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Nostalgia Critic: You know, how come my show is so easy to hack?

Rotonoto: Next week this show having new name Rotonoto Atomic Gumshoe! And no Buddhist scriptwriters either!
The Firesign Theatre, "Young Guy Motor Detective Radio Prison"


Note to my minions: If the author complains again, lock him in the bathroom until I'm finished! Confiscate his robe so he won't crawl out the window! If you let him escape, you'll wish you'd never been born!
What? Oh, like you've never had to lock somebody in the bathroom before. You're not fooling anybody, alright? All I'm doing is holding the author hostage until I finish the Afterword. Everybody does it, okay? Nothing to see here, people. Drive on.
L-sama, Slayers: The Ruby Eye Afterword

Nermal's Tales of Scary Stuff
Garfield: Hey! That's my idea! Garfield's Tales of Scary Stuff. I'll sue! I'll call my lawyer, I'll sue!
Jon Arbuckle's Tales of Scary Stuff
Garfield: Oh, you're stealing my scary stuff idea too! Now I'm gonna sue you too! You and Nermal both! And I'm gonna sue the guy who produces this show for giving me such a lousy part in this episode! A-and I'm gonna sue Odie and, and also the Buddy Bears and, ah—!
Garfield and Friends, "Change of Mind"

Rainbow Dash: Aaah! Rain-bow-Dash! Rain-bow-Dash! Aaaah! Thank you, thank you!
Applejack: It's a reenactment of the founding of Equestria. It's not the 'Rainbow Dash Show'.
Rainbow Dash: Well it should be the 'Rainbow Dash Show'! I'm the star!

Waluigi, Brawl in the Family

"Oh. I'm sorry. I thought this was 'Moments with Heavy', not 'Moments with some lousy, degenerate douchebag, who ruins the entire show with his negligence.'"

Greetings, Twitter. Guess who! That intolerable blue hedgehog has been running a mock on Twitter long enough! I've been taken over Sonic's social media accounts! Get a load of THIS! [Evil Laugh]

Seraphina: Next time on Currying Love, Episode 5: Curry's Aroma is Sweet and Fragrant! I can't eat three bowls of curry... urp...
Killia, Red Magnus, Christo: Seraphinaaaaaaaaa!!
Usalia: A curry tragedy! Seraphina, I will never forget you... Starting next week, we'll debut our new show: Magical Girl Usalia Magica! Please look forward to it, plip!
Disgaea 5, Episode 5 preview

Isaiah Mustafa: Soon your man will be able to smell like he can use this. (He grabs an axe from off-screen.) While riding one of these. (Camera zooms out to reveal he's on a canoe.) While sweeping you away to a—
Terry Crews: (bursting out of the water) ...aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! GUESS WHO?!
Isaiah: It's you.
Terry: IT'S ME! GOODBYE!! (He jumps onto the canoe, launching Isaiah off-screen) DON'T USE TIMBER! USE BEARGLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!

Nohmyt: New powers aside, you should at least notify me if you're going to take over the screen.
Nohmyt from Hackbent to Beitus.

Announcer: This is BBC One, and... what on earth...?
Cyberman: This is BBC One.
Announcer: Look what you've done to my door!
Cyberman: I will do this announcement. You will be upgraded.
Announcer: What do you mean, "upgraded"? (yells as the Cyberman knocks him out)
Cyberman: Now on BBC One, time is running out for the Doctor.
The ident just before the Doctor Who episode The Doctor Falls.


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