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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

First Members see episodes 1 week before public release. As a courtesy, please do not trope them for 1 week until they have been released to the general public. Please only trope the episodes that have been released to the general public. For more information, please visit the RWBY Forum thread.

The sheer number of memes generated by the RWBY fandom has become so much that each 3-volume arc now has its own page. In addition, Volumes 3 and 7's folders are split into two because of their sheer size, and Volume 8 has been split into two separate folders due to the two-month hiatus that occurred halfway through the volume.

Memes originating from RWBY Chibi are listed on that show's YMMV page.

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  • This is the day we've waited for. Explanation 
  • Aura Explanation 
  • Cyborg Jaune Explanation 
  • Kerry Who? Explanation 
  • Dishwasher can see the future! Explanation 
  • Describing the series via references.Explanation 
  • Potatoes. Potato Explanation 
    • Now an Ascended Meme, with the Grimm Eclipse game's lowest quality setting being "Potato" (albeit "potato" video quality is a joke all by itself).
  • Combat Skirts Explanation 
  • ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA Explanation 
  • Entire Team. Explanation 
  • Bellabooty. Explanation 
  • "That was Mojojoj fast" Explanation 
  • Weiss you useless lesbian! Explanation 
  • Best girl Explanation 
  • We crashed the servers... again. Explanation 
  • (Adjective) Weiss Explanation 
  • On that day, humanity received a Grimm reminder... Explanation 
    • Became an Ascended Meme when Rooster Teeth released a t-shirt of Ruby facing advancing Grimm in an AoT format.
  • Pyrrha plushExplanation 
    • The Great One Explanation 
  • "God DAMNIT, Barb!" Explanation 
  • Jaune has a Mexican cousin called "Juane". Explanation 
  • Character X is trapped on the moon and is writing a Moon-Log. Explanation 
  • Scarletisms Explanation 
  • Drunkle Qrow Explanation 
  • Everyone is Neo Explanation 
    • You thought this would be [X] but it was me, Neo! Explanation 
  • Cinder is a BBA/17 years old. Explanation 
  • The Law of Mercury/Neo/Adam Explanation 
  • HAP HAP! Explanation 
  • Calling Ironwood "Daddy". No, seriously. Explanation  Turns out the animators weren't much different.
  • Adam the Edgelord. Explanation 
    • "It's time I got what I deserved." Explanation 
  • "I've always wanted a litter!" Explanation 
  • "(Worst) Mom of the Year (Award)" Explanation 
  • Where's Mercury? Explanation 
  • Cinder did nothing wrong Explanation 
  • Beehaw! Explanation 
    • Yorse Explanation 
    • "Don't worry, we're safe." Explanation 
    • Hiatuses be like "Bonjour" Explanation 
  • Weiss the jobber. Explanation 
  • Pyrrha is a CanadianExplanation 
  • "Oh grapes!"Explanation 
  • Cinder is a Yandere Explanation 
  • Hiatus Madness Explanation 
    • Earband BlakeExplanation 
    • Yeecaw Explanation 
  • Trust the transcripts! Explanation 
  • "Hey did you know RWBY is in Doctor Sleep?!" Explanation 
  • "Baby!" "NO!" Explanation 
    • Tall Wife, Small Wife, Wife Prime Explanation 
  • Blake Biladonna Explanation 
  • The Schneenis Explanation (NSFW) 
  • Arryn the gremlin Explanation 
  • "Half the plot is caused by people loving Blake... and I can understand that." Explanation 
  • Is this Summer?Explanation 
  • Oscar LimeExplanation 
  • Cinder's nine fansExplanation 
  • Buzz buzz, buzz buzz...Explanation 
  • The Merch Shipping Saga Explanation 
  • Liveblog LoveExplanation 
  • YirdExplanation 
    • YanimalsExplanation 
    • Did Yang Xiao Long hatch from an egg? Explanation 
  • Penny's HRT Glow-upExplanation 
    • Ruby loves the Robo-Booty Explanation 
  • Team YANG Explanation 
    • Gunther is a God Explanation 
  • Here we are living in fear and it's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAExplanation 
  • Spam the catgirl/Happy Birthday Blake! Explanation 
  • Kdin, Robin Hood Lore ExpertExplanation 
    • Maid Marian should have been a lion.Explanation 
    • Robin Hood is a himboExplanation 
    • "When am I going to see a badass Maid Marian?" "Aren't you already voicing one?" Explanation 
  • Atlesian Pizza EttiquiteExplanation 
  • Cinder/Mercury can't read Explanation 
    • Cinder's secret language Explanation 
    • Emerald teaching Cinder and Mercury how to read Explanation 
  • Winter dyes her hair/Black-haired Winter Explanation 
  • Emerald was Ruby's first crushExplanation 
    • Gee Ruby/Weiss/Blake/Penny, how come Rooster Teeth let you have two girlfriends?Explanation 
  • Like imagine you’re under attack by nightmare monsters and the person who saves you is Paris Hilton, that’s gotta be wild, right?Explanation 
    • Team RWBY canonically consists of Paris Hilton, an ex-PETA member, a disgraced athlete, and Some Girl who only became relevant when announcing the most disturbing news update of the decade. And it’s the Some Girl who’s in charge of everyone.Explanation 
  • Yang's thumbstroke of loveExplanation 
  • Buff YangExplanation 
    • Buff RWBYExplanation 
  • Somebody get Eddy off Twitter!Explanation 
  • Qrow just keeps adopting kids!Explanation 
  • Maiden Thigh-HighsExplanation 
  • Homestuck comparisonsExplanation 
    • Cinder is VriskaExplanation 
  • Chibi told us!Explanation 
  • i like ur bow. it goes gr8 with ur............ PA JAM JAMS Explanation 
  • Yang's Coconut Wife/Bloconut Explanation 
    • YangoExplanation 
    • FRWBYExplanation 
    • Lime Ren Explanation 
  • Jaune gets a harem.Explanation 
    • Or notExplanation 
  • Princess MaynonokeExplanation 
  • RWBY KebabExplanation (spoilers) 
  • Yang can't be a lesbian, her boobs are too big!Explanation 
  • Pin the blog on the lesbian/Form the MegaYang!Explanation 
  • is rwby worth watching (I hate women)Explanation 
  • "Trust Love"Explanation(spoiler) 

Other Media

  • Hot For Teacher playing whenever Glynda shows up. note 
  • "I want to go home. I want to look at pictures of puppies on the internet." note 
  • That defies physics!note 

    RWBY: Ice Queendom 
  • Weissdeath note 
    • Akame vs Esdeath Round 2 note 
  • The moment it was announced that Gen Urobuchi was part of the crew, many fans already joked about the potential amounts of suffering the characters would go through.
    • And THERE it is! Explanation 
  • Weiss is gay for everyoneExplanation 
  • Where was this Gambol Shroud?!Explanation (SPOILERS for Volume 8) 
  • BIG NICHOLAS.Explanation 
  • Attack on WeissExplanation 
  • CONGRATULATIONS Explanation 
  • Yang's Mommy IssuesExplanation (spoilers) 

     RWBY: Arrowfell 
  • Ivy "THICCETY" Explanation 

This meme is also a gun.