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Logo by Wil Alambre

"To tell the truth, I didn't even remember creating the LNH: when I found it recently, I was quite surprised to learn that I was credited with it. A bit of research turned up an old email with a tossed-off joke that apparently grew into a social network of which I can only say, I hope the participants truly enjoy it."
Dan'l Danehy Oakes, AKA "Spelling Boy"

A Super Hero-parody, Internet-parody creative writing Shared Universe.

In April of 1992, during a discussion on the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.comics.misc, one poster declared himself "Spelling Boy". Another suggested that they form a Legion of Net.Heroes (in imitation of DC's Legion of Super-Heroes), and others piled in, making up silly superhero names for themselves. Eventually, one declared himself as the villainous "Doctor Killfile", leading into the first true LNH story, the Cosmic Plot Device Caper.

Thus began a tradition of silliness and No Fourth Wall that continues up to the present day. When the Legion outgrew rec.arts.comics (and spinoff rec.arts.comics.misc), they moved to alt.comics.lnh, and later, their permanent home, rec.arts.comics.creative (which also hosts other Web Original Shared Universes such as Academy of Superheroes, referred to as "imprints"). With thousands of stories, hundreds of series, and dozens of authors in the archive, it touches (and, usually, parodies) every aspect of the Super Hero genre.

The Legion is headquartered in the city of Net.ropolis, in no particular state, in the Loonited (or possibly Useneted) States of Ame.rec.a, on the Loonivearth. Well-known members include Cheesecake-Eater Lad, Ultimate Ninja, Sister State-The-Obvious, Multi-Tasking Man, Limp-Asparagus Lad, and Adamant-Authority-on-Everything.

rec.arts.comics.creative can be reached through Google Groups here, with a nice graphical interface (but no posting capability) at Wil's Ego, or through your local Usenet provider. The LNH Archive is here, and the LNH Wiki is here. As well, there's a Tumblr that regularly reposts older stories with commentary and added graphics here.

To coincide with the new 52 and the LNH's 20th anniversary, a new Alternate Continuity/Ultimate Universe called LNH20 is currently being drawn up. Stay tuned...

This universe contains examples of: