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A Super Fic is a work of fanfiction centering around one or more canon characters reimagined as superheroes or, at the very least, they gain superpowers and spend the rest of the fic learning to deal with them. It can either diverge from canon at a specific point, or it can be an entire Alternate Universe in of itself.

Compare Superhero Episode, which is similar but more temporary. Contrast High School A.U., which (usually) ditches the original concept of the series for high-school shenanigans.



Anime and Manga


  • Super, a Tangled story taking place in an altered version of Corona reminiscent of a blend of Metropolis and Gotham City with Disney Princesses and villains re-imagined with powers and motifs drawn from their appearances in the Disney Animated Canon. Rapunzel, a superheroine of the city finds herself falling into a dangerous tryst with thief Flynn Rider.
  • The Fandom-Specific Plot of giving Anna from Frozen latent pyrokinesis as an extension of her Sibling Yin-Yang with Elsa merits an honourable mention.
  • The Big Four Cjupsher Series, a Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfic series set where the characters of the Big Four are made into a team of superheroes, sharing a world with re-imagined characters from various Disney, Dreamworks and other animated properties.


  • Magic Man by Mobius Shadow (incomplete) is a Discworld fic where Rincewind stumbles into a suit of magic armour that turns him into the Disc's Iron-Spider-Lantern just in time for a mad supervillain to threaten Ankh-Morpork.

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Visual Novels

  • The Fate/stay night fic Path of the King, where Shirou decides that the best way to be a "Hero of Justice" is to become a crime-fighting vigilante called "The Archer".

Western Animation

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