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They're guys and they will try anything!note 

The Try Guys is a comedy web video series originally conceived by Buzzfeed that is hosted by Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, Ned Fulmer, and Keith Habersberger. They are multi-hyphenate personalities who write, produce, direct, shoot and act in their own series.

By far, their most popular/well-known video is "The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation," the fourth part in a five-part miniseries they did for Mother's Day back in 2015—the video itself has garnered for than thirty million views on YouTube.

In June 2018, the Try Guys left Buzzfeed, starting their own company and finally have their own channel on YouTube. In videos explaining why they left Buzzfeed, the guys noted that they'll continue making the same kind of videos that they were making when they were still at Buzzfeed—however, with having their own company, they have more creative control over the videos they're making and also have the freedom to do all the stuff they wanted to do but were unable to do when they were still at Buzzfeed.


Also, now that they're finally independent from Buzzfeed and have their own YouTube-channel, the guys will be uploading videos more frequently/consistently (every Wednesday and Saturday of each week).

One of the big projects the guys started working on since becoming independent was their own book, called "The Hidden Power of F*cking Up," which was published by HarperCollins and went on sale June 18, 2019.


Try Guys Try Tropes:

  • Academic Athlete: Ned's a graduate of Yale University (where he majored in chemistry) and is the most passionate about sports of the four Try Guys.
  • The Ace: In almost all videos for the Try Guys, Eugene usually ends up doing the best, at least when compared to the other three.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: For Science! The guys had their sperm count tested and turned the whole affair into a race.
  • Affectionate Parody: CollegeHumor's "Give It A Whirl F*ckers," which got a Call-Back in "Is Grant Keith From Buzzfeed?".
  • Animal Motifs: As a whole, the guys are represented by a triceratops (with a "y" in lieu of an "i"), but each of the individual guy is represented by an animal that's unique to them —
  • Anime Hair: Eugene's hair defies gravity in an almost otherworldly way. Lampshaded by Zach in "Try Guys Watch Anime for The First Time."
  • Amusing Injuries:
  • A Rare Sentence: And often too! They make sense in context.
  • Ass Shove: For Science! They got their prostates checked, along with their testicles to check for Prostate and Testicular Cancer.
  • Attention Whore: How the rest of the Try Guys see Keith.
  • Baldness Angst: Experienced when wearing professional make up to turn the guys bald.
    • Studied in more detail when Zach, after years of losing his hair and feeling bad about it, had a hair transplant procedure.
  • Berserk Button: Zach hates it whenever his name is misspelled (particularly his last name, "Kornfeld", if it's spelled as "Cornfield").
    • Ned's got a few of these: digs at anything related to his homestate of Florida (particularly the Jacksonville Jaguars or Jacksonville in general) and science (he was a chemistry major in college), and anything involving his wife, Ariel.
  • Best Served Cold: In "The Try Guys Prank Each Other", Ned's entire goal is to get revenge on the other three Try Guys, since he had been the victim of so many pranks from them. This ultimately backfires because the other three guys had anticipated this, so they had his car towed to the LA-offices for Buzzfeed, covered it in Post-It notes and put a giant snake in the front seat, and even hired a mariachi band to play music.
  • Big Eater:
    • Keith's often seen eating or talking about food (especially if it's fried chicken). He now has a sub-series called "Eat The Menu" that features him eating one of each menu item from a chosen restaurant. So far, McDonald's, Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, Panda Express, Olive Garden, Arby's, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, and Shake Shack have all been featured, with more episodes on the way.
    • Averted when he's not doing taste tests or Eat The Menu videos. During 2019, Keith started watching his food intake more, even going vegan, because he was concerned about his weight and health; he talks about it occasionally on the channel and extensively in the Try Guys' book.
    • Special mention to YB and Alex (nicknamed "The Food Babies"), two Try Guys production crew members who had to clear out Keith's leftovers.
  • Big Little Brother: Keith's the youngest of three sons, but he's shown to be considerably taller than both of his older brothers.
  • Body Sushi: Done with the guys and an experienced participant.
  • Butt-Monkey: Ned, in the end of "The Try Guys Prank Each Other". The other three team up to prank him by covering his car entirely with post-it notes, and they put an anaconda in the front seat.
  • Call-Back: The Try Guys break into Ned's house as Santa Claus in one episode to leave him a present, which turns out to be an avocado. Guess what Ned gives birth to after he simulates his wife's labor 2-3 years later?
  • Catchphrase
    • Ned: "My wife...", "My favorite color is red because it rhymes with Ned!", "Does this make my butt look good?"
    • Eugene (as the Rank King): "I'm right, you're wrong, shut up!"
  • Child Hater: Eugene and his sisters are examples of this to a certain extent—to elaborate:
    • Eugene's more of a downplayed example—while he has admitted numerous times that he's not the most fond of children and he really doesn't seem like much of a "kid-person," at the same time, he doesn't really seem to hate children. Whenever the he and the other guys do videos involving children, Eugene actually seems to be pretty good with kids—like in the video from the Fatherhood-series in 2017 where he and the guys take care of toddlers for a day, Eugene ends up having a good time with the kid he's taking care of and in the final part of the Parenthood-series of 2018, he seems to really end up liking Ned and Ariel's new son, Wes (even to the point of willingly kissing him on the head and when Eugene held out his finger, Wes ended up grasping it). Ultimately, it seems the main reason Eugene isn't a kid-person is because he's worried he may end up accidentally hurting the kid and/or he feels that he just wouldn't make a good parent/role model.
    • Eugene's two sisters appear to be a much straighter example—while there aren't any videos that show them actually interacting with children, from what can be gathered, they actually do seem to genuinely dislike children compared to their brother, who seems more uncomfortable than hateful towards kids. Probably the best example of this would be the video where Eugene and the guys contact deceased family members through a psychic-medium and said medium told Eugene that he was getting this feeling that one of Eugene's sisters was either pregnant or thinking getting pregnant—when Eugene talked to his sisters about this after the reading, they made it extremely clear to their brother that they really do not like children.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: According to their current intro —
    • Keith is blue.
    • Zach is green.
    • Ned is pink/red.
    • Eugene is purple.
  • Comically Missing the Point: During the "Try Guys React to College Kids React to the Try Guys" video, Eugene immediately loses interest in actually reacting to what's in front of him, choosing instead to focus on the Detective Pikachu trailer for the majority of the video.
  • Don't Try This at Home: Certain videos, such as simulated surviving at sea and kidnapping scenarios, have this warning due to the inherent danger of the situation presented.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The titles for basically all their videos are pretty self-explanatory as well as the name of their group itself. In fact, in a video where the guys explained how they met and formed their group, either Keith or Zach was the one who came up with the name "Try Guys," their reasoning being "We're guys that that try stuff—why don't we just call ourselves the 'Try Guys'?" Eugene initially felt that this was a lame idea, but compared to some of the other ideas that they came up with as potential names for their group (see Trivia-page), "Try Guys" was ultimately the best they could come up with.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble:
    • Ned: Choleric
    • Eugene: Phlegmatic
    • Zach: Melancholic
    • Keith: Sanguine
  • Full-Frontal Assault: In “The Try Guys Try the Ancient Olympics,” all four of them compete in various traditional Olympic games in their birthday suits. Including wrestling.
  • Gargle Blaster: The Try Guys Try The World's Grossest Alcohols. They actually enjoyed a few of them!
  • Happily Married:
    • Ned's consistent mentioning of his wife Ariel (who has been part of several couple/domestic life-related videos with her husband) is pretty much a running gag between the guys.
    • And ever since his wedding, Keith is happy to mention his wife Becky on occasion as well. Just not as much as Ned mentions his wife.
  • High Heel Hurt: Examined when the four of them attempt to wear high heels in various styles and heights while out on the town without tapping out in the form of "flatting-out," where they trade their heels for flats. The shoes range from Zach's three-inch heel ankle boots to Eugene's ridiculous six-inch dagger pumps. While they like the way the shoes look, all four of them admit that their feet hurt terribly once they walk in them for any length of time and they're difficult to move and keep their balance in. Ned even accidentally faceplants when his heels get stuck on the rung of a barstool. By the end of the evening, all four of them opt to flat-out; even the ones who forgot to bring flats would rather walk home barefoot than struggle in the shoes.
  • Hot-Blooded: Ned. In any video where the Try Guys are competing with or fighting each other, Ned is clearly the most passionate about it. Especially when the person he is competing with is Eugene.
  • I Have Your Wife: In "The Try Guys Try Distracted Driving", Ned's wife Ariel is locked in a cage in order to distract Ned. This, of course, works, as Ned drives off the course to save her, causing him to lose the competition.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: Invoked. Lots of their videos explore femininity and womanhood, such as "The Try Guys Get Photoshopped As Women", "The Try Guys Wear Heels For A Night", and the Motherhood series they did for Mother's Day in 2015.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Due to Eugene's adversity to being around children, he keeps calling Ned and Ariel's child "It" instead of "He/him". He at least apologizes for his gaffes.
  • Joke Item: When trying not to die in the woods alone, each of the guys got identical backpacks, save for a useless item unique to each pack. Zack MacGyvered his useless item (Stickers) as a form of tape. Eugene and Ned used theirs as the Team Pet.
  • Lethal Chef: In one video, the Guys attempt to make bread without a recipe. The judges make it clear that none of the bread they made was that good (Eugene's bread was essentially the least horrible by comparison). However, the judges make it even clearer that the buckwheat "bread" that Zach made was easily one of the worst things that any of them had ever tasted (if not the worst thing they'd ever tasted). Seriously, the stuff that Zach made was pretty weird: aside from using buckwheat flour instead of regular bread flour, his "bread" included things like Nutella, chocolate-covered pretzels, Fruity Pebbles-cereal and even gummy bears.
    • Zach didn't fair much better in the follow up episode when baking holiday pies. While this time the others did better and at least made passable desserts, Zach's Pecan Pie was barely edible and looked more like burnt sludge.
  • Literal Metaphor: During the Fanfiction episode, a nervous Fanfic!Keith is described as looking like "a cat that was drenched in the Arctic Ocean." The real Keith then proceeds to act out how that would actually look, making an extremely goofy wide-eyed expression. Said expression is then carried over into the fanfic being acted out. Eugene dryly comments how he's super attracted to Keith's look.
  • The Makeover: The Guys have had a few:
    • "The Try Guys Get Style Makeovers", wherein they meet with a professional stylist who makes them look how they'd ideally want to.
    • "The Try Guys Get Makeovers From High School Girls," where four teen fans give them styles akin to popular youth looks.
    • "The Try Guys Get Makeovers From Little Girls," in which the four of them are matched with girls 6-9 years old and proceed to wear the suggestions, no matter how bizarre.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Downplayed, but Eugene (who's an experienced drinker) seems to have a rather high alcohol tolerance.
    • In a video where the Guys tested their alcohol tolerance by drinking more alcohol through a party and taking breathalyzer tests, Eugene appeared to be nearly unaffected even once he hit the legal limit, while the other three were slurring and getting giggly even before hitting the limit. He even woke up with no signs of a hangover.
    • In a vlog where he and a female coworker/friend of his from Buzzfeed (named Kelsey) sampled the most iconic drinks from each of the fifty states, all but four of the drinks (due to those four states having very strict drinking laws, they got water instead) they tried were alcoholic. Eugene still maintained coherence after sampling 46 alcoholic drinks, two of which were moonshine (which is basically pure alcohol).
  • Nightmare Fetishist: It's mentioned in a few videos that Zach and Eugene are really into horror-related things such as horror films/monster movies and scaring/pranking people, and they both love Halloween (especially Zach).
    Zach:I am marrying Halloween because that, Halloween is the greatest holiday. I will hear no argument to the contrary. (Eugene nods approvingly)
  • Non-Standard Game Over: When driving while distracted, Ned's wife was "kidnapped." This caused him to drive off the course to "rescue" his wife. This cause him to lose the entire competition
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Appears twice in "Sexy Alcohol Taste Test."
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Ned appears to be boisterous and jump into things without thinking, but he tends to exaggerate these traits for comedic effect. Proving his actual intelligence, he went to Yale and got a degree in chemistry.
    Ned: I pretend to be dumb a lot of the time, and it's a very smart choice.
  • Obligatory Joke: The Try Guys Try Pottery has a slew of jokes involving the pottery scene from Ghost.
  • Of Corset Hurts: Ned, Keith and Eugene wear corsets for three days in one video note  Seen here.
  • Oh Crap, There Are Fanfics of Us!: In The Try Guys Reenact Fanfiction they read and act out fanfiction that was written about them. Ned's the most disturbed, but he kind of gets into it as they read a few.
  • One Steve Limit:
    • During the dune buggy episode, the man teaching them to drive is also named Zack. Zach the Try Guy tries to give the other one a nickname, but since their guide is older and therefore has been a Zack longer, the other Try Guys make Zach use his middle name, Andrew, instead. This quickly turns into "Sandy Andy."
    • Averted in several other videos, such as with the guest baker Zack in the baking bread episode, and the male sex symbol video, which has two other Zacks.
  • Only Six Faces: They note in their two-year anniversary video that when commenters on their early, proto-"Try Guys" videos didn't exactly know them on a first-name basis, the guys were mostly distinguished as "The Asian One" (Eugene), "Tall Guy with Glasses" (Keith), "Short Guy with Glasses"/"Tiny Nerd" (Zach) and... "A White Guy” (Ned).
    • In “The Try Guys Make the Ultimate Holiday Calendar,” they have the members of Ladylike pose as them for March (which is International Women’s Month). Zach’s instructions for Kristin, Jen and Devin (who are posing as Ned, Zach and Keith respectively and all look and act very differently from each other) are to "be completely indistinguishable from one another.”
  • Pretty Boy: Eugene's definitely this—he's widely considered to be the most physically attractive of the Try Guys (even the other three guys consider him to be the most attractive). In the videos that focus on the Try Guys trying on different clothes/outfits (even if it's women's clothes), Eugene usually ends up looking the best. It's lampshaded in some of their videos, like the one where the guys try on wedding dresses:
    Zach: Eugene's gonna look prettier than any of us. Let's just get it over with.
    • Also, in the video called "Should the Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?", the plastic surgeon they consulted (a man named Jason B. Diamond) personally felt that there was nothing wrong with Eugene's face and claims that the absolute most that he would do was a minor alteration to Eugene's nose and some minor sculpting along his jawline. When the guys were shown the "after" photos for the before/after-comparisonnote , the changes were so barely noticeable that Eugene thought there was no after-photo until told otherwise.
  • Safe Word:
    • In the video where the guys do labor-pain simulation for the Motherhood-series, the guys use "epidural" as their safe word for when they can't take anymore pain.
    • Eugene uses "faster" in the video where the guys are wearing edible lingerie and Eugene's having someone eat it off of him.
  • Sanity Slippage: Played for laughs in Try Guys Try The Ghost Pepper Challenge. The guys are all struggling to deliver a speech for the graduates of 2020 after eating a ghost pepper. In the process: Keith is rapidly speaking and panicking, Zach accidentally break the podium then continues the speech while holding the detached board, Ned is constantly screaming in rage and pain and then spraying whipped cream into his mouth, and Eugene starts to sound like Kermit the Frog as well as making terrible decisions of swallowing the pepper and rubbing his eyes.
    • Goes Up to Eleven when Ned and Eugene decides to eat one more ghost pepper.
  • Screaming Birth: All four guys are screaming in pain in part-4 of the Motherhood-series—as mentioned above, it's currently their most-watched video with more than thirty million views. After the ordeal is over, the guys have a much greater respect and appreciation for women who go through this (especially their moms).
    • Ned ends up going through this a second time after he and the other Try Guys start their own company and get their own channel on YouTube—during the Parenthood-series, the second-to-last video they did was recreate when Ariel went into labor with her and Ned's son, Wesley (all fourteen hours of it). Keith, Zach and Eugene took turns on giving Ned the shocks to mimic/simulate labor pains.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Downplayed, as all four of them have their own sensitive and manly sides, but Keith and Zach are typically the gentler and more sensitive guys while Ned and Eugene are the more aggressive/assertive manly men.
  • Serial Escalation: Lampshaded by Keith in "The Try Guys Race Dog Sleds," where after a day of training on completely different terrain and equipment, the Guys are racing dog sleds on a glacier.
  • Shameless Fanservice Guy:
    • The guys get naked (or at least strip down to their underwear) in a lot of their videos (especially the ones they made when they were still at Buzzfeed)—sexy costumes, lingerie, (nude) modeling and stripping have all been subjects of various videos.
    • After Zach does an impression of how Keith takes his shirt off during shoots during a talent show, one of their co-workers at Buzzfeed noted she was "disturbed" by how much they get naked around each other for them to know so much about how the others get undressed.
    • During the Tablecloth Trick Vlog, Eugene walks into the studio late after a dentist appointment to find the other three naked and/or in their underwear, attempting the titular stunt. As he stands there confused, Zach tells him to take his pants off. Eugene thinks about it for a second before just shrugging and complying.
  • Sigil Spam: Keith puts his face everywhere in the "Prank War" video, including an Clone Army note .
  • Sled Dogs Through the Snow: in "The Try Guys Race Dog Sleds", the guys travel to Alaska and learn how to travel by dogsled, culminating in a timed competition on a glacier.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders: All of the guys are left speechless by James, an Australian model they bring in for a spray tan demonstration. While Eugene (the only one in the group who's actually gay) is trying to keep a straight face, the other guys are notably flustered.
  • Tempting Fate: When testing Sexy Edible Lingerie, they play "Which White Guy am I Tasting?". When it's Ned's turn, Eugene makes a comment that seals his fate.
    Eugene: Better not be on someone's ass or balls.
  • That Came Out Wrong:
    Eugene cracks up.

  • That's What She Said: Said by the acupuncturist after Eugene made the following remark.
    Eugene: The entry was not great, but the current situation's ok.
  • Twofer Token Minority: Eugene's the only non-white member (he's Korean-American) and the only non-heterosexual member (he officially came out as gay in June of 2019) of the Try Guys, but his race and sexuality ultimately have nothing to do with his role in the group or the series itself. As the guys have explained in some of their videos (both before and after they left Buzzfeed), they've tried getting more people involved with the stuff they do in videos, but the guys were ultimately the only ones who were willing to actually to do the stuff that they do in videos.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: While he doesn't seem all that picky when it comes to his eating habits, Keith's favorite food is established as being fried chicken.
  • Unusual Euphemism: During the Fanfiction-episode, any sexual acts are replaced with sandwich metaphors, displayed on screen by the guys sharing and chowing down on sandwiches.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds:
    • The Try Guys have become pretty close friends through doing the videos, but sometimes the guys' competitiveness gets the best of them, especially in the case of Ned and Eugene.
    • As noted by Zach in one of their videos: "Any time we do a competition video, [Ned and Eugene] immediately forget that we're filming a video and it becomes all about beating each other up."
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: When surviving being stranded at sea, Keith throws up. The material is blurred, however.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser:
    • The whole point of "Try Guys Try Drag," where the guys put on their own drag show and even adopt their own drag queen-personas. Eugene has continued using his persona, Cheyenne Pepper, in other performances and shows.
    • Anytime when they try on women's clothing/costumes, such as "Sexy Lingerie."

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