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(slam, thud) Ding, ding, ding...

WhatCulture Wrestling is a YouTube channel from pop culture online network WhatCulture. It features a variety of shows, podcasts, and personalities centered around the ins and outs of the world of Professional Wrestling. These shows include:

  • Ups and Downs - Simon Miller critiques some moments that happened on the most recent WWE shows.
  • Why? - Simon takes a point of contention or a hot topic and breaks it down as to why something should or shouldn't be the case in the world of wrestling.
  • WCPW - Founded as What Culture Pro Wrestling, now known as Defiant Wrestling; it was basically their own wrestling promotion, with the Adams (Blampied and Pacitti) in major creative roles. Over time, especially following the split (see below) and rebranding as "Defiant", it has become a distinct entity under the same company, with little/no overt cross-promotion.

In late 2017, citing creative differences and workplace culture, presenters Adam Blampiednote , Adam Pacitti, Jack "the Jobber", and "King" Ross Twedell, editor Sam Driver, and featured guests from the WhatCulture gaming channel Ben Potter and "Tiny" Peter Austin left to create their own channels, Cultaholic (on wrestling) and Triple Jump (on gaming). Following this, the channel shifted Simon into more of a lead presenter role, brought on new presenters, started new series, and shifted to focus more exclusively on WWE content.

You can find the channel here. You can also check out the main site, which started the channel in the first place, here.

The shows from the pre-split era included examples of:

  • Wham Line:
    • The new champion's first action:
    Sam: I hereby forfeit this title to Adam Blampied.
    • King Ross made an announcement for Jack's last shot at Adam's title:
    King Ross: This match will take place in Dallas, Texas.
    • Just as Adam celebrated his title win at Extreme Rules, a hooded figure showed up and cashed in...
    Adam Pacitti: You love it.

The shows from the post-split era included examples of:

  • Brief Accent Imitation: Whenever Simon mentions WCW, he often pronounces it as "dubyuh-see-dubyuh," saying it in the same Southern accent associated with its Atlanta roots — and its founder, Ted Turner.
  • Cerebus Roller Coaster: Often Simon is the only positivity the channel provides, with other presenters providing at best mean-spirited humor, or being more overtly critical.
  • Old Hero, New Pals: Simon Miller was the only major holdover from the previous era, and now does all of the channel's most popular videos, including the only continuing series, "Why?" and "Ups and Downs". Adam Clery was also retained and used more prominently.