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Zerg Rush

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"Hu... well... it's never 'a kobold'.... It's invariably — lots of kobolds."

Defeating a strong opponent with a very large number of disposable combatants. Usually used by the evil side, since their definition of "disposable" will stretch a lot farther.

As an Evil Overlord, it is important to choose your Evil Minions so that this does not apply to your troops, since it usually doesn't work against heroes.

The Trope Namer is the popular real-time strategy game StarCraft; the original meaning of the term was more a form of Sequence Breaking where the Zerg race "rushed" to an attacking unit technology and invaded to take out all the Worker Units of their opponents. It evolved into the current definition by Memetic Mutation.

See also Death of a Thousand Cuts and We Have Reserves. May lead to The War Sequence. Often a component of Hollywood Tactics. Contrast the Elite Army. Sub-Trope of Quantity vs. Quality.


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Comic Strips

  • A The Far Side cartoon showed an amoeba army with the strategy "divide and conquer". Another used the same joke with multi level marketing, "Just keep dividing and selling!"

Fan Works

  • A fan-made film created by RocketJump literally titled The Rush shows what happens when the titular, dreaded event happens on a small, simple farmstead. Needless to say... it's painfully obvious from the title alone that it doesn't end well for the two... at all.


  • Several Zen Pinball tables have a mode where small figures of enemies will pop up directly on the playfield and begin advancing relentlessly towards the flippers. Whether it be xenomorphs in Aliens, vikings in Castle Storm, zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Pinball or Walkers from The Walking Dead, you'll be scrambling to knock down all the enemies with the ball while hoping it doesn't bounce straight down the middle.

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