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"Just so we're clear Maka; this guy's turning himself into a weapon. He's the same as me that way. 'course I look a lot cooler in my human form than he does."
"Soul Eater" Evans, Soul Eater

This is an ally who can serve as a weapon. Not in the sense of an Attack Animal or Mon but in that their ally picks them up and uses them to strike down their foes.

Sometimes more exotic solutions present themselves with characters who are capable of Voluntary Shapeshifting into a weapon (typically a powerful one, otherwise they would just be cutting their forces in half). Weapons which can manifest some sort of avatar or otherwise interact like any other character also count. A related trope is the Empathic Weapon, which seems to have some vague form of intelligence or link with its wielder but not enough to count as a person (although particularly powerful examples might overlap with this trope under special circumstances).

An improvised version of this (i.e. picking up an ally and using them to strike an enemy) could overlap with Grievous Harm with a Body or Fastball Special if a habit is made of it (examples of these go on the relevant pages). If they're used as ammunition see Catapult to Glory. See also Drone Deployer. A subtrope of Living Weapon, and sister trope to Combining Mecha. Not to be confused with Human Weapon.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Bleach:
    • The zanpakuto are this in reverse in some cases; they start off as empathetic weapons and eventually begin to manifest a corporeal form to attack alongside their wielder. Most of these are just a more powerful weapon, but there are some exception's (Renji's turns into a giant snake, for example... with a Wave-Motion Gun in its mouth).
    • Lilynette is effectively Starrk's zanpakuto, as both were originally part of the same Hollow but are now in separate bodies. Ukitake and Kyoraku are quite bemused by seeing pistol!Lilynette and Starrk arguing loudly. Perhaps their own zanpakuto aren't so chatty.
    • In the Zanpakuto Tales Filler Arc (which was semi-canon, since it was based on an idea that the manga's creater never made use of), all of the zanpakuto manifested humanoid forms (although this slowly wore off as they ran out of energy, so they returned to normal when the arc ended). It's implied that they appear this way in their wielders' Mental World but only Ichigo's, Renji's, and Shunsui's (and the Filler Villain of the arc) have ever been shown, though there is a small conflict with canon in the filler. Renji's spirit is shown as a snake-boy and a baboon-lady instead of the white baboon with a snake for a tail that was shown earlier in the show.
  • Cube×Cursed×Curious: Konoha Muramasa can become this should she choose. although others can do it she is the only one shown to do this frequently since most cursed tools are capable fighters on their own.
  • Digimon: Multiple:
    • The dragon Ouryumon can evolve into a sword called Ouryuken that only the knight Alphamon can wield.
    • The Legend-Arms Digimon are an entire subspecies based around this, Digimon who morph into weapons. In the lore, their power is said to be so great they could either save or destroy the world depending on who holds them, and long ago they were all sealed away, but one. One or two have popped up since, including the only one who turns into a shield, who's still around and active.
    • In Digimon Fusion, "DigiXros" allows a Digimon to temporarily absorb some of their allies to borrow their power, with the result normally resembling a Combining Mecha but sometimes entering this territory.
      • Shoutmon can DigiXros with Dorulumon to transform the latter into the "Dorulu Cannon", a twin-barrelled artillery weapon which cannot aim or fire itself. These barrels later become the legs of the main trio's true combination, Shoutmon X3. Similarly, MetalGreymon can DigiXros with Cyberdramon to transform it into the stationary "Cyber Launcher" weapon emplacement.
      • Starmon and the Pickmons can combine into various weapons for others to wield, including the Star Sword, Star Axe and Star Wheel. When they combine with Shoutmon X3 to become Shoutmon X4, the Star Sword fuses with the handle of Shoutmon's mic and ignites into a Flaming Sword.
      • Shoutmon X4 can DigiXros with Spadamon to become the Dual Wielding Shoutmon X4S, Spadamon's entire body transforming into a lance in its spare hand.
      • DarkKnightmon consists of the short-statured SkullKnightmon wearing the beastlike DeadlyAxemon, granting him longer legs and an axe blade on his shoulder. On the rare occasion they separate, they can recombine into "SkullKnightmon Big Axe Mode", where these components form an oversized weapon for him to wield.
    • Digimon Universe: App Monsters has App-Linking, which combines two Appmon such that one gets a strength boost and either an appearance change to reflect the fusion or the equipped Appmon floating intangibly behind them to go with the new powers. In some cases, the equipped Appmon can even use their own powers from within the fusion, such as Globemon using his Ultimate Search after Shutmon links with him.
    • An episode of Digimon Ghost Game brings us the first anime appearance of Zubamon, a diminutive armored dragon that can turn into a golden sword. He has SymbareAngoramon wield him in battle against a Musyamon who had spent most of the episode as an Evil Weapon that had possessed and consumed other Digimon. Angoramon himself narrowly avoided the latter fate thanks to Zubamon's intervention. Zubamon's shield counterpart, Ludomon, has yet to be seen.
  • In Dinozaurs, the aptly-named "Dino Weapons" can change into weapons that attach to their fellow Dino Knights.
  • The Edel Raids of Elemental Gelade are (generally hot) girls and women who form a bond with a human to transform into absolutely devastating weapons — usually a melee weapon; although ones that turn into an Arm Cannon just as dangerous to their masters as their opponents are not unheard of. The downside to this is that they then have to re-charge through some way or another, for example, excessive eating or sleeping, or physical contact with their human. They also have a shoddy knockoff version known as "Sting Raids" which do much the same thing, although certain ones can do this without human hosts.
  • Gintama played with the concept in the Owee Arc (chapters 147-149 of the manga and episodes 98-99 of the anime). Considere it one of the funnier, if not the funniest use of this trope up to this day. Even if the concept of 'ally' is somewhat questionable...
  • In Guilty Crown, someone who has a Void Genome in them can extract Voids from other people. These can be anything from long swords to refrigerators.
  • Oni in Hell Teacher Nube have some limited shapeshifting ability —mainly, changing back and forth between their monstrous Oni forms and their human forms, and manifesting the occasional demonic body part (like wings) as human. But when, after a whole manga's worth of conflict and battle with humans, they willingly ally themselves with Nube and serve as his Oni Hand, they can transform into a multitude of tools, like blades, cannons, gigantic fists, wing harnesses, and more.
  • In Judgement Overman - Houkago no Kessha, Eiji wields Reppu (usually as a blade) in combat. Reppu is also capable of shapeshifting to various form of weapons (firearms, jet plane, etc) to aid Eiji in battle.
  • Senketsu from Kill la Kill might count, being a superpowered sailor fuku capable of speech and autonomous movement.
  • Lyrical Nanoha has Unison Devices, which are basically tiny mages that can fuse with other mages and give them more power.
  • Naruto:
    • Briefly downplayed when Naruto uses the Transformation Jutsu to disguise himself as his ally's shuriken, enabling him to use his teammate's deliberate miss to slip past the enemy's defenses, drop the transformation, and nail him from behind with regular attacks.
    • Three years later, he essentially does the same thing, but with a Rasen-shuriken.
    • Madara Uchiha can equip a Tailed Beast with his Susanoo like it was a suit of armour.
    • Guruguru also qualifies. Obito literally wears him while making a botched attempt to save Rin. He hadn't fully recuperated from his injuries just yet so he wouldn't have enough strength to fight effectively otherwise.
  • Noragami has shinki, who work in a similar manner to Soul Eater's weapons, in that they're a complete transformation of a person into a talking weapon.
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan:
    • Yura Keikain's shikigami Rentei transforms into an arm cannon in Yura's arm that shoots a powerful stream of water.
    • Rikuo's ability Matoi (originally developed by his father Rihan) blurs the line between this trope and Fusion Dance. Technically the other party is possessing Rikuo or Rihan's human side but in practice if very much looks like Rikuo being in charge with their ally seeming form a fancy set of clothes or themed armour that allows Rikuo to use their abilities.
  • One Piece:
    • A version happens when Zoro and Usopp are chained together with indestructible Sea-Stone handcuffs. Usopp attaches himself to Zoro's arm and is given a name as a katana, something like this.
    • The Thriller Bark storyline. While six of the pirates were fighting against Oars, Franky equips himself with four of his allies, Combining Mecha-style. This results in Chopper on his head, Usopp on one of his arms, and Zoro and Sanji holding his legs. The only other pirate present was Robin, who refuses to participate. In some anime filler, while they're still up against Oars, Franky tries again, this time with just Chopper and Usopp "docked in", and attempts to attack Oars, only to find that his attacks are ineffectual. One Piece: Unlimited Cruise features a variation of this where Luffy and Brook participate along with Chopper, Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji, with Brook on Franky's other arm and Luffy on his shoulders (and Chopper on Luffy's head instead of Franky's). The original formation also appeared in One Piece Gigant Battle 2 New World.
    • Baby 5's Buki Buki no Mi, Devil Fruit let's her turn her body - in whole or in part - into any weapon. Usually she uses it in a way for her to be wielded or launched by her partner Buffalo, who's own Devil Fruit Power lets him turn his limbs into fully functional helicopter propellers for flight and powerful spinning, potentially making the two of them a deadly bladed whirlwind.
  • In Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, when Corset assumes his monstrous form, he attaches Scanty and Kneesocks to his forearms with gratuitous amounts of leather bindings. This allows him to channel their powers to produce swords and cannons out of his arms.
  • Record of Ragnarok has the valkyrie sisters transforming themselves into divine weapons for the human champions to wield, allowing them to fight against the gods.
  • The titular character in Reincarnated as a Sword is a sentient sword who is able to independently swing himself, cast magic, skin beasts, cook food and fly around. The only reason he travels with Fran is because he sympathises with her position and finds her goal admirable.
  • Rosario + Vampire: Kokoa's pet bat, Kou, can become an assortment of weapons for her to use.
  • Yana Toboso's Rust Blaster manga featured this. Human transfer student Kei is the equippable ally - in this case the sheath of a vampire-killing lance — for vampire Aldred.
  • In The Sacred Blacksmith, all demon swords which exist long enough will become capable of shapeshifting into a human form and vice versa at will. Cecily eventually gains Aria as her sword, and becomes the first person to see her as a friend instead of property. Some people try to buy Aria, which pisses Cecily off that they think of her as just a sword instead of a person.
  • The entire concept of Over Souls in Shaman King is based in this, with shamans wielding their spirits as weapons.
  • Koyomi Sakuragi from Shiki Tsukai.
  • Shining Tears X Wind has (mainly) attractive women being used as sword sheathes. The character reaches into their chest and pulls out a unique sword.
  • In the very first season of Slayers, Rezo confronts Zelgadis for the Orihalcon Statue. Zelgadis grabs Lina, and well...throws her, letting her scream all the way. Since Rezo is blind, this proves to be a good distraction even though she misses Rezo himself.
  • In Soul Eater the ability to turn into a weapon is essentially an ability some people happen to have. While they can do damage on their own, they're more effective when someone else wields them (explicitly acting as an amplifier for their wielder's own Ki Manipulation). The weapon-people are stated in several places to be the results of experiments conducted by Arachne, combining the Mage Species' shape-shifting with normal humans. Which explains why they achieve their ultimate form by eating the soul of a witch. Humorously, Soul Eater Not! states that the security scanners in airports go off just from weapons stepping through them. In fact, this is how many people discover they're weapons. Some of the Weapons (the Death Scythes in particular, but also Giriko) can use Partial Transformations to fight without a meister.
    • One particular instance from the manga shows Kilik teaming up the Death the Kid's usual partners Patty and Liz. Kilik normally dual weilds Half-Identical Twins Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder who partially de-transform to wield Patty and Liz's pistol forms while technically still being wielded by Kilik. It sounds awkward but it made for one hell of a Combination Attack.
  • A more pacifistic example is Peke from To Love Ru. A two-foot shapeshifting robot that usually forms the resident Magical Girlfriend's clothes, casual or otherwise. Peke can transform into anything the wearer wishes, including a whipped cream bikini. This being To Love Ru, you expect a lot of Wardrobe Malfunction from this.
  • Urusei Yatsura: It happens that Ataru grabs Ten and bops him on the head to cause him to fire-breathe, basically using the young oni as an organic flamethrower. Ten, who dislikes Ataru to begin with, generally reacts to the mistreatment with another gout of flames in Ataru's face.
  • In Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, the Arms Virus, which only affects women, turns women into Liberators or Exters (some can be both). Exters temporarily transform into a weapon when sufficiently sexually aroused, while Liberators possess the strength, speed, and durability needed to properly wield them. The main character, Mamori, who turns into a sword, is revealed to be completely unconscious during the transformation.
  • In the DOMA Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Claw of Hermos (given to Jonouchi by the Powers That Be) can transform monsters into powerful Equip Spells.
    • Valon, from the same arc, has a deck that's odd to say the least. His monsters look more like armor than they do creatures, and he can wear them like armor.
    • Also, Yugi tended to use Catapult Turtle (a monster that can use other monsters as weapons) fairly often. (See below.)
  • In YuYu Hakusho, the older Toguro brother can transform his body into a weapon for the younger to wield. He can apparently turn into any weapon, though he only appears visibly as a sword and a shield. In the English dub, he claims that he can even turn into a machine gun, which begs the question if he fires demon energy or pieces of himself as bullets.

    Card Games 
  • The Magic: The Gathering card Artillerize involves basically turning a creature into a missile (in-game, this translates as sacrificing a creature to fuel a direct-damage spell).
    • Fodder Cannon is an artifact that allows sacrificing a creature to deal damage, with flavor text that implies that the creature in question is literally being shoved into the cannon and shot at the enemy. There's also at least one Giant creature that can fling another creature in the same way.
    • Another way to invoke this trope involves Bludgeon Brawl, which causes all non-creature artifacts to be treated as equipment. When combined with Liquimetal Coating, which turns a non-artifact permanent into an artifact, it's possible for a creature to literally pick up a Planeswalker and smash things with him/her.
    • There's also the Living Weapon mechanic from the Scars of Mirrodin block, where Equipment cards with the ability enter the battlefield already attached to a newly-created 0/0 Germ token. Moving the Equipment "kills" it (that is, causes the Germ token attached to it to die). With the current policy that creatures can't be Equipment, this mechanic is the closest we're likely to get.
    • The Theros block, based on Classical Mythology, has introduced the "Bestow" mechanic. Creatures with Bestow can be "hard-cast" as mooks, or bestowed as a Status Buff on a pre-existing mook, who gains the bestow-creature's power, toughness and abilities. This can result in a totem-pole of enchantments riding around on a single creature. And, if that creature is killed, all the bestow creatures "fall off" and become creatures in their own right.
    • Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty uses a new take on this with the "Reconfigure" mechanic, which are simply cards that can function as either creatures or equipment.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has several instances of this
    • Several monsters, such as Catapult Turtle, Cannon Soldier, and Man Thro' Tro, require sacrifices of other monsters to use their effects, and the anime and/or card art sometimes show them using the ally as ammunition.
    • Union monsters have the effect of being able to equip themselves to appropriate monsters, or de-equip themselves to return as monsters in their own right.
    • Several specific archetypes, such as Dragunity, Vylon and the Inzektor series, have the ability to turn other members of their group into equip cards to gain helpful abilities.
    • Some cards, such as Sword Hunter or the Meklord Emperors, turn this trope into Equippable Enemy, allowing them to turn enemy monsters into equip cards and equipping those monsters to themselves to power up.
    • Relinquished can steal a monster from the opponent's side to use as an equip card, taking all its ATK and DEF points for itself (it has 0/0 normally). What's more, should Relinquished by destroyed in battle, the monster it absorbed is destroyed instead, with both players losing the life points.
  • This has also been done a few times through the Pokémon Trading Card Game:
    • The earliest example is the first set's Electrode. The player can Knock Out Electrode and attach it to another Pokémon, upon which it becomes 2 Energy of one type of the player's choice. The Electrode in the later set "Secret Wonders" would have a very similar ability.
    • Holon's Electrode, Holon's Magneton, and Holon's Castform can also be equipped, as 2 Energy of every type simultaneously. Holon's Voltorb and Holon's Magnemite can also be equipped as Energy, but for 1 Colorless (typeless) Energy.
    • A few cards depicting Unown released through Generation IV could also be equipped, for various effects. Unown E stands for "Equip," even, and grants extra HP to the Pokémon it's equipped to. Unown G, for "Guard," blocks any effects of attacks except direct damage to the Pokémon it's attached to. Unown Q, for "Quick," reduces the Energy cost needed for the Pokémon it's attached to to retreat.
  • A handful of monster cards in Future Card Buddy Fight, particularly in Hero World, can be equipped to the player as if they were a weapon. This has the advantage of giving the player the monster's defensive stat; direct attacks will have to be stronger than the equipped monster's defense in order to do damage.

    Comic Books 
  • Teen Titans: Kole can turn herself into a crystal, and then her buddy uses her as a weapon. He normally uses her as a club.
  • Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire: There are several sapient and talking firearms. Godot's sidearm, Junior, is purported to be one such weapon but has various reasons for not talking. The Pistol Packin' Polaris Packrat's Smith and Wesson, on the other hand, talk quite a lot.
  • The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye:
    • Used as a dramatic, comedic climax when Swerve saves Thunder Clash from being taken hostage... by virtue of picking up Rung, who has transformed into his mysterious staff-like "ornament" mode, and bludgeoning the kidnapper with him. This is not the intended purpose of Rung's alternate mode, but seeing as how Swerve is a horrible shot and Rung is not a good fighter in the slightest, it was the best they could manage on very short notice.
    • On a more serious note, Vos of the Decepticon Justice Division has a sniper rifle for an alt mode. Nickel puts it to good use when she takes out Megatron's fusion cannon in one shot.

    Fan Works 
  • Blanket can freely alter her shape, it just has to be made of cloth — which becomes bullet-resistant, flame-retardant, and otherwise super-tough. As a result, it's not uncommon for her teammates to wear her as a backpack, scarf, or even a bunny suit. Emma later gains similar abilities, when she triggers as a Trump connected to Blanket's powers, and is worn on patrol by Sophia.
  • The Palaververse: In the fourth chapter of Wedding March, with the whole story about the events of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's "A Canterlot Wedding", Pinkie Pie using Twilight Sparkle as a Gatling gun is noticed by Sweetie Belle, but she has no idea what's going on:
    “Guys, how’s Twilight?” Spike called, looking agitated. “She’s not hurt, is she?”
    Sweetie Belle peered down. “Well,” she said hesitantly, “I don’t know what Pinkie Pie’s even doing with her, but she doesn’t look hurt, no. Plenty of changelings look hurt, though.”

    Films — Animation 
  • A Bug's Life features Slim the stickbug being used as a sword (among other things).
    "Swish swish. Clang clang."
  • Coco: During the fight with Ernesto's bodyguards, Oscar rips off Felipe's arms and swings them around like nunchakus.
  • In Incredibles 2, Mr Incredible discovers that the baby Jack-Jack can be "commanded" to fire Eye Beams when held, just like a laser gun. Later on, Violet uses him to shoot down a flying super who has abducted Dash.
  • Kung Fu Panda 3: During the fight against the Jade Zombies, Po stuffs his cheeks with buns, Viper circles his belly with her body and Tigress pulls on her tail, making Po spits the buns like a machine-gun on Kai's minions.
  • During the climax of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, when Timon and Pumbaa are cornered by the Outlanders, Timon grabs Pumbaa's tail, cocks it like a gun and aims it at them.
    Timon: Don't anybody move! This thing's loaded. I'll let you have it!
  • During the climactic battle for Canterlot in My Little Pony: The Movie (2017), Capper briefly uses Spike the dragon as a makeshift flamethrower against the Storm King's mooks.
  • Pocahontas: Meeko holds and swings Flit around like a sword against Percy, but doesn't actually make any contact.
  • Toy Story: Rex has been used as a tool a couple times over the franchise. One occasion, the other toys used his thick plastic head as a battering ram to force open an air vent. Another time, they used his pointy tail to cut their way out of a trash bag.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Edward picks up Bella and swings her around like an ungainly club. ("The Move" is also seen in some of the trailers for the film.)
  • In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: Bard's bow is shattered fighting Smaug and he doesn't have a convenient dwarvish windlance from which to shoot his black arrow, so he improvises by jamming the arms of his broken bow into the remaining structure of the bell tower and aiming the arrow by resting it on his son's shoulder.
    Bard: [to his son] Little to your left...

  • Chrysalis (RinoZ): Crinis' preferred travelling position is to drape herself around Anthony like a second skin. As far as she's concerned, this is a chance for her to protect him. As far as he's concerned, she squeezes too tightly when she's excited. It does, however, mean that he has a forest of tentacles on call, which can be useful.
  • Infinite Dendrogram:
    • If, before the birth of their partner Embryo, a Master comes to recognise on some level that the world of Dendro is a real place rather than the "hyper-advanced videogame" it's marketed as, they can develop a Type: Maiden Embryo, which separate from its normal seven forms can also transform into a human woman. Maidens are described by the control A.I.s (who are essentially Embryos that ascended to godhood) as the beings most similar to themselves, and tend to have powers themed around "giantslaying". The protagonist, Ray, has a Type: Maiden-with-Arms Embryo named Nemesis, who transforms into a sword specialised in Counter Attacks and using the opponent's strength against them; a number of other Maidens also appear throughout the story.
    • Type: Apostle Embryos are the male equivalent of Maidens, born from hatred of the "gameworld" and a desire to see it destroyed. While understandably very rare, they also grow in power with disgusting speed (the most extreme known case, Apocalypse, reached maximum Rank while his Master was still level 0!).
    • On a simpler level, as Embryos develop up to seven forms they can switch between as they grow, it's possible (though unusual) for an Embryo to be an item in one form and an ally in another. This include's Shu's Baldr, which starts as an Arm Cannon before progressing into a gatling gun (both Type: Arms) and then various combat vehicles (Type: Chariot), some of which are capable of operating themselves (Type: Guardian). Its ultimate "land battleship" form normally follows Shu's orders without him being on board, but it can also temporarily transform into a Humongous Mecha which is worn by Shu like armour.
  • In Redwall, one hedgehog fought by rolling into a ball and having an accomplice roll him at the enemy using a long stick.
  • In Guards! Guards! Vimes faces a mob while holding a swamp dragon like a loaded weapon. He even paraphrases Dirty Harry.
  • The Stormlight Archive: When a Knight Radiant's symbiotic bond with their Spren spirit becomes strong enough, the Spren can manifest physically as an Absurdly Sharp, Soul Cutting Shardblade — or any other form the Knight wants. This reveals that all the old Shardblades are the physical bodies of dead Spren, killed by the old Knights' violation of their Intrinsic Vow.
  • In Pale, all goblins can be bound into the form of a weapon based on their themes and powers; the main characters use several of their allies this way.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Future Is Wild has the Terabyte, a termite evolution speculated to live 200 million years in the future. The species has a caste system where only the transporter caste has legs while the gum-spitter caste has a sticky spray made to subdue prey. As such, the transporters carry around the gum-spitters like living glue guns in order to trap Garden Worms while the transporters cut off and remove algae from them.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Ryuki subverts this trope with its combat system. In this show, Riders form contracts with monsters which allows them to use the powers of said monster in combat. This mostly manifests in them summoning weapons based on the body parts of these monsters. An example are Ryuki's sword and shield, which are formed from his monster's tail and chest respectively. While it looks like this trope is in play here, the monsters don't actually shed their bodyparts to deploy the equipment.
    • The Imajin of Kamen Rider Den-O. While most Riders of the series use the Imajin for a form change via Demonic Possession, Zeronos Zero Form and New Den-O Strike Form have their Imajin change into actual weapons.
    • The Arms Monsters of Kamen Rider Kiva work a bit like the Imajin in that they transform into weapons that in turn cause a form change. Depending on your definition of "weapon", the living Transformation Trinket Kivat and his relatives may also count.
    • One of Kamen Rider Decade's abilities is the Final Form Ride, which literally turned previous Heisei-era Kamen Riders into equippable allies based on their motifs or weaponry. Several of these turn into weapons or vehicles for Decade to use. Faiz, Blade and Kiva turned into a BFG,a BFS and a Bow. Agito turned into a hoverboard. The magazine-exclusive S.I.C. Hero Saga stories adds OOO to the list, who turns into armor for Decade that resembles OOO's own Tatoba Combo.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard
      • The eponymous Rider can use the power of his Phantom Wizardragon for Dragon versions of his four element forms, having a different part of his body added to his suit in his version, the Dragon's fire-breathing head on his chest for the red-colored Flame Dragon Style, the Dragon's wings for the green-colored Hurricane Dragon Style, the Dragon's tail for the blue-colored Water Dragon Style, and the Dragon's claws on his hands for the yellow-colored Land Dragon Style. All four body parts are used for his All Dragon Style, which is primarily red in favour of the other colors, as well as Special Rush Style, an all-red version used in his first crossover movie.
      • Similarly, the Second Rider, Kamen Rider Beast, uses the power of the Phantom Beast Chimera, who is primarily a lion with features of four other animals, Falcon, Chameleon, Dolphin and Buffalo. Beast's basic suit resembles a lion but also has access to Mantles which appear as animal heads on his right arm, allowing him to use the powers of the other four animals.
    • Kamen Rider Drive:
      • Belt-san can count as one, since he himself is not only a sentient, talking Transformation Trinket, can move around by himself when plugged into his mechanical "body", but can also control Tridoron, no matter if he's being worn by Shinnosuke or is plugged inside the car, making him an equippable AND rideable ally.
      • the Shift Cars can also be considered this since they show some form of sentience and even personality (for example, one of them wanted revenge against a villain for damaging another Shift Car it considered its friend) despite not being able to communicate aside from honking; and can be used by Shinnosuke to change forms and use a wide array of powers.
    • Kamen Rider Saber:
      • This series has an inversion with the King of Arthur power up. This power initially manifests itself as an extra sword for Saber to wield, which can transform into a Humongous Mecha. Said mecha can then wield Saber as a sword, inverting this trope, as Saber becomes the Equippable Ally to the mecha.
      • Yuri's true form is that of the Kougouken Saikou, a sentient floating sword. His usual fighting style involves summoning a Rider-like shadow that wields the sword against his enemies. But it is also possible for him to be wielded by other Riders as an extra sword.
  • Madan Senki Ryukendo: The Transformation Trinkets in this series are sentient weapons who house the souls of ancient warriors. The Madan Warriors can also summon Beast Kings, which are Transforming Mecha based on animals that can transform into vehicles or weapons for them to use. Examples are Brave Leon, who transforms into a trike, Fire Kong, who transforms into a set of back-mounted cannons and Delta Shadow, a crow that can either attach to one's back, enabling flight or transform into a bike.
  • Super Sentai and Power Rangers:
  • Ultra Series
    • Ultraman Ginga S: Ultraman Victory is able to use kaiju Spark Dolls to grant himself new powers and weapons on his right arm. EX Red King gives him its Power Fist, King Joe Custom grants him the robot's Arm Cannon, Eleking grants him its tail as an electrified whip, and Sadorah gives him its extendable Power Pincers.
    • Ultraman X: The Cyber Kaiju can be converted into cooperation-based armour that allow Ultraman X to use the monster's powers and grant him new weapons. Cyber Gomora gives him the Super Oscillatory Wave as a Finishing Move and Wolverine Claws, Cyber Eleking grants him various electrical powers like a lightning beam, Cyber Bemstar gives him a shield that eats attacks (like Bemstar's Belly Mouth) and shoots them back at foes, and Cyber Zetton grants him Zetton's Teleport Spam, Playing with Fire, and Barrier Warrior powers.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Attitude-era tag team The Headbangers were fond of using one another as weapons. One of their signature moves was Mosh powerbombing Thrasher directly on top of a downed opponent.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • If you have the strength, you can swing other characters around as if they were weapons (although they would probably be counted as weapons meant for a creature larger than you). It's a lot more effective if the person you're swinging wears armor spikes and has a lot of hit points.
    • In addition, there are also equippable creatures called symbionts, which offer various benefits, but often at a cost to the host. These creatures also tend to be repulsive-looking parasites and most are evil to boot, so they're usually the realm of less morally stringent characters.
    • Battleloths, introduced in an issue of Dragon, are mercenary fiends that can shapeshift between small humanoid forms and fully-functional magic weapons such as crossbows, axes or swords. This allows them to make additional attacks while their employer is wielding them, help their bearer aim blows, or surprise foes by shifting into humanoid form mid-melee.
    • There's an old D&D joke about an Ogre's magic wand, which consists of a kobold sorcerer that's been tied to a small tree.
  • Exalted: Demons can be smelted into exotic liquid called calcanth and infused into weapons to make them stronger (and weirder). This process goes both ways. Thus, a Green Sun Prince can either have a legion of demons or an armory's worth of demon-infused weapons.
  • Games Workshop:
  • Maid RPG: The Snapmaid Dragon allows a maid to transform herself into a weapon, granting all of her stat bonuses to whoever wields it. The problem is, the maid can't then turn back so the player will have to roll a new character. Whether or not it's a Living Weapon is up to the player's discretion (although the book says "ceases to be a character," it's inherently ambiguous and the game runs on Rule of Fun anyway).
  • Pathfinder:
    • Cassisians, diminutive angels resembling helmets with wings, can be worn like helmets by non-evil beings, allowing the latter to benefit from the angel's armor bonus and saves against attacks from evil creatures.
    • Sapphire oozes can shape themselves into suits of armor as strong as mithral, which Small or Medium creatures can then wear as normal.
    • Xiuh couatls can turn themselves into Flaming Weapons to be wielded by their allies.

  • BIONICLE: Click, a Scarabax Beetle, can transform into a shield for Mata Nui to use.
  • Transformers:
    • The very first example of this was the Targetmasters, which featured Transformers that came with one or two smaller figures that turned into equippable guns. This gimmick would see reuse many times throughout the years.
    • The second was the Powermasters. Rather than guns, their smaller allies turned into engines that power them up (and for the actual toys were necessary to transform the toys to robot mode).
    • There's also the "powerlinx" system, which allows several characters to go Combining Mecha.
    • Mini-cons powerlink to their larger counterparts in order to unlock a Super Mode for the systems stored in that body part.
    • The Generations subline "War For Cybertron: Siege" is all about this, returning Targetmasters as new individual toys (renamed Battlemasters), adding Micromaster teams of two individual robots that combine to form a large weapon for another figure, and further adding Weaponizers as a new type of Deluxe Class figures that can be split apart to form weapons and armor that can be used by another figure.

    Video Games 
  • Banjo-Tooie: In the 'Breegull Blaster' sections, Banjo wields Kazooie like a shotgun, so she can shoot eggs from her mouth while they're on the move. These sections also let them use the Beak Bayonet move where Kazooie pecks at enemies. Banjo can also use the "Breegull Bash" move where he uses Kazooie as a club to batter enemies. All three moves reappear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • In BlazBlue Rachel Alucard uses her Non Human Sidekicks Nego and Gii as weapons (and shields).
  • The spells "A Call Beyond" and "Augur of Ebrietas" from Bloodborne come in the form of ethereal sea-slugs wielded in the off-hand. In the Old Hunters DLC, the Kos Parasite is able to be wielded as a Power Fist in human form, and a whip in Kin form.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has Bloodbringer, a flying sword that can be used as a familiar or weilded like a normal sword. The weapon mode gets more powerful based on its level as a familiar, but given how long it takes to upgrade combined withou how weak it is (it has good attack power, but its attack animations have such lengthy windups that it rarely hits enemies) it's never able to catch up to the weapons you can create by alchemy.
  • In Boyfriend Dungeon, all of the romantic interests also transform into weapons, which you the player wield in various dungeons, as you might expect.
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has the Sword Familiar, who is a standard familiar...until it reaches level 50, when it can be used as a very powerful sword.
  • Cladun has the Magic Circle system, where your offensive and defensive capabilities are enhanced by relics and your other playable characters' stats through a customized equipment grid.
  • Part of the Enemy Mine mechanic of Crash Twinsanity involves Crash using Dr. Cortex by either swinging him around like a hammer, throwing him at stuff or even using his body as a skateboard.
  • Deltarune:
    • If you defeat Chapter 1's Superboss Jevil by violent means, he transforms himself into an ax that can be equipped by Susie.
    • Chapter 2's Superboss Spamton NEO transforms into a different item depending on how he is defeated; if defeated via pacifistic means, he becomes a piece of armor that can be used by any member of the party, and if defeated via violent means, he transforms into a scarf that can be equipped by Ralsei.
  • Disgaea:
    • Disgaea 3 introduced a mechanic to the series called "Magi-change". This allowed any monster type unit to fuse with a humanoid unit by turning into a weapon for them to wield for a few turns.
    • The PSP remake of Disgaea 2 had this mechanic added, although (presumably to avoid breaking the game) you have to unlock the alternative plotline first.
    • Disgaea 4 allows as many as four monsters to fuse together before transforming into a weapon and allowing you to dual wield these weapons, thus allowing you to technically have as many as eight allies equipped at the same time.
  • With the experimental collar in Doom RPG, the player can capture any of the dog demons and use them as "weapons". At least, until their health runs out from repeated attacks.
  • Earthworm Jim is an interesting case in that the main character uses himselfnote  for several purposes, including as a whip and a grappling rope.
    • The sequel has him partnered up with his friend Snot, who functions as a parachute or a grappling hook.
  • The video game EOE: Eve of Extinction features weapons made by converting a human's neural structure into an operating system, the most powerful one's being the protagonist's girlfriend and The Dragon, who also happens to be The Man Behind the Man. Although its not made clear if former's an actual example of this, if she can project some sort of hologram or if the cutscenes show her in humanoid form for convenience sake The Dragon certainly is.
  • The K-9000 Cyberdog Gun from Fallout: New Vegas is a fairly roundabout method of doing this; it consists of a dog's Brain in a Jar hooked up to cybernetic audio and olfactory equipment, and attached to a triple-barreled BFG to help aim it. An upgrade puts it on a drip-feed of intelligence-boosting drugs to increase the rate of fire.
  • The Final Fantasy series has a few examples;
  • In Ghost X you gain a "nanobot", which is basically a creature that can turn into a weapon.
  • High on Life has the Gatliens, sapient insectoids who have been genetically engineered as Standard FPS Guns, which the player uses to slaughter an alien cartel that has enslaved both Gatliens and Humans for profit.
  • In Hyperdimension Neptunia V, this is an exclusive skill for Neptune called "Final CPU Form" where she can make Noire, Vert, Blanc, Plutia, Nepgear, and Peashy turn into weapons she can use.
  • The Player Character in the game Knuckleheads is two heads connected by a Variable-Length Chain. One head acts as the anchor, while the other swings around to move and/or bash enemies.
  • In League of Legends, Tristana's Dragon Trainer skin replaces her BFG with a live dragon whelp.
  • In Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, the reaver itself turns out to be one of these, thanks to Raziel's malevolent spirit being trapped inside it. By exploiting a Stable Time Loop, he enters the blade willingly (rather than forcefully, as was originally the case), pacifying the spirit/himself.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Fi may or may not be the Goddess Sword itself. Played straighter with Ghirahim, who is forcibly reconverted into the Greater-Scope Villain's sword for the Final Boss battle.
  • In LEGO The Lord of the Rings, regular-sized characters can pick up Gimli and throw him to break obstacles.
  • In Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis, Vayne's cat Sulphur doubles as his sword. Usually.
  • MapleStory has a recurring character in the Aran questline, Maha, the spirit of Aran's polearm. He gets indignant about being left behind, becomes sentimental when Aran remembers him (complete with Sand In My Eyes) and is responsible for at least one of Aran's job advancements, landing him squarely in type 2 territory.
  • In Mega Man Star Force, Wizards, AMians, and FMians can all be considered this.
    • In Mega Man Zero some cyber elves can be made into one shot weapons.
    • In Mega Man 6, Rush can be equipped as a power suit for either flight or as a weapon.
  • In Persona 5, Joker can convert his Personas into weapons and armor by executing them with the appropriate items. This produces the strongest weapons and armor in the game, but often requires extremely high-level Personas like Lucifer and Odin to work.
  • Phantom Brave allows you to do this when you pick up another character, as anything held is considered a weapon - allies and enemies included.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies, Gargantuars will throw little zombies at your back row plants and occasionally use a standard zombie as a club.
  • Honedge (a Steel/Ghost sword pokemon) from Pokémon X and Y subverts this. Any trainer who attempts to wield it as a weapon will find it draining their life force.
    • Pokemon Tabletop United plays this straight, defying the series' canon, by allowing players to use Honedge's line this way.
  • In Red Faction the Lethal Joke Items Ostrich Hammer and Mr. Toots are an ostrich wielded as a hammer, and a small pony that farts rainbow laser beams, respectively.
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police: Sam sometimes uses Max as a weapon or anything needed in the moment. Taking to some extremes in the classic Hit the Road where Max is part of the inventory.
  • Yukihime from Shining Blade acts as Rage's katana.
  • Skies of Arcadia: Cupil is Fina's companion/pet, usually worn around her wrist as a bracelet. In battle, he can transform into different weapons and objects and attack enemies for her.
  • In Sonic Heroes (where you play as a team of three characters), your other two team members serve as projectiles for whichever of them you are controlling at that moment. Speed type characters use them to follow up their homing attack; flying types throw them and Power types spike them to enemies like volleyballs.
  • The Star Dragon Sword from Suikoden runs the line between this and Empathic Weapon. The sword has a full personality and regularly talks to (and berates) it's wielder and his allies. You also have to defeat it in combat to use it in the second game, though once obtained it does not appear to act on it's own again.
  • In Super Mario RPG, Bowser's Hurly Gloves turn out to be this, as he attacks by throwing Mario at the enemy, and, if you get a timed hit, catch him and throw him again. If Mario is unavailable for throwing, a little Mario action figure takes his place. His earlier Chomp weapon is also an example, as it's an actual living Chain Chomp that he uses as an Epic Flail.
  • Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, SRX equips Mai's R-Gun Powered and uses it as a beam cannon for a more powerful attack. Then we have Sanger Zonvolt, who rides his partner into battle.
  • Sword of Elpisia: This is pretty much the premise of the game. "Magiswords" are powerful weapons, that are created by transforming people into them. While the result is for the most part inanimate, preexisting bonds between transformed person and the wielder can increase the Magisword's power. Alice ends up transformed into a Magisword to bail the party out of Hopeless Boss Fight, but she is able to turn back into the human form, making her a more clear-cut example.
  • In the Tactics Ogre and Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis games, there is a spell called Snapshot/Snapdragon that turns your Player Mooks into a weapon named after them; giving a percent of their stats to their wielders. The Video Game Remake had the same results with special Cursed Weapons activated by their wielders. With a strong enough character, it creates an Infinity +1 Sword but the procedure is irreversible.
  • Tales Series:
    • In Tales of Destiny the main party members wield Swordians, sentient magical swords containing the minds of a team of ancient heroes. In the original release, they could swap Swordians to gain access to different kinds of elemental magic. The PS2 remake outright removed the option for these party members to wield other weapons besides their assigned Swordian.
    • Luke from Tales of the Abyss will occasionally use Mieu as an improvised flamethrower.
  • Tsukihime has the Seventh Holy Scripture. That's right, Ciel's BFG also falls under this trope. Her name is Nanako.
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hawkeye's strongest super is a regular arrow with a Hank Pym payload. Pym goes from ant-sized shot to giant-sized stomp after catching a ride.
  • In Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-, the Arms Virus, which only affects women, grants them the power to turn into weapons through extreme arousal. Unlike Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid all the playable characters are able to take on either role at will. This is reflected in-game by having the Extar be the one that unlocks the Liberator's moves and by offering stat bonus depending on the Extar chosen.
  • In Whiplash, the player character consists of a weasel and a rabbit chained together. Spanx (the weasel) can use Redmond (the rabbit) as a weapon by swinging him on the chain to knock over guards and generally cause mayhem.
  • The gameplay in The Wonderful 101 is all about this. You combine large amounts of heroes to form different weapons and attacks.
  • Yoku's Island Express: The most prominent example is when you befriend a Sootling who becomes your grappling hook.
    • While you don't actually equip them at any point, your inventory includes Skvader, who drops tons of fruit, and Kickback, who will block you from losing a ball and occasionally serve as your Exposition Fairy. Why they appear in your inventory is anyone's guess, because you can only use them when you grab them as items in a pinball table.

    Web Animation 
  • Puppycat of Bee and Puppycat can fire lasers so long as he has someone to cock his tail and fire him, such as Bee.

  • In Adventurers! Spybot is able to turn into a BFG, which Tesla wields with her usual enthusiasm (it's implied he has similar weapon modes, but we never see them).
  • One story arc of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja involved banishing a demon. There was a family of demon hunters who could do so, however the last in their line was the product of some serious inbreeding. As a result he was unable to use his legs, so Judy the Gorilla wielded him while he wielded his sword.
  • In Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Jared used his Magikarp Mr. Fish to bludgeon other trainers' Pokemon until it evolved into a Gyarados.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Vaarsuvius, when faced with an enemy spellcaster who's prepared countermeasures for all her/his normal tactics, realizes that they could still damage him with a ranged weapon. Unfortunately the elf is a Squishy Wizard with nothing but magic (and no bow to hand anyway). Fortunately, the foe's ally happens to be a kobold with dual crossbows. They simply grab said kobold and use a dominate spell to force him to shoot. Fans immediately designated this the wielding of a "semi-automatic kobold."
  • Laser Pony of League of Super Redundant Heroes has lasers that originate behind his eyes, which means he's been blind since the first time he used his power. There's a reason his helmet includes handle-bars for his teammates to grab....
  • Last Res0rt: Sedja, Princess Adharia's efreet consort, can transform herself into a variety of items at the princess's request, including a fetching harem outfit (with matching cloak), golden handcuffs, and a wickedly sharp scimitar. Oh, and bullets.
  • In Kid Radd, Radd uses Sheena as a shield, since as an NPC, she can't take damage. He then uses her as a weapon.
  • in Dragon Mango, Peaches has the ability to turn her animal friends into wield-able weapons, via The Power of Friendship. When she gets overpowerd by the Oni Queen (who has the same abilities as Peaches, but more powerful), Bleu Berry offers herself as Peaches' weapon, guessing that since she's half-dragon, Peaches' powers will work on her. Together, they were more than enough to defeat the Oni Queen.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: A peculiar case with the Chimera, who is technically a single creature but also a Multiple Head Case. The dragon head is the one in control of the Breath Weapon, but being a drooling idiot with no clue as to when, what or who he should incinerate, it is common for the lion head, in control of the body, to grab the dragon head and point him in the correct direction to use like a flamethrower.
  • An unnamed, one-off webcomic shows a Paladin who carries around a halfling wizard as a flamethrower bump into a warrior who also keeps a "pet" halfling, but for much more unseemly purposes. Burning hands ensues when the warrior mistakes the purpose of the halfling companion...
  • In Nerf NOW!! Angie demonstrates how armor and gear get more elaborate the further one gets into a game...then looks over at Jane, who's speedrunning the game. She's wearing no clothes and is armed only with a fork and Morgan.

    Web Original 
  • Mortasheen: Blastocysts (worm-like monsters usually employed as a ceiling turret) and Dynaphites (pitcher plant-like creatures used as gatekeepers or tollbooth operators) can be wielded by other Mons as assault rifles and Grenade Launchers respectively.
  • Uncyclopedia:
    • Its "List of Weapons that Don't Exist, But Should" features a Bulemic Zombie Gun, which is a zombie with Super Spit used as a firearm.
    • An entire category exists, known as "Animal Launchers" also uses living creatures as Abnormal Ammo, from fat kids to elephants to genetically engineered man-animal hybrids.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: "The Silent King" introduced the "Jake Suit", where Finn wears his shape-shifting dog-man stepbrother/best friend Jake like a suit of living armor.
  • Transformers:
    • Megatron has a gun as his alt mode in The Transformers, allowing the likes of Soundwave and Starscream to wield him. He also displays the ability to shoot all by himself in his gun mode in the opening sequence of the first season.
    • G1 Shockwave didn't need anyone to wield him in his gun mode for him to shoot (though he was once forcibly wielded by Bruticus and made to shoot his own security sentinels when the Combaticons invaded Cybertron).
    • G1 Sixshot had a weapon mode somewhat like Shockwave's.
    • The Targetmaster gimmick from G1 paired figures with small robots called Targetmasters that could transform into weapons. Some newer figures have similar gimmicks revolving around Mini-Cons with weapon modes.
      • The Mini-Cons included with Power Core Combiners figures, in addition to having weapon modes for their commanders' robot and vehicle modes, also had armor modes that could attach to a combined robot's chest.
    • Ratbat and Laserbeak of Transformers: Animated, turn into musical instruments that Soundwave can use sound based attacks and hypnotism.
    • The Seacons were a combiner team with six members; whoever wasn't the torso, an arm, or a leg became a gun for Piranacon to wield. (Since this sixth member doesn't become part of the combiner mind meld, it's usually Nautilator.)
    • Shattered Glass Megatron uses a small tank as an Arm Cannon. The tank's name is Rumbler, and like Optimus Prime's Roller, it can act on its own (though to what degree is ambiguous).
  • Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart: Ratarang can transform into a boomerang that can be thrown. That's it. That's his power.
    • The Sky Pirates are able to use Ramaraffe, the only woman on their team, as a radio antenna, telescope or periscope because of her extensive cybernetic enhancements.
  • In the second season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, "A Canterlot Wedding", the Mane Six are battling a horde of changelings. Twilight Sparkle is shooting magical beam attacks, and Pinkie Pie picks her up and aims her at a group of assailants. She even rotates Twilight's tail as though she were using it to fire off rounds like a Gatling gun. There's absolutely no reason why Pinkie Pie and Twilight should be able to do this.
  • In the Madagascar short "The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper", Skipper uses Rico to shoot at Mr. Chew like a machine gun after he's swallowed a bowl of mints.
  • Animaniacs did this too, with Dot using Wakko as a Gatling gun to shoot malted milk balls at a candy store owner.
  • A few of episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! had Snifits being used as guns.
  • In the special "Atlantis Squarepantis" episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, Sandy uses Spongebob as a shield, Patrick as a boomerang, Squidward as a gun, and Mr. Krabs as a sword/chainsaw against the Atlantean guards.
  • Teen Titans character Kole, like the comic book version mentioned above, can turn her body into crystal, and is subsequently used as a bludgeon by her partner Gnarrk.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy gives this role to Ed sometimes, most usually as a bludgeon. Though special mention goes the episode where the Eds try to be repairmen. Ironically, even though Ed caused most/all of the destruction in the episode, Eddy and Double D utilize him as the "ultimate tool" to try and fix Johnny's sink. Near the end of the same episode, Johnny (who was mad for the Eds destroying his house) uses Jimmy as a lance and Plank as a shield to get back at them. He even throws Jimmy to cut off their escape.
  • In The Hasty Hare, Marvin the Martian uses K-9 as a bipod for a bazooka that fires straightjackets.
  • In Kaeloo, Quack Quack is used by the others to fire anything, ranging from yogurt to missiles, like a bazooka.
  • One of the cornerstone tropes for Atomic Puppet. Joey Felt transforms into a superhero simply by putting AP on his hand.
  • in Wakfu, the local demon kind, the Shushus, are locked inside weapons and other usable items, like sacks and such. They are still sentient and mostly have one animated eye that can communicate with the outside world. If the wielder is too weak-minded, the Shushu will take over their body. Main hero Sadlygrove has such a Shushu sword with whom he has special kind of relationship.

    Real life 
  • Boxer crabs (of the genus Lybia) pick up sea anemones and stick them on their backs. Although at least one species holds them like pom poms in its claws.
  • German MG-teams during WW2 would sometimes use one member as a human bipod. The barrel would rest on the shoulder of the man and he would hold on to the MG's bipod, stablizing it.
  • California Teen Uses Snake as Weapon During Walgreen's Robbery. After being spotted swiping a flashlight, the kid used a large snake to fend off the clerks who tried to confront him about it.
  • In terms of serious human examples, Falconry is probably the best there is. Training a little ally to sit on your arm until you aim it at your target and it swoops in for the kill or retrieval like a lightning-fast sentient screeching boomerang. Nowadays it's most commonly used for controlling pest birds and animals in urban areas and airports.
  • After being donated to a local college in Greece for educational purposes for two decades and eventually given back, one man decided to turn his metal loving uncle's skeleton into his guitar so that they can shred together like he would've wanted.
  • Humpback whales commonly have large, sharp-edged barnicles that attach to their pectoral fins. As they use these fins as defensive weapons against attacks by killer whales, the barnicles function like brass knuckles.


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