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"Because what some people take for granted, others are fighting for it. And believe me, I'm a fighter."
"So, what is it I plan to do with my one wild and precious life? It's really simple, actually. I just want to make people happy."
Zach Sobeich

Clouds is a 2020 drama film, released on Disney+. It was directed by Justin Baldoni (who previously helmed the tonally similar Five Feet Apart) and stars Fin Argus, Sabrina Carpenter, Madison Iseman, Neve Campbell, Tom Everett Scott and Lil Rel Howery.

It's based on the true story of Zach Sobeich (Argus), a teenage musician struggling with a rare terminal bone cancer, and follows the ups and downs of his senior year. Carpenter plays Sammy Brown, who along with Zach formed the band A Firm Handshake; Iseman plays his girlfriend Amy; while Campbell and Scott play his parents.

Previews: Trailer 1, Trailer 2.


This film provides examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Past: This is one of the first films of the 2020s to be set in the previous decade (the 2010s).
  • Foregone Conclusion: Anyone familiar with Zach's background would know how his story would end...
  • Instant Web Hit: Zach and Sammy's music makes quite an impression online.
  • Ill Boy: Zach himself, having been diagnosed with cancer at 14.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Zach and Sammy have quite a bond.
  • Titled After the Song: "Clouds", Zach's most famous song and the one to chart on Billboard after his death, gives the movie its title.

♫ We'll go up, up, up
But I'll fly a little higher
Go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer
Up here, my dear
It won't be long now, it won't be long now. ♫