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  • How the comic came to be.
  • The mother's day Ask Axe Cop. Sure, they just beat each other senseless, but the dedication in the end makes you forget about that kind of thing.
  • This guest comic. After the recap comes "The real story of Axe Cop is the story of two brothers, who made one of the best comics of all time. So, from your biggest fan: Thanks, guys!" Aaaaaw.
  • Sockarang's love life.
  • From the comments on page 27 of Bearmageddon:
    Ethan: Also, a review of the comic was posted at Tired of Superheroes. I appreciate the review, it is very kind and the only issue I took with it was nothing personal, only that the writer says this one line: “The title alone makes it clear that some of Malachai’s humor has rubbed off on Ethan…”. I know the guy obviously doesn’t know that I created Bearmageddon pre-Axe Cop and Malachai’s influence was not a big part of my comics at the time. It just feeds the fear I have that, because my big hit comic that launched my “career” is linked to my little brother, any time I do something good or bad from here on out, Malachai will be invoked in some way… if I write something lame I’ll be called the guy who is nothing without that kid, and if I write something good it becomes somehow traceable back to the real genius behind the curtain, my little brother. And the latter is in some ways true, though not of Bearmageddon. Working with Malachai on Axe Cop has had a huge impact on me for sure, and I will never deny that. It’s helped me to see comics like a kid. I know that, just as Vern Troyer will forever be known as “mini-me”, I will forever be known as the guy who makes comics with kids. It’s mostly a blessing, but its inevitably a thing that will come up from here on out. In the end, what’s most important is that this story entertains and does its job, not who gets credit for what.
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  • How Fishy Fish's mother reacts to the fact that her son is now a zombie. Truly, the epitome of parental affection.
  • In the prologue to "Axe Cop Gets Married", two (mutated) kids end up on an alien planet, during a war. When one of the two screams for help for his injured brother, one of the aliens immediately stops fighting to help out and ends up adopting the two.
    • What is more a few comics later the race the adopting alien belongs gets a message from their future that they will be killed and should save the children. The aliens get to building an entire fleet of spaceships which they load all the children into and send them to earth. As the ships take off, the entire planet with all the adults on it gets destroyed counting as a tearjerker as well.
  • In the animated series, Axe Cop sacrificed his memories of Flute Cop to bring him back to life.


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