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"Ray of Hope" Ending

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We can recover from this...
Rey: How do we build a rebellion from this?
Leia: We have everything we need.

In the end of the story, things might have gone bad for our heroes. They might have lost the base, have the villain remain victorious, or even have themselves killed. But even amongst all that tragedy, there's still something that assures that it doesn't end there, that there might be a chance to make things better, a ray of hope on the horizon.

This differs (almost to the point of being the opposite) from a Bittersweet Ending, where the protagonists win but at a great cost, and is not simply a Downer Ending with a few happy tones either. This trope means that, despite the heroes being soundly defeated, physically and/or emotionally, there's still some hope left; a reassurance that things are not as bleak as they may look, and there could be a chance to turn the tides around, even if everything that has been lost can't ever be truly recovered. Depending on the circumstances, this kind of ending may be (or become), and is often used as, a Sequel Hook, as it is promised that things will get better in the sequel. Though, don’t be surprised if the fans are pissed off and unsatisfied anyway, especially if the promised sequel gets stuck in Development Hell and never comes out.


Compare to A World Half Full, which is a world that despite its broken state can still be turned for the better, Fling a Light into the Future, which is a more deliberate hope establishment and usually happens at the start of the story, Hope Springs Eternal, which is the very concept of hope always living on no matter the circumstances.

Contrast Surprisingly Happy Ending, in which a seemingly bittersweet or downer ending turns into a happy ending thanks to a plot twist, Shock-and-Switch Ending, where it looks like there's going to be a Sudden Downer Ending but it's subverted for comedy, and Esoteric Happy Ending, where the creator thinks they have ended things on a positive note, but the Audience Reaction is Fridge Horror.

This is an Ending Trope, so beware of unmarked spoilers.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Angel Beats! ends with everyone being obliterated, including Tachibana, whom Otonashi has just proclaimed his love for. While the ending at first implies that Otonashi will relapse to what a former person who was trapped in the afterlife who lost his soul mate did (create a computer program that took away his soul and ability to feel love), the post-credits scene shows both in what is implied to be the living world, with Otonashi recognizing Tachibana and chasing after her.
  • Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked is infamous for its Kill 'Em All ending, but the final moments are of the characters' souls happy and laughing as they go to be reincarnated. (Though after all the suffering they go through, one has to wonder whether just staying dead would be a better option.)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion: The twist ending has Homura pull a Face–Heel Turn, become a Satanic Archetype, and remake the world according to her own desires. All the heroines are trapped in her reality and given Laser-Guided Amnesia. However, Homura desires to make everyone alive and happy, and finally gives karma to series villain Kyubey by forcing all the despair they have inflicted into them. It's also implied the heroines will regain their memories and oppose, persuade, or redeem Homura or otherwise change the status quo to something more satisfying for everyone, Homura included.
  • The ending of Naruto Part 1; Naruto has failed to stop Sasuke from going to Orochimaru, and the Akatsuki is still out there, planning to take the Nine-Tailed Fox out of Naruto. BUT... Orochimaru is unable to steal Sasuke's body for another three years, and the Akatsuki also won't make a move on Naruto for that time as well. Jiraiya is going to train Naruto personally, giving him time to prepare to stop both.
  • The first half of One Piece ends with the Straw Hats scattered across the Grand Line thanks to Kuma, Ace and Whitebeard dead, the latter's killer, Blackbeard, stealing Whitebeard's earthquake powers and the Marines in total disarray from the war in trying to discourage future piracy. However, Luffy recovers from his Heroic BSoD thanks to Jimbei and sends a secret message to his crew to meet up in 2 years rather than the 3 days they agreed upon. Why? Because 1) Whitebeard's final words indicate that the One Piece is real and the age of piracy is going into a new era from said proclamation and 2) if the Straw Hats do intend to take on the 2nd half of the Grand Line, dubbed fittingly "The New World", they'll have to train to get stronger to be ready for the tougher challenges that await them. Thus the crew put their travels on hiatus to do just that.
  • As brutal and confusing as The End of Evangelion is, it ultimately ends with Shinji rejecting Instrumentality and choosing to associate with others even if it causes him pain, Asuka being brought back to life after being Eaten Alive by the Mass Production Evas, and everyone who was tanged in the Third Impact having the ability to return to their physical form should they so choose.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ends with Rustal and the Gjallarhorn organization crushing Tekkadan and killing off many major characters, including the protagonist. But Rustal then implements sweeping reforms and recognizes Martian independence, while the survivors are shown living happy lives; except Ride, who has started another resistance movement against Gjallarhorn and assassinating a major enemy leader, hinting that they may yet win this time.

    Comic Books 
  • The ending of BIONICLE's Karda Nui storyline has Teridax putting his spirit into Mata Nui's recently-freed empty body before the latter's spirit can, then sealing him in the Mask of Life and banishing him into space. The last page is Mata Nui swearing vengeance, which he gets when he creates a new body for himself after he crashes on Bara Magna in the Glatorian storyline and later obtains a body capable of fighting Teridax head-on.
  • Watchmen ends with Ozymandias committing mass murder to stop potential nuclear war, but Rorschach leaves behind his journal implicating him. Whether or not this will be a good or bad thing is up to the reader.
  • The Call of C'Russo: Inverted. The day is seemingly saved when Ar-Finn is put back to sleep, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie hopefully glance at the sunrise. It still ends on a dark note as Donald realizes that he only exists inside the mind of a sleeping octopus and might one day vanish.

    Fan Works 
  • The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle: In just fifteen years after Twilight's death, Equestria will be wrought with terror attacks by traditionalists who want everything to go back to way things were before and plunge the country into civil war. Tirek escapes, gets caught and then gets set free by other factions who hate Equestria which includes Queen Cicada's changelings and Unicornia in exchange for his help and knowledge on his mana drain spell, which he agrees to thanks to a very tempting offer to restore him to his prime and aid him in conquering his homeland to pit the Centaurs against the ponies once more. Twilight's family and friends are running themselves ragged trying to prevent Equestria from falling apart altogether. Spike runs away to Erebus Islands and disappears from their lives altogether. But this whole mess actually cemented Discord's Heel–Face Turn and the fact that Spike now has a goal to get stronger in Erebus Islands so that he can come back and actually help make his mother's dream a reality.
  • Code Prime The final chapter of R1 has this. Megatron and the Decepticons have begun their conquest of the entire world after essentially destroying Britannia, with over half the Black Knights being killed in battle and Cliffjumper and Dreadwing sacrificing themselves to protect their friends. However, despite this victory for the Decepticons, the remaining Autobots and Black Knights rally together what they still have. Joined by several defectors from Britannia, and the Ashford Student Council, they plan to lay low for a while and rebuild their forces. They also manage to piggyback off Megatron's message to bring all remaining Decepticon forces to Earth, and send their own message to bring any scattered Autobots across the universe to Earth so they can join their fight against the Decepticons. Cera/C.C. also forms a contract with Optimus, giving him his own Geass so he can even the playing field against Megatron and his Dark Geass.
  • At the end of The Hobbit fic Heart of Fire, the first part of the The Heart Trilogy, Smaug is fatally wounded by Bard's Black Arrow before Kathryn can convince him to stop his attack on Lake-town. She desperately tries to magically heal his wound, but she overexerts herself and dies, much to Smaug's sorrow. Fankil (who's yet to be identified) then appears to take Kathryn's body away, leaving Smaug to sink alone in the Long Lake. However, Andraya and Freyja fish from the water a man who has the same appearance as Smaug when he has taken a human form in dreams. Andraya then announces her intention to awaken the comatose man...
  • My Little Titan's bad ending: The deaths of the Mane 6 allow Trigon to manifest into Equestria. Seeing this, Discord activates his Godzilla Threshold and completely destroys Equestria, ending Trigon along with it. He then voices his apologies to the Titans and sends them home. The ray of hope is that Doctor Who managed to save the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who are now humans, from the destruction of their world, allowing them to start new lives in the care of the Titans.
  • For The Last Time In Forever: The Endless Winter in Arendelle never stopped, Anna remains an ice statue in Elsa's castle, and Elsa herself has become a hibernal spirit, reduced to an inhuman state by fear and grief. But once a year, on the anniversary of the last tine the two princesses played together, two trolls journey to the castle of ice to conduct a simple ritual—rebuilding Olaf to reawaken the Snow Queen's memories of playing with her sister and being able to feel love. Someday, many years from now, when Elsa is able to feel love again, she will become human, Anna will be freed, and spring will return to Arendelle.

    Films — Animation 

    Films - Live-Action 
  • Used prominently in the Star Wars films:
    • The Empire Strikes Back: The Rebellion is on the run without a base, Han Solo's debt with Jabba the Hutt comes back to bite him and he has been frozen solid in carbonite, Luke gave up his Jedi Training to walk into Darth Vader's trap, lose his hand and finds his true parentage. But the main cast minus Han are able to escape the Empire at Cloud City and it ends on a high note with Luke's replacement hand and the team getting a lead on Han's whereabouts.
    • Revenge of the Sith: Anakin Skywalker has fallen to evil. The Jedi have been all but destroyed. The Republic has fallen, and the Empire has risen to power. Obi-Wan and Yoda, and any other survivors of the Order are in hiding. But the Skywalker twins have been born, and we know from the original trilogy that they will be the ones to change the state of the galaxy for the better.
    • The Force Awakens: The First Order has decapitated the New Republic, and Han Solo has been killed at his own son's hand, but Luke has been found, and he has a new Padawan in Rey.
    • Rogue One: Every member of the titular team dies, but not before they get the Death Star plans to Leia. When asked what the transmission contains, Leia even replies "Hope.".
    • The Last Jedi: Luke has become one with the Force and left his physical form, essentially dying. The Resistance is down to a freighter's worth of people, and have lost all their warships and fighters. None of the Resistance's allies answered the call to help them. The Resistance may be a lot weaker, but it's still going. Rey has the ancient texts of the Jedi Order, and while Luke is technically dead, the undiscovered country has a pretty good day release program for Jedi. Supreme Leader Snoke, the only thing keeping the First Order together, is dead, and while Kylo Ren has succeeded him, his control over the First Order is predicated mostly on beating the tar out of General Hux. On top of that, Kylo is a Psychopathic Manchild whose Berserk Button regarding his past has a negative effect on his priorities, which leads to him being decidedly humiliated by Luke in their final confrontation, which rapidly becomes a legend across the galaxy, including among young slaves on Canto Bight - one of whom is shown calling a broom to his hand with the Force.
    • The Rise of Skywalker ends the entire Skywalker Saga this way: Palpatine is finally dead and gone with no means of returning once more, the First Order has been effectively toppled and defeated, paving the way for peaceful society to return (again), and Rey stands ready to move forward with the Jedi Order as she pleases, though all this is at the cost of the death of the last living Skywalker, Ben Solo, who exchanged all of his life energy to resuscitate Rey. So kind of a "Rey" of hope ending.
  • The ending to the European film, Acla also known as Acla's Descent would almost be a Downer Ending, but it has a touch of hope since it's shown that in spite of everything, Acla can still dream of a better future.
  • 12 Monkeys: Protagonist James Cole, a time traveler from After the End, dies trying (and failing) to stop the villain from releasing the virus that triggers The End of the World as We Know It. But in the next scene, another time traveler appears in disguise to speak with the villain — implying that, thanks to Cole's work, the scientists of the future will finally get a pure sample of the virus so they can make a vaccine. The past can't be changed, but the future can still be saved.
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World ends with the male characters ending up in the hospital after losing the $350,000 worth of money, but Captain Culpeper assures them with this line:
    "I don't think you have to worry too much about that. My wife is divorcing me, my mother-in-law is suing me for damages, my daughter is applying to the courts to have her name changed, my pension has been revoked. And the only reason that you 10 idiots will very likely get off lightly, is because the judge will have me up there to throw the book at. I'd like to think that sometime, maybe 10 or 20 years from now, there'd be something I could laugh at... Anything."
Mrs. Marcus comes in and trips on a Banana Peel. Cue a round of deafening laugh from everybody, including Culpeper.
  • The ending of Se7en. The villain has won, as Mills gives in to his anger at his wife's and child's death at the hands of John Doe, and Doe's agenda, a recreation of the Seven Deadly Sins in the form of murders, comes to fruition as Mills' execution of him makes him embody the seventh sin, wrath. Mills, clearly emotionally traumatised by the events, has been taken into custody. The hope comes in the form of Detective Somerset, who is a generally selfless and moral Knight in Sour Armor until a short time before the beginning of the film when he decides to actually retire and get on with his life. However, throughout the film, he just can't keep out that selfless part inside of him that wants to keep on fighting for the innocent, which is pushed on by Mills who is like a reminder of Somerset at a younger age. He does decide to stay on for a few days, but at the end of the film, it is implied that he has decided to stay on completely. The last words of the film are Somerset: "The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part" which shows that even in the worst of places and after seeing the worst in humanity, people will still fight for good.
    • Also; Mills can still get a lesser sentence when circumstances for the execution are considered and there's always therapy. Doe's plan is a Pyrrhic Victory since Doe is...well...dead. Sommerset could perhaps keep in touch with Mills and help him recover.
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: After spending the whole film trying to avert Judgment Day, the heroes fail at the end and the machines nearly wipe out all life on earth. Of course, the T-850 knew it would happen all along. John finally accepts his destiny as leader of the resistance and begins his long journey to the eventual defeat of Skynet.
  • Experimental montage film A Movie has a nearly literal version of this trope. After the latter portion of the film dwells on death, violence, and destruction, the last clip is of a scuba diver exploring a sunken ship, panning up to the sun, visible from under the water.
  • A History of Violence script ends with two words: "There's hope."
  • Dead Poets Society: Neil commits suicide to escape his abusive father, Mr. Keating is the scapegoated and fired, Charlie gets expelled for defending him, the Dead Poets Society is shut down and Mr. Nolan takes over teaching his class, reinstating the conservative, dispassionate approach to learning poetry. However, before Mr. Keating leaves the school for good; Todd - the shy student he encouraged the most - leads over half his class (including students who weren't in the society) in rebellion against Nolan, proving to Keating they will see the world in new ways, they will think for themselves, and he will not be forgotten.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Fitting its protagonist, Captain America: Civil War is toward the optimistic end of this trope. Everyone Lives—hell, no one's even in jail, except Zemo who vindictively provoked much of this conflict in the first place. However, that's only because Cap led a mass jailbreak of the anti-Accords side. They're all now living as fugitives from international law in Wakanda. And while he's still a hero, he's decided to abandon the Captain America mantle by leaving the iconic shield with Tony and showing up to the jailbreak in civilian clothes. Meanwhile Bucky whose disputed right to be free set off most of the plot, is now willingly going back into cryostasis because no one can figure out how to remove what's left of the HYDRA brainwashing in his head, Rhodey was paralyzed by a stray shot from Vision and can only still walk with great difficulty and a Stark Tech exosuit, and Tony is alone except for Rhodey and Vision on the Avengers compound, dealing with the revelation that the Winter Soldier graphically murdered his parents. The ray of hope is Steve's letter to Tony apologizing for how he handled all this, and the fact that Tony puts Secretary Ross on hold (thus letting the jailbreak go ahead unhindered) to finish reading it, with Steve promising that the Avengers will come if the world needs them.
    • Avengers: Infinity War ends with Thanos killing half of the entire universe including many heroes with only Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Black Widow, Nebula, Rocket, War Machine, M'Baku and Okoye as the only known survivors.note  However, Dr. Strange's final words to Tony imply that this is all part of the sole future scenario he foresaw in which the heroes ultimately defeat Thanos and, in the post-credit scene, Nick Fury is able to send a distress call to Carol Danvers before he disappears.
  • Magnolia: Happy ending isn't guaranteed for any of the characters (and might even seem unlikely for most of them), and the demise of the dying ones is a Foregone Conclusion. But the ending gives a hope that there might be a change for the better in the lives of those who survive.
  • John Wick: Chapter 2: The contract on John's head has doubled and expanded to international. His killing of the Big Bad on Continental grounds leads to his being declared excommunicado, meaning that he's cut off from their resources and has no guaranteed sanctuary anywhere. But though he's bruised and bloody, he can still fight, and with the dubious assistance of the Bowery King's group, he might just be able to take the fight to the High Table.
  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum carries on the tradition. Come the ending, John's bounty is higher than ever, what few allies he still had after being excommunicated are either dead or no longer want anything to do with him, and he's hurt even worse than at the end of the previous film. However, the Bowery King is definitely agreed with him on fighting the High Table this time, and there is a subtle hint Winston may not actually have betrayed him for real.
  • Children of Men. It's one of the bleakest dystopian films ever made. No child has been born for 18 years, society is rapidly falling apart because there's nobody to preserve it for, every country is gone except for Britain (which is an authoritarian hellhole wracked by political violence), people are depressed wrecks sitting around waiting to die, suicide kits are sold in shops, and there is no hope. By the end, every named character is dead except for Kee and her baby, who are rescued safely off the coast of England. Cut to black and the final title, and the sounds of children laughing and playing can be heard.
  • The Next Three Days: John, Lara, and their son manage to escape and get to Venezuela, but they will remain fugitives (and thus unable to contact anybody they hold dear) for a long time to come, if not the rest of their lives. Besides this, the only piece of evidence that could possibly absolve Lara from her murder charge conviction (and the reason the film's Great Escape happened) is not seen by the policemen when they look at the crime scene again, and most likely disappears down a drain soon afterwards... although one of the detectives seems to be considering checking the drain one last time before the scene cuts.
  • C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America ends with anti-slavery movements defeated and slavery still prevalent in America. But the One Drop scandal, which led to the Fauntroy family patriarch eating his gun, seems to have people questioning the authenticity of the whole program, not to mention noticing how slavery is taking a toll on the CSA economy. Actually the very fact that the ideals of slavery are so vigorously defended by the establishment subtly hints that they aren't taken for granted by the people anymore.
  • Batman Returns: Even though the Penguin is defeated and his and Schreck's reign of terror have come to an end, Selina refuses to be with Bruce because she is incapable of living with herself, and seemingly dies while taking Schreck with her. This leaves Bruce staring vacantly at Penguin's funeral and seeing another lost soul who lived and died alone. Badly shaken and submerged in his inner hell, he spends Christmas Eve with Alfred, until he finds concrete evidence that Selina survived and wants him to take care of her cat while she heals both physically and mentally. Then Alfred, his one friend, wishes him Merry Christmas, making Bruce smile in his own wish for goodwill toward men... "and women". Fittingly, the last shot of the movie is the Bat-Signal shining in the sky as Selina watches.
  • Joker (2019): Arthur's actions and murder of Murray Franklin on his own talk show spark a riot which results in the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Arthur is arrested and thrown in Arkham, having embraced the Joker persona and completely lost his mind. And since he is in Arkham, he's last seen presumably escaping to cause even more chaos. Gotham might be at its breaking point now, but the Waynes' son, Bruce, has been put down his fated path and one day, he will rise up to protect his city when it needs him most.
  • The Fly (1986) was supposed to end with one of four scenes, all of which involved a Dream Sequence counterpart to Veronica's earlier Nightmare Sequence in which she sees a baby with butterfly wings emerge from a chrysalis, that answered the question of what would become of her and her unborn, possibly mutant child by the now-dead Seth. The options were 1) she gets back together with ex-lover Stathis and is carrying his child now, 2) same as 1 but she isn't pregnant at all, 3) she's single and not pregnant, 4) she's single and visibly pregnant with Seth's child. However, no one in the cast and crew wanted 1 or 2, and all four went over poorly with test audiences because, according to David Cronenberg, Seth's death was so upsetting they couldn't accept a hopeful epilogue so soon. Thus, the movie ends immediately after Veronica kills Seth. The dangling plot thread of the fate of the child became the jumping-off point of The Fly II.
  • Brazil is one of the most twisted examples of this ever. The tyrannical government wins, the Love Interest is dead, and the hero finally snaps from it all and descends into insanity, retreating permanently into his Happy Place... but by embracing his madness, the protagonist is freed from all the misery and repression around him, denying the government the satisfaction of breaking him and defeating them in the only way he realistically can; refusing to play along with their broken system at all.

  • The Lorax would have been a total Downer Ending, had the Once-Ler not given the child the last Trufula seed.
  • After the colossal Downer Ending of 1984 which sees both protagonists destroyed by Big Brother, the novel concludes with an appendix about Newspeak which is phrased in the past tense and written in standard English. Some people have interpreted this to mean that the reign of Ingsoc was eventually broken.
  • First King of Shannara ends this way. While the Second War of the Races is won and the Warlock Lord defeated, this Big Bad isn't permanently destroyed. In spite of this development and the destruction of the Druids, Allanon remains as the last Druid, the Sword of Shannara is still capable of destroying the Warlock Lord, and Jerle Shannara continues his bloodline — leaving his descendants to eventually destroy the Warlock Lord.
  • At the end of The Dark Tower, when Roland is sent back in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, he holds the horn of Eld (unlike in previous iterations), which implies that he could break the loop eventually. He also hears a vague whisper from somewhere which suggests that perhaps this time "it will be different".
  • John Wyndham's novelette The Kraken Wakes (aka Out of the Deeps). At the end of the story, the invading underwater aliens have melted the polar ice caps and caused worldwide flooding. However, the Japanese have developed an unmanned device that broadcasts ultrasonic waves lethal to the aliens. It has wiped out some of the aliens and might succeed in destroying all of them.
  • The third and the fourth book of A Series of Unfortunate Events end this way, with the Baudelaires reflecting on the small blessings that allowed them to survive this latest attempt on their lives, and conclude maybe they do have some luck on their side after all. Really the majority of the books end on a similar note, with the kids determined to fight back against the world's cruelty. See the videogame section too.
  • In A Canticle for Leibowitz the world nukes itself a second time, yet the church has grown wiser, forming a parallel hierarchy in space, and sending a starship to Alpha Centauri.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire ends almost all its books with these. Often with a dark context.
    • Book 1: The North declares independence. Daenerys hatches her dragons.
    • Book 2: Bran and Rickon escape from Winterfell.
    • Book 3: The Brotherhood without Banners is now under Catelyn Stark's leadership.
    • Book 5: Varys murders Pycelle and Kevan to pave the way for Prince Aegon.
  • At the end of Dark Lord—The Rise of Darth Vader, Roan Shryne and several of the Jedi fugitives are dead, Kashyyyk has fallen to the Empire with tens of thousands of Wookiees pressed into slavery, and Darth Vader has overcome his crippling depression and is ready to take his place as a full Dark Lord of the Sith. But Olee Starstone and the remaining Jedi plan to continue working against the Empire, and Bail Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi are watching over the twin infants in which the galaxy's hope rests.
  • A Scanner Darkly ends with Arctor in a rehab clinic hopelessly strung out on Substance D. The clinics are where the drug is made from a blue flower. He tucks one in his shoe for evidence.
  • In Christian Nation, the entire United States is taken over by a Christian theocracy, thus putting an end to democracy, religious freedom, and even privacy as the government monitors everything its citizens do. Fortunately, the Free Minds Movement, of which the protagonist is now a part of, is recording a part of that history with the help of an electric typewriter, one of the few pieces of technology that isn't being monitored, in the hope that future generations will learn to fight for their freedoms once again.
  • Appears occasionally in Warrior Cats.
    • Power of Three: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf uncover the identity of their parents, but are disowned by their biological father. Hollyleaf snaps and kills Ashfur, before attempting to murder Leafpool, who is heavily implied to be suicidal. The only reason she relents is that she believes that it would be more of a punishment to let Leafpool live after she lost everything she loved. Brambleclaw is distraught and breaks up with Squirrelflight, who is shunned along with Leafpool by her fellow Clanmates. The Three face prejudice for their statuses as heroic bastards. Hollyleaf seemingly dies after running into a collapsing tunnel, apparently dooming the prophecy. The only good thing about this ending is that Jayfeather and Lionblaze realize that Hollyleaf was never part of the prophecy and that either Dovekit or Ivykit was the Third all along.
    • Hawkwing's Journey: The modern SkyClan has been driven from the gorge, and most of the Clan is dead, missing, or have left. The titular protagonist has lost his entire family, save for his sister. Echosong did eventually receive another prophecy to lead them toward the other Clans, but it's only a tiny spot of hope after the Clan has lost so much. A (downplayed) Foregone Conclusion makes the ending slightly happier, especially when connected to Shattered Sky.
  • The Draka: The Stone Dogs has the Final War end with the Domination of the Draka successfully annihilating the Alliance for Democracy and subjecting the rest of the Earth to a nightmarish nuclear holocaust, with the few survivors of the United States of America being hunted like animals while the Draka get to enjoy the benefits of slavery forever. However, there is one spark of hope left - The New America Project, an antimatter-powered sleeper ship housing the Alliance survivors of the Final War, is successfully launched and they escape to Alpha Centauri so as to continue the war against the Domination.
  • Forbidden: Lochan claims he raped Maya and commits suicide to stop her from getting tried for incest and prevent the family from being taken into Care, leaving Maya grief-stricken. However, she decides to keep on living for him and keep the family together so his sacrifice isn't in vain.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones: Season 3's arc. It concluded with the brutal murder of Robb, Catelyn and their allies which crushed the North's fight for independence, seemingly destroyed the honourable House Stark and left the Lannisters in control of the seven kingdoms. However - against all odds and unknown to almost anyone - the rest of the Stark children were still out there, still fighting to get back to each other, getting increasingly badass and most of all are freaking pissed at the Lannisters. Meanwhile across the sea Daenerys - one of the only other benevolent leaders - had gained power, liberated thousands of slaves and was on her way to Westeros. A miserable ending but not the end of the game.
  • The Cut Short V (2009) ended on the big downer of the Visitors gaining the ability to bliss humans en-masse, which could very well be the backbreaker for the human race. Plus many key characters die, and a very hopeful-looking plot against Anna by her estranged mother fails utterly. But Erica is introduced to a deeper underground resistance involving members of the FBI, military and intelligence communities, which may, with some perseverance, cunning and luck, just have enough resources and high connections to succeed, should there ever be a continuation or sequel...
  • The X-Files ends with half the main cast chased by the authorities, Mulder still being wanted and the revelation that an alien invasion will begin in December 2012. However, Mulder expresses his belief to Scully that they have a force more powerful than the aliens on their side and that there's still hope to defeat them. And then the second movie happened.
  • The fifth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ends with the Dominion invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, Deep Space 9 is quickly captured by the Dominion forces (although they paid dearly for it) and the heroes retreat. The ray of hope comes in the form of the massed Federation-Klingon fleet ready to fight back and Captain Sisko leaving behind his baseball on the station, a message that he will return, and shove it up the Dominion's ass when he does.
    • The fourth season episode "The Quickening" has one too. Bashir, in full whiz-kid mode, insists on staying on a planet where the population is being devastated by the titular disease, believing that he and his Starfleet experience can find a cure. Reality Ensues when he fails and even makes things worse, but he does manage to find a way to immunize unborn children of anyone expecting. So Bashir couldn't save many of the people he promised to save, but he did make things a lot better for the following generation.
    • The seventh season episode "The Changing Face of Evil" has the Federation fleet at Chin'toka utterly destroyed, including the USS Defiant, making things pretty hopeless for the Federation and its allies, and then, they learn of Damar's rebellion.
  • Star Trek: Voyager has this in season 3 episode "Remember." The crew take the Enarans onboard, who are a race of telepaths, and things are going smoothly in terms of diplomacy. Then one of them uses their powers to telepathically send memories to B'elanna Torres. What memories? Memories of a holocaust that took place on the Enarans' homeworld. Unfortunately, when B'elanna finally spills the beans to everyone, it falls on deaf ears. The final scene, however, is of another Enaran getting a peek at the memories B'elanna was given, hinting that for the Enarans, this issue isn't over.
  • The fifth season of Fringe begins with our heroes finding themselves in a dystopian future ruled by the Observers, their leader Captain Windmark even going so far as to taunt Walter with the heroes' lack of hope by saying "Nothing grows from scorched earth." At the very end of the episode, Walter finds a single dandelion growing through a crack in the ruined street, a sign that there's still hope to save the Earth.
  • The Wire
    • Season 3: Hamsterdam is a failure but Dennis' gym flourishes. Carver realizes this is what they should have been protecting.
    • Season 4: Michael and Dukie turn to crime and drugs, respectively, and Randy is sent back to a group foster home where his reputation as a snitch follows him. Thanks to him, however, Major Crimes is reopened to take down Marlo. Namond makes it out of The Game.
    • Season 5: On the surface, Baltimore has not changed for the better, but people like Jimmy, Kima, Bunk, Sydnor, Daniels, Pearlman, Carver, Gus, and even Bubbles are still around to help.
  • Person of Interest
    • Season 3: Team Machine is unable to stop Samaritan from being activated but The Machine creates fool-proof identities that would allow them to hide in plain sight.
    • Season 4: The Machine is dead but Finch gathers enough of its source code so he can rebuild it.
  • Fleabag: The main character may have just destroyed her relationship with her sister, but she gets the opportunity to make a go of the cafe and given that the Aesop is that people can come back from their mistakes, a future reconciliation with her sister seems plausible.
  • The Umbrella Academy: The end of Season 1. The team's efforts to fix the timeline end up being in vain: Vanya still loses control of her powers and blows up the moon, and the apocalypse still happens. However, Five is able to transport himself and his siblings back in time just before the blast hits, giving them a possible second chance at saving the world.
  • The Spanish series Victim Number 8 ends with the Frame-Up being successful and our heroes Omar and Edurne serving lengthy prison sentences for a staged jihadist attack, after Juan, a journalist aiding Edurne, agrees to keep a recorded confession under wraps in exchange for a kidney transplantnote . However, Juan, Loveable Rogue that he is, returns to Spain after recovery and promptly shows it to the police chief Olegi, proudly declaring that his word is worth nothing, implying that he intends to publish the confession and free Omar and Edurne.
  • The Day After ends with a world shattered by nuclear war, radiation sickness, and disease. However, the final scene is Dr. Oakes being offered food and comforted by the family squatting on his home. Implying that human kindness will endure even in the most impossible of circumstances.

  • "Apple dot com" by Pinnochio-P has the singer explaining how they're neglecting to take care of themselves and instead chooses to "rot away," how Humans Are Bastards, including themselves, and how even after working hard, you can end up with nothing to show for it. But in the final verse, they still maintain a tiny glimmer of determination to keep going and hope that they'll be okay in the end:
    I'm not feeling okay, but I'm living
    I'm smiling, ever so faintly
    I don't have anything, but I'm keeping a little bit of expectation alive
    All lumped together haphazardly, my future
  • "I'll Be Around" by The Spinners is a Break Up Song where the protagonist is still the girl's friend. In one line he mentions he still has a faint hope that she will fall in love with him again someday, as improbable as he admits it is.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer; the plan by the survivors to prevent The End of the World as We Know It fails when Mannfred von Carstein fatally stabs Balthazar Gelt, causing Archaeon's doomsday device to go off and plunge the world into the Realm of Chaos. All that remains is one small spark of light among the darkness, whom a mysterious figure reclaims for a later time. That figure turns out to be Sigmar, who would later rebuild the universe and usher in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

  • Hadestown is based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, so it's no surprise that it ends on a downbeat note, with Eurydice being trapped in the Underworld forever and Orpheus being doomed to Walk the Earth. And, as Hermes sadly tells us, the story is told over and over again, with people always hoping for a happier ending that never comes. But... that kind of hope in the face of despair is exactly what Orpheus inspired in people, and continues to inspire if we keep telling his story. If we tell it again, maybe we can change the ending. If we tell it again, maybe, maybe this time, it'll come out right. The show ends with Persephone raising her glass to Orpheus, and the hope he brought to the world.
  • After Oslo's "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, when all actors have given a grim recap of the past 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian relations (from the optimism of the 1993 peace talks that resulted in the Oslo I Accords, through the breakdowns of the late '90s/ early 2000s, including the death of several key negotiators and up to 2016 when the play premiered) and left the stage, only Norwegian diplomat Mona Juul and her husband Terje Rød-Larsen are left. They face the audience and ask — even through all the doubt and pessimism, even after the breakdown of negotiations — if the viewers can imagine a way forwards.
    Terje: My friends, do not look at where we are; look behind you.
    (He points behind) There! See how far we have come!
    If we have come this far, through blood, through fear— hatred—how much further can we go yet?
    (Points ahead) There! On the horizon. The Possibility.
    Do you see it?
    Do you?

    Video Games 
  • In the second part of Vacant Sky, it turns out Auria is really the Big Bad after all, one of the second heroes Serijala has made a pact with the Virad, and Mia is dead. Things are looking kinda grim. ...And then, we discover that the Virad are infected by demons, meaning demon-killing weapons have a chance of permanently killing them off, and also there is the hope that stopping Ejaro will put an end to the Virad.
  • Spec Ops: The Line. In the best ending, it is implied that despite all the horrible things Walker did, he still has a chance at possible redemption. The achievement for getting this ending is even called "The Road Back". Also, the loading screen for the final level shows it raining in Dubai. Given the fact that the water supply was destroyed by Walker's actions, the arrival of fresh water from the rain would at least give the people of Dubai a bit of a chance to survive by the time outside aid actually arrives.
  • The Purple Clan's ending in Fahrenheit would be a downer ending, had it not been for Lucas and Carla's child who has potential to save humankind where his/her father failed.
  • Infinity Blade: In the second game, Siris manages to defeat Radriar the God King for the second time and makes sure not to kill him. He takes Radriar to the Worker of Secret's cell so that the Worker will be freed and Radriar will be imprisoned in his place. Unfortunately, Siris discovers too late that his "old friend" is a Consummate Liar and a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. The Worker takes the Infinity Blade with plans for world domination and leaves Siris and Radriar to rot in his cell, as well as claim that Ausar/Siris was the one who imprisoned him there in the first place. By all accounts, this is a Downer Ending, but the last scene shows Isa approaching the castle.
  • At first it appears that FreeSpace: Blue Planet - Age of Aquarius will end on a high note with the 14th Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA) Battlegroup returning back to their own universe's Earth after being cut off from it for 50 years, an United Earth Federation (UEF) frigate shows up and asks the battlegroup's ships if they come in peace, only for the heroes to discover that GTVA high command had sent the battlegroup to invade the Sol system and forcibly reunify it with the alliance, a point punctuated by the battlegroup easily destroying the frigate. However it's not all gloom as Samuel Bei and half the battlegroup decide to fight for Earth instead, in the process giving Earth a fighting chance as opposed to the otherwise certain defeat.
    • However as the sequel War in Heaven is quick to underline, the UEF rarely scores any victories in their war with the GTVA whose forces both outgun and outnumber the UEF's, the second act in particular ending on a very cruel Hope Spot where the Wargods, who up until that point have been singlehandedly winning the war, are completely curb-stomped on the cusp of what could've been a war-ending victory The third act itself ends with the GTVA forces about to invade the Earth itself, Noemi Laporte's revelation that the Vishnans have given up on preserving humanity because of the UEF-GTVA war and have ordered the Shivans to destroy humanity and Noemi being forced to fake her death to escape from the Elders' grasp. The ray of hope comes in the form of Ken bringing Noemi back from a survivor's guilt-induced Despair Event Horizon by telling her that Lorna is still alive and that the Shivans have a plan to prevent humanity's end, but the UEF needs to win the war in order for the plan to work. This leads to a pretty epic He's Back moment as Noemi re-joins the UEF fleet under a fake identity and vows to end the war no matter what it takes.
  • The ending of "Ranger Sign: Bravo" event in Granblue Fantasy: Jade's body was destroyed in order to stop her rampage; however, Walder manages to rescue a fragment of her core. The heroes have no idea where to find a working Astral laboratory that could reconstruct Jade's body, let alone how to operate such a place even if they could find one, but Walder and the heroes remain optimistic, clinging to the hope that perhaps one day Walder and Jade can be reunited.
  • Halo: Reach: The Covenant conquer Reach and burn its entire surface to glass. Humanity's second most important planet is lost. The fleet's attempts to stem the invasion end in failure every time. Almost all of NOBLE Team is killed including the player. The only thing that keeps the story from being a complete tragedy is that the player manages to evacuate the ship Pillar of Autumn with Master Chief and Cortana aboard, who will turn around the course of the war in the subsequent Halo games. In the final cutscene, Dr. Halsey gives your eulogy and assures you that your Heroic Sacrifice was worth it, as shown by Reach now being a green paradise being colonized again.
  • The "Bad Ending" when you lose all your lives and choose not to continue in Metal Black. The Hero Dies, but inspires the rest of the military to fight the aliens. 20000 Black Fly ships set out for battle.
  • Arc the Lad II's ending would be a Downer Ending in the vast majority of games, being a Pyrrhic Victory in which the only success Elc and the survivors of the party can claim is that they survived The End of the World as We Know It, and saved some portion of humanity as well. But this was better than anyone expected, and probably the best that humanity could hope to win.
  • The "Refusal" ending of Mass Effect 3. The Reapers wipe out most life in the galaxy, but the epilogue implies that the next cycle's races managed to defeat them for good.
  • Bioshock 2 has an example that's both figurative and literal in the Neutral ending. Because of Delta's actions, his "daughter" Eleanor has made herself into a monster by murdering a room full of Little Sisters to empower herself. However, he turned from his dark actions in the process of saving her, and at the end stops her from saving him in order to stop her from continuing down her dark path. He dies and she wonders if she can possibly be redeemed for what she's done. And fittingly, the final shot of the game is a lighthouse lit by a single ray of sunlight surrounded by dark clouds.
  • End at the beginning of Destiny. Most of humanity is wiped out by the Darkness but the Traveler sacrifices itself to create the Last City, which leads to the beginning of the game.
  • Ending 3 of Eternal Senia, where Senia still fails to save Magaleta. However, Magaleta is still alive and trapped in the tower and Senia is freed from the tower's curse, which means she still has another chance to make things right, as opposed to the other two endings where Senia and Magaleta are both trapped or Senia kills Magaleta.
  • The videogame adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events ends with a literal example with the Baudelaires walking towards a ray of sun in the cloudy sky, with Violet's voiceover saying "At times the world can seem like a terrible place, but there is much more good in it than bad. And what seems to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey."
  • Most endings in the Dark Souls series are like this.
    • Is keeping the First Flame alive the best thing for the world? Is letting it die? It's never made clear what the lasting consequences will be, only that anything has to be better than just putting it out and then rekindling it, over and over and over again as everything slowly falls apart.
    • The ultimate end of Dark Souls III takes the cake on this. It's implied that the world will eventually end in the Final Death of all things, living and undead, leaving nothing but a sand-blasted desert hellscape. Fortunately, thanks to the player's actions, the Painter has everything she needs to paint a new world, which will hopefully be free from the nonsense that put the Dark Souls world into this situation in the first place.
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE ends with Mental successfully destroying Earth, but not before Sam successfully sends himself to the past to stop Mental at his weakest. The "Hero" theme played in the end credits signifies this.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses:
    • The Verdant Wind route ends like this. A majority of the existing powers of Fódlan except for the Leicester Alliance are gone and the church is potentially crippled with the loss of Rhea as an authority figure. However, with the truth of the history of Fódlan revealed, those in the present can truly give Fódlan a completely fresh start, free from the system that is born from many years of lies that created prejudices and various problems to the society of Fódlan, and change the land for the better.
    • The Silver Snow route also has this. Every single one of the existing powers of Fódlan are decimated along with the church being potentially crippled with Rhea's death (Unless you choose to S-Support her). Fódlan as it was is gone by the end of the Silver Snow route, but those in the present can still create something new for the future of the land.
  • Jill and Carlos from the Resident Evil 3 (Remake) try to save Raccoon City when they discover a vaccine for the T-virus has been developed, and get as far as making a sample while trying to contact the American government to hold on off the missile strike. However, Nicholai destroys the vaccine, dooming the city and anyone still alive in pursuit of his own goals, which forces the strike to go on as planned. The good news is Nemesis is finally destroyed after dogging Jill through the city, Nicholai gets his comeuppance and left for dead, and Jill and Carlos make it out alive, with the former dedicating her life to stopping Umbrella.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • In Diamond in the Rough (Touhou), after Eiki Shiki shows Brolli how everything was turned to worse in Gensokyo, Brolli admits everything he's done was wrong and asks to be dropped in hell. However, Eiki Shiki recognizes that Brolli shows regret and decides to give him a second chance, allowing him to be reincarnated in another timeline. The movie ends with Komachi telling him, in the Sanzu: "You are different" and then Fading To White.
  • The Season One finale of Meta Runner ends rather severely borders on Downer Ending, but not enough to keep the heroes down. MD-5's plan has backfired, Sofia has surrendered all of their information on TASCorp, and Tari's involvement in Lucinia's death—a major uniting factor for the group—has been exposed to them. Tari then willingly enters TASCorp's service in exchange for her friends' safety, and Theo's been captured and used as collateral to ensure her cooperation. However, Tari's friends (Masa pending) still refuse to abandon Tari and promise to come back for her, Belle finds a backup copy of the data Sophia gave them and keeps it to herself rather than give it to Lucks, the Big Bad of the series.
  • RWBY: The Volume 8 finale is a dark ending for the heroes, who lose much... but not quite everything. Atlas and Mantle are permanently destroyed, Salem gains two of the relics, Penny and Vine sacrifice themselves, and Team RWBY falls into the abyss alongside Jaune and Neo. However, most of the kingdom's inhabitants have been evacuated, the heroes believe that a kingdom is its people, not its infrastructure, implying a new kingdom can be built, and the Winter Maiden's power remains with the heroes. Thus, Winter rescues the refugees from the sandstorm and Grimm horde in Vacuo while The Stinger implies that the named characters, as well as the refugees that fell when Cinder first attacked, are trapped in the Void Between the Worlds rather than dead.
  • The "Garfield Gameboy'd" saga by Lumpy Touch ends with Garfield destroying the city and trapping Jon Arbuckle inside his body mass, only for an apparently superpowered Lyman to swear vengeance on the feline Eldritch Abomination.

    Western Animation 
  • The first Season Finale of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. The identity of the Creep of Crystal Cove is revealed to be Mayor Jones, Fred's adoptive father, and the gang is separated; Shaggy is sent to a military school, Scooby is sent to live on a farm until Shaggy graduates, and Fred has an Achilles in His Tent moment and becomes a wanderer. When things seem lost, however, Scooby renews his resolve and vows to put the gang back together.
  • Every single season of Code Lyoko except the last one (Earn Your Happy Ending) ends this way, with a victory for XANA but with the potential for the heroes to undo his victory. In order:
    • Season 1: While Aelita is finally materialized, a virus planted inside her makes her freedom temporary, and the heroes still unable to shut down the computer without killing her. Still, Aelita is not a complete prisoner, and Jeremie promises to find the cure no matter what it takes.
    • Season 2: Aelita has more freedom from Lyoko, but XANA now has a specific goal, to absorb her memories using the Scyphozoa. In the last episode of the season, he succeeds and manages to escape Lyoko, no longer relying on it and becoming far more powerful than before. But, when the heroes seem out of ideas, they get a message from the enigmatic Franz Hopper, pledging his help.
    • Season 3: The end of this season marks XANA's biggest victory. His goal is to destroy Lyoko so that nothing can undo his attacks on humanity. At the end of the episode, he not only succeeds but makes William his slave. But, when all hope seems lost, the heroes get a message from Hopper again, hinting that he may have a solution. (In the next season, it is shown that Jeremie is able to use what Hopper sends him to rebuild Lyoko.)
  • Star Wars Rebels: In "Zero Hour", the season three finale, the Rebellion is dealt a crippling blow with their two biggest cells being almost entirely annihilated, the Atollon base is lost, and Lothal's liberation is cut off before it can even start. But a few do survive including the main cast, the Empire does not find out about the other cells, and the Bendu prophesies Thrawn's defeat.
  • The third season finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Splinter's Enemy Mine with the Shredder backfires as the latter's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder flares up at the worst possible moment, allowing the Triceraton Empire to detonate their device that will suck Earth into a singularity. Before Earth is destroyed, the Turtles, April, and Casey are rescued by the Fugitoid, who claims they're about to embark on a wondrous adventure.
  • Wander over Yonder:
    • The ending of the episode "My Fairy Hatey". Wander's attempt to help Lord Hater impress Lord Dominator lead to Hater getting mercilessly shot down, and Peepers and Sylvia's attempt to defeat her once and for all is completely ineffective on top of accidentally giving Dominator ice powers on top of her magma powers. Fortunately, now that Hater knows he has no chance with Dominator he's given up on trying to woo her and can instead focus on helping Wander and Sylvia stop her evil plot to destroy every planet in the galaxy For the Evulz, if only so he can conquer the galaxy himself.
    • In the penultimate episode of the series, "The Flower", Wander and Sylvia's morale takes a pounding as much of the galaxy lies dead in Dominator's wake. The only living thing they can find is a flower which they ultimately fail to protect. Yet in the end, they soldier on, still determined to thwart Dominator and somehow find a way to restore the galaxy. Meanwhile, the flower's spores spread to all the dead planets, start to grow, and life, however slowly, begins to return to those planets.
      Wander: Just because I'm sad doesn't mean I've given up hope.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series ends with Red Lantern Razer leaving to find Aya, with a Blue Lantern ring following him. Appropriately, Blue Lanterns use the power of hope.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: The invasion in the two-parter "The Day of Black Sun" is soundly defeated, Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Azula remain in power, almost the entire army is captured, and Team Avatar is forced to flee, as Azula had learned about and planned for the invasion months in advance. However, Prince Zuko finally makes a Heel–Face Turn and the episode ends with him following Team Avatar in an attempt to join them and help them overthrow his father. Additionally, later episodes in the season would show that the Earth Kingdom is still in fervent rebellion against the Fire Nation's forces.
  • The Simpsons: The episode "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" is one of the most cruel Christmas episodes ever made for a Western animated series, and it ends with the Simpsons owning only the clothes on their backs and the roof over their heads after the whole town looted everything else to get back the money they gave the family after an apparent theft (It's a Long Story). But at least the town has (in its own way) forgiven the family, and they are still together (and find happiness in playing keep-away with a rag Homer had in his pocket). The fact the show runs on Negative Continuity also helps.
  • Hilda season 2 ends this way in the form of a song by Frankie Cosmos. This can also hit harder to Hilda, since she went through many obstacles and ups and downs. And also the fact that becoming a troll leads her to another adventure...

    Real Life 
  • The universe. See the Wikipedia page on the timeline of the far future - a far, far future that makes the Time Abyss look like less than an instant. To summarize: in 800 million years all complex life will die out. In some 2 billion years all life is gone on Earth. The planet itself is destroyed in 7.9 billion years by the expanding Sun. By an optimistic estimate, it will take around 120 trillion years for the last stars to go out. In 10^100 years (that is 1 followed by 100 zeroes), even the largest black holes evaporate and disappear. If protons do not decay, in 10^1500 years, all matter will have turned into iron, the most stable element. In 10^10^26 to 10^10^76 years, all matter will have collapsed into black holes, and on these scales, instantly evaporate into subatomic particles. In 10^10^120 years, the universe will arrive at heat death. However, one theory suggests that in 10^10^10^56 years, quantum mechanics may randomly cause a new Big Bang creating an entirely new universe after this truly mind-boggling stretch of infinite darkness and emptiness.
  • In Canada in 1995, the country came within a hair's breadth (a 1% margin) of the country splitting apart with the second Quebec sovereignty referendum. At this narrow victory, the Federalist side despaired that all they seemed to have done was delay the inevitable (at the previous referendum in 1980, the Federalists had won by a 20% margin) and that a surely imminent third referendum would end with Canada's disintegration. However, for Canadian unity, something special happened when the frustrated separatist Quebec premier, Jacques Parizeau, gave his conciliation speech. He went into a Sore Loser tirade complaining about he was thwarted by "Money and the ethnic vote."note  At that rash statement, his comrades did a massive Face Palm while minorities were reminded of how bullying and ethnocentric the separatist side was. As such, perceptive Federalists took to heart with the hope that significant ethnic minority support for Quebecois independence would be destroyed because that hateful outburst. Two decades later, that hope has so far been fulfilled, as the Quebec separatist quest for the "winning conditions" to have a third separation referendum has proved frustratingly out of reach.


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