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Cultaholic is a YouTube channel and independent website founded by British wrestling fans Adam Pacitti, Jack King, Ross Tweddell and Sam Driver. The group started after all four men, and their colleague Adam Blampiednote , resigned from their jobs at WhatCulture Wrestling. During their more than two years with that company, each of the members became well-known as the channel's official faces, thanks to their videos and content about news from the world of wrestling (particularly WWE) and eventually had a hand in forming the channel's own independent wrestling promotion, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (later renamed Defiant Wrestling). Beyond starting with similar content to that channel, Cultaholic has expanded to include some of the shows listed below.


The channel also features video essays and histories of subjects such as Worst Shows Ever, Wrestling Lost Media, Wrestling True Crime and other matters. The channel also includes various wrestling tier lists and rankings. You can find the YouTube channel here, and the website here.

Beyond the original four, other presenters added over the years include Tom Campbell, Andrew Hodkinson, Owen Mawson, and Fraser Porter. Other writers also work for the company and its website. The company Cultaholic Ventures Ltd. also has a sister channel, Triple Jump, which focuses on video game-related content instead and is run by fellow WhatCulture alum, Ben Potter and Peter Austin. Both have collaborated on various videos where there is an overlap in their interests.

    Current shows on the channel include: 
  • Top 10 Lists - Lists from the various members about different pro-wrestling topics.
  • News Videos - Two to three videos per day aggregating news from around the largest promotions of the wrestling world.
  • Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast - Adam, Ross, and Maffew from Botchamania discuss various wrestling news items, review WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown, answer fan mail, and induct members into their own hall of fame.
  • Predictions, Reactions and Punishments - The group comes together to predict the results of an upcoming WWE pay-per-view, and filming their reactions to the show while engaging in a drinking game. Losers end up being subjected to a punishment decided in prediction video as decided by their Patreon contributors.
  • Straight To Hell - Ross Tweedell spearheads a series where his guests offers five things from wrestling that should be sent STRAIGHT TO HELL...
  • Desert Island Graps - Tom interviews people about their favorite matches of all time, amongst other things.
  • War Stories - A series hosted by Sam Driver about key moments from the Monday Night Wars.
  • WTF Moments - Hosted by Ross Tweedell, who has taken it upon himself to point out the most absurd moments of wrestling pay-per-views.

    Previous shows on the channel include: 
  • Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Week - Jack gives his top 10 wrestlers for each week while holding overall rankings for every wrestler whose ever made the list.
  • This Day in Wrestling - Jen Louise talks with a guest (either Adam, Jack, Ross or Sam) about the significant events that occurred on that particular day.

Cultaholic shows examples of:note 

Adam Pacitti: This is pornographic Sam.
Michael Cole: I hear voices in my head, they tell me what to do! I can't help but listen to them! They're just trying to get through! I'm like a snake in the grass, ready to strike at any moment! I'm not afraid to take a life,I'm just like my father.
Adam Pacitti: Jesus Christ, Michael!


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When You Let An AI Run RAW

Cultaholic, who normally watch and review wrestling shows, decide to review an AI generated one, which just randomly generates different types of wrestling matches as well as distorted images of wrestlers. One of the matches is a hotdog eating contest that begins with Michael Cole ranting about hearing voices in his head, prompting the commentators to laugh their heads off, though it's not the last they've laughed during this match, as the descriptive wording of how Rey Mysterio eats a lot of hot dogs also gets them laughing.

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