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Clockwise from top-right: Solange, Master T, Emiko (riding Shakemaru), Noko, Kawase, Curly, Liongate, Ali. Center: Lina

Fight for glory with fists of fury!

Blade Strangers is a crossover fighting game by Nicalis and Studio Saizensen for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. It is slated for release in August 28, 2018 Overseas+Steam, August 30th in Asia/Japan (console version), and September 4th for PS4 physical overseas.

As a malevolent entity known as Lina devours data from across all dimensions, the sentient computers that oversees these dimensions called "motes" summon heroes from across time and space for a tournament to determine who among them is the "Blade Stranger" destined to save the day.

A crossover Puzzle Game called Crystal Crisis was developed by Nicalis as a companion piece to this one.

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Curly's existence failure

Like every other Blade Strangers fighter, Curly will continue to move and fight without any handicaps regardless of her current health: even after suffering a full combo while already at low HP, she will still get up and jump around as if she was in perfect condition. However, hitting the robot girl with a simple slap to the face after all of this will cause her to experience sudden Critical Existence Failure and immediately knock her out.

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