, was nicknamed "Colgate" due to her toothpaste-striped mane, and became a frequent subject of the "Brushie Brushie" meme. In "Luna Eclipsed", she dresses as a dental surgeon for Nightmare Night.
    • In My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (not to be confused with the aforementioned commercial), Scootaloo does a chicken dance at the Fall Formal, referencing the "Scootachicken" meme.
    • In "Pinkie Apple Pie", Apple Bloom raps her version of "Twilightlicious".
    • The 100th episode is an entire episode devoted to ascended memes, including but not limited to Derpy Hooves (now called Muffins), Dr. Hooves, Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon, and Vinyl Scratch and Octavia (roommates). Doctor Whooves gets many scenes with Derpy (fanonically the Doctor's companion and/or love interest) and one with Roseluck at the end (after the Revival's iconic first companion Rose Tyler; Roseluck is, in fact, never called anything but "Rose" in the show.)
      • Lyra and Bon Bon also get special mention for that episode. The fandom's OTP constantly call themselves "best friends..." and have the maximum amount of Les Yay you can give two characters short of having them make out onscreen. This both pleases and angers both shippers and non-shippers to a degree that's quite hilarious. Also, both names for her are now canon; Sweetie Drops is her real name but she goes by Bon Bon since she's actually a secret agent. It was definitely a love letter to us all.
    • "Make New Friends But Keep Discord" gives a moment to Celestia. One popular fan portrayal of her is that she is the ultimate prankster, even giving Discord a run for his money. Canon Celestia has been known to have a slight mischievous side, often used to put people at ease. Well, in this episode, she was in full Trollestia mode, finding all the chaos quite glorious.
  • Brian Boitano has, in at least one occasion during an exhibition, skated to the song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
    • And now the Food Network has given Boitano a cooking show. He's calling it What Would Brian Boitano Make?, and it does use a cleaned-up version of the song as its theme song.
  • On The Simpsons, Milhouse was always known for failure. But since the association with a Forced Meme, he has a habit of spouting them and trying to force memes. It fails every time.
    • "D'oh!", "embiggen" and "cromulent" were all added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
    • The scene of Homer walking back and disappearing into some bushes from "Homer Loves Flanders" became a popular reaction meme online. It was then used by Homer as a response to Lisa in the Season 30 episode "The Girl on the Bus".
  • After senator Fritz Hollings infamously referred to Beavis And Butthead as "Buffcoat and Beaver", other characters calling the duo by the wrong name became a running gag (and yes, Buffcoat and Beaver was actually used in an episode).
  • Those famous Felix the Cat clocks? They started out as bootlegs. Because of their popularity, the company began selling an "official" version.
  • The "Fry sees what you did there", "Not sure if..." and "Why not Zoidberg?" memes were used by Comedy Central in commercials for Futurama's 7th season.
    • The Couch Gag for the 7th season premiere was "Not sure if new episode or just rerun of episode I watched drunk".
      • Also, "Shut up and take my quarters!" later in the same episode.
  • Spongebob Squarepants:
    • The (rather disturbing) "Are You Happy Now?" episode is apparently this to the "Squidward's Suicide" creepypasta. Why they chose that, of all memes to ascend...
    • This scene from "SpongeBob in Randomland" is undeniably this to said pasta. No wonder it got cut from the UK broadcast of the episode.
    • "Face Freeze" is also this to the "Spengbab" meme. Why they chose that meme is also a mystery.
    • Moving to a more humorous example, In "Squid Baby" has this line:
      Nat: *Baby!Squidward draws on a customer's face* MY FACE! MY FACE!!! Also my leg, BUT MOSTLY MY FACE!!
    • Speaking of that, there's now an actual episode titled "My Leg!" in which SpongeBob tries to protect Fred the fish (the character best known for shouting "My leg!") from getting injured.
    • There's been no word as to whether it was an intentional Call-Back to the first movie or a case of this trope, but Season 11 episode "Scavenger Pants" at one point features Patrick making the same exact face he made back in the first movie (which, incidentally, became a massive meme in the 2010s).
    • In 2019, Nickelodeon released official SpongeBob figurines based on some of the show's most popular memes for the series' twentieth anniversary, such as Handsome Squidward, SpongeBob saying "Imagination", SpongeGar, Mocking SpongeBob, and the aforementioned Surprised Patrick.
  • Behold, Josh Keaton (voice of Spider-Man from The Spectacular Spider-Man) reading image macros based on 60s Spider-Man
  • Phineas and Ferb has a minor character named Balthazar Horowitz, but his real name was not revealed in-show until the season 4 episode "Troy Story". Before that, he was informally referred to as "The Ballpit Kid," a nickname granted by the show's wiki. In the same episode, after stating his full name, Balthazar says, "But you can call me 'The Ballpit Kid'."
    • In the penultimate episode "Act Your Age" during the song "What Might Have Been" Isabella says the line "They could call us 'Phinabella'" a reference to their most popular Portmanteau Couple Name
  • In Cartoon Network's rebooted ThunderCats (2011), during Panthro's debut episode he tells Lion-O "You're standing on my sammoflange"; later on, Tigra asks what exactly a sammoflange is. This is a reference to the infamous Hilarious Outtakes video from the original ThunderCats, where one clip has Panthro say "And keep your foot off that blasted sammoflange!", which makes Tigra's voice actor break character, cracking up and asking "What the fuck is a sammoflange?!"
  • Robot Chicken's "Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist" sketch was so popular, that Mattel gave him an action figure in their fan-oriented Masters of the Universe Classics line; he came with all his dental tools, and a toothless Skeletor figure; the back of the box further referenced the skit, showing Beast Man tied up with the dental floss and Grizzlor with the "&@#$-ing drill" in his eye.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Compilation" references a creepypasta about a Missing Episode titled "The Grieving", claiming it will show scenes from the episode. It shows the Saxophone Chihuahua from "The Uploads".
  • The Steven Universe episode Together Alone, the dream version of Yellow Diamond has a stretchy, snaking neck, which is pretty clearly inspired by the fandom jokes about her giraffe-esque long neck.
  • Starco was a popular Portmanteau Couple Name for Star and Marco in "Star vs. the Forces of Evil''. It was directly mentioned in the episode "Mr. Candle Cares". Of course, given the huge amount of Ship Tease the show has, this was inevitable.

  • Rick Astley Rickrolls the entire United States. (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2008). Quite possibly THE most epic ascended meme ever.
    • Rick Astley loves Rickrolling and even did the article in Time Magazine's Most Influential People on "moot" (founder of 4chan) to thank him for creating people who start things like this.
    • The float itself was chosen due to being quite punny.
      • The first video uploaded to Nancy Pelosi's official government YouTube account ended up being a Rickroll. Likely a staff member's idea.
  • The YMCA website uses the Dance Sensation from the Village People song about them in the "About Us" tab.
  • Charlie Sheen has embraced the internet memes spawned from interviews on his drug abuse and firing from Two and a Half Men, such as "Tiger blood" and "Winning!" He even got the word "Winning!" tattooed on his wrist.
    • On an episode of Two and a Half Men, when Alan starts thinking he's Charlie, he exclaims "Winning!" at one point.
  • Honda, in its sporty Civic Si model, decided for the 2012 model year to add an indicator light that lets the driver know when VTEC kicks in. Yo.
  • Dave Silverman, whose face was used to make the "Are you serious?" face, has a sticker of said face attached to the front door of his office.
  • Former NASA flight director Gene Kranz never said "Failure is not an option!" during the Apollo 13 mission, but he liked it so much, feeling it perfectly captured the spirit of NASA, that he used it for the title of his memoirs.
  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is an infamous film trivia game started by a group of college students while they were watching films Kevin Bacon appeared in. The game had penetrated pop culture enough to be referenced by Kevin Bacon himself in commercials and in a charity website that he created.
  • Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has embraced the "watch out, we have a badass over here" meme, coming from a certain video of his recorded years ago.
  • Blake Boston A.K.A. "Scumbag Steve" also embraced his meme and even made a song about it.
  • At the London 2012 Summer Olympics, an image of American gymnast McKayla Maroney scowling on the podium became a meme called McKayla Is Not Impressed. Near the end of the games she tweeted this.
  • It became a mild Facebook meme for a while to ask Applebee's's page for Battletoads. Then this happened.
  • Consumer reporter Ric Romero of Los Angeles' KABC TV gained notoriety on when he reported on the "new" phenomenon of blogging - a year after bloggers led the media in ending Dan Rather's career. After that, any time a reporter reported something incredibly obvious, it was, "Ric Romero reporting", and follow-up reports such as "in other news, water is wet" would be attributed to him. Ric found out about his notoriety in 2009 and challenged to donate to his favorite charity, the LA County Fire Dept. "Spark of Love" toy drive. After Farkers donated over $13,000, Romero thanked the Fark community on the air for their donations, and then also reported the "breaking news" that "Water is Wet."
  • The face behind the "Bad Luck Brian" meme uploaded a photo of himself wearing a shirt with the meme on it to the internet.
  • After Iron Man, the characters of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts garnered the nickname "Pepperony," and after a while, it started being used to refer to the actors themselves (who have been good friends for years.) Somewhere along the line, actors Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow started calling themselves "Pepperony."
    • RDJ encourages his fans in creating memes of him. He uploads them directly to his social media, giving due credit of course.
  • Tom Stoppard's radio play Darkside—a licensed dramatic adaptation of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, incorporating the album in its entirety—includes numerous Shout Outs to The Wizard of Oz (ultimately building up to an Off to See the Wizard plot), acknowledging the persistent urban legend about Dark Side of the Moon synching up with The Wizard of Oz.
  • In Australian Rules Football, the interjection "Yellow and Black!" in the Richmond Tigers' theme song "Tigerland" used to be just something the fans yelled out. It's now included in the official version.
  • Around the time the legalization of marijuana started gaining real traction in some states, someone made a Facebook post featuring a picture of a woman named "Becky" with a claim that she died from overdosing on marijuana. A few responses pointed out that the pictured woman was obviously Taylor Swift, which drew the simple and terse response "No it's Becky." This phrase instantly became a meme, culminating with being printed on a t-shirt worn by - yes, Taylor Swift herself.
  • The 1980s Atlanta Hawks logo was known as "Pac-Man" because the negative space besides the hawk head looks like him. Once the team revived it in 2014, it was announced with #PacIsBack.
  • The Adele Dazeem gaffe got turned around its head the following Academy Awards: host Neil Patrick Harris joked Benedict Cumberbatch was "what you get when John Travolta tries pronouncing 'Ben Affleck'" right before calling the original misnamed, Idina Menzel. She in turn brought Travolta on stage calling him "Glom Gazingo" (and thankfully he then said her name right!). And the name even had been on the playbill for Menzel's play If/Then.
  • Nichols Electronics' Omni music box for ice cream trucks used a version of the Japanese folk tune "The Picnic" as one of it's songs, which included a voice sample of a young girl saying "Hello". As a result, it became well-known among many a generation of children as the "Hello song". Nichols' website now lists it in the song lists for the Omni 2 and Mark IV music boxes as "Picnic (Hello)" and ""Hello" song (Picnic from the Omni)" respectively.
  • In LEGO Tower, a LEGO-sponsored reskin of Tiny Tower, a few possible BrickBook posts reference LEGO-related Internet memes:
    "Is this place up to code? I think I found an illegal building technique."
    "I step on LEGOnote  all the time... It's really not that bad."
    "Looking for an Orange Transparent Chainsaw."


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