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Just when you thought Tony Hawk couldn't get any more rad.

I think that the best things that came out of it were the chance to do Blanche and also I did a Sesame Street Big Bird video that was very satisfying to me. And I don't think I would have been asked to do that if I hadn't reached a little bit higher profile in the 'industry.' That was really rewarding.
Frances McDormand discusses some perks of winning an Academy Award

What well-known bands or actors acquire when they appear as themselves, or doing their instantly-recognizable acts, on a television program aimed at young children.

Like many things about modern kids' TV, the concept was pioneered on Sesame Street and subsequently became a staple of the many programs inspired by it. The basic idea is to make it easy and fun for parents/guardians to get involved in their kids' educational process; however, over the years, it has spun itself off into a unique celebrity cachet. An appearance on the Street — or nearby programming suburbs — has become almost as potent a sign of stardom as an appearance on Leno's or Letterman's couches.

May involve a certain amount of Bowdlerization to keep things kid-friendly and/or educational. Bleached Underpants sometimes results as well.


Mostly occurs in live-action shows, but an actor or band with a distinctive voice can provide the same effect in animation.

The serious older sibling of Parental Bonus. When a person does this sort of cameo because their children are in the target age for the work in question, that's So My Kids Can Watch. For the inverse (with the Sesame Street, Muppet Show, or related cast only), see Muppet Cameo.

Note: When adding examples, please remember that not all animated series are aimed at young children. Rule of thumb: the closer the age of the show's target audience is to the age of the guest star, the less likely it is to be this trope. Also, remember that nearly all inverted examples of this trope go in Muppet Cameo, not here. Finally, please do not include examples where celebrities are guest-starring as characters other than themselves or not doing immediately recognizable acts.


Examples in fiction:

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    Anime and Manga  



    Live-Action TV  

    Western Animation  
  • The Misfits in Jem attempt to do this with a kid's show at the start of "Roxy Rumbles". Roxy however can't read the teleprompter as she Never Learned to Read, and won't admit it to anyone but her bandmates (who tease her for it except for Stormer). She ends up getting into a spat with Pizzazz about it on live television and ends up banned from the show.
  • We Bare Bears: "Anger Management" involves Nom Nom the Koala trying to get on a cutesy kids' show called The Corgis in order to boost his flagging popularity.

Examples in real life:

  • Back when it was PTV Park, PBS Kids ran a series of interstitials called Another Pointer From Paula Poundstone, in which the comedian Paula Poundstone gave children advice on topics like eating healthy and sticking to your plans.

    Film — Animated 
  • Larry King made a bizarre cameo as a bee version of himself in Bee Movie. Even more strangely, the protagonist has to explain to this bee that the human world has its own Larry King.
  • Wreck-It Ralph has Skrillex himself in a very brief cameo as the DJ for Fix-it Felix Jr's Anniversary Party.
  • The Care Bears Movie starred Mickey Rooney as Nicholas and Georgia Engel as Love-A-Lot Bear.

    Film — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV  
Sesame Street now has its own page.

    Western Animation  


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