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Caboose: In a Top Ten list, five is better than six.
Church: We're not a Top Ten list!
Red vs. Blue Reconstruction, Episode 4

We love to have lists, and having the list as a top ten seems to be one of the most popular forms.

Frequent when it comes to things like sales, box office, critical favorites, popular favorites, etc.

The Top 10 Examples Of This Trope:

  • #10: In the "Weird Al" Yankovic parody "Living With A Hernia", the bridge section names several forms of the ailment. In the video, a top ten list accompanies it, despite the list having only nine elements.
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  • #9: Wayne's World did a top ten list once in a while. One was the Trope Namer for Why We Are Bummed Communism Fell, with such gems as: having to memorize new maps, never going to "find out what that thing on Gorby's head is", and the worry that "spy stuff" is gonna suck".
  • #8: In a Futurama episode, Bender was rigged with a bomb that would go off when he said his favorite word. This was explained by revealing a list of his top ten most common words (presented in the same style as Letterman's), although he has only actually said a few of them.
    • He said every word on the list in that specific episode, resulting in a few odd lines like "hot diggity daffodil", although the majority of the list has only been said in that episode. Also, 4 of the words appear in his Catchphrase.
  • #7: Cracked is pretty much all Top N Lists. In fact they have claimed to be the world's leading producer of list based humor.
  • #6: GameFAQs posts a new user-created top ten list on the homepage every day.
  • #5: had an occasional top ten list of things about gaming.
    • ScrewAttack, which was hosted on GameTrailers until that site's demise (today, ScrewAttack is part of Rooster Teeth), has its own Top Ten List section, but they generally like to mix things up a bit, for instance having Best and Worst of... (5 each). And then there is the Top 10 PS3 exclusives... which doesn't start until number 7 because there just weren't enough titles around at the time that qualified.
      • Two years later they redid the list with a full 10.
      • ScrewAttack also has a couple of top-20s.
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  • #4: In one episode of Mr Deity, Mr. Deity, Jesus and Larry are coming up with a "Top Ten List" that turns out to be the Ten Commandments.
  • #3: Christian and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List was one of the longest-running Internet examples, updating about twice-weekly for roughly twenty years.
  • #2: One episode of Garfield and Friends revolved around Garfield interrupting the action repeatedly to present a top ten list relevant to the episode's events.
  • And the #1 example of a Top Ten List: David Letterman's top ten lists. Started as a Deconstructive Parody.


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