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Charlie "Spazzmaster" Callahan is a filmmaker on Reviewtopia, Geekvision, and Reviewers Unknown. He reviews everything from games to theme park rides & hosts the reviewer community Livestream on Fridays & Saturdays. He is known for an epic storyline on par with Atop the Fourth Wall & having multiple characters all played by the same person. He is married to Haley Callahan of The Philosofan, who frequently appears on his show. He frequently appears on Some Jerk with a Camera and was also part of Project Million.

Spazz's shows include:

  • Insert Title Here and Spazz in General: Spazz reviews pretty much whatever he wants.
  • Call It What You Like: A non-review sketch show featuring various internet reviewers.
  • Monster Vlogs: Spazz and his wife Haley talk about Universal Monster Movies.
  • Cleaning Out the Closet: Bloopers and orphaned footage

Spazz's videos can be found on Geekvision.


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