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Awkward Zombie is a wacky weekly gaming webcomic by Katie Tiedrich. While many of the strips are stand-alone gags from various games such as The Legend of Zelda or World of Warcraft, the webcomic also features several recurring Super Smash Bros. characters living together in a building and dealing with various hijinks.

It once could be described as not actually having much to do with its title,note  until this strip came out.

The comic is hosted by Hiveworks and available to read here. There are also some pages exclusive to the author's DeviantArt gallery.

She has also started to illustrate (but not write) a brand new webcomic called Aikonia, which can be found at this site.

In 2012, the author tried to raise money to print the comic book; the Kickstarter was a runaway success, and ended at over a thousand percent funded.

Provides examples of: