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Jenny Sarah Slate (born March 25, 1982 in Milton, Massachusetts) is an American actor, comedian, and author. She first rose to fame in films like Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked and Obvious Child, for which she received significant acclaim. Also well known for co-creating Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.

Slate got her start on Saturday Night Live, during the show's landmark 35th season (2009-2010). Sadly, because of a slip-up during her first solo sketch (where she accidentally said "fuck" on a sketch that called for everyone else to say "frickin'") and Nasim Pedrad proving to be funnier and more popular, Jenny Slate's SNL career was dead on arrival. Despite this, Slate did have some memorable recurring characters (one of the singers on What Up Wit' Dat? and Tina-Tina Chaneuse, an ambiguously Latino girl who sells doorbells, alarm clocks, and car horns with her voice recorded in them) and did her fair share of celebrity impressions (one-half of The Olsen twinsnote , Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewartnote , Hoda Kotbnote , and Olympia Snowe).


Slate's personal life has also garnered some attention with her on-and-off-again relationship with actor Chris Evans.


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