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Heartwarming / Awkward Zombie

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No funny? No problem.
  • "Norrin and I had a fight. But we're okay now."
  • "And I'm very happy."
  • The lifestreams often feature moments with Katie and Norrin cuddling.
  • That the Kickstarter project was not only funded, but exceeded the original goal ten times over.
  • In "Fragile", Fi freaks out for a second when it looks like Link took a serious injury. It turned out to be a false alarm, but considering how Fi usually acts, it's kind of sweet to see her show genuine concern for once.
  • Outside the comic: On April 11, 2015, Katie and Norrin got engaged.
    • Katie announcing it on her comic:
    Another thing I did for the first time this weekend is get engaged! To my boyfriend, who's now my fiance! His name is Norrin and he's my best friend and probably the greatest person I know, and I wanna marry that dude! This has nothing to do with Awkward Zombie and probably won't affect it in any way, I'm just telling you because I THINK IT'S PRETTY NEAT.
  • Ganondorf pets the dog. Well, he THINKS it's the dog.
  • Roy being leaked as DLC for the fourth Super Smash Bros. game prompted Katie to tweet "our boy is here", accompanied by a drawing of Roy with a goofy, gummy grin.
  • In "Gnostic", the smash cast gets into an intense religious argument over how many gods there are and what they are. Just before the argument explodes, Fox joins in and Marth replies with "don't touch me, subhuman." You can clearly make out from the ensuing jumble of text that Ike's immediate response, while everyone else is arguing about what gods are real, is to defend Fox and yell at Marth for being a racist sack of shit.
  • "Hired Emblem, Part 4" marks the first time anyone has really given Roy a proper, genuine welcome back. And it's done by none other than Pit, whom Roy thought had replaced him.
    • Earlier in the mini-comic, one can spot Roy Koopa waving happily to him, much to his frustration.
    • Part 2 has him with an uncharacteristically adorable smile in the second panel after recognizing Marth.
    • Lucina is also shown to be on good terms with him.
  • Fox telling Samus how other characters in Smash Bros got over their differences with their enemies. Showing a small montage of heroes and villains enjoying time together, probablly the most adorable one being the Zelda characters sitting on a couch together, with Toon Link riding Ganondorf's shoulders and sporting a goofy Cat Smile. Of course, then Samus reveals that Ridley killed her parents... "ONE TIME!"
  • Mewtwo and Lucas' reunion party. Everyone looks genuinely happy to see them back. Except Marth, Falco or Mewtwo himself. Or Roy.
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  • It's kind of sweet seeing Samus welcome Young Link's return. She kneels down to his height to high-five him!


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