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"I know they'll like me, everyone has always liked me!"

There are some characters who are likable; they may be a Nice Guy or an All-Loving Hero. Then there are these characters who are so pure and nice that every single character who has met them In-Universe loves them. If the character is not good, they may be a Villain with Good Publicity, with everyone being a Horrible Judge of Character and it can lead to a Broken Pedestal situation.

The reason a character is so beloved may vary. It may be because they're just that nice and perfect. They could be a hero who goes out of their way to help simply because they want to. However, it's more often than not a Super-Trope to 100% Heroism Rating and Universally Beloved Leader.

Occasionally, this trope can be Played for Laughs, especially when the universally loved character is a Parody Sue, who only exists to make the protagonist jealous. A jealous person might resent this person for always overshadowing them.

In Harem Genre plots and situations, the loved character is often The Everyman, and sometimes his characterization doesn't justify the "loved by all" trait that the character has, especially when it's Wish-Fulfillment or a Power Fantasy.

Compare Mary Sue, where such a character is generally disliked by the audience due to their idealized personality and few if any flaws; a Loved by All character can have personality flaws and the like and still have people in-universe or out like them. Compare also Magnetic Hero who is a hero who gains many friends easily, or Class Princess, who is a popular girl who is loved for her kindness. When someone disliking this character is a plot point, see Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond. Opposite of Hated by All, where a character is despised by virtually everyone in-universe.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ah! My Goddess: Belldandy is almost universally loved. Her beauty, grace, and kindness make her instantly popular with the student body of Nekomi Tech (minus Sayoko), including the members of the motor club like Otaki and Tamiya. Even Marller, a demon and one of Bell's nemeses, is on genuinely friendly terms with her, willing to have meals with her and do karaoke together when they end up at a hot springs together. Even Banpei, a robot programmed without emotions, somehow falls in love with her.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Kinomoto herself loves everyone, and it's stated multiple times that everyone loves her back. Even the few who initially dislike her, like Syaoran and Meiling, eventually come around and become her close friends.
  • Fairy Tail: Lucy is a person who is loved by many people throughout the series which range from her Celestial Spirits, her guildmates, even former enemies like Flare and Minerva come to like her. This is best shown in the finale of the series when Meredy is able to use her Sensery Link spell to connect Lucy with an entire continent of people in order to help her seal Acnologia's body away in Fairy Sphere. Said spell requires the people it's used on to have strong feelings for each other in order to work, which means all of those people must care about Lucy just as she does for them.
  • Fist of the North Star: The citizens of the post-apocalyptic world live in fear and suffering, being abused by roving gangs of raiders and besieged by ruthless warlords... until Kenshiro walks into town. He is so adored by the common folk that he has the nickname "Savior of Century's End."
  • Horimiya: Even for a manga where everyone is more or less friends with everyone else, Yanagi is particularly well-liked. Everyone wants to be closer to and liked by him, going the extra mile to get in his good graces, and the boys even worry that his use of polite speak around them means that he doesn't like them.
  • Moriarty the Patriot: Professor William James Moriarty, for all that he's a Serial Killer, is adored by just about everyone. His brothers worship him, his crew devotes their lives to him and break into tears once they discover he survived the fall in The Final Problem, his students want to visit his house, Bill Hunting religiously studied his theses, Sherlock Holmes considers him a dear friend, Mycroft Holmes considers him a "true patriot" and even John Watson says he seemed like a good person when they briefly met — even after discovering the man was The Lord of Crime. Just about the only person who doesn't like him is... William James Moriarty himself.
  • The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess To Savior: Princess Pride in the original timeline was a Royal Brat Sadist with a 0% Approval Rating, who destroys her country and gets killed by her sister Tiara and whichever vengeance-driven capture target ends up with Tiara. New timeline Pride (having been taken over by an isekaied girl) gains the love of everyone through her kindness, bravery, and not doing the evil deeds of original Pride. Whole platoons worth of people now owe their lives to her and adore her utterly.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • All Might is beloved by everyone as he is the Symbol of Peace. He, of course, is a very upstanding person himself who very often inspires everyone around him to do better. So when he is forced to retire after his battle with All for One, the public is understandably devastated and can't for the life of them consider Endeavor to be a fitting replacement since he is the complete opposite of All Might's public image. He is trying to make amends for his horrible reputation, though.
    • Then right next to Best Jeanist is Hawks, and it isn't hard to see how people adore him for his easygoing nature and charismatic attitude. He is most likely to get crowded on the street and spend the time taking selfies and giving out autographs.
  • Princess Sakura from Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. It only takes her mentioning she likes apples for her to be presented with a bunch of them the next time she's in town. This also extends to most people she meets in her travels.
  • Porco Rosso:
    • Gina, who runs the restaurant on her own private island, is the idol of all the sea-plane pilots, and even the pirates will behave themselves in their presence.
    • Fio Piccolo quickly earns the love and respect of all the pilots, even convincing the pirates not to smash the plane she'd helped to rebuild by appealing to their sense of honor and asking them to fight Porco in the air, instead. As war is about to break out, Porco hands Fio off to Gina, and the according to Fio the two became good and fast friends.
  • Ranma ½: Kasumi Tendo is an incredibly sweet (and somewhat naive) Supreme Chef, homemaker, and Team Mom that everybody else in the cast adores — even Happosai, who is a supreme lecher and too headstrong (and plain strong) to reason with, backs down whenever Kasumi gives him a stern look and a "please don't do that". Almost nobody else in the cast, even at their most vile, think of hurting her as part of their schemes (those who definitely would just happen to never interact with her), and the few times she has become collateral damage everybody despairs.
  • ST☆R: Strike it Rich: Hina is universally loved by members of the Army of God, even those who completly left the cult behind. This clues Hana that there's something unnatural going on, since no matter how popular someone is, there's always going to be a few people who don't like them.
  • The Vampire Dies in No Time: While it's a World of Jerkass, Idiots and Jerkass Idiots, almost everyone In-Universe is insanely protective of John, Draluc's Armadillo Familiar. While Ronaldo finds it odd that Draluc has such a unique pet, he quickly gains a Big Brother Instinct for him and gets enraged at Draluc's supposed negligence and willingness to have him act as bait due to his toughness. One chapter not only reveals that he has his own fan club for his football matches, but the moment it's assumed that he's kidnapped by Vampire, when he was actually just late getting home but later does get kidnapped (twice), Ronaldo, Draluc, the Vampire Hunters Guild, The Vampire Division of the local police, and the aforementioned fan club are up in arms and searching for him.

    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • Marvel Universe
    • Captain America is almost universally beloved in the Marvel Verse. To many, he is the superhero. This is deconstructed when he is turned into a HYDRA agent by a Reality Warper. His fascist self takes advantage of his reputation to manipulate the American government into giving him power. The events of Secret Empire ultimately result in HYDRA Cap tarnishing Steve Roger's reputation, meaning he no longer has a 100-percent adoration rating. Steve realizes this when a child he tries to help in the aftermath of the event is too scared of him to take his hand. Steve is actually somewhat relieved the people no longer unconditionally trust him. He has wanted them to stop blindly trusting authority figures and heroes all along because he is all too aware that can lead to fascism.
    • Second to Cap in popularity in the Marvel Universe is the "The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing" of the Fantastic Four. Marvel citizens love him for his unquestionable heroism and charm, and every other hero in the universe, be they an Avenger, an X-Man, or otherwise, will aid him if asked.
    • Mr. Fantastic is quite beloved as well, given his efforts to improve humanity and the countless times he's saved not just the Earth, but the whole universe from destruction. In Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand, Mysterio (who's from Universe 616 but stranded in the Ultimate universe) is absolutely stunned when he hears the heroes' utter contempt for that universe's Reed Richards, saying "He's like the most popular genius guy of all time. Hey, I even like him, and I don't like anybody."
  • In The DCU, pretty much everyone who isn't a supervillain loves the heroes of their city, and some of the villains respect the heroes. Neither storyline elements nor executive mandates can ever truly change this in the long run.
    • Metropolis loves Superman, and he loves them right back. If anyone is in trouble anywhere, they can have confidence that Superman will save them, because you can bet he will. He's not the Big Good of The DCU for no reason. There are criminals who'll willingly give themselves up to Superman without a run or a fight and appreciate the lack of punching to the face. This extends to even the darkest periods of DC history: when Doomsday Clock creates an explosion of anti-superhero paranoia worldwide, Superman is named as the sole exception, being the hero welcomed by every country.
    • Batman has the ordinary citizens of Gotham City rallying to his cause, causing crime to continuously drop, even when he's not there. Supervillains like The Joker have exploited this before, but that doesn't stop it from happening. Though compared to the rest of the DC universe he is much more willing, often, and sometimes seeking out, and being a Hero with Bad Publicity.
    • The Flash, arguably, has it the best of all of them, though. Wally West was seen as a working man's hero, not as high above everyone as Superman, not as dark and brooding as Batman. The public identity helped. Heck, all the Flashes were loved, as Central City built a Flash Museum! Even funnier? Even most of the Rogues Gallery that the Flash family do battle with at least respect the Flashes, sometimes to the point of Friendly Enemy.
    • Green Lantern Hal Jordan can request people to leave his hometown, Coast City, to protect them: they'll just rally the city in a green display in support of him amidst a Sinestro Corps invasion.
    • Wonder Woman may rarely have a city to call her own, but wherever she ends up for long enough she will always find herself loved by those around her.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • Ultimate Spider-Man: Initially, and per tradition, Spider-Man was a Hero with Bad Publicity, with J. Jonah Jameson publishing awful stories about him in the Daily Bugle. This changed after Ultimatum, as JJ saw Spider-Man valiantly risking his life to save people during the big flood. From then on, he decided that he Must Make Amends and retracted himself, treating Spider-Man as an Ideal Hero instead. Spider-Man's popularity soared, and when he died and his secret identity became public knowledge, all of New York City mourned him.
    • The Ultimates: Captain America, as in all incarnations. The president of the US and most of the people in the presidential line of succession are killed by The Maker, so new elections are called amid a civil war. Captain America did not run for the presidency, he was busy protecting refugees, which was filmed on live television... and so, many people voted for him as a write-in candidate. Sometime later, tired of the protocols, Captain America wanted to step down from the presidency. Stark tried to talk him out of it, saying that he's "the most popular president since... well, ever".

    Fan Works 
  • Catarina Claes MUST DIE!:
    • Henrietta Garland is shocked to discover Catarina Claes is this, as she remembers from her past life that Catarina was a Hate Sink Alpha Bitch in the world of Fortune Lover. Despite so much evidence to prove the Catarina of this world is a dense sweetheart who wouldn't hurt a fly, Henrietta twists herself into knots rationalizing that Catarina is a vile woman who is simply manipulating everyone into thinking otherwise. Even when Keith Claes and Maria Campbell angrily state that Catarina has never mistreated them, Henrietta misconstrues it as ingratitude towards her for "trying to help them." After Henrietta confesses that she tried to murder Catarina out of fear she would lead their kingdom to ruin should she marry Prince Geordo and would gladly do so again if given the chance, she's attacked by a group of enraged young women (with her former bestie Francine Ridgeway landing the first blow) who can't believe she'd hurt someone as kind as Catarina.
    • Catarina herself is shocked to learn she's so beloved by her classmates and their families, as she still believes she's "the villainess" despite all she's done to help her family, friends, and those around her. She does think being called "The Academy Saintess" is a bit much.
  • Chloe's Lament: Chloe wants to be this trope and thinks she deserves to be. She is the Rich Bitch who is Hated by All and thinks the only reason for that is because she's the mayor's daughter, not because she is a Spoiled Brat who never thinks of others. When Chloe makes the Wish and swaps lives with Marinette, the Class Princess who actually is this trope, Chloe believes that their fortunes will be swapped too and she herself will finally be this trope. She doesn't.
  • Fashion Upgrade (Miraculous Ladybug): Marinette for the entire school. The teachers know how well-behaved she is and all want her in their class to the point they argue over it. The other students are intrigued and besotted with the idea of getting to know her. Her own class is rather disheartened to find out she's been moved out.
  • In the Steven Universe/Gravity Falls Fusion Fic Universe Falls, it's been said that Steven's mother Rose was loved by everyone in Gravity Falls, except for Grunkle Stan. The reason being Rose's refusal to help Stan fix the portal to save his brother Ford, since turning it back on would mean the risk of destroying the Earth, or even all of reality.
    Steven: I know you said you guys never got along that great, but things couldn't have been that bad between you two, right?
    Stan: Bad?! Are you kidding me, kid?! Things between me and her weren't just bad, they were-- (He abruptly cuts himself off, especially as he glanced over at the twins who were looking to him with just as much curiosity as the young Gem was.) You know what? Let's just say things were bad and leave it at that, ok?
  • Played for Drama in Two Letters. The new Ladybug is widely, openly admired by everyone in Paris, to the point where practically everyone has some kind of button or token declaring they support her. Mainly because she's built up a Cult of Personality around herself, fostering an environment where the character of anyone who doesn't openly support her is called into question. Don't they know she's their hero...?
  • Zig-zagged with Charlie Morningstar in A Divine (Romantic) Comedy. On the one hand, she's widely disliked by Sinners and the average Hellborn as a result of her optimistic worldview and pacifistic nature. However, she's well-loved and adored among the Seven Deadly Sins, being considered a lovable niece to the other six, including Mammon!

    Films — Animation 
  • Beauty and the Beast: Rare villain example. Everyone in the village worships the ground Gaston walks on and views him as their hero, despite his Jerkass attitude; LeFou even states in his Villain Song that everyone in town admires him and wants to be him. Belle is the only one in the village who doesn't worship him, seeing him for who and what he really is.
  • Coco: Ernesto de la Cruz is a revered musician who is respected throughout Mexico and the Land of the Dead, and there's even a statue and building that contains his guitar. He ends up becoming Hated by All throughout both places after it's revealed to the public that he killed Héctor and stole all his songs.
  • Robin Hood (1973): Robin is loved by nearly everyone in Nottingham, because of his willingness to help poor people.
  • Shrek: By the time Shrek Forever After starts, in complete contrast to how it was in the first movie, Shrek's heroic deeds have made him the most beloved person in the world, with his family and friends loving him and fans visiting his swamp to see him on a regular basis.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Descendant of the Sun: The Princess is loved by her subjects, servants, and basically the entire kingdom. When she gets kidnapped by the evil Regent, the citizens try to rush into the palace to save her, with many commoners volunteering to take her place or otherwise sacrifice for her.
  • The Irishman has a recurring motif whereby the causes of several characters' deaths are displayed on screen upon their introduction. When it's time to talk about Tony Jack, he is described as "dying of old age in 2001 and by all accounts, well-liked by all".
  • In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, for the role he played in helping undo the Snap, Scott has become a very beloved hero. In the beginning of the film, he can being happily greeted by people in San Francisco. He even gets seen as the one of the original Avengers.
  • Played for Laughs in What We Do in the Shadows— Stu the I.T. guy is an extremely bland, nerdy everyman, but is adored and praised by everyone, every time he's onscreen, even by vampires, werewolves, and other powerful magic creatures. In the end of the movie Stu becomes a werewolf, and his popularity is able to put an end to the vampire-werewolf rivalry.

  • Harry Potter: Harry goes through a lot to achieve this; the wizarding community constantly changes their opinion regarding Harry either seeing him as a hero or attention seeking liar. He suffers a lot of ridicule and abuse in Order of the Phoenix due to the smear campaign conducted against him by the Ministry of Magic, but he regains his popularity when the Ministry is forced to admit that he was telling the truth about Voldemort's return and firmly cements himself as deserving of this after he finally defeats Voldemort once and for all.
  • In the Heralds of Valdemar series, some Heralds qualify, and their Companions definitely do. In a Medieval Stasis world where horses are standard issue, Companions are horse-shaped guardian spirits — faster, stronger, and more graceful than any horse could ever hope to be. To complete the look, they are pure white with blue eyes and silver hooves, and most of them secretly love being fussed over and admired.
  • In the backstory of Piece of My Heart, Lou "Finn" Finney was a popular and well-loved man in his neighbourhood, especially with his bar patrons. No one had a bad thing to say about him save for Darren Gunther (the man convicted of his murder), who tried to claim Finn pulled a knife on him and then fell on his own blade, which no one believed for a second. After realising he'd been stabbed trying to break up a brawl, the patrons intervened in the fight themselves and made a citizen's arrest, while a patron who found the murder weapon kept watch over it until the cops arrived. There was mass outrage over Finn's death and the police were under a lot of pressure to get a conviction quickly.
  • The Stormlight Archive
    • Meridas Amaram is considered by everyone to be a paragon of Alethi values, an upstanding and honorable lord who treats opponents fairly and is even extremely kind to those in his service. Unfortunately, he's not as good as he appears, which Kaladin Stormblessed suffered for. However, his sparkling public image is also lightly lampshaded and played with, as Adolin Kholin is the one person to believe Kaladin that he isn't as much of a paragon as he puts on because anyone who has such a good reputation free from any blemish must have been putting in the effort to be hiding something.
    • King Gavilar was beloved by all Alethi characters in the books, to the point where his assassination at the hands of Szeth led to the formerly divided Alethi highprinces forming a "Bloodpact" to go to war with the people responsible for Gavilar's death. However, it's slowly revealed that Gavilar was much darker than he first appeared, with megalomania and dreams of attaining godhood.

    Live-Action TV 
  • CSI: NY: One Victim of the Week in the eighth season is a wealthy businessman who came from a poor background, and while many would expect the people of his old neighborhood to resent him, everyone (including the man who turns out to be his killer) respects him for it. Of note is one young punk who picks up the victim's wallet after the killer discards it, and takes out some cash. After being informed whose money it was, he voluntarily offers it back to the cops, saying it doesn't feel right to take money belonging to someone he respected so much.
  • Donkey Hodie: The titular character is beloved by everyone in Someplace Else because of her positivity and how she never gives up when facing any challenge. In "The Royal Hosts", we learn that even the neighboring town of The Neighborhood Of Make-Believe knows of her and loves her because she always thinks of many fun ideas.
  • Downton Abbey: Sybil was loved by the entire cast. When she dies in childbirth, Jerkass Thomas comments that few people in his life have been kind to him; she was one of them.
  • Gilmore Girls: Everyone in Stars Hollow absolutely adores Rory. That said, this trope gets deconstructed whenever someone doesn't immediately worship the ground Rory walks on and points out her flaws, Rory proceeds to have a complete meltdown.
  • Hannah Montana: The titular superstar alter ego is implied to be loved by 99% of the planet, including a reclusive baseball player, a Caustic Critic played by Gilbert Gottfried, and an Obstructive Bureaucrat who rejected Arnold Schwarzenegger for being late by two minutes. In fact, whenever Miley encounters someone who admits to not liking Hannah, she feels shocked and hurt by it. On the other hand, she has a normal reputation whenever she's in the spotlight as Miley, with the occasional scandal.
  • Homicide: Life on the Street:
    • After Detective Steve Crosetti is Driven to Suicide, no one has anything bad to say and has nothing but fond memories of him. The only exception, Bolander, simply didn't know him and never actually had a conversation with him.
    • Lieutenant Al Giardello is beloved by his detectives for being a Benevolent Boss and A Father to His Men who always looks out for their well-being without fail. When he's non-fatally shot in the Finale Movie, all of his detectives (even those who were retired or off the grid) return to Baltimore to find his shooter.
  • iCarly: Fred is portrayed as very nearly having this. In "iMeet Fred", after Freddie politely says he doesn't like the Fred show and Fred reacts by saying he's quit making videos, Freddie becomes a social pariah who gets blacklisted from all of his clubs and regularly gets beaten on the street, and not a single mention is made of any Fred hatedom (and hoo boy, does one exist in real life) praising Freddie or defending him.
  • Oz: Augustus Hill is about as well-liked as a prisoner in a maximum-security prison can get. Prisoners of various different gangs all genuinely enjoy his company, while most of the prison staff likes him for being one of the few genuinely repentant inmates. Being confined to a wheelchair also means he doesn't pose a threat. When he's killed, the entire prison mourns him.
  • Parks and Recreation: By far the most beloved denizen of Pawnee is Lil' Sebastian, a miniature horse. Even the stoic Ron Swanson gets giddy in his presence. The only one immune to his charms is Ben. He doesn't hate him, mind you; he's just perplexed over why the entire town should give all their devotion to a small horse.
  • Sesame Street:
    • Mr. Hooper was a hard-working, funny member of the Street that acted as a grandfather figure to those around him, earning him universal adoration. As a result, it was a very sad day when he died.
    • Big Bird is similarly beloved, aside from the Big Bad Ensemble in "Follow That Bird".

    Mythology & Religion 
  • Arthurian Legend: Sir Gareth of Orkney is liked by all and his accidental killing by Sir Lancelot du Lac sparks a furious revenge quest.
  • Classical Mythology:
    • Hestia is a person loved and adored by her divine family which ranges from the likes of Hermès, Zeus and Eris among others. As demonstrated when they all united to beat the crap out of Priapus after he tried and failed to rape her.
    • Patroclus seemed to be this; the entirety of the Greek army flips out when he dies, and even his various captured concubines mourn him.
  • Norse Mythology: Baldr, the god of light, beauty, purity, and the summer sun. He was so loved that, when he died, all objects alive and dead wept for him (except the giantess Thökk, often presumed to be Baldr's murderer in disguise, Loki).

  • Wooden Overcoats: Eric Chapman is a Parody Sue who is handsome, kindhearted, accomplished, and beloved by everyone except our Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, his business rival Rudyard Funn. Rudyard is, by contrast, Hated by All. The village can't seem to mention Eric without singing him praises, much to Rudyard's fury, and even worse is that Eric is modest and gracious in the face of it all. The only major character besides Rudyard who dislikes Eric is Georgie, who starts out opposing him simply because she works for Rudyard, but later develops a genuine Irrational Hatred of the man.

  • In the Heights: Nina is beloved by her Latino Washington Heights community for her bright promise as a first-generation college student, so much so that her homecoming from college is anticipated by much of the neighborhood. This makes it even harder for her to admit that she had to drop out after she lost her scholarship, but is also what brings her back around by the end of the play. The only time anyone has anything truly unkind to say about Nina is when Benny drunkenly blames her for her father's actions, which he apologizes for after the blackout.
  • Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: Natasha is young, rich, spirited, pretty, and charming. She's pretty confident about meeting her future in-laws the Bolkonskys because according to her, "everyone has always liked me". When they don't like her, it throws her for a loop.
  • Urinetown: After Officer Lockstock points out that, since Bobby Strong is the The Hero, his Love Interest Hope has to love him, Little Sally adds that everybody loves Bobby Strong. This increases, at least on the poor's side, when he becomes the leader of the rebellion, making his Act 2 death particularly tragic.

    Video Games 
  • Deltarune: Nubert, a character introduced in Chapter 2, claims that everybody loves him, and this is reflected well in dialogue as people have nothing but nice things to say about him, with Susie and Ralsei saying "My man!" whenever he appears.
  • Persona 5: Akechi is a teen celebrity detective known for his prodigious intelligence and charming personality, and is beloved by the public. However, the Phantom Thieves dislike him for his public criticisms of their methods. He's contrasted against Joker, who is reviled by everyone but his closest friends, while Akechi has no real friends among his fans. This changes after Medjed is defeated and he loses some popularity for speaking out against the Thieves. In Royal his true, disturbed and violent personality is displayed, and this, along with his having killed some of the Thieves' parents, makes him extremely hard to like.
  • In Potion Permit, Dr. Nestor hopes the Chemist can gain the trust of the residents by curing them and helping them with their problems. Over the course of the game, the pricklier residents like Derrek and Garret slowly warm up to the Chemist, and when the latter restores Moonbury's natural areas and clears up the misunderstanding between the town and the Medical Association, everyone lauds them for their accomplishments and officially considers them as a Moonbury resident.
  • Psychonauts 2 features Nick Johnsmith, the Psychonauts' mailroom man who is openly loved by everyone else in the organization - even surly types like Agent Oleander - with the sole exception of agency head Truman Zanotto, who Lili informs Raz thinks he seems like a suck-up. Sadly, the player is never really given the chance to judge for themselves on that, as Nick is missing his brain when they first encounter him - and when they do finally get to discover what he's like, it's in the context of him being revealed to have been The Mole and a Smug Snake manipulator to his coworkers all along.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Mario himself is extremely popular and loved by pretty much everyone who meets him. He’s such a Nice Guy and is always willing to help anyone who is in danger. His heroism and bravery also make him loved by not just the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom but even foreign countries like the Bean Bean Kingdom and Isle Delfino. Heck even Bowser, his Arch-Enemy, who hates him still has respect for him and admits he’s the right guy to be his nemesis. It’s quite telling that Mario is even able to make friends with people who were his enemies once, like Vivian and Donkey Kong, just because he is that nice.
    • Princess Peach is another universally loved person. She is adored by every single one of her subjects but her kind and sweet nature makes it easy for people from other kingdoms to take an instant liking to her.

    Web Animation 
  • In Battle for BFDI, Loser, a newcomer to the show, gained attention and love from all the other contestants, who thought he was charming and intelligent. Some of his fans, such as Clock and Cake, wanted to be on the same team as him, and they were accepted into the team, which was named "The Losers", after him. Subverted in episode 7, where Fanny recognized that Loser used to play with eye poppers all the time, even though they had been invented only an hour ago. This resulted in Loser being either loved or hated by the contestants.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Everyone at Overland Park High — Alpha Bitches, jocks, losers, everyone — adores Amberlynn. Her genuinely kind nature and friendliness have made her the Class Princess; while she's too nice to get to the top of the food chain, everyone genuinely likes her and wishes her well, which is more than any of the other popular girls in the series can say. The sole exception is Jenna Darabond, and her dislike of Amberlynn is shown to highlight how awful she is. Shay also drunkenly calls her "fake," which shocks everyone, but Amberlynn is more sad to hear it than angry, saying, "I need to work on myself."

    Web Original 
  • SCP Foundation: A lot of the more benevolent SCPs are well-liked by the staff, but SCP-999 is the best and most well-known example, which is justified because of how friendly it is and how anyone who touches it gets overcome with a wave of euphoria.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!: In the episode "I Can't Stan You", Stan Smith thinks he's this, but when he brings home CIA-grade eavesdropping equipment, he overhears their neighbors repeatedly insulting and criticizing him and realizes it's quite the opposite. The rest of the episode centers on Stan trying to get such an approval rating, and when he fails, he settles for simply having everyone deported. This ultimately backfires when he nearly chokes to death and there's literally no one around to help him, until one of the neighbor kids arrives to save him, proceeding to show how the neighbors also insult and criticize each other, not just Stan in particular.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Pretty much the only people in the show who would consider harming Ma-Ti, physically or emotionally, are the eco-villains. He doesn't have much trouble with people in general (barring a couple of anti-racism episodes). His older teammates all have a massive soft spot for him (including Wheeler, who bickers with almost everyone), and Gaia seems closer to him than she is even to the other members of the team.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Chloe is loved by everyone except for Timmy Turner who was forced to share his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda with her.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Uncle Pockets is loved by everyone at Foster's, as well as the many children he has lived with, and is considered the best imaginary friend ever. Even Duchess considers him "tolerable".
  • Hey Arnold!: Arnold Shortman’s kindness and helpfulness over the years have made him the most beloved kid in his neighborhood. Come ‘’Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie'' people who helped over the help show a video of how he has helped them, so he could win a trip to San Lorenzo.
  • House of Mouse: Mickey Mouse is universally loved by almost everyone in the entire Disney-universe (with Cranky Landlord Pete and the jealous Mortimer Mouse and Donald Duck being the rare exceptions), succesfully running a club which main purpose is to show cartoons of himself.
  • I Am Weasel: The titular Weasel is an extremely beloved public figure who goes out of his way to help everyone with his genius intelligence.
  • Justice League Unlimited: "Flash and Substance" shows that the citizens all adore The Flash, and even his Rogues Gallery is respectful of him. He even manages to convince Batman to attend the opening of a museum in his honor. Part of is because he's a genuine friend of the citizens of Central City, he knows his fans by their names, he helps them out doing little things, and he even treats some of his enemies as people.
  • Let's Go Luna!: Luna the Moon is loved by everyone on the planet, being treated as a celebrity.
  • The Mask: The Mask is very well-liked and loved by most people in Edge City due to his sweet nature, charisma charm, a Nice Guy and that he protects and saves them from the supervillains who attack there though he is not well-liked by the police due to his chaotic and wild nature and the supervillains as well also due to him being a Troll along with pulling wedgies on them which causes them to hate and fear him to the point they ended up having a meeting because the one thing they have in common is that they want The Mask gone but only to find out he's been with them the whole time disguised which after being found out he defeats all of them in just a few seconds.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Marinette Dupain-Cheng, both in and out of her hero mask, is this trope. As Ladybug, she is the city's savior who bravely defends the people against Hawkmoth and wins the Single-Target Sexuality of her partner. In her civilian life, she is the Class Princess who gets along with everyone and is always willing to help. She even wins the approval of the adults around her. The only two people who don't hold some sort of affection towards her are Chloe and Lila (and the feeling's mutual).
    • Adrien Agreste is also this, in and out of his hero mask. As Cat Noir, he's a beloved hero who is well-liked by citizens, and even his partner Ladybug cares for him even though she doesn't return his romantic feelings. In his civilian life, he's a popular model and one of the most loved students at school. Unlike Marinette, he's liked even by Chloe and Lila, who both have an Entitled to Have You attitude toward him.
  • Peppa Pig: Daddy Pig is well-liked by all characters. Most prominently, in the episode "Valentine's Day", everyone becomes sad when learning that Daddy Pig didn't get a Valentine's card. In the end, they give him a whole sack of cards.
  • Phineas and Ferb: The Titular Duo are outright loved and adored by everyone in their hometown of Danville, as their creativity and building skills allow them to make fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Despite their sister Candace being annoyed by them and trying to get them in trouble throughout the show, she still cares dearly. Phineas and Ferb have even been able to make friends around the world.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Every single character on the show loves Jet, and he loves them back. His kindness, optimism, and fun-loving goofiness are huge contributing factors. His cousin Zerk often annoys him, but underneath his competitive personality, he truly loves Jet. Mitchell wants to expose Jet's alien identity but comes to respect and befriend him over the course of the show.
  • Recess: TJ is the most beloved kid on the playground. So much so, that one episode made a huge deal about someone not liking him.
  • Regular Show: Rigby's brother Don is a Parody Sue example. As seen in the episode "Don", he is an overly friendly Gentle Giant who is loved by everyone except his brother Rigby, who resents him for being more popular than him, since even Rigby's friends seem to like Don more than Rigby himself. He eventually makes peace with Rigby too.
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Avi Singh, a Raxus senator, is really likeable to his subordinates and thus very beloved. Captain Bragg even exploited this by having him endorse the imperial occupation of the planet.
  • Steven Universe: Steven Quartz Universe is an All-Loving Hero and everyone loves him back. He's been able to deal with jerks, bullies, and Homeworld Gems, reforming them in the process. Zig-zagged, however, as by the end of the franchise, the only characters left that Steven has not been able to reason with/befriend are Aquamarine/Eyeball (aka Bluebird Azurite), Kevin, and Marty. Steven is ultimately able to win over Jasper, albeit in a very messed-up way. He also becomes beloved by the Diamonds.
  • Thomas & Friends:
    • Bullies/villains like Spencer aside, Thomas is adored by every engine on the show. Even foes/disagreeable characters like Diesel and Cranky respect him from time to time.
    • Edward is also universally beloved. Though he's often teased about his age, his detractors are always proven wrong and start to respect him instead. In fact, despite teasing him in the past, Gordon had a full-on meltdown when Edward left Tidmouth Sheds. It says a lot that Edward is the only engine that the Troublesome Trucks respect.
  • Total Drama: DJ is liked by nearly everyone in the cast with none having anything bad to say about him. During his elimination, even Chris, who is the complete opposite of this trope, tells DJ that despite being eliminated, he will be missed. Cue to all of the other contestants including Heather joining in on a group hug with him before he was sent off.
  • Transformers: BotBots: Sprinkleberry is loved by every Botbot in the mall, so when it appears the Lost Bots had something to do with his sudden disappearance, everyone turns against them.



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