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Everyone's waiting for you to start the party! (Left to right: Zen, 707, Jaehee, Yoosung, Jumin)
Mystic Messenger is the third dating game made by the Korean company Cheritz.

The story starts with the player downloading a mobile app apparently used for chatting with cute boys. After putting in her name and choosing a profile picture, she is contacted by a person simply called "Unknown." Unknown then asks them to go to a specific location and enter an apartment to which they give them the number code.

Once inside of the apartment, the chat with Unknown disappears, and instead the player will be able to see some other people chatting before they notice you. After confirming that the player isn't dangerous, they'll be asked to join an organization called the Rika Fundraising Association (RFA), which used to host fundraising parties until the tragic suicide of its founder Rika. The player is then asked to fill the role of the deceased Rika, conversing with potential guests and trying to persuade them to come to the party.


The game takes place over eleven days during which you can chat with the other members, make or receive calls from them, get private messages and reply to guests' emails. The goal is to get as many people as possible to attend the party, and romance one of the guys (or become friends with the one girl). It uses real time, so if a chat is supposed to appear at 16:15, it will appear once it's 16:15 in the real world, and to get to the next day, the user can either spend hourglasses or simply wait until the next real life day.

A Manhwa adaptation is released in April 2020 which can be found in Korean here.


Mystic Messenger has the following tropes:

  • An Aesop: Ray's route has a couple morals the characters learn by the end. Some of which echoes with events that happened in the other routes.
    • While you are allowed to tell people of your rough childhood, your past does not justify your actions, nor do they excuse them. Especially with the subject of abuse. You are responsible for your actions, not the people and environment around you. Also, hurting others the same way you were hurt before doesn't make you any different from your aggressors. Ray was able to grow out of blaming people around him for being the cause of his misery as he realize how his bad treatment to the MC doesn't make him any different from his abusive mother and tries to change, for the betterment of himself, the MC, and others around him, while Rika wasn't able to realize her abusive behavior as she continues to blame the people around her for her circumstances even at the end of Ray's route as she continues emotionally abusing others. And when pointed out, she reacts in denial.
    • As said by Zen in day 10 of this route, before you love someone, you should first learn to love yourself. Only you yourself know what kind of love you wanted for yourself. V had tried to love Rika unconditionally, but that didn't work out because Rika had so much issues that she can't love herself completely, which led to their relationship becoming very toxic and Rika created Mint Eye as a result to fill the void. Additionally, V's guilt complex makes it hard for him to accept that he himself deserves a form of happiness at his own route.
    • To love someone means you accept the good and bad parts of them and love them whole. Loving a shadow only brought a ruined relationship. Ultimately, Rika's love for V is more of being interested at the thought that she was loved at all than loving V as a person, part of which deteriorated their relationship. Additionally, getting the good ending for all the routes requires the MC to be understanding and supportive, especially in Saeyoung, V, and Ray's own routes.
  • Alice Allusion: Jaehee is dressed up as Alice Liddell in the Halloween 2016 title screen.
  • All Men Are Perverts: With the exception of V, all of the men in RFA get very... flustered when the protagonist flirts with them a little too well in their respective routes. The degree and amount of subtlety depends on the character. There's also Zen, who will vehemently insist that this trope is true about every man, including himself, the very second the protagonist is alone with a male character.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: In the April Fools DLC, the characters eventually reveal that Seven is a cardboard figure, Yoosung is an omelette, and Jaehee is an electric kettle. Whether you choose to play along or not will influence the ending.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Latest updates have a feature where you spend 100 hourglasses to go straight to the route of your choice than to go through the common route all over again available for all three story modes.
  • Arab Oil Sheikh: One of the guests you can invite at the party is this. He's pretty bad at English.
  • Ascended Fridge Horror: Ray's route gives one in which Saeyoung and Saeran's father try to find traces of their existence by interrogating the RFA and later kidnap Saeyoung with Vanderwood in an attempt to get rid of Saeyoung from being a threat to his career.
  • Awful Truth: Seven's route and the secret endings center on unraveling the secrets that V's been hiding but even in the final secret ending, Zen and Yoosung are still deliberately left in the dark about Rika being Mint Eye's leader.
  • Bishōnen: Yoosung, Zen, and Seven.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The secret/true ending. Mint Eye is shut down, Saeyoung is able to save Saeran and Rika might finally get the therapy she needs, but V is dead, Rika nearly mute, and the truth behind the creation of Mint Eye can never be known by anyone outside of Saeyoung, Jumin, and Jaehee due to what might happen if Saeyoung and Saeran's father finds out about their existence.
    • Near the end of V's route, Saeran blows up Mint Eye's hideout while he's still inside because he doesn't think he has a future without Rika. There's no way to avert this, not even in the good ending. However, V's after end reveals that Saeran survived his suicide attempt and later recovered enough to be reunited with Seven, which gives V's route a more conventional happy ending.
    • In the good ending of Ray's route, Saeran left Mint Eye with the protagonist together and his father's attempted kidnapping of Saeyoung was exposed to public, depriving him of a chance at politics. But Saeyoung and Vanderwood is missing and V stayed in Mint Eye for Rika in exchange of Saeran's freedom. But even so, Saeran has hope that he can find Saeyoung again.
  • Bland-Name Product: Seven enjoys PhD Pepper (Dr. Pepper) note  and Honey Buddha Chips (Honey Butter Chips). Also, Yoosung loves the game LOLOL, and during email conversation "Scheam" (Which is even once mistyped as Steam), "MeTube" and "Nimtendo" appear, too.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: While the translation for the main game is actually very good for in-house work, especially considering the game is 98% composed of slangy text chat, the English version of the Christmas DLC is of a much, much lower standard. The translation routinely gets the subject of sentences wrong (often addressing sentences to 'you' when they clearly refer to someone else), awkwardly misuses English phrases (at one point, Jumin says to Zen 'It's up to you' to be a romantic about Christmas; he clearly means 'It's your choice'), and is riddled with strange typos (such as 707 saying 'Bro, don't use your cool...').
  • Blipvert: The end of the opening credits flashes a lot of scenes at once.
  • Boy Meets Girl: V first meets Rika when she was busy admiring one of his photos at his exhibition and quickly becomes attracted to her innocent nature (boy meets girl). He loses her when she dies before the events of the game, though, it's eventually revealed that he loses her to her destructive nature and her will to leave him and establish Mint Eye on her own (boy loses girl). Later, V continues to prove his affection for her, and is only able to momentarily get her to see a moment of clarity when he is killed (boy gets girl again.)
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Most often done by Seven. There are instances where he outright mentions other characters' routes (and even refers to them as such,) and during Jaehee's route, he mentions that he didn't expect you to go with her route, before quickly backtracking and trying to change the subject. Surprisingly, towards the end of Seven's route, Jumin will break it during a midnight chat, telling the player to go to bed early instead of playing the game this late. When playing Jumin's route, it is possible to ask Zen what kind of genre of game he enjoys, to which he will mention that it doesn't work out with "this game's" rating.
    • The most unnerving example comes during the bad end of the Common Story, if you don't get enough hearts with anyone in particular to advance onto their route. Yoosung asks if everyone else is aware that they're all robots, only capable of saying pre-programmed things. He says that he figured it out long ago, that they all used to be people but later became robots, and that Seven and V are the only ones with free will, but says that the player can't find out. It deviates completely off every other fourth wall break, which are light-hearted and funny, and turns straight into something very jarring.
  • Broken Pedestal: All the RFA members start out with trust in V (except Yoosung, who still very much resents him) and nothing but good memories of Rika. By the end of every route, most of these members' trust in them have been either shaken or outright shattered with the discovery of how much he's been hiding, including a bomb in Rika's apartment that could kill the player if activated, Rika's mental illness, V not being in contact when members' lives are in jeopardy, and Rika being the leader of a religious cult that brainwashed Seven's brother.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: While all routes in the game have some element of this, Seven’s route stands out after Day 4. After the route’s first game branch, Seven downright pushes away the player and tells the player to stay away from him. To obtain Seven’s Good Ending, the player selects choices that are kind and persistent in their pursuit of Seven, allowing him to confide in the player about his Dark and Troubled Past.
  • But Thou Must!:
    • The game allows for the player to tell everyone at the beginning that they are not female. Since it is a Otome game, the characters will not acknowledge it and simply decide that the player is a girl.
    • In the same chat, the player can say they aren't interested in joining the RFA. Doing so will cause the characters to threaten suing you, and then just deciding you've agreed. Your only possible reaction to this is "wtf".
    • In the prologue, you can't refuse to go to the apartment. You can, however, claim to not see anything to input a code, which will lead to a bad ending.
  • Call-Back: V's route is chock-full of references from the past 5 routes, as well as from the Secret Endings. Sometimes, even choosing dialogue options referring back to information about those routes nets you mint hearts.
    • At one point early on, Ray even summarizes the 'problem' each character has to work through in their respective routes.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: As expected for an otome game. Jaehee is obviously an exception.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: In Zen's route, Yoosung manages to find a witness who is able to prove his innocence. That person is none other than the vendor who sold the goldfish bread Zen buys on the 7th day.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Different dialogue options are pleasing to different members of the RFA, as evidenced by colored hearts that appear after certain choices. The color of the hearts corresponds to the club member that liked your choice:
    • 707's hearts are red.
    • Yoosung's hearts are bright green.
    • Jumin's hearts are purple (though his text boxes in the chats and VNs are blue).
    • Jaehee's hearts are yellow.
    • Zen's hearts are light grey.
    • V's hearts (only appearing in his route) and text boxes are mint or teal.
    • Ray/Saeran's hearts are magenta.
    • In V's route, Unknown's text boxes in the chats are a darker shade of red from 707's.
    • Text boxes during VNs indicate that Rika's theme color is purple. However, her text boxes in the chats are bright yellow/golden.
  • Cruelty Is the Only Option:
    • In order to get some of the bad endings, you have to be awful to the characters.
    • If you're trying to get V's good ending, you have to reject Ray and listen to him desperately try to get you back for the remainder of the route. That despair culminates in Ray being Driven to Suicide, even in the good ending.
    • To get to Ray's route, you have to doubt on V's capabilities and generally be mean to him while also be friendly and caring to Ray.
  • Cute Machines: Seven designs a Robot Dog for security, and a robot cat that can sense sadness. Both diffuse tense moments during Seven's route using a bit of cuteness.
  • Darker and Edgier:
    • Oh boy, the two Secret Endings...
    • V's route. The entire thing. We get many more disturbing details on Mint Eye, the protagonist gets trapped and almost drugged by said Brainwashed and Crazy cult, V gets severely injured and almost dies repeatedly, Rika has a hysterical and violent Villainous Breakdown, Ray commits suicide... yeah. That's on the way to a good ending.
  • Depending on the Artist: The CGs can be very inconsistent. Some of the CGs look slightly different from the character models even with the same outfit and hairstyle. For example, the front digital panel on Yoosung's cell phone is shown to be on the bottom of the front, while in another CG, its shown to be on the top.
    • The pattern on Seven's glasses is inconsistent between CGs and his story mode character art; one of his spaceship thoughts lampshades this by saying he has three subtly different pairs of glasses.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In the Valentine's DLC, the Player Character and Jaehee get locked in a storage closet and come out of it at the end.
  • Downloadable Content: The December 19, 2016 update included a Christmas DLC, which included a short Christmas-themed story mode with eight new endings. The March 21, 2017 update included an April Fools DLC.
  • Dueling Hackers: Seven VS Unknown, towards the end of the game.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Every single character with any depth is full of trauma and baggage. Every. Single. One. Seven stands out among the five characters who originally had routes, but V's route may have launched him into the top spot.
  • Earn Your Bad Ending: The second bad relationship endings in each route are generally hard to get, as the algorithm for the exact number on how many chat rooms you need to skip is not clear. However, some players have deduced that, generally, to get them, you would need to play about half the chat rooms up to the 7th Day, and then skip the rest of the chat rooms. You would have to put in a lot of effort to get that ending since common playthroughs end up getting past the 10th Day.
  • Everybody Lives: At least in the good ending of Ray's route. No one from the cast died along the way to Ray's good ending.
  • Everyone Can See It:
    • The first days of Seven's route. Expect at least one comment on how Seven has feelings for you every chat, even though he himself keeps denying it.
    • As a platonic example, Jaehee fangirling over Zen. You can't really be more obvious than she is, but even after being told that yes, Jaehee is his fan, he still doesn't quite believe it.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change:
    • At the end of Secret Ending 2, Saeran has let his bleached hair grow out and is a redhead again. Considering that he dyed his hair to minimize his resemblance to Saeyoung/Seven, it comes as a good sign that he's healing.
    • V has longer, messier hair in his own route than in the others. In his good and normal endings (both of which take place after a two-year Time Skip), he appears to have cut it so it looks less ragged and unkempt.
    • Jaehee was forced by Jumin to cut her long hair short to make her look less traditionally attractive, as a condition for her to get the job. In her Good Ending, she lets it grow back into wavy locks that reach her shoulders.
  • Fangirl: Jaehee for Zen. (And Jumin for Elizabeth the 3rd.)
  • Foreshadowing: The prologue/initial chat that involves all of the RFA members (V included) actually hints to several keys points and events that will be important/brought up in Seven's route, which is often suggested to be the very last route you should do if you want to understand the overall plot of the game. This is notable in that the prologue chat is the same, regardless of what story mode you're in.
    • After Jaehee tells the protagonist to confess about themselves, Zen asks Jaehee, "Would you voluntarily confess to everything if it were you?" Jaehee responds by saying no, but that it's always good to ask first. This foreshadows V's final log in the chatroom at the end of Seven's route, where he refuses to tell anyone the truth about Mint Eye when asked by everyone to confess what he knows.
    • When the protagonist asks who V is, Seven jokingly refers to V as 'the evil mastermind' in the prologue. Seven refers to V as such again, in his own route this time, in a much more serious moment with none of the playfulness.
    • V says only someone Rika trusted knows the password to the apartment that the protagonist is in— and this is after he says he's never been in her apartment. This not only hints at Unknown's relationship to Rika, but also goes as far as to foreshadow V and Rika's relationship since V is basically saying Rika didn't trust him—and Secret 01 reveals she didn't, after he told Rika he didn't agree with her 'vision'.
    • Before the prologue chat ends, Zen says he "had a good night dream last night" about you. This is a hint at the prophetic dreams Zen will have during his own route and during Secret 02.
    • In the Another Story common route, Zen auditions for a dramatic musical about a character with a Split Personality. Later, it's revealed that this is the nature of the relationship between Ray and Unknown; rather than Saeran gradually becoming dangerously unhinged in the time period between Another Story and the main game, he switches between his gentle (yet obsessive) and dangerous personas when he takes the elixir Rika gives him.
  • Game Within a Game: At first, Ray tries to convince you that what you're playing for him is a phone app he developed, while you yourself are playing Mystic Messenger. Confused yet? He tells you that the RFA members are 'A.I.s' that he created and none of them exist. You, of course, know better.
  • Gay Option:
    • Jaehee serves this role in her route. While you do have the option to pursue her and get closer to her, you don't have the option to actually romance her, and her route basically ends with the two being "gal-pals." This is because in South Korea, works portraying homosexual relationships are often banned or censored. Jaehee's feelings toward the protagonist had to be relegated to subtext to get in at all. The Christmas DLC and Valentine's Day After Ending have addressed these issues, however and made it explicit that she has romantic feelings for the player.
    • In V's route, this role can go to Rika, of all people. In one of the bad endings, you can promise to love her darkness, and the corresponding CG is an Almost Kiss in her bed, complete with a very creepy love confession.
  • God: You can invite him to your party. If you do, Yoosung says he'd like to ask God to make him number 1 on LOLOL.
  • Golden Ending: Each character has one, along with a normal one and several bad ones. The bad endings delve into Alignment-Based Endings territory, since they're determined by your reactions towards other characters (usually based on whether you chose to be supportive and kind or not.) The only difference between how to get the Normal End and Good End is how many guests you get, although the endings are wildly different.
  • Guide Dang It!: Most of the time, the right answer to emails is somewhat obvious if you know something about the topic (For example whether a game should be published on "Scheam" or "Metube",) but a few seem a bit counter-intuitive (like the one with the astronomy club, where you have to ignore all the options about actual science and astronomy.) Special mention goes to Longcat, where the first choice you have is between "Meowmeow" and "Meowmeow,", though of course you could simply save right before answering... Although after the update, this might be one of the things viewed as "game abuse" that might get your account banned.
    • This also applies to the bad endings, which involve making specific choices in order to get. Those who want to completely fill the CG album know that certain CGs are only obtainable by getting certain bad endings.
  • Halloween Cosplay: In the October game screen, you can see all the romanceable characters dressed up in various costumes. Yoosung is Peter Pan, Jumin is a vampire, Zen is a werewolf, Seven is Elizabeth 3rd, and Jaehee is Alice.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Before starting the game, the player is asked to choose a chat name the other RFA members will call you, though it can be changed later.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Seven tries to pull this with you during the majority of his route, ignoring you and speaking to you cruelly in an attempt to push you away because he thinks he's too dangerous to be with you and that you would be better off with someone else.
  • Interface Screw: In V's route, Ray hacks into the messenger and takes over once you get past the 7th Day. There are cracks all over the screen and the chat rooms sometimes glitch.
  • It's a Wonderful Failure: Sometimes when the routes branch off, the bad endings can take as much as seven hours to take place. For example, if you miss too many chat rooms during the first four days of the Casual Story, you're forced to see Yoosung slowly reject the RFA and get kidnapped by Unknown by the end of the morning.
  • Lampshade Hanging: You can do so yourself, in combination with Leaning on the Fourth Wall, there is a moment where your three possible options are "haha", "thx thx" and "What the hell's wrong with these options?;;". Choosing the latter will lead to Seven guessing that the people who made this were working late.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Happens from time to time. The most usual example being when during evening and midnight chats, when a someone is about to leave the chatroom, they may remind you to "not stay up too late playing phone games."
    • During one chat, Zen mentions an unnerving nightmare he had, in that that it seemed as though the player was a robot who could only say pre-programmed things, but it turned out being that the player was real and everyone in the RFA were robots. You have the option of saying that you're actually playing a video game where you only have certain options of what you can say.
    • In the Casual Route bad ending, Jaehee tells you that next time, you should make up your mind before making any decisions. (Note that this ending comes from not getting enough hearts with any of the Common Route options.)
  • Lighter and Softer:
    • Many players think of Jaehee's route as a "breather" chapter in the game, even considering that her troubles are just as heartbreaking as those of the other characters. Her story does not directly involve Mint Eye, and neither one of you is ever in serious physical danger (unless you get her bad relationship endings).
    • The Christmas DLC and Valentine's Day after endings. There's some semblance of conflict in the Christmas DLC, but no actual danger (unless you count Saeran's "bad ending", but most people don't). The Valentine's episodes are 100% happy.
  • Loss of Identity: What Rika did to Saeran when she brainwashed him. She convinced him that the softer aspects of his personality were "Ray", and only his anger and resentment were the real Saeran.
  • Mama Bear: V's mother was a Broken Bird and didn't have the best relationship with her son (on account of his father keeping them apart and speaking of her very negatively), but she did not hesitate for an instant to run into a burning house to save him, even at the cost of her own life.
  • Men Don't Cry: Averted. Seven, V, and Saeran all cry at various points, and it's never portrayed as a bad thing (considering what kind of things they go through, they have good reason to.) Yoosung cries the most of any of them, but then he's The Baby of the Bunch and not very manly.
  • Microtransactions: The game is free to play, passing in real time, though there is an in-game currency called hourglasses which can be either bought or slowly earned by playing. They are used to call the other characters, to redo missed chats, to unlock the next day early, and to unlock the Deep Route and DLC. Players can also buy calling cards, which allows them to call the characters without using hourglasses.
  • Mistaken for Gay: There are some jokes about Jumin being gay since he's never had a girlfriend before. Harsher in Hindsight and lightly played for drama in Zen's route, where Echo Girl makes sure that the rumor is broadcast on TV in order to ruin his reputation. Jumin doesn't really care, though.
  • Mood Whiplash: A fun, light-hearted game where you plan a party and romance someone at the same time? Awesome! Wait, there's a bomb inside the apartment? Someone hacked into it and this person's going to use you as bait to kidnap the rest of the RFA? And the kindhearted leader of the RFA isn't actually dead and is actually the insane leader of a fanatic cult?!
    • During Jumin's route, immediately after the extremely somber chatroom "Father" on day 6, where Jumin finally opens up and tells you about his issues with his father you get a call from Zen who can't stop laughing because he finds Jumin's sincerity hilarious.
    • You go through the last part of his after ending, Seven is married to the protagonist and opened his toy shop with everyone coming together to have a great time. Except Saeran, whose Ominous Music Box Tune suddenly starts playing as his expression returns to the insane one from before with him making fun of Seven and how he has no idea what Saeran is planning and who he really is. Things won't be fun until you finish both the Secret After Endings, which are unlocked once you have seen Seven's.
    • The Casual Common Route bad ending: after 4 days of mostly relaxed and cute conversations with the RFA members, Yoosung has a nervous breakdown seemingly out of nowhere, declaring that he and the rest of the RFA are just machines programmed by Seven. Jaehee and Zen go to intervene, but before they get there, Unknown shows up and convinces Yoosung to come with him to the "eternal paradise" Mint Eye, leaving everyone else with no idea where he is. The party is thus cancelled while the RFA attempts to search for him. This is made worse by the fact that it's often gotten by first-time players who often aren't aware of how dark the game can get.
  • Mundane Utility: Yoosung finds out that God may be coming to the party, and decides to ask the divine, all-powerful being in question to make him the #1 player in LOLOL.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Chef RamG (@chef) can be invited as a guest.
    • Christmas Nolan (@nolan), the director of Baleman, can be invited as a guest. Leonardo DiCappuccino is mentioned as one of the actors in his films.
    • "Ryan Secret" (Ryan Seacrest) is the celebrity news correspondent who analyzes the scandal in Zen's route.
    • Sherlocking (@detective) looks a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch.
    • Longcat is based off the real longcat meme from 2006. The CG featuring the longcat is a shot-for-shot redrawing of an actual photo of the real longcat.
  • Odd Friendship: The friendship between the members of the RFA can come off as this, especially considering that some of them would have absolutely no reason to be friends if they weren't all part of the same association.
  • Ominous Music Box Tune: When this starts playing, be prepared for a Mood Whiplash. It frequently plays when Unknown shows up, to the point where it's practically his theme tune.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. Several unrelated characters and party guests share surnames. Seven (Luciel Choi) has no relation to Glam and Sarah Choi (though Glam and Sarah are sisters) or Echo Girl (Kyungju Choi), and Yoosung Kim has no blood relation to V (Jihyun Kim). Choi and Kim are extremely common family names in Korea, so it would be especially unrealistic to play this straight. Saeyoung and Saeran Choi actually are brothers.
  • Posthumous Character:
    • Rika died two years before the events of the story, but she has a major impact on all of the routes. Or so we're led to believe. Rika is very much alive; V lied about her death to hide the truth about Mint Eye.
    • V's mother is the subject of multiple VNs in his route, and later ones reveal that she died rescuing him from a house fire.
  • Press Start to Game Over: In the prologue, when you first arrive at Rika's apartment, you're given the option to tell Unknown that you don't see a password lock on the door. Insisting that there isn't one causes Unknown to lose his patience and accuse you of lying. It turns out that he's been at the apartment watching you the entire time, and since his plan didn't work out, he decides to kidnap and brainwash you.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Seven and Jumin, the only two love interests available in Deep Story mode, although their routes reveal that there's much more to them beneath their exteriors. Zen and Jumin also have a similar dynamic in pretty much every conversation they participate/fight in.
  • Retcon: V's character info page from the RFA VIP package states that his family consists of "mother, father, and sister, all currently living abroad". His route reveals that his parents split up shortly after he was born and that his mother died years ago. A sister is never mentioned in-game, but the "scrapbook" that comes with the Mint Eye Believer package contains a family photo featuring a young girl standing between Mr. Kim and his second wife.
  • Save Scumming: The load-feature now costs hourglasses to prevent this, but when it was free, you could just save before answering the guests' emails. Chats will also be reset if you exit the app without finishing, so if you make a wrong choice, you can just close the app and open the chat again from the beginning.
  • Sexy Discretion Shot: In Zen's first bad ending, he asks the player if they could have sex. After that, the screen will Fade to Black. Seven does the same in his After Ending and in the "dark chocolate" Valentine's DLC ending.
  • Shout-Out: Among those mentioned under No Celebrities Were Harmed, Cheritz made a few shout outs to other games, especially their own. The player can mention Nameless to the Indie Game Creator, and the second Secret Ending contains a flashback to Seven reading the story of the wizard from Dandelion to his brother when they were young. Zen also gets cast as the lead in a stage production of "Tenderlion", and posts a photo of himself in a black wig and Jisoo's outfit.
  • Shower of Angst: Ray gets one at the start of his route.
  • The Spook: All employees of the agency where Seven and Vanderwood work have had their prior identities completely erased from record and no longer use their birth names. Because of the illegal nature of their activity, the agents need to be untraceable. Seven joined them largely because he and Saeran needed to disappear (and he needed income); while he was at the agency, V and Rika hid Saeran from their father.
  • Start of Darkness: The first part of the Secret Ending shows this for one of the characters.
  • Time Skip:
    • The After Endings take place roughly two years after the events of each route, excluding Seven's, which is All Just a Dream set before Secret Ending 1. The conclusion of Secret Ending 2 also takes place after a time skip.
    • The first scene of "Another Story" is only a month after Rika's death, but the actual events of the route take place six months later.
    • V's good and normal endings both conclude two years after the cancelled party, when he has had a chance to heal before starting a romantic relationship with the protagonist.
  • Truth in Television: In Deep Story's Bad Ending, Seven is seen making Honey Butter Chips. In real life, since these chips are rare, a lot of people just end up making them themselves.
  • Tsundere: During his own route, Seven is a notorious example (with deredere as his default mood for Days 1-4).
  • Two Girls to a Team: You and Jaehee are the only girls in the RFA.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Two of them.
    • Rika. Mentally ill, abused and hated by her adoptive parents, and completely incapable of coping with death. She came to the conclusion that the only way to eliminate suffering was to brainwash and torture people into following her twisted plans for world peace.
    • Caused by the above, Unknown/Saeran. After a truly horrifying childhood, he got a brief Hope Spot when his twin (Seven/Saeyoung) left him in the care of V and Rika, only to have Rika drug him and twist his mind until he became convinced that Saeyoung and V had caused all of the pain in his life. By the time of the story, he's completely unhinged and devoted to the idea of Rika's utopia.
  • You Shouldn't Know This Already: V and Ray's route acts as an Alternate Timeline, since it deals with you appearing in the RFA a year and a half before you were meant to show up in the previous routes. Therefore, assuming that the player has played all of the other routes before, revealing that you already know some of the information about the members such as dropping hints about Ray/Unknown being related to Seven or stating that Rika's apartment has a bomb installed will garner very confused responses.