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But will it still come if you say "pspsps"?

"That... is one giant pussy."
Yuri Hyuga, Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Exactly What It Says on the Tinnote : Really Big Cats.

This trope is about cats that are exceptionally larger than is the norm for their species. For the standard "lions and tigers" variety of big cat, see Panthera Awesome. Fictional Cat Folk species do not count for this trope, however big they may be.

The name is a combination of Mega- from Greek megas, meaning large or great, and Neko from the Japanese word for cat. It should not to be confused with Meganekko (two Ks, one word, pronounced differently), which is about how bespectacled girls are cute. However, do compare with Cute Kitten. If this trope and Meganekko do overlap, she'll be a Cat Girl, or possibly a chibi kitten in glasses. Subtrope of Dire Beast.

Just the thing for dealing with Rodents of Unusual Size, but be wary of Canis Major. Subtrope of Animals Not to Scale and/or Cute Giant.


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  • This ad from Argentinian instant coffee brand Arlistán, featuring a woman lounging on a giant cat in the winter while sipping some hot coffee.
  • Cross shinjuku vision have showcase a giant cat theme advertisement demo as a first Digital 3D Advertisement
  • This Japanese commercial shows someone chewing gum, which then summons a giant cat for 50 minutes.
  • Temptations used one in this commercial to advertise their new Jumbo Treats. Well, at least at relative size.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Cait Sith in the ARIA series. As a King of Cats, it only makes sense he's more than human-sized.
  • The Bakeneko of Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales. Unlike most of the examples on this page it is not cute.
  • From Azumanga Daioh: Chiyo-Dad!note 
  • In Battle B-Daman, Armada is a cat who appears to have his eyes closed all the time, whatever that means in anime. He's pudgy, which is set off somewhat by his head being about a third of his body, and he's tall in relation to the more humanoid characters.
  • The demonic cats sent by Emperor Ganishka to Vritannis to terrorize the denizens in Berserk.
  • Blue Exorcist has Kuro, a two-tailed cait sith that can swap freely between this and the size of a housecat.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura episode 31, a cat enlarged by the Big Card (playfully) attacks Syaoran and Meiling. It returns to normal once Sakura seals the aforementioned card.
  • Kaen of Cat Paradise is a nekomata who's at least ten feet tall. He's apparently able to make himself smaller at will, but only exhibits this once before becoming monstrous. On another note, Musashimaru can potentially grow to several stories with the help of his owner's Power-Up Food.
  • Saber Leomon and Bancho Leomon are Mega leveled Neko Digimon. Regular old Leomon does deserve a mention though considering he's taller than most adults.
  • In Go! Princess Pretty Cure, Shut transforms into one near the end of the series.
  • The villain of the third arc of Humanity Has Declined uses a large number of blob monsters to turn into a giant housecat at one point. This Makes Sense In Context. Slightly.
  • Kirara from Inuyasha. Spends most of the time at normal cat size, but gets big enough to ride when needed.
  • The New Years Day Special episode of Kimagure Orange Road has 'Jingorojira', a Godzilla-sized version of Jingoro, the Kasugas' much-suffering housecat.
  • Yukichi of The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today started as a small black kitten, but eventually grew to be man-sized and is incredibly intelligent, acting as the beleaguered housekeeper for his workaholic owner Saku.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:
    • In episode 4, one of Suzuka's cats finds a Jewel Seed and grows to an enormous size. Nanoha tried standing on her back, but both were quickly defeated by Fate in her first battle against Nanoha in one of the most tragically hilarious boss battles in the series.
    • Got upgraded to a Panthera Awesome that could grow wings in The Movie. It was probably a good thing that Fate went on the attack this time.
  • Tasuke is attacked by one in Mamotte Shugogetten as a trial by a newly awoken spirit.
  • Nagasarete Airantou has Taiga and Shima-tora, the Northern and Southern leaders, both giant two-tailed cats.
  • Naruto has the two-tailed beast Matatabi, who is a giant nekomata (a two-tailed cat).
  • Nyanko-Sensei from Natsume's Book of Friends is quite portly in general, being occasionally referred to as a 'pig-cat' - and when he jumps out of Sleep-Mode Size, he's a huge dog. But the point where he really turns into this trope is in episode 12, when he comes into contact with a curse-mark that screws his powers up. His Sleep-Mode Size shrinks to the size of a teacup, making him hilariously cute, but when he attempts to assume his 'true' form, he instead winds up as... a severely overweight cat the size of a small elephant.
  • Kamisama, the wacky, color-changing, vending machine-dwelling, King of All Cosmos cat-thing with a Verbal Tic from Pani Poni Dash!.
  • Kyaa from Please Save My Earth, the giant cat-like alien companion of Shion's adoptive father, named after the scream of delight most people let loose upon seeing him for the first time. (Shion uses Kyaa as a bed at one point.)
  • Another "mecha-mega-neko" example" in the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Eva 02's Beast Mode gets upgraded from its original Monstrous Humanoid form to a huge feline.
  • RIN-NE has Rokumon the black cat, who sometimes is one of these. Let's just say Rumiko Takahashi seems to love this trope.
  • In Shinzo (Mushrambo in Japan), Kutal is a cat creature who also has that type of eyes. His height isn't a whole more than his companions', but he's quite rotund. Then there's his leonine hyper-form, which is much less bulky and much more badass.
  • Kuma in Sketchbook. When one of Sora's friends mentions coming across the bear-like cat, Sora corrects how big his head width was. Yeah, he's a big kitty (but still manages to beat Mike in a height superiority contest).
  • The tank in Those Who Hunt Elves gets possessed by a cat spirit. Just pause for a moment to consider the behavior of a tank that thinks it's a kitten...
  • In the first episode of season 3 of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, Cat-Eared Maid-Chief Sanada-san breaks out a Mecha-Mega Neko in order to fight a Brainwashing Meganekko. She counters by giving it a gigantic pair of glasses, thus turning it into a Mecha-Meganekko-Mega-Neko. Perhaps a borderline example, but too awesome not to mention.
  • In Ultra Maniac, episode 7: 'Gigantic Pets', a magical growth-portion makes its rounds at the school. Among the 'victims' is Sakura's familiar, the usually-tiny kitten, Rio. By the time the girls realize what's happening, he's eye-height with them, and still growing. By the end of the episode, it can barely fit in the gym-hall.
  • Kotatsuneko from Urusei Yatsura and Maomolin the Bakeneko from Ranma ½ are both huge ghost cats.
  • In all of the Zoids animes, the protagonist pilots a Liger-type Zoid.

    Comic Books 
  • Rock Jaw (or more accurately, Roque Ja) from Bone is a giant mountain lion who guards the eastern mountains of the Valley. While he's ultimately a pretty neutral player in the war between dragons and the Hooded One, that's because he Hates Everyone Equally — the sole reason he doesn't eat the protagonists on sight is because he enjoys screwing with and lording over them.
  • Dirty Pair: The "Lovely Angels" have Mughi, their technician/partner/pet. He's essentially a huge alien puma with a sharp mind, claws that can tear through hullmetal, and mental command over the electromagnetic spectrum thanks to his facial tentacles. (He also has an addiction to bad soap operas, according to Warren and Ellis...)
  • One Italian Donald Duck comic had Donald's pet tomcat Tabby (who had appeared in a few comics before, usually as a foil to Fethry) drink a mysterious growth serum and grow to be bigger than a tiger. Interestingly enough, Tabby did not return to his normal size at the end of the story, and has not appeared in any comics since then.
  • Mélusine has the title protagonist face at one point a giant black cat. Makes even more sense if you consider her assistant is superstitious and actually afraid of black cats.
  • Saga has Lying Cat, a giant blue-green cat resembling a Sphynx that can tell if someone is lying or not.
  • The Sandman (1989): Explored in the short story "Dream of a Thousand Cats". According to Dream, cats were initially on top of the food chain, towering over humans like they now tower over rats. Humans changed this by simultaneously dreaming of a world where they were at the top. The cat protagonist then goes off to try to convince a thousand cats to turn the world back into what it was — but have you ever tried to get that many cats to all do the same thing? The story ends with one kitten dreaming of that world... but no need to worry, since it's implied that she's the only one.
  • Adrian Veidt's genetically modified pet Bubastis in Watchmen, a large pink lynx.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Team America: World Police the team is menaced by "panthers" that are very clearly just regular house cats. In this case, the fact that the characters were all marionettes meant that they didn't even have to cheat to make the cat look big. It overlaps with Slurpasaur.
  • Ravage from ''Transformers, isn't he just adorable?
  • Village of the Giants briefly has a giant cat as the result of the growth formula experiments.

  • Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy features plenty of intelligent, telepathic animals. The most impressive of them is Kaelas, an Arcerian cat, described as "eight hundred pounds of feline fury".
  • The Book of Lost Tales, the unfinished early draft of The Silmarillion, featured Tevildo, Lord of Cats. He was later replaced by Sauron.
  • The Cat in the Hat is a six foot tall housecat.
  • The Cat in the Stacks Mysteries: Diesel, the titular character, is a massive and very intelligent 36-pound Maine Coon (a breed that's naturally very large; see the Real Life section for more) who is said to be about half the size of a full-grown Labrador and accompanies his owner Charlie Harris everywhere on a leash and harness. The small Mississippi town they live in are still adjusting to the sight of him (and some don't even realize he's a cat at first). It's explained in-story that Charlie had found him as a stray six-week-old kitten and, due to his size, had mistaken him for an adult cat until the vet corrected him.
  • The picture book Catzilla is about a giant kitten.
  • Llyan, from Lloyd Alexander's The Chronicles of Prydain. Fflewddur tames her with his harp and rides her in lieu of a horse.
  • In the Discworld Witches books, Nanny Ogg has a massive tomcat named Greebo who's known for fathering most of the other cats in Lancre and attempting to fight anything he can't mate with. This includes a bear. He actually succeeded in scaring it away, too. (Rather amusingly, Nanny Ogg does not think Greebo is a terrifying badass cat, like everyone else does; she still sees him as a Cute Kitten.)
  • The Dresden Files: Harry Dresden's cat Mister is easily 30 pounds and is described by Harry as being possibly part-bobcat.
    "He's huge! What do you feed him?"
  • Firecats, the companions of certain Sun Priests in the Heralds of Valdemar novels, are built like housecats (the book covers depict them as red-pointed Siamese) but stand as tall at the shoulder as a mastiff.
  • The French children-oriented magazine J'Aime Lire had a story in an early 1978 issue, Paul et le chat vert ("Paul and the green cat"). The protagonist, Paul, is a young boy living in an extremely - and deliberately - polluted city and he decides to make things better... and then he suddenly meets a giant green talking cat who helps him on his quest. Why there is a giant green talking cat is never explained.
  • Grati, Ishtar's cat from the Kadingir series, falls by accident through a dimensional portal that transports her to planet Ki... But since the portal adjustments were off, she grows up to the size of a whale and starts wrecking havoc in a world that doesn't even know what cats are.
  • Kat Kong is a children's book by Dav Pilkey featuring pictures of a "giant" cat running around a model city.
  • The Legend of Drizzt: Guenhwyvar, the animal companion of Drizzt Do'Urden, may qualify as Mega Neko. She is described as being a six-hundred-pound panther. This would make her about the size of a large Siberian tiger. She's still given the stats of an ordinary leopard for the tabletop game, for whatever reason.
  • Legends & Lattes: A dire-cat (a cat roughly the size of a wolf) starts hanging around the coffee shop, so Tandri names her Amity and feeds her pastries. She occasionally scares off unsavory customers, wakes Viv and Tandri when the coffee shop goes up in flames, and kills the arsonist Fennus in the epilogue.
  • Edgewood Dirk, the prism cat, in Terry Brooks's Magic Kingdom of Landover series.
  • Although it's never specified in Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita how big Begemot/Behemoth is, Vladimir Bortko's TV adaptation of the novel portrays him as really huge, the height of a small human when standing.
  • Bustopher Jones, described as the "stoutest of Cats" and a "twenty-five pounder" in Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.
  • Porterhouse Major is a children's book by Margaret J Baker concerning the cat Porterhouse who grows to gigantic size (and acquires sentience) as a result of his child owners performing a magic spell involving the skull of a giant.
  • The Redwall series features several felines. They're usually larger than the heroes, so in story context they might be Mega Neko, but keep in mind the heroes of Redwall are mice.
  • One of the stories from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, called "Wait 'Til Martin Comes", featured three black cats. One of them is a normal-sized cat, the second is the size of a wolf, the third is the size of a tiger. In the end, none of them are Martin, and the story ends with the protagonist running away without seeing Martin, who is implied to be much bigger.
  • In the Clan of The Cave Bear sequel The Valley of Horses, Ayla rescues and raises a baby cave lion. The cave lions were larger than their modern counterparts to begin with, but Baby was supposedly gigantic even for his species; because Ayla always made sure he had enough food and was not menaced by other lions or the weather, he was able to grow to his full potential. He was described at his full size as being as tall in the shoulder as a horse, and considerably longer from head to tail.
  • "F-lions", from World War Z are feral felines descended from domestic housecats and/or wildcats, which grew almost to cougar size while surviving in the depopulated ruins of North America.
  • In "The Yellow Dwarf", the titular dwarf rides on a gigantic Spanish cat.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who: In "Plant of Giants", the TARDIS crew are menaced by a gigantic housecat. (In reality, the cat is normal sized but they have been shrunk so it is gigantic to them).
  • One episode of Family Matters ended with a stray cat Richie brought home becoming giant-size, thanks to Urkel's transformation chamber malfunctioning.
  • In a parody of Super Sentai's Transforming Mecha tradition, the White Racer from Gekisou Sentai Carranger has Radiecar Robo, a car which transforms into a Mega Neko.
  • The Goodies had Twinkle a.k.a "Kitten Kong". This is the result of Graeme feeding Twinkle specially formulated growth mixture which also leads the kitten to go on an adorable but destructive rampage across London - tearing down the Post Office Tower, destroying St. Paul's Cathedral and squashing the news anchor Michael Aspel. The Goodies have to try and dress up as mice to lure the kitten back to the antidote.
  • The Smilodon Dopant in Kamen Rider Double. Unlike the other Dopants, who are human when untransformed, the Smilodon Dopant's true identity is a cat.
  • Oversized black felines were featured on Monsterquest, which concluded that the investigated sightings were either escaped pet leopards, jaguars returning to their historical range, or ordinary housecats mistaken for giants due to a lack of nearby objects to show perspective.
  • The enormous cat in a Monty Python's Flying Circus animated segment which defeats the Killer Cars by walking on two legs.
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Catspaw" features a Sufficiently Advanced Alien who turns herself into a giant cat. Unfortunately, the drama is ruined by low-budget Special Effect Failure. The "giant" cat is very clearly just a regular house cat that was stuck in a box made to look like one of the hallways. It doesn't help that we've already seen her in regular-sized cat form — played by the same cat.
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "The Elevator", Roger and Will find a dead house cat that grew as large as a lion or tiger after eating the super food created by their father to solve world hunger. They are concerned because it was clearly killed by something larger, which turns out to be a Giant Spider.
  • An episode of Uncle Mortys Dub Shack has giant kittens terrorizing the city, and are just too darn cute to do anything about.

  • The rather Surreal Music Video for MGMT's "Time To Pretend" from Oracular Spectacular features a few Mega Neko, including one with a person riding it.
  • A parody of "My Grandfather's Clock", "My Grandmother's Cat" tells of an overfed feline that grows to tiger-like proportions and attempts to eat its owner.
  • Shonen Knife's album Genki Shock includes a song called Giant Kitty (though apart from the Title Drop the lyrics suggest it's really normal sized).

    Myths & Religion 
  • Icelandic Christmas folklore has the Yule Cat, a giant feline that eats people who don't get new clothes for Christmas (yes, seriously).
  • Irish Mythology has the Cat Sidhe, a mystical feline from the Otherworld that takes the form of a huge black cat. Stories exist of heroes such as Fionn Mac Cumhaill battling these giant creatures. Played with in the fact that they can size shift to look like regular housecats to be incognito.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The game includes, among its many kinds of Dire Beast, dire lions and dire tigers that can respectively reach twenty and thirty-five feet in length and three thousand to six thousand pounds in weight. For reference, this would put them in the same size range as rhinos.
    • Dating from the first edition Fiend Folio, the Hellcat or Bezikara is an infernal cat-like creature the size of a tiger. If that isn't enough, it's also incorporeal, invisible most of the time and with telepathic abilities.
    • The third edition Epic-Level Hnadbook describes the tayellah, a three-headed panther the size of a dragon and with a poisonous stinger on its tail, which typically hunts prey like giant eagles.
  • Pachimon, a kaiju-based collectible trading card series, have a few giant cat kaiju in its roster, including a black winged feline larger than the airplane it's about to destroy.
  • Pathfinder: The grogrisant, a legendary six-eyed lion, stands eighteen feet at the shoulder — for reference, bull African elephants typically just pass ten.


    Video Games 
  • The Battle Cats naturally has them in large quantity, the outstanding examples being Titan Cat and the Nekolugas.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has a number of gigantic demonic cats that protrude from massive vortexes in the background. According to their bestiary entries they're the reanimated vengeful spirits of regular cats that died in the castle and have come back for revenge, and as such are largely unaggressive to Miriam provided she doesn't attack them first... or run around in front of them for too long. After all, they are cats and still love to swat at small quick-moving things.
  • The Laser Panthers in Brütal Legend are as big as horses. Eddie can ride on them.
  • Dark Souls features a large talking cat (roughly the size of a grizzly bear) named Alvina, who is also one of the game's covenant leaders. The game also features enemies called Great Felines, who are a fair bit bigger than Alvina.
  • Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten: The Catsaber can become one if another monster fuses with it.
  • Dwarf Fortress: Giant versions exist for all normal animals, including tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, lynxes and bobcats. Giant tigers are over three times the size of a cow, while giant bobcats — the smallest giant cats and based on a creature no more than a half meternote  in height — are bigger than regular tigers.
  • In Elite Beat Agents, the Hollywood stage, "Makes No Difference", chronicles the making of the fictional action film Romancing Meowzilla, in which there is a giant cat. Not a real one, of course, but that's pretty justified since where would the film studio get one?
  • Final Fantasy VII: one of the combinations in Cait Sith's Slots Limit Break causes him to grow to enormous proportions.
  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Joreishi wa Nice Body: A subtle inversion can be found in one of the levels, which features the protagonist being shrunk to the size of an action figure and forced to ride on a normal-sized (but relatively huge) calico. This is based in an chapter/episode of the manga/anime, where Mikami is under a curse that progressively shrinks her. Only that she rides on Yokoshima instead, even using reins.
  • Grim Fandango features cats roughly the size of horses that are used in greyhound-style races.
  • Legends of Runeterra has the "Catastrophe" card, consisting of Professor Von Yipp (a Mad Scientist who got stuck in a cat's body after a body-swapping test gone awry) piloting an enormous cat-themed Powered Armor. It's ridiculously slow to summon, but once he's on, he's pretty much an instant win as he has by far the best stats in the entire game by a very steep margin (and in a game including hordes of planet-destroying space dragons and Eldritch Abominations who can obliterate whole decks from existence, that's saying a lot).
    Flavor Text: Your end is MEOW.
  • Mega Man 3: One of the enemies is a robotic cat several times Mega Man's size.
  • Miike in Muramasa: The Demon Blade can become this if she enters her Avatar mode while in human form, due to her being a nekomata. Amusingly, she can also become a giant cat head made up of a massive amount of tortoiseshell cats if she enters Avatar mode while in cat form.
  • Pilgrim (RPG Maker): The Giant Cat in Storey 2 is a cat about as big as the teenage Akemi.
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 has a Humongous Mecha, built by three guys in a warehouse, facing off against the giant cat monster Nyaragon.
  • Pokémon: Persian, Espeon, Delcatty, Liepard, and a whole bunch of other leopard-sized kitties.
    • Funnily enough, male Pyroar are rather undersized compared to their real-life lion inspiration. Pyroar are 4'11" (1.5 m) and 179.7 lbs. (81.5 kg), while male lions range 5'7" to 8'2" (170 to 250 cm) and 418 lb (189.6 kg). Guess being able to blast fire from your mouth makes up for size, though.
    • A cat Pokémon that's been Dynamaxed or gigantamaxed in Pokémon Sword and Shield would fit. Special mention goes to Gigantamax Meowth, who looks like a homage to Longcat further down this page and is the tallest Dynamaxed/Gigantamaxed Pokemon in the game at 33 meters.
  • The third boss of Riot seemingly appears to be a regular man in a military uniform. But as soon as you enter, he transforms into a giant cat, flanked by wolves, cue boss battle.
  • Röki: The Yule Cat of Icelandic folklore appears in the game. However, Tove discovers him getting old and grey, and the Yule Cat requests her help in finding something to make his fur black again so that he'll once more be feared by humans.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • In Super Paper Mario, Francis has two gigantic ROBOT cats called BigMeows.
    • Bowser's Fury:
      • In order to fight Kaiju sized Bowser, Mario transforms into a Kaiju sized version of his cat form using a Giga Bell.
      • Oyaneko are roughly lion-sized calico cats.
  • Shadow Hearts series:
  • Sonic Adventure introduces us to a character actually named "Big the Cat." As if his fat body and structure wasn't obvious enough for you...
  • Umihara Kawase: Played with in regards to Emiko's pet cat "Shakemaru". Official art for Sayonara Umihara Kawase had it at a more normal size. In Blade Strangers it's played much more straight, where it's the size of a large bear. Her story reveals that this was due to a bug that occurred when she and Shakemaru were transferred over by the Motes.
  • In What Remains of Edith Finch, in Lewis' sequence there is a huge version of the family's cat, Molly, in the throne room scene. If you look around Lewis' (and later Edith's) room there are toy figurines that look exactly like the people in the throne room. Compared to them, the cat is to scale. It means that as the scene plays out in Lewis' imagination, he becomes one of his toys, and the size of the cat is justified.
  • In The World Ends with You, Shiki’s Mr. Mew is usually an adorable stuffed little cat. However, raise your Fusion to Level 3 with her and he can grow into a kaiju-sized giant that can even shoot Eye Beams at every enemy on the field.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In 1 For All, a series of short skits about a group of people playing Dungeons & Dragons which switches between real life and in game scenes, when Lumi the cat (who normally only appears in the real-life scenes) jumps on the gaming table, to the player characters she appears as a tarrasque-like behemoth and she proceeds to step on them all (knock the minis off the table).
  • Kittisaurus: DD is a Norwegian Forest Cat, who appears to be rather chunky (not helped by his love for food, specifically bread). Claire, his owner, repeatedly makes jokes about it.
  • LOLCats:
  • And then there is Longcat vs Tacgnol — The Movie: Catzilla.
  • Minilife TV: In "The Semi-Finals", Ian reveals that mummy terrorists used the Power Brick to summon their giant cat goddess, Pockets, to Legondo. However, similar to Meowthra from The LEGO Ninjago Movie, it's actually a normal-sized cat in a LEGO universe.
  • Rats SMP: The clone cats produced from a potions mishap on Day 47 are sizeshifters can grow to be as tall as a human when sitting down, or be tall enough to reach humans' door handles at shoulder height.
    Jimmy: (on a clone cat that grew to be as big as the Laundry Room) That is the ultimate Chonk, oh my gosh.
  • The disproportionate edits at Saving Room for Cats.
  • "Second Wind": A man and a giant cat end up in a story about life & death.
  • The Twitter Feed "Giant Military Cats" is nothing but cute cats photomanipulated into various military equipment. Take a look here.
  • Ambassador Rythax of the Whateley Universe. When Gateway first summons him, he's like a black panther the size of a tiger. With wings. He can be other sizes.

    Western Animation 
  • In one episode of Atomic Puppet, Bubbles, the pet cat of Joey's dad, got turned into one when he ate some hair accidentally supercharged by Atomic Puppet's Transformation Sequence.
  • The Big Hero 6: The Series short "Baymax Dreams of Mochizilla" features the titular Mochizilla, a Kaiju version of Mochi the cat.
  • The Captain Star episode "Waiting for Sputnik" features a cat that grows so big it endangers the planet.
  • Fat Cat from Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers towers over his cat henchmen, as well as the other feline characters.
  • In at least one episode of Garfield and Friends, Garfield becomes super-sized in an Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever plotline. (Some would argue that normal Garfield is a Mega Neko already.)
    • The regular comics already played on this. One comic cover shows him blotting out the sun, and in one long cartoon, he dreams he becomes large enough to eat Saturnus!
  • In He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983), the green tigeresque Battle Cat and purple pantheresque Panthor are both big enough to be steeds of He-man and Skeletor respectively, but their colors are more unusual than their size. However, the 2002 reboot had King Grayskull's lion-like mount, which was bigger than Battle Cat and Panthor combined!
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2021): Cringer is normally a tiger the size of a horse. When he transforms into Battle Cat he becomes a tiger the size of a rhinocerous!
  • In Tex Avery's classic King Size Canary, the same growth formula which creates the title bird is also consumed by the cat who fed the formula to the canary; he is planet-sized by the end of the cartoon.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts:
    • Yumyan Hammerpaw and his fellow Timbercats are the size of grizzly bears.
    • In season two Kipo becomes a Mega Jaguar the size of an elephant. Growing to skyscraper size in the season finale (and sprouting two more legs, extra tails, and ear tufts).
  • Making Fiends: Both the web series and television series feature a ginormous red cat as one of the titular "fiends".
  • On the Monsters vs. Aliens series, a kitten gets infused with some of Ginormica's quantonium, turning it into "Ginormicat".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The sphinx in "Daring Done?" Since there are no humans in MLP, something that extends to partly human creatures, it has a face like that of a pony instead of a human, which combined with its body makes it resemble nothing so much as a giant winged cat — one that so happens to be the size of a house.
  • Pete, a frequent antagonist in the Disney universe, is a massive and obese cat.
  • In The Simpsons, Sideshow Bob's Emmy nom for Best Supporting Actor on a children's show was shared with Colonel Coward, a clown called "Droopy Drawers", Suck-Up the Vacuum, and (seated in the audience in costume) Pepito, The Biggest Cat in the Whole Wide World.
  • The Transformers has a long tradition of characters with animal alt-modes, including cats, which are bigger than their organic counterparts. Prominent examples from G1 included the Predacons Razorclaw (a lion) and Rampage (a tiger), Ravage (a jaguar, who, despite being very small for a Decepticon was still as tall at the shoulders as a human), and Sky Lynx, who turned into a dragon or "lynx" the size of a space shuttle.
  • In the second season of W.I.T.C.H., thanks to being the regent of Earth, Cornelia's sister Lillian is able to give powers to others to be her bodyguards and protectors. Among those she changes is her familiar, the cat Napoleon who can become a badass Mega Neko at will.
  • One of the costars in this short. The giant kitty is both adorable and terrifying when appropriate.

    Real Life 
  • Ligers, the hybrid offspring of a male lion and female tiger, are the largest cats in the world. note . They only appear in captivity since the animals' natural habitats don't overlap anymore (and thousands of years ago when they still did, the two species probably didn't interbreed naturally). Still, they're impressively huge. Hercules is the largest Liger on record, weighing over 922 pounds and is expected to live a long and healthy life.
  • The Maine Coon breed is generally considered to be the largest domestic cat breed, with some weighing in at over 25 pounds and 4 feet in length. See here for a picture of one large-looking specimen. While most housecats stop growing at about a year old, Maine Coons don't stop growing until then are about four years old. The kitty in that picture was only about two and one 4-year-old Maine Coon was big enough to be mistaken for a lynx by unsuspecting passersby. They're also incredibly affectionate, to the point that they're often considered the cat equivalent of a Big Friendly Dog.
  • Norwegian Forest Cats are very similar in size and appearance to Maine Coons, but with a sturdier build and variation in head shape thanks to their native origins in Scandinavia. Here's one seeing off a fox (though, in fairness, even small domestic cats can do this. Foxes prefer not to tangle with cats). Even better, wild ones are known to fight bears to defend their territory. Considering that their claws are strong enough to let them climb stone, they're even strong enough to drive them off!
  • The Puma (or cougar, or mountain lion, or any of its many other names) is fairly medium-sized among big cats, even bigger than the lanky cheetah. But for a very long time, it was classified in the genus Felis, technically making it the largest direct relative to the domesticated housecat. It's now in its own genus and classified closer to the cheetah and lynx, but is still closer in genetic relation to housecats than to other big cats of the genus Panthera.
  • Ragdoll cats are not so far in this regard compared to Norwegians and Maine Coons.
  • While not as huge as some of the fictional examples, Savannah Cats are pretty big as far as pet cats go.
  • A fully grown Smilodon populator (sabertoothed cat) may have weighed up to 1,100 lbs, comparable to a record sized polar bear (though most paleontologists estimate that it was probably more along the lines of 600-700 lbs, which is still a danged big animal). The American lion, Panthera atrox (formerly Panthera leo atrox until it was determined to be a distinct species rather than a subspecies of modern lions) and Ngandong tiger, Panthera tigris soloensis were both more than 25% larger than modern lions and tigers, and grew in excess of 750 lbs.
  • Tigers are the largest non-hybrid felines. Siberian tigers are considered the largest based on weight and shoulder height.


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