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"Oh, that is it! Two can play at this extremely nerdy game! [...] "And that's why I like ALL them Star Tracks!"...said Strong Sad, an entire bag of Twizzlers falling out of his mouth."

When the fanfiction writer has a chip on their shoulder for whatever reason, and inflicts misery on a character perceived to deserve it. Often occurs when the character's role is incidental and the writer really just has a problem with the distinct personality type, or if the character is in the way of the writer's pairing of choice. Another name for it is Anti Fic, although this term implies a degree of clever and biting satire. This type of fic is more commonly referred to as Bashing Fic.


In some circles (such as the Anime Fan Fiction Mailing List), the term "Revenge Fic" can also refer to a story where the characters step out of the fictional realm to inflict some kind of revenge on the fanfiction author for the things he or she made them do. This can be a variety of Meta Fic, and somewhat impinges on and overlaps with the concept of Animated Actors.

If this is done by the original author, it might be Derailing Love Interests or a form of Creator Backlash. If done by a different official author in the same franchise, see Armed with Canon. If this is done because the character is in the way of the writer's pairing of choice, it's a case of Die for Our Ship. Can be closely allied to Oh Crap, There Are Fanfics of Us!.

The Scrappy tends to be the victim of these for obvious reasons. If it's for an entire series rather than a single character, it's a Hate Fic. Related to Take That, Scrappy!, Betrayal Fic, and Accusation Fic.



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     Anime and Manga  

  • There is a fic in which Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura grew up to be a wife beater, and Tomoyo called in a favor from her mother to have him killed in a hit-and-run. Also, at the height of Eriol/Tomoyo's popularity, it was not uncommon to find fics where Kaho, Eriol's official Love Interest was put through a Humiliation Conga that only started with Eriol dumping her for Tomoyo amid cheers from the rest of the cast. One particularly ridiculous fic said, as "justification" for all the torture, that Kaho was too tall for Eriol. Yes, a woman being taller than her boyfriend apparently makes it all right for everyone to abandon her when she's kidnapped.
  • In Death Note fandom, Near, Misa, L, and Light are the most common targets for this treatment (not that the other members of the cast are immune). One notable example is the Continuation Fic Apples Equals Cyanide Equals Light, which is a tasteful and very well-written story. It takes place after the end of the series, following Light as a shinigami taking his revenge against the ones who caused his death in canon.
  • In Dragonball Z fanfics, Yamcha and Chi-Chi are bashed mercilessly, and sometimes, even Bulma, Videl, and Goku fall victim to this.
  • In the Mobile Fighter G Gundam fandom, a certain revenge fic was once written to "counter" or "parody" the George x Chibodee yaoi fanfiction by showing how bad they'd get along if they had to move in together. The fans "loved" it, but technically... it didn't work as well as intended. The pairing bashing and how the fic came from a blatant hater of the couple gave it all away.
  • There are two really bad Kimagure Orange Road fanfics that are infamous in the fandom for this. The first one is a yaoi lemon where Yuusaku rapes Kyousuke for dumping Hikaru and getting together with Madoka, and the other is the infamous Revenge Road, where Hikaru goes completely psychotic after the events of the Shin Kimagure movie, murders Madoka by shooting her in the head, and then tortures Kyosuke to death by slowly slitting his throat.
  • The Love Hina fandom sees this treatment pop up periodically for Naru, Motoko, and Kitsune as a result of their canonically abusive and exploitative treatment of Keitaro. Some authors extend this to include Su, Hina, and Haruka, the latter two primarily due to their manipulation and indifference to Keitaro's plight respectively.
  • Naruto:
    • A lot of fics seem to revolve around Naruto getting revenge for his initial status as Butt-Monkey in the first couple of arcs. Even though things improve for him later on in the series, some angry fans cannot seem to let go and either refuse to acknowledge or completely reverse the positive changes in his treatment, often just to justify the aforementioned revenge..
    • Setting the filter to Sasuke and searching the term "Bashing" on gives you seven pages worth of character demolition, "hilarious" pranks, and terrible grammar. They tend to give him a characterization of a heartless monster: a misogynistic, impotent, trigger-happy, cowardly, backstabbing, whiney emo bastard. The kicker? Itachi was often put as a good guy/love interest at the same time, before there was even a speck of redemption for the character or any alternative interpretation whatsoever. Right after he brutally beat and tortured two protagonists, there was a flashback of the Uchiha Massacre where he tried to capture/mutilate Naruto, and there are Flame Wars by many who state that this is canon.
    • Sakura is attacked without mercy. Just about every character in Naruto has been subject to a Revenge Fic, but not as many as Sakura. In the Fanfic Darkness Within, you can see how much the author absolutely hates Sakura and, to a lesser extent, Sasuke. The author wrote it out of frustration and was completely shocked on how many positive reviews it got. Despite Sakura receiving decent Character Development during the Chunin Exams and the Time Skip in canon, the fic keeps her as a weak, Sasuke-worshiping load who drags the whole team down.
    • Neji tends to escape unscathed from this, despite the fact that his first major appearance had him straight-up attempting to kill his cousin for a reason that basically amounts to "getting kidnapped by a Jounin-level spy when she was three", even though there were several OTHER (much more valid) targets for his rage other than his little cousin. In fact, most of Team Gai escapes from this, and Team Ten (excluding Ino) as well.
    • Many authors love to add to Naruto's backstory a history of open, often murderous, physical abuse by the people of Konoha. In addition to all the revenge necessary against the village as a whole, this often results in a Plot Tumor in which all the people who should be responsible for keeping an eye on Naruto — the 3rd Hokage, Kakashi, and Jiraiya — are called out as incompetent, cowardly, or callous.
    • Kakashi also gets a lot of malice for perceived favoritism towards Sasuke over Naruto. The worst part is that Kakashi only did it once and it was justified. He also left Naruto with a guy who became Jonin because of his teaching abilities, and ended up leading Naruto to his other mentor, Jiraiya, and of course, the fact that if he hadn't taken the month to train Sasuke, he was pretty sure that his fight against Gaara would have killed him. The only real mistakes Kakashi made was not being upfront about the other reason he was training Sasuke in isolation (keep him from getting taken by Orichimaru), ignoring Sakura instead of giving a review performance to set her on the path on how to improve (making her essentially the one student he did neglect), and going off on incomplete information regarding Gaara (he didn't know Gaara was a Tailed Beast Host and out-powered Sasuke to such a degree that unless Sasuke got a lucky shot and killed him in one strike of the Chidori, Gaara would have crushed him anyways).
    • Naruto himself is not immune to this. One particular fic, for example, decided to strip away every characteristic except his love of ramen. The result was a morbidly obese Naruto who's both lazy and a complete coward. It's particularly jarring when Haku (one of Naruto's first friends in canon) outright hates Naruto specifically for being fat.
    • Hinata also gets a lot of flack for her perceived Stalker with a Crush tendencies, her perceived spinelessness/weakness, and her inability to admit her feelings for Naruto. Many authors who do this tend to ignore her often-mentioned past where she was psychologically destroyed by her father for her inability to master her clan's techniques (she is rather adept at them, managing to briefly match her prodigious older cousin Neji in their Chuunin Exam match). Fics that do this tend to her shyness and portray her as a spineless coward who relentlessly stalks Naruto.
  • This often happened to Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion, possibly because the authors saw too much of themselves in him. Of course, since he's from Evangelion, Canon wasn't especially nice to him either, but still...
  • Ranma ½ has this going on big time. The two most notable subjects, particularly in the sheer vehemence of what they suffer when one of these gets going, are Akane Tendo and Ryoga Hibiki. The latter even has an underground ring of fanfics where he ends up either permanently trapped in his cursed form and sent to a farm, or just butchered and eaten.
  • A fanfiction called What Chapter 372 of Fairy Tail Should have been, written in response to the aforementioned chapter of Fairy Tail, has Erza brutally torturing Kyouka in revenge for Kyouka torturing her, as well as threatening Erza's friend Mirajane, all in a vain attempt to find out where Jellal is. While Kyouka doesn't get off scot-free in canon, losing to Erza and getting killed by Minerva, one of her other victims, here, she suffers extreme torture that's over-the-top, even compared to what she did to Erza.
    • A similar fanfiction by the same author does the same thing with chapter 321, where Erza tortures Minerva in the Grand Magic Games by ripping her fingers off with her teeth and eating them!!!
  • Sailor Moon fanfics where Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask betray Sailor Moon, pair up, and declare their collective hate for her was/is depressingly common. This seems to be more common with fics based on the Macekre DiC anime dub than the original, which made Raye and Darien much more harsh than Rei and Mamoru, but ones based on the original do exist too.
  • The Tenchi Muyo! fandom has what is called AHRL and ALRH fans — short for "Ayeka-Hating, Ryoko-Loving" and "Ayeka-Loving, Ryoko-Hating" — whose fics tend to turn one girl into a raving bitch and another a virtual saint as they win Tenchi's heart.
  • Insane Rocketshipping author Cori Falls is legendary for these. Any character in the Pokémon anime— from Ash, to Tracey, to Misty, to Domino — who opposes Jessie, James, and Meowth are treated to big lectures about everything they did wrong at best or vicious beatings at worst.
    • The anime fandom as a whole seems to have a sub-category of its own, with the premise being "Ash is betrayed by his family and friends for whatever reason, leaves to train somewhere far away, and comes back a few years after to get his revenge on them". Go figure.
  • In The Grinning Snake, found here, a crossover between Mai Hime and Hell Girl written by someone upset over Shizuru not suffering any consequences for her actions, Konoka, the daughter of one of the people Shizuru killed in her attack on First District Headquarters, hears her father identify Shizuru as his killer with his dying breath. After uncovering evidence of Shizuru's guilt and failing to get Shizuru charged with murder or hear any true remorse from her, Konoka enters into a contract with Enma Ai to send Shizuru to Hell, making it also a literal revenge fic.
  • The Samurai Pizza Cats fanfiction ''Revenge of the Pizza Cats'' involves the Pizza Cats (as well as Lucille and Princess Vi, because why not) going to America to brutalize and then jail an FCC commissioner named Jeff Blundt (who somehow has control over what's being shown in Japan) because of a law requiring TV channels to air at least 3 hours of educational TV per day.
  • The second variety was both named and typified by the Revenge Wars which flooded the Anime Fan Fiction Mailing List in response to and in the wake of Scott "SKJAM!" Jamison's story Sauce.
  • This seems to be the main purpose of Robo Bando.
  • Maybe either the writer or the requestor of the Financial Crisis Gangbang.

     Comic Books  

  • A common accusation made against Fan Film The Death Of Batman was that it was created by someone that hated Batman for whatever reason, and wanted him to die an agonizing, humiliating death. It's just as likely the creator was simply willing to throw him under the bus to make a statement on how a Miscarriage of Justice can ruin someone's life (in this case the criminal tortuing Batman).
  • This fan comic is a huge one to Joe Quesada.
  • This is generally what ensues when Garth Ennis is handed the reins of a superhero title.
    • 303 doesn't feature any superheroes... but it ends with the main character assassinating an unnamed American president responsible for the Iraq War (and supposedly speaks English worse than the Russian main character). Wonder who that could be?

  • The Lord of the Rings movies triggered a series of fanfics portraying Arwen Evenstar as a vindictive, vicious, shrieking harpy who seduced Aragorn so she could become Queen of Gondor. This is generally perceived as an expression of resentment over Arwen's having "stolen" Aragorn from his true love Éowyn, his real true love Legolas, or his real real true love, Marisuthiel.
    • And then there were the ones written by the people who were upset about her stealing Glorfindel's role from the books.
  • The many ways that Jar Jar Binks dies and/or is tortured horribly in many Star Wars fanfics as a form of revenge for being, well, Jar Jar.
  • Captain America: Civil War sparked many revenge fics. Most of which fall into the camp of bashing, attacking, killing, maiming, humiliating of characters on ‘Team Cap’. Some focus on them as a whole while others put the blame solely on Cap himself. Almost all have the overarching theme of revenge for slighting Iron Man.



  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe writer Lance Parkin once posted one of these to Outpost Gallifrey about a character everyone probably knew he hated anyway, seeing as he turned into a Designated Monkey whenever Parkin wrote him. Yeah, man, way to show that fictional character, spending your precious time writing two novels costarring him, nursing a grudge for two years, and writing a little story about him getting hurt in a nasty way. You sure showed him! Ha ha, not.
  • Spitefic based on alternative character interpretations of Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian Grey is fairly popular. This ranges from playing up and then deconstructing his canonical abusive boyfriend traits to depicting him as a literal people-eating monster (which is kind of hilarious if you're familiar with 50 Shades original inspiration).
  • Tread carefully here, for some shipping wars never die, but merely sleep in their house at R'Lyeh until the stars align. As the canon pairings in Harry Potter became apparent, shippers for other couples (most famously, Harry/Hermione) started making massive numbers of Revenge Fics targeting anyone in the way of said preferred couples - the most popular targets being Ginny Weasley, and a certain inadvertently Trope-Naming sibling of hers.
    • Molly also gets it on occasion, frequently as the mastermind (or at least the potion dealer) behind her kids' "transgressions". In fact, with a fanfic community of that size, nobody is safe...
    • In This World and the Next is a Revenge Fic for all the Weasleys, as well as Dumbledore, Snape, the Dursleys and almost everyone else who's not Harry or Hermione.
    • Knowledge Is Power is this for Dumbledore and the Weasleys, of course.
    • Though the story changes few of their actual actions, in The Real Us, Ron, Ginny, Molly, the twins, and Percy are subject to an absolutely SCATHING alternative character interpretation literally every time they're mentioned.
  • Another example might be Ian Fleming getting sick of James Bond and killing him off at the end of the novel From Russia with Love; however, the book was so well written and so much interest generated in the character that this death didn't stick, either. It was never planned that way anyway. He'd already written Dr. No.
  • Older Than Television: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle getting sick of Sherlock Holmes and throwing him off Reichenbach Falls probably counts, even though the death didn't stick.
  • The War Against the Chtorr novel "A Rage for Revenge" has a lengthy section detailing the Humiliation Conga inflicted on a producer who ripped off his writer. Author David Gerrold thinks that anyone who pisses off a writer is just asking for trouble. "How many stories have you read that are basically about revenge?"
  • Garrett P. Serviss' 1898 unauthorized sequel to H. G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds, Edison's Conquest of Mars. In this novel Thomas Edison reverse engineers the Martian technology,combines it with a few inventions of his own to build a giant space fleet, and proceeds to fly to Mars with a huge army and beat the living crap out of the Martians with ludicrous ease. The entire book seems dedicated to inflicting as much pain on the Martians as possible, although the characters relent slightly near the end. Due to the lax copyright laws of the time period Serviss had no legal problems serializing or publishing the novel. H. G. Wells did not approve of the book. Thomas Edison did.

     Live-Action TV  

  • Carly Shay on iCarly, with her being subject to Die for Our Ship often becomes the enemy of writers who use her as the 'enemy' in a Possession Sue fic. Sam is a stand in for the writer, Carly becomes the Alpha Bitch who got the guy the writer wanted. Funnily enough, Miranda Cosgrove who plays Carly Shay portrayed the young Lana Lang in Smallville.
  • Kate from Robin Hood has earned at least one of these.
  • The late 80's/early 90's cast of Saturday Night Live put together a nice little number about mean old Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life.
  • Smallville's Lana Lang had this. A lot. Let's just say that there were many Smallville fans who hated Lana's Mary Sue status on the show and were eager to take the character down a peg.
  • Jonas Quinn of Stargate SG-1 managed to accrue a lot of these fics in the single season he replaced the character of Daniel Jackson. People either love Jonas or hate him... and the scale is mostly tipped towards hating him.
  • Pick a crime show with UST. Any crime show. Now find someone who interferes with the aforementioned UST. There's fanfiction featuring them being tortured in some sadistic fashion if you look in the right places.
  • Buffy's unpopular love interest Riley Finn got a few of these, the most extreme of which featured Angelus returning to Sunnydale and skinning Riley alive while Buffy watches. The story ends with Buffy and Angelus making love on a rug made of Riley's skin.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation has one with no title, it is satire and all the characters are wildly Out of Character (Picard goofing around, Riker hating Troi despite being her boyfriend, Troi herself whiny and unprofessional (going on about pain and agony etc), and La Forge also hating Troi. The story is targeted at Troi. She basically is rewritten into a wangsty useless character and then catches a disease from a child on a planet called Nosedirt. She is in life threatening danger and survives but loses her abilities and is abandoned, And There Was Much Rejoicing.

     Multiple Fandoms  

  • The Gunge Male Celeb Revenge Fic, Naughty or Nice is this for the big 4 UK soaps. What happens is that Santa comes in for the 2013 Christmas season, and severely gives the selected male characters of their soap Laser-Guided Karma punishments, where covering them in gunge is just part of the punishment for what they did that year.
  • Harry Potter And The Invincible Technomage is solely designed to bash the entire HP 'verse, with a ridiculously overpowered and out of character Harry who, as a preteen, can somehow beat up goons with his bare hands (as some have pointed out, training by Captain America be damned, some things aren't physically possible), is also a super genius, and the only positively portrayed HP characters are essentially his willing minions. This is something of a pity, since the writer is actually reasonably good when they confine themselves to Harry's relations with the Marvel side of things.
  • Netorare is the Rule 34 way of responding to spineless harem males, or so some claim.
    • Not much of a stretch, considering the definition of Netorare is more or less "Sex with the faithful man rendered helpless to stop" in some way, via drugs, bondage or even taunting the victim though photos...
  • Pretty much the entire point of the Whack a Sue LiveJournal community is to call characters Mary Sues and kill them.

     Video Games  

     Web Animation  

  • Homestar Runner
    • The 2009 Halloween toon "Doomy Tales of the Macabre" is basically Strong Sad, who's mad that everyone else in Free Country USA didn't invite him to that year's Halloween party, and writes a story in which his friends and neighbors suffer various bizarre fates.
    • In the Strong Bad Email "fan club", Strong Bad is subjected to Strong Sad writing SBEmail fan fic in which Strong Sad's shameless self-instert "Twelve-Times-A-Day Man" takes over checking emails, and Strong Bad gives Homestar a massage. Strong Bad retaliates by writing an unflattering fan fiction ("because I have time to say both syllables") about Strong Sad and the Deleteheads in which Strong Sad is attacked by a "sub sandwich constrictor".
  • A Deconstruction is provided in Weiss Reacts, where Weiss reads one of these fics with her as the subject. It results in a Tear Jerker as Weiss, despite her usual frostiness and sarcasm, is hurt to the point of tears by the fic. Cardin hunts down the perpetrator and gives him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for writing said fic, and Weiss gets hugged by everyone, including Ruby, who the fic said would betray her.

     Web Original  

  • While fic torturing The Nostalgia Critic is likely the most popular genre in the TGWTG fanfic fandom, at least it's done with love and keeps the boy in-character. Not the case for "Beer Enema", which stars an evil second-person narrator mutilating a shell-like Critic whose only personality is being a Pretty Boy with no spine.
  • In the SCP Foundation, there were a series of SCPs that the authors decided they really, really didn't like. So they came up with heavily exaggerated stories detailing how the Foundation got rid of them, all involving very horrible ends for the SCPs, which became known as "decommissioned" SCPs. After this purge they decided not to ever do it again, lest writers create terrible SCPs purely in the hopes of getting awesome declassified. (Not to mention that some of the authors' Original Characters were starting to lean on He Who Fights Monsters.)

     Western Animation  

  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom is rife with irate shippers. If you've ever gone browsing for fic, you have found bash-fics for any character you can think of, but predominantly Aang and Mai (usually because both characters get in the way of Zuko and Katara being together).
  • It's not uncommon to see Family Guy fanfics in which Quagmire is either beaten up by Peter, Stewie or anybody else for hating Brian.
  • The King of the Hill: Peggy's Revenge fanfic by Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadu had Peggy, Lucky and John Redcorn going OOC to torture Hank because he's bad at sex.
  • The main motive for Fusion Gundam is to deal with Marilyn Manson in Final Stand of Death, thanks what he did to their original bodies in Deathbowl 98.
  • The Loud House:
    • Looking up fanfics related to the very unpopular episode "No Such Luck" on any website that hosts fanfics of the series will result in tons of fanfics dedicated to the entire Loud family being called out (to the point of even being arrested, beaten up, or killed) for their treatment of Lincoln (who isn't even entirely blameless himself) during said episode.
    • Luan Loud also has a few of these dedicated to herself thanks to her Took a Level in Jerkass/Karma Houdini attitude in "April Fools Rules".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, since there are Loads and Loads of Characters, some characters will have inevitably have ticked off certain individuals, no matter how loved or hated they are.
  • There's a Phineas and Ferb fan fiction writer called "Blackspiderman". A long time ago, he hated Candace, and almost every single thing he wrote had Candace going through all this shit and sometimes some characters will go OOC to rage about her and her busting obsession. Yes, but now, he likes her, and has stopped writing revenge fics, and now he even considers them his Old Shame.
  • Total Drama:
    • Courtney is an especially common target for revenge fics by virtue of being one of the original cast's most polarizing characters. The whole entire point of Courtney and the Violin of Despair is to subvert this convention by depicting Courtney as generally undeserving of the feces happening to her.
    • Duncan, who is probably a close second when it comes to controversial characters in the fandom, also gets this a lot - usually at the hands of Courtney for cheating on her with Gwen.
    • Among the Pahkitew Island cast, Sky and Honey Boo Boo parody Sugar are the most common revenge fic targets, Sky because of her perceived mistreatment of Dave in the finale and Sugar because she is who she is. In one story, Sugar is savagely beaten to death by the rest of the Pahkitew Island cast merely for existing.
    • Chris, the host of the series, is one of the biggest targets for revenge fics in the fandom due to being a massive Jerkass and frequent Karma Houdini. It's pretty common for TD fanfics to place him on the receiving end of endless torment and humiliation from the contestants, having him lose his job and get arrested (again), or even being killed or brutally injured in the end.
    • Alejandro, a major Base-Breaking Character in the fandom and one of the series' biggest villains, is a common target - usually at the hands of one of the female contestants he manipulated and seduced. Total Drama Battlegrounds for instance turns him into a huge Butt-Monkey who at one point receives a Groin Attack from Bridgette (who is arguably his most infamous victim in World Tour), dubbed by readers as "the knee of justice" (although that's a mild case, considering some goes as far as getting him hospitalized after a brutal beatdown from the others).
  • Dakari-King Mykan is infamous for only writing that kind of fanfiction in general. By June 2013 he has written over 150 fanfics, most of which center around him turning lovable characters of shows like Digimon and Teen Titans into jerkasses who hurt or kill their friends, because he is unhappy with the fact certain pairings got bombed (to the point that he claims the Teen Titans finale literally gave him PTSD).
    • Also there's this:
    "I do not like FIM at all... in fact I hate it and wish it were never made... and it makes me angry with all its lies and falsehoods about friendship being magic and the true salvation. Not to mention all the horrid emotional pains it brings me. So I create this to bash at it."
    • Ironically, the protagonists usually win because of working together as friends, and then the Grand Ruler states that Friendship is an important part of magic.
    • There's also The End of Ends which is this towards the finale of Teen Titans and doing almost exactly what the above described, with the added bonus of blowing up entire worlds just because one pairing came through while his preferred paring sank.
    • He even has a term for this kind of fic, "punishment fic," and has a certain commonly occurring variant. When one character (typically Davis or Beast Boy) doesn't get together with the one Mykan wants to pair him with (Kari and Terra, respectively), the former (yes, the person who got rejected, not the one who rejected him or the one she chose instead) will undergo a Face–Heel Turn and/or die, and the latter will be blamed for it. The aforementioned The End of Ends is an example of this, as is Cyborg Davis (in which, curiously enough, Davis comes back to life and acts the same way toward Kari as Terra did to Beast Boy in "Things Change").
  • The Legend of Korra flash-fic You Killed Me is, by the author's admission, an unabashed one against Zaheer. (Whether or not villains have it coming is likely a separate discussion.)
  • The Invader Zim fandom is full of these, usually with Zim fans torturing Dib for trying to dissect Zim, and Dib fans torturing Zim for trying to conquer Earth, but there are other targets, including Gaz (for being a sociopathic bully), Professor Membrane (for being a bad parent), the Tallest (for being mean to Zim), and the other skoolchildren in general (for making Dib and Zim's lives hell). Gir Revenge Fics are uncommon for obvious reasons.
    • Gaz in particular is the most frequent target, because of her abuse toward her brother and terrible attitude combined with the fact that she rarely receives any retribution. Zim'sMostLoyalServant and Dibsthe1 are two authors who have published many stories where she gets her just desserts.
  • Caillou, Dora the Explorer and other characters from shows for young audiences get this constantly from their Periphery Hatedom. Said hatedom makes up a lot of the Periphery Demographic of Go Animate. The kids making the videos with this website hate them for either finding them annoying or even just because they're baby show characters. It doesn't help that the titular characters of many of these shows are basically The Scrappy, especially Caillou. You'd be hard-pressed to find any sort of fanon (whether on GoAnimate or otherwise) that isn't a Take That! toward him in some way.
  • The fridge: Alternate ending (Nicole's Anguish) is an alternate ending to The Amazing World of Gumball episode of the same name, in which Gumball rightfully attacks Nicole after she tried shooting him in the back. This fic is an over-the-top example, featuring all of the Wattersons casually swearing, Nicole losing everything (including losing her job, being disowned by her parents and written out of their wills, and divorced by Richard and kicked to the curb), and Gumball refusing to view Nicole as his mother. It also features an Original Character named Penelope, Nicole's hippie sister who is an Old Flame of Patrick Fitzgerald (they're such Amicable Exes that Patrick named his firstborn after her). The story does contain a few chronological issues, such as Penny already being out of her shell despite the episode having aired in the second season (and "The Shell" aired the next season), but otherwise, it follows canon pretty well. It's not hard to feel bad for Nicole, but at the same time, you can't help but relish in her rightly-deserved karma (everyone calls her out for abandoning Gumball in the desert and forcing him to fight an old woman at the supermarket).
  • As of season 3 of Miraculous Ladybug, Lila has had a large number of these directed towards her as a result of her actions in the premiere. They usually involve Marinette getting help from various allies (Chloé, Kagami, Luka, or original characters) to expose her as the liar she really is. Depending on how the writer feels about their actions in the episode, Adrien, Alya, and Nino either join in Marinette's crusade or get bashed for being terrible friends.
  • In Bridges Burned (Mama always told me that I should play nice, but she never met you), the whole class turns their back on Marinette thanks to Lila's machinations, with Alya disavowing their friendship in front of everyone. Marinette responds by gradually revealing her connections with various famous figures, such as Lois Lane and J. J. Abrams. People that she knows all of her former friends idolized, whom she forces to watch as she arranges amazing opportunities for others — namely, friends who didn't betray her. One by one, they see others living out their dreams, and are forced to realize that Marinette might have helped them instead if they hadn't blindly believed Lila and turned upon her.


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