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Caprines such as goats and sheep are commonly portrayed as either adorable little lambs or all-consuming extreme omnivores. And then there's these guys.

There's something a little unsettling about fully-grown goats and rams. Their long curved horns remind us of typical portrayals of Satan. Their rectangular, horizontal pupils are a good way to invoke the Uncanny Valley.note  The tuft of hair on a goat's chin resembles a Beard of Evil. For this reason, it is common to portray goats and rams as scary, aggressive, or monstrous Xenophobic Herbivores in fiction.

Goats are often explicitly tied to satanic themes and demonology, as various demons — most notably Baphomet and Satan himself — have traditionally been depicted as wholly or partly caprine in appearance; Big Red Devils often have goatish horns — or even entirely caprine heads — and hooves, as well as goatees, as part of their demonic appearance.

Compare Brutish Bulls for other negative portrayals of bovids, Hellish Horse for the similar connotations of equines, and Extreme Omni-Goat for the stereotype of goats as Extreme Omnivores. For goat- or ram-like humanoids, see Fauns and Satyrs, who may be portrayed as benign or as aggressive and demonic. Contrast Sweet Sheep for positive portrayals of sheep and rams.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Berserk:
    • During the Egg of the Perfect World arc, a depraved sex cult led by a man wearing a goat-head mask turns into an actual goat-man (with a snake for a penis) when the God Hand starts influencing the world. It can jump far longer than a creature its size should be able to and is obsessed with raping Casca, and is decapitated after a messy battle where half its face gets blown off.
    • An early chapter features a very quick appearance by a mercenary company called the Black Rams, who are immediately curbstomped by the Blue Whales mercenaries.
  • Digimon:
    • While Pajiramon from Digimon Tamers isn't any nastier than the other Devas in her anime appearance, the broader franchise lore paints this sheep-centaur as the cruelest of the bunch after Sandiramon. She even looks the part, with a pair of curling ram-like horns and bright red eyes. Pajiramon also works for Zhuqiaomon, the biggest jerk of the Sovereigns.
    • Mephistomon from Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers is a demonic goat Digimon formed from the dimension-hopping remnants of Apocalymon, and it's heavily implied to be that Apocalymon. He wants to destroy the world because Apocalymon did and nearly succeeds in destroying humanity's infrastructure with a computer virus that spreads through virtual pets.
    • A different Mephistomon appears in Digimon Adventure: (2020), sacrificing Digimon to ZeedMillenniumon in rituals with strong Hollywood Satanism vibes. He even strikes the stock Baphomet post at one point.
  • Delicious in Dungeon: A Flash Back to the history of another dungeon shows that it imprisoned a demon in the form of a goat, which gradually became larger and more humanoid in appearance until devouring its master; an Imagine Spot of its theoretical escape depicts it as a city-sized Eldritch Abomination that retains recognisable goat traits. After The Reveal that all demons throughout history have been a single Blue-and-Orange Morality being, and the "benevolent" Winged Lion is just another of its incarnations, the Winged Lion takes a level in creepy and begins appearing to the protagonists in bipedal forms with goatlike horns and eyes.
  • The Dragon Ball Super manga-only villain Moro is an Evil Sorcerer who closely resembles a goat and drains all life from entire planets.
  • Goblin Slayer: One of the lesser demons Heavy Warrior cuts through has the head of a goat.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Anasui gets chased by the Mother Goat from The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, who uses her scissors to cut open Anasui and fill him with rocks so she could have him drowned.
  • Overlord (2012):
    • During the aptly-named Katze Plains Massacre, Ainz' Dark Young spell (a Shout-Out to Lovecraft's Shub-Niggurath) summons colossal goat-footed Eldritch Abominations that sound like regular goats, which only makes them seem all the more alien and wrong as they stomp on tens of thousands of people with utter impunity. Ainz then rides one of them and forces his "allied" army to acclaim him.
    • The light novel goes into further detail, noting that one soldier was left with such tremendous mental scarring that whenever he hears a goat bleating, he goes into a fugue state where he snaps to attention and starts screaming "ALL HAIL AINZ OOAL GOWN!" as he cries and pisses himself. Not one of his squadmates mocks him for it, as they were there too.
    • Ainz' former guildmate Ulbert Alain Odle (also know as World Destruction and Demon of Great Disaster, and was an even stronger mage than Ainz) had the form of a goat-headed man. From Ainz' memories and the personality of his custom-designed NPC Demiurge, it's clear he had a serious edgelord problem.

    Comic Books 

  • Grimm's Fairy Tales: In "The Lord's Anmals and the Devil's", goats were the creations of the devil, who loosed them to devour useful and noble plants until God sent His wolves to hunt them down.

    Film — Animated 
  • My Neighbor Totoro: One scene has the four year-old Mei trying to deliver an ear of corn to the hospital. At one point, she is harassed by a goat that tries to eat her corn, which is portrayed as terrifying from her perspective, complete with extra detail on the facial features.
  • Ringing Bell: Chirin, the protagonist, starts out as a sweet and innocent little lamb, but after his mother dies and he receives training from the sinister wolf, he grows up to be a terrifying horned creature that the narration states to be "more wolf than ram".
  • Zootopia: The villain's henchmen are large and intimidating-looking rams with large curved horns and rectangular pupils.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The Day of the Beast: When the main characters summon Satan in order to discover where The Antichrist will be born, a large black goat appears and stands up on its hind legs before snarling showing off sharp pointy teeth. During the climax, the Devil appears in a more Humanoid Abomination version of the Gruesome Goat, as a tall, slender satyr with a monstrous, elongated goat head.
  • The VVitch: The Puritan family owns a goat, Black Phillip, that becomes increasingly ominous as the Creepy Twins play with him and claim that he speaks to them. At the end, he fatally gores William and is strongly implied to be Satan in disguise.
  • Drag Me to Hell: In the movie, Mrs. Ganush curses Christine with the Lamia, a demon that will mess with her for three days before dragging her to hell for eternity. As an attempt to get rid of it, Christine dupes the demon into possessing a goat; needless to say, Lamia doesn't find it amusing.
    Lamia [bleating]: You tricked me, you black-hearted who-o-o-o-o-ore! You b-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-itch!
  • The title character of Krampus comes across as distinctly goatlike. In one scene, Tom and Howard find what appear to be cloven hoof prints in the living room of a home where the Krampus has already struck, but from the way the prints are set up, Howard - a seasoned hunter - can tell that whatever left them was walking on its hind legs.
    Tom: What kind of goat walks on its hind legs?

  • Dr. Seuss: "I Can Read With my Eyes Shut!" at one point features a disturbing humanoid goat-like creature with glaring yellow eyes known simply as "Foo-Foo the Snoo".
  • Fengshen Yanyi, one of the Seven Monster of Mount Prune who fight for King Zhou (with him being unaware of their true nature) is Yang Xian, a goat spirit taking the form of a human warrior with a chalk-white face, long beard and horns on his head who fights with a halberd. Like his companions, he's a ruthless animal turned human who kills and tricks people for fun, but meets his doom against Yang Jian, who turns into a tiger to maul him to death.
  • In Journey to the West, one of the three evil Immortals of Chechi Kingdom is a goat/antelope/chamois spirit: like his colleagues, he enjoys a life of luxury at the expenses of the local citizens and cruelly persecutes followers of buddhism.
  • In The Lion's Cavalcade by Alan Aldridge and Harry Wilcock, King Leonis's astrologer is a goat named Cassandra who states "the horns of the Devil come out of my head/Abraca dabraca dabraca DEAD".
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • The people of Qohor worship a god called the Black Goat and make regular blood sacrifices to it—usually animals, but sometimes condemned criminals and even highborn children.
    • This god is also represented on the banner of the Brave Companions, a Psycho for Hire sellsword company led by Vargo Hoat, a Qohorik. They Rape, Pillage, and Burn like it's going out of style.
  • In The Stand, the women who Big Bad Randall Flagg has sex with are described as taking him "the way they would take a ram with golden eyes or a black dog"; in the miniseries, one of the forms he takes gives him goat-like horns.
  • The Witch of Knightcharm includes a rookie witch named Gelila Wongel. Gelila is studying at an evil Wizarding School and her plans include seizing multiple countries, overthrowing their existing governments, and becoming an empress with dictatorial power over her territory just like a distant ancestor of hers. In order to help her achieve these evil goals, she has a goat familiar who assists with her spells and whom she's never seen without.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Gotham: A Serial Killer who preys on the children of wealthy families that Bullock investigated was known as the Spirit of the Goat. The killer even wore a goat mask. However, the men wielding the mask were actually themselves victims who were brainwashed with hypnotic suggestions by a Psycho Psychologist.
  • Grimm has a type of goat Wesen who are known for having hypnotic powers, as well as being greedy and lustful; one that Nick tangles with in the series is a ruthless Amoral Attorney whose powers have to be neutralized so that he can't get a murderer acquitted.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Goats are often associated with evil and sinful behavior in Christianity and Christian demonology:
    • In The Bible, during the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, Jesus compares God dividing the righteous from the sinners to a shepherd dividing sheep from goats.
    • Goats are also an commonly associated with the sin of Lust.
    • Christian demons are often given caprine features:
      • Baphomet, a demonic god whom the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping during their order's purge, is traditionally depicted with the head of a goat.
      • Modern depictions often give Satan goat's horns and hooved legs.
  • The Jersey Devil is commonly portrayed with a goat-shaped head and ram-like horns.
  • Many states such as Texas, Maryland, and Kentucky have a fair share of terrifying "Goatman" urban legends, usually with axes as weapons.
  • The Krampus is usually portrayed with goat-like fur, horns, and hooves.
  • In Portuguese and Brazilian Folklore, the Cabra Cabriola is a monstrous nanny goat with pointy teeth and fire breath that invades houses at night to eat children.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Call of Cthulhu: In the Dreamlands supplement, in the adventure "Season of the Witch", the witch Hester Payne has a familiar named Specter who's the size of a human being and looks like a satyr (goat/human hybrid). Specter assists Hester in her evil plot to perform a Human Sacrifice of Eric Watson and Susan Mason in order to bring Hester back from the Dreamlands.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: The Bulezu demon takes the form of a humanoid goat-like creature that's covered in open, oozing sores and has a long tail ending in fearsome spikes that it uses as a weapon. They're considered embodiments of mindless rage and often serve Baphomet (though in the Dungeons and Dragons setting, Baphomet looks more like a demonic minotaur than a goat-man).
  • Pathfinder:
    • Goats are sacred to several evil deities, including Asmodeus, the archdevil Belial, the infernal duke Zepar, the daemonic harbinger Slandrais and the demon lord Orcus. Of these, Orcus also has the head and legs of a monstrous goat.
    • A number of demons, including schirs (demons born from the souls of mortals who engaged in violent, spiteful crimes) and brimoraks (born from mortals who engaged in violent arson), have the heads and hooves of goats, as do rust devils. This is subverted through the ez-azaels, celestial beings created when a schir is used a very literal scapegoat to atone a mortal population's sins; the schir usually dies, but sometimes is itself cleansed of its demonic nature and changed into a creature of good.
    • The illustration of the Shepherd (pictured above), a throne of bones that turns any animal seated on it into an evil, intelligent servant of the archdevil Barbatos, shows a four-horned goat reclining on it, with a flame burning between its horns and A Glass of Chianti in its hoof.
    • Baphomet, mentioned above, appears in Pathfinder too, in the form of a goat-man.
  • RuneQuest: The Broo are a species of Beast Men who chan theoretically resemble almost anything, but are usually depicted as humanoid goats. They're heavily themed around rape, and can impregnate anything — literally anything, including trees and the ground — to breed a new Broo.
  • Warhammer Fantasy: Gors, the most common type of the Always Chaotic Evil and civilization-hating beastmen, have goat heads. Beastmen use the number and size of their horns as status symbols, to the point where those with small or even no horns are looked down on and allowed to serve as Cannon Fodder at best.

    Video Games 
  • In the final levels of Apocalypse, when the last horseman, Beast, unleashed the forces of hell in the White House, the Secret Service agents quickly turns into goat-headed human abominations. They're also among the toughest humanoid enemies in the game, capable of soaking plenty of rockets and explosive rounds as well as spamming fireballs all over the place.
  • Bendy and the Dark Revival: Bendy gains a cloven, goatlike hooves, and his horns become somewhat curled inwards at the tips, more closely resembling a goat's horns rather than his previous 'cookie with a bite taken out' head shape.
  • The Binding of Isaac has Goats as a common enemy in the Gehenna stage. They appear to be decapitated humans with goat heads sewn onto them. They can charge at Isaac, but they're mostly dangerous because of the large numbers they attack you in. There's also an Elite Mook variant called a Black Goat that's tougher can shoot Brimstone lasers in cardinal directions.
  • Broken Sword:
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon has Adramelech, the boss of the Chapel Tower, who is a gigantic ram-man with thick green fur and clawed hands wearing black leather straps with buckles over his eyes and chest embedded into the wall.
  • In the Atlus game Catherine, sheep and ram related imagery is used everywhere in the game. This includes the dream world, and the real world. The Big Bad is Thomas "Chop" Mutton (aka "Boss") who spends most of the game wearing sunglasses. Before the final battle, it's revealed that his eyes are horizontal (like a real sheep) which terrifies Erica Anderson and Vincent Brooks.
  • Cult of the Lamb combines this with Sweet Sheep in the protagonist, who is an adorable lamb that serves as the apostle of a dark god and the head of a cult. While the character is stated to be a sheep, he still has tiny horn nubs on his head for the connotations to goats.
  • Cuphead: The main antagonist is The Devil himself. While already having a goat like appearance, during the first phase of his boss fight. One of his attacks is having his face morph into a goat head (complete with rectangular-shaped pupils) and his hands turn into hooves. Even his Evil Laugh sounds like goat bleats during that attack.
  • Death Road to Canada: A goat may appear at trader camps. You can milk it for food, but you'll get hurt, or you can recruit it to your team if you have room (the goat won't join if your team is full, not even to replace an existing party member like other recruitable characters). The goat always has the lowest loyalty, making for a poor choice of pet.
  • Devil May Cry 2: Goatlings, Blood Goats and Abyss Goats are among the demonic enemies that Dante and Lucia fight. They have a goat-like head and legs, humanoid torsos and bat-like wings, and are both ferocious melee fighters and adept mages.
  • Diablo II has Goatmen, humanoid poleaxe-wielding enemies found in Acts 1 and 2 that have the heads and legs of goats and the torsos of men. They return as a major enemy type in Diablo III, where they're called Khazra and are revealed to not be demons at all, but humans corrupted by the Vizjerei who occasionally throw in with true demons.
  • Doom Eternal: The Icon of Sin is a goat-headed giant the size of a skyscraper, and who distorts spacetime with its mere presence. One Codex entry states that if it is not put down, it would spawn a black hole that would drag the entire universe down into Hell.
  • Dragon Quest V: Bjorn the Behemoose is a massively powerful and destructive goat-like demon.
  • Dune II: House Harkonnen has a red ram emblem instead of a blue griffin in the original novels. Although they were quite power-hungry and vicious in the novel, the games level them up into Always Chaotic Evil who like to backstab and their superweapon is a nuke.
  • DUSK: One of the common enemies are zombie black goats named Black Phillips, as a Shout-Out to the example from The VVitch above. They shoot a blood projectile.
  • Elden Ring has an aversion in the form of Morgott the Omen-King, an honorable and decent ruler if flawed and stubborn. However, there is a very straight portrayal of this in his twin brother Mohg, who is depicted along the lines of medieval depictions of Satan; horned, winged, clad in black and red, many sharp teeth, and associated with corruption, vice and bloodshed.
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has a rare animal called the Devil Goat, which has a nightmarish undead appearance, and the Data Code explicitly describes it as the literal Devil, gaining more power with each goat Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt kills. That said, for gameplay purposes, Devil Goat is merely a large ugly goat.
  • Night in the Woods has lore describing a black goat, as black as the darkness between stars, descending from the skies to drink up the oceans because it wanted to hear the fish sing. When it saw that instead they were slowly suffocating to death, it laughed sadistically at their suffering. This goat is worshipped by a cult in the town where the game is set, who kidnap and sacrifice people whose disappearances will be overlooked in its name. It's ambiguous whether it's real or a mass hallucination brought on by mine fumes.
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare: One of the Rose's abilities can transform enemy zombies within a small radius into goats who look scrawny and unsettling, albeit in the game's cartoonishly styled design. These goats can be hard to control, but can still pose somewhat of a threat to the plants if the player is skilled enough.
  • Quest for the Shaven Yak: Starring Ren HoŽk & Stimpy: Mountain goats serve as enemies in The Perilous Mt. Hoek. They charge at either Ren or Stimpy if they get too close to them.
  • SPY Fox: William the Kid, the main villain of the first game, is an anthropomorphic goat. He is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who kidnaps cows so he can rule the dairy world with goat milk.
  • Them's Fightin' Herds: Fred, Oleander's demon familiar, is essentially a many-eyed goatlike skull floating in a cloud of shadow. In a match against Shanty, a real goat, the intro may have Oleander mistake her opponent for a female demon.
  • Witchery has Leonard, Baphomet, and the Bafometyr, which are all humanoid goat-like demons. Subverted by the Cambions, as while they are goat-like half-demons, they're Dark Is Not Evil, being neutral to players and helping to defend the villages they live in.

    Web Original 
  • The Comics Curmudgeon: Josh found a goat-based Pluggers strip extremely off-putting; from the post titled "Behold Plug-Niggurath, goat with a thousand puns!":
    Dum de doo, let's see what folksy bit of lower-middle-class reactionary agitprop Pluggers has for us today AAAHHH TERRIFYING DEMON GOAT FROM THE PIT OF HELL ITSELF! All apologies to faithful reader True Fable and other known goat-a-philes, but this fellow looks a little bit too much like Baphomet for my taste. I believe that's actually a mummified goat head that "Bernie Lange" wears as a mask for human sacrifices.
  • British Cryptids: An upcoming episode will feature the Ramflaggie of Argyll, a giant goat that has Ascended to Carnivorism and attacks people.
  • The Onion: In an article reporting on the U.S. Department of Evil's decision that all must die, the department's Dread Secretary of Evil Hammond S. Reynolds is depicted as a humanoid with the head of a red-eyed goat.

    Western Animation 
  • Darkwing Duck: Two of Taurus Bulba's (mostly) bovine henchmen, Hammerhead and Mouth, are a goat and a ram, respectively. They are both ruthless crooks who kill the scientist Professor Waddlemeyer and kidnap his granddaughter Gosalyn.
  • DuckTales (2017): The Wendigo is a humanoid monster with goatlike head and horns, rumored to be a poor soul searching for something he lost turned into a monster out of desperation.
  • Green Eggs and Ham (2019): In contrast to his benign book counterpart, the Goat is a ruthless and persistent Bounty Hunter who will do anything, including destroy buildings and other structures, to get his target, to the point that even the cheerful and upbeat Sam-I-Am is terrified of him. His leitmotif consists of heavy metal music and, when angry, his pupils turn from round and human-like to horizontal and more anatomically correct.
  • Maya and the Three: Chivo is a dark god resembling a twisted anthropomorphic goat.
  • My Little Pony
    • G1's My Little Pony 'n Friends has Grogar, an Evil Sorcerer ram who rules as a tyrant over the city of Tambelon and plans on conquering the whole world in the four-part serial "The Return of Tambelon".
    • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
      • The villain turned Anti-Hero Discord has a design meant to invoke this trope, with his head making him look especially goat-like.
      • Arimaspi, the monster responsible for stealing the Idol of Boreas and thus causing the collapse of Griffonstone in Grampa Gruff's story is a cyclopean, apelike being with the horns, legs and eye of a goat.
      • The aforementioned Grogar makes an appearance as the Big Bad of Season 9, complete with a crystal ball resembling a goat's eye, and is portrayed as so powerful even some of the show's previous Big Bads are intimidated by him. He is later revealed to be the aforementioned Discord in disguise, but it's indicated the real Grogar did in fact live up to the hype.
      • The assertiveness coach Iron Will, himself a minotaur, is commonly accompanied by a pair of goats that seem to serve as his assistants. While neither Iron Will nor, by extension, his goats are evil or demonic per se, he does serve as an antagonist of sorts and the two goats come off as distinctly unpleasant and unfriendly in most of their appearances.
  • Total Drama: Episode 10 of Season 4 has mountain goats who were mutated by toxic waste, giving them bat wings, fangs, fire breath, and now lay eggs instead of giving birth through mammalian reproduction. The latter trait is lampshaded.
  • In the 1943 WWII era cartoon "Scrap Happy Daffy" starring Daffy Duck. Hitler is enraged and orders the Nazis to send a torpedo to the U.S. and "Destroy the scrap pile!" that Daffy is guarding. The torpedo turns out to have a Nazi Goat who eats scrap metal and attacks Daffy throughout the cartoon.


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