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Oh, Crap, There Are Fanfics of Us!

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Not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

Dean: There's "Sam-girls" and "Dean-girls" and...what's a "slash fan"?
Sam: As in, "Sam-slash-Dean"...together.
Dean: Like, together together?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: They do know we're brothers, right?
Sam: Doesn't... seem to matter.
Dean: Aw, come on. That... that's just sick.

One day, you are surfing the interwebs, and you find a fanfic. This one seems to be about... the characters discovering fanfiction being written about themselves. What is this? Has The Masquerade been snapped in two? Has a hero's Secret Identity been leaked?

This is largely a Fanfic Trope (though not quite Recursive Fanfiction), but can occur in original works. The Ur-Example could be Don Quixote, making it Older Than Steam. This is partially a comedy trope; expect much Squick, raging, and consumption of cleaning products to try to blot out the horrible images wrought by the worst of fics — Rule 34 in particular stands out. If it happens to the creators, not the characters, then it would be Rule 34 – Creator Reactions. Most often becomes a Revenge Fic type 2, with the characters trying to kill bad fanfiction characters (or authors).

A Sub-Trope of Recursive Canon and plays off of the Celebrity Paradox. See Also Who Would Want to Watch Us?. Depending on the characters' reactions and the subject matter of the fic, can also count as Take That, Audience!. In-universe, this may be counted as Real-Person Fic.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Happens In-Universe in Genshiken:
    • Ogiue is such a Yaoi Fangirl that she even draws erotic doujinshi of the Genshiken members, casting Sasahara as a Fetishized Abuser and Madarame as the classic Uke. When Sasahara asks her out, she (reluctantly) tells him about it; he's surprised, but not shocked. Ogiue then shows said doujinshi to Sasahara, who good-naturedly teases her about it. And then they kiss, and start dating.
    • Also a part of her backstory: her 'friends' showed the guy she once liked a hardcore yaoi doujin she drew about him. Ogiue is so shocked that she attempts to kill herself.
  • In an omake chapter of Girl Friends (2006), Narumatsu-sensei learns that Tamamin has drawn a rape manga of her and some girls in the class. This naturally freaks her out.
  • In the second season of Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!'s anime adaptation, Mahiro and his Unwanted Harem discover a Boys' Love doujinshi with him as the "star." The three aliens start fighting over it; Nyarko and Hasta want it for their own purposes, while Kuko wants to sell it on a space auction website. Mahiro ends up settling the debate by buying the book himself and burning it.
  • Not played for laughs in one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, where the villain (well, the Brainwashed and Crazy pawn of the Barians) is a manga writer, and his Evil Plan to defeat Shark involves kidnapping Rio and using a supernatural Field Spell to make the battle resemble the outline for his manga (with a Downer Ending where Shark not only fails to rescue Rio, but she dies as a result). Yuma even refers to this as a "dumb fanfic" in the dub, and Shark has to agree with that. (After Rio simply wakes up when he calls to her, the Field Spell's effect breaks and Shark is able to pummel the guy at his leisure.)

    Comic Books 
  • Empowered: Emp tries to get a bit of revenge at certain Superhomies for their constant belittling of her by having them discover slash fanfics about them. It backfires, as after the initial shock the Superhomies think it's flattering that people find them attractive enough to write such things.
  • Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan, the current Ms. Marvel, was a fanfic writer herself before she acquired her powers. This draws attention to the existence of fanfic about superheroes within the world in which they exist.
    • In Ms. Marvel (2014), she gets to inflict this trope on Wolverine when she meets him.
      Ms Marvel: My Wolverine-and-Storm-in-space fanfic was the third-most upvoted story on Freaking Awesome last month!
      Wolverine: Oh my God.
      Ms Marvel: I had you guys fighting this giant alien blob that farts wormholes!
      Wolverine: Sounds great, kid. ... Wait--so what was the most upvoted story?
      Ms Marvel: Umm... Cyclops and Emma Frost's romantic vacation in Paris?
      Wolverine: This is the worst day of my life.
    • However, in the first All-New, All-Different Avengers annual, she's horrified to discover fanfics of herself and her teammates. It starts with a love triangle involving herself, the new Spidey, and Nova, and gets worse from there: Spidey himself is the author of Ms. Marvel and the Teenage Love Triangle from Space. She also ends up pissed at a fanfic where she's "taught her place" by the original Captain Marvel, especially after it seemed like it would be about her taking up the mantle from her idol Carol Danvers.
    • Then in a subversion, she's incredibly flattered when an alien child she rescued shows her a fan fiction she's writing about her. And if that Flash Forward is anything to go by, this fanfic becomes a sacred text to the people of the planet Saffa.

    Fan Works 
  • Those Lacking Spines not only has Xaldin, Vexen, and Lexaeus self-aware that they exist within a fanfic, but also forced to travel through other Kingdom Hearts fanfiction in order to prevent the influence of these various works from transforming their colleagues into shadows of their former selves.
  • Mr Law's To Love Ru fanfic To-Love-Carnage shows Rito and Yui implying that they already know they're in a fanfic.
  • Ace Attorney: In fanart form: Here.
  • Avatar: Neytiri looks on the internet in this fanart, and presumably discovers a lot of Rule 34.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
  • Avenger of Steel has Darcy writing a story about Faora being redeemed by Superman's love. Complete with Purple Prose. Clark is utterly horrified.
  • Eviscerating the Fourth Wall, a The Lion King fanfic, is built on this premise, and hinges on getting the most over-the-top reactions out of everybody as possible. Suffice to say, Simba and the gang are less than pleased with what they find.
  • One Back to the Future fanfic called "Doc, I Don't Think I Like Slash", involves Marty discovering fanfiction from an alternate universe. Curious about the "slash" that Doc warns him against, he selects one, which squicks him into fleeing from the computer.
  • In Bad Press, Starscream and Megatron read fanfics about themselves and the Decepticons that Soundwave found online. They are not amused about the quality and contents of the writing (most of it is either poorly-written, smut, or poorly-written smut) and eventually start trying to figure out why humans would write fanfiction about them. The explanation they settle on is humans bringing the Decepticons down to their own level via writing in a futile attempt to lessen the Existential Horror induced by the total superiority of the Decepticons to humanity.
  • One Batman fanfic, called SLASH, affectionately parodied the Batman/Joker pairing, and it revolved around Batman, Batwoman, Robin, and Alfred (as well as various villains) all discovering that someone in Gotham was posting kinky, steamy, and downright dirty Batman/Joker fanfic. The twist is it's The Joker himself who's posting it For the Evulz, though he states that he hates the very idea of him and Batman getting together in that way.
  • Bubblegum Avatar by Craig Reed and the third and fourth installments of Legion's Quest by Ed Becerra, self-insert fanfics set in Bubblegum Crisis, both have the Knight Sabers (or, rather, Sylia) getting their hands on complete BGC fanfiction archives (including lemons), with... interesting results.
  • WilderKaiserin's Emo Corner series began as an exploration of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX characters' reactions to various fanfics, and expanded (and significantly improved) when she decided to include the 4Kids dub and general trauma in the series itself. The latest edition has left the GX fandom to explore Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • One story in the Dangerverse has a copy of Living with Danger in hardbound form fall into a 'verse, and that 'verse's versions of the Marauders (still in high school Hogwarts) pick it up and start to read and discuss it!
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy fic "Last Straw": After his comicsverse-derived Freudian Excuse is leaked to the public, resulting in an outpouring of unwanted sympathy, Draco in Leather Pants, and porn, the Scarecrow makes a televised statement in which he threatens to dose Gotham with extra-potent fear toxin if people keep portraying him as a Woobie.
  • Describing The Series Via References gives team RWBY a list of memes about their show. While they try to have fun reading it, they are uncomfortably aware of the horrible implications of latter memes and the sexualization of themselves and their friends and family.
  • In The Electric Company discovers FanFiction by Logan the Awesome, the characters of The Electric Company (2009) experience this, as well as in its sequels.
  • Fate Kaleid Prisma Taylor: Taylor Hebert/Princess is horrified to find fanfics slashing her with Victoria Dallon/Glory Girl and sometimes Amy Dallon/Panacea. While the slash fics disturb her, what legitimately worries her is that the fics reveal classified information like her real name. Taylor eventually finds out Amy was writing them and yells at her for potentially endangering her and her family.
  • This Hellsing fanfic has Seras discovering the Hellsing section of and frantically reporting it to Integra. It ends with Integra ordering Alucard to kill every single writer.
  • Heroes And Friends, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan fic, features the turtles finding themselves in our world. Part way through the story, Donatello discovers fan fiction, and after reading one too many Dark Fics, he develops a deep bout of depression.
  • The Hetalia: Axis Powers Kink Meme has several fills in which the nations discover the meme and fics requested for them. Reactions usually are either severe disgust or enjoying the hell out of it. One fill has Greece being perfectly fine with the Kink Meme... until he finds out that people are writing porn about his mother on it. Then, he starts attacking everyone who tries to read the fill.
  • Since House has a huge Fanfic writership, it has many of these. One little gem had House confront Wilson because House had run into a cache of fics in which Dark!Wilson does horrible things to House. Wilson protests that he would never be like that; House says probably, but he wants to be careful. And then, after House leaves, Wilson curses the fic writers for correctly guessing his dark streak...
  • Kim Possible:
    • Dr. Drakken and Shego discover Rule 34 art, to their horror.
    • In "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword", Kim and Ron are recovering from a horrible ordeal (detailed in the fanfic "Buried") at the Yamanouchi Ninja School in Japan. While there, they were amused to discover that someone had created a Doujinshi manga based on their adventures. Among other things; Ron is depicted as carrying a BFG and rescuing a very well-endowed Kim, while Shego is depicted as a demoness who has fallen in love with Mr. Barken.
    • In "If You Build a Better Monkey", the "Villains' Digest Online" has a discussion thread on Shego's measurements and cup size, to her annoyance and Kim's amusement. It also has a fairly large section dedicated to Kim, but Shego warns her that she really doesn't want to read some of the "leather and handcuffs" fantasies written about her by people "who are attracted to you, but they also hate your guts".
  • The My Hero Academia and Power Rangers Crossover The Echo Ranger features the human redeemed versions of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, who aren't very fond of the website Power Rangers True Believers. Partly because of the (in-universe) Epileptic Trees, but mostly because of the fan fiction. Especially the adult fan fiction.
  • This My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic features the cast discovering what /co/ thinks about them. Hilarity Ensues.
    • One of the alternate endings to Cupcakes (Sergeant Sprinkles) reveals that the plot of the story is a fanfic written by Fluttershy after listening to death metal. Pinkie Pie appreciates her friend's new-found creativity, but asks that she stop putting the other ponies in her work. Soon a bunch of Recursive Fanfictions emerged in which the ponies somehow find a way to find this fic. Such as this and this. As can be expected, most of the characters don't like it...
    • Are You Kidding?! There’s Porn of Us?! is not only this trope in action (in which Rarity discovers fanmade porn of her), it deconstructs the trope itself, quietly dissecting and analyzing it behind a light-hearted story. (Well, about as lighthearted as a fictional character becoming upset over discovering porn can be, anyway.)
    • The first chapter of Do You Really Want to Know? is a series of letters between Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia. Celestia claims that Twilight's most recent 'friendship report' contained details she didn't really need to know, which confuses Twilight, who didn't and wouldn't write anything saucy to someone who's like a mother to her. Eventually, the truth is revealed: an explicit fanfic about the mane six was inadvertently attached to the letter. Its author? Fluttershy.
    • The entire plot of KPNYRadio is that the crew of Ponyville's radio station accidentally connect to Earth's internet and discover the Brony subculture's Fan Works, which they decide to review and present on a radio show called "The Inventory". In an interesting play on this, they take the massive amount of fan works as the Bronies worshiping the ponies.
    • Also present in The Audience's Chapter 30. Human technology is being adopted in Equestria after falling through an interdimensional hole. Said technology includes a hard drive containing a pornography database. The Mane 6 are less horrified that the humans have pony porn and more that it's porn of them personally. The Author Avatar protagonist attempted to give a reasoned defense of his race, in that most humans are disgusted by the stuff as well.
  • This is the premise of Never Leave Fanfiction Lying Around. Several characters from The Lord of the Rings find a book and start reading it. To their horror, the book is an awful fic, with themselves as characters. Insanity ensues.
  • In Nobody Dies, due to the pilot identities being leaked and the creation of an in-universe anime, the pilots and staff are invited to Evacon '17. They attend a fanfiction panel:
    "Well, there was the one writer who really thought Unit 01 was cute," Asuka says, and shudders, "And...tentacles? Did any story need those many tentacles? Not that he was a bad writer, he was actually fantastic-"
    "But creepy," Misato adds.
    "Why was I having sex with Rei in every single one of them?" Shinji asks, "It was either me and Rei, me and Asuka, me and Mom-"
    "Which is all sorts of wrong," Misato asks, "Especially that one the one guy wrote where you had a three way with your Mom and me."
    "And I never met Mr. Nagisa!" Asuka yells, pounding her fist on the table, "Why would I want to have sex with him?"
  • In the October Daye fandom, there are fics where Toby or other characters close to her discover the "November Nighte" books, which are clearly Roman à Clef novels, mostly focusing on the romance between "Ember" (Toby) and "Paris" (Tybalt).
  • One Piece
    • The fanfic Revenge is about the Straw Hats finding out about fan fiction and getting revenge. They go to fight a group of real fanfic authors led by the author of the story. And in true One Piece style, most of the authors have Devil Fruits (or have a Devil Fruit enhanced object), one of them is a Fish Man and one is a Magical Girl... for some reason.
    • There is also one called Letters which involves verious One Piece characters writing letters to fanfiction authors about how they feel about certain things. For example, it involves Luffy asking about yaoi and Sanji exploding after finding some fanfiction with him paired with Zoro.
  • In this piece of Phineas and Ferb fanart, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Perry, and Baljeet react to the many aspects of fanfictions, respectively a Death Fic, Original Characters (for Ferb and Candace), Copy Cat Sues, Luke, I Am Your Father, and a Crack Pairing.
  • This fic of a Red vs. Blue PSA by mrfipp. There are reactions on Ho Yay, Les Yay, Lemon, and such.
  • The "Revenge Wars" fanfic cycle of the middle-to-late 1990s is based on completely embracing this trope and then running with it for all it was worth. It was started by Scott "SKJAM" Jamison's 1996 fic Sauce, in which the cast of Ranma ½ decide that turnabout is fair play for a certain fic author, but soon exploded into a massive collaborative effort with stories that ranged from whimsical to chilling.
  • This Scooby-Doo Fan Art depicts the Scooby gang finding stuff about them on Tumblr. Judging by their reactions, it was pretty bad.
  • Two Smurfs fanfic series do this.
    • The Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Salad Smurfs: The Movie" is an adaptation of the original comic book story done as a horror movie created by Actor Smurf that the other Smurfs watch, featuring all the characters from the fanfic series but Empath.
    • "The Once And Smurfy King", also in the Empath series, is the comic book version of "King Smurf" retold by Brainy's daughter Sophia so as not to have Brainy be made the villain of the story, as in the cartoon show version.
    • The Hero: The Guardian Smurf story "Dreamy's Lost Village" is an adaptation of Smurfs: The Lost Village done as an Imaginarium fantasy setting, featuring characters from the fanfic series such as Hero and Wonder.
  • In the Star Wars fanfic series "Male Bonding", the guys discover a world-wide web. (Only one world? They must be primitive.) Everyone knows their stories. Jokes include:
    • A poll asks, "Do you think Kyp Durron is sexy?" Kyp grabs the mouse and votes "Yes." He does so again after they're all done.
    • Fanfic. Not so bad, but there's a story about how "Wedge and Corran are the best of friends. SLASH!" Corran doesn't know what slash is, does agree that he's good friends with Wedge, reads a few paragraphs, and gets pissed.
    • They all blame George Lucas in the end. And Luke destroys the Milky Way.
    • Speaking of Star Wars, Expanded Universe canon (specifically Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor) has Luke discovering the existence of a holovid called Luke Skywalker and the Jedi's Revenge. Among other things, Palpatine was a good guy misled by Vader.
  • Chapters 4 and 5 of this Stargate Atlantis fic has the protagonists stumbling over a fan fic archive created and run by their colleagues all while the entire female population of the base is under the influence of a Fantastic Drug that brings out their inner fangirl. Even T'ealc joins the fun and the fics tend to pop up again in later chapters.
  • From the Tiger & Bunny Kink Meme, there is the HeroTV Forum series that involves the heroes discovering a forum and fan fiction about themselves. Some of them even hang out on the site and write fanfics. Justified as they are stars of a reality TV show. Here's the chronological order of the stories.
  • There's a Touhou Project Doujinshi entitled What's This Thin Book? which is basically this trope. Yukari, upset about not being invited to a party, buys Rule 34 Touhou doujinshi from a shop in the outside world and mails them out as a prank. The characters are particularly puzzled because some of the books mention being sold at the Hakurei Shrine Festival.
  • The 34th chapter of You Got HaruhiRolled! has the SOS Brigade accidentally stumble across Rule 34 of themselves.
  • This fanart of Bakura and Yami Bakura's reaction to a yami/hikari slash site.
  • This long-running Zatch Bell! fan fiction revolves around this trope, where they discover everything from Self-Insert Fic to Slash Fic. Hilarity Ensues.
  • This story about the guys of Linkin Park stumbling across fan fiction for the first time. Hilarity and tears ensue.
  • Things That Can't Be Unseen has the Death Note characters discovering fanfiction.
    Mello: Wow, I have to admit, I'm impressed. Who knew all it would take to unnerve the almighty Kira was a couple of pages of poorly written smut?
    • And in fanart form L and Light discover what the fans think of their "relationship".
  • It's How We Roll is a Skins fic about Naomily finding all the fanfic that had been written about them (the work is intended as a tribute to several dozen other fics that had been written over the previous twelve months).
  • In "Script Talk", an X-Men: Evolution meta-fic, Kitty, Rogue, and Wanda sift through their weekly delivery of new fanfics. Rogue is bored with constantly being shipped with Gambit, while Kitty is disgusted by a femslash story that ships her with Storm.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kanae is revealed to have drawn entire hentai doujins of the other members of the SOS Brigade, such as Kyon x Koizumi, Haruhi x Kyon x Kanae, etc. Kyon is not amused.
  • In Equal & Opposite Attraction, Chisame discovers a fanfiction forum for the manga Haruna published that was based off their adventures. She is horrified when the members suggest shipping her and Twilight Sparkle.
  • Given the extremely meta nature of some actual Supernatural episodes, it's unsurprising that SPN fanfic loves this one. The Fourth Wall series is a particularly well-done example.
    • Another one can be seen here.
  • This Naruto fanfiction has the characters come across another character's doujinshi. About them. And it's pornographic. One is suitably shocked; the other wants to re-enact the scene.
  • These two Codename: Kids Next Door fanfics sum up much of the cast's reactions to part of their fandoms, plus, there's a message board, of all things, where fans are discussing the matter here.
  • Plankton's Eye View starts with Plankton himself reading One Less Lonely Gurl, a SpongeBob SquarePants Troll Fic written by the same author.
  • In Superhero RPF, Hawkeye II discovers that there is femslash about her and Miss America written by their former teammate Loki, no less. She gets it taken down.
  • The Voyorgy Conspiracy is a send-up of the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Voyager Conspiracy", but instead Seven downloads an excess of Voyager Slash Fic from a temporal transmission and Hilarity Ensues.
  • In this fancomic Harry and Ron are amused to discover a Snape/Harry fanfic which, as it turns out, was written by Snape.
    • In a story written by Nimori, Snape discovers that his students have been writing erotic fanfiction of him and Harry. He becomes curious and starts learning about Fandom, which quickly leads to an addiction to fanfiction. Eventually he starts writing his own and becomes friendly with a fellow fanfiction writer who wrote a thoughtful review in response to his story. He decides to meet his internet friend IRL and of course it turns out to be Harry himself, resulting in them hooking up once they get past the initial embarrassment.
  • In We Are All Pokémon Trainers, it happened first around the GC Arc when the J-Team found out about the fanbase they'd amassed due to slaying Missingno and 'M, and it still happens occasionally when newer members learn about the fanbase.
  • Redaction of the Golden Witch picks apart Umineko: When They Cry's In-Universe Witch Hunt fandom. The Narrator for the 1996 sections is disgusted by how a real-life tragedy has become Fanfic Fuel, and eventually Meta!Battler and the Summoner travel to a WitchCon so that they can see what the Rokkenjima Incident has been turned into.
  • Weiss Reacts has the eponymous character reading fanfics and, well, reacting to them as the premise.
  • The Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc fanfic Oh Shit, There's Fanfiction of Us!? almost has the trope title for its name! The premise is this, too.
  • When Chanyeol Read 10080 features the K-pop boy band EXO's Chanyeol reading one of the most famed slash fics of him and Baekhyun, and becoming unsure as to what his real feelings about his friend are. Drama ensues.
  • South Park Reacts to Fanfiction gives us a series of chapters where key characters from South Park give their response to fans over how they've been portrayed.
  • The Loud House:
    • Peeking Through the Fourth Wall has the kids read and comment on random fanfics about themselves, with there also being a spin-off fic (appropriately titled Peeking Through the Fourth Wall: After Dark) having the teenaged siblings read more inappropriate and disturbing content after the others have gone to bed.
    • The Loud Kids react to Loudcest is a fanart about the Loud kids...well, reacting to Loudcest.
  • Rumours of Blake by lost_spook has the crew of the Liberator react to the discovery that Federation citizens have been inspired to write fanfic about them. Avon sarcastically wonders how these people think Blake even had time for a rebellion, if he was involved in so many relationships.
    Blake/Avalon, Blake/Jenna, Blake/Travis (and that would have been a short-lived affair, he thought), Blake/Vila, Blake/Reader, Blake/Blake, Blake/Cally, Blake/anything that bloody well moved and some things that didn’t.
  • Skyhold Academy Yearbook has this going on in-universe. The teachers at the eponymous school are very surprised to learn that two of the students have been writing fanfic about them (about two of them in particular), but they don't mind it; they actually find it very amusing, and even read some of it out loud in the staff room. However, when one of the student authors starts dating Krem, she's dismayed to learn that her two best friends are now writing fic about them.
  • Why Everyone Hates Starshine Perfection is a story in which the Equestria Girls (later joined by the Dazzlings) find a fanfic series about themselves and read it. It's a poorly written fic in which the main characters are little more than plot devices (minus Sunset, who is a crybaby, and Rarity, who is a villain, much to the real ones' displeasure.)
  • The Tick vs... MY HERO ACADEMIA! establishes that H-Doujinshi of heroes are a thing, some villains (and Midnight) profit off of them, and that heroes react to them in a mixture of horror (Mt. Lady) and 'you get used to it' (Death Arms and Kamui Woods). Izuku finds one involving his hero and vigilante identities.
  • The Spork Is Mightier Than The Sword has Meta Knight, Garlude, Knuckle Joe's father, and Yamikage mock a High School AU fanfic of themselves. They promptly tap out when the fanfiction has the ukefied Yamikage become pregnant at the climax.
  • The Dangers of Curiosity manages to freak Orihara Izaya out with the discovery of "Shizaya". He's upset and disturbed because porn of him he never consented to makes him feel violated, sex with his Arch-Enemy is wildly out of character, and why is he always the bottom?
  • In "Meeting the Others", the Disney Princesses discover the Internet. And fanfiction websites. At the beginning they're intrigued... until they run into smut stories shipping them with their enemies. Then they get horrified.
  • In Tolkien's Legendarium story "A Practical Guide for the Courtship of Elves, by Beren son of Barahir" Thranduil discovers internet, finds stories featuring his poor son Legolas falling in love with one girl after another, and gets very, very mad.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In "The Autobiography" and "The Cameo," Bolt and Penny are not happy to discover that there is fanfiction about them — especially given that the offending stories are smut stories featuring one or both characters
  • This is parodied in one Channel Awesome fic, which details the cast of the site finding the Hookerverse fanfiction and being horribly disgusted by it. They end up getting revenge by reaching out of the computer and attacking the author.
  • Courtesy of a truly epic misunderstanding in Mamazun, people believe the demon king Mobei-jun stole poor innocent Luo Binghe in order to marry him. Liu Mingyan immediately dramatizes the rumor by writing The Tale of Ice King and Winter Bride which becomes a sensation — Luo Binghe is horrorstruck, his foster parents thoroughly disgusted by such blatant interest in their kid's private life, but Mobei-jun is rather intrigued by some scenes and Luo Binghe's birth father is blatantly disappointed to learn it's only a fiction.
  • This is the basic premise of the Odd Squad fanfic OSMU: Fanfiction Friction. Omar, Opal, Orla and Oswald discover a whole slew of Odd Squad fanfics on the Internet, and on discovering that there aren't any good ones of them as the Odd Squad Mobile Unit, they decide to venture out on a quest to do something that is worthy of writing into a fanfic. Hilarity Ensues as they get into all kinds of situations in the pursuit of someone (other than the author of this fanfic himself, who is an active character in the story) becoming inspired enough to write a fanfic about them.
  • An Arc for every season: After stopping Adam's attack, Team RWBY-J (well, Blake already knew) discover that their popularity as such is to the point that people have been writing Real-Person Fic and drawing art of them. Yang is disgusted by the amount of content depicting her and Ruby as a couple; Weiss is bothered that she's always depicted as a submissive regardless of pairing; Ruby is dismayed that no one seems to ship her with Jaune, her boyfriend; and Jaune is simply bemused that he fluctuates between being the others' pathetic sex slave or an overpowered Author Avatar who has them as a harem, on the rare occasion he's even included.
  • My Hero Academia: Mechanical green: During the Sports Festival, Himiko discovers a user named "RavenQueen" has been writing smut fanfics about the students of 1-A, largely comprised of either boys-love and Girl on Girl Is Hot using thinly veiled expies of the class. She and the rest of the girls quickly figure out who the writer is based on her Self-Insert: Momo. She's mortified they found out about her fanfics, and is willing to stop as a result, the others saying she could continue so long as she asks next time she wants to use expies of them. It helps that Izumi and Ochaco ended up getting... "ideas" from fics involving them.
    AbyssCloud (Ochaco): Thank you Momo
    You've corrupted Izumi
    Floof Might (Izumi): I'm sorry, I got curious!
    Plus the fic had quirkplay as a tag and I sort of have a thing for that
    AbyssCloud: Thank you Momo
    You've corrupted ME!
    FluffyET (Mina): Damn it Momo, you've corrupted the Cinnamon rolls! They are in short supply as it is!
  • A few Persona 5 fics involve the Phantom Thieves discovering that people are writing fanfiction about them, usually based on what little they saw in the Calling Card they recorded for Shido:
    • AMA 2: Shitpost has the Phantom Thieves holding an Ask Me Anything session on the Phansite. Most of the Thieves are shocked to learn that people are writing fanfic about them on Archive of Our Own, though Futaba already knew about it ("A lot of it is porn."), as did Haru ("Some of them aren't so terrible.") Amusingly, the users in the chat, some of whom are presumably responsible for writing it, are also shocked to learn that the Thieves have found the fanfiction.
    • Stranger than Phandom has Ryuji finding a fanzine of Phantom Thieves stories and artwork. Reactions from the actual Thieves vary quite a bit.
    • Agi Island Players, based on a certain Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, has the Thieves watching a stage show about their adventures.
  • A Is A has the story File Keeping #9: Shipper's Delight, where Tracer gets the bright idea to prank the rest of the MVTF by planting fanfics of the teams from the "Clancyverse" in SGC intelligence packets. Team Rainbow turns this against her at the end, however.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Banjun Drama: Jae-joong's discovery of a shipping fanfic revolving around Yun-ho and him (itself given to him by Yun-ho) is the inciting incident for the subplot of "Dangerous Love," where Jae-joong starts to suspect Yun-ho might be into him romantically.
  • An episode of panel show Mock the Week had Frankie Boyle discussing the Real Person Slash Fic featuring him and team captain Hugh Dennis. Hugh was the receiver.
  • Power Rangers
    • In Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, the Rangers are watching international satellite TV and find that Japan has created a Power Rangers TV show. (The entire episode is a giant Mythology Gag, as what they're watching is a dubbed version of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, Dino Thunder's parent show.) Ethan and Kira enjoy it; Conner is upset that they turned the Rangers into a joke but he comes around. They're OK with how flat-out inaccurate the show is compared to their real adventures because they have Secret Identities and don't expect people to know what they're really like, but with that in mind they're noticeably confused when the TV Rangers use their secret By the Power of Grayskull! phrase.
    • The Power Rangers Wild Force Milestone Celebration episode "Forever Red" was supposed to have a mention of Tommy learning about "those stories about [him and Jason] on the Internet" and how they'd been awkward after that.
  • The cast of Sherlock caused a bit of a scare for the fandom—especially on Tumblr—back in July 2011 when it was made pretty clear that they knew about the porn that their fans were making, thus making it an inversion to this trope.
  • Supernatural: In canon, Sam and Dean discover a man who has written out their entire lives and adventures. The author assumed they were fictional, naturally, leading into him thinking it's a stranger than fiction tale, where he might've been causing these things to happen to them. They also actually find fanfics of themselves — slashfics, to be exact, with each other. They are horrified and Squicked.
    Dean: That... that's just sick.
  • Monk
    • One episode involves the production of a film based on a prior high-profile case. When Chief Stottlemeyer and Randy sit down to watch a scene be filmed, they discover that the makers had taken some creative liberties. Namely, the film version of Randy was made a woman, and she and the film version of the chief were in a romantic relationship.
    • Another episode has the title detective working with an obsessed fangirl played by Sarah Silverman, who had become such a huge fan after being impressed at how he was able to solve an incredibly difficult case in a previous episode. When the two are cornered by the episode's killer-of-the-week, Sarah's character says that Monk should use his gun to defend himself. When Monk reminds her he doesn't carry a gun, she realizes that she'd confused things with a fanfiction story she'd written about him where he did.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. In "Muse" a playwright on a pre-industrial world discovers B'Elanna Torres in her crashed shuttle and starts writing a play based on her logs. His muse is not amused by the blatant Shipping.
    B'Elanna: Well, you're going to have to do a lot better than Harry Kim kissing the Delaney sisters.
    Kelis: Why?
    B'Elanna: Because when you think that you are surrounded by enemies, when you're up against the Borg, or Species 8472, the last thing on your mind is romance!
  • The Mighty Boosh are very aware of the slash fanfiction written about their show, and Noel Fielding often talks about fanfictions he's read in interviews, and in one case on the commentary of the DVDs. The fandom collectively exploded when they inserted references to the infamous erotic fanfiction series "Stockholm Syndrome" into their performance of the song "Love Games" at Festival Supreme. Noel also once had a rather filthy quote from said fanfiction as his twitter description for several weeks.
  • In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., one of the Koenig brothers begins geeking out over meeting with Daisy Johnson aka Quake, even though she points out they've known each other since before she got powers, much less went public with them. Koenig replies that then she was normal, now she's a legit superhero! People are writing fanfics about her! Daisy's already unamused at this, but Koenig keeps Digging Himself Deeper, saying that she may not want to go Googling it; there's some steamy stuff in there. Like Quake/Black Widow. They call the pairing "Quack".
  • Taskmaster: Greg and Alex have referred in the show to the fanfic shipping them. Greg jokingly accused Alex of writing most of it.

  • Kris and Addam from American Idol Season 8 are apparently very aware of their fandom. Kris reportedly has even put in fic request.


    Video Games 
  • The Borderlands @ECHOcasts Twitter account is regularly hijacked by various characters. When Axton was in control of it, he spent most of his time reading (and enjoying) slash fics of himself paired with various characters. In fact, he took over the account specifically because he had heard about such fanfics and wanted to check them out.
  • The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall contains an In-Game Novel called The Real Barenziah, an unauthorized dramatized biography of the Queen Mother of Morrowindnote  that in that game included a rather explicit scene of her having sex with a Khajiit. In Morrowind, the Tribunal Temple has had the relevant passage censored (probably because the ESRB wasn't getting fooled twice), but Barenziah and the author appear as NPCs in the Tribunal expansion and it turns out she actually enjoyed the books.
  • In Kid Icarus: Uprising, it's implied that Viridi is fully aware of the existence of fanfic writers given the nature of the fourth wall in this game.
    Palutena: Aw... It looks like Little Miss Cactus has a soft spot for Pit.
    Pit: Uhhh... really? 'Cause I don't think you're all that bad either.
    Viridi: Shhh! Keep your voice down! People are listening!
  • Ms. Marvel's profile in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order mentions her habit of writing fanfic of the rest of the hero community. Gamora's aside mentions that, while she doesn't know what shipping means, she did get a notion after learning that Kamala's fics ship her with Star-Lord. Said notion leaves her mortified.
  • Kamala also wins a fanfic contest in Marvel's Avengers.
  • Marina is Splatoon 2's resident Ms. Fanservice, and as such has attracted her share of Rule 34. During the game's final Splatfest event, Pearl calls her out on her... "popularity".
"For one, the fans like you more than they like me. I've seen the internet."
  • Team Fortress 2 — Supplemental material engages in a little bit of Take That, Audience!, describing fanfiction in the most over the top way possible:
    The scariest part about these books is that they AREN'T REAL BOOKS AT ALL! They're self-published! Feel the desperation dripping from their not professionally-edited pages! Written by sad, stay-at-home wizards with big dreams and rudimentary Photoshop skills, these poorly-assembled tomes contain magic spells of unspeakable lethality, nestled in between long passages of copyrighted characters having sex with each other! Awooooo!

    Web Animation 
  • The Amazing Digital Circus: "POMNI WAKE UP TIME TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE": Caine reveals to Pomni that the pilot for their show became incredibly popular and shows her the fan works that resulted from it. The works are pixellated so the audience can't see them, but Pomni is incredibly disturbed. A short while later, when mentioning the numerous supporting characters that will be introduced in future episodes, he also mentions the violent shipping wars that will shurely come about as a result and whicht they are entirely powerless to prevent, which horrifies Pomni even more.
    Pomni: ...what the (Sound-Effect Bleep) am I looking at?!
    Caine: The consequences of our actions! And it's only going to get worse from here.
  • DSBT InsaniT: "Beach Brawl": Bear brings up the subject of Rule 34 involving Shawn and Asia, they are obviously NOT pleased by this. Cody even flips out about this.
  • Eddsworld: the episode Fan Service 2 has Matt getting an email from a fan who wrote a Slash Fic of him and his friends. Matt's reactions to the fic pretty much say it all.
    Matt: Upside down? ...with a bungee cord? WHERE DID THE LLAMA COME FROM?!
  • Homestar Runner poked fun at fan-fics in the Strong Bad Email "fan club", where Strong Bad remarks that the only word worse than "club" to pair with the word "fan" is "you guessed it, the word fiction." The viewer is then subjected to a cheesy fan-fic in which Strong Bad is abnormally eloquent and Strong Sad's Self-Insert character "Twelve Times a Day Man" takes over Strong Bad's e-mail checking duties. When Strong Sad has his brother put on a bonnet and give Homestar Runner a massage, Strong Bad retaliates by writing a fan-fiction ("Because I have plenty of time to say both syllables.") in which Strong Sad is attacked by a "sub-sandwich constrictor" and pestered by a naked Homestar.
    Strong Bad: "And that's why I like all them Star Tracks!" said Strong Sad, an entire bag of Twizzlers falling out of his mouth.
    Strong Sad: Hey, you know I can't eat Twizzlérs!
  • Red vs. Blue: Geoff Ramsey, who plays Grif, apparently finds it funny to read Grif/Simmons fanfiction to Gus Sorola, who plays Simmons.
  • Sonic Shorts: Has a page where Sonic and Shadow look up fanart of each other. Then they look up fanart featuring both of them.
    Sonic: Is that...
    Shadow: And is that my...

  • Adventurers!: Strip #161, in which our heroes find out what Adventurers! fansites contain. It's Head-Tiltingly Kinky. (Adventurers! fan-made - and author-made! - hentai actually did exist once.)
  • In RPG World, Eikre finds yaoi of him and Hero. Eikre doesn't take it too well, but Hero just goes "Hey, it's us!"
  • In this scene from Scary Go Round, Shelley encounters obsessive fans of herself. It gets quite awkward, especially when the guy named Harry starts to read out loud Purple Prose Shelley-fanfiction. (It sounds ambiguously erotic and involves Magic: The Gathering...) Shelley later comments that she has "looked terror square in its single, milky eye!"
  • Head Trip had a page where Batman and Superman see Green Lantern happily waiting to become more popular and promptly cut his wings by explaining all he didn't want to know about "those fans".
  • Mordecai, Ivy, and Viktor of Lackadaisy have given their opinions on what they think of their shippers. Ivy took it gracefully, Mordecai not so much, and Viktor's reactions ranged from stoic silence to uproarious laughter. When it was mentioned to Rocky that he might have fangirls, he was thrilled.
  • The Daily Derp: Derpy comes across a fanfic where she is killed off. "I'm starting to dislike fanfics."
  • Does Not Play Well With Others: Fully in-universe example: Seth shows Falchion fic slashing him with the Artificer (or as everybody else calls him, "Tekmage"), his archnemesis. One of these fanfic writers even pays an assassin to kill Falchion's girlfriend, convinced that her existence is the only thing keeping the writer's Mpreg slash fic from becoming a reality. The irony is that Falchion's girlfriend is Tekmage, but nobody is aware of it, since she's got everyone (including Falchion) convinced that Tekmage is her father.
  • In The Young Protectors the first Interlude has the team of young heroes discovering a porn site devoted to yaoi hentai of them, drawn by fangirls. Aside from one team member's rather squicked reaction, the rest of them consider the discovery to be grounds for jokes and laughter. Starts here:
  • At one point during a Time Travel plot in L's Empire, Void comes across his future self reading a Slash Fic. The only real complaint he seems to have is the writer's lack of understanding of Kayoss biology.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Upon arrival in Paris, Agatha discovers that she's become the subject of an opera and a book series (with at least fourteen volumes so far), with a great deal of emphasis on her supposed romantic relationships. Zeetha and Violetta approve.
    • The adventures of Agatha's father and uncle, Bill and Barry Heterodyne, inspired a whole genre of commedia del arte-esque plays and dimestore novels. It's unknown what the real Heterodyne Boys thought of their portrayals, but their construct companions Punch and Judy didn't appreciate being used to perpetuate harmful stereotypes of constructs. Particularly Punch who is portrayed as an idiot when the real one was smart but mute. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach on the other hand appears to find his depiction as a bumbling klutz somewhat amusing.
    • For a bit Agatha traveled with a traveling Heterodyne show, in which she often played her own mother. When she catches up to them again in England it turns out they've moved on to plays about her. Agatha takes it better than most of her companions.
  • Nerf NOW!!: Could Be Worse has the Animal Crossing Villager unhappy about the Ax-Crazy Memetic Mutation the Super Smash Bros. community has given him, but then raccoon points out it could be much worse. Cue a shot of a horrified Wii Fit Trainer in a Corner of Woe, who became a Ms. Fanservice in the game dues to her flexibility and thus has a lot of Rule 34 "fanart".
  • Questionable Content: When Clinton learns his mother is a Virtual YouTuber, he immediately Googles her screen-name to make sure nobody has found out her real identity. To his horror, all the results are "porn fanart" of her multiboobed cow avatar. Aurelia couldn't care less, just noting that the artist is "super nice in chat".
    • Later, when Aurelia tells her daughter Claire about it, the latter is initially unsure how to process the news, but then dives into it with gusto (if only to outdo Clinton). When warned that the Mommymilkers community has an "active and imaginative fanart community", Claire gleefully expresses hope that fanfiction would be written about her character.
    • Even later, Marigold, herself a Virtual YouTuber, guest stars on Aurelia's channel, and find out that people have already written Rule 34 fanfic about their online personas. Her reaction to a particularly disgusting one:

    Web Originals 
  • From the end of The Editing Room's Zootopia script:
    CGI Bunnifer Goodwin: Disney’s put out a movie about racial tolerance where “interracial” couples are absolutely off the table.
    CGI Jason Batefox: I can guarantee that won’t stop the furry community.
    CGI Bunnifer Goodwin: ...Oh dear God. They’re going to write all the porn, aren’t they? Just all of it. Ewwwwwww.
  • Everyman HYBRID, like some other examples, toes the line between this and Rule 34 – Creator Reactions. The main cast have discussed the fanfic they've attracted in live-streams without ever breaking character. They find it both flattering and disturbing.
    Evan: Oh, the fan fiction?...Keep up the good work.
  • For her "Valentine's Day special" the Fanfic Critic read a fanfic about herself sent to her by Lesbian Jesus. It was titled "The Fanfic Critic and her Vagina of Wonders."
  • Fantasy Heroine: Subverted — In the final short, author Caroline wakes up her heroine, Rosamund, in the middle of the night to confess she looked up fanfics about her story. Including the explicit ones. Subverted because while Rosamund is rather blasé about the whole thing — she's been aware she's a fictional character the whole time — Caroline is embarrassed, because Rosamund is an Author Avatar for her and her love interest is a Write Who You Know for her hot editor.
    Rosamund: Zero sympathy, Caroline. You knew what you were getting into.
  • The Legion of Net.Heroes once dealt with a boy with telepathic powers who was accidentally broadcasting his LNH slashfic across the city.
  • There are multiple fanfics involving members of The Runaway Guys, mostly shipping Emile and Jon. They have acknowledged this. (Tim is also included, but the majority of the slash fans really like the Jon and Emile pairing.)
    • It's not just fanfics. An Emile/Jon dating sim exists.
  • The Channel Awesome crowd is well-aware of their fandom. At one point Bennett actually analyzed some on Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre.
    • Also one of the scenes from the Atop the Fourth Wall Warrior #2-3 review features an alternate Dr. Insano pawing at the alternate Linkara (both based on Johnny from The Room (2003)), who tells him to stop giving the slash ficcers material.
    • Iron Liz and Linkara once went through some High School AU fics of their online personas. On Twitter, she wondered why she was always written as the semi-popular one.
    • The Nostalgia Chick, Todd in the Shadows, Allison Pregler, Nella, and Paw Dugan have acted out a shipping fic.
    • The nest installment of Live Action Fan Fiction starred Film Brain and Luke Mochrie. The "Oh Crap" in this case was from the original author who was embarrassed that Channel Awesome had discovered her story. (Story and links to more info here)
    • Spoony was asked about the popular pairing of him and Linkara at a con, and decided to feed it by responding, "I want to know how they knew so many details."
    • Doug and Rob had an interview where they admitted to intentionally feeding their Incest Subtext, and Rob even demanded more fics (with 1,000 word minimum). Doug has also made fun of people expecting him to be horrified at the amount of gorn fic and art that he and his characters have.
    • This was discussed during The Nostalgia Chick's review of Matilda, where Mara Wilson was genuinely disturbed at the existence of Matilda and Ms. Honey, while the Chick says "it's not... not there!" while citing one scene in particular.
  • Search String Normandy by pokketmowse at DeviantArt, on Mass Effect crew doing "another sweep of the fan art quadrant".
  • The Try Guys not only read fanfic in one of their videos, they act it out, including two slash fics between Eugene/Zach and Eugene/Keith. Any sexual acts are replaced with the guys eating sandwiches.
  • In Midnight Screenings' review of "The Best Man Holiday", Brad, Dave, and Brian discuss some of the fanfic they've read of themselves, mostly in glowing terms. Brad jokingly said that part of it actually happened.
    Brian: Fan- 'NON-Fiction??
  • ColeyDoesThings has a skit where she acts as the members of Team RWBY and responds to their finding of various works of fan art. The second half of the video focuses on shipping.
  • FoxTale2614: In "garmadon is up to something", Lord Garmadon discovers fan content of himself on the internet and tells Lloyd that after reading the fanfiction about him, his mind was defiled and a weight was put on his shoulders that no man was meant to bear. However, his response isn't to get rid of the computer and find Jesus like Lloyd suggests, but to create an ASMR channel and a Discord server to give back to his fanbase.
  • This Tumblr thread discusses the hypothetical Real-Person Fic fanfic scene in The DCU, largely focusing on Gotham City's heroes and including said heroes' various reactions to it. Highlights include Red Hood beta-ing someone's oneshot, Oracle going after anyone who writes Commissioner Gordon/Batman smut with a vengeance, and Signal both okaying real person shipping and asking for coffee shop AU fic recommendations.

    Western Animation 
  • Sort of happens in Adventure Time in the episode "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake", which is a genderflipped version of the series. It is revealed that the entire thing is a fanfiction by the Ice King and he forced Finn and Jake to listen to it.
    • "Bad Little Boy" shows that Marceline approves of the fanfic so much she decides to narrate her own.
    • Lumpy Space Princess also decides to write her own in "The Prince Who Wanted Everything", starring her own gender flipped character, and forces Ice King to read it.
  • In one episode of Voltron Force, the cadets meet a ridiculously nerdy fan of the Voltron Force who has written creepy fanfics featuring himself and Princess Allura. They're not exactly thrilled.
  • Season 4 of Metalocalypse shows that Dethklok slashfic exists In-Universe.
  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Ember Island Players" has the cast watch a play based on their adventures. The Flanderization annoys them (except for Toph, who is delighted), the playwright being a Zutara shipper makes Aang, Katara and Zuko extremely uncomfortable, and the Downer Ending (made to be a happy ending for the intended audience) leaves them depressed.
  • South Park has "Tweek x Craig." The title characters have barely ever interacted in the show, but are probably the third most popular ship in the fandom. In the episode, they discover that the school's Asian exchange students are all drawing yaoi of them for no explained reason. Most of the town become Shippers on Deck in a way that a lot of fans actually found less mean-spirited than one would expect. In the end, Tweek and Craig become an Offical Couple.
  • The second season of Sonic Boom introduced Mark the Tapir, Sonic's biggest fan, who on top of coming off as a combination of Chris-Chan and Annie Wilkes also writes fan fiction of Sonic and his friends, some of which is decidedly NSFW.
    Sonic: Escape? No, no-no, I was just searching for more of that fan fiction of yours! Ooh, SonAmy! Spicy.
  • In the Big Hero 6: The Series episode "Fan Friction", Hiro is horrified that Karmi is writing Big Hero 6 fanfic, and especially that her Self-Insert is his love interest. The other heroes are more blasé about the whole thing, and find that some of the imaginative ways she portrays their powers actually work.
  • In the Family Guy episode "This Little Piggy", Peter and Lois discover that Meg is an online foot-fetish model. After Peter looks at the computer, he exclaims, "What the hell? There's an animated version of you and me doing it! Who put that on there?"
  • The Amazing World of Gumball has an episode where Gumball and Darwin discover their obsessive fangirl Sarah has written fanfiction involving them being her friends/boyfriends. Gumball is peeved that Sarah draws him shorter than his little brother Darwin.
  • Centaurworld has "All Herd All the Terd", which is a blatant parody of their fanbase, influencers, and fanbases in general.

    Real Life 
  • Michael Rosen famously used to be quite against people making YouTube Poop videos out of his recorded poems, mainly out of the concern that some of the more risque parodies could have an impact on the target demographic of the original videos, but in recent years, he's taken on a considerably more approving stance on them.
  • YouTubers Alex Day (Nerimon) and Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike) have at least one video each in which they discuss fanfics of themselves that they've found. Charlie is noticeably disturbed when she finds "Cherimon" slash, but Alex embraces the concept and decides to write a (fairly tame by fanfic standards) slashfic about two of his other YouTube friends under a pseudonym, before linking said friends to the site and recording their reactions as they read the fic. He then reveals to them that he was the one who wrote it. Cue horror. That's before mentioning all the YouTubers that are part of the Livejournal community and/or have requested certain stories via Twitter.
  • YouTubers Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart are not only aware of the various fanfiction written about them, they actually perform re-enactments during their live "#NoFilter" shows, much to the fandom's delight.
  • The band Franz Ferdinand once did a Shout-Out to Slacken Ties at a concert; Slacken Ties are a Franz Ferdinand Slash Livejournal.
  • Galaxy Rangers writer/story editor Chris Rowley found the fan sites. No big deal there. Then... he found the Fan Fic. According to his wife, the reaction was along the lines of...
    "Oh my God. Honey, you have got to come up here. I do not believe this! They have Goose and Niko having sex!"
    • To which everyone at the table did a Face Palm — she was sitting at a table full of Fan Fic writers, many of whom had written a ship fic or three.
  • Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth both discovered all the Fan Fics and Rule 34 of Inglourious Basterds, and were ecstatic about it. And decided to forward as many fanfics to their parents as possible. Before discussing how unrealistic they are. ("Everyone knows that the Bear Jew is a pitcher, not a catcher.")
    • There's also the part where they comment on the Kink Meme, where Tarantino's is basically "WTF the Bear Jew always tops!" Which they show to the rest of the cast.
  • Another Real-Life example, which in turn inspired a fic: first, the hosts of Britain's Friday Night Project surprised David Tennant with dramatic readings of explicit Doctor Who fic. Tennant's absolutely shocked reaction spawned this story.
  • Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg discussed Hot Fuzz slash once... and they approved of it.
    "Me and @simonpegg once wrote some Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman slash fiction. It was called HOT FUZZ...(applause)"
    "@simonpegg I too am deeply flattered by the slashers. I say all power to hand-stitched homoerotica."
Thus inspired, they also wrote some short slash themselves:
"I cannot say how much we all enjoyed writing these. You slash fiction writers are having way too much fun."
  • There is this internet phenomenon in Nico Nico Douga called "Utatte mita" (歌ってみた), or: people doing their cover version of songs they like, usually from anime and Video Games. Many of them are surprisingly good and/or have exotic voice, and some of those people develops into elaborate internet personae and have avatars of them drawn by their fans. Naturally, the next step is slashing them. Since this is inevitable (and is a measure of notability), most of them are cool with it.
  • Quite a hilarious example on The Graham Norton Show (found here): Daniel Radcliffe is introduced by the host to one of his many fanfic sites, and Hilarity Ensues. Cue Ricky Gervais starting to write a fanfic on air starring Daniel, Graham and Jessica Ennis.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Sophie Turner was rather amused to learn about the people shipping Sansa and the Hound.
    • In the "Real Housewives of Westeros" video she made for Vanity Fair, Sophie herself paired Sansa up with Margaery.
    • Her co-star and best friend Maisie Williams is an outright Arya/Gendry shipper, in part because she had a crush on Gendry's actor Joe Dempsie when she was younger.
  • Bradley James and Colin Morgan of Merlin (2008) fame are well aware that there's slash fiction of the two of them, and have taken pains to point out that they avoid it. In Colin's words: "I don't touch that with a barge pole." Their co-stars Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby find the whole thing hilarious and have spent more than one DVD Commentary teasing them both about it.
  • John Oliver has a stand-up routine about the time a friend of his introduced him to Slash Fic involving himself and his fellow The Daily Show cast members.
  • Randy Orton once found out about wrestling fanfics. He didn't dig very deep, as he said all the ones that he read were about him and Cody Rhodes, and is thus ignorant of the sheer amount of fanfics that pair him with just about every single guy in the entire company.
  • The Yogscast is aware of the fanfics written about them, and have varying degrees of approval. Zoey Proasheck found some Ravs/Teep fanfic which amused her no end, whereas William Strife is not as comfortable with him and Parv being shipped. The others are mostly okay with it as long as it's not in the main tag on Tumblr.
  • Sparkles*, lead vocalist of Area 11, is aware there's fanfic online. He says that he's flattered, but people shouldn't expect him to read it.
  • EXO's Tao accidentally "liked" an NC17 fic of himself paired with bandmate Sehun, on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Soon after, he updated his status to say, "Don't want to explain anything anymore, don't know anything. Can only say that Weibo is a trap!!"
  • Rick Astley on iHeartRadio reads a vampire fiction starring him and his famous Rickroll (this one).
  • Emma Blackery did a video (now removed) of her reading fanfiction about herself, in most cases giving up in disgust a few paragraphs in because of bad writing, graphic sex descriptions, or badly written graphic sex descriptions.
  • DBSK's Jaejoong and Yunho were both very aware about just how much their fans LOVED them together. Jaejoong complained that he was always the mother, then they talked about how it's "YunJae" — implying that Yunho "topped" in the relationship — and not "JaeHo" — implying the same thing for Jaejoong. They decided YunJae sounded better, and kept it at that.
  • James from the YouTube channel TheOdd1sOut found a fanfic of himself. In it, a girl inserts herself into James' life, acts like a total stalker, and refers to James as "Senpai" excessively. So, of course, James made a video of him reading the fic.
  • Popular artist and Internet personality Kylee Henke found a fanmade game featuring her called Twilight Oni, which has no clear plot and a lot of broken English. You can watch Kylee play it here.
  • On one Mock the Week episode, Frankie Boyle describes a slash fic with him and Hugh Dennis. He took issue to his pubes being described as ginger.
  • Both Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are vividly aware of the infamous "Septiplier" ship and the fanfics thereof. They were both initially quite cool with it, even jokingly referencing it in a few videos, but both stepped in to call a halt when some fans started to legitimately believe it was a possibility; both of them were/are in long term relationships with other people and didn't want hate directed towards their partners from rabid shippers.


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