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Lt. Mannion: They've got the ten best-dressed dames, the ten top teams, the ten top tunes, and now the ten most wanted.
Paul Biegler: Well, don't knock it. That's the American Dream. Those boys made the grade.

Caboose: In a Top Ten list, five is better than six.
Church: We're not a Top Ten list!
Red vs. Blue Reconstruction, Episode 4

Americans who do not happen to have enough money to spare for a cup or even a ribbon to present to someone horn into the award business by composing lists of the ten best this and that. There are currently so many of such annual lists of ten bests that the only one thus far missing seems to be a list of the ten best makers of lists of ten bests. There are lists of the ten best plays, the ten best novels, the ten best dressed women, the ten best dressed men, the ten most beautiful women, the ten best short stories, the ten best restaurants, the ten best hostesses, the ten greatest gourmets, the ten best actors, the ten best actresses, the ten best movies, the ten best movie directors, the ten fastest automobile drivers, the ten best radio acts, the ten best radio announcers, the ten best northwestern apple growers, the ten best shaped girls in Miami, the ten best typographical works, the ten best bartenders, and the eleven best football players. If anyone hasn't been voted the best something or other by this time, he may just as well consider himself a rank failure in life.
George Jean Nathan


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