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"I was always the class clown; I made my family laugh, and that was when I was always happiest."

Sarah Kate Silverman (born December 1, 1970) is an American comedian and actress best known for her incredibly dark and vulgar sense of humor, and for her late-2000s sitcom The Sarah Silverman Program.

She was a cast member and writer on Saturday Night Live for the 1993-1994 season, but didn't show off the humor she'd be known for today and was let go after a season via fax. Ironically, she came back to host the show for its 40th season and even pointed out that she wasn't featured much and her best performances was as a phony audience member who would ask the celebrity host questions, which leads to Sarah Silverman taking questions from herself using old clips from the 1990s episodes she was on. Despite this, Silverman had a handful of impressions: three when she was on the show (Cher, Natalie Merchant, and Marisa Tomei) and one when she came back to host (Joan Rivers, whose death was in the news at the time, so the show did a memorial sketch where Rivers gets a comedy roast in Heaven).


In the early 2000s she appeared as a regular on Mr. Show and Greg the Bunny and a recurring voice actor on Crank Yankers, showcased her Standup Comedy act in the 2005 film Jesus Is Magic, made a memorable appearance in the documentary The Aristocrats, and frequently guested on then-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

On the big screen she has had supporting roles in such films as There's Something About Mary, Heartbreakers, School of Rock, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, The Book of Henry, and Battle of the Sexes. On TV she has made guest appearances in Frasier, The Good Wife, JAG, Masters of Sex (alongside her then-boyfriend, Michael Sheen), Monk, Seinfeld, Star Trek: Voyager, and V.I.P.. She's also done animated voice work, in the film Wreck-It Ralph (and its sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet) and on such shows as American Dad!, Bob's Burgersnote , Futuramanote  and The Simpsonsnote .


She also hosted the weekly political comedy/talk show I Love You, America for one season (2017–18) on Hulu.

Sarah Silverman provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Innocent Bigot: Much of her shtick, particularly in her TV series, is that the character she portrays is a naïve racist who doesn't know any better.


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