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"Fill my heart up with sunshine, SUNSHINE!"

"♪ This is your singing telegram; I hope it finds you well,
You're invited to a PARTY 'cause we think you're really swell! ♪"

Voiced by: Andrea LibmanForeign VAs 
Singing by: Shannon Chan-Kentnote 

The bearer of the Element of Laughter. Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie is a hyperactive earth pony who prances to the beat of her own percussion section. The sheer force of her cheerful personality can be overwhelming at first, but anyone who shows a little patience with her eccentricities is rewarded with a truly unique and wonderful friend who fills every day with laughter. And musical numbers. And PARTIES! Even as she defies physical reality when the situation is funny. Try to imagine a pink rocket made of happiness. That's Pinkie Pie. Her Pillar of Old Equestria is Somnambula.

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    Tropes A–D 
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: It's almost a Verbal Tic.
  • Aerith and Bob: In a world with characters with names like Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Though Pinkie does garner some Character Development, being Pinkie, there are some quirks that are hard to shake. Her Innocently Insensitive nature and wavering ability to take important situations with needed seriousness are things she still often needs rammed into her head even in later episodes.
  • Alliterative Name: Pinkie Pie.
  • All-Loving Heroine: This is the real reason why Pinkie got her cutie mark (the party thing is merely her bread and butter); she wants to make everyone happy. It's exemplified by her "I Am" Song in "A Friend in Deed". She also tends to be the second nicest to Discord after Fluttershy.
  • Aside Glance: She does this on a number of occasions as part of the Fourth Wall Observer thing.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Pinkie is a sweetheart who loves sweet treats and even works at a bakery. Maybe it's not surprising that she has a bright pink mane and tail full of Quirky Curls that look like cotton candy.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: All the time but some episodes show that Pinkie can concentrate when she wants to; in "Too Many Pinkie Pies", she's concentrating so hard on Twilight's "test" that she doesn't even notice when all her clones have disappeared and she's the only one left standing until the others directly address her. Possibly a case of Shown Their Work.
  • Attention Whore: A loud party animal who loves being the center of attention. That said, she is a very nice character.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • She has an eidetic memory for what makes people happy.
    • She was also quick to figure out the mystery in "MMMystery on the Friendship Express", once she has a more clear understanding of the "crime scene".
  • Ax-Crazy: Downplayed. While she's far from malicious, she has moments where she can absolutely lose her mind especially in "Party of One" and "Secrets and Pies" and she can be quite scary when she's upset.
  • Babies Ever After: In the series Distant Finale, she has a son named Li'l Cheese with Cheese Sandwich. Him having eyelashes caused some confusion, but they were just given to make him look cuter.
  • Badass Adorable: She's the most energetic and happy go lucky character in the show; she's cute and is Fluttershy's equal in the area, but if she sees her friends in trouble, she will stop at nothing to help them.
  • Badass Normal: She doesn't have the magic of a unicorn or the flight of a Pegasus, but is smarter than she looks, and Rule of Funny allows her to accomplish a lot of things her powered friends can't. For instance, she solves the problem of the Parasprites by herself while none of her friends can. She is also able to outrun Rainbow Dash or mysteriously already be at Rainbow Dash's various destinations before she even gets there.
  • Balloonacy: Pinkie seems to have bunches of party balloons on-hoof which she uses to float for short periods of time. While she rarely uses them for travel, they're most often used during songs or other odd situations.
  • Becoming the Costume: She goes to insane lengths to stay in character of a Nightmare Night costume. This includes "pecking" at candy lying on the ground and somehow laying an egg when frightened by Princess Luna.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER break a Pinkie Promise. The words are "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye..." but the fandom has added to it, "...cause if you lie to Pinkie Pie, you better kiss your flank goodbye."
    • Don't make her burn her cakes.
    • If a friend has trusted you with a secret, don't give it away, or Pinkie will not be happy!
  • Beware the Nice Ones: You'd think that the perpetually cheerful Genki Girl with borderline Reality Warper powers would be an excellent candidate for this trope, escecially since the other two nicest members of the Mane Six, Twilight and Fluttershy, are this but Pinkie Pie repeatedly subverts it. In "Griffon the Brush Off", her reaction to proof that Gilda is a grade-A jerkface is to throw her a party, because she thinks Gilda is just stressed and needs to unwind. In "Party of One", when she thinks her friends have abandoned her she avoids them altogether and throws her own party with various Companion Cubes, in stark contrast to the far more destructive Sanity Slippages of Fluttershy and Twilight. And when Applejack breaks a Pinkie Promise in "The Last Roundup" she breaks out the scary voice, leads a pursuit across the desert, and when she finally catches her she... demands Applejack apologize. That said, "Party of One" shows she takes neglect very hard.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Yeah, a happy-go-lucky, Reality Warper pink pony sounds like fun...until you realise that if Pinkie doesn't want you to get away from her, you won't.
  • Beyond the Impossible: In the episode "Magic Duel" it's revealed that she can play multiple instruments at the same time without using her mouth.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: She has detailed dossiers on everypony in Ponyville. She even knows that Twilight doesn't like quesadillas.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In "Swarm of the Century", she shows up with a one-pony band to lead all the Parasprites out of Ponyville and take them back to the Everfree Forest.
  • Big Eater: In fact, she's a GIANT eater. She can slurp up an entire cake (larger than her head) with her tongue. What's more, she can swallow foodstuffs of an equal or even greater size to herself in a single gulp. And finally, look at all the mugs of apple cider she can down in one sitting, which drives Rainbow Dash absolutely bonkers.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Though she's younger, she does not tolerate anyone insulting Maud.
  • Birthday Buddies: Unsurprisingly, her birthday falls exactly one day after Gummy's.
  • Black Sheep: Once the rest of her family is revealed. Her sisters are drastically different from her - Maud is an Emotionless Girl, Marble is a Shrinking Violet and Limestone is a grump - and her parents are quite conservative. This puts them in stark contrast to the Genki Girl Pinkie is. True to the trope, she's the one that lives away from home. But she and her family are still very close in spite of these differences.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: She's a fan of this, making the occasional Aside Glance, interrupting the Iris Out multiple times, and even a deliberate instance of Camera Abuse.
  • Break the Cutie: Pinkie Pie is extremely optimistic and upbeat, and she can usually shrug off insults and sadness. However, she is easily broken if she is convinced that she is useless or that her friends don't care about her.
    • In "Party Of One" she has a breakdown because she thinks her friends are ignoring her.
    • She is broken by Discord in "Return of Harmony - Part 1" and becomes convinced everypony is laughing at her.
    • The episode "Baby Cakes" shows her exhausted and stressed out from babysitting for the cake twins. At the end she's bawling her eyes out because she can't handle it anymore.
    • In 'A Friend in Deed' she is clearly upset when Cranky Doodle Donkey repeatedly rejects her friendship (although he does accept it by the end of the episode),
    • 'Putting Your Hoof Down' has Fluttershy reducing both her and Rarity to tears by saying she's wasting her life with parties (i.e. her passion, destiny, and life calling).
    • Broken by herself (or at least her reflections/clones) in "Too Many Pinkie Pies". The clones cause her so much distress that even she questions whether or not she is in fact the real Pinkie Pie.
    • She didn't have a great day in "Magic Duel" either. First, Trixie removes her mouth (and never gives it back, not even before she asks forgiveness and receives it), rendering her unable to eat or talk. Then Trixie forces her to dance against her will.
    • Thoroughly broken in "Pinkie Pride", when all her friends get swept up in anticipation of Cheese Sandwich's party planning skills and seem to forget that Pinkie even exists. Also when she has her Heel Realization and forfeits the goof-off.
    • Played hard in The Movie when, after a series of screw ups from both of them, Pinkie, for once deadly serious, calls out Twilight for stealing the Pearl of Transformation and not trusting her friends. Twilight, in a fit of rage, fires back all of Pinkie's own acts of carelessness throughout the mission and her complete inability to take the situation seriously, culminating in her disowning her as a friend. Though Twilight instantly regrets this outburst, Pinkie is too distraught to talk to her.
  • Broken Bird: During "Party of One" her mane straightens for the first time. This indicates insanity-inducing depression.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Despite appearing completely insane to outsiders, Pinkie Pie is regularly entrusted with important tasks by local authority figures who have known her long enough to be aware that there's a method behind her madness.
    • Highlighted in "Swarm of the Century" where nopony takes her seriously until her music drives the parasprites out of Ponyville, demonstrating that she was right all along.
  • Butt-Monkey: Being the show’s comic relief, Pinkie is occasionally subject to long and/or cruel jokes such as not having her mouth for a long period of time in "Magic Duel", which is just about the only thing Trixie did that was played for laughs.
  • The Cameo: Her face shows up in a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo during the "Wingin' It" musical number on The Aquabats! Super Show! episode "Cowboy Android!"
  • The Cat Came Back: One of her stranger abilities is to appear out of nowhere when someone is trying to avoid her.
  • Catchphrase: "Okey dokey lokey." and "Whoa!"
  • Character Development: She has proved herself to be a lot more considerate of others as the series progresses.
    • In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", she slows down mid-fall and land in the water quietly because Rainbow Dash wanted to rest and she didn't want to disturb her.
    • Her ability to deal with perceived rejection also improves over the course of the show. In "Pinkie Pride", while she doesn't deal with feeling rejected particularly well, she has still clearly improved; and manages to avoid going into full-on "Pinkamena" mode as in "Party of One", or Determinator mode as in "A Friend In Deed". She clearly still has room to continue to grow; but has made significant progress already.
  • Cheer Them Up with Laughter: As the bearer of the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie's mission is to spread joy and laughter all over Equestria. In the first episode, she helps her friends overcome their fear of a scary forest by encouraging them to laugh at it. Although later episodes show that results will vary, as her delivery of humour ranges from cheers to cringe.
  • Cheery Pink: She's a cheerful pony with a pink mane and coat who's dedicated to making other ponies smile.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Her ability to play multiple instruments at once is first displayed in "Swarm of the Century". It later helps Twilight defeat Trixie in "Magic Duel".
  • Chocolate Baby: Her mother is silver and her father is brown, but she came out pink.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: She is loud, unusual, and, in a word, strange. Depending on the situation, she can often be the physical representation of this trope. In episode 13, "Fall Weather Friends", she doubles as a Cuckoolander Commentator (Remember: this is Pinkie Pie when she's sane):
    Spike: You know, Pinkie; these two ponies have a bit of a grudge match they're trying to settle, trying to prove who's the most athletic.
    Pinkie: Yes! And "grudge" rhymes with "fudge"!
    Spike: Yes, it... does? What?
    Pinkie: And I like fudge. But if I eat too much fudge, I get a pudge and then I can't budge.
    Spike: So... no fudge?
    Pinkie: Aw, no thanks. I had a big breakfast.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Her name's Pinkie, so naturally she's pink.
  • Composite Character: G1 Surprise was a fun-loving prankster who used that quality to confuse her enemies when it was time to get dangerous, while G3 Pinkie Pie was a party planner. FIM Pinkie has Surprise's madcap tendencies and then some but she's the foremost party planner in Ponyville.
    • She also shares many traits with G1 Fizzy; her relentlessly Genki Girl personality.
  • Confusion Fu: Whatever her enemies expect her to do to them, it probably doesn't include blasting them with a cannon pulled from Hammerspace or using one of her friends as an impromptu machine gun.
  • Cool Big Sis:
    • To the Cakes' twin babies. Even after her first disastrous foalsitting experience, she became their go-to sitter once she shows how good she really is at the job.
    • Pinkie seems to be this to many younger characters, including the CMC. Applebloom is overjoyed when she finds out Pinkie might be related to them, bouncing around and squealing over the prospect of having another sister.
    • She claims to be this for Fluttershy, who objects because she's a year older than Pinkie.
    • While not seen much of it, she is an actual big sister to her younger twin, Marble Pie. While they are Polar Opposite Twins, they're on good relations (Marble smiling when Pinkie gives her a good-bye kiss in a holiday episode and Marble uncharacteristically glaring at Limestone for the latter's insensitivity indicate Marble holds a good regard toward Pinkie.)
  • Cool Car: Her RC Car from this toy commercial and the toys.
  • Country Cousin: Extremely downplayed. Applejack is potentially her fourth cousin twice removed.note 
  • Crazy-Prepared:
    • How does she set up parties so quickly? Simple. She has a party cannon!
    • She keeps marshmallows on her person in case somepony eats something too spicy, and keeps rubber balls and eyepatches stashed all around Ponyville in case of emergencies.
    • She never leaves home without a can of baking powder.
    • She has a file on every single pony she meets, with their likes dislikes, fears and more... even if they didn't tell her those things to begin with!
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: In "Swarm of the Century" (instruments are necessary) and again in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" (The Pinkie Sense is legit even if Twilight can't explain it).
  • Cuckoosnarker: It is rare, but Pinkie can snark if the situation calls for it.
    • For example, in "Non-Compete Clause":
      Twilight Sparkle: Who better [than Applejack and Rainbow Dash] to model the importance of working as a team?
      Pinkie Pie: Um, Rarity, Fluttershy, me, Spike, this flower pot...
    • Or in "A Trivial Pursuit":
      Twilight Sparkle: ...we still could've had fun. I'm so sorry for not realizing it. I got so obsessed with one thing, I forgot what really mattered.
      Pinkie Pie: [heavy with sarcasm] No! That doesn't sound like you at all!
  • Cute and Psycho: Do not break a Pinkie Promise or ignore her; the cute bouncing will swiftly become relentless pursuit.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic:
  • The Cutie: Shares this role with Fluttershy, being cheerful, childlike and adorable. You just wanna hug her.
  • Death Glare: In "Party of One", poor Applejack has to endure about ten or twelve different variants from her in a row when standing at the barn door to keep her from entering.
  • Determinator: Proven in "Party of One". When she wants to find out something, she will.
  • Deus ex Machina: Downplayed, but if an episode needs to progress, it's relatively easy to bring her and her Fourth Wall-breaking abilities in to move things on to the next point quickly.
    • In the pilot, instead of searching the library and wasting time, Pinkie's already found information about the Elements of Harmony in the few seconds it takes for Twilight to explain she can't find information.
    • "Sonic Rainboom" has Pinkie find the spell that gives Rarity her wings in the mess of books on the floor just because it happened to fall on her nose.
    • Pinkie Sense is mostly used for events, but "Feeling Pinkie Keen" has her specifically point out Froggy Bottom Bog as the site of the climax with no explanation of how she came to that logic.
    • "It's About Time" has Twilight bring Pinkie to the archives. It seems senseless, but Pinkie's the one who locates the time-travel spell that causes the whole mess in about five seconds.
    • "Magic Duel" has Pinkie do her one-pony band from "Swarm of the Century" as the stroke that causes Trixie to admit defeat and go for Twilight's fake amulet. Pinkie at this time still doesn't have her mouth after Trixie deleted it and yet it still involves the horn and harmonica.
  • The Ditz: Half of the time, she's a scatterbrain. The other half...
  • Dreadful Musician: Zigzagged. While she loves to sing, she takes the same high energy, stream-of-consciousness approach to music as she does to everything else. Consequently, her musical numbers are usually greeted with displeasure or disdain when she launches into them, and her friends are often seen looking embarrassed in the background. However, when it comes to playing musical instruments, Pinkie's actually pretty good; she's a great one-pony band whenever it's necessary.

    Tropes E–L 
  • Eat Dirt, Cheap: Pinkie's way of tracking another pony involves tasting the dirt. For once, it isn't so much a weird Pinkie thing than something earth ponies are known to do, including her family.
  • Edible Ammunition: She throws cakes to fend off Spike after he transforms into a huge rampaging monster in the episode "Secret Of My Excess".
  • Era-Specific Personality: G3 Pinkie Pie was The Leader of the Core 7 late into the generation (beginning around 2007) and wasn't nearly as hyperactive and unpredictable.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: One of Pinkie's greatest fears is that her friends will stop liking her and not want to be her friend anymore.
    • In the episode "Party Of One", she assumes that this is happening to her after Spike tells her that her friends don't like her parties anymore. As it turns out, her friends are setting up a surprise birthday party without telling her about it.
    • In "The Return Of Harmony - Part 1" Discord plays on this fear to convince her that everypony, including her friends, are laughing at her behind her back. This alone breaks her, but a little additional brainwashing causes her to become dead-serious and angry and results in her yelling at Twilight when she found her.
    • Her depression and resulting identity crisis in "Too Many Pinkie Pies" is most likely a result of this fear, as she sees how unhappy she has directly made her friends.
    • In "Pinkie Pride," she becomes convinced that her friends forget about her in their excitement about Cheese Sandwich.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Pinkie Pie may love pranks, but she knows better than to prank Fluttershy, who is extremely sensitive.
    • She can and will eat (or at least, try) practically anything, including cupcakes doused in hot sauce and pure rainbow liquid, but Sugar Belle's terrible muffins are too much even for her.
      Pinkie Pie: [falling down the stairs after having to eat twelve of said muffins] I've accidentally eaten cardboard tastier than that!
  • Exorcist Head: She can sometimes turn her head around far more than 360 degrees before it snaps back in place. Notably while watching Rainbow Dash's aerial maneuvers at the beginning of "Read It and Weep".
  • Expressive Hair: Her mane falls down and becomes straight, as opposed to the usual frizzy style, whenever she's serious and/or unhappy.
    • In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", Pinkie Pie's mane is flat when she's young and changes into a poofy mess when she sees the Sonic Rainboom.
    • In "Party of One", her mane goes flat again after she thinks her friends don't like her anymore. As soon as she cheers up, it poofs up again. In addition to her hairstyle changing, her entire body darkens a bit. Not just her coat; all of her.
    • Played with in "The Best Night Ever" where Pinkie tries to tame her mane for the Gala, only to have it poof back up again because she's so excited.
    • Strangely this trope is avoided in "The Return of Harmony - Part 1". Despite Discord's hypnosis turning her serious and sour, her mane stays the same.
    • Happens again in "Magical Mystery Cure" when the cutie mark swap leaves her trying in vain to run Sweet Apple Acres and completely miserable, flat mane and all. Just as in "Party of One", she regains her poofy appearance again when her cutie mark is restored.
    • In "Pinkie Pride," you can see her mane deflate just a little bit, when the townsponies carry Cheese Sandwich off in their excitement, leaving her behind.
    • Her mane deflates a little in "Maud Pie" when her friends tell her they can't get along with her older sister.
  • Extreme Omnivore: She's willing to eat cupcakes with hot sauce and burned cupcakes, and her first thought on seeing a rainbow pond in her visit to Cloudsdale is to try tasting it, though it's too spicy for her to handle. She does have standards though; even she found the "baked bads" that Applejack made revolting (ingredients included potato chips mixed with actual worms) — and is disgusted when Spike enjoys them.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In Equestria Girls — Spring Breakdown, she fails to recognize there are two Twilight Sparkles in the same room (Princess Twilight and the ponified version of her human doppelgänger) because one of them is wearing glasses.
  • Fast Tunnelling: A side effect of her Super-Speed, first shown in "Bats!". She can also use her mane as a drill.
  • Flanderization: Parodied and deconstructed in "Too Many Pinkie Pies". Each of Pinkie's clones are essentially a flanderized version of her. It's the original Pinkie Pie's Hidden Depths that allow her friends to figure out which is the real one.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Pinkie tends to act more immature and childish, playing the role of the foolish sibling. Maud is portrayed as more stoic and mature, implying that she is the more responsible of the two.
  • For Happiness: Her motivation for everything; her goal in life is to make as many ponies smile as possible.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Forms this with her three sisters, providing the Sanguine: fun-loving, loud, and driven to seek others' attention.
  • Friend to All Children: She loves playing with little kids, and chaperons some of them during Nightmare Night. Perhaps it's not a surprise, considering her childlike personality. She also loves the Cake twins dearly like they were her own little siblings.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: Pinkamena Diane Pie, as revealed by her mother in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles".
  • Fun Personified: She is non-stop fun and excitement. This is deconstructed sometimes by showing how tiring that can be on other ponies and annoying to those that don't know her well. Examples include "Party of One", "Baby Cakes" and "Too Many Pinkie Pies".
  • Funny Schizophrenia: She undergoes a breakdown in "Party of One" when she's convinced her friends no longer love her, and promptly creates new friends out of inanimate objects; friends that she talks to and argues with, no less.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Not stated explicitly, but occasionally implied (like with her flying machine in "Griffon the Brush Off" and her Party Cannon introduced in "Sweet and Elite"). What makes this more amusing is that her voice actress has a degree in engineering.
  • Gasp!:
    • Her introduction.
    • Does it again after Spike reveals to her that he has a crush on Rarity.
  • Genius Ditz: Despite being scatterbrained and crazy she's very good at baking, arranging parties, is an extremely proficient musician and is handed the Smart Ball fairly often.
    • In "Dragonshy", she beat Rarity at Tic-Tac-Toe thirty-five times in a row.
    • She remembers everything about everypony, because she loves to see ponies smile.
    • She's the only one in Ponyville who knows a parasprite when she sees it, and just how disastrous they can be.
    • In "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows," it's revealed that she's in charge of organizing the files at Town Hall.
    • In the second Equestria Girls movie, she's also the only one that understands Twilight's detailed explanation of how she's going to get the portal to work.
  • Genki Girl: An Exaggerated Parody for the majority of her onscreen appearances. The limits and repercussions of this trope are the focus of multiple episodes, starting with "Party of One"; leading it to be deconstructed in "A Friend In Deed" and "Too Many Pinkie Pies". She starts to simmer down over the course of the series, but her genki-ness still varies quite a bit, depending on the writer.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: In "Party Of One", you can see she has a large teddy bear in her bedroom. However, she doesn't love it enough to invite it to her crazy party (the guests at said party include a bag of flour, a pile of rocks, and a ball of lint). Additionally the Ponygeist billboard shows her with a doll of Spike. What's more is that Gummy in the Equestria Girls universe is now a plush toy.
  • Girly Bruiser: Very girly usually, but never break a Pinkie Promise.
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: A bubbly, giggly pink pony who loves singing and cooking (she works as a baker/candy maker) and is also a Nice Girl. However, she has a quirky and inappropriate side, being loud, boisterous, and a Big Eater. During season six she partakes in buckball, which is a brand new sport, and that in the long run makes Pinkie Pie much more tomboyish.
  • Good Feels Good: Pinkie genuinely feels her happiest when she makes other ponies happy, whether it be from a joke or from one of her many parties. Her "I Am" Song "Smile Song" establishes this beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Pinkie Pie: There is one thing that makes me happy, and makes my whole life worth while, and that's when I talk to my friends and get them to smile!
  • Good Is Not Dumb: Comes up most notably in "Griffon the Brush Off" where Gilda insists that the party pranks were all part of Pinkie's secret plan to humiliate her. It shows up again in "Swarm of the Century".
  • Hammerspace: Pinkie seems to have access to this, as she always seems to have what she needs for a gag.
  • Hammerspace Hair: She has been shown to store several objects within her mane. Any saddlebag she packs tends to develop a surprisingly large capacity, as well.
  • Happily Married: In the Distant Finale, Pinkie is married to Cheese Sandwich, and they even have a son named Li'l Cheese.
  • Hates Being Alone: Being alone for too long does bad things to her mental state, as seen in "Party of One".
  • The Heart: As "A Friend in Deed" and especially "Magical Mystery Cure" show, Pinkie isn't just one to the Mane Six, but to the whole town. In the latter case, everypony in Ponyvile became cranky and angry without her.
  • Hidden Depths: The series is littered with moments to show Pinkie as very intelligent, despite her quirky, extroverted personality. See Genius Ditz, above. Also, she isn't happy all the time, but does a good job of hiding when she isn't. It is mostly in her focus episodes where we are allowed to see her other moods.
    • "Party Of One" shows that if she ever feels betrayed and alone, she will perform an emotional 180 and become a recluse.
    • "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" implies that this is her original pre-Sonic-Rainboom personality; care of a Fantasy Counterpart Puritan upbringing on a Rock Farm.
    • "A Friend in Deed" shows that Pinkie has a large memory of personal details (like birthdays) for every resident of Ponyville.
    • Highlighted in "Too Many Pinkie Pies." Pinkie's clones are essentially flanderized versions of her. It was the original Pinkie's ability to focus on something other than fun that allowed her friends to distinguish her. She also shows that she has a firm grasp on when she has gone too far and comes up with The Plan that allows Twilight to find the real Pinkie.
    • "Pinkie Pride" shows that she's getting better at handling rejection, cheering herself up by remembering past incidents where she brought smiles to others. She also quickly realizes when Rainbow Dash isn't having fun anymore during the goof-off.
    • She demonstrates a knack for turkey-calling in "Filli Vanilli," breaking Big Macintosh's six-year winning streak as the local champ.
    • In "Party Pooped" it's shown that despite seeming to be completely odd in her knowledge of other ponies, and all evidence leading to the contrary, she's so knowledgeable because she is actually very organized; to the point of having a folder for everyone she meets and all their characteristics that would help her both in befriending them, and planning their ideal party. This is expanded in "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" where it's revealed that she is in charge of organizing all the files at Town Hall.
  • High-Pressure Emotion: In "The Last Roundup", when the Mane Six find out that Applejack has run off and broken her Pinkie Promise to tell them everything at breakfast, Pinkie makes a huge gasp before her face turns fire-engine red and steam starts pouring out of her ears, complete with the sound of a whistling kettle. It's enough to scare the daylights out of Applejack when they catch up with her at the train station.
  • Hyper-Awareness: Played with. Despite her often non-existent attention span, Pinkie usually spots the obvious before anyone else clues in.
  • "I Am" Song: Her "Smile Song" from "A Friend in Deed" is about how much she loves to make everypony in Ponyville happy.
    Come on, everypony, smile, smile, smile!
    Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!
  • Implacable Man: Is able to follow a rapidly fleeing Rainbow Dash during "Griffon the Brush-Off" and even get ahead of her, despite the fact that Rainbow flies at top speed while Pinkie skips ahead without a care. Repeats the feat during "Party of One", although she doesn't bother with the skipping. Exaggerated in "A Friend in Deed"; Cranky flees far and wide in Equestria but can't escape Pinkie's apology.
  • Improvised Weapon: Her fighting style consists of using these. She's been shown to weaponize cakes, her party cannon, and Twilight.
  • Inexplicably Awesome: Pinkie Pie regularly stares at, leans on, or ignores the fourth wall with Aside Glances and Camera Abuse, defies the laws of physics whenever convenient for the plot or humor and launches into musicals when nopony else does. She's popped out of locations too small for her to fit into, appeared inside a mirrornote  and even fought the closing iris at the end of an episode. While this in itself isn't unusual for a cartoon, she's the only pony in this show who behaves like that. Everypony else is well aware that Pinkie Pie doesn't work with the same rules as anypony else and they just do their best to ignore the weirdness. To drive the point home, this is a setting with magic-using ponies, and Pinkie is strange even to them. She is explicitly stated to be too weird for magic to explain.
    • This was finally lampshaded in "Too Many Pinkie Pies", when Pinkie Pie, so as not to disturb Rainbow Dash's nap, slowed herself mid-dive into a pool. Rainbow Dash was shocked enough to ask, "How did you do that?"
    • In "Magic Duel", we get this gem when Twilight is questioned on how she suddenly made ten instruments appear out of nowhere and could play them all at once by herself while having no mouth.
      Twilight: That wasn't magic, that was just Pinkie Pie.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: She's into fun and smiles and happiness, and has the eyes and personality to match!
  • Innocently Insensitive: Pinkie is never mean and her goal in life being to make others happy, but she has a tendency to assume that her idea of fun is everypony's idea of fun.
    • Fluttershy is an exception: as seen in "Griffon the Brush-Off" Pinkie refuses to prank her (or let others do so) because she's well aware of how sensitive Fluttershy is and that she may get the wrong idea from any pranks. It's not certain if Fluttershy herself appreciates Pinkie's protective behavior. Even then, "Filli Vanilli" shows that not even Fluttershy is immune to receiving this trope from her.
    • After a poorly executed stunt lands Rainbow Dash in the hospital, the first question Pinkie Pie asks the doctor is, "Is her face going to stay that way?".
    • This trait plays a small, yet significant role in "Over a Barrel", where she insists on repeating her original flop of a song, thus pushing the war into full outbreak, despite the fact that neither the Chief nor the Sheriff made any bones of the fact that they thought her song stunk the first time she performed it.
    • In "A Friend in Deed", the episode's plot revolves around how this trait alienates her further from the already less-than-sociable Crankie.
    • In "Filli Vanilli", Pinkie wants to make Fluttershy feel better, but her very detailed descriptions of Stage Fright and its consequences just make poor Fluttershy's situation even worse. According to the episode's writer, "her filter was off that day".
  • Insane Troll Logic: In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twilight starts out trying to figure out Pinkie sense, which is a series of twitches that can predict when something's going to happen in the future. After Twilight's numerous attempts and injuries, she goes to Froggy Bottom Bogg in the hopes of discovering what the big doozy is. After surviving an encounter with a hydra, Twilight loses her cool, eventually accepting that somehow, Pinkie sense just inexplicably makes sense:
    Twilight: Ooh... I give up...
    Spike: Give what up, Twi?
    Twilight: The fight. I can't fight it anymore. I don't understand how, why, or what, but Pinkie Sense somehow... makes sense. I don't see how it does, but it just does. Just because I don't understand doesn't mean it's not true.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With everypony in Ponyville of every age, from foals like Pumpkin and Pound Cake to senior citizens like Mr. Wattle, Matlida and Cranky.
  • Jabba Table Manners: Her favorite method of eating often seems to involve plunging her face into food. Of note, her table manners horrified Mr. and Mrs. Cake during Princess Celestia's visit, as well as Canterlot's elites when she crashed their garden party.
  • Karmic Protection: Shares this with Fluttershy. Pinkie's strange behavior and insensitiveness seldom gets reprisal, most notably with poor Cranky. Those who tried to discredit Pinkie get a rather painful Humiliation Conga. That said, sometimes this Karmic Protection is stripped off, resulting in a very battered babysitter, or when she nearly went crazier than usual trying to hide the news about Shining Armor and Cadence's baby as payback for "Green isn't Your Color".
  • Kid-Appeal Character: She was basically The Hub's mascot during its existence, though the show often uses her as a means to take shots at the mentality underlying many uses of this trope, for example, "The Piggy Dance," which parodies the overly simplistic and repetitive nature of many children-directed songs, and seals the deal by causing the infant Cake twins to cry in response to it.
  • Kindhearted Simpleton: She is normally regarded as air-headed, socially oblivious and generally off in her own little world, but is one of the kindest ponies you'd ever meet barring Fluttershy.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: In "Pinkie Pride," she immediately forfeits the goof-off when she realizes that she went too far and Rainbow Dash isn't having any fun.
  • Kubrick Stare: Delivers one to the mane cast after being dragged to her surprise party in "Party Of One".
  • Large Ham: In her usual mood, she puts a lot of spirit into whatever she says.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Sometimes; she's also aware of her tendencies to sing songs out of nowhere.
  • Life of the Party: Throwing parties is her forte, she acts like a partygoer, and take a guess at who provides the page image of the trope.
  • Literal-Minded:
    Gilda: I'll be watching you... like a hawk.
    Pinkie: Why? Can't you watch me like a griffon?

    Rainbow Dash: This guy's a barrel of laughs.
    Pinkie: Laughs don't come in barrels. They come from inside you as your body's response to delight.
  • Loon with a Heart of Gold: She's loopy and weird, and has dedicated her life to spreading joy and laughter.
  • Loss of Identity: In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", Pinkie's clones drive her to so much distress that she doesn't know whether she is the real Pinkie or not. The fact that she is the only Pinkie to question herself may have contributed to her passing the test.
  • Love Hungry: She's shown to be clingy almost to the point of offense in some episodes (mostly in Season 1), such as "Griffon the Brush-Off" and "Party of One" (where she pretty much demands that her friends attend a party of hers, even though they already attended one the day before). When she meets Cranky Doodle Donkey in "A Friend in Deed", she's dumbfounded by the possiblity that he might not want to be friends with her.

    Tropes M–Q 
  • The Mad Hatter: Pinkie Pie knows just how crazy she is and loves every minute of it.
  • Magnetic Hero: There is literally no pony in Ponyville that isn't her friend. The only characters she can't befriend are the antagonists, and that's probably because they don't stick around long enough or are too fundamentally screwed up. This led to some trouble when she met someone who didn't want to be her friend and she still befriended him by the end of the episode.
  • Meaningful Name: She's pink, and her name is Pinkie. You do the math. Also, her last name is "Pie" and she works at a bakery and loves sweets.
  • Misery Trigger: She doesn't take folks not wanting to be her friend very well. She even becomes very heartbroken when she is lead to believe that someone she considers a friend no longer wants to be her friend.
  • Motor Mouth: Played for Laughs and weaponized in "The Last Roundup". Applejack stonewalls her friends about why she refuses to return to Ponyvile, so Pinkie Pie sidles up to her and chatters about Inherently Funny Words until she cracks.
  • Muggle Born of Mages: Played with. Pinkie sucks at farmwork, even though she is an Earth Pony (who are said to have magical aptitude to agriculture) and was raised on a farm. However, given her downright Combo Platter Powers, you could argue that her family are the real "Muggles" in this case.
    • And even then, during King Sombra's Bad Future in "The Cutie Re-Mark," she is shown matching Maud's rock-farming aptitude, implying that her usual non-farmwork-inclination is merely psychological.
  • The Music Meister: As of Season 3, Pinkie Pie has started/led most on the songs in the show, and is capable of causing others around her to participate, as seen in "A Friend in Deed".
  • Multiple-Choice Past: The stories that Pinkie has told about her childhood don't fit together all that well.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", Pinkie cloned herself a few times in order to have fun with all her friends simultaneously, but then realized this was a BAD idea. The Pinkie clones wreaked havoc all over Ponyville, and the real Pinkie laments how it was all her fault.
    • In "Pinkie Pride," she has one such moment when she realizes that the goof-off is causing Rainbow Dash not to have fun. She immediately forfeits the goof-off as a result. This is also the moment when she gets her "key."
  • Nice Girl: She's a good example of this (parties, smile, friendship, etc) unless you push her Berserk Button.
  • Non Sequitur: This classic exchange from "Cutie Mark Chronicles":
    Pinkie Pie: And that's how Equestria was made.
    Scootaloo: Wha... huh?
    Apple Bloom: Look! We're here!
    Pinkie Pie: Maybe on the way home I can tell you the story of how I got my cutie mark. It's a gem!
  • Noodle Incident: After having to eat twelve of Sugar Belle's terrible muffins in "The Cutie Map - Part 2", she laments, "I've accidentally eaten cardboard tastier than that."
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Gets really up close even with those she has only become acquainted with shortly before. Lampshaded by Rarity in "Bridle Gossip", when Pinkie proceeds to search through Rarity's mane to find a shrunken Applejack.
    Rarity: Pinkie Pie! Haven't you ever heard of personal space?
    Pinkie Pie: Nope!
  • Not Good with Rejection: Pinkie Pie's biggest character flaw is the fact that she takes it extremely personally when someone rejects her, tries to ignore her, or otherwise doesn't go along with what she wants.
    • See "Party of One". She becomes reduced to talking with inanimate objects and sporting a Slasher Smile when she thinks her friends are rejecting her.
    • In "A Friend In Deed", Cranky's continual rejections of her attempts to befriend him just makes her push harder and harder to win him over, to the point her "over the top" Genki Girl antics change from insistent but cute, to outright creepy.
    • She gets increasingly more worried Rainbow Dash will forget about her and the others in "Wonderbolt Academy", until the other four agree to deliver a care package to Rainbow just to calm Pinkie Pie down.
    • In "Secrets and Pies," after deducing that Rainbow Dash hasn't been eating the pies that Pinkie's made for her over the years, Pinkie becomes obsessed with catching Rainbow getting rid of one.
  • Odd Name Out: Her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, making her one of the few characters to have a middle name, and a remarkably un-pony-ish name to boot.
  • Ode to Food: Her "Cupcakes" song is about how she likes to eat and make cupcakes.
  • Official Couple: In the series finale, she marries Cheese Sandwich and they have a foal together.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Has a tendency to appear out of nowhere if she's not on screen. If she goes out of shot or behind an object, she can come back in from anywhere.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but is known to everypony as Pinkie.
  • Only Sane Man: While she is known to be the craziest pony in the cast, she takes over this role occasionally.
    • In "Swarm Of The Century", she is the only pony to have any knowledge of the parasprites, and nopony else (not even Twilight) will listen to her when she knows of a way to get rid of them. To be fair, her attempts at communicating this are not terribly clear.
    • She is also the one to find a book on the Elements of Harmony. "It was under 'E'!"
    • In "Sonic Rainboom," it takes her no time at all to find the book with the flight spell Twilight needs, even though the library is a total mess. Her explanation? "It landed on my face when Rainbow Dash knocked me into the bookcase."
    • In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", Pinkie is calm and down-to-earth compared to her reflections. She even suggests The Plan that Twilight uses to weed out the clones.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • In "Party of One", Pinkie becomes very depressed after no one wants to come to her party. She starts going crazy thinking her friends have betrayed her trust and becomes very cynical and bitter. It turns out they had planned a surprise birthday party for her, which is able to switch her back to her usual self.
    • In the 2017 movie, she tells Twilight that she doesn't even want to talk to her after Twilight tried to steal the pearl from Seaquestria and yelled at her that she would be better off without friends. If Pinkie Pie doesn't want to talk to you, you know you've really messed up.
    • In the infamous "The Mean 6", she completely drops all goofball tenancies when she sees Fluttershy crying alone in the forest, and angrily shouts at Mean Twilight (thinking she's the real Twilight) in defense of her.
    • In "The Beginning of the End - Part 2". After King Sombra captures the Mane Six and goes on to brainwash Ponyville,, she can find nothing funny about the current situation.
    • In Issue #99 of the comics, Pinkie is so distraught about Marble travelling to college (which is so far away that she can't even visit for a year) that she declines the offer to plan Marble's going-away party (which both Marble and her friends note is unusual).
  • Out of Focus: This has happened to her in 2018, where she's been getting less screentime in season 8 and has been replaced by Rainbow Dash as the franchise's representative. This may be because her human counterpart has gained more popularity and screentime in the Equestria Girls franchise, although it's not confirmed.
  • Overly-Long Tongue: As seen in "Swarm of the Century", as per the usual Rule of Funny.
  • Perky Goth: Appears with this persona in a toyline called "Pinkie Pie's Fashion Boutique". The packaging has a black, white and pink color scheme and her design is different (she has black and white streaks in her mane and her cutie mark has a red, black and white balloon). This hasn't appeared or even been hinted at in the cartoon.
  • Perpetual Frowner: She used to be one like the rest of her family, until the sight of Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom made her smile for the first time and broke out of it.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Pinkie's goal is to make others smile. She loves smiling and she even has a song dedicated to smiling.
  • Personality Powers: She bears the Element of Laughter and her special talent is either throwing parties or making others happy. In line with that, she is perpetually cheerful and energetic 99% of the time.
  • Photographic Memory: Pinkie can remember every detail she's ever seen or heard about her friends, no matter how small or obscure.
    • In "A Friend in Deed" she starts the episode by greeting various ponies and saying something about their life. She recognized Matilda from Cranky's scrapbook and realized that she was the one he was looking for.
    • In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", she easily finds the magic pond from a rhyme that Nana Pinkie taught her when she was just a filly, whereas Twilight had never heard of it before.
  • Phrase Catcher: "Pinkie Pie, you are so random" and "She's just being Pinkie" get thrown her way a fair bit.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: With her Shrinking Violet sister, Marble.
  • The Pollyanna: She has such a bright outlook on life that she can literally laugh away her fears, most of the time. She also seems to believe that anypony is capable of being a friend if you're nice enough to them, no matter how hostile they've been in the past. In addition, if Pinkie's confident that a situation will be worked out, she won't let herself be bothered by it in the slightest. This had led to numerous situations where a character will try to explain the gravity of the situation to a seemingly-oblivious Pinkie, only for her to demonstrate that she realizes exactly what's happening — she just knows that things will turn out well in the end. She explains in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" that her knee gets pinchy whenever something scary is about to happen. It's never gone off.
  • Poor Communication Kills: If Pinkie Pie had told her friends in the beginning how dangerous the parasprites were and that music would lure them away, a lot of trouble could have been saved.
  • The Power of Rock: In this case, The Power Of Oompah! "Swarm of the Century" she uses a one pony band to lead the parasprites out of town.
  • The Prankster: It's made clear that her pranks are all in good fun and she refuses to prank Fluttershy for fear that her friend would take it too seriously.
  • Prehensile Hair: She can hold things with her forelock and use it to tunnel underground. Her Equestria Girls counterpart can open bottles with hers.
  • Prehensile Tail: She can also hang by her tail, use it as a drill, hold/operate a camera with it, and spin it to fly helicopter-style.
  • Promotion to Parent: The Cakes promote her to the regular babysitter of their twin children at the end of the episode "Baby Cakes".
  • Quirky Curls: She has a curly mane and tail that's fitting with her quirky personality. Oddly, her hair seems to be naturally straight, since it poofed up into its current style when she witnessed the Sonic Rainboom and experienced joy for the first time as a filly. It's stayed that way ever since, only straightening again when she's depressed (i.e. very rarely).

    Tropes R–Z 
  • Reality Warper:
    • Any time it aids the joke, she's shown with this ability. She's appeared in two places in a single animation frame several times and spends about half of "Green Isn't Your Color" popping out of places she can't possibly fit in just to remind Twilight that secret-keeping is a big deal.
    • The others have recognized this in-universe; they come to expect weirdness when Pinkie is involved. Twilight even counts on this in "Magic Duel".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Pinkie's loud, hyper personality makes her 100% Red Oni to all five of her friends.
  • Renaissance Man: She's the most social pony in Ponyville; she knows everyone's names and birthdays, and keeps detailed psychological profiles in a hidden room under her bakery; and she has all the skills she needs to support her love of parties: she's a superb baker, a good singer and musician, a good decorator and event planner, an excellent psychologist, a skilled zoologist, a talented artillerist, a brilliant mechanic, and a genius engineer. She's also the Trope Codifier for Wrong Context Magic, and can travel through mirrors more conveniently than the most talented wizards of her setting.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Not as frequently as Zecora, but Pinkie still likes to rhyme a lot... especially when she's singing.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", she actually acknowledges this about herself.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: A very bright, intense pink in contrast to Fluttershy's more subdued light pink, showing her intensely cheery personality.
  • Rule of Funny: She can do anything that makes the situation funny, bordering on Reality Warper. It's especially noticeable when things aren't funny; at which point she loses most of her "abilities".
  • Sad Clown: Pinkie Pie is the Element of Laughter, and near perpetually bubbly and cheerful. Take that happiness away from her and the result is depressing.
  • Sanity Slippage: In "Party of One", where she starts talking to inanimate objects and they talk back to her.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: She takes most sarcastic comments aimed at her as compliments or she may think the person was being serious.
    • Referring to a tree called Bloomberg they are transporting on a train, this exchange takes place between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie:
      Rainbow Dash: When we get to Appleloosa, do you think we're going to need to carry that heavy tree all the way from the train to the orchard?
      Pinkie Pie: What tree? You mean Bloomberg?
      Rainbow Dash: No. Fluttershy.
      Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy's not a tree, silly.
      Twilight: What's going on?
      Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash thinks Fluttershy's a tree!
      Fluttershy:I'd like to be a tree.
    • After a frog falls on Twilight's face...
      Pinkie Pie: Uh... Twilight? You got a little something on your face there.
      Twilight: Oh really? Did your "Pinkie sense" tell you that too?
      Pinkie Pie: No; I could just see it.
  • Secret Test of Character: In "Pinke Pride", Pinkie goes to great lengths to plan a birthday party for Rainbow Dash and prove she's a better party pony than Cheese Sandwich. However, she discovers she went too far and hurt Rainbow's feelings, inspiring Cheese to do the same, and he gives her his rubber chicken Boneless, which turns out to be her key to the Tree of Harmony chest.
  • Seers: "Pinkie Sense" allows her to predict something that will happen in the near future; like falling flower pots. She also has the uncanny ability to predict where other ponies are going to be and what they're going to do.
  • Serious Business: Ironically for her happy-go-lucky fun personality, there are some things Pinkie takes very seriously.
    • Never ever attack Sugarcube Corner, or break a Pinkie promise. You've been warned.
    • Parties. When she says she will throw you the greatest party you've ever had, it is not an exaggeration for her; you will have the greatest party you've ever had, and she will go to great lengths to make it happen.
    • Family photo albums. When you're family, you make the time to create one.
  • Shout-Out: Pinkie's Silly Walk of bouncing around is modeled after Looney Tunes star Pepé Le Pew, where he would always pursue Penelope Pussycat by bouncing around on all fours. "Griffon the Brush Off" emphasizes this by having Pinkie's bounces be set to a waltz while she's chasing Rainbow Dash around, as Pepé's hops were always accompanied by bouncy music.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang:
    • With Maud Pie. Pinkie is hyperactive and immature, while Maud is The Stoic and more mature. Maud even lampshades this.
    • Also with Marble Pie. Pinkie is outgoing, while Marble is a Shrinking Violet.
    • She has this with all her siblings in different ways; her sister Limestone is...not as cheerful as she is, which Pinkie herself actually seems annoyed by.
  • Sidetracked by the Analogy: Constantly. "Sticking to you like caramel on a candy apple"? She'll reminisce about candy apples. "Watching you like a hawk"? She'll ask why you can't watch her like your own species. "Hit the books"? She'll question why you're hitting them instead of reading them. "Holding a grudge"? She'll notice "grudge"' rhymes with fudge and proceed to chat about how she loves fudge. Call somepony an egghead for liking to read? She'll say she loves reading and that her head isn't shaped like an egg, "more like a grapefruit really."
  • Signature Laugh: A childlike, high-pitched and joyous giggle.
  • Significant Birth Date: Her birthday happens to be one day after her alligator Gummy's birthday.
  • Silly Walk: All the other ponies will trot or gallop. Pinkie will bounce, complete with unique sound effect. The name for this gait is "pronking" and there arguably could not be a better word for how Pinkie Pie travels.
  • Simple-Minded Wisdom: When Pinkie is holding the Smart Ball, it often comes in this form. For example, when Twilight can't find any information in her library about the Elements of Harmony (probably because she was panicked and in a strange library she hasn't had time to properly peruse due to a plethora of partying ponies):
    Pinkie Pie: "The Elements of Harmony: A reference guide".
    Twilight: How did you find that?
    Pinkie Pie: [singsong] It was under EEEEE!
  • Speech-Impaired Animal: Her characterization in "Bridle Gossip", where the Mane Six are cursed and Pinkie Pie can only talk unclearly.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Once in a great while, her name will be spelled as "Pinky Pie".
  • Spider-Sense: Her Pinkie Sense detects immediate danger.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: Multiple times in the series.
    • "Griffon The Brush-Off" has Pinkie Pie following Rainbow Dash around but in a cheerful way. Dash finds this slightly annoying at worst but also amusing.
    • "Party Of One" features a less pleasant variety when Pinkie's friends seem to be making excuses for why they aren't coming to her latest party. She puts on a "disguise" to spy on them and then Dash—who can tell it's Pinkie but not that she's trying to disguise herself—says "Hi, Pinkie Pie." Then, Pinkie chases Dash very aggressively and angrily, loudly asking for the real reason Dash doesn't want to come to the party. When Dash hides in Applejack's barn, Pinkie full-on interrogates Applejack about why she's in there.
    • Downplayed, in that she knows pretty much everything about everybody she meets if given enough time around them, even the stuff they don't tell her or probably don't want her to know. Played for Laughs and for Plot Purposes in "Party Pooped" Where it's revealed she has a secret "Party Planning Cave" with files on every single pony in Ponyville.
  • Stepford Smiler:
    • Pinkie appears to be the unstable type of this in "Party of One". She was hearing voices and had eye twitches.
    • In "Pinkie Pride," when Twilight finds her and asks if she's helping Cheese Sandwich plan the party. Pinkie assures Twilight that everything's okay while wearing one the whole time.
  • Suddenly Fluent in Gibberish: At the beginning of "Feeling Pinkie Keen", she claims to understand a frog's ribbit as "'nice catch' in Frog."
  • Super-Speed: Whenever it serves a sight gag, she can run on land faster than Rainbow Dash can fly! This is pushed into Flash territory in "Power Ponies".
  • Super-Strength: Implied by being an earth pony, though rarely directly shown. The Sombra-dominated Bad Future in "The Cutie Re-Mark" shows that she at least has the potential to develop strength on par with her sister Maud, who can drill through rock with her bare hooves.
  • Supreme Chef: She works as a baker/candy maker at the Sugarcube Corner and is very much adept at it (unless assisted by an exhausted or overenthusiastic pony) even if Gummy taking a bath in the punch is her "special ingredient".
  • Sweet Baker: Pinkie Pie is the jovial kind of sweet baker at the Sugar Cube Corner, alongside being the local party planner of Ponyville. She helps manage the shop with her bosses, babysits their children, and her adorably sweet personality spreads joy and laughter to the customers and her friends.
  • Squee: Pinkie tends to Squee a lot more than the other members of the Mane 6.
  • Stealth Pun: Pinkie Pie is a pony who loves to throw parties, which makes her a party animal.
  • Sweet Tooth: Her Big Eater tendencies almost invariably involve confections of some sort; with cupcakes a particular favorite. She seems to be perpetually on a sugar high.
    [Pinkie is participating in the Equestrian equivalent of trick-or-treating with several foals much younger than her]
    Pinkie Pie: Enough chit-chat! Time is candy!
    Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, aren't you a little old for this?
    Pinkie Pie: Too old for free candy?! [glares at Twilight] Never!
  • Talkative Loon: Pinkie loves to go on and on about the most random things, especially food.
    Pinkie Pie: A cherrychanga is mashed-up cherries in a tortilla and then deep-fried! Cherrychanga! Great name, huh? Or maybe I should call it a chimicherry? Ooh, that's good too! Which do you think sounds better? Cherrychanga or chimicherry? Or what if I combined them? Chimicherrychanga! What sounds the funniest? I like funny words! One of my favorite funny words is "kumquat"! I didn't make that one up. I would work in a kumquat orchard just so I could say "kumquat" all day! Kumquat, kumquat, kumquat! And "pickle barrel"! Isn't that just the funnest thing to say?! Pickle barrel, pickle barrel, pickle barrel! Say it with me! Pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat, chimicherrychanga!...
  • Terrible Artist: Her drawing of her friends in "Scare Master" (and possibly Nightmare Moon, as she probably planned the games), her drawing of Rainbow Dash in "Pinkie Pride", and her lack of coloring skills in "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1."
  • Territorial Comic Relief: In "Pinkie Pride", Pinkie finds her position as Ponyville's resident goofball/party planner challenged by Cheese Sandwich. Afraid that her friends will abandon her in favor of Cheese, she challenges him to a "goof off", with the funniest pony being declared the winner.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song:
    • Lampshaded the first time she launches into one:
      Twilight: Tell me she's not...
      Rarity: She is.
    • A running gag is that whenever Pinkie launches into a musical number, no one else joins her. They just stand aghast at the insanity. Pinkie, of course, couldn't care less.
    • The "She's an evil enchANTRESS!" song she sings on first seeing Zecora isn't even finished yet when she breaks out into it.
    • The one she sings in "Over a Barrel" is so awful that it drives the Buffalo and the Apple-loosians into an all-out war.
    • Pinkie Pie's aware of it, too. In "A Friend in Deed" she includes "Sing a random song out of nowhere" as part of her checklist.
  • The Ophelia: Although usually a harmless Cloudcuckoolander, she dives headfirst into Ophelia territory in "Party of One".
  • Thinking Out Loud: She is known to do this most of the time, but especially when alone. Lampshaded in "Too Many Pinkie Pies":
    Pinkie: Aw, Pinkie, you have got to stop talking to yourself. [beat] ...Starting now.
  • Third-Person Person: Slips into this in her "Smile Song" ("Cause cheering up my friends is just what Pinkie's here to do", "The corners of your mouth turned up is always Pinkie's dream").
  • Toon Physics: Pinkie frequently does this sort of thing. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", she uses a rope swing to launch into the air and plummets toward a swimming hole... only to stop just above the water and slowly sink in because she didn't want to bother Rainbow Dash, who was looking to relax by the water. Rainbow Dash is baffled by this:
    Rainbow Dash: ...How'd you do that?
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Chocolate, as explained in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well". In "Return of Harmony", she repeatedly interrupts whatever she's doing to get a drink from chocolate rainclouds.
  • Turns Red: She literally does this when Applejack breaks her Pinkie Promise in the episode "The Last Roundup".
  • Twitchy Eye: During "Party of One" when she's throwing her party of crazy.
  • Unaffected by Spice: In the series' debut episode, Twilight Sparkle, distracted by Pinkie's rambling, accidentally mixes hot sauce into her drink and then runs out of the party with her mane and tail on fire. Pinkie then liberally douses a cupcake with the same sauce and downs it without flinching. (She has her limits, though, because the pure liquidized rainbow at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory is too spicy even for her.)
    Spike: Hot sauce? Ew!
    Pinkie Pie: What? It's good!
  • Vocal Dissonance: Though still feminine, her voice gets a lot deeper when she starts crying.
  • Voice for the Voiceless: She does almost all of the talking for her mostly silent sister, Marble Pie.
  • Voice of the Legion: Played for Laughs in "The Last Roundup"; she chews out Applejack in one after she breaks a Pinkie Promise. She's been compared to Regan for this.
  • Walking Wasteland: When Pinkie's depressed, as in 'hair-goes-flat-and-coat-becomes-muted-complete-and-abject-despair' depressed, she goes from bringing sunshine and laughs wherever she goes to sucking all the fun out of her immediate surroundings; where Pinkamena walks, flowers wilt and balloons deflate.
  • Weirder Than Usual: Considering how everypony is used to Pinkie being a goofball, it takes a lot before they notice this, but it happens.
    • A variation in the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen", when Spike notices Pinkie acting strangely. Twilight gives the standard response of "She's just being Pinkie Pie". Spike watches her for a moment and notes that she's being "Super-extra Pinkie Pie today."
    • In "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows", Pinkie tries to pass off her weird behavior (due to the stress of keeping a secret) as her usual weird behavior, but the others are not fooled, with Rainbow Dash even using the exact trope name to describe Pinkie's behavior.
      Rainbow Dash: I know the bar is set pretty high, but does anypony else think that Pinkie Pie was acting weirder than usual?
    • Yet another instance with Pinkie Pie in "To Where and Back Again" when she is replaced by a changeling.
      Starlight Glimmer: That was... strange...
      Trixie: Isn't she always strange?
      Starlight Glimmer: Yeah, but... not like that.
  • Weirdness Coupon: Pinkie does oddball things and nopony gives them a second glance because "she's Pinkie Pie".
    • In "Party of One", Rainbow Dash's freakout at meeting her has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Pinkie Pie's dressed like a hay bale in Groucho Marx glasses.
    • Works against her in "Swarm of the Century", when her search for instruments is dismissed as her just being Pinkie, when really she knows of the Parasprites' weakness.
      Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie, you are so random.
      Pinkie Pie: [scoffs] And YOU are all so STUBBORN!!
    • In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", all of her friends ignore any differences between the way each Pinkie is acting, because they are unsure of how the real Pinkie would act.
    • Her weirdness is not only expected but counted on by Twilight in "Magic Duel".
  • When She Smiles: This is a plot point in the series. When she was a filly, she was pretty dreary considering her upbringing. Once she saw the Sonic Rainboom and learned how to smile, she found her love of parties and earned her cutie mark.
  • Wingding Eyes: In "Bridle Gossip" as part of her song, and in this piece of stock art.
  • Wipe That Smile Off Your Face: She undergoes this in "Magic Duel" when Trixie removes her mouth.
  • Wolverine Publicity: If Twilight is the main character, then Pinkie was the show's ambassador for most of the show's run. She's in most of the promotional material, most likely because she's pink and was the main character for a while in G3. In 2018, she was replaced with Rainbow Dash.
  • Womanchild:
    • Though Word of God puts the ponies ages at roughly late teens/early-twenties, she acts like a hyperactive child much of the time, despite being old enough to live on her own and have a job. She has responsibilities and doesn't neglect them, but in her free time she will gravitate towards the first fun thing she finds. This is well demonstrated in "Luna Eclipsed"; when asked if she's too old for trick-or-treating, she emphatically denies the possibility.
      Pinkie: Too old for free candy? Never!
    • The second season episodes "Baby Cakes" and "A Friend in Deed" serve to demonstrate the more problematic aspects this trope has in real life. In the former, Pinkie lacks an understanding of the responsibilities attendant to childcare, initially seeing the newly born Cake Twins as little more than new playmates and taking a full episode learning about what it means to be responsible for them. In the latter, she shows a strong lack of understanding about the importance of privacy and property, rooting through Cranky's possessions, forcing her way into his home and frequently ignoring pleas to stop.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Pinkie Pie is quite the entertainer and a party animal, but she takes her craft seriously. She has a hidden Party Planning Cave underneath Sugarcube Corner where she keeps highly detailed files on every single ponies' birthdays, special occasions, and their likes and dislikes, so she has a party planned for every occasion when it is called for. This is even lampshaded by the rest of the Mane Six, who admit they took for granted how hard Pinkie works to entertain ponies.
  • Your Answer to Everything: When there is a problem, Pinkie Pie will either throw a party or sing a song. Except when a dragon attacks, in which case she assaults it with cake.


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