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Heartwarming / Strange School

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…i feels…all protected

  • The first scene in Strange School which could be called 'heartwarming' happened when Error first met Merchant. Error had two lollipops. Merchant had one item for sale. Error gave Merchant both her lollipops. Though she did it in the spirit of a 'down payment,' Merchant was still so appreciative, he rewarded her with a big bag full of stuff.
  • Then came the friendship Error formed with #54. For a long while, #54 was the only person Error could count on as an ally.
  • Seeing #54 and Error's bond deepening in the girls' locker room. When #54 laughs, it's the first time in the story that any Student has done so. It also leads to Error falling in love with her.
  • The look of happiness in Error's eyes upon entering the lunchroom and seeing her cyborg classmates act like the rambunctious kids they really are, deep down.
  • After an entire School semester of alienating herself from her peers with her constant drumbeat of 'rebellion', Error shows some amount of faith in #42, by inviting her to join her and #54 for a private talk. Might well have been the first time anyone wanted #42 to join their group.
    #54: That was so sweet of you, Error...
    Error: Huh?
    #54:: Humoring 42 like that, I mean. I don’t think anyone ever listened to her before you did…
    • This kinda proves that it WAS the first time anyone actually wanted 42.
  • #73 showed commendable bravery and chivalry in standing up to help Error and #54 fight Ghoulash. Even when Meatlet Jr. got enraged, he stood his ground, rather than running like a coward.
  • 54 sleeping on Error's shoulder. Awwww....
  • Towards the end of the comic, Error reflects on how she'll never be able to forget the time she spent in The School, before recounting all the amazing times and all the amazing friends she made along the way. And she finally decides that she doesn't WANT to forget.
  • Rudy's absolute joy at seeing Rosie again. Followed by this
  • After so much time spent in The School, Rosie and Rudy finally fulfill the promise they made so long ago and step through the door leading them back home to the grey-zone.

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