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A classic trope, the "belly mouth" or "bellymaw" is where a creature/character/machine actually has a mouth directly outside from its place in the body. Sometimes it's disguised and well hidden, other times it's used as an intimidation tool, or sign to state that the character in question is a Villainous Glutton, a Big Eater or somewhere in between when regarding the consumption of vast quantities in (usually) organic material, even going so far as to make it out to be a horrifying monster, or from time to time, a comical character.

Note: In some cases, the belly mouth is actually a symbiotic creature, or has a mind of its own, that uses the host's body to get about, while adding an additional passage to the stomach via which more consumables can enter.

For a much more Freudian, disturbing variation on the "mouth in the wrong place" theme, see Vagina Dentata.


Compare Cephalothorax, where the only mouth the creature has is, technically, on its belly.

Sub-Trope of Too Many Mouths.


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  • A recurring character in the Pop-Tarts commercials for some reason has a mouth on his abdomen.
  • Levis did it as well. Though in this case its a talking belly button and not an actual mouth.
  • Terry Crews has, among other features, an AAAAAAAAAAAABDOMINAL mouth with a mind of its own if Old Spice is to be believed.
  • A Jamaican Doritos commercial has some women wearing bikinis that have a mouth in their stomachs.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Wyald of the Berserk manga has one at the level of his shoulders when he takes on his Apostle form.
  • Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist develops one of these in the manga when he gets angry enough.
  • In Gintama, one member of Shinpachi's fan club is an amanto that forms a mouth on its stomach and devours things when it gets excited.
  • In Kill la Kill (made by the same people that made Gurren Lagann), Senketsu has this as part of its design, which shows up as as a baring of the midriff for Ryuko.
  • Deidara from Naruto has mouths on his hands and chest, which he uses to produce an explosive clay in various shapes such as spiders and birds. He turns himself into a Fantastic Nuke if he eats the clay through his chest mouth. Technically it's where his heart is located, but it still counts.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • The Gurren Lagann, although this is because the chest and abdomen areas of the combined mech are Gurren's "face" when separated.
    • Also the implied case with Lazengann Lordgenome's Gunman, which has More Teeth than the Osmond Family, as well as several antagonists' Gunmen.
  • VenomMyotismon, a major antagonist of Digimon Adventure, develops a second face in his lower abdomen, and this proves to be his weak spot.
  • Some of the phantoms in Tokkô have this.
  • Feedler from D.Gray-Man has a power which, when advanced to its ultimate form, sprouts a grotesque smiling maw stretching from beneath his rib cage to waist line.
  • In one manga chapter and anime episode of Urusei Yatsura, a bunch of fossils, put together into the approximate shape of a weird bird by Ataru, are animated by Lum using another piece of Oni tech. The resulting creature appears to have a belly mouth, as its "body" was the skull of some ceratopsian.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins Fraudrin of the Ten Commandments has a large mouth hole on his chest and pectorals in place of where it would be on his face.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Taken to new levels with Zork, who not only has a mouth, but an entire dragon head and neck protruding from his...crotch.
  • Mashira, Meier Link's werewolf henchman in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, has an enormous wolf muzzle in his abdomen when he wolfs out.
  • A few demons have this in 3×3 Eyes: notable cases include Zhou Gui in his One-Winged Angel form (the "mouth" in this case being a black-hole like gateway to the Subspace lined with fangs), and the Hyoma Clan Warrior Prince Galga, who seems to have a knack for forming a whole dragon head and neck from his abdomen and use it to chew and char his enemies. On the other side, Coco has a massive fanged mouth on his chest, but doesn't appear to be functional.

    Card Games 

    Comic Books 
  • The White Martians from Grant Morrison's Justice League of America comics had large mouths in their stomachs when they assumed their natural form.
  • The Marvel Universe demon Satannish, pictured above.
  • In Marvel's adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress, Christian slices open the demon Apollyon's belly, which causes the gaping wound to transform into a giant mouth.
  • The cover of the comic book adaption of Se7en dealing with the Gluttony victim shows this.
  • Gronks in Strontium Dog eat metal through mouths in their bellies. They are cute little blighters (almost bordering on Small, Annoying Creature territory) and are very embarrassed by other races' horror at their physiology.
  • From Gaiman's The Eternals, there is Morjak, a Deviant who has a second mouth in his stomach.
  • Satan's Hollow: While John's soul is being tortured in hell, the female demon overseeing his treatment conjures a mouth in his chest to freak him out.
  • Lori Lovecraft: Trifons, a demon from the fifth realm of Shomahea in The Big Comeback, has no features on his head, but eyes and a mouth on his torso.
  • The Grimm Fairy Tales version of Krampus has multiple mouths on his torso: a large one on his belly and four smaller ones on his torso.

    Films — Animation 
  • One of the crew members on the ship in Treasure Planet appears to be a normal-looking human with dreadlocks at first... Before it's revealed that he's a Cephalothorax, with (large) face and mouth are on his (large) stomach, and that what looked like his head was another spider-ish crew member and the things that looked like dreadlocks are really his legs.
    Spider-guy: What are you looking at, weirdo?
    [Spider-guy crawls off, revealing himself to be a separate creature]
    Cephalothorax: Yeah! Weirdo!
  • The Snapping Turks in Yellow Submarine.
  • No-Face in Spirited Away has one. It's most obvious in the bathhouse scene where he goes berserk, but later in the scene at Zeniba's house you can see it again briefly as he's eating cake.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • From the Lone Wolf series, Darklord Zagarna is described in the novelization as having a fanged maw in the belly, which is constantly feed some Giak or human flesh.

  • The anthropophagi (see Myths) in The Monstrumologist have these.
  • Giota in Catherynne M. Valente's The Orphan's Tales.
  • The Fat Man, a short story by Joe R. Lansdale: The title character has what appears to be an ugly half-moon tattoo (with the points upward) on his belly, which turns out to be a mouth. The Fat Man is also an artificial construct, controlled by a hideous, man-eating creature, who uses the mouth to speak and to suck in both regular food and its human victims.
  • The Jan in Alien in a Small Town are nonhumanoid, roughly conical aliens. The main character is a member of the subterranean Worker caste, and has a mouth at his cone's apex, for burrowing. The Warrior caste traditionally lives on the surface, though, and have a huge, gaping maw full of axe-like teeth on the side of their bodies, instead.

    Live-Action TV 
  • One episode of Doctor Who involves a time paradox caused by Rose going back in time with the Doctor to prevent her father's death, the creatures sent to deal with the paradox, who were never named on screen but called "Reapers" only had mouths on their stomachs, and claws which they used to shove victims down their throats.
  • Back in The '90s, Nickelodeon ran a series of live-action shorts featuring characters that consisted of talking belly buttons. They even managed to make one of these shorts basically an anti-smoking PSA.
  • Power Rangers
  • Ultra Series:
    • The kaiju Bemstar from Return of Ultraman possesses a strange version that looks more like some kind of weird pattern. Whatever the case, it allows Bemstar to eat the energy attacks used by an Ultraman, making him a real nuisance for our heroes.
    • Tyrant, a chimera kaiju from Ultraman Taro (who, like Bemstar, also reappears in the series on a regular basis) also has this feature, thanks to Bemstar being one of his components.
    • Bizaamo, from Ultraman Tiga. True to its name, it is a bizarre looking parasite monster resembling an overgrown mass of limbs fused together, with an absolutely massive mouth taking up its entire torso.
    • Maricula from Ultraman Dyna is a giant algae monster with a gigantic mouth taking up its entire belly area. For some inexplicable reason, the mouth resembles a pair of human lips, making the monster look more hilarious than scary.
  • Seinfeld: In "The Voice", Jerry and his friends have an in-joke about Jerry's girlfriend's belly button resembling a talking mouth.

    Music Videos 

    Myths & Religion 
  • Blemmyae and anthropophagi lacked heads and had their faces on their torsos instead. They were supposed to be cannibals.
  • Kabandha of Hindu Mythology was cursed to become similar to these.
  • Also Xing Tian in Chinese Mythology, after his head was lost in battle.
  • The Mapinguari of Brazilian Mythology, a kind of bogeyman/cryptid feared by the Amazonian Indians.
  • Numerous depictions of Christian demons have entire faces in their abdomens.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • In 3.5 Edition, the Klurichir demon is a massive monster with more mouth than stomach for a belly, even though it has a boar head just above it.
    • Monsters of Faerun describes the Tomb Tapper, a giant humanoid made of stone, which has the mouth on its belly too. Somewhat necessarily, since it's also The Blank and has no facial features whatsoever.
    • Pathfinder introduces the scanderig forgefiend.
  • Lord Chompy Bits from Malifaux.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • Early models for the Great Unclean One, Greater Daemon of Nurgle from Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, were a giant diseased hulk that had a grinning mouth in its belly.
    • In Blood Bowl, the Nurgle Star Player Guffle Pusmaw has been blessed with the mutation of a large mouth situated on his swollen paunch. Guffle has since learned how to use this drooling maw to receive a pass far better he could when using his hands, becoming the most successful Nurgle Catcher in the history of the game.
    • In the Epic, 6mm-scale, version of Warhammer 40,000 the smaller, close assault focused Slasher Gargants used by the Orks often replaced their belly gun with a set of mechanical jaws known as a Snapper. The Gargant uses these steam powered jaws to rip and tear pieces from enemy Titans, causing massive damage to the target area.
  • Villains & Vigilantes adventure "Devil's Domain". Abomination demons have a malevolent face on their chest, which includes a large mouth.
  • Skittermander whelps in Starfinder have these (adding a creepy note to their otherwise overwhelming cuteness), but lose them when they reach adulthood.
    • Their cousins the stridermanders—which are more-or-less to skittermanders what ogres or trolls are to humans; big, dumb, feral, and entirely willing to eat their smaller kin—never lose the bitey prehensile Lamprey Mouth umbilical cord.

  • Mongroid from the Tortured Souls line. He's not so much a creature with a Belly Mouth as he is a giant walking mouth with a head and limbs sticking off the sides.
  • Vaka-Waka from Mixels, though with the twist that each are their own personality and person. Despite the fact both of them have the ability to eat standardly, Waka, the stomach mouth, is forced to handle the digestion and "output", which isn't good when Vaka eats things like fish heads or battery acid...

    Video Games 
  • Bishamon of Darkstalkers series. The mouth in question actually belongs to the armor he wears, not to him, but since he's possessed by the armor, it fits.
  • The Fallen from Devil May Cry 3 normally appear to be angels with six wings; two on their back, outstretched, two covering (or acting as) their legs, and two acting as arms, the latter wings hold a divine sword and act as a shield, protecting the Fallen from attacks. Dante can break their shield wing to reveal a grotesque Belly Mouth, which, aside from looking pretty horrifying, also serves as the angel's weakspot.
  • Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony and one of the Act III bosses from Diablo III sports such a mouth, which is much larger than his actual mouth on top. This guy takes being a Big Eater to truly nightmarish degrees, such that it is implied that captured soldiers were either eaten by Ghom or fed to others to fatten them up before they were eaten by Ghom.
  • The One-Winged Angel form of Necrosaro/Death Psaro, the final boss in Dragon Quest IV, which looks a bit similar to Satannish above.
  • Exdeath, in Final Fantasy V, has many mouths in his belly, and also his legs and feet. Growing out of his belly are dragons, lions, demons, and whole women.
  • The Zodiac Demon Cuchulainn in Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Elvis's One-Winged Angel form in God Hand.
  • The Big Bad of Holy Umbrella has one of these. During his short stint as a playable character, you can shoot powerful flame attacks from it. Taken Up to Eleven by the final boss, who not only sports one, but his body is made entirely out of interlocked metallic faces.
  • Half-Life
    • The series's regular zombies have their torsos ripped open. They are known to stuff food into their chest "mouths".
    • The more mutated gonome zombies from Opposing Force as well.
  • The Ducky Goose and Drak Quack Dream Eaters in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance have a very prominent one, from which they generate various party toys and fireworks to attack with. The former's Japanese name (Haraguchi Ahiru) even translates literally into "belly mouth duck". However, the way their heads hang back limply when they run, coupled with the suspiciously eye-like markings above their belly mouths can make one question whether or not they're really just Waddling Heads with a fake head on top.
  • King Dedede gets one during the second phase of his boss fight in Kirby's Dream Land 3, courtesy of being being possessed by Dark Matter. Besides an attack where he uses said mouth to try and bite you, he can also reveal an eye to shoot dark pellets at you. This returns in a similar fashion in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, though thanks to Dedede being a miniboss this time around, it's much less dangerous.
    • This trope made a surprise (and rather darker) return in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, where Shadow Dedede uses it. This time around there's no getting chased and avoiding being eaten, though in exchange the dark energy fired is much more powerful, sometimes ranging into full Bullet Hell. Not only that, but whenever the jaw opens, what seems to be blood flies out.
  • The Chocobo/Earth Eater monsters in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII have one. They use it to unleash their strongest attacks, though their weak spot is also concealed within it.
  • The Flick'ta in Marathon have a vertical mouth that goes from their face to their abdomen. This gives them the appearance of ferocious predators, but according to a Pfhor science terminal, they only use this mouth as a filter to drain nutrients from surrounding water.
  • Pokémon has three:
    • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl introduced Dusknoir, the evolution of Dusclops. According to its Pokédex entry, the mouth leads to the Underworld.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon has the Ultra Beast Guzzlord (UB-05 Glutton), which has a small, cone-shaped head mounted on a body with a huge maw and two eyes accompanied by eyebrow-like protrusions.
    • Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced Mr. Rime, the evolution of the Galarian variant of Mr. Mime. It is based on tap dancers, but for a bizarre, inexplicable design choice its actual face is on its torso, and the face on its head remains expressionless. Somehow, it is both creepy as hell and adorable.
  • The Gnaar of the Serious Sam series are monsters without a head, containing a big eye and mouth on its torso.
  • Nightmare from the Soul Series has a mid-section completely compromised of a mouth and teeth.
  • Some creatures in Spore
  • Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts: In stage 6, bosses Asutaroto, Nebiroth, and Sardius(the final boss) all have belly mouths. The former two spit out fire while the latter spits out platforms for Arthur to stand on in order to attack Sardius. Mid-boss Lucifer in Ghouls 'n Ghosts also has eyes on his torso and a mouth on his abdomen.
  • The Belly Juju from Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. Also, the Belly Mouth is competent, can speak, and demands candy as payment for help. Meanwhile, his actual head is...less so.
  • Tekken 5 boss Jinpachi Mishima, in his Devil mode.
  • Tech Romancer final boss Goldibus has this in his second form. Which is ironic, since there's no mouth on his actual head. (Interestingly enough, both Jinpachi and Goldibus share the same voice actor, Chikao Ōtsuka)
  • The eponymous character in the fighting game Tongue Of The Fatman has one of these.
  • Trillion: God of Destruction: It's largely more of a design choice, but Perpell, the Overlord of Gluttony, has one on her dress. Fittingly, she is also a Big Eater.
    • The titular monster has one in all of its forms, and it uses it to fire lasers in its first/titan form. In its true form, it appears as a young woman, much like Perpell. There is a reason for this.
  • In Undertale, two of the monsters — Froggit and Knight Knight — have entire faces, complete with mouths, on their abdomens.
  • deltarune, a sort of spin-off/Elseworld to Undertale features the Spades King, a boss with a mouth belly full of sharp teeth and a spades tongue - which he utilizes in his attacks.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • In The Burning Crusade, fiends such as Omor the Unscarred have a face with a gaping mouth on their chest. Some of them can breathe fire from it.
    • In the Warlords of Draenor version of Hellfire Citadel, the boss Gorefiend possesses this. Part of the fight's mechanic is he'll devour the souls of members of the party, who can then help weaken him from the inside.
  • One of the bosses you fight in Dark Souls is the Gaping Dragon, a corrupted glutton whose insatiable appetite has, among other things, caused its entire upper torso to split in half vertically and become an immense snapping mouth.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the fifth night introduces the player to the very dangerous Nightmare Fredbear (Along with his Palette Swap introduced the night after, Nightmare), who has a mouth on his stomach. Fortunately, it's just for show, and it can't open.
  • In Toukiden, the large Oni Jollox and its palette swap Edax are mountainous humanoid gluttons that have a gaping maw on their bellies that's usually closed. When the Oni is enraged, this mouth opens and the creature bounces along on the ground like an enormous Pac-Man with trailing tentacles.
  • In Avencast: Rise of the Mage, the Wolgath are hulking four-armed Mighty Glaciers with Vacuum Mouths protruding from their stomachs, which draw victims into striking range of their massive axes. According to the lore, they used to be a race of warriors who lost their souls in a Deal with the Devil, and the Belly Mouths are the faces of demonic spirits that took control of their bodies.
  • Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap has the Final Boss, the Vampire Dragon, with a second head on his belly. It's as vulnerable as any other dragon's regular head.
  • In Warframe, this is Grendel's whole theme. He can use his first ability to absorb enemies into the maw on his gut, then use his second to convert them into a party-wide buff or his third to turn them into a projectile.
  • Elvis from God Hand has this in his demon form, as well as one on each of his arm extremities (can't really call them "hands" if they're spheres with mouths).

  • Johnny Wander features the Maws, crow demons with mouths on their stomachs instead of their beaks.
  • Charby the Vampirate: One of the monsters that killed Jorro and Ezza had a mouth full of sharp teeth on its stomach.
    • Mannick has a mouth down his torso that is an interdimensional portal filled with teeth, arms and tentacles.
  • Mochi from Crazy Sunshine is this for Daifuku.
  • Desmond West from Monster Pulse has a mouth on his stomach. The twist is that his stomach walks beside him.

    Web Originals 
  • Chapter 5 of Reasoning reveals that the Venator has a huge mouth on his giant belly.

    Western Animation 
  • The minor Ben 10: Omniverse villain Tummyhead. Interestingly, the face in his stomach is the only one of the two that speaks.
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter meets an elephant-like alien that wants to eat him. Dex points out that he can't possibly fit through the alien's tiny snout... and then the alien opens its real mouth.
  • Ghash (also called "Mr. Ugly" by the heroes) on The Real Ghostbusters was a powerful poltergeist with a fanged mouth with a lolling tongue on his stomach. Even freakier, this was the mouth he talked with.
  • The Piper in Extreme Ghostbusters has one, where he stores his army of ghosts.
  • Shushu General Anathar from Wakfu has a maw surrounded by crustacean-like pincers hidden in the belly. Although he describes "eating" what he puts there, it seems more to act as imprisonment.
  • In The Spectacular Spider Man, Venom can manifest a large mouth in the center of his costume, and can talk through it.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    • Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987). Insofar as a brain in a mech suit counts as a stomach.
    • Ch'rell also, when in his Shredder suit. In a Bad Future where he manages to take over the world, he occupies the head area of the mech instead, though.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Five Short Graybles", Princess Bubblegum spends a copious amount of time perfecting the greatest sandwich ever, and gives it to Cinnamon Bun, who promptly shoves it in his stomach. The stomach then sucks in the sandwich a few seconds prior to puking it out all over PB.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: The "Headless Horror" (based on the Blemmyae), which has no head, eyes on its chest and a mouth on its stomach, appears in episode 22 of the series, pursuing adventurer Rick Spartan. It's really his wife, who just wants him to retire so they can live a normal life.
  • Danger Mouse (2015 relaunch) has the alien Quark, who has an extra mouth in his stomach, which sardonically comements on his get-rich-quick schemes.

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