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"Hey boyyos and girlos!"

"I make actual garbage that people mistake for quality content."
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James Phyrillas, better known online as Schaffrillas Productions or simply Schaffrillas, is a content creator on YouTube who makes reviews and analysis videos, mainly on animated films (specifically DreamWorks Animation and the Disney Animated Canon), video games, and musical theater.

He made his start around 2015 making YouTube Poops, which are notable for their ridiculous amount of references. On the side, he also made AMVs and live action re-enactments of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. However, his content forever changed in August 2018, when he uploaded a 22-minute analysis video called "Why Disney's Twist Villains Don't Work". While he had previously made more review-centric videos on occasion, this video was a massive instant hit. Its success made James change the channel's focus overnight, with it now consisting almost entirely of analysis videos, though plenty of in-jokes and memes from before this shift have been preserved in his new content.

In August 2019, with increased attention towards his reviews and analysis videos, he decided to start a new channel called "Schaff Classic" which will be home to all of his YTP's and shitposts from here on out. His older ones will still remain on the old channel, though many are unlisted. He would also make a third channel in 2023 called "Schaffrillas Shorties", which will be home to individual reuploads of his review segments from his ranking videos and other content not suited for the main channel or "Schaff Classic."

Funding for Schaffrillas has been provided by these tropes:note 

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  • Accidental Aesopinvoked: His analysis of Ratatoing is based on the thesis that the film delivers a powerful critique of class struggle entirely by accident.
  • Actor Allusion: James is pretty fond of doing this occasionaly; he does this by referring to an specific actor by the name of a character they played instead of their own, especially if the actor isn't particularly well-known (e.g. Jason Alexander as George Constanza).
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: He says regarding the opening crawl of Revenge of the Sith, "If you perceive the previous prequel paragraphs as pretentious and poorly plotted, please peruse this pleasantly pronounced, powerful prose."
  • Antidisestablishmentarianism: Is the name of one of the fake patrons credited at the end of Schaff's 2021 April Fool's video.
  • April Fools' Day:
  • Arc Welding: In "Why Tamatoa Is My Favorite Character Ever," his video essays and YTPs cross over when it's revealed that Oscar was The Man Behind the Man who sent James to collect the pieces of Te Fiti's heart so he could rule over land, leading to the final battle where James rides Tamatoa and the two finally defeat Oscar.
  • Author Appeal: If it wasn't obvious by his YouTube profile picture, he's a pretty huge fan of Moana, especially Tamatoa. He's even ranked above "super classic Disney villains" like Scar and Judge Frollo. It's to the point where for his 1.22 million subscriber special, he made an 82 minute video explaining why Tamatoa is his favorite character of all time.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • In his analysis of Ratatoing, Schaffrillas notes that the rival rats deciding to go out and steal food for their restaurant after their goofing around gets the building laced with mouse traps is not a bright decision, and he nearly makes one of his recurring jokes by saying it was their mis...calculation, instead of "mistake" as the line in Big Hero 6 goes.
    • In his ranking of Studio Ghibli films, he says that before watching all of them, he thought there was no way that he'd rank the universally beloved Spirited Away as second place, and was absolutely right... It's actually third place.
    • During his review of Encanto, he mentions that, due to his disappointment with the past couple Disney films, he was hoping that the movie could at least hit the levels of Pixar's last couple movies like Coco and Luca. He states that the movie didn' surpassed them.
    • Twice in his DreamWorks ranking video, he plays a clip from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and then begins talking about a sequel that he's either changed his opinion on (21st place) or thinks isn't as good as the first two installments (14th place). 21st place is occupied by Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, while 14th is held by Kung Fu Panda 3. The Hidden World is ranked fifth.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For:
    • In his 2000's Disney Ranking video he expresses a desire for a TV series based off Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Later in his Disney Direct-to-DVD Sequel Ranking video he expresses relief that it didn't happen due to how bad he found Atlantis: Milo's Return, made up of episodes of a scrapped TV series.
    • In his review of ''What's Up", he wishes for something to make the movie memorable. Then the movie introduces Ching-Ling, and the racial comedy becomes more overt from there.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Dance Party Endings, as evidenced by his massive rant at the end of the Shark Tale review.
    • Twist villains that are unnecessary for a film's plot, not working despite their potential, or both.
  • Big Bad: With the Story Arc that has been built up, Oscar has officially become the main villain of the poops.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • In the Mario Kart DS ranking video, he brings up a previous statement in the Mario Kart Wii video about how there have been no new Yoshi-themed courses since Yoshi Falls. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Booster Course Pass came out with a stage named and based on Yoshi's Island, rendering his statement moot...or at least it WOULD render it moot if the course wasn't actually Tony Soprano Island, even though it feels like it should be a Yoshi course.
    • In "Why Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is a Modern Classic", he says that he totally remembers who Kitty Softpaws was as a character in the first movie, but he won't say what it is because... uh... the video is already quite long and that would be bloating it.
  • Breaking Old Trends: In the Wes Anderson Ranking, instead of the "Disappointment in the Game of Life" Jingle, he uses a different jingle for the lowest-ranked entry because all of Wes' films are THAT good.
  • Brick Joke:
    • When he goes over Penguins of Madagascar while ranking every DreamWorks movie, he says that he won't talk about The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper until he reaches the number where that short would rank if it counted as a movie. He doesn't get to it until the very end of the video; it would rank at number one.
    • The jingle for Pirahna Plant Slide in the Mario Kart 7 ranking was "Slide to the left!" from the Cha-Cha Slide song. When it was time to talk about the same course in the ranking for Mario Kart 8, the jingle was "Slide to the right!", the very part that followed the first jingle.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: Schaffrillas hates the Mario Kart 8 Battle Mode incarnation of Toad's Turnpike so much, he decides that putting it in F tier would be too generous to it; the track goes into G tier instead.
  • Caustic Critic: He usually tries to avert this, but there are some shades of this during his Cinematic Disaster videos and the lower ranked movies on his ranking videos. This is most apparent, however, on his reviews for the live-action remake of Mulan, the film version of Dear Evan Hansen, Surfs Up 2 Wave Mania, and especially Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate.
  • Chain of Deals: When Schaffrillas reaches and askes him for a piece of the Heart of Te Fiti, he instead asks to give him a VHS collection of Cool Cat movies. He goes to I Hate Everything for the collection, but the latter then asks him for a limited edition Beanie Baby of Mort from Madagascar. Schaffrillas then goes to Ralphthemoviemaker, who asks him for a copy of China Salesman starring Steven Seagal and Mike Tyson on Blu-Ray. This forces Schaffrillas to seek out Saberspark, who in turn asks him for the staff of Moses, and... well, you get the idea. This goes on for 4 minutes straight, with a total of 29 YouTuber cameos along the way.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In the 1-hour Tamatoa special, the copy of Wii Play that Scott The Woz gave to Schaffrillas ends up being the thing he uses to beat Oscar on the back of his head, and save the world.
  • Counting to Potato: He has 3 exhibits demonstrating why Over the Hedge is a sequel to The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. These are labeled as exhibits A, 2, and Gamma.
  • Damned by Faint Praise:
    • In his Shark Tale review, he says that it isn't the worst Will Smith movie with questionable racial implications. Considering that that other film is Bright, that's not really saying much.
    • In "Every Illumination Movie Ranked", he says Despicable Me and Sing 2 are the best Illumination movies... because they're only OK by his standards, comparing the latter to a C-tier DreamWorks movie.
  • Dark Horse Victory:
    • Lampshaded in his Blue Sky Studios ranking, when Schaff is as surprised as the audience when he reveals that Spies in Disguise is #1.
      Schaffrillas: Yeah I know right what the (dolphin chirp) Please forgive me Lord for I have sinned, but I just… really liked the Will Smith pigeon movie.
    • As the Mario Kart 8 Booster Pass has a reputation for not being as good as the original set of tracks, he's shocked at how many of its courses ended up high in his ranking, including four of the top five and the actual winner. Squeaky Clean Sprint (#5) in particular got him utterly confused as to how and why the devs poured so much love and imagination into a bathroom-themed race track.
  • Designated Villain: invoked One of James's many brutal criticisms of Hop is that Carlos the chick is this. The guy is a hardworking loyal worker who shows far more qualifications and dedication than the selfish E.B. and only decides to take the factory by force after peacefully trying to convince his boss to promote him, only to be turned away by the boss's racism towards chicks. Carlos only starts to Kick the Dog towards the climax, spending most of movie being completely reasonable and having the better argument.note 
  • Didn't See That Coming: In his video about Disney Twist Villains, he admits he didn't expect Hans from Frozen (2013) to turn out to be a twist villain when he first watched the movie.
  • "Eureka!" Moment: Schaffrillas himself has one in his ranking of every DreamWorks movie when he realizes that he doesn't actually need to talk about Trolls World Tour because it's not a theatrical release.note 
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • As much as he hates Mako, even he felt bad about all the shit Korra inflicts on him in The Legend of Korra's second season.
    • As much as he hates Shrek the Third, even he thinks that its ending is more realistic than Shark Tale's.
    • In his review of What's Up, he is surprised when one of the doctors say that Jean Pierre is a "croissant" and needs to take a bath. While he does think that making fun of French people are funny, he does consider this "out of pocket".
  • Fanon Discontinuity: In-Universe. Mostly Played for Laughs, James considers Shrek the Third, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Cars 2 non-canon to their respective franchises. He does legitimately dismiss Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate as non-canon, however, due to the legitimate Series Continuity Error baked into its premise.
  • Fantastic Racism: James notes that there is an uncomfortable amount of this in Hop, since Carlos the chick is rejected by E.B.'s father on the grounds that only bunnies can run the Easter business despite the fact that he shows infinitely more qualifications and passion to the job than the irresponsible and selfish E.B., leading to Carlos becoming the antagonist despite having invoked some incredibly valid points. Even worse, Fred is given the job of co-Easter Bunny at the end despite being a human, not a bunny.
  • Faux Horrific: In the Sony ranking, he tells of a time when he as a kid had to go see a special doctor in Maryland. And the thing he thought was the worst from that experience was that he watched Open Season 2 as it was playing in the waiting room.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing:
    • His "best of" lists play a very brief sound clip moments before he talks about each movie, which has some tangential relation to the movie in question, usually consisting of an Actor Allusion, a snippet of Suspiciously Apropos Music, or just a relevant pun.
    • In his 2021 April Fools' Day video "Zack Snyder's Shark Tale - Is It Good or Nah?", Schaff says he's already talked about how terrible the theatrical cut of Zack Snyder's movie is. Schaff had not made an analysis on Justice League (2017), and the thumbnail of the video where he analyses the theatrical cut has the same duration and description as "Why Shark Tale is a Cinematic Disaster". The joke of the video is that the Snyder Cut isn't for Justice League (2017), but Shark Tale.
  • Foregone Conclusion:
    • "Every Sony Animation Movie Ranked" opens with him flatly declaring that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is number one and the viewer likely already knew this going in.
    • Defied in "Every Illumination Movie Ranked", where he decides to start with the obvious best film Despicable Me and reveal his ranking in reverse order to keep things interesting.
    • The thumbnail of "Every Mario Kart Character Ranked" features Funky Kong front and center, with a much larger render than any of the other characters. No guesses as to who is number one on the list.
    • The thumbnail of "Which Smash Bros characters have canonically eaten Pizza?" features Wario, Palutena, Link, and Kirby enjoying pizza together. Sure enough, all four of them are placed at the "Pizza Eater" tier or higher.
  • Franchise Original Sin: invoked Discussed in "Why Shrek is an Enduring Classic". The runaway success of the original Shrek not only led to many other fairy tale spoof movies, but also influenced a slew of other animated films with its cast of famous celebrities, crude humor, and pop culture references. This included many future DreamWorks movies, to the point that many said the studio used the movie as a template. Shark Tale followed the "Shrek formula", but failed to recapture its success. Shrek used these elements to further its intent of being a Deconstructive Parody of Disney Renaissance movies with a strong emotional center that gave happy endings to characters traditionally denied them. In Shark Tale, the crude humor was there to be crude, the pop culture references went as by-the-numbers as characters quoting lines from other movies at random, the movie leaned into its celebrity casting too hard to the point of trying to make the fish characters resemble their actors — which, since these were fish, resulted in downright hideous character designs — and the story it wanted to tell was a vapid, meaningless, poorly-done mashup of a mob movie, a "meaninglessness of fame" story, and an attempt to tackle LGBT issues allegorically. Schaffrillas goes so far as to say DreamWorks' penchant and reputation for crude humor in particular is holding it back, since not only does it make its bad movies even worse, it also weighs down some of its good movies with jokes that just don't gel with the tone.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the video Every Illumination Movie Ranked, in the Despicable Me 2 section when Schaffrillas describes how he'll grab the Minions DVD and destroy it should he be asked to put it on and watch it, you can see a very brief clip of Gru from the first Despicable Me describing how he'll grab the moon.
  • Fun with Acronyms: In the video Why Tamatoa is My Favorite Character Ever, the group protecting the pieces of Te Fiti's heart is called "The Guardians Of The Heart Pieces And Top Tier YouTubers". Pappy G quickly puts together that it spells "Gothpatty".
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In his video revisiting The Last Jedi, Schaffrillas says, "I especially love [Luke's] line 'no one's ever really gone', since it's a touching sentiment despite being turned into a meme. Seriously, I hate when YouTubers turn potentially emotional and harrowing lines of dialogue into memes! Like, come on, that was their mistake!"
    • In his Every Illumination Movie Ranked video, during the Hop section, he brings up that David Hasselhoff doesn't find it strange that E.B. can talk because he worked with a talking car in Knight Rider. He makes fun of him for being unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality, and then guesses that his brain was still fried from getting hit by King Neptune's blast in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
    • In his review of Ahsoka he blasts it for having a lot of what he deemed were unnecessary fanservice cameos and elements... but ends the video admitting that if Hondo Ohnaka had shown up for a cameo, he'd throw his full support behind it.
  • I Hate Past Me: He laments that as a child he really enjoyed Chicken Little since as an adult he now considers it one of Disney’s worst (like many other people).
  • I've Come Too Far:
    • When entering the top 5 of the Dreamworks movie ranking, he admits that Dreamworks in the 2010s made many mediocre or bad movies, which made him question himself on if the ranking was worth finishing. He stuck to it, not only because he had gotten so far, but also because at the end of it all, he got to rewatch How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.
    • After ranking the courses in the first seven Mario Kart games, all that's left is to do it for Mario Kart 8, which had 96 courses in it. It's gonna be tough, but he says that now when he has gotten this far, he is not gonna stop.
  • Lighter and Softer: In the video Top 15 Movies of 2022, he says that his number one film, RRR (2022) isn't as emotional or intellectual interesting to him as his number one movies from the three previous years, but it rather is number one because it has everything he could ask for in a movie.
  • Manipulative Editing: He uses audio splicing during his review of season 3 of Korra to make Mako and Bolin say "You're a bitch." To each other.
  • Multiple Reference Pun:
    • "Every Total Drama World Tour Song Ranked":
    Schaffrillas: I'm sorry, but "I'm sorry" sucks.
    • Later in the video:
    Schaffrillas: What's not to love about "What's not to love"?
  • invokedOnce Original, Now Common: In his Sony Pictures Animation ranking, Schaffrillas questions why everyone else reacted to The Emoji Movie so vitriolically while he (though believing the movie was terrible) mostly felt apathetic and bored from it, and he guesses that it’s because back when it came out, the idea of a mainstream Hollywood movie that was nothing but an advertisement was an anomaly, a cautionary tale of where the movie industry could be going if we didn’t stop studios from doing more like it, but with movies like Ralph Breaks the Internet and Space Jam: A New Legacy becoming commonplace, The Emoji Movie just feels like another one like that now (at least to him), and since he’s now completely numb to advertisement movies, the movie made him feel nothing special as a result.
  • The One Thing I Don't Hate About You: He has some set standards when rating movies: that for a movie to be a 1/10 it needs to be a completely worthless experience of which he gained absolutely nothing from, if he’s able to find even just a single redeeming quality in an otherwise terrible movie, then he will give it a 2/10. Examples given by him include:
    • He gives The Lion King remake a 2/10 because sometimes Timon and Pumbaa are funny in ways that they weren’t in the original movie. In his review of the Mulan remake, he would also admit that as botched as it was, at least The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast actually tried to have proper musical numbers.
    • He gives Earwig and the Witch a 2/10 because sometimes he enjoys the Mandrake.
    • He gives Cars 2 a 2/10 because sometimes he finds Francesco Bernoulli funny.
    • He gives The Emoji Movie a 2/10 because sometimes it has creative visualizations of internet concepts.
    • He gave Shrek the Third a 2/10 because he actually liked the campfire scene with Shrek and Arthur.
    • He gave Dear Evan Hansen a 2/10 because they changed the end of "If I Could Tell Her", which he considered the creepiest and worst part of the original musical.
    • He gave The Star a 2/10 because he thought the Mary and Joseph sections were handled well.
    • He gave Smurfs: The Lost Village a 2/10 because the character designs were better than the live action version.
    • He gave Dinosaur a 2/10 because he enjoyed the first 10 minutes of the film that didn't have dialogue. In his ranking of every Disney Animated Canon movie, he would later admit that James Newton Howard brought his A-game with the score and that a lot of the live action backgrounds were really pretty, singling out the "Across the Desert" sequence in particular.
    • He gave Chicken Little a 2/10 because he thought some of the comedic moments worked and enjoyed the character Kirby.
    • He gave The Grinch (2018) a 2/10 because he thought the animation was good.
    • He gave The Rise of Skywalker a 2/10 because he thought C-3PO was utilized well (to an extent) in it compared to the other two Sequel Trilogy films.
    • He gave Always a 2/10 because he thought the scene where the main characters said their farewells was cute.
    • He gave 1941 (1979) a 2/10 because he thought some of the special effects were impressive.
    • He gave The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2 a 2/10 because he thought Hank Azaria did a good job portraying Gargamel in both of them.
    • Played for Laughs when discussing Hop, which he gave a 1/10. When discussing things he liked about the movie, the only thing listed is that James Marsden's character has the same last name as the main villain from The Lorax (2012), which was marginally better.
    • When describing how he thinks Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate is worse than The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, another film he gave a 1/10, he says that at least the latter film had Sarousch.
  • Oscar Bait: Invoked during his ranking video on the films of Steven Spielberg. When he gets to War Horse, he accuses the film of being genetically bred in a lab specifically to get Oscar nominations, since the Academy loves war movies and feel-good movies, of which War Horse is both.
  • Pet-Peeve Trope:
    • Schaff's first big hit was "Why Disney's Twist Villains Don't Work," and he's therefore become well-known for his dislike of the Hidden Villain trope. This came up in his Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, and Christopher Nolan rankings; he criticized several twist villains in each of those films. That being said, he actually particularly enjoys the few movies that he thinks use this trope well.
    • He just doesn't like the war movie genre that much, and he laments how the War Is Hell trope doesn't really do anything for him. He said he got very little out of the generally well-received All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) and Dunkirk, with the later being his least favorite Christopher Nolan movie despite his admission that it's fairly well-executed. The only war movies he likes at all are Saving Private Ryan and 1917.
  • "Psycho" Strings: He uses them in his review of Shark Tale when he shows a sushi bar in a city where the inhabitants are fish.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: In his review of Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate and Megamind Rules!, he gets so worked up about Megamind and Minion referencing "Chocolate Rain" (a meme dating to at least 2007, which was well and truly dead when the film released in 2024) that he starts shouting like this in between a visual representation of the movie beating its audience over the head with its "hip references" in the form of Minion hitting Hal repeatedly with the Forget-Me Stick in the original movie.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: His review of the film version of Dear Evan Hansen devolves into this for both the film itself, and Ben Platt's performance.
  • Running Gag:
    • Starting with "Why Disney's Twist Villains Don't Work," the bit from Big Hero 6 where Professor Callaghan says "That was his mistake!", each time edited in a different way.
    • In his ranking videos, the last place entry will always have "♫ Disappointment in the Game of Life! ♫" as its introductory jingle, while the first place entry has the jingle that plays when obtaining a mask on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
    • “Hey, wait a minute!” is played whenever he or a character in-universe has a moment of Fridge Logic.
    • Spinel tends to appear whenever James says "over and over again", since that's part of her Villain Song "Other Friends".
    • He tends to use a clip from a music video the channel made of Somebody's Eyes of Chris giving a Big "WHAT?!".
    • If an entry in a ranking video is time-travel related, the jingle will be some variation of the "We're going back in time to the first Thanksgiving" line from Free Birds.
    • In his Mario Kart videos, he jokes about Tony Soprano being an unknown playable character in Mario Kart: Super Circuit that nobody talks about. It's such a running gag that he uses it to justify a previous statement about there being no new Yoshi-themed courses since Mario Kart DS by claiming that the supposed Yoshi's Island course is actually Tony Soprano Island for some inexplicable reason. The Tony Soprano Island joke however was Running Gagged in the Mario Kart 8 video.
    • The Mario Kart videos also have him referring to "DS Luigi's Mansion" as "Boston Building" based on a dream he had where Nintendo insisted that the track originated in Mario Kart Tour under that name.
    • The Disney Sequel ranking video has a helicopter at the top right of the screen for each segment, which gradually gets closer to the center until it takes up the entire screen for the #1 entry. It's explained in the #18 entry that it was a meme on Citizen HAL's Discord server that singlehandedly made the entire viewing experience better.
    • From his Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate review: "It's crazy how (work he's panned in the past) is better than this."
  • Sanity Slippage: Played for Laughs in his Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate review, where he starts going crazy over every plot hole, character assassination, and continuity error, to the point he screams in high pitched noises.
  • The Scottish Trope:
    • He deliberately tries to avoid talking about Cars 2 as much as possible and only includes it as visual representations rather than talking about it. Ultimately subverted in "Why Cars is a Conceptually Bad Franchise," and much later, his Pixar ranking.
    • He later does the same thing to Shrek the Third, constantly referring to the series as a trilogy rather than as a tetrarchy. When he does his DreamWorks ranking, he expresses relief that he never has to talk about it again and go back to pretending it doesn't exist and when he does his review of the original Shrek, he refers to it as a bad fanfic.
  • invokedSeasonal Rot:
    • His video "How Voltron: Legendary Defender Crashed and Burned" is about Voltron's last two seasons.
    • His video on The Legend of Korra goes hard on Book 2, to the point where he unfavorably compares it to Season 4/the "Gas Leak Year" of Community and says it's the best example of a "Gas Leak Year" he had ever seen.
  • Series Mascot: The mascot of the channel tends to vary between Tamatoa (pictured above) and Aardvark Matt Damon.
  • invokedSequelitis: He believes that the sequels from Disney and Pixar (barring the Toy Story sequels) generally play this straight, while the sequels from Dreamworks Animation generally avert this (barring Shrek the Third, Trolls World Tour, and Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate, which was made by Dreamworks Television Animation instead and which he barely considers a true sequel).
  • Shipper on Deck: In his "Ranking every Gravity Falls episode" video, when talking about Northwest Mansion Mystery, he fully admits that he's all for the possibility of Dipper and Pacifica getting together.
  • Shout-Out: During Every DreamWorks Movie Ranked, he introduces Shrek the Third by stating that "this movie blows" before throwing the case into a toilet.
  • invokedSo Bad, It's Good:
  • invokedSo Okay, It's Average: Schaff has described films like Big Hero 6, Incredibles 2, Bohemian Rhapsody, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Captain Marvel (2019), Aladdin (2019), Frozen II, Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), and Puss in Boots (2011) a movie. Though his feelings towards RBTI have since soured, and his feelings towards Incredibles 2 have slightly improved. He also has this overall opinion on the films made by Blue Sky Studios and Madagascar Trilogy (at first he found the first one middle of the road, the second oddly for him the best one, and the third one as the worst one, but since the DreamWorks ranking video he admitted that he was a bit too harsh on the third movie and have admitted all three movies have their own quirks that make them passable).
  • So Unfunny, It's Funny: In "Ranking the Star Wars Movies by their C-3PO usage" Schaff says 3PO's corny jokes in the climax of Episode II fit this trope.
  • Take That!:
    • In his video on Over the Hedge, after praising a running gag in the film, Schaffrillas gets a "phone call" telling him that all comedy is based on misery, which leads him to go on a small rant that leads to an explosion taken from The Nostalgia Critic's intro. This is a jab at Doug Walker's infamous "all comedy is misery" philosophy.
      • He does it again later in the video while praising the vocal talent in the movie. In Doug's review, he said that some of the Actor Allusion jokes don't work because you can't see the actors; just the characters that they're playing.
        Schaff: If you're concerned that the jokes don't work, because you're only hearing the actors and not seeing them, maybe that's a sign that you need to shut up and listen.
    • Similarly, in "Every Disney Renaissance Movie Ranked", Schafrillas throws shade at Doug Walker's Disneycember review of Hercules by breaking down the aspects of the movie Doug Walker didn't like or understand and explaining why they work.
    • He's clearly not a fan of Corrin or Fire Emblem Fates in general, saying in his Kid Icarus: Uprising review that Corrin's personality can be summarized as "Dumpster Fire". In "In Defense of Fire Emblem in Smash", he believes that most of the detractors toward the franchise's inclusion in Smash can be traced to Corrin.
    • Also during his DreamWorks ranking, he compares the ending of Shark Tale to a Barney & Friends episode. Or the ending to Steven Universe's fifth season.
    • In his Shrek the Third review, when talking about the questionable soundtrack use of "9 Crimes", he says that CinemaSins noticed it as well, and he doesn't go there for valid analytical critiques of movie scenes.
    • His Shark Tale review has one where during his comparison of Shark Tale's plot, he describes Oscar standing on Frankie's corpse and claiming he killed it to Ernie and Bernie as "If in Hercules, Hercules didn't actually kill the Hydra in front of hundreds of people, he just stood on its corpse with no witnesses except for two stupid people who saw it after the fact." Said stupid people are two images of Ansem.
    • In his Hadestown review, he says that "Epic III" being good is important, or else people won't believe it's good enough to touch Hades' heart and allow him to give Orpheus a chance to bring back Eurydice. Schaff then adds that if it sucks, it will just be like "Your Eyes" from RENT, a show Shaff has mentioned his dislike for.
    • His Pixar ranking video has several directed at Cars 2. He states that it's worse than both Turbo and Shrek the Third, the two lowest ranked films from his DreamWorks video. He says the film is awful by Illumination standards, a studio that he has spoken much ill of before. He then stated that he'd rather watch The Rise of Skywalker, a film which he gave a 2/10, and Minions. Then, to add the coup-de-gra, he stated that it, Brave, and The Good Dinosaur were all worse than Ralph Breaks the Internet, a film that he made a Cinematic Disaster video on.
      • In the same video, when criticizing Chris Pratt's performance as Barley in Onward, he says that he thinks that anyone else would have been better, but then corrects himself saying that it would have been worse if James Corden had voiced him.
    • In his 2000s Disney ranking, he says that Dinosaur and Chicken Little were both worse than his frequent target Ralph Breaks The Internet.
    • He really hates Star Wars Rebels due to its animation style and characterization of Maul and frequently took jabs at the show’s fans for liking it. In 2022 he finally sat down to finish the series and while he conceded he thought certain arcs were genuinely great (and also softened on his opinion of the show’s handling of Maul), he still considered it an overly kiddy, terrible show overall.
    • His Ghibli ranking video contains several directed towards Earwig and the Witch. He states that it is worse than Cars 2, the lowest-ranking film from his Pixar video and a film he heavily critizied in said video, and that every wrong decision that could've been made during production was made, to the point where he says that it is his least-favourite animated movie of all-time.
      Schaff: If I were Goro Miyazaki, I would flee the country at this point. I would literally never be able to look my father in the eyes again.
    • In his Dear Evan Hansen review, he describes it as the worst movie musical ever and says "Cats is looking at this film and laughing."
    • In his Sony Pictures Animation ranking, he says that Surf's Up 2: WaveMania makes Cars 2 look like The Empire Strikes Back and Earwig and the Witch look like Citizen Kane and that Dear Evan Hansen, which he eviscerated in his review, was a much better movie. He refers to the movie as being nothing more than a feature length commercial, and says that while other films with excessive product placement like Space Jam: A New Legacy, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and The Emoji Movie can still be considered feature films, he can't say the same about this movie. He also says that the film did worse in regards to character assassination than Game of Thrones and that he has not hated a product that much since Artemis Fowl, his least favorite film of all time. Later on, he says that his frequent target Shrek the Third was a more worthwhile addition to the Shrek franchise than Open Season 3 was to the Open Season franchise.
    • A minor one, but in a spoiler-heavy video about Invincible, Schaff jokes about "spoiling" Rex Splode's credit card number, and says it's "less of an invasion of his privacy than what Robot did, afterall."
    • At the end of his scathing review of Mulan (2020), immediately after giving the film the channel's first 1/10 ranking, which according to him means that the film is completely worthless, his final thought is that Mulan was a still a massive improvement over Artemis Fowl.
    • In his MCU Phase 4 video, when he says that not all of the films leading up to The Avengers (2012) were good, he shows a picture of Elon Musk from his cameo in Iron Man 2.
    • When he calls Cinderella a bad adaptation in his "Every Disney Animation Movie Ranked" video, a stretched poster for Andrew Lloyd Webber's verson shows. In the same video, when discussing Hades in Hercules, he refers to James Woods as "actual Satan".
    • In his review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he calls Thor: Love and Thunder the Shrek the Third of the MCU.
    • In his reviews of Amphibia and The Owl House's respective Grand Finales, both times he throws shade at Star vs. the Forces of Evil and its infamous ending, negatively comparing it to the former two shows.
      Schaff: [...] Yet another Disney Channel show that actually ended strongly. Thus putting yet another nail in the Star coffin. The more nails, the better. You can never have enough nails. How did that show get four seasons to build up to a finale and this is the bullshit they came up with?
    • In his Disney Direct-to-Video ranking, after calling Mulan II extremely awful, he says that it's still ten times better than the live action version.
    • While discussing Barbie (2023), he compares Ken being indoctrinated by patriarchal ideas to unsupervised children adopting alt-right mindsets while browsing the web. As he says this, he briefly shows the thumbnail of Ben Shapiro's infamous review of the movie. In the same review, when discussing the All-Star Cast of Oppenheimer, he describes Kenneth Branagh as "the director of Artemis Fowl and nothing else of note".
    • In his Mario Kart DS ranking where he claims that the Yoshi's Island course is actually Tony Soprano Island, he asks "Haven't Yoshi fans suffered enough?" while showing the cover of Yoshi's New Island.
    • When listing mistakes that the Academy Awards made, one of them is letting Jimmy Kimmel host two years in a row.
    • In his review of Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss, he states that he thinks the Prince's Villain Song, despite only being a 5/10, is still better than "This Is The Thanks I Get?" from Wish (2023).
    • In his 2024 Oscars video, he says that any movie song that didn't come from Wish (2023) would be a better Best Original Song nominee than "The Fire Insider".
    • In his review of Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate, he says that it's worse than any actual DreamWorks Animation movie and Disney direct to video sequel, it had worse character assassination than Ralph Breaks the Internet, Madame Web (2024) had a better screenplay, it's as infuriating to him as Surf's Up 2: WaveMania, and the Despicable Me sequels, the Minions movies, Cars 2, Dear Evan Hansen, Turbo, Shrek the Third, Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, The Rise of Skywalker, and Season 3 of The Mandalorian are all better than it. Additionally, upon noting that Megamind in the show is voiced by the same actor as Bloo, he gives a Bait-and-Switch where it seems like he's about to say that they're both blue but instead says that like Bloo, Megamind is also an annoying piece of shit. However, he indicated that the film itself would not become a new punching bag, as he just wanted to forget about it.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: In-Universe. In his Ranking of the 2000s Disney Movies video, he states that he doesn't like Ray from The Princess and the Frog and said that he thought Dr. Facilier stepping on him was funny.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: invokedHe gradually loses his mind during his review of Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate, pointing out how the entire plot could be solved instantly if Megamind simply shot the Doom Syndicate with his Dehydration Gun, as there's nothing in the story suggesting that anything is stopping him from turning them into inanimate cubes (such as Metro Man and Titan having Super-Speed and therefore implicitly being too fast for him to shoot).

    YouTube Poops 
  • Aborted Arc:
    • "Scrooge McDank Plots to Assassinate Mark Zuckerbeak" revealed that one shark was rescued from the great shark massacre by Glamgold, and it appeared to be leading into a bigger plan involving said shark. And then Oscar proceeds to have Glamgold framed for the theft of Clamu's pearl in "Spingebill Awakens a Very Steamed Clam", which results in the duck's crucifixion. Oscar then goes on to blow up Glomgold's remaining shark, effectively killing off any storyline that might have been built up.
    • "The Incrediboiiiis" ends with Tamatoa intending to use Jack-Jack as a way to depose of Oscar and take over as the new governor of the ocean. When the "Why Tamatoa Is My Favorite Character Ever" video brings in the Arc Welding between the reviews and YTPs, while Tamatoa does help take down Oscar, he no longer has villainous aspirations and doesn't seek to become governor. Meanwhile, Jack-Jack and what became of him is never brought up again.
  • Adaptational Alternate Ending: Generally, whatever source he's pooping has a chance of ending rather... differently from how it originally did:
    • "Sharp Talk" goes through the events of Shark Tale as they happened in the movie (albeit with many more references to other shows), only to suddenly change when Oscar, Lenny and Sykes get to Don Lino's meeting place. In this version, Oscar sets his plan into motion, revealing to Lino that he's had Lenny order a giant ship to aim guns at all the sharks in the world. When Lino begs him not to, Oscar refuses and blows them all up aside from Lenny and Lino. Lino ends up trapped and Forced to Watch Oscar gloat about being a real Sharkslayer, and Oscar proceeds to leave Lino to die in his trap. He also betrays Lenny and leaves him to die. Having killed every shark on Earth, Oscar then becomes governor, solidifying his Face–Heel Turn into a Villain Protagonist.
    • "Spingebill Awakens a Very Steamed Clam" follows the same events of the episode with SpongeBob feeling guilty about upsetting Clamu followed by Patrick taking the blame for his crime. Then things take a drastic change when the zookeeper reveals Flintheart Glomgold as the thief who stole Clamu's pearl. Then things get worse for him as Oscar and Skyes use false evidence to successfully convince the angry mob to kill the billionaire duck via crucifixion. And to top it all off, Oscar kills off the remaining shark that Glomgold was hiding thus rendering all sharks on Earth as extinct.
    • "The Incrediboiiiis" follows the exact events of The Incredibles with the Incredible family facing off against Syndrome and his Omnidroid. The twist? It turns out that Syndrome was actually a robotic decoy created by Tamatoa, who was initially hired by Violet to babysit Jack-Jack, as a means of distracting the supers while he stole away their super powered baby. He even manages to kill the Incredibles via thermal detonator. The final scene reveals that he intends to use Jack-Jack as a way to depose of Oscar and take over as the new governor of the ocean.
    • "SpingeBill Jams Some Juicy Jellies" features an identical plotline to "Jellyfish Hunter" with SpongeBob rounding up tons of jellyfish for the Krusty Krab only to learn of their horrid mistreatment in a jelly production factory. Only this time, we learn that Sykes is the one behind their abuse. Before SpongeBob can bash the puffer with a monkey wrench, a laser beam from space zaps him leaving behind an agonizing explosion. This would be a Downer Ending if it wasn't for The Stinger revealing that the sponge will return in Sharp Talk 2.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Mainly in regards to Oscar and Matt Damon.
    • Oscar from Shark Tale was a liar and somewhat of a selfish jerk in the original movie, but in the YTP universe, he is a genocidal mass murderer and evil overlord who even tries to destroy the world at one point.
    • When Matt Damon appeared in Arthur, he was a nice guy (outside of Arthur's Imagine Spot), but in Schaffrillas' videos he is a slaver and murderer who makes deals with the devil, and constantly tries to stop people from eating their lunch.
  • Author Appeal: References to musical theater tend to pop up a lot.
  • Christmas Episode:
  • Continuity Nod: When Glomgold is discussing his plan to assassinate Mark Beaks with Scrooge in "Scrooge McDank Plots to Assassinate Mark Zuckerbeak", he mentions one part of the plan as getting Beaks eaten by sharks. Scrooge points out that all the sharks were killed in "Sharp Talk", to which Glomgold replies, "Not all of them." It's then revealed he managed to save several of them from being blown up.
  • Close on Title: "Sharp Talk" does this.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Lord Farquaad, who in "Lord Fafquadd Declares His Love for Shrek" is shown ordering his guards to kill Princess Fiona, since he wants Shrek to be his queen and would prefer not to risk anyone stealing him away.
  • Death by Adaptation: Heat Miser ends up killed by Oscar in "Snow Miser Goes Down to South Park", who then takes over as the new Heat Miser and makes it snow in South Park.
  • Disney Villain Death: Palpatine meets his end when Darth Vader throws him down a giant hole at the bottom of the sea, angry about Palpatine telling him to "take it easy" after Vader realizes he killed Padme.
  • Downer Ending: As stated in an example of Adaptational Alternate Ending above, "Spingebill Awakens a Very Steamed Clam" ends with Flintheart Glomgold being framed as the thief who stole Clamu's pearl by Oscar and Skyes and was killed via crucifixion. And for no other reason than to twist the knife even further, Oscar kills the shark that Glomgold was hiding thus hammering in the final nail in the coffin of the Sharks' extinction.
  • Every Episode Ending: What poop of his doesn't end with "Back in the 90's"?
  • Evil Versus Evil: "The Incrediboiiiis" ends with the reveal that Tamatoa is planning to depose Oscar and take his place as ruler of the ocean.
  • Geo Effects: At one point in "Revenge of the Senate", Obi-Wan manages to get the high ground in his battle with Anakin, just like the original movie. This time however, Anakin doesn't attempt to jump over him, and the fight ends in a draw.
  • I Know You Know I Know: Oscar has a moment early on in "Sharp Talk" during his dream.
    Oscar: You might think you know, but you might think you know, but you might know I think I know you know-
    SpongeBob: What? What do I know?
    Oscar: No idea.
  • Insistent Terminology: The Nostalgia Critic insists that Tamatoa is a giant turtle, to the point where he screams at Tamatoa to shut up when he tries to tell him he's actually a crab.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: A variation: Schaffrillas occasionally hosts YTP collabs, allowing for a crossover between several different YouTube Poopers, who all take the chance to show off their different editing styles.
  • Musical Episode:
  • Oh, Crap!: Oscar has this reaction in "Sharp Talk" when the seahorse he bet on trips before the finish line.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: In "The Incrediboiiiis", Mr. Huph yells at Bob for authorizing black people, and after Bob calls him out for his racism, sings "I can do whatever, I'm white". Bob throws him through the wall after he says "Vote Trump!"
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Puss in Boots wins Farquaad Idol, but is then immediately arrested because the song he performed had him blatantly admit to evading his taxes.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: In “The Ed Boys' Cross Country Car Chase of Calamity and Chicanery”, the Ed’s form one with Mr. Potato Head, Rex, the LGM’s, and the Penguins of Madagascar as they flee the cul-de-sac.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": Upon being greeted with the sight of Wild Wild West, Oscar lets out a string of "nopes" as he's swimming away.
  • Reference Overdosed: You can't go five seconds without being bombarded with some kind of reference.
  • Running Gag:
  • Serial Escalation: In case of the lengthy YTP collabs he hosted. The Arthur YTP takes nearly 14 minutes, the Chowder and Shiny YTP collabs both take just over 20 minutes, the Robot Chicken YTP collab takes approximately 35 minutes, and the Super Smash Bros. YTP collab triumphs over previous YTP collabs, with a whooping 1 hour and 4 minutes.
  • Shared Universe: If the call backs to Sharp Talk in Scrooge McDank Plots to Assassinate Mark Zuckerbeak is of any indication (not to mention the cliffhanger ending in which Oscar and Sykes appear, with the former finding out that there were more sharks after having killed all of them in the previous poop), then Schaffrillas seems to be on the way to making one of these.
  • Spanner in the Works: At The Stinger of "The Incrediboiiiis", Scuttle is setting up to be this after he learns of Tamatoa's plan to overthrow Oscar.
  • Special Edition Title: Will occasionally modify the Aardvark Matt Damon in his watermark to fit whatever show/movie he's pooping. For instance, the icon will be wearing a Chowder hat for the Chowder collab, or painted green with ogre ears for the Shrek-oning collab entry.
  • Stupid Crooks: In "Farquaad Idol", Puss in Boots' song is all about how he committed tax fraud. Unsurprisingly, he swiftly ends up getting arrested, though he at least gets to be declared the winner first.
  • Take That!:
  • Threatening Shark: Ultimately inverted in "Sharp Talk", when the sharks become the victims.
  • Wham Shot:
    • Oscar and Sykes' cameo at the very end of "Scrooge McDank Plots to Assassinate Mark Zuckerbeak".
    • In "The Incrediboiiiis", Tamatoa crushes a picture of Oscar while singing about his goal of conquering the ocean.

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