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"Oh, why must we give these lighthearted creatures such terrible, dark backstories?"

I AM THE RON FROM CANON. MY WONDERFULNESS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF: This form of Ron has all of the scruffily irresistible appeal of his canon counterpart and is aided by a few more years of life to add physical and emotional maturity.

THE TOUR GUIDES ARE UTTERLY UNINTERESTED IN ME: This Ron is considered much too normal and well-adjusted to play a significant part in their angst-ridden region. He will be amiably happy and dating/be married to Lavender Brown… In extreme forms of tour guideal disinterest, Ron will be dead.

THE TOUR GUIDES HATE ME: This Ron ranges from being a tactless oaf to an abusive, pointlessly jealous traitor. At meals his mouth will be stuffed full of food and his general manner will be unfailingly crude. Never mind Voldemort, this brute is the cause of all of your problems. His envy for Harry Potter may also inspire him to join the other side and slaughter all of the other less offensive Weasleys. This not only introduces a heartrending betrayal, but has the double effect of both ending his proximity to the other Potterians and providing a new villain for those tour guides who want a Good Draco.
The Sugar Quill on three possible Rons

Also, I don't think Simba is really as cruel as he was portrayed as here, but it was needed for the story.
NinaRoja, author of Outsiders

7. Vendetta Fics: A vendetta fic is a story in which the writer decides to “punish” a character he or she doesn’t like by portraying the disliked character in the worse possible light imagineable. I’m sorry, but how fucking childish is this? Specifically:
7a. Idiot!Ron/Rapist!Ron/Thug!Ron: I hate it when Ron is portrayed as a bumbling idiot whose best features are his lack of table manners and his obsession with Quidditch. In canon, Ron’s a flawed individual, sure, but that doesn’t make him evil. In point of fact, there are no perfect, shining individuals in any of the Harry Potter books, so punishing Ron for not being perfect is just plain dumb.
7b. Ginny Weasley Depicted as Nothing More Than an Obsessed Fangirl: Oh please. Could you get more off-base than this? Yes, she starts out with a crush. That crush is pretty much over by Order of the Phoenix, so let it go already.
7c. Harry/Ginny Being “Oedipal” and Thus “Gross”: The idea here being that supposedly, Lily Potter and Ginny Weasley look alike because they are both redheads. This is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying actresses Frances Fisher and Alyson Hannigan look alike because they are both redheads. (Hint: they look nothing alike; go see for yourself.)
7d. Harry's friends turn their back on Harry because... um... because... hold on... I'll think of some stupid reason in a moment: This is another cliche. Usually, it's the two youngest Weasleys who turn on Harry because of some really retarded reason that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and turns Ron and Ginny into complete OCs, because regardless of how much you dislike these two characters, even you haters would have to admit that their portrayal in these stories is out there like friggin' Pluto...
While we're on the subject of betrayal, the idea that Molly Weasley playing the Question Game with a 10-year-old Ginny is part of a conspiracy is utter bullshit. You know how it goes, Harry starts wondering, "How could Molly have forgotten where the platform was?" and suddenly it turns out that the Weasleys are a bunch of backstabbers, so obviously Harry is better off with Hermione. Or something. Guys, all this bullshit does is shine a light on how little you know about actual parenting. Real life parents play this particular game all the fucking time. You ask your child a question to which you already know the answer, not to remind yourself of the answer, but to make sure the child knows the answer.
I once had a nice half-hour session with my then-seven year old in which I pretended to forget which denomination of dollar bill was the highest, the 1, the 5, the 10, or the 20, because the point was to make sure the seven-year-old knew which was which.
Thus, Molly asking Ginny what the platform number was is evidence of nothing more than Molly being a good parent. So get over it, you paranoid idiots.
7e. Ginny only having three settings: bitch, whore, and bitchy whore. Can we get more childish than this?
7f. Molly Weasley only having two settings: shrieking harridan and violently shrieking harridan. She's not as bad as the Weasley haters portray her as. Really.
7g. Harry-sent-to-Azkaban stories where his closest friends turn their back on him for no real reason whatsoever. It's almost like Hufflepuffs are the only ones capable of loyalty.
7h. SlytherinsAreTheKoolz!Fics: Where casual cruelty and manipulation is a good thing, and everyone but the Slytherin are idiots, especially the Gryffindors, who aren't smart enough to even say "What just happened" when they're outsmarted. I mean, really... I know you suffered through high school and are now taking your outcast status out on the cool kids of the Harry Potter universe, but this sort of nonsense is just stupid...
7i. Harry's interest in Ginny first appears about the same time as love potions, ergo, Ginny used a love potion to ensnare Harry away from (insert other female here): And usually, the "other female" is Hermione, who's probably being dosed with love potions by Ron the Death Eater. Guys, this has to be the most addle-brained, paranoid, delusional bullshit I've read, and in that I am comparing it to most Conservative political screeds I've read. There's no canon evidence of it. None whatsoever. And no, you idiotic moron, I'm not missing the "subtext". Rowling is amazingly anvilicious with her subtext; she's not subtle at all. If this is what was really going on, she'd have been explicit about it. So get over yourself and stop acting like a loon.
7i(1). ... with Molly Weasley's assistance, of course. More bullshit on a galactic scale.

"There's no reason why Christine wouldn't be happier with Raoul. He's closer to her in age, they've known each other longer, he's sincere, utterly devoted to her, and not psychotic, so Lloyd Webber and his cronies randomly turn him into a bitter neglectful drunk with gambling problems in order to smooth over the fact that they're trying to push Christine onto a guy who tends to strangle people when he gets upset. In order to make sure the audience gets the point, Raoul has a big solo about what a terrible person he is and how he doesn't deserve his oh-so-special wife's affections."

Great, he was in one of those 'Harry is neglected for his twin brother' universes.


Ron in fanfiction:

"Ok, Ron is acting really dumb… but it’s my story. Ron is my least fave character and I make him how I want him to be dumb cuz he is. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"[Ron] apparently was promised Hermione as a reward for his manipulation of myself over the years, by none other that Dumbledore, in cahoots with Molly. They were going to dose me and Hermione, set me up to be killed in the battle with Tom, and take my estates to be divided up between their little coalition… Ron was to get Puddlemere as a present, Ginny and Molly the Potter name and money… this is something I will not forgive."
Harry Potter, Bring To Order

Ron cackled, deviously. Satisfaction wound through him like a great basilisk sinuously traversing the dank caverns beneath Hogwarts as he imagined foolish, lucky Harry and stupid, ordinary Hermione misled by his friendly demeanor and carefully planted evidence, following the false trail as though it were a line of Muggle-toaster-blackened breadcrumbs disappearing into the murk of the Forbidden Forest.

It was seventh year, after the defeat of Voldemort. Everyone had come back and things were normal again except Ron was dead but no one really care about that.

"I did what Dumbledore asked, I befriended Harry Potter. Too bad he was so stuck up that he couldn’t let somebody else also have money. You will never get anybody. I can guarantee that. Hermione will realize this one day and come to me crying. I will gladly help her through her heart ache just to see the almighty Harry Potter lose something. I can not wait to see you in court because I will tell the court for what you truly are, a lying, backstabbing, two timing, stuck up prick."

"He now understood discovering Hermione that fateful morning after the battle, crying outside the castle was the pivotal event that changed his life, at the time he wanted nothing more than to go and rip the lungs out of the prat responsible for his best friend being out here. She begged him not to but if he'd seen the bruises before they got on that plane to Australia, no force on this Earth could have kept him from extracting revenge on Ronald Fucking Weasley."
Harry Potter, In This World and the Next

"She had pushed Ron—gently, as always—for a newer, bigger apartment, but Ron simply roared at her, calling her a stuck-up pig with her fancy airs while he slaved day and night at the Auror office, and that by God, she would be satisfied with what she had. She had bit her tongue and said no more that day, but she knew that with an Auror's salary they could afford an apartment ten times bigger, if Ron didn't drink and whore it away."
Hermione Granger, The Last War

"Hermione had never been so angry, walking towards them was the unmistakeable figure of Ron Weasley, but it was the two partially clothed, collar wearing teenage girls who he was pulling along behind him that had her temper at previous unrecorded levels… The sneer on his face was pure evil and the authority contained in his voiced command brokered no argument, 'I'm evoking pureblood law so you mudblood can get down on your knees and attend to my needs now, the half blood can have the pleasure of watching.'"
Ron Weasley, More Important Things

Ron entered their bedroom to find his pregnant wife dead on the floor. He said to no one.

"Stupid bitch. Who's going to watch the kids now?"
Ron Weasley, Paybacks are a Witch

Ron was holding court with his sycophants—it never ceased to amaze Hermoine how such an idiot became popular. She remembered when she used to stick so rigidly to the rules but seeing how frequently he flouted them she got jaded very quickly.

"I'm no longer your best friend Harry. I'm going to shun you for not sending your House Elf. Do you. . ." Ron's rant is cut off by a fist in his face and another in his gut.

"Shut the bloody fucking hell up you whining git." Hermione snorts, standing over him with Ginny. She's the one who'd punched him in the stomach. "Nobody gives a flaming fart about you and your problems. Harry has never been your friend, you're a damn leech who latched onto him to use his fame as the boy-who-lived to make yourself rich and famous. You're no better than Malfoy in that manner. He at least is honest in his attempts to use Harry." Ron tries to get up and Ginny steps on him.

No one gets out alive (Other characters in fanfiction):

"Want some smack? (beat) How 'bout a whore? (beat) Feel like gambling? I played craps against Harry yesterday; he won, so I let him keep his hands."
Cap. Kathryn Janewaynote  in SFDebris's review of "Dark Frontier"

Chief Yagami: I remember Mikami. We go way back. We were roommates back at Penn State! …anyway, this guy was totally awesome! This one time, we were out with a bunch of drug-filled prostitutes and we shined so many shoes, I got a nickel.
Narrator: But… what?! You were trained to be a policeman! How did—What?!
Chief Yagami: Your point? And don't you interrupt me, mister, or I'll smack you in the mouth so hard that even Mikami's mom will feel it!
Mikami: Hasn't she suffered enough?
Chief Yagami: No.

Jubilee was a total bitch, she was mean and thought she was better than everyone else and was a total bitch.

Hermione: Harry, I hate to break it to you, but being gay is just wrong!

"Harry glared at the two figures blocking his path. His once best friends. …he definitely shouldn't have gone out of his mentor's office alone. That's what he got, he supposed, for wanting some alone time to think. As it was, he spent a few seconds cursing his fate while Hermione and Ron exchanged malicious smirks.

'Well, well. If it isn't the experiment.' sneered Hermione, cold brown eyes lighting with insane glee as she brandished her wand."

Vernon: Boy! I'm trying to come up with some new ways that I could make your life even more miserable than it already is, but I'm having a hard time with it. What do you think?
Harry: I don't know, Uncle Vernon. I mean, you're already allowing me only the barest minimal necessities for keeping me alive. You're also beating me on a four times a day basis, five times on Saturday since it's your day off, plus the beatings that Dudley and his friends give me whenever they feel like it. Also, I've never been allowed to properly tend to any of the wounds I've received from those beatings, so my body's probably heavily infected in multiple places right now. You killed my owl and then forced me to cook her for your supper, and then beat me because she was too salty. I could honestly die any day now of starvation, dehydration, overexertion, or a combination of all three. The jury's still out on whether or not I've contracted cancer from that toxic waste you dumped on me the other day, and let's not forget that I'm also mentally scarred, not just from all the verbal abuse I take from you three, but also from seeing my godfather, the last remaining family I have that cared about me even the slightest bit, killed right in front of me not so long ago. I can honestly say that my life sucks about as hard as is metaphorically possible already and, off the top of my head, can't think of a single way that you could make it worse short of murdering the rest of my friends in front of me.
"He'd never quite completed that phrase out in public. People always imagined the tag line 'for the greater good of the world', or 'society in general', but every time he spoke it he completed it in the privacy of his own mind the way he actually meant it, 'for the greater good of Albus Dumbledore.'
It really was only fair. To his mind, the rest of wizard-kind were nothing more than bugs, deserving of pity perhaps, for not being as magnificent as he, but certainly no empathy.

"Dovewing is brainless, spineless, whiny, and selfish. Do you really want to be mates with that?" Silverstream murmurs.

It was the Ginny Tramp. Harry could not believe, now that he was looking at her with eyes unclouded by Amorentia, how ugly she really was. She was foul and diseased. Her yellow teeth were broken and covered in green moss, and they stuck out at angels. Her bushy red hair looked like greasy wires the color of diseased blood. Her eyes were brown like his beloved Mione's, but Ginny's eyes were like dead nuts in that they had no warmth or light. They were just prisms of pure dead, stupid, ugly, evil. Freckles splattered her face like mud. There was a stench of pigs and sewage about her and her face bore and expression almost as stupid as it was evil. Harry felt hate and revulsion coursing through his veins. He had never seen anyone he had hated more than this vile tramp.

In-Universe Examples

Batman: There's no coming back from this for him.
Huntress: No coming back from what? It was a war. Admittedly, thanks to Superman, it was a very short war. He saved lives.
Batman: He slaughtered thousands, Huntress.
Huntress: He's a hero in the eyes of almost everyone around the world. But not in your eyes. Even after he saved the lives of your friends. Go on. Tell Green Arrow and Black Canary why their being alive offends you.
Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year One #25

Creator about Forest Viewer: Ibrahim is so precious.
Brother Dearest about Forest Viewer: He was a monster made of a demon from the skies. It crawled inside his brain and covered him with eyes that could pierce the veil of the Location and thus he trapped me and my dear siblings here while he left with his vassals.


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