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A Super Fic is a work of fanfiction centering around one or more canon characters reimagined as superheroes or, at the very least, they gain superpowers and spend the rest of the fic learning to deal with them. It can either diverge from canon at a specific point, or it can be an entire Alternate Universe in of itself.

Compare Superhero Episode, which is similar but more temporary, and Magical Girl AU for characters reimagined as Magical Girls. Contrast High School AU, which (usually) ditches the original concept of the series for high-school shenanigans.


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    Anime and Manga 

  • Super, a Tangled story taking place in an altered version of Corona reminiscent of a blend of Metropolis and Gotham City, with Disney Princesses and villains re-imagined with powers and motifs drawn from their appearances in the Disney Animated Canon. Rapunzel, a superheroine of the city finds herself falling into a dangerous tryst with thief Flynn Rider.
  • The Fandom-Specific Plot of giving Anna from Frozen latent pyrokinesis as an extension of her Sibling Yin-Yang with Elsa merits an honourable mention.
  • The Big Four Cjupsher Series, a Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfic series set where the characters of the Big Four are made into a team of superheroes, sharing a world with re-imagined characters from various Disney, Dreamworks and other animated properties.

  • Magic Man by Mobius Shadow (incomplete) is a Discworld fic where Rincewind stumbles into a suit of magic armour that turns him into the Disc's Iron-Spider-Lantern just in time for a mad supervillain to threaten Ankh-Morpork.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • The Fate/stay night fic Path of the King, where Shirou decides that the best way to be a "Hero of Justice" is to become a crime-fighting vigilante called "The Archer".

  • In Witches Among Humans, since magic is uncommon in the human world, Luz's antics in the human world are framed as a hero-debut.

    Western Animation 
  • The Loud House:
    • TheLForce takes place in a world where the town of Royal Woods is struck by a Magic Meteor which causes every living thing caught in the light of the cosmic Event it caused to either mutate into a monster or gain super powers. The Loud siblings use their powers to defend the town against these monsters as well as those who use their abilities for sinister purposes.
    • In Loud Heroes, one of Lisa's experiments going haywire is what grants the kids their powers. It is also later revealed that there is a Meta-Gene in this universe and any traumatic event will trigger them, which leads to characters such as Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Sam also gaining super powers.
    • Archetypal is a mix of this with some Harem Genre thrown into it. In this story, superpowers are based on Archetypes, meaning things like a Superhero and Magical Girl are very much real, though they form a small part of the population. Lincoln happens to get a Harem-Powered Archetype, and the story centers on him trying to learn how to control his power while surviving the scorn that comes with it.
    • The appropriately named Heroverse is one where each of the Loud siblings is reimagined as orphans with superpowers, each of which has their own ones that cause them to get into all sorts of adventures.
  • Littlest Super Pet Shop has the pets gain superpowers after being exposed to a meteorite that fell to Earth and try to keep them a secret while using them for good.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
  • True Heroes: Year One and Year Two are fanfics set in a Fairly OddParents AU where everyone is a superhero, based on the "Big Superhero Wish" episode.
  • The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants
    • "The Acronym AU", a Tumblr-started concept which features George, Harold and several of their peers developing superpowers and fighting villains with them.
    • A Miraculous Ladybug crossover Tumblr AU, where George and Harold are Ladybug and Chat Noir respectively and fight the villainous Black Moth, later recruiting their classmates to bear the other Miraculous. Interestingly, the overall plot has been tweaked to remove the romantic elements and is instead based around George and Harold's friendship both in and out of costume.

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