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What if...Shinji Ikari was half-ghost?

Shinji Ikiryo is a Neon Genesis Evangelion/Danny Phantom crossover fic by Mike313 who is better known for Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton and other Super Fics.

Shinji thought the guardian his father left him with, his uncle the self-proclaimed ghost hunter, was simply nuts. Yet one day, a mishap in his uncle's workshop shows Shinji there might be something to all that ghost stuff. Essentially, Shinji Ikari, the neurotic protagonist of Evangelion, is turned into the Japanese Danny Phantom.


After three years of honing his powers and protecting his adopted hometown from ghosts as the Ikiryo, Shinji, as per canon, is called into Tokyo-3 by his father to fight the Angels...with several members of his rogues gallery following him.


  • A Day in the Limelight: The canonical journey to Okinawa by Class 2-A (and which has to be skipped by Shinji and Asuka because of their responsibilities as Evangelion Pilots) ends up going to the dogs by a ghost trying to flood the city, which Toji and Kensuke have to stop themselves.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: You think that a man who studies metaphysical biology like Gendo would be more open to the idea of ghosts. Lampshaded by Fuyutuski. Though part of it seems to be denial that his crazy brother in law, who he doesn't like, could actually be right.
  • Cityof Adventure: Both Tokyo-3 and Shinjuku-2, which has a lot of ghosts thanks to Ichigo's portal.
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  • Combo Platter Powers: Shinji has mastered flight, intangibility, invisibility, energy blasts, possession, the ability to sense other ghosts, the ability to duplicate himself, and manipulate ice.
  • Crossover: Between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Danny Phantom.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Shinji is noticeably more snarky here
  • Epic Fail: What else can you say when Toji and Kensuke have problems facing the freaking Box Ghost?!
  • Expy:
    • Shinji's uncle Ichigo is one of Jack Fenton, although unlike Jack, Ichigo doesn't care that much for his family (he can barely remember that he even has a nephew, for one thing).
    • Considering the nature of Danny Phantom, Shinji can be also considered to be one of Peter Parker.
    • The Kasuga Twins are (slightly) standing in for Sam and Tucker.
  • Forgetful Jones: Ichigo Ikari can barely remember that Shinji even exists.
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  • In Spite of a Nail: Technus is the reason in the story for Jet Alone's rampage. Though he still activates NERV's virus to give him time to escape.
  • Fusion Dance: In a past adventure, Spectra gets fused with the child-hating spirit Kobayashi. This increases her powers, but makes her even more malicious than before.
  • Freak Lab Accident: Guess who?
  • Humongous Mecha:
    • The Evangelions. Shinji discovers that he can channel his ghost-powers (or at least his intangibility) through them.
    • Let's not forget Jet Alone.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Skulker, who actually considers hunting the Angels!!
  • Invisible to Adults: Youngblood appears during the Sixth Angel battle, creating chaos (and, rather unwillingly, plenty of damage to the Angel). Asuka, because of her hard-core desire to be seen as an adult, is unwilling to see the big spectral pirate ship blasting the Angel.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to regular NGE, anyway.
  • Meaningful Name: Ikiryo can be read as 'living ghost' which both fits Shinji's half ghost nature, and status as Danny's Expy
  • Mini-Mecha: Skulker's armor. The author says that alone lets him fit right in with anime already.
  • Noodle Incident: Several of Shinji's adventures in Shinjuku-2, some of which are implied to be similar to some of Danny's adventures, including mentions of what appear to be Nocturne and Aragon.
  • Original Character: The Kasuga Twins, Fumiko & Kamiko, who acted as Shinji's backup & SecretKeepers during his adventures in Shinjuku-2. He still keeps in touch with them. Also (slightly) OC Stand-Ins for Sam and Tucker.
  • Operation: Jealousy: Just like in her original show, Kitty possesses someone close to the main hero in order to date him and make her on/off boyfriend jealous.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Just like Danny. Lampshaded in an omake as being "quasi-bishouen" (and activating the Sexy Man, Instant Harem effect on Asuka and other female characters, with all of the collateral damage that this ensues).
  • Race Lift: Several of the DP ghosts are tweaked for the Japanese setting. For example, Kobayashi acts as the equivalent of the Lunch Lady, the first serious ghost fight Shinji has, only far more malicious and dangerous to civilians.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Seems to happen between Shinji & Asuka in chapter 15. Subverted, it's because Kitty is possessing Asuka
  • Sadist Teacher: The spirit Kobayashi was this in life, though it might have been due to the fact that Kids Are Cruel
  • Secret Keeper: Shinji has the OCs Fumio and Kamiko in his old home, and Toji and Kensuke in Tokyo-3
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Asuka
  • Self-Duplication: Shinji seems to have mastered this power. He uses this several times in the fic to help maintain his Secret Identity.
  • Ship Sinking: Shinji/Rei got sunk when Shinji decided she was his sister.
  • Spanner in the Works: Discussed in story by Gendo and Fuyutuski, who wonder if the sudden appearance of ghosts in Tokyo-3 would affect their scenario.
  • Super Fic
  • Supernatural-Proof Father: Gendo so far is completely refusing to believe that ghosts exist, though mostly because of his animosity toward his idiot ghost hunting brother-in-law.
  • They Would Cut You Up: Shinji kept his powers secret from both senior Ikari men (especially his uncle) because of his belief that they would do this.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Having superpowers and spending several years fighting ghosts does alot to improve Shinji's confidence, though he still has his introverted moments.
  • Weirdness Censor: Ritsuko.


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