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Recap / Digimon Tamers M 1 Battle Of Adventurers

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Note: This movie is considered canon due to the appearance of Takato's cousin Kai in episode 49, but although it aired between episode 15 and episode 16, it can't be placed there due to the appearance of Rapidmon and Taomon. Otherwise, it can be placed anywhere between episode 18 and episode 23.

This movie was dubbed when Disney, having bought the rights to the Digimon anime dubbing from Saban, decided to finally have this movie dubbed (along with the three other movies that, at the time, had been released in Japan but remained undubbed) in order to promote their upcoming dub of Digimon Savers as Digimon Data Squad. It finally premiered alongside the other two movies on Toon Disney's Jetix block in October 2005, four years after its original Japanese release.


A large Digimon pursues another one, with the latter having been born from an Apocalymon’s data and wanting to accomplish his goals...

Takato prepares to go on a summer trip to Okinawa to visit the family graves, but worries what he’ll do about Guilmon. As it turns out, he ends up stuffing Guilmon into a luggage while Jian, Terriermon, and Culumon accompany him.

Jian and Takato part ways at Okinawa, with Jian transferring so that he can visit the underwater ruins in Yonaguni. Takato is worried about being lonely, since the cousin he’s meeting is one he hasn’t seen in a long time, and Jian says that he’ll stop by if he has time later.

While Takato searches for his cousin Kai, he watches an interview on TV discussing the popularity of the V-Pet, a virtual pet that can manage a data system on the computer. The live interview is interrupted when Kai barges in looking for Takato, and Takato goes to stop him only for both of them to get in trouble with the guards. Fortunately, they’re bailed out by V-Pet company president Tamashiro, who calls the children the “future of Japan”, and they end up on TV (much to the delight of Takato’s mother).


Takato and Kai board a boat, and Kai notices the large size of Takato’s suitcase. As they approach the house, Kai decides to go right ahead and swim the rest of it so that he can tell his grandfather that Takato’s here.

Guilmon, sick of being locked up in the suitcase, emerges from it and tries to help the exhausted Takato on the rest of the way. Kai runs into them, and after some false starts Takato wakes up in his grandfather’s house with Kai having befriended. Kai recognizes Guilmon as a Digimon, since the franchise happens to be popular in Okinawa as well, but his and Takato’s grandfather believes Guilmon to be a talking dog similar to the deity guardians of Okinawa.

Back in Tokyo, Ruki sees her grandmother checking email while a V-Pet plays on the computer. Renamon informs Ruki that a Digimon is coming, and they go off to take care of it as Renamon loads its data. Renamon notices that something’s different about this Digimon, and a voice taunts them that soon he’s going to cause mankind to bring its own doom upon itself.


Takato, Kai, Guilmon, and Culumon enjoy their time in Okinawa, with Takato gaining a little more appreciation for the place. They suddenly find a girl being chased by a sharklike Digimon, and Guilmon fights it off. They bring the girl back to the house, and when Takato looks through her bag to find some kind of contact number he can use, he finds a laptop that also happens to have a V-Pet on it.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Shaochung also plays with another V-Pet on her computer. In Yonaguni, Jian finishes taking his pictures of the ruins, and decides to go visit Takato.

The girl wakes up at Kai’s house, dreaming about how she had been in the water once and had lost her dog Mei to the waves. When she wakes up, she introduces herself as Minami Uehara, and Kai recognizes her as the winner of a bodyboard tournament who recently hasn’t been participating for some reason.

At dinner, Takato has issues adjusting to eating Okinawan food (which consists of various pig body parts), while Culumon’s playing starts to disrupt it and Guilmon’s insisting on eating everything. Minami is amused, but is reminded of what happened and begins to cry.

In Tokyo, traffic accidents start to crop up after the street lights go crazy, and Jiangyu tells Jian about it over the phone and theorizes it may be because of some computer virus. Jiangyu is cut off when the electronic discrepancy spreads to the phone lines, and realizes something is wrong when the V-Pet on his computer starts to eat up what’s on his screen.

Ruki, meanwhile, waits for her mother to come home from Europe, feeling a little lonely, and Renamon takes amusement at this to the point of laughing.

Minami tells Takato and Kai that the Digimon are after her laptop, and that her father had told her to take it and run. As her father works at the headquarters where the V-Pet is being made, Kai offers to take her there for the next day to see how her father is doing, and Takato asks to see the V-Pet on her computer. Minami reveals that her V-Pet is the original, her father having made it for her as a tribute to her deceased dog Mei - one day, Minami had been bodyboarding in rough waves and Mei had chased after her and drowned.

Minami blames herself for Mei’s death, and even though she appreciates her father creating the V-Pet, she can’t see it as the same thing as Mei. Takato, however, disagrees, believing that a virtual pet is like a real pet in that it still wants to be fed and gets sad whenever it’s not played with. Minami responds with a question: if Guilmon were to die, would Takato accept a virtual pet as a replacement? Takato isn’t able to argue with this, but says that he doesn’t think Mei would blame Minami for his death and would probably want her to cheer up. Minami still doesn’t believe that, but thanks Takato.

During the night, they’re attacked by another Digimon, and Guilmon prepares to fight it off. Takato tells Kai to take everyone else and run, since Takato is a Tamer and it’s his job to fight. As they’re about to take off and Culumon senses something strange and departs, another Digimon attacks, and although Kai and Takato’s grandfather does his best to fight it off, he’s unable to do so and it pursues Kai and Minami.

Takato assists Guilmon in battle with some Card Slashes, while the pursuing Digimon manages to capture Minami. Guilmon manages to destroy and load the first Digimon, and Minami’s capture is prevented when a doglike Digimon comes out of nowhere and saves her. To her surprise, it seems to know her name, and fends off more Digimon attacks as they come. Despite this, it’s unable to prevent Minami from ultimately being captured and kidnapped.

Things begin to get worse when the spreading V-Pet virus hijacks the control on the plane Ruki’s mother is on, sending it off course. The V-Pets also start eating the data of Tokyo’s water pressure system, causing the pipes to burst open and the V-Pet to suddenly take a very demonic form.

In the morning, Ruki and Renamon meanwhile track down another Digimon, while as Jian makes his way to Takato’s family’s house he finds a Digimon wreaking havoc on the boats. As the battles begin to turn sour, Culumon senses something bad and begins to worry, and Renamon and Terriermon evolve to Kyuubimon and Galgomon. Kyuubimon and Galgomon successfully finish off their opponent,s and Ruki is startled by Culumon suddenly appearing there. He tells Ruki that Takato is in danger, and a voice and light appears to both Ruki and Jian asking for help.

As Takato, Guilmon, and the doglike Digimon make their pursuit of Minami, Kai accompanies them, wanting to help in some way. Guilmon says that the doglike Digimon’s name is “Siisaamon”, and Takato and Kai recognize it as resembling Okinawa’s guardian deity, the siisaa. Takato and Kai wonder why he’s there, and if he came out of Minami’s laptop.

They arrive at a cave, where another Digimon finds them. Guilmon evolves to Growmon in the water, and the explosion from the battle propels them right into the V-Pet company headquarters. Growmon destroys and loads the attacking Digimon.

Minami wakes up in the labs, while her father and Tamashiro find themselves cornered by a bunch of Digimon. Minami’s father says that the Digimon have taken over the company, and that the problem is linked to the V-Pet. Holding Minami as hostage, the Digimon demand from her father the vaccine program that could potentially stop their plans, and begin to point lasers at Minami.

Growmon navigates Takato and Kai through the facilities as everything begins to attack them, and, hearing Minami’s cry for help, Siisaamon breaks through a wall and finds her. Growmon and Siisaamon defeat the attacking Digimon in the ensuing struggle, while Siisaamon seems to be interested in Minami. Water suddenly starts flooding the facility, and as they make a run for it, Tamashiro watches and evilly declares that he won’t let anyone stand in his way.

The voice that had reached out to Jian and Ruki reveals himself to be Omegamonnote , the Digimon who had been fighting at the beginning of the movie, and is chasing after a dangerous Digimon who wants to destroy all life.

Back at the V-Pet headquarters, Minami says that Siisaamon had come out of her laptop, and Takato realizes that he must be the Realized version of her V-Pet, but Minami refuses to believe it. Minami’s father tells them that Minami’s V-Pet contains the vaccine program, which can forcibly erase all V-Pets, and thus Siisaamon must have it. This is overheard by Tamashiro, who reveals himself as the Digimon that Omegamon is fighting, Mephismonnote . He fights off Siisaamon, causing him to revert to his original form as a V-Pet, looking similar to Minami’s dog Mei.

Omegamon arrives in time with Ruki, Jian, and Culumon, with himself unable to actually enter the real world and trapped in a digital space. Mephismon transports them to a space that resembles a city filled with water, where the fight continues. Growmon urges Siisaamon to wake up, and as Mephismon is defeated, Minami finds herself engulfed in light.

Minami finds herself on the beach next to Siisaamon, who assures her that what had happened to Mei wasn’t her fault. Minami is confused as to why he keeps saving her, since she’d never really acknowledged him as a V-Pet, but he replies that he’d always been watching over her. As he dies, Minami calls him “Mei” in despair, and Siisaamon reveals that Mei’s name was the trigger word that would start the vaccine.

The V-Pets around the world disappear, restoring electronic functions, while Minami is distraught at Siisaamon’s death. However, the fight isn’t over: Takato notices that Mephismon’s defeat didn’t cause the realm to disappear, and Mephismon duly returns in a much stronger, evolved form. Growmon, Galgmon, and Kyuubimon are almost defeated, but Culumon’s concern and their determination causes them to matrix evolve to MegaloGrowmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon. Together, they defeat Mephismon, causing the destruction of the realm.

The group returns to the surface, and with that, they enjoy the sights of Okinawa.


  • Actor Allusion: While Omegamon and the Apocalymon mentioned at the beginning of the movie aren’t the ones from Adventure, both the original and dubbed versions of the movie brought back the original voice actors from that series for Omegamon/Omnimon (Chika Sakamoto and Mayumi Yamaguchi in the original, Lex Lang and Kirk Thornton in the dub).
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Rapidmon and Taomon appear in this movie, despite the fact that it aired three to four episodes before said evolutions appear in the series.
  • Conspicuous CG: The airplane heading to Okinawa. Also, the V-Pets, though given that they’re intended to be computer software that’s probably intentional.
    • Rapidmon’s evolution sequence interestingly lacks CG, as it hadn’t premiered in the series proper yet. (Taomon’s, which is 2D in both the series and movie, gets a very abbreviated version of hers.)
  • Mythology Gag: The V-Pet is a reference to the virtual pets that the Digimon franchise started with.
  • Non-Serial Movie: Other than the appearance of Kai, nothing really happens in this movie that has any serious impact on the main series.
  • Replaced the Theme Tune: Because Disney didn't have the right to the original Digimon theme song, it uses an instrumental version of the Frontier theme, as it was the only theme it had the rights to at the time.
  • Scenery Porn: Dear lord, Okinawa.

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