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    Twilight Sparkle 

    Rainbow Dash 
  • Rainbow Factory does this to Rainbow Dash, pictured above, who in canon is a brave, loyal Jerk with a Heart of Gold who would never abandon her friends. Rainbow Factory Dash is an Ax-Crazy dictator who not only oversees the deaths of failed flyers, but callously murders Scootaloo.
    • There's also a non canon version where Rainbow realizes just how horrid the factory truly is, and dies protecting Scootaloo in a rare villain sacrifice. All other versions make her into the pony equivalent of Hitler.
  • Also with Rainbow Dash, there's a disturbing amount of fan works that portray her as an abusive guardian to Scootaloo. One in particular is Flying Right, which at first seems like a typical Scootaloo learns to fly from Rainbow Dash fanfic, nothing too bad. Until we get to the "present" where we find Scootaloo has been injured very badly. By whom? Rainbow Dash of course. Then we see Scootaloo talk about not only the physical abuse she went through (smacking, spanking, and even kicks to the face), but also the mental and verbal abuse. There's also art of Rainbow Dash physically harming Scootaloo which can all be found on Derpibooru under the tag Scootabuse. There's also Pattycakes in which prior to the events, Rainbow Dash bullied both Fluttershy (being one of the bullies at Flight Camp, if the flashbacks are to be believed) and Scootaloo to the point of tears. It was the author's way of erasing any sympathy the readers had for Dash in her infantile state and to prevent anyone from feeling sorry for this canon's RD when she was reprogrammed into an infant (not that it prevented anyone from sympathizing with her, despite the author's greatest efforts). Let's just say out of all the mane six, Rainbow Dash gets the worst treatment and is essentially the MLP counterpart to Ron.
    • There's also this: image of Scootaloo getting spanked by Rainbow also under Scootabuse. It's pretty common to see works change Rainbow's personality from a well-meaning big sister into a bully. There's also abuse edits of Rainbow Dash screaming at her parents like this:
  • Friendship is Witchcraft has Rainbow Dash so obsessed with herself that all she can usually say is "Rainbow" and "Dash". She's also an abusive mother to Scootaloo.
  • There's also this little comic of Rainbow and Pinkie abusing Applejack by taunting her about her mom's apparent death.

  • Pattycakes inflicts this on Fluttershy, turning her from a Friend to All Living Things who is able to resist Discord's Breaking Speech through Incorruptible Pure Pureness into a creepy "age play" fetishist who brainwashes Rainbow Dash and her other friends into an infantile state. It also does this to the rest of Ponyville, making them completely happy to go along with it.
  • Thought Fluttershy was exempt from the "canon heroine becomes utterly psychotic" trope outside of Pattycakes? Think again! A NSFW fanfic known as "Love Me" took the idea of Fluttershy craving attention first envisioned in The Best Night Ever and goes as far as it can go. First, Fluttershy forces herself on Rainbow Dash, kills the "competition", and rapes the ever-loving shit out of her. Then, when Rainbow Dash, understandably scared and disgusted by her girlfriend's sudden cruelty, tries to escape, she is killed in cold blood in the process by her. Damn.
  • Butterflies, a Cupcakes clone, depicts Fluttershy as so obsessed with saving a rare species of butterfly that she kidnaps ponies and sews the butterfly eggs inside of them so that no predators can hurt the babies. Three guesses as to what happens when they hatch.
  • Played for Laughs in the comics series Flutterbitch Returns, an alternate ending to Putting Your Hoof Down. In one picture alone she trips Spike while he's carrying glass shards and needles, tells Apple Bloom she'll never get her cutie mark and calls her a Blank Flank (while smoking no less), cooks Angel Bunny, chants a racist chant to Zecora and worst of all, takes ''two'' muffins from Derpy's stand rather than one like it says.

Applejack in general (and sometimes the rest of the Apple family) is often at the receiving end of every negative American-Southerner/country-bumpkin stereotype imaginable. Fan works often portray her as either; a dimwitted illiterate hillbilly who doesn't know anything outside of apple farming, a racist redneck (especially when Zecora the resident zebra is involved), or in an incestuous relationship with either Big Macintosh or Braeburn. Or any combination of the three.
  • In Apple Corruption, Applejack and all of the Apple family (excluding Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac) become this. Applejack is characterized the most, and is characterized as being a stubborn, racist Jerkass whom beats Applebloom for any mistakes she makes. When Sweetie Belle has to live with her, she treats her no differently. From trying to change Sweetie's name to "Apple Belle Sweetapple", lying to Sweetie about Rarity being dead, being the arsonist behind Rarity's boutique burning down, blaming Sweetie for Granny Smith's death, to eventually, trying to dehorn her and when that failed, take away her magic by making her drink a special potion and wear a cap on her horn. This treatment, along with trying to cut off her horn, would've killed Sweetie slowly and painfully. The rest of the Apple family gets the same characterization, especially the ones who live in Nimbuscait, where beatings and the raping of fillies by priests are the norm. Applejack at least gets the Freudian Excuse that she was raped by a priest, and her mother was burned as a heretic for being blasted with magic, but the other Apples do not have any other excuse.
  • Zecora's Got Some Pretty Sick Medicine has Applejack being prejudiced towards anyone except ponies.

    Pinkie Pie 
  • Pinkie Pie: Typically a happy-go-lucky Genki Girl, the infamous fanfic Cupcakes derails her into a psychopath who brutally murders Rainbow Dash, all while never breaking her usual façade. Many fans inspired by this fic combine it with Pinkie's mental breakdown in "Party Of One" (which aired a few weeks after Cupcakes hit the net) to make Pinkie out as an angry, depressed, knife-obsessed schizo who goes by her full name, Pinkamena Diane Pie. Perhaps worth noting that, as it originated in a Troll Fic, or at least was never intended to become what it did, the success of Pinkamena points more towards something in the community than in the author.
  • Hell, Pinkamena Diane Pie has been derailed into a bad guy! Nine times out of ten, her Pinkamena persona will be her go-to Ax-Crazy self (if not Meanie Pie) despite that in canon, she became so overcome with grief that her hair deflated, not anger or evil. You'll barely see any straight sad Pinkamenas outside of My God, What Have I Done? moments in Dark Fic. The Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie blog helped popularize this portrayal.
  • Smile HD portrays Pinkie as killing the rest of the Mane Six and eventually blowing up the world.

  • The comic Rarity's Little Problem had Rarity try to kill Sweetie Belle solely to date Blueblood, who hates kids. And after Sweetie Belle accidentally burns him to death, she just sighs and asks her to get a shovel.
  • Played for laughs in the comic series Rarity get your sword on deviantart where she goes from a well meaning Knight Templar Big Sister to Sweetie Belle to a deranged psycho due to Pinkie's idiocy as a lawyer, getting her convicted by Judge Luna of attempted murder of a crustacean and sent to prison which she then cooks in a soup while laughing and licking a knife.

    Princess Celestia 
  • Princess Celestia in-canon is the Big Good, who has some moments of good-natured humor, but is generally seen as wise, down-to-earth, and beloved by all of her subjects. However, some portrayals of her go way in the other direction, with Celestia written as a Jerkass troll, a heartless dictator who oppresses her people, an outright rapist, or some combination of all three. It's so prevalent, most writers and fans have started to do it tongue-in-cheek, and it's rare to find a work that tries to get close to her canon portrayal, though a group called "Protect Celestia" is dedicated to stories that avert this.
  • Frigid Winds And Burning Hearts has Celestia banishing Luna to the Moon in order to protect her rule over Equestria and then spending a millennium cementing her control over ponykind. What makes this a particularly egregious case is that the author claims to be a fan of Celestia and that he intended the story to be a Grey and Gray Morality tale.
  • My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series depicts Celestia as a genocidal maniac who delights in making everyone else miserable, especially Twilight.
    Twilight Sparkle: I used to have this little toy named Mrs Buzzy. She was a stuffed bumblebee. And then one day while I was having a tea party, Celestia came, and she pulled out all of Mrs Buzzy's stuffing, and she filled her full of sliced bread, and she said, "There. Mrs Buzzy isn't real!" And then she told me to write a 300-page essay explaining what that proved. And I didn't KNOW! *cries*
  • Friendship Is Magic Bitch plays this for laughs, showing Celestia banishing ponies TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNAAAA!! for the lulz.
  • Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student has shades of this, although the reader's view of Celestia is filtered through Unreliable Narrator Twilight.
  • Legends of Equestria blames the Everfree Forest on Celestia and has her establishing a dictatorship as soon as the world is free of outside threats.
  • The "Prayer Ponies" installment of The Prayer Warriors. While in this story, like the others it's easier to count the number of characters who aren't completely and utterly out of character, Celestia stands out, turning into a demon and exiling Charity Sue and Twilight Sparkle to a forest full of demonic trees just for mentioning Jesus in her presence, and appears to be the Big Bad of the story.
  • The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity: While she is still portrayed as a well-meaning ruler, Celestia displays a disturbing pattern of arrogance and belittling of others' concerns when dealing with individual ponies, from brushing off her sister's pre-Nightmare Moon insecurities, to subsequently blaming Luna's pupil/lover for her fall into madness (when if anything he was the victim of Luna's jealous rage) and trying to have him arrested, to talking down to and slapping Cadance when the latter is upset after learning of Shining Armor and Luna's affair (admittedly Cadance had gone off the deep end in response but Celestia didn't know that yet) to getting Twilight drunk at Fluttershy and Big Mac's wedding reception. Most egregiously, in "Apple Family Secrets", she reacts to Applejack calling her out for seducing a random stallion and abandoning the resulting daughter- Applejack's biological grandmother- by calling her a "bumpkin" and blaming earth ponies for "saddl[ing] the rest of us with your feeble moral code" (i.e. monogamy), and even briefly considering turning AJ into stone after AJ threatens to blackmail her with the knowledge of the affair. This is portrayed as a temporary, stress-induced relapse into the darker mindset she had during Luna's banishment, but seeing this undertone of racism and arrogance is jarring all the same. Her next appearance has her back to the caring, well-meaning monarch we know, but considering she starts by castigating Luna for doing the same thing that she did and shows no regrets for...
  • "Let My Ponies Go", by Aegis Shield, depicts Celestia as a cold-hearted and insane extremist who transforms five of the Mane Six into stone statues so that the Elements of Harmony will always be ready to be used against threats against Equestria, causing Twilight to go on a rampage of destruction in Canterlot a la the Plagues of Egypt in an attempt to defeat her.
  • There's a lot of Celestia-abuse encoded in stories written under The Conversion Bureau umbrella, and while it's unintentional in the case of the pro-TCB fics (Celestia is usually presented as a benevolent god-queen, but Fridge Horror says otherwise), it is usually very much intentional in anti-TCB fics, because it's fairly hard to justify a Celestia who acts like she does in canon invading another world with the intent to commit genocide by Assimilation Plot.

    Alternate Universes 
  • Played for humor early on in PONIES!!!, due to it being the viewpoint of Trixie passive-aggressively acting out her hostility to the Mane Six via hand puppets. Twilight is a jerk who only acknowledges her friends for a friendship report, Rarity is a drug addict, Fluttershy just seems to hate everyone and is perfectly willing to feed Angel to a snake named Mr. Plissken and Applejack is generally abused by everyone. This was dropped as Trixie made friends and started being less hostile. It kind of comes and goes. "Twilight Sparkle" hasn't really changed over the course of the comic and has even resorted to creating friendship problems so that she can make reports and Princess Celestia is finding various ways to torture Luna. Rainbow Dash sort of stopped being a self absorbed jock after her legs broke, but Scootaloo started egging her on in hopes of fame and fortune. Rarity is trying to be better with her sister and Spike, but things like Twilight commandeering her house send her off on bits of selfishness.
  • Friendship is Witchcraft does this with several characters for dark laughs. Fluttershy is the leader of an evil cult to summon the god of destruction Smooze. Twilight Sparkle has a superiority complex, abuses Spike, killed Cadence for trying to "steal" her adopted brother, as a foal killed some of her classmates because she thought they were competition, and brainwashed her brother into marrying her. Applejack, meanwhile, is a war criminal.
  • PONY.MOV intentionally does this to just about all of the Mane Six for comedic purposes. Applejack (or rather, Jappleack) is a violent hick who often abuses Applebloom, Pinkie Pie is a drug-addicted Attention Whore, Rainbow Dash is a straight-up Jerkass, Fluttershy is an Ax-Crazy, chainsaw-happy psychopath with a penchant for Slasher Smiles (who also sounds like Fat Albert), Rarity enslaves Mexicans, and Twilight Sparkle is an incompetent Mad Scientist. Certain of them do get some Character Development, the "Ask Jappleack" Tumblr page coming to mind.
    • Ask Jappleack actually deconstructs this trope when Jappleack lands in Canon Equestria. Turns out that the entire .MOV universe is an error in reality. None of them should even exist. Jappleack doesn't take this well.
  • Played for Laughs in Arad's Stardust. XCOM listens to Twilight's description of the members of the Equestrian Government, and eventually conclude that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have socially engineered the population into complacency while they exercise absolute rule, and that Princess Cadance is the most directly dangerous of the three. Their conclusions are hilariously inaccurate.
  • It's incredibly easy to fall into this trap in when writing a The Conversion Bureau fic, whether pro or anti. The general premise is that Equestria has landed on Earth and humans must become ponies to survive the magic that's consuming Earth. While Celestia is usually the focus for derailment and thus has an entry in her own folder above, the entire universe is incredibly prone to it. Pro-TCB stories generally go out of their ways to make Humans Are the Real Monsters and in the process unintentionally make the ponies into a fantasy version of the Borg, committing genocide simply out of racism and the belief that they have The Right of a Superior Species. Anti-TCB stories make the Unfortunate Implications of regular TCB stories explicit, but rarely actually provide an actual explanation for why the ponies would suddenly decide that humanity, out of all the non-pony species they interact peacefully with, needs to be exterminated by Assimilation Plot. The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum is one of the few stories to provide an explanation for the Adaptational Villainy of both Celestia and Equestria as a whole (Celestia was brainwashed by an Artifact of Doom called the Bag of Tirek, and used its power to cast subtle mind control spells on the populace in pursuit of Tirek's agenda), and part of the point of the story is contrasting Imperial Equestria with the canon version, which is utterly horrified by their counterpart and declares war against them in favor of humanity.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse:
    • Instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia became Corona, the Tyrant Sun. A thousand years after Luna bound Corona into the sun, ponies still don't dare be outside at noon. Since the fic is explicitly an AU, with the Luna/Celestia switch as one of its two main premises, this is something of a Necessary Weasel.
    • And the other main premise is that, instead of the canonical Mane Six, six ponies who were mere extras in the canon show gained the Elements and became each other's friends (Trixie Lulamoon as Element of Magic, Ditzy Doo as Element of Kindness, Lyra Heartstrings as Element of Loyalty, Carrot Top as Element of Generosity, Cherilee as Element of Laughter, and Raindrops as Element of Honesty). As a result of this, the Mane Six have all become warped versions of themselves without their friends to keep them balanced.

     Other Characters 
  • Cheerilee's Garden, in which Cheerilee, a schoolteacher, becomes depressive and psychotic when her class of small children have the audacity to act like a class of small children. Her answer to this crime? Murder all of them in front of the town in the guise of a "play".
  • Prince Blueblood gets this a lot. While he is a bit of a brat with an ego, he isn't the demon so many authors portray him as. It got to the point where somebody made a group featuring stories where this doesn't happen. To give a specific example, Frigid Winds And Burning Hearts turned him into a sniveling coward who got an almost-erotic charge out of persecuting Braveheart, and who had previously physically assaulted Luna (something the sycophantic canon Blueblood would never think of doing).
  • Played for a combination of laughs and drama with the interpretation of Lyra and Bon Bon in Romance and the Fate of Equestria, for the explicit purpose of putting a new twist on the One True Pairing. The duo, though seldom seen, are depicted in a snarky and passive-aggressive Sitcom Arch-Nemesis role, but also show some tendencies and potential toward real villainy. Lyra is a wild Mood-Swinger, her Fanon human obsession painted in a truly creepy light, while Bon Bon is a Smug Snake with an affinity for the Breaking Lecture. The two of them have family histories straight out of Game of Thrones, even owning a swivel chair modeled after the Iron Throne, and other bloodstained weapons stated to be family heirlooms. They haven't yet proven themselves to be genuinely dangerous, but even Princess Luna finds them unsettling.
  • Then of course we have Ultra Fast Pony where Spitfire's an abusive spouse to Soarin and takes away their daughter Fleetfoot (exactly how they could have a daughter that looks about the same age as them yet still look youthful is beyond anyone's comprehension) for shits and giggles and abuses Soarin (to the the point of raping him and abuses their daughter Fleetfoot on a regular basis).
  • You think strong, silent, fan favorite Big MacIntosh isn't susceptible to this? Think again if you're unfamiliar with Sweet Apple Massacre. In said fic, Big Mac seeks some peace and quiet from the Cutie Mark Crusaders. He derails into a sadistic monster, torturing, raping and eventually murdering them.
  • In Rites of Ascension, Twilight's mother Twilight Velvet went from the benign nonentity seen (briefly) in canon to a tribalist, neglectful harpy of a Social Climber, for the sake of realism and a Freudian Excuse for her daughter's neuroses. Although some of her social obsession was (at least according to her) in order to defend her daughter from jealous attacks, and she gets better after her daughter banishes her to Ponyville to learn about friendship.
  • Gabriel LaVedier's canon does this to Granny Smith. The Apples are reimagined "as a Faulknerian fallen Southern Gothic family", which translates to Granny having built their business via trapping other farms in gambling debts to absorb their land, and in both past and present being a stiff-necked racist who has no issue with disowning family members for marrying wrong (with a legal morass preventing her decrees from being undone even after she croaks). She does the same to her own son for "embarrassing" the family by being a card shark, i.e. doing the same in public that she did in private for decades (and in fact taught him to do to get him out of her mane). Since much of the canon revolves around non-traditional relationships, she is a frequently recurring antagonist to varying degrees. (To be fair, this started well before her canon backstory and characterization were fleshed out, mainly by "Family Appreciation Day").

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