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Carrot: I hope you're not going to kill anyone.
Robber: That's up to us!
Carrot: Sorry, was I talking to you? (He's actually talking to the hostage. Who happens to be a werewolf.)

I want ten million dollars in gold delivered here — fifty hostages to insure you'll try no tricks — plus a hydrogen bomb! Should you refuse — my men will blast the drill hole! And you know what that would mean!

Bank Robber: This is a hold up! I want the vault open right now! No one move and don't even think of going for the alarms.
Scott Summers: You're new at this aren't you?
Bank Robber: (blinking) What gives you that idea? I've robbed lots of banks. Why? You better do what I say. Have the tellers empty the vault. I swear I'll start shooting.
Scott: The bank's next door.
Bank Robber: (panicking) I knew that. I meant to hold up the... the —
Scott: Pet store.
Bank Robber: I knew that. Yeah, I meant to hold up the pet store.

"Do you want a hostage? I've been trained to be a hostage."
Receptionist at British Embassy, Jumpin' Jack Flash

"Scott," said Donny Tallent. He didn't sound hyper. He sounded, Scott noted, damned tense. "The boss phoned, wants you down to the campus. Now."
Scott sat up and Jean, able to hear enough of the conversation to follow along, eased to the side of the bed and looked worried. "What's up?" asked Scott.
"The SAVI group's taken a building over. They've got a few hostages. They say they've got bombs."


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